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  1. I'm not sure, and others will know better, but that looks like it could be Morroco red from the International colours series. The date could be about right for the series too. Great price IMO (and I'm a big fan of PJs)
  2. Wow, absolutely lovely with some very high-end appointments... miles away from Walthamstow and a bit heavy for me, otherwise...
  3. Oh no. I have an addiction to the world’s finest non-valve pres. And this is certainly one of the world’s finest. Infinite tweaking capability. I could waste hours with this.
  4. Brilliant cabs - sort of wish I still had mine
  5. I’m a big fan of the EB aesthetic, and in some circumstances, the tone. Most of the shortcomings have been rehearsed above (and elsewhere), though a way around these - balance apart and if you’re willing to splash out - is Alembic’s Brown Bass and its various cousins. Thud plus anything else, a stable, easily adjustable bridge, and a beautifully contoured body (and stereo!)
  6. That appears to be very beautifully made!
  7. Just received a cab from Stevie - extremely well-packed, rapid delivery and the item was in much better condition than I'd thought. Great communications and a massively impressive cab at a great price - Stevie is very highly recommended - deal in confidence
  8. I’ve only ever seen TI flats with red silks and bronze/gold ball ends. I use TI rounds and they too have bronze/gold ball ends but with green silks. As Chiliwailer suggests, Barnes and Mullins may be able to help. My efforts to contact TI directly have met with silence - not great for a (seriously) premium and expensive brand
  9. Hmm... best big touring bass head ever built? Actually prefer these to the 751. Thunderous but incredibly responsive to player dynamics. Stunningly well built
  10. Wow! I've had the very significant pleasure of having both played this bass and heard it being used live on a number of occasions. It's a very light, resonant and well-balanced instrument. The neck is a particularly fine example - slender and fast - with lovely quarter-sawn figuring (this is evident in the images). When I played it, the action too was lovely - low but with enough room to dig-in without clanging all over the place. Live, the bass sounds superb - fantastic ability to cut-through (obviously dependent of FoH staff) but sits very neatly in the mix. As above, pretty much anything from nasal Jaco to dub tones. An extremely handsome bass and one that I'd love to call my own... I just really struggle a bit with the Jazz body shape. GLWTS - I'd doubt that this will hang around
  11. three

    Damaged Head

    If you look at the link below (to the Repairs section on Basschat), you should be able to find a recommended luthier that is fairly close to you. Most decent luthiers would be able to sort out a break of the nature that you've experienced fairly quickly and easily (and without ridiculous expense).
  12. very lovely indeed - studio standard and found in some really high-end live rigs. These are very expensive now, especially with the ears - looks like a bargain to me!
  13. Born on Monday. Isn’t she lovely, just a few days old etc. Absolutely stunning, brand new bass from a first class seller at an amazing discount. As an Overwater player, I can recommend most highly, and this is a fantastic spec!
  14. What a really lovely looking thing and I like the added pickup - very cool bass indeed
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