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  1. Still absolutely love this and surprised it's unsold - any chance of an image of the top of the body showing the tummy cut and elbow contour (usually extremely elegant on Ps of this vintage). I'm not a big Fender player but this looks like a gorgeous example
  2. As in the title, I'm willing to pay a realistic price for a DB750 in very good cosmetic and perfect functional condition. I sold mine a couple of years back but have now returned to using fairly heavyweight gear. A DB751 is worth consideration but I'd prefer a DB750 (footswitch is not an issue) I'm between Birmingham and Manchester but can probably travel or courier (unless delivery is an option)
  3. Apart from the classic look and aesthetic, I'm not a fan of vintage Fenders, or Fenders at all (especially the tone - it really does nothing for me). However, if I was going to buy a vintage Fender, it would be this - in my view, this is a really beautiful artefact - perfectly proportioned, lovely dark board, choice of two fantastic guards and subtle ageing to a classic colour. Gorgeous - surprised it hasn't gone yet
  4. Walk in gigs equipment

    For dep jobs and walk-ins, I usually just take a bass and an AER Amp One (combo) - (bass) monitoring is frequently horrible, so the Amp One serves as a personal sound source and its DI out provides a high-quality feed to FoH. All reasonably light and convenient for fast load-in/out. If I know the engineer and have confidence in monitoring, a DI is sufficient (one of my personal favourites is an Avalon U5)
  5. Yamaha BB2024X

    I had the 5 string (non x) version of this - absolutely beautiful instruments
  6. Bergantino HD112 *SOLD*

    I have the 2x10 version - absolutely brilliant cabs from my favourite builder. Efficient, loud, tight and articulate. A great pillar of our community too - somebody will love this.
  7. WEM Dominator 25 Bass

    It's also been through the hands of Mamelok's too by the look of it - that brings back a few memories. Love these and great for bass or guitar
  8. Alembic F-1X preamp

    Lovely - these come-up very rarely - rather exotic and highly desirable for guitar or bass. The mod makes a lot of sense too. I’m not a valve fan (I use an SF2) but this is an excellent acquisition for somebody. A very realistic price too IMO
  9. All original 1964 Olympic white Jazz bass

    'saw a very similar '62 about 35 years ago in A1 in Manchester for about £800. How times have changed. Looks nice enough, good luck
  10. Aguilar DB210 with cover SOLD

    Lovely cabs - where is this located?
  11. Very surprised this remains here - beautifully built basses that with a good set-up are close to the US version. Great price (IMO)
  12. It might be worth loading some images of this - fabulous basses and I still play my old SII more than pretty much everything else. An image would give some indication of whether this is a S2000 of Stealth too. I know that things are slow so maybe try the Statii forum too?
  13. Interesting - the guard looks good to me but there are others here that will know better. Really lovely bass - who did the re-fin and is it nitro? Realistic price if all parts original (IMO)
  14. Two fEARful 15/6 cabs SOLD

    Wow, I'm massively impressed that anybody has the skills to bring this together - these look gorgeous and I can't imagine that they sound anything other than magical. Looks like a bargain to me
  15. Having recently acquired a Marleaux, I can attest to the build quality and quality of components. Gerard's instruments are up there with the best of US and UK custom-built basses. The pair on offer here look like absolutely spectacular examples of the highest end of the Marleaux range.