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  1. Sorry to ressurect a zombie thread but it is probably quite usual as the TRL072 IC used in the amp is a bit noisy. REpolacing it with a real audio opampo like OPA2134 will probably remove most of the hiss. I am reapiting mine at the moment so will pots here when I have done it and chnaged the Tl072 for an OPA2134.
  2. It takes more work but aluminium tape is the best shielding. Th issue is that you cannot solder it ans there is none that I know of that has conductive adhesive.
  3. Humbuckers reduce the i nduced mains hum. It is 60Hz in the USA, Canada, Japan but 50Hz in Europe. However you are correct ijn that most of the interference is EMI/RFI.
  4. I am sure this is the right decision . I would have had to give it a miss being in the at risk group. Look forward to it later in the year.
  5. I looked at those square handles but was not sure how well they were sealed. Presumably they are fine?
  6. My sources say two things, If I, a chronic asthmatic that has had several bouts of pneumonia ( so callde co-morbidities) were in need of a respirator as was an otherwise fit 22 yera old and only one was available, guess who would not get it... moi. Secondly, all the advice was given because there are no powers to make us do something. That can (and will) change as an emergency bill passes. I predict it will be in place by next weekend.
  7. I do agree about the mics Phil. I missed the fact that the singer was using a cheap Shure. That may be the best and cheapest upgarde initially I am now using the Solo from Sontronics. It is cheaper than the SM58 and made in Dorset. AKG and Sennheisers are also worth looking at. In fact I try to avoid the SM58 as it is OK, but IMHO is a very old design that is bettered by many less expensive mics these days.
  8. My heart says go ahead but as someone in the "at risk" group, I would have to decline anyway.
  9. I agree and the reason I suggested the Alto subs is that they have the DSP settings to match the Tops.
  10. Sorry I was caught out by Alto’s numbering system. It is Tx212S. As you can see from the picture, it has a DSP setting for the 212 tops. https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Alto-TX212S-Active-Subwoofer/34ZN
  11. The S1 looks more conventional than most Bose products and ideal for your wife’s use. I must admit that I was thinking of the L1 type systems.
  12. The 312s have a better specs and one may well do as better job but the 312 series are designed to work together.
  13. The matching subs for those are the TS212S and they are £245 from G4M. They have a 30 day returns policy so it might be worth a punt on one/two.
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