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  1. The reason you use s resistive load is to take power factor out of the equation.
  2. But how may watts RMS was the Sharpie?
  3. The only way to test and amp is into a resistive load and quote the continuous power (RMA amps x RMS voltage). That give s Average watts. Sadly some use RMS Watts. If you audition an amp or speaker it has to be against another amp/cab in the same room at the same time as our ears have no memory. You may still get it wrong though as the room is a major component of your sound.
  4. Chienmortbb

    Interesting FRFR story..

    One of the things we did was spend hours and hours bracing the cabinet so as to remove resonances. Resonances colour the sound and waste energy. The only composite cabinets I have seen that are anywher neare a` properly damped wood cab are the old Ramsa WS-A200/500 series ( the ones the elephant stood on in the adverts if anyone remembers). However they are not light.
  5. Chienmortbb

    Interesting FRFR story..

    It is not stupid but not all powered PA cabs are created equal. Many have appalling cabinet resonances and suffer badly from the sort of marketing hype (in terms or power specs) that Behringer are often slated for. The fact is that it costs a lot to get a really good FRFR system and even the one that Stevie has been working on is expensive in terms of labour (if you had to pay yourself). Also the recommended driver (because of its weight) i has changed to a new Faital Pro Neo PR320 is approx £130 currently.
  6. Chienmortbb

    12" Cab Diary Continued

    The weight at 13Kg is really light. It does not quite get to Barefaced levels but it is not far away. To get lowered weihht we would have the use thinner play and then the bracing and complexity of the design are a real issue. You would not believe the amount of work,especially by Stevie, that has gone into this.design. I am still using the Beyma Version and that comes in at about 14.5Kg I will be fitting a Faital Pro PR320 soon.
  7. Chienmortbb

    Eich combos

    The one thing about the BF cabs is their light weight and I find that I would rather have a lightweight cab in one hand and a small amp in the other than a heavier combo in one hand. Of course I am lazt and use a small folding sack barrowlike THIS. Even more helpful is some bungees.
  8. Chienmortbb

    Getting a cab designed

    Just silly
  9. Chienmortbb

    TH500 idiots guide??

    I wonder if any amp that needs an idiots guide is worth while? Not being argumentative, just wondering.
  10. Chienmortbb

    what am I missing out on with 2 GB 1x10s

    Never assume anything when it comes to speakers. You will have lots of suggestions but you do need to try them. Also don'y rule out the Tonehammer, that is supposed to have a dialled in sound and it may be that that is throwing you off. If you can do bit of DIY, then the BassChat 1x12 MK2 may be the right one for you.
  11. Chienmortbb

    Upgrade speaker, advice?

    Have you got one or two ports?
  12. Chienmortbb

    Upgrade speaker, advice?

    Might be I will chek it for you later.
  13. Chienmortbb

    Upgrade speaker, advice?

    Is it the 1x15 version?
  14. Chienmortbb

    Getting a cab designed

    There are a few on here that can do that but you would have to post details. Driver model(s) used. Internal cabinet dimensions Port details if any. Tour design goals (what are you trying to achieve in a speaker cab) It won't take long for someone to give you an answer.
  15. As AGEDHORSE points out in a later post, I got my maths wrong as both peak voltage and current are 1.414 times greater than their RMS values. Thersfore PEAK Power is almost twice "RMS". I have left the rest of the post intact but in the table below, Peak power should be 1414W and peak to peak 2827W all rounded to the nearest whole number. Peak of a sine wave is 1.414 x RMS and Peak to Peak is 2 x Peak. So can we believe that the Veyron is 707 Watts. Are Uli's boys playing tricks on us? Well yes to both and it is the slight of hand that causes the problem. However as has been said already, it is a loud amp and is really good value. I have read most of the guff online about power and Rod Elliott has, as usual summed it up well on his site http://sound.whsites.net/power.htm Incidently you will see a term Average power used on some HiFi sites and although not wrong, it is as wrong as RMS watts or RMS power. It should be just power but many, me included, like to say RMS to ensure that people know I am talking about the RMS voltage X the RMS Current. Of course then you have the issue of distortion. If you quote a 10% figure it will still be inflated. I am happy for 1% figure to be quoted on a bass amp although I would like better than 0.1% for HiFi