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  1. three

    Tell me about preamps

    Aaargh...wish I’d seen that! Didn’t get in with the power amp but there’s room for another pre - winderful things
  2. three

    Tell me about preamps

    Not at all - a fabulously entertaining, fruitful and ongoing adventure! Thank you!
  3. three

    Tell me about preamps

    Pleased the OP’s obsession is reduced - it was his previous posts that part fuelled my own. I’ve reined things in but currently enjoying (a) a Noble - contemporary twin valve but works best for me with Fender style basses (that I don’t have or favour); (b) Hellborg - err...favourite - very responsive; (c) Millennia - brutally transparent but requires technical expertise (not my amateur fumbling); (d) Alembic SF2 - nuts and see (c) above; and, Avalon U5 - simple and lush on preset 2 with more modern and active basses. Not sure there’s anything new here - the OPs selection was possibly broader
  4. three

    Overwater Custom P/J PRICE DROP!

    Absolutely love the body of this - neck and headstock less so (and I have an Overwater PJ with the same - never been a fan of the head shape - all personal taste, I know!) I can’t imagine the bass plays and sounds anything other than amazing. Wish I could afford it plus the price of a new (rosewood boarded) neck. Lovely and bump!
  5. Fabulous colour - I'm a massive fan of the International series. Looks like a really good buy to me - I'm a fan of Badass bridges too
  6. I'm with a band just now (one that I was with years ago!), but work wherever it comes - mainly dep jobs and recording - fortunately, I enjoy playing across genres. The pres are used mainly for recording (and I like having them around). Until recently, I was working with Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and the lure of exotic gear became great. The preference for the 750 is mainly the tone stack - I know that the 751 is supposed to sport improvements, but for me (of course) it wasn't a positive change. There was a slight cheapening of production too (though 751s remain superb amps). The '50s scifi aesthetic is lovely on the 750 as well. The one cab I have just now is a Berg hd210 (but as you can imagine, I've had all sorts from Cerwin Vega bins and 4x12s in the '70s and '80s through to di only in the 90s and 2000s). Main gigging bass is a Spector Shorty (light and small) and main recording basses are a Status Series II (an old one) and an Alembic SCD...I like compact. To be honest, in many situations, I just use house amps or take along a BAmp with the Berg - the Agi is extremely heavy (about 85lbs with the pre and the flight case).
  7. Aguilar DB750 is definitely the one to own for me - I'm on my third. I prefer these to the 751 and can put up with the fan noise. Way too heavy - mine is in a foamed rack on wheels. A creation that sounds imperious in itself but takes external pres very well indeed (and this is a way to get around the noisy AU7 if you can't be bothered to change it). I use mine mainly with a Hellborg pre as a front end. Works beautifully with a Noble or a Millennia too, depending on what one wishes to achieve. I use an SF2 as well but that's just nuts.
  8. three

    Fender Custom Shop 59 Precision Bass NOS

    Lovely. What’s the nut width - it looks like less than 1.75”?
  9. three

    The seismic Alembic

    Thanks but please don't bother to take the pickups out - I'm pretty sure that these are MXY56 pickups (more or less standard for the model). There's no difference between AXY and MXY, other than the case is more slender on the latter, and both pair well with the sig electronics - a beautiful bass!
  10. three

    The seismic Alembic

    ...and, what are the pickups (interesting to know what’s paired with the Sig electronics)?
  11. This is quite an early one by the look of it - certainly the best period for AC IMO
  12. three

    The seismic Alembic

    Absolutely lovely - nickel hardware is an excellent idea - looks gorgeous with the zebrano and doesn't need constant polishing
  13. My favourite bass pre! Well...this and the Millennia. I had a problematic (for me) 500 power amp but the pre is just gorgeous - I'm sure the amp here is perfect!
  14. three

    Avalon U5 Preamp in flightcase

    These are lovely and more versatile than is obvious. An extremely good price IMO, especially with the ears and case!
  15. three

    Dual preamp

    The Bergantino BAmp has various preset options. It's possible to change very rapidly at the push of a knob