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  1. I would add that there is no good reason NOT to go down the passive speaker/powered mixer route. the one caveat is that powered mixers are not usually as flexible as non powered mixers. A second point, if you are just buying for female vocals a good 10 will work as well/or better than a mediocre 12. There is a band (5 or 6 piece)in Hampshire, Chicago 9 that use a pair of passive Electrovoice (EV) PA tops with a powered mixer. All instruments including the Harmonica use backline and they set the adjust at sound check and forget. They have the best onstage sound I have ever heard.
  2. As Phil said I had a PSX112, it was really well made. It used active filters rather than DSP for the crossover, possible proving @Phil Starr 's assertion that the drivers are of a higher quality than usual at this pricepoint. The amplifiers were a cut above those used in the usual budget PA speakers and much better than those in the Mackie Thumps of this world. Wharfedale's HQ is in the UK and we suspect that most of the designwork is still done here so there is good technical support. At £228 for a pair these are a steal.. Get youself a small mixer and you will soon be rocking and rolling. The boss AKA her indoors said it was the nicest sound she had heard form any my speakers,
  3. Coukd only have bneen bettered if Her Grace Slick were singing.
  4. To be fair the reason to buy from Thomann was often the range of stock they carry, none of the UK shops could compete especially with Harley Benton. When uK shops had stock you could always get a price match. So what is the alternative to Harley Benton for quality low cost instruments?
  5. It does make you think however that we might be better off buying from say Andertons etc. I bought something from, them recently and changed my mind, no problem.
  6. I do agree, it is a complete disaster. Although of course Thomann et al were already doing this with VAT. VAT is companies collecting tax on behalf of the government. Several things have changed including the fact that before Brexit anything under £15 was VAT free, this was also true in the EU. the irony is that the EU have followed this and now there are no exceptions. Those companies that do not register with HMRC will be forcing their customers to pay the VAT amd customs duty once the goods have arrived. In theory the cost should be the same but the handlers, Royal Mail, Fedex, TNT etc will charge for customs clearance. I will admit that I do not know whether the EU also require overseas businesses to register too. I think I have found the benefit of Brexit. Royal Mail and the others will make more money. The old adage "If it ain't broke don't fix it" springs to mind. Still as they are not spending £300+ million per week on the NHS, perhaps they could give us each a share to compensate. Still at least the Fishemen are better off..... oh no.
  7. Thomann could ease things. They only have to register for VAT with HMRC and they can put the vat back on and things wouls go smoothly. of course that means they collect tax for HM Gov but I bought so goods for the US that arrived to day, no fuss and easier than it was before. Hands up those whio still think Brexit was a good idea?
  8. Krist are you kriticising my typkos? Seriously if it suits you then that is all that matters. My opinion does not matter. Did I really write that?
  9. In that picture it looks much better akthough the font is still an issue.
  10. You are unlikely to get a circuit diagram for Pascal/Icepower/|Hypex etc. They guard what they believe is their IP closely.
  11. Having just looked at a Mark Bass Nano, Italian Style has taken on a whole new meaning. I have nicknamed it the NoNo.
  12. I'll just get my sunnies to look at that. 😎 OK even with sunglasses it looks like the cosmetic design department at MB is still run by visibly impaired people.
  13. I fondly remember microphonic valves.... NOT. On a serious note and getting back to the topic. |I don't need my Fender Aerodyne, my £50 Peavey P bass in more than adequate and has been gigged many times. However there is a wonderful feeling when I pick up the Aerodyne. I think some people get the same feeling from some valve amps. You don't need a valve head. However you may want one and if the itch is persistant why not scratch it.
  14. I could not agree more, if only someone would make an offer for my Greg Bennet. It's almost the same honest.
  15. Nice fellow, easy to deal with.
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