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  1. Trace Elliot 1/4" Jack Sockets

    I think they use Cliff like Marshall. PM me as I have a couple you can try.
  2. Class D advice please

    The thing that puts me off Darkglass is the price. I have no doubt they are good but are they as good as the price?
  3. Blackstar bass amps

    The Mustang has been universally panned as a platform for guitar. Not Sure modified flawed platform is a good start for a design.
  4. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    It is all about the bottom end after all!
  5. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    I am just thinking about that now.
  6. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    Our one problem when we did the Mk2 Basschat 1x12 was that we had no commercial cabs to compare. Looks like we will be spoilt for choice!
  7. NPAD: GSS Sumo 1000

    Of course there is not a full spec on the website and those power ratings at 0.1% distortion are impressive. I would question whether it could maintain those power levels being passively cooled. A class D amp with switching power supply Is usuall about, 80% efficient meaning it will dissipate 200 watts or so. Imagine putting a 200w lightbulb in that small box. Efficiency is quoted at full power but the dissipation is not linear. Much of the wasted energy is still wasted at low power. It is possible to make a. powerful amplifier very small but I would like to see a full specification before I believe the power outputs claimed.
  8. Montage Bass cabs from lean business audio

    As I remember it that-fall off is a WinISD software issue where it over calculates the effect of Le at the upperend of its range Either leave Le out of a g driver data or ignore the plot much above 250Hz. Use the published. response above that as a guide. Of course I could be wrong and wil happily be corrected..
  9. Interesting (Ashdown content)

    I agree it is poor marketing. It is a hybrid and they should be upfront about it. The one thing i will say about Ashdown is they are first rate when it comes to support.
  10. Blackstar bass amps

    That has turned me right off. I will wait for the heads,
  11. Interesting (Ashdown content)

    There are a very few things that Valves do better than transistors, the term horses for courses comes to mind. Who is it heresy to put silicon in a valve amp?
  12. 12" Cab Diary Continued

    Richard, the efficiency of a driver is usually quoted at 1Khz. It is of little use in bass cabs. The art of bass cab design is squeezing every last ounce out of a driver in the bass area (down low) and a big Xmas is a great help. It is not the only thing though. I once described designing a bass cab as like squeezing a balloon. Push it in one area and it bulges in another. The Beyma used in my cab is exceptional in its price performance ratio and still has a higher Xmax than the Faital Pro drivers you mention. It is also lighter than a number of 12” neos on the market. The Faital Pro 320 is close in spec to the Beyma SM212 and is lighter but it will be a compromise. My cab also uses a Celestion Compression driver that, like the Beyma SM212 uses a Ceramic magnet, Stevie is investigation how much difference there is using the 320, a Neo 12” and a Neo compression driver. The aim is to maintain the performance but reduce the weight by a couple of Kg. He is currently still squeezing the balloon.
  13. 12" Cab Diary Continued

    In my experience, Duke is one of the good guys. He responds to messages and answers stupid questions without condescension. A bit like Stevie and passinwind.
  14. High Pass Filters

    I have not read the whole thread but there is both a lot of good and bad info on this thread so I will put in my 2p. For the record I am an Electronics Engineer and advised on the design of the HPF on passinwind's HPF design. However that was all his work and I take no credit for it. So what is an HPF? High Pass Filter or less commonly called a Low Cut Filter. So why do we need one? Bass guitars and DBs and the whole system between them, and the Loudspeaker, produce very low frequencies that do not add to our sound. These VLFs work the speaker hard and rob us of headroom. How do I know if this is happening to my system? If you can see the speaker moving, that is caused by VLFs. Take you grille off and watch the cones while playing. Your eyes will not see a cone vibrating at 25Hz* so if you can see it move, it is below 25 Hz and well below Low B at 31Hz. Watch the video of the Micro Thumpinator in action on the SFX site to see the effect.Microthumpinator web page My amp has an HPF do I need an external one? It depends, some built in ones are too shallow. 12 dB per octave is too shallow, 24dB is the minimum in my opinion. That rules out the Broughton. It would be better than nothing but imho not much. What if I just turn down the bass? Most bass controls will affect frequencies in the low mids and higher and have a big impact on your tone. Do I need a variable or adjustable HPF? If it works it does not matter. The Thumpinator works well and also the various FDeck versions from the USA, are good. Variable Filters have a bump at the f3 point. No a good design will be flat to all intents and purposes. If a fixed HPF works well, what benefit would a variable HPF bring. Mainly to help tame room resonances/boominess in conjunction with the normal EQ. It can also allow you to experiment for yourself, a variable HPF can start the cut-off higher for a 4 string than a 5 string. Alternatively it allows you to tune the response so as to just remove the unwanted VLF stuff leaving more of you tone intact.
  15. 12" Cab Diary Continued

    Stevie and I got ours cut at Timbmet. They offer an on-site cutting service (although not while you wait) but they are accurate unlike BnQ. They will also do a full CNC service for quantity. I looking at redrawing to make assembly easier if (as Stevie says) their is enough interest.