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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for 1 new Schaller gold strap pin - the original version (not S type). If you have one, please let me know (I'm trying to avoid paying around £10 for two - a bit ridiculous for two small pieces of steel) Cheers!
  2. Me too re Fusion (F1) but the Armourdillo looks like a good and inexpensive option. At the other end of the spectrum (big, heavy, not inexpensive), I’ve been massively impressed by SKB’s 3i bass series. A real and useful alternative to Anvil with full milspec
  3. three

    Chezz55 Feedback

    Really easy and very pleasant deal with Chris in the past couple of days - immediate payment and fantastic communication throughout (the wonders of the BC PM facility). An extremely trustworthy and friendly member of a brilliant community - thanks!
  4. Lovely bass and incredibly light for this vintage - these have a tone like no other J in my experience
  5. If you're looking for extreme protection for a standard bass, I doubt you'd do better than this. I try to avoid getting overheated with respect to accessories but one of these arrived yesterday and the quality is staggering. Genuinely, a surprise at the care and attention to detail. Not the cheapest option but I'd have a high degree of confidence re: transporting a bass in this in pretty much all normal touring circumstances. It would be a bonus if the bass it was bought to house would fit. I wonder if I should have measured? It might stay anyway. The kind of product that it's worth buying a bass for. Currently available at Thomann at less than £250 https://www.thomann.de/gb/skb_3i_5014_op.htm
  6. Wow, I've always lusted after this particular bass - what an unbelievably gorgeous top - the flame in myrtle can be hypnotic (and the top of this surely is)
  7. I have a used Alembic hard case from around 2008. It is designed to fit a small bodied standard bass (short-scale). There are external marks and scuffs from a decade of gigging, though the case remains strong and robust and the plush-lined foam is entirely intact. All the latches work, though the right hand latch retaining spring (the spring that holds the lock-up when open) is non-operational. I don't have keys for this. The cases are made by G&G for Alembic and are incredibly expensive when new (around £350 I think). It may fit a Gibson SG, EB0 or EB3 though I can't be sure of this. Collection in Manchester is good or I can ship (by sticking a shipping note to the outside of the case - I don't have a box). The case looks shiny in the second image, though this is simply because I'd wiped over the dust with a damp cloth. Possibly a long-shot on BC but worth a try - the case will be advertised on Alembic Club too. Price is £80 collected but I can ship to the UK and Europe at cost. Any questions, please just ask.
  8. I picked this up last week as another in a long line of pointless purchases (I've had wireless from the most expensive to the incredibly cheap and still prefer cables - I thought the bug style transmitter might convince me but it hasn't) So, for sale at £85 collected in Manchester (or I can ship for an extra £3.50 or for £6 if you want insurance) This was sold to me as new but when it arrived the plastic bags had been opened and the micro-bubble sticker attached to the transmitter battery door. I can't find any marks or signs of usage and the unit appears to work perfectly (I tried it for around 20 minutes). All adaptors are included and the unit appears to be unused apart from the opened bags. Please just let me know if you have any questions
  9. I think I used to own this - if it’s the same bass, it’s a fabulous instrument in every way! Very tempted to have this back
  10. Lovely body contouring on this!
  11. Absolutely beautiful - for me, the finest high-end Fender type basses available (and Stenback apart, I’ve tried most) - great prices on these too (IMO of course). Fralin’s work perfectly in these... that said, so do Lollars. GLWTS, I doubt you’ll need it
  12. Very special basses indeed and this one looks beautiful. There’s something about F-type ergonomics that Christian does better than just about anybody else. With the coco board and binding this is a thing of splendour
  13. That looks superb, especially for its age - and it's a fairly early one (with the original case I think). These have a unique tone (a fat Ric as Andy put it - accurately) and look very cool indeed. I'm not sure about the scratchplate - I thought that they were black one ply. Mine is but it's a replacement anyway! Lovely to see one of these that isn't modded - mine was massively modded in the late '70s and early '80s and no longer has the characteristic Ripper tone. That said, I still love it - it plays incredibly well
  14. Lines just cause problems for me - I read a post a long time ago about just 'listening' - it was a revelation. I play fretless short-scale mainly too and that just confuses the issue if moving from long-scale fretted to short fretless. This is what's getting most use at the moment
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