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  1. Thanks all for the lovely comments - an extremely solid amp with classic Trace tone. There’s been a lot of interest in this. I should point out that there is a misding slider cap, and the heavy duty is worn but still entirely functional. I haven’t used the DI but assume it works – apparently, the amp was serviced around a year prior to my purchase, so about two years ago.
  2. This used to be mine. One of the best Ps I’ve played - everything about this bass is just right
  3. Apologies, I really can’t ship - thanks for mails but ghis is collection only
  4. Aguilar 3u rackbag in good, used condition. One zipper tag is missing (could be swapped) but the zips work perfectly. Collection from East Manchester only and no trades thanks
  5. Trace Elliot AH250 mk iv - used but in good condition for its age (probably mid 1980s). Tested around two years ago and thoroughly cleaned around six months ago. The UV light functions perfectly as does the amp. This is a heavy unit - around 35-40lbs - and for collection only. Extremely solid with classic trace tone and 11 band graphic eq. Amongst the finest of the Trace family in my opinion. Comes with the speaker connection lead. Collection only, just to the East of Manchester, and no offers thanks. Less than £1 per Trace watt - and the lovely UV light
  6. Warwick Hellborg Bass Rig

    Is this just the pre? Phenomenal unit - without doubt my favourite 1u front-end
  7. ON HOLD - AER Amp One - £650

    It’s difficult to deny!
  8. A lovely AER Amp One in excellent, used condition. Just one very small indentation on the top just below the handle. This has been gigged around 3/4 times a year for four years and used at a couple of rehearsals. If you're looking, I suspect that you'll understand just what these are and what they can do. Probably (almost certainly) the best bass combo available. Feature packed with a tone that genuinely defies the size of the unit - this is not a hyperbolic claim (as anyone who has owned an Amp One will attest). Comes with AER cover, also in excellent condition. I'm afraid that this is collection from central Birmingham only. I don't have time to pack for shipping (or a box to ensure safe transit). I don't have an image at present but will upload some on Monday. This is the standard Amp One that you'll see elsewhere (not the recently re-styled version). Cash would be lovely but bank transfer is good. No trades thanks.
  9. I’ve had loads of high end bags and these are brilliant - a bit heavier than some but more pritective than nearly all - my favourite (with the Fusion F1) bass bag
  10. SOLD.SOLD.......EVE Proto bass (Unique)

    unbelievable bargain IMO!
  11. For me, as others, this is one of the finest basses that Martin has ever produced (and there have been some incredibly beautiful basses!) I'm really surprised that this hasn't been sold. If I could play a six it would be
  12. Wow, thanks - I’ll take a look. This one hasa lovely story with it!
  13. Thanks Chris, it’s yours - more in the morning!