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  1. Chienmortbb

    Markbass power section question

    I am sure I read somewhere that MPT is Marketing Piffle and Tosh but I am finding it hard to find the link having been blinded by looking at a Ninja.
  2. Chienmortbb

    Should all bass amps have a bass filter?

    In my opinion it is vital in a modern amp.
  3. Chienmortbb

    Easy 12" cab build

    Duke le Jeune of Audio Kinesis says that a -3db point of twice the fundamental frequency works well. That coincides with your figures for the SVT. I must admit though that I would prefer a bit lower and then dial it out electronically if needed
  4. Chienmortbb

    $1700 Jule Monique Dove Cage Bass DI REVIEWED!

    I ask myself whether they screwed up and meant to release it on April 1st. On a serious note, it is a Pre-Amp with a DI output.
  5. Chienmortbb

    Easy 12" cab build

    Here are cone extension and max power graphs.
  6. Chienmortbb

    Easy 12" cab build

    It models well at 30L tuned to 50 Hz.
  7. Chienmortbb

    Win A Free Set of NYXL!

    I have Picato Flats on my Greg Bennett Semi Acoustic but they are now rare and I am looking for an alternative. On my Fender Aerodyne I have Ernie Ball Hybrids. I have heard good things about Chromes but I am thinking about going roundwound on both. A set of NYXLs might be just the ticket.
  8. Chienmortbb

    Hybrid amps - yes or no?

    I took my home made 1x12 cab (The Basschat 1x12 Mk2) to Open Mic night about a year ago and another bassist played through it. he was blown away by my amp. A little Ashdown MyBaas 220. This outputs 100W into an 8 ohm Cabinet. I told the Ampeg using bassist that it was the cabinet not the amp. The cabinet has a 5" ports and the amount of air that goes through the port and into your leg is astonishing. Massive trouser flapping. It just goes to show that you have to look at the rig as a whole.
  9. Chienmortbb

    VT/RBI/RPM bass setting - pedal or preamp

    Some amps mute the amp when there is no inPut jack inserted. Insert the dummy jack and it unmutes the amp.
  10. Chienmortbb

    Hybrid amps - yes or no?

    I have nothing against a hybrid but I cannot see the point,. Many hybrids have a valve front end but most people think the valve sound comes mostly from the power amp. It probably makes more sende to have SS front end and valve power amp but the weight and size saving is minimal.
  11. Chienmortbb

    Ashdown RM500 EVO II thoughts please

    I agree but it is a b*gger to read the panel on the chrome front.
  12. Chienmortbb

    Ashdown RM500 EVO II thoughts please

    The output increase from the amp is 3dB and form the extra speaker between 3-6dB but this is only in the low register (depending on how they are located and who you listen to) so your mids and highs will be 3 dB louder and your lows 6-9dB louder. The other factor to take into account is that if you play very loud, the single cab my be approaching power compression so the difference may seem even more. Two cabs my not be suffering from power compression nearly as much.
  13. Chienmortbb

    Easy 12" cab build

    Sounds like a plan but go easy on them drivers as they may well exceed their Xmax at medium to low volumes. litsen for farting nopise and if there is no nasty smell it may be you driver exceeding its mechanical limits.
  14. Chienmortbb

    Ashdown RM500 EVO II thoughts please

    The picture makes the escutcheon look glossy. I mistakenly thought that you misread the subject of the thread.
  15. On mine, the red light flicker occasionally but as they find free channels they go down quickly. The green lights should not flash. The right hand greens are battery condition if I remember rightly. If they flicker, you need to change the batteries. If they are new and the greens flicker, contact Chris at Smoothound.