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  1. Chienmortbb

    New Machine Heads for Aerodyme Bsss

    Just to be clear I was never going to have three original and one odd machine heads. If I went for it I would have changed all 4. i have straightened out the bent one and it is now readonable. However I will replace them. A set of GB640 in Cosmo Black will set me back about £120 so it will have to wait until I have sold the GB350s.
  2. Chienmortbb

    Optimum positioning of 2 cabs

    Now you are beiing rude!
  3. Chienmortbb

    Optimum positioning of 2 cabs

    Still trying to work out how to get my cab in my ears.
  4. Chienmortbb

    New Machine Heads for Aerodyme Bsss

    I am looking for a set of lighter machine heads so the Gotohs are favourite although it looks like a £120 bill for those.
  5. Have you still got these?
  6. Chienmortbb

    New Machine Heads for Aerodyme Bsss

    I would like to use the Gotoh’ GB650 in Cosmo Black do I will be selling the Gotoh GB350s. I have friends I Japan so much be able to do a direct import as the GB650s are not available in the UK.
  7. Chienmortbb

    New Machine Heads for Aerodyme Bsss

    I suppose I thought that but was hoping someone would convince me otherwise. If I have to replace the machine heads, it will have to be with lighteright ones. So i suppose I need to sell GB350s and find the closest ones to the originals. Thanks,
  8. Chienmortbb

    New Machine Heads for Aerodyme Bsss

    : Not sure if this is the correct forum but I have been considering replacing the machine heads on my CIJ Fender Aerodyne for some time. I could not find direct replacement lightweight machine heads from Hipshot, Gotoh or Schaller. The bass fell the other day and one of the original machine heads was bent. I tried a Gotoh GB350 Res-o-Lite in place of the the bent one to see if it would fit. The Aerodyne had black or smoked chrome hardware and the GB350s are chrome. My question is would it look stupid on a Fender Bass especially as it is the wrong style for the headstock. Should I fit the GB350s permanently, temporarily if is ther a better lightweight alternative?
  9. Chienmortbb

    1x12 bass cab to replace a 4x10

    There are many assetions on here as Phil says. The one I woud like to hammer is that any 4x10" can out perform any 1x12". It depends on the drivers, the cabinet design and the personal preference of the player. I should also point out that Dave Greenboy originally designed his cabs to be bi-amped*, as he felt that this was a better option than using large power crossovers. In that case using multiple drivers is no compromise. In fact the acoustic power (max SPL) output is greater, less heat is generated, less power is lost in both crossovers and drivers. *Bi amping uses small signal, solid state crossovers.
  10. Chienmortbb

    Posh DI Box- is it worth it?

    I do have an Orchid and it is great. More reliable that the LD it replaces and just simple. It is no frills as that is what a DI should be. It is transformer less and active. A well designed active DI is better than a poor transformer design. If you want a coloured sound, put a pedal in front of it.
  11. Chienmortbb

    1x12 bass cab to replace a 4x10

    I changed my post as I realised I was quoting hearsay. I have a great deal of time for Dave Greenboy's designs so I would not discount them, except that the cost over here is quite high. I also think TKS have the right idea as the Kappalite 3012LF is, in my opinion, not good enough on its own.
  12. Chienmortbb

    1x12 bass cab to replace a 4x10

    As I understand it the Barfaced 12s use an Eminence driver. Hving picked one up it must be a neo.
  13. Chienmortbb

    Hampshire Bass Bash

  14. Chienmortbb

    Easy 12" cab build

    With regards the adhesive I agree with Phil. When we were discussing the 50L MK2 cab I did some research on glue and the good old bog standard white PVA woodworking glue is as strong or stronger than all the fancy glues. The additives that go into the outdoor and waterproof varieties slightly weaken the bond but are still stronger than the wood.
  15. Chienmortbb

    Class D advice please

    The new version of the Ashdown RM500 (RM500 EVO II) is due this month and it has been to weight watchers, Much lighter (2kg) and with a few other improvements it should be good. If 500 W is not enough there will be an 800W soon too.