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  1. You make sure that primer on the skirting is good and dry before you put the top coat on 😂. Another tip, put the port in the freezer before fitting. It will contract and go in the hole easily. Then, as it rises to room temp, it will expand to fit the hole tightly.
  2. You don’t have to write off the Celestion but It will not go so loud as modelled and (unless I entered some parameters wrong) has more bass extension than the Beyma. This was the thing Phil was trying to design out. However it will not take as much power and will only get to about 113-114dB. The Beymas will get to 120dB+. So I would build with the Celestion as the others should slot straight in if you want to upgrade at a later date.
  3. I routed the hole for the handle on my MK2 cab and regretted it. It just does not look right. Yes I routed the recess slightly too wide but as mentioned, the round over on the handle looks better when the handle is mounted on top in my opinion.
  4. Based on Phil's cabinet the BL-12-200X will work but it will be limited in output. I have modeled the following speakers Celestion BL12-200X Beyma SM212 Fane 12-300 Beyma 12CMV2 Of these the "league table" is as follows: Beyma SM212 Beyma 12CMV Fane Sovereign 12-300 Celestion BL12-200X In terms of cost, lowest first as of 13th October 2019 BL12-200X (not sure what you paid for it) Beyma 12CVM2. £44.34 (£50.40 inc delivery) - Blue Aran Jam Club £49.30 inc Fane Sovereign 12-300 £69.88, free delivery - Blue Aran Jam Club £65.69 inc Beyma SM212 £86.21 (£90.31 inc delivery) - Blue Aran JAM Club £88.15 inc To sum up, if you had to buy a speaker for the cabinet, I would choose the Beyma 12CVM2. It is close to the performance of the SM212 but a lot cheaper. If anyone wants to see the plots, I will post them.
  5. No that looks like the correct bowl but the handle is wrong.
  6. I think you are right about the glue. A really good coating and using the rubber mallet (if you have not got one you should have) or a hammer with a sacrificial piece of wood, Gently tap from the centre to the ends to ensure the joint is well seated all the way along. This encourages any surplus adhesive to squeeze out at the ends rather than pooling midway along the joint. Then use the clamps. I used two, one at each end and one through the woofer hole. I should have used more at least one at each joint (4). I suggest this way as I am sure this was where I went wrong. Finally check that there is a perfect 90 degree angle between the two pieces. One other point. It should be OK to screw the top/bottom at each corner, if required until the glue sets. Make sure the carcass is fully dry before drilling or driving the screws home. The metal corners will hide any cosmetic imperfections after the hole is filled. Firstly drill a pilot hole through the top/ bottom into the corner of the carcass. I use a 2/2.5mm drill for that. Then a clearance hole through the top/bottom only, 4mm. Do not use a countersunk screw . Of course if you have too many clamps.....*. Once the glue has dried you can either counterbore the hole driving the screw below the surface then fill the hole, or just fill the hole. I will post pictures early next week. * There is no such thing as too many clamps or too many basses (he said as he bid on a fiver).
  7. I am sure Phil would answer soon enough but there are few 12” speakers at a reasonable price that would work well in a 30 litre cabinet. However, if you can wait a few hours I will model it for you.
  8. Yes fall of or fall away is a good idea.
  9. A good place to start is by using the Fender setup document. Of course some of the settings are “to taste’ but it is a good starting point.
  10. They were just short of £1000 rrp here. I got mine via a personal import from Japan. Cost just under £500 inc insurance and shipping. Add £70 import duty and Igot a bargain.
  11. Good idea. I suspect at least 50% will want a cover. Count me in.
  12. I have heard that before but the stock pups in mine are fine. My jazz is one of the really early ones without a pickguard or the Jazz type control panel. It also has the higher mass bridge that was changed at some point in production.
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