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  1. Ramsa 2 x 400 Watt stereo or 800W bridged. Pictures and more details to follow.
  2. Not so cheap now but all the competition seem to start at £28 so clos to half price. Are they worth a punt?
  3. I just made this for someone but I got the length wrong. It if 17cm (6 3/4”) long excluding connectors. The connectors are HiCon Right Angled pancake connectors HI-J63MA05. They are low profile, ideal for a pedal board. If you need other sizes, pm me.
  4. Well the cable listed is still unsold but I have sold two bespoke cables on the back of it.
  5. They are and the mechanical strengh of the connector to cable has to be felt to be believed.
  6. Just revied some Sommer plugs (including Pancake) and cables so if anyone wants cables or to buy connectors, PM me.
  7. This is made from three metres of Sommer Triclone XXl, a very high quality cable plus two straight Tricone XXL Jack Plugs ( HI-J63TC-SM) specially designed for use with this cable. They include a metal clamping system that grips the cable firmly over a large area. This ensures that no matter what the weight/load put upon the cable the connector stays frimly on the cable. Other lengths are available as well as other connectors. PM me for details. Tricone XXL is one of the best cable for use with instruments. The signal conductore is bigger than most ensuring bthat conductor breakages are minimised. This is what Sommer say about the Tricone XXL: The Tricone® XXL has a fat PE foam insulation which is firmly enclosed and held in place by a carbon screen. This will optimise the capacitance and ensure a loss-free treble reproduction even over longer distances. This design and the Cu mesh screen will perfectly protect against external interference. The special LONGLIFE COMPOUND jacket ensures a high tread resistance and tensile strength Advantages: Powerful, clear sound with the transmission of any instrument signals Dual shielding by Cu mesh screen and conductive carbon screen Highly flexible and easy to reel because of its fine single litz design Extremely durable and rugged due to LONGLIFE COMPOUND jacket Application: High-quality guitar lead for stage & studio Unbalanced cable for all string instruments, keyboards, samplers, mixing desks etc. The HI-J63TC-SM jack plug is made for the Tricone XXL cable and when properly assembled it is probably the best jack plug/cable combination there is.
  8. Totally agree, the Orchid is Orsome.
  9. Good point. It was a silly statement really but what I was trying to say was that no amplifier is worth £2000+ to me. Incidently the same applies to basses.
  10. Specified by the marketing department?
  11. Can anyone tell me why I would buy an amp that, weven with the new pricing, is close to 2.5 times what I paid for my bass new?
  12. There is a lot of myythology about speakers and cabinets per se Alex and also some very good published on the subject of mutual coupling. Can say what myths you are refering to?
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