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  1. I think you should find the ELF enough with two cabs but it might struggle with a single cab.
  2. Don't sand it. Put the port in the freezer, it will contract, then slip it in the hole and as it heats up it will form a tight fit.
  3. Discussions about ports seem to be contentious so here goes. While a corner facing rear port in subwoofers may have a higher/different output a moved closed to the corner, it is a matter of taste as to whether it is better or not. In my experience of playing pubs and clubs in the UK, a rear firing port makes it much harder to get a balanced sound when placed close to a wall or in a corner.
  4. On the Basschat BC112 MK3 the energy from the port really is trouser flapping but I suspect that is something I can feel rrather than what most people could hear.
  5. Sorry I don't need this but If things were diferrent, I would but it in a heartbeat. GLWTS.
  6. This puts into words exactly what I was thinking, Nothin' fancy, just a solid foundation for Billy Gibbons to work over. However that in itself is a gift, I know how hard it is to keep it simple, even when a song is just root and fifth, I struggle not to put a fill in. RIP Dusty.
  7. I have only been on the periphery of @stevieand @Phil Starr's designs so I cannot make definitive comments* however that one thing I have learnt is that you cannot design a cabinet purely by modelling and that the traditional "rules of thumbs" similarly should be used for guidance. One thing you can be sure of is that the designs that are published are rigorously tested and measured then gigged to ensure that they meet the original design criteria. Of course there are small compromises, there is always a little more that can be gained by making the box bigger, a more expensive driver but in many cases the extra is not worth the extra. * I do lay claim to the phrase "squeezing the balloon" when describing how changing any on parameter of a design affects many others>
  8. It was a light hearted comment that started the thread but some serious points have come out. Not least that religious organisations are not covered by the same laws and rules that the rest of us do. I won't go on but so many of the bad things that go on in the world start with religion and I could not be the hypocrite to play in a worship band.
  9. I wonder if that was the one that was stolen from our rehearsal space 50 years ago.
  10. Of course being a total PED, Fender Japan was a ghost company for a number of Japanese factories. So buying a Japanese Fender is not really buying a Fender. In my opinion you could do worse than try a G&L.
  11. It seems to me that the main areas of gigging these days is with worship bands. Do all the musicians "believe"?
  12. Its Ok for you, we did not have gold stars at our school. This is the first time I have got a gold star.
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