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  1. Try telling someone that their ideas about tonewood are false......
  2. The profanity filter changed my real word, that rhymes with duck into flip.
  3. I do not usually swear online but for flip sake it’s a USB cable
  4. Tylenol is basically paracetamol and generally considered ineffective against arthritis, however my partner believes in it and says it helps. She recently had a real problem with sciatica and was diagnosed Gabapentin. That made her sciatica a lot better but almost took the pain of her arthritis. However I believe this is a class A drug so not a long term solution.
  5. 70 too and would be gigging tonight but for the rhythm guitarist having Covid.
  6. Probably not the iPads fault. The advice is always the same with the small digital mixers. Use an external router. I have had the problem with Soundcraft and Behringer mixers and have no reason to think that the M18 has a better router built in. I bought a simple TP Link 2.4 GHz router and it works fine and it works fine With my sound craft UI 16
  7. Thanks for correcting me, I was a bit right. Incidentally it is common knowledge the Keith Richards has self medicated for several decades. I would repeat my warning about NSADs as my mum over-used Asprin and lost half her stomach in an emergency operation because of it. I use Pyroxicam on my fingers sometimes before I play and Voltarol ( Diclofenac ) gel if it’s really bad. However I don’t really suffer that badly and would agree that playing helps. If it starts early enough before a gig I just take Ibruprofen. I should stress though that although the episodes are becoming closer together, it is more than manageable for me. I had the op on my big toe about 10 years ago and I could barely walk before so I do know what chronic pain is.
  8. Again I am not a Dr but in my experience Diclafenac is better that Ibuprofen but has that same issues. It is also an NSAD (as is asprin) and all have the side effect that if used unwisely to cause stomach bleeds and aggravate ulcers. You should take after meals on a full stomach to stop the tablet lying on the stomach wall. As for dosage. my daughter is a Nurse Practitioner. She tells me that the normal Ibuprufen tablets are 200mg and a normal dose is 400mg. However this is an average for adults and if you are on the larger side, you may need to got to 600mg. I have not heard of anyone taking more than that but I am not a Dr. A
  9. That looks like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis does not cause the joints to swell like that normally.
  10. I had that and had it operated on about 8 years ago. It takes a while to heal but I have hardly had any pain since, despite the surgeon saying he was operating for mobility not pain
  11. What sort of size, weight and price are you looking at?
  12. I cannot tell a lie, I am not Paul Page, Rue Paul or Jimmy Page. I apologise to the OP for my comment and the less than helpful comments that have resulted.
  13. Mat-sush-ta If you had had to explain as many times as I have that there is no effing sheet in there only a mat. That is what the big M is on many components.
  14. Of course working for Panasonic. te capacitors all had the big old M on them that meant they came from Matsushita Factories. For those that don't know Matsushita (pronounce Mat-Sush-Ta) was the Japanese name for National and Panasonic. Our only unreliable SMPSPSU on plasma displays was caused by an out of spec batch of semiconductors from another supplier.
  15. You won't buy better cables.
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