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  1. Chienmortbb

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    Oops looks like I forgot to say I was coming. Put me down and I may bring the +1. Equipment. Bugera Amp (the MosFet one) Fender Aerodyne Jass Bass ( P/J) Grrg Bennett Semi Acoustic Bass (Samick) Basschat 1x12 cab.
  2. Chienmortbb

    12" Cab Diary Continued

    Stevie will be the best person to answer this but as far as I know, two identical cabinets would not be ideal. We had discussed this and this current full range cabinets would be best on top with an Identical cabinets below but with it's frequency response restricted so that only frequencies below 800 Hz reach the lower 12 inch driver. This would ensure maximum benefit and minimise interactions between the drivers in the two cabinets. So the lower cabinet would have no tweeter/horn and have a low-pass filter restricting its bandwidth. I must stress that we have not tried yet.
  3. Chienmortbb

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    From memory they use a good old fashioned MOSFET class A/B output stage very discreet and very fixable (usually).
  4. Chienmortbb

    12" Cab Diary Continued

    Having used the Mk2 design with the Beyma driver for well over a year. I can tell you that it is not like a normal cab with a tweeter. The horn is wide angled and on the new design arranged v erticall , you can hear yourself more clearly but there is no nasty excessive top end ( yes i had my hearing checked on Tuesday, all OK). I play a P/J but almost always have the J pickup off, simulating a P. The reason for the tweeter is that above about 1KHz, all the sound goes into your knees and the audience with a 12" speaker. It is even worse with a 15". I don't know if anyone has done any research on the subject but I think the main reason people have stacked cabinets is so they can hear themselves. The top cabinet will be raised to the point where you can here the mids, and that is where the clarity is. However that is also where the 12" drivers start to have a very strange response. That is why the Basschat design crosses over at 2Khz. Most low cost cabs with tweeters ( i am not calling any manufacturers out here) traditionally use a piezo tweeter with just a resistor instead of a crossover. Some add an attenuator but this does not work well for the reasons stated above by Stevie. Just a word about piezos. They are not as good as a really good tweeter or compression driver BUT they do get a bad press mainly because the are misused. They have to be properly crossed over and that means that some of their benefits (ie low cost) are lost. However the really good professional Motorola ones of old cost a lot more than the cheapos put in many bass and PA cabs. A really good horn/compression driver is not much expensive..
  5. Chienmortbb

    these teeny weeny amps - which one?

    Uses the ICEpower ASX50 power module. ICEpower spec that at 100W into 8 ohms , 170W into 4. A bit underpowered I think.
  6. Chienmortbb

    N.A.D. Bugera BV1001M.

    Mine is very quite too so if you don't find it is due to your environment, try a replacement.
  7. Chienmortbb

    Neutral Cabs

    With regard to using PA cabs, are they not designed to give a good response on a pole? With the mids/top reduced to balance out the loss of bass. Then when you put them on the floor your FRFR response is changed. I am sure some have DSP setting for Pole Top and Stage Monitor but just to take a powered PA without DSP adjustment might mean you cannot get a good sound.
  8. Chienmortbb

    Neutral Cabs

    Agreed Bill, and credit to you for having the balls to publish the response.
  9. Chienmortbb

    Neutral Cabs

    I suspect that Stevie is talking about various cabs he has designed but currently the BC112 Mk2 as outlined in the thread below. It uses a 12" plus a compression driver/horn and custom crossover and is substantially flat.
  10. Chienmortbb

    New Ashdown 3x10 cab!

    Just short of 27kg and 1 meter tall.
  11. Chienmortbb

    P pickup Wiring and Orientation

    I have selotape on at the moment and that works too.
  12. Chienmortbb

    P pickup Wiring and Orientation

  13. Chienmortbb

    12" Cab Diary Continued

    If you choose ta handle that requires a cut-out, you will need to brace around the cut-out. I have fitted the Adam Hall round handle http://www.bluearan.co.uk/index.php?id=ADH34062&browsemode=manufacturer I had to remove a large part of the top panel and some bracing.
  14. Chienmortbb

    Triple NAD. Aguilar, PJB, MarkBass & Eden.

    Cabs side by side?
  15. Chienmortbb

    Barefaced Questions

    The problem is we have spent may hours and hours discussing this issue and while I agree it is unsatisfactory, it is clearly not indicative of the quality of Barefaced in general. It seems to me that there has been more noise about this than the awful problems Ampeg had with the PF500. That affected hundreds, maybe thousands worldwide. The solution is easy, Barefaced sort this problem and then let it rest.