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  1. Love the slide show - a beautiful bass and what immense creative talent! I'm seriously impressed...if this was fretted, I'd buy it.
  2. Thanks Fretmeister, I'd agree that the scope is usually an important arbiter - I can definitely hear the distortion but nothing appears on the scope. I've tried all the permutations - different preamps, different cabs, leads, different tone settings on amps and bass but still it's there. I'm getting to the point of selling for spares or repair - I'd love to have the amp fixed - the techs have commented on what a brilliant, over-engineered amp it is but I don't really want to throw any more money at it.
  3. three

    Noble Preamp DI

    My favourite valve pre and DI by a very significant margin!
  4. I'd have concurred with the Status Hotwire flats - lovely strings and those that I've had have the black silks
  5. Is this a B width nut (1.625") and do you know the weight of the bass?
  6. I've had a Warwick Hellborg pre and power rig for around 18 months (bought on here). The pre is outrageously good, as is the power amp when it works properly. In my opinion, the power amp introduces some distortion behind each note - it's not a massive amount but to me it's there. I've had this at two of the top amp gurus in the North West and both say there isn't any distortion. Indeed, on a scope, there's no visible distortion whatsoever. I've spent a fair amount of cash on getting this sorted but to no avail. I've even been told that my bass settings (mid scooped but with a lot of bass and bridge pickup favoured) could be part of the issue. I don't buy the latter as it doesn't seem to be a problem with other amps. I know that the Hellborg principles are a little unusual - transformer in the power amp output - but any advice on what might be introducing distortion would be very welcome. I've tried various pres into the power amp and various basses and cabs and to me, the distortion is always present. Any advice too on a brilliant tech near Manchester that might deal with SS amps would be helpful (I've tried two of the big names in the ongoing list but the results haven't been great). Any opinions or advice are very welcome - I'm coming to the end of my patience with this!
  7. three

    NBD - Alembic content!

    Lovely facing - Alembic really do manage to source some of the world's most beautiful timbers! I'm sure you'll appreciate too the care that goes into the build of every Alembic - the attention to detail is astonishing - lovely to behold and to play!
  8. three

    Feedback for claustra

    Just completed a transaction with Benoit on an Overwater. The bass is beautiful - exactly as described (essentially new) and was packed brilliantly and shipped very rapidly. Communications throughout were superb and all information re: tracking was provided within an hour of despatch (pictures of the packing process were a bonus but raise confidence). It was a three-way deal in the end - this can be a cause of some nervousness but Benoit's orchestration was superb. I'd highly recommend as a very trustworthy member of the BC community.
  9. three

    LED fretboard markers

    I don’t think that’s an xlr, it’s the socket for the Alembic cable to the DS5. This will carry power to the bass (lights and actice circuit) and signal back to amp/FoH. Phil P - what an outsatanding bass - looks like 13 piece wings - unusual and beautiful cocobolo (if that’s what it is - I’m on a phone). On topic again, I’m not a fan of front of board lights but Alembic will supply pretty much any configuration and I’ve not had any problem with unevenness. The little silver circles that surround side of board lights are a lovely and very subtle touch
  10. three

    LED fretboard markers

    I've had them in a couple of Alembics but only really use the side markers - very useful (IMO) for finding your way around in dimly lit setttings (including studios, rehearsal rooms and on stage). I'm not a massive fan of LEDs in the front of the board, though yours Dood are extremely tasteful (testament to what can be achieved with some creative thought). I have laser lights on the face of an Alembic - these really are super-bright and need power from the DS5 - it's not a bass that I spec'd and don't use them. I too think that they're over the top. The bass itself is outrageously good - a tone like no other (SII). The lights in the board add nothing for me.
  11. I have a Masterbuilt Thumb - the quality of these basses is absolutely outstanding. Up there with the absolute best (think Wal, Sei, Fodera - I know whereof I speak - I've owned all and many more). This Stu Hamm is an absolute bargain (IMO)!
  12. three

    London bass stores.

    Another vote for the Bass Gallery - I've been a regular customer for many years (though tend to work less in London now so don't have so much chance to visit). Unparalleled expertise, genuinely lovely people and an amazing selection of instruments and amps. Martin is a genuine genius - I would trust him with basses that I wouldn't let others touch. Wunjos too - always a friendly welcome and knowledgeable staff in an otherwise rather grim part of the city - some of the other shops on Denmark St don't really shine
  13. three

    Nash 63 P Bass

    A very cool-looking bass! Who did the nitro re-spray and relicing job?
  14. three

    FS/FT Wal Pro 1 Fretless 4 SOLD

    Much prefer these to the customs - played loads of them back in the day when Barratts in Manchester was the distributor. Lovely bit of history with that very desirable v neck profile (desirable for me anyway)
  15. three

    FS: Wal MK3 5 string (sold)

    A very nice example - do you know who fitted the LEDs and when (SIMs)?