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  1. There's one local to me for £750, and that's too much for me (I had one at £500 10 years ago which was also too much). I think a lot of the prices around at the moment are prospecting more than actually people thinking they're worth that much.
  2. This is nearly there with the body, I reviewed a PJ of this for Basschat about 500 years ago, nice bass but the headstock dive was an Olympic WR. https://www.jhs.co.uk/collections/fret-king-basses/products/fret-king-black-label-esprit-bass-metallic-silver
  3. Just had a gig cancelled because we, a support act - were unwilling to let 2 other bands use our equipment (meaning we'd have to hang around until the end and have other plans). The headline band doesn't even have a drumkit and the other band has no guitar amps. Got a salty reply from the promoter (who asked us with 5 days notice to do so, but didn't ask the other bands in advance if they could even gig) "This is official notice that this gig is cancelled. Sorry guys, this might be the first time I’ve ever had to pull a gig because none of the acts could provide backline! Big thanks to <removed> for kindly saying that they could share the bass amp, really appreciate the co-operation, especially from the opening act. If the sales were better I’d have no problem hiring in but as it stands, they are not. Unfortunate, but nothing else we can do."
  4. Sounds like they're protecting themselves from stronger sales figures from spontaneous customers too.
  5. In no rush to send it up it sounds great. In fact, might send your money back 👀
  6. Exactly, the string tension is too high. Loosen them off so they curve directly over the dots - sorted.
  7. Played one, good budget substitute for a Dingwall, but very different sounds from the pickup spacing.
  8. I did some recordings, check the post here:
  9. My main tone is the middle pickup soloed. Occasionally engage beast mode (all 3) if i'm cranking some drive too. Shameless pic from last week's gig:
  10. I can't see an issue with any of these configurations.
  11. Last Friday's gig, no complaints from me.
  12. Should sound the same, the newer pickups are just in a different cover, I believe.
  13. They won't fool anyone close up, but from 6ft away they're fine. https://neckillusions.com/collections/dingwall-multiscale-bass-guitar-markers-only
  14. Also just back from a small town festival gig. Large open sided tent, but zero people in it because it was sunny and warm. This meant we couldn't see anyone and it felt like a rehearsal but with clapping at the end (at a guess 300 people). We did fairly well, despite being very rushed (load onto stage to first song was well under 10 min).
  15. I mentioned it too - the response: "it only went live a couple of hours ago so all the photos need updating, etc. yes filter will be added in the next couple of weeks. The website guys just trying to sort it, appreciate the feedback"
  16. My Ashdown DI was a bit dodgy at the last gig so am considering a Behringer BDI121 as a backup, or even a Warwick Gnome as they're cheap as cheaps.
  17. n.b. That's my old TC head. I will get down at some point in the next couple of months, it looks great.
  18. Ibanez SR506 is a good all rounder at that price, they can be a bit beat up though so try and find a good condition one.
  19. I thought it was a troll advert until I saw there were others. Good lord.
  20. Looks like a Venus to me, I had one like this apx 2009: Original pic by @ped
  21. My gig last Fri was DI from head, allowed me to control my own amp volume. Worked fine. I've used IEMs before without a backline and it really didn't have the same impact, I need to feel it through my feet too.
  22. Last night's gig:
  23. First gig in 2 years 2 days ago. Great stage and FOH sound, it would have been the perfect gig had the guitarists Gibson SG not decided to inexplicably die 30 seconds into the first song. Good news - he brought a backup, just had to retune it and was back in about 90 seconds later. In the meantime I jammed around the chords - it was fun !
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