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  1. Lovely bass and lovely interpretation and playing!
  2. I use a microfibre duster most of the time but take the strings off occasionally and wipe them thoroughly with a duster dampened with surgical spirit. The surgical spirit appears to lift some of the gunk from roundwounds
  3. I've had the on-board version of this in a NY PJ and it was lovely - one of the nicest pres that I've used and works brilliantly with Sadowsky pickups (and many other brands, no doubt!)
  4. Really enjoyed the one I had - lovely 'produced' and polished sheen out of the box. Overkill for me and I really prefer SS pres. However, certainly one of the nicest valve pres that I've tried (and that's an embarrassing list).
  5. Really beautifully crafted basses - fit and finish is just superb. Really well thought-through too. Viv has clearly paid attention to every detail in the design and production of these instruments. Ergonomics are lovely (certainly on the short-scales - I acquired one a few weeks ago) and the range of tones is really surprising for a passive bass: all very useable too. The finishing is undertaken by Bow as far as I'm aware - certainly my favourite of the UK finishing shops (glass-like and again, fantastic attention to detail). GLWTS and I'm surprised that this is still around - Viv's basses appear to be gaining some serious traction in the US market with a number of big names on the user list
  6. Possibly Mensinger? I had this until recently - whilst not fully chambered, it had a lovely rounded tone with some acoustic content
  7. Yes, the amp is safely in storage and remains available
  8. Thanks for the video Police squad - love it. I learned to play on a Mustang (probably a very early 70s one with the competition stripes – candy apple red faded to bronze – it was beautiful) that was loaned to me by a very generous friend. I’ve never really been back to Mustangs but this one has me very excited. I play short scale almost all of the time and everything about the JMJ just looks perfect, from the lollipops to the relic job. I’ll start looking around
  9. Truly versatile, solid and beautifully built amps - great specs and exceptional core tone (thick, rich, bright and defined). This one looks to be in really good condition GLWTS
  10. Looks like Coco or Ziricote to me - utterly beautiful. Stunning instruments
  11. Agree entirely, I'm listening on good cans and the bass sounds absolutely lush - 'could float away in it. I don't play long-scale any more but wow, if I did...
  12. Lovely bass and these really don't appear very often. Does the price include the DS-5 power supply and cable?
  13. Absolutely, quirky but brilliant - those old MkIV and V TE amps are superb too!
  14. Thanks Scrumpymike - an incredible selection and a great story. I too have been extremely impresssed with Andyjr's work and his realisation of your ideas in the two Swifts is superb. Both look fabulous but I'm a big fan of walnut. The pickup configuration is really interesting and I can imagine that these are very versatile instruments. I've only ever had lipstick pickups on a Danelectro Longhorn but found them really bright (good!). I'm not sure if yours are custom wound/produced etc. - I need to go back and read the thread. Thanks for posting, it's great to see some of the less common designs and brilliant that these work so well for you
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