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  1. I've only used a Marleaux Sopran so don't have much experience (I sold the Sopran on here earlier in the year - the string tension was a bit much for me), however, from what I saw in the bass, these are beautifully constructed instruments with fantastic attention to detail, superb timbers and excellent ergonomics. This looks like an absolute bargain!
  2. three

    lakland standard 55-94

    Even the cases for these are really cool!
  3. three

    Show us your rig!

    Simple class - a rig that could grace any stage in the world
  4. three

    Custom Built NT, 5 Stringers for sale

    These look outrageously good for the bargain price! I can't play 35" scale either (that's probably fortunate!)
  5. three

    Spector Shorty

    These are almost unbelievably good - the most playable bass I’ve owned - my go to for almost anything. Doesn’t look like this has crown inlays though. Does it come with the case? Also, any details re: condition?
  6. Thanks, much appreciated - I was thinking a short. I'll inspect quickly now but out at a gig tonight. I'll investigate more tomorrow and get back! Cheers, Loz
  7. Hi all, anybody have any ideas about this? I was playing my Spector (US active with Agi OBP3) when it died quickly. I replaced the single 9v battery and after about 2-3 minutes, the sound faded, spluttered and died again. I took out the (new Duracell Industrial) battery and it was very hot - it had only been in the bass a few minutes. Anybody know what might be causing this? The bass doesn't have a passive option so it's useless without the active in full working order. Any ideas are very welcome - especially those that might suggest a fix! Cheers, Loz
  8. three

    Yamaha Pbass BB800 1979

    Absolutely lovely, Yamaha was building some incredibly high quality basses at this time - a great adaptation of the P here
  9. Hurrah, somebody will be delighted!
  10. A ridiculous situation. Best seller on BC, beautiful, industry standard pre, and expensive case and ears included.
  11. three

    FS: (EU) Cazpar Headless LED's

    If it wasn’t for those sunken knobs and switches, this would be sold - all very personal taste of course, but sinking apart, for me at least, a beautiful and very useable bass
  12. Always wanted one of these - this one looks beautiful! Extraordinary level of innovation in this one instrument - a massive re-think of the possible and desirable. An instrument of its time but for all time.
  13. three

    High mass brass bridges

    These do come up, though only very rarely - there was a plate (without saddles) on Reverb for around £100. Very impressive, robust bridges though frequently in rough condition. I'm a big fan of the Precision Special - nicely built and very powerful but often very heavy. I managed to damage the circuit in mine so sold the bass cheaply - I should have either kept it or taken off some of the lovely hardware.