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  1. Little to report other than I'm considering having my fretless fretted - that way it would get much more use. It's just sat in a mate's studio at present. I still play fretless but could get by with something a bit less elaborate. This all might be a bit nuts and I've certainly not convinced myself yet. A look at that lovely unmarked board certainly makes me think twice
  2. Legendary basses and for good reason - finest ergonomics of any Fender type I've owned - lovely
  3. Depends on the bass really. For a Fender-type, Gotoh FB30s (lollipops - the '66 J with dots and bound board with lollipop tuners makes me weak at the knees). For anything more 'modern', preferably an Alembic, it would be Schaller M90s - the 40% reduction in weight would be welcome.
  4. The finest tuner I've used - perfect for set-ups, especially intonation. It's accurate!
  5. Without doubt, the same for me
  6. Thanks - I despise locking jacks (and actually find them potentially dangerous) - I have loads on basses and preamps. I'm about to make the mod.
  7. three

    Mesa TT 800

    Have a look for BC member Steve Browning's excellent posts on the TT800 - I think Steve has a couple and is a long-time Mesa user. The downside with Mesa is the wait and it's possible that the TT800 won't make it to UK shores (and time soon anyway) - just a few units were shipped to the UK prior to the onset of various crises and getting hold of any Mesa gear new in UK/Europe has become highly problematic. Getting hold of a TT800 is particularly problematic. I was on the waiting list but abandoned the wait - not a bad thing as after hearing a TT800 up close, I realise that it wouldn't suit me at all and would have been going back. Still, if it's your kind of thing, then a great choice. Edit: found the link to Steve's review:
  8. My favourite Fender basses! I’ve had a few of these and rare to find them with the original thumb rest. What’s the weight on this? They’re often ridiculously heavy (though a mate of mine has a real featherweight)? Love the transformed colour on this one
  9. Really classy - alas one more string (and four inches more neck) than I need. Truly lovely.
  10. The finest bass amp ever built in my opinion - I prefer these to the 751. Great price too - pity for me it's not in the UK.
  11. Some great ideas above, some of which I've used. Recently, I've been using an Aguilar Tone Hammer with some success - there's a drive function that seems more than adequate, though its something that I don't use. It's a very hot unit so a bit of care required with gain and output, though a really useful and powerful EQ section. Essentially, it's an Aguilar OBP3 in a box (and the latter is one of my favourite on-board pres). Another alternative with a really fantastic EQ section is the Mesa Subway 800D plus - I had one until a few months ago and it really is a very well-built pre with an excellent feature set. I probably shouldn't have sold it as they're not easy to find (especially in more recent times).
  12. A lot of people seem to be using (and enjoying) GSS Sumo and Baby Sumo amps - there's a link here: https://www.guitarsoundsystems.com/gss-baby-sumo-ampxlite-bass-guitar-power-amp-c2x21844846
  13. I've seen and played a good number of these over the years but I haven't seen one in such condition for a very long time. Looks like a centre-jointed two-piece ash body too. These were quite a premium bass at the time of release. Absolute bargain IMO
  14. First, I'm not a great fan of the aesthetics of the JD 2, and I really don't care what JD plays or whether he writes his own parts. That said, I do get a great deal of pleasure from hearing and watching JD play (alongside no small amount of envy). Thanks @drTStingray for the link!
  15. I think I borrowed one of these from a very generous bass-player for a gig in the late '80s. I used it with the TE Series 6 amp that I'd just acquired. It was one of the very best bass tones that I've ever achieved live (I think I was using a Status Series II). The owner of the cab - in the audience on the night - went out and bought a TE head within a few days. Everybody in the band agreed it was the best bass tone they'd heard. I learned subsequently that a lot of that tone was down to that cab. An absolute bargain in my opinion - a really solid cab with a lovely solid and very articulate tone.
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