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  1. Absolutely beautiful - my favourite of all the Js and this one appears to be in lovely, played condition. I don't play long-scale any more so the stress is reduced a little, though still a fabulous thing admire.
  2. Wow, that's immense - I've just seen some of the demos and it's a do all rig and (IMO) an incredible price. A British built valve amp too!
  3. I've had a few signature basses over the years but all entirely coincidentally and purchased as they were fantastic instruments in their own right. The sig designation neither turns me on or off, if it's a great instrument that fits my needs, then I'm happy with whatever it might say somewhere on the bass or the accompanying documentation. I have a couple at the moment, a Stanley Clarke and a Wilcock Mullarkey: both outstanding shorties and neither with any kind of identifying logo (not that it would really bother me). Neither with any kind of price premium either as far as I know, though both were bought used. I might hesitate to buy a price-hiked sig bass that was no different/better than its 'standard' counterpart.
  4. Lovely and a great price (IMO) - the cherry sunburst is lovely but these tend to look a little more subtle when seen for real. I had an Essence in this colour and photographs always appear over-saturated. A full-on, laminated- through-neck, filter based Alembic at a bargain price (again IMO).
  5. The top looks like some sort of maple burl to me
  6. I’ve had a couple of these and only sold as I’m playing short scale almost exclusively. US Laklands really do have the finest Fender type necks I’ve ever played. Only the Celinders and a Sei Jazz came close. Almost magical and better than any Fender I’ve owned or played. Love the colour on this too
  7. Saw the Lightning Seeds on Friday and pretty sure the bass-player was using one of these. A mate of mine uses one in a loud three-piece blues rock band too. Never skips a beat and sounds wonderful. Great bit of kit - always been impressed when I've used them too.
  8. Lovely bass, great tone, and some outstanding playing from the original owner!
  9. Absolutely lovely - effortless playability and an astonishing range of tones
  10. three


    not really my kind of thing, though that does look to be beautifully designed and put together - some lovely detail and carving
  11. Mate can’t go so as above. Expecting good things of this gig. Two seated tickets at RNCM tonight - collection in East Manchester up to 6.00pm or meet outside venue around 7.30pm. Tickets were £30+ each with fees (I think). Note: you’ll need a Covid pass (easy app or paper) and mask for entry.
  12. Some lovely tight playing (as ever!) and a really nice 'track appropriate' tone. A lovely bass indeed - I've wanted to try one of these for a while
  13. Eek! If you need to borrow a bass…
  14. I'd certainly agree - for the current price, I'd say they're a bit of a (relative) bargain: a UK hand-built, boutique bass (and an extremely good one that is really well-thought through in every respect). For me, these compare very favourably with some of the other (excellent) UK boutique offerings - they also offer something that is genuinely different
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