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  1. Wow, absolute bargain for a stunning bass (IMO). I’d certainly go for the re-fin and have all the brass gold plated (about £150). The tone out of these is biblical
  2. three

    Feedback for Seg

    I sold a very high-end bass to Mark around four weeks ago. Fantastic communications throughout - Mark paid a large deposit upfront and kept me informed all the way through as he raised the remainder of the agreed price. Great conversations too as Mark came to view and then collect the bass. Really trustworthy, communicative and friendly - a pleasure and an honour to do business. Most highly recommended.
  3. three

    Lockdown cleanup

    I'd think the date is about right (or possibly '83). I ordered mine in late '84 and it was delivered in '85. By the delivery date the GMT pickups no longer had exposed pole-pieces. The serial number might be some indication of build date? Whatever, great to see one of these early SIIs. Absolutely fantastic basses (and what a lovely find). Do you know what the facing timber might be? Possibly Padauk but it looks quite a bit lighter than mine - I can't remember what facings were on offer at the time (beyond Maple and Padauk)
  4. I wish I could help here but, as far as I remember, I've only played US Laklands. My interest in Lakland DJs was piqued this week as I learned (on here) that they have a slightly scaled-down body. Something that would interest me as I don't get on well with full size J bodies (I should seek one out and the vast majority seem to be Skylines). The US mentioned above is an amazing bass in every respect. I like a really (truly really) low action and the PJ was able to take this without a murmur - fabulous craft-work, fit, finish and playability!
  5. Fabulous photographs and fabulous basses. As a long-time Overwater user and admirer, these look like very good prices too (IMO, of course)
  6. I was taking a look at these for my Spector (I'm not really impressed with Spector's standard tolex cases), though as you say BritBass, not easy to source in the UK. Fortunately, I have a lot of colleagues/contacts in the US and shipping is reasonably straightforward. In the end, I went for the SKB iSeries - a very formidable case indeed, though without the Spector logo. Good to have adequate protection for such beautiful instruments!
  7. Apologies - I should have marked this as ‘sold’ earlier. The case has now been delivered to its new owner
  8. I've been enjoying this in the past few months. It isn't going to replace my Shorty for gigging, though it's a staggeringly beautiful instrument in every way and plays superbly well. I haven't tried to record it yet but should have that pleasure in the coming weeks. I'd only really played a Shorty 'til this came along but I can honestly say that it's as good as any bass that I've ever owned or played, and far superior to nearly all (and it's an embarrassingly long list). The craftwork, fit and finish are up there with the world's very best (but then, so are the prices). The solid maple wings alone are a thing of beauty. I'd waited for a long time for a Spector in ultra amber or ultra violet and the finish doesn't disappoint in any way
  9. I have a set of Elixir strings (either 40-100 or 45-105 I think) if of any use to anybody. These came off a Spector and are cut for 2+2 34" scale. I was told that they are Elixirs when I bought the bass, and that they had been fitted for the sale. I took them straight off when the bass arrived. They sounded and look bright and very little used, they're just too heavy for me. I've included a couple of images. I've no reason to believe the strings aren't Elixirs and somebody here may be able to confirm. They're in very good condition too - this should be obvious from the images. I can ship within the UK for £10 inclusive of postage.
  10. I had a Dano longhorn re-issue and it could produce that kind of tone fairly readily with very light rounds (the kind of strings I use all the time). I miss it.
  11. Thanks for the video. I’ve been looking at these though interest wanes a little each time the delivery date is pushed back by Andertons - probably 5th or 6th time now and looking at 10th Feb 2021 (not Andertons’ fault of course). I have a number of connections in the US and thinking of getting a tt shipped directly, despite attendant potential problems
  12. Absolutely lovely. Lots of little nods to Alembic (never a bad thing in my view) though with a distinctive twist. Construction and finish look superb and the timbers appear to be very well selected. A very impressive bass - good luck with the sale - this can't be easy.
  13. I have a couple of US Spectors and they're up there with any bass I've ever played. Preferable to me to the Fodera and Wals I've owned in the past (a personal preference, of course) with a build quality and fit and finish that is absolutely superb. Attention to detail is staggeringly good - QC at the US custom shop is extraordinary and I hope it will stay this way now that Stuart Spector is no longer involved. This looks like a beautiful example with a gorgeous top. I'd agree with the comment above re: price - it's worth taking a look at Bass Direct's prices on this sort of spec. Wonderful and good luck with the sale!
  14. I have enjoyed the inestimable pleasure of having handled and played this bass. It possesses that almost magical feel of a really good (really, really good), vintage Fender, one played, loved and admired over more than five decades. Whilst I don't deny that there are some fantastic relicers around, there is something about the real thing that simply defies replication. When I took this bass from its case, its history and class was evident immediately. It is everything that the seller says. Authentic, authoritative, sweet, mature and perfectly mellowed by years of play. Clearly an instrument that has been, and will continue to be treasured. It's a fairly light bass too, and of course, perfectly balanced. Playability is superb - low action but enough relief to ensure that every note sings. The work by Jimmy Moon is exemplary, and in my view, something that adds a unique and classy twist to a very desirable bass. The dark ebony board and dots are beautiful and the binding is brilliantly well-executed. It's worth having look at Jimmy's current production (and his prices) - a true star in the luthiery firmament. I'm a big fan of Fender's '66-'69 period and some of my favourite Fenders derive from this time - and this J is certainly one of my favourites (I genuinely prefer many instruments from this period to their pre-CBS counterparts). I wanted this bass last time it became available. Alas, extremely poor timing for me this time around and I'll miss out... though if I did ever have the chance, I'd be getting some lollipops for that dots, bound '66 look - 'weak at the knees! GLWTS, though I doubt that luck is a factor here.
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