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  1. Flatwound strings, light use - nice and clean! I think these are Fender (from the ball ends) and feel like medium gauge - cut for a Fender P or J. Silks in decent condition. £7 includes shipping to UK
  2. Bridge and pickup covers for a Precision bass - nicely aged but not battered. Includes aged screws. £20 includes shipping in the UK
  3. 3 aged Precision scratchplates, all in excellent (aged) condition. All 13 hole pattern. One Limelight 4ply tort, one 3 ply mint green, and one anodised aluminium. Sold as a job lot only I’m afraid. £40 includes UK shipping
  4. Lovely sort of Alembic/CT hybrid - fantastic price for a hand-built neck through imo
  5. Stupendously lovely bass, stupendously lovely seller. I’d never heard of MPU and now I need one. Looks to be a fab price for such hand-built quality (and a filter circuit)
  6. Absolutely gorgeous - I love these. I saw one in a shop in Paris around 1980. I already owned a fretted, maple Ripper but was rather taken by the two-tone sunburst on the fretless and hadn't been previously aware that they were available. There aren't too many of these basses around ('wonder if it's the same one and it made its way to Ireland?) I didn't have the cash at the time and many years on I realise that my fretless playing is inadequate to justify an emotional purchase. Weird though, I remember vividly my first sighting of such a lovely bass. It made such an impression that I had my Ripper re-finished but in 3TS within the year. GLWTS, a lovely instrument with a distinctive character and tone (and a pic of mine!) - and a Bump for a fabulous bass, of course
  7. A very beautiful bass - I'm a big fan of the stack knob configuration and the burst on this looks lovely. I had a relic '64 and it was a fabulous instrument in so many ways. Many of these CS instruments really are impressive. If I may say so, a very realistic price on this too (IMO of course)
  8. Original Lakland cream case - £40. Good functional condition but used and several marks, scratches, scars etc. In the tolex. These are really beautiful cases (indeed, my favourite), though this one has been gigged. All latches work but no key. This is packed and ready to. I can ship in the UK for £10. Collection is possibe from Manchester
  9. ahh...thanks for the clarification - I didn't know this (and to be honest, I didn't spec either of my basses but find them supremely easy to play and endowed with an extremely useable range of essential and classic Fender-type tones)
  10. I'm not sure if the sunburst counts as a custom shop but it was certainly a custom order - bound and pearl dots J neck with a Lollar pickup installed at the factory
  11. I too saw the Gumtree ad - it looked very mucky in the original images - looking cleaner now (but the funk is still in the frets)! I used to have one of the these - fabulous growl and great playability
  12. three

    Alembic basses

    And very impressive it was too - from what I remember, there was an SVT and fridge rig
  13. three

    Alembic basses

    Unless I’m going nuts, with Musical Youth outside the town hall in Birmingham - maybe around 2015?
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