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  1. The Limp Bizkit video posted in this thread - he's using a Fender Jazz 5.
  2. Thanks for posting that, Fred on form with rest of the band. I honestly didn't recognise him without a red baseball cap.
  3. 2 single coils is definitely my bet.
  4. And we were trying to explain that spending in the wrong place can actually cost more. That said - @Mands, if you have to pick from the limited over priced offerings on Very - they're all effectively the same, pick which ever looks best.
  5. You will pay much more using Very on instalments than other places, their APR is 10% higher than most credit cards.
  6. Correct. Generally available on 2nd hand market for apx £250. There's an overpriced one here, however this is the 2nd edition which has humbuckers not the single coils of the one pictured. There's also a 5 string model here, at about the right price. I have a RBX765A which is from 1997, got it for £200 (mega cheap) earlier this year on Facebook Marketplace - it's my main 'do it all' instrument and it would make a great instrument at any level.
  7. https://www.trials4us.co.uk/registration/blood-donation.php
  8. I tried a red 4 string Jazz a few weeks ago in GG. Setup wasn't great and didn't allow me to get a great feel, but it didn't feel like it was worth the price to me.
  9. Machines


    Very unique, why don't you tell us more about it ?
  10. Welcome to the forum. That is a pro level instrument, so you have saved yourself a bit of faffing buying a beginner bass and finding limitations with it and losing money on that, upgrading etc.
  11. Yep stunning, totally up my street. Unlike the price.
  12. Someone went to a lot of effort to big up that instrument. Bless.
  13. Anyone who can read Russian knows this song is really called Absuryad. Sounds like junk tbh.
  14. Anti-flood protection. Mostly annoying when you made a typo and want to correct it quickly or want to try a new string, but bearable generally
  15. Yet they get a lot of 2nd hand stuff on the website, do not underestimate that people want the new shiny thing now, not after they've patiently sold things at the right price.
  16. I got one in dark green for a ridiculous £250 from an obscure guitar shop in the depths of Shropshire. It was nice, but the headstock dive was a dealbreaker.
  17. Law came in Jan 2017, no way is this 4 year old stock. I keep a regular eye on GG website, this isn't that old.
  18. True, but this is a brand new instrument, so I can see CITES applying to it as it has passed through the USA.
  19. What bass is it on ? Laurel hasn't been used much AFAIK until CITES came in. If it's a few years old, could very well be rosewood. EDIT: I'm guessing this Lakland 55-01 , the Lakland website states they are Indian Laurel
  20. Looks good on both Desktop (Chrome 90) and Android mobile view, except the text formatting bar is a little odd - looks like icons are disabled:
  21. Thanks for answering the posters query 12 years later 😁
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