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  1. Lots of very good points re: the benefits of selling on BC (and I've done a lot of this!). However, I sometimes sell on commission and always with the Gallery. The service has been superb - fantastic comms and customer service, incredible footfall (well, until relatively recently) from knowledgeable and motivated purchasers, and reliable and immediate payment. Also, no hassle of packing, waiting for couriers/'interested' potential buyers that don't arrive, or payment issues. Some basses have sold in a week or two, others a month or two, though nothing has failed to sell or to sell at a price lower than I'd expected. A lot depends on one's priorities - if you have the time/energy, then BC is brilliant, if not and there are other demands on your time, then I'd recommend the Gallery. I should add that in the past 18 months I've bought a couple of cases specifically for the purpose of bass sales. Both from Gear4Music - tweed standard bass cases. About £55 and they arrive in a decent carton that can be used for onward shipping.
  2. Dimensions and weight: H 13.5” W 10.5” D 11.5” Weight 14.5lbs (approx - I don’t have accurate scales)
  3. Hi, I'll have this sorted later today - it's very compact (and fairly light) but I'll get some better details up
  4. A Warwick Hellborg stereo power amp - 500 watts bridged or 2x250. In superb, virtually unused condition. Possibly the most over-engineered bass-specific power amp ever built. There’s a ton of information around on these - wonderful, impeccably solid tone with characteristic harmonic colouration. Comes with rear rack brackets (very unusual!). Eye-wateringly expensive on release - about £1600 - there aren’t too many of these around. Only reason for sale is this weighs 46lbs. If you're young/strong or have a crew, or if you have a studio/rehearsal facility where this can remain static, it really is a unique and superb amp (one that was used by Prince, Jack Bruce and various other funk/rock luminaries). Collection only in Manchester would be much preferred. It's not easy to lift this to pack it, though I may be able to find an appropriate (strong) carton. £350 (quite a bargain for an amp of this quality I'd have thought). No trades thanks. Please note, the amp does not come with the rack case in the images
  5. Small full range cabinet from CVA - fitted with B&C coaxial 8" CX21-8 200W driver (https://www.bcspeakers.com/en/products/coaxial/8-0/8/8cx21) Also contains the recommended B&C X-01 crossover, which costs nearly £50 on its own. The driver currently costs £145 from Blue Aran. (Elements of this description are taken from Stevie’s original ad - hope this is ok!?) Repainted in Tuff Cab and in really nice condition. Works really well for bass up to moderate volumes - very clean, clear and accurate. Lovely little monitor but great for small gigs too. £70 collected from Manchester. I may be able to ship at cost but don’t have a box at present.
  6. EBS HD350 for sale. I bought this about 4 months ago on here. It’s in almost unmarked condition, though the black rack ears have lost some paint around the screw holes. Comes in the same old but functional rack case in which it was delivered. The amp has just returned from a check-over and service and is functioning perfectly. I was a little concerned when it arrived as it was moving into drive with the gain fairly low. I use extremely hot basses so probably not surprising. The tech tested and cleaned everything and is operating as it should. We put a couple of Precisions through it and it has an extremely solid tone with plenty of flexibility. The character switch (a sort of preset) is a really nice feature. I’m moving some heavyweight gear as I can’t lift it these days - the HD350 is around 18lbs but I now have something lighter. Collection in Manchester or I can ship to the uk for around £12. No trades thanks.
  7. Thanks for the Sly vid Hellzero. I honestly don't care who invented slap, when, or who taught it (or memes, tropes, the gnomic, aphorisms etc.). That footage - as many times as I watch it - always brings a massive smile. From chord one on the clav (if that's what it is), life-enriching funk in the purest form. And some of those shapes in the audience... beyond cool
  8. Extremely sound advice in my view. Certainly worth spending some time thinking about (and listing) desired characteristics - and less-desired characteristics - prior to taking further time to actually try some basses that might fit your needs. I'll admit that I immediately thought of Spectors and Stingrays when I read the opening post, though the ergonomics of the former don't work for everybody. You have a good budget to work with and buying from a trusted source on here is probably an excellent idea. Unless you really know what you want in terms of set-up and can do this yourself, I'd think of maybe retaining a bit of your budget for new strings and a set-up. For me, this can really improve the pleasure of playing and ergonomics of pretty much any bass
  9. A ‘71 P with an A neck - really lovely, and I think your English is excellent!
  10. I just sold some strings to Jon - instant payment and lovely communications throughout! A real pleasure to do business - a pillar of our community and utterly trustworthy
  11. Fabulous design and execution - I always feel that a Yamaha bass inspires confidence in its performance
  12. Just sold a Mono Vertigo bag to Aidan in an extremely easy and pleasant deal - immediate payment and very pleasurable communications throughout. Parcelforce did it's usual thing of 96 hours to deliver on a 24 hour service but Aidan was patient and relaxed as we watched the tracking ping-pong around the country. A great bastion and pillar of our community, I can recommend Aidan without reservation. Indeed, great to engage in some bass-related chat and updates (we've exchanged gear/money previously). Thanks Aidan and enjoy the bag!
  13. Truly unique - do you have details of the luthier? There's clearly a lot of work gone into this bass, and I'm not sure that I've seen Birdseye walnut previously - very impressive. Do you have the weight? It looks like it could be a reasonably heavy bass, though given the body shape/strap pin positioning, it looks reasonably well-balanced? This might do well on Talkbass - the shape/aesthetic could have significant appeal
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