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  1. This is a giveaway in my opinion. These are some of finest Fender-types available - the only F-type basses that I've played that are in the same league have been Celinders, though US Laklands have a very special feel, especially the neck (I prefer this to Celinder). Laklands have some of the dimensions and feel of the very best of very old Fenders to me - plus, there's much reduced risk - not all very old Fenders are very good Fenders in my experience. I have absolutely no need for this (I have a Lakland P) though I'd dearly love it
  2. Gorgeous - a relatively early one and in fantastic condition. I've been playing these since 1979
  3. The DB750 has tubes (3 in the pre) but the Hellborg doesn’t have any. Weirdly, the Hellborg power amp weighs almost exactly the same as. DB750 on its own - nuts!
  4. Agi DB750 and Warwick Hellborg. Though heavier than many valve amps
  5. Clarky - definitely one of the coolest (if not the coolest) Alembic I've seen
  6. Superb valve pre - indeed, my favourite (I prefer these to Noble, and I really like the latter!) That said, unlike most players (I think) I discovered that I prefer SS pres. Still miss my 680 in some ways - just such a cool industrial aesthetic
  7. Mine was an unusual hybrid - P body with twin humbuckers (I don't want to derail the thread with an image but this probably only serves as testament to the quality of Chris' work) and bump for this staggering Charcoal Frost! E725A856-AE7E-4A12-8D7B-13BEA6E1AC94.heic
  8. It's in Scotland at the moment (with my brother) but as soon as we're allowed to congregate, you'd be very welcome indeed - it's been far too long. Winter in the pennine foothills is such a lovely time... (as you'll know!)
  9. Me too on this - such a classy look (and the headstock facing looks gorgeous!)
  10. Ah, Chris's signature dense foam trick with the Hiscox case - something I've emulated recently. What a staggering bass. I recently had a custom hybrid P from Chris - a 2018 model. Outstanding in every way and gloriously executed - the attention to detail was world class. This J looks just the same and a gorgeous finish. For me, Overwaters are up there with the very best of British luthiery. Sad to hear of the retirement though - I hope that you'll return one day!
  11. wow, stunner - I think we need a lot more images of this. Absolutely love it - very cool indeed! If you need a new logo for the bridge pickup cover, I may be able to help out!
  12. Hahaha, sorry Mike - I did mean short-scale (it had been a long week!) but I’m sure you’re being far too modest!
  13. Just received a beautiful fretless from Mike - perfectly packed and exactly as described - mint. It's also a lovely player with a gorgeous, surprisingly versatile tonal palette (especially for a singly pickup, passive bass). Communications throughout were perfect and it was great to chat with one of Basschat's most avid fretless players. Deal in confidence, a star in Basschat's firmament
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