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  1. My initial though was for an 700AS1 from ICEpower. Capable of 350 into 8R, 700 into 4R and 1000 into 2.7R. This assumes use of the crossover that Stevie has designed. Later on you can hang another ICEpower module on and have a fully active system using either DSP or an analogue Linwitz-Riley crossover. However I have contacted Hypex and will look at their offerings as part of the exercise.
  2. It uses the 250ASX2 module. Capable of outputting over 500W into both 4 and 8 ohms. Whether Aguilar have limited the output due to it being in a tiny box I don’t know. They did have heat problems in the early ones and had to add an extra fan.
  3. The 12.2 has Garoua DSP settings ( baked in EQ if you like). The boost between 60-100Hz is probably when used on a pole where there is no help from the floor. The floor adds 3-6dB in the low end depending on who you ask. If you leave it set to that setting, when floor mounted, it may be too boomy.
  4. It is isd not LSD-but there is a learning curve and it will mess with your head.
  5. The TH500 uses the ICEPower 250ASX2 in Bridge mode. Gives 500w into 4 or 8 ohms. Sadly it is £266 from the UK distributor. You have three choices, fit a new 259ASX2 module, scrap the amp or fit a 125ASX2 module. The difference is 250 into 8R and 500w into 4R. If you are running 4 ohm rig, you will not notice the difference but obviously it is half wattage into 8 ohms. You could probably get a 125ASX2 fitted for about £160. I have a spare 125ASX2 module if you need one.
  6. I do have TS parameters fir some of the older Fane Classic range of speakers but looking at them makes you realise that speakers have come some way since then.
  7. OK this is getting annoying.I we must have ads then let’s also have an ad free subscription.
  8. Was just about to throw my phone out the window.
  9. This is difficult as during the past 6 years, many different iterations have been tried but but as far as I can remember (names are to be discussed). MK1- Tiger -single Beyma SM-212, four 64mm ports, 50Hz tuning, 50 litre cabinet volume. MK1.1 Tabby - As above but with two 64mm diameter ports and 30 litre cabinet volume. As built by Phil Starr at last year’s South West Bass Bash. Mk 1.2 Tortoiseshell. On the drawing board. Small improved 30 litre cab spec TBA. Phil is thinking about it. MK 2.0 Lion - single Beyma SM-212, one 125mm port, 50 litre cabinet volume. Celestion CDX1-1415 neo compression driver P Audio Horn. This was at the shootout at the South West Bass Bash yesterday April 7th. MK 2.1 Leopard - Faital Pro PR320 12” + Celestion CDX1-1415 neo compression driver P Audio Horn mounted vertically. 50 🎂Litre cabinet volume. This was at the shootout at the South West Bass Bash yesterday April 7th. MK2.2 Snow Leopard - Faital Pro PR320 12” + Celestion CDX1-1415 neo compression driver P Audio Horn mounted vertically. Mounted inside a slightly taller CNC’d cabinet (30mm, 1.25” taller). However work goes on so so we could run out of cats.
  10. To be fair most of the credit goes to Stevie and Phil. Glad you found it worthwhile, I certainly learnt a lot.
  11. I agree that the RCFs are very good. Stevie of this parish measured Phil Starr’s RCF310 Mk3 and it was superb but the latest iteration of the Altos are also very good. In listening tests at Absolute music in Poole, I thought both the Alto 10s and 12s stood up well against all the usual suspects, QSC, RCF and Yamaha.
  12. Well what a great day again. You could never get such a great selection of gear or people together. Of course the Scrumpettes must get most praise as the food was again superb. More than that they kept us watered all day and of course cleared up after everyone was gone. Great to meet Andy again, I love his work and that fact that he shares his experience ( yes I will be after more info soon Andy). Jabba's basses are fantastic and the support for the bash from Chowney, Markbass and Gillett is great. I never felt the need for an acoustic bass but I fear a Gillet would be hung on the wall rather than played. They are works of art. A big thank you for all those that came to the cab shootout. The initial results were enlightening. Phil is collating them and the results will be on the 12" cab diary soon. Suffice to say that all the information was really useful and a big thanks to Jim for staying in the room and giving his opinion. It all helps. Despite all the work in modelling, measuring and building, you can never tell how a cabinet will sound but the help of all that attended has encouraged Stevie knowing he is on the right track. Finally it was good to talk to Tony Butler and despite his health problems it was smashing to see him at the bash. We must have lived about a mile apart when we were young, but it was the first time I have met him.
  13. Well the CNC cab was at the bash and was impressive. It was a prototype and the are a few things to iron out but I was impressed. The rigidity of the construction with no glue was surprising. When I say surprising, I mean surprisingly good.
  14. A bit late in here but I totally agree. Too many sound men will basically set up the Kick and then maybe the bass and worry about the rest of the mix if they can be arsed. I saw Glenn hugged at Southampton three years ago and every tie the kick was hit the rest of the band were inaudible.
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