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  1. You don't have to. It is my view and your's is just as valid as long as it is from personal experience.
  2. The problem is that two 12 or 15" PA tops of most brands are a compromise. I agree that there are many tops from QSC, RCF, Yamaha that work for bass but not if vocals, guitars and drums all go through them. We some times use some Alto 18" subs with the Alto 12" tops and that works quite well. Lots of headroom and I barely have my amp on when we use those, but they are impractical for most pub and club gigs.
  3. I do play in a covers band and yes I rarely have a good enough PA to trust the bass with. I hope you have also have the benefit of a sound person that does not use up all the FOH headroom with the kick drum. Don't get me wrong, I understand the benefits of a good PA and monitors , in a a past life, was Technical Manager for a Ramsa. The FRFR PA cabs many use for monitoring or as a combo will be adequate for Bass only, or Vocals with a little reinforcement for other instruments if used as PA tops. However if the bass and drums are to go through the PA, then several thousand real watts are needed and better drivers than fitted in even the best "tops". Now if you have a decent line array and some serious subs....but most of us can only dream.
  4. It is a good point Stevie, I can probably count on the fingers of one hand when I have had decent PA support. I despair when the sound person thinks my bass will sound better through two Mackie 15" Thumps than my bass cabinet. Of course a long lead or radio system helps when comparing.
  5. Four lines of sanity after trawling through years worth of rubbish on the "other place". Thank you.
  6. I was going to buy their new 12V drill the other day. Has a removable chuck. Sadly id weighs more than my old Bosch 18V The 12V circular saw looks good though and the table saw and the clamps ............. oh dear I have an attack of TAS (Tool Acquisition Syndrome).
  7. No love for the Linear Concord? My first guitarist has one of those with a cab he made out of reclaimed wood from a wardrobe. I acnnort remember what guitarhe used but it made a wonderful noise.
  8. I bought a Yamaha 5 string and it has unidentified strings fitted. The B string seems too floppy for me to use so I haft thdcfollowing questions. Is it just the string? It is 130 thou. thick. I read about pushing the string hard down on the nut and bridge, Does this work and how is it done. Is a particular brand/type of string better than another? Thd Bass is a Yamaha and has a scale length of 34”
  9. That’s why you need a small sized amp and a cab that does not resonate. Way back when, I remember seeing my mate’s pint slowly move toward the grille above the power valves and tip over, shattering two of them and ruining his amp.
  10. I wonder how many others will build the band limited lower cabinet. When I started badgering Stevie and Phil provably close to 4 years ago I wanted a single cab solution and since the MK 2 was finished, I been very happy. On to he MK3 and I am even happier and the thought of going to 2 cabs... Well they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating and Stevie has usually been right so I can’t wait to here the finely tuned system with the BC112 MK3 plus the reinforcement from the second 12”.
  11. Fane do publish a number of designs using some of their drivers. They also have a fairly good basic guide to loudspeaker driver specifications. https://www.fane-international.com/resource Sadly I don't think any of them are any good for the OP
  12. Yes you can see them clearly if you search Aguilar Factory Tour on YouTube where you can watch them being assembled.
  13. I seem to remember that the early TH500s did have a problem with heat and they added a second fan that seems to have solved the problem,
  14. Painted the grille today. Not sure I like it as much as the grey primer but will do a temporary fix of the badge tomorrow to see if it looks OK. Sorry about the picture quality as it is gig-ready. However it does give you a general idea of what it looks like. The paint is https://www.toolstation.com/industrial-spray-paint-500ml/p80525
  15. Wilkinson is good value but there is usually a Gotoh alternative the is better at similar prices. Sadly there are fake Wilkinson copies on Evilbay and Ali Express so be careful. Wilkinson make a good copy of the Hipshot Ultralites but they are not imported into the UK by JHS, the ±UK distributor. I have fitted Wilkinson WJB650CR machine heads on one bass and Gotoh GB707 on another. The GB707 are better but the Wilkinsons are a real step up from most that are fitted to cheap far east basses. Wilkinson products have been made under licence by Gotoh in Japan and Sung Il in Korea http://www.sung-il.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=b031_01
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