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  1. Wow, absolutely stunning! I'm a big fan of Jon's work and that looks sublime. The facing and body binding are beautiful. Three frets short for me and I'm not a big fan of the B bridge, but overall incredible example of Jon's work
  2. Lovely example of a classic bass! The neck looks very slim/slender. Is it a standard 1.625” nut width?
  3. three

    Show us your rig!

    Old school class. Mighty
  4. Looks like an absolute bargain for the quality of build, finish and components!
  5. just had a great deal with Derrick on a very nice amp. Really quick payment and great communications throughout. One of this community's fine, upstanding and honest members - flawless transaction and fully recommended!
  6. An extremely sensible approach. I've had a couple - you may have played the fretless 4 and fretted 6 Andy - both Paul Herman period I think? After loving Wals since the late '70s (I used to play the Pros in Barrett's in Manchester when the latter, as distributor, had a shop full), I found that owning them didn't really live up to my expectations. Still absolutely gorgeous basses and beautifully constructed, but I think my tastes must have changed
  7. Just completed a deal with Warren on a US Lakland Bob Glaub. A genuine pleasure throughout. Great communication all the way through and good fun to chat and share stories (there are strong commonalities in our taste in basses). Warren sorted a case and handled the courier to have the bass transported down to him. Everything was extremely easy and straightforward. Warren is clearly a star member on here and I can only echo the plaudits from earlier entries - most highly recommended and a pillar of our community.
  8. That's a gorgeous quartersawn neck/board! A beautiful classic bass - incredibly cool
  9. Congratulations - it looks beautiful! The white J cover is a lovely touch. The neck joint looks like a bit of a seating issue - I hope Jon can resolve it quickly
  10. I realised that I should have qualified my post by saying that when I used lines and dots, I sounded like a demented clanger. Now I just listen, my intonation and touch has improved to the point that I sound like a squiffy clanger with a cough
  11. I think Beedster’s idea is a really good one, though as many have suggested in other threads, it may just be easier to listen and try to ignore the dots/markers/lines. They just tend to throw me out, though in noisy conditions with poor monitoring, dots can be useful
  12. Thanks Mark - I'm just waiting for a clean memory stick to arrive for the upload and I'll certainly give it a try (I think the new tube sounds are classic/vintage full fat). I'm looking forward to it but it's a real shame that the amp is just sat in the office - my other rig is downstairs and much more convenient (and I can use it at reasonable volume)
  13. Chris and John at Bow are, for me, absolutely the best in the business. This came back last week - it needed a really high-quality polyester polish job. The work (again) was staggering. Really easy to work with, communicative, obsessive attention to detail, and skilled beyond belief. Not the least expensive but the results are phenomenal
  14. Absolutely beautiful - ‘really sorry to hear that you need to let this go. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Fodera at anything approaching this price. Absolute bargain for an instrument of this quality and cachet
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