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  1. He was a half decent songwriter so he deserves his rewards. Cracking pint of cider that Bolly.
  2. Some basses are well under 30” and that would be too short for me. Are there r many basses around 32”?
  3. To be pedantic most people use FRFR to mean a powered PA Top/ Monitor wedge. My rig is Flat Range/Full Response* but ther amp is outside the cabinet and it cannoy be used as a wedge floor monitor. *I know I have crossed terms, it was deliberate.
  4. Luckily I am retired now but I do feel your pain. I rather suspect the answer is to bring manufacturing back to Europe and the USA but will the bean counters and customers just vote with their wallets?
  5. I think 12mm is within the normal thickness variation for 1/2" ply. I should add that 1/2" is 12.72mm. That equates to approx 2/64" undersize
  6. If you are looking for low end, ditch the pick
  7. Washburn is another underated brand both for acoustics and basses. I have had Washburn basss and I still have a Washburn acoustic.
  8. I have one of the SC 440s (I think that is the model number) it has two Wilkinson Humbuckers, both with coil tap and it is great. However it is a heavy guitar.
  9. To be fair @agedhorse, I don't think the US is in anyway to blame here. Many months ago I was looking for some IRS2092 chips for a project and I was astounded when Mouser were quoting 18 months, they are are still quoting mid 22 for availability.
  10. Why would a retailer buy from you if you competed with them on price? It is common for manufacturers to offer goods at RRP or list price allowing retailers to “discount” as they see fit.
  11. Yes I did think about panic buying but in my short look around, as you’re turn, it look like it is already starting to happen. Thomann are showing a lot of amps on longer and longer lead times, perhaps we should all go back to valves?
  12. The current supply chain issues are likely to have a knock on effect on the availability of amplifiers. I have been looking at Power Amps for PA use and those that are out of stock are getting longer and longer lead times almost daily. The much publicised shipping problems will be having an effect but as I understand it , the biggest issues are with semiconductor supply. Industries such as the car industry use masses of chips and may be getting priority over the MI and Pro Audio sectors. Some devices that I was using in a design have already gone to 18 months lead time and these are core items that cannot be second sourced. Has anyone noticed a problem with bass amps recently?
  13. I can vouch for the Orchid Classic DI. Will take either Instrument or line input and can also take Phantom Power from the desk or a PP3. Bullet proof reasonable and Made in Devon. Could only be improved by moving production a few miles east to Dorset.. Seriousley though, John is a mine of information and can answer all your questions.
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