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  1. For sure, you’ve gone nuclear here. The loop control via MC8 must be sweet. And the hinged lid, hidden pedals thing has 🤯
  2. And Morningstar for the win. I just control a C4 with my MC6. Proper Swiss Army knife.
  3. Wow. I’m calling it: “board of the year”. That’s some next level work there, my hat is off.
  4. Don’t know the Helix but my guess is it’s not a simple plug and play job, suspect you need an additional USB host box. Plus the connection into the C4 is a TRRS mini jack, not a 5 pin din type midi plug. This thread looks useful: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/c4-synth-and-line-6-helix-compatibility.1479600/?amp=1600157254
  5. Don’t forget the C4 needs to plug into a USB host (like source audio neuro hub) unless the Helix provides that function. Not a problem but does mean you may need to budget more £££
  6. I’m facing another rebuild following the realisation that a looper don’t work on the top row. Gotta have that heel anchored, and even then I’m crap! Got one of these: far better than it ought to be for £34! Lekato Looper
  7. BB for the win! I sold a 425. Shouldn’t have in hindsight but the herd was too big at the time!
  8. Yeah it looks the same as when I had it from new, same pups which are indeed Suhr - magical things. The original pre crapped out within a year of me buying it but it was replaced by Jon Haire (local guitar luthier wizard) with the same pre. Years and years ago mind!
  9. Wow!! I’m the original owner of this one! Purchased new by me from electro music in Doncaster. Never should have sold this one, it’s amazing!!
  10. These are lovely basses - these Suhr pups are stellar, and they’ve got a smaller body than normal for a Fender jazz. I had one made in their 50th anniversary year and stupidly traded it for a boat anchor 5 string Sandberg which I sold. Always regret selling.... GLTWS!
  11. Oh that’s OBSCENE. So pretty. I’ll keep buying the Euromillions tickets but that’s the best I can do!!
  12. @lee650.... Niiiiiiiice. Great choices there. I’ve got the MXR Chorus too. It is so lush, and having a flanger is a great addition. Show us yer underside if that’s not too personal? In all seriousness, I think adding pics of the unpretty side really helps folks with ideas.... I know it has for me in the past!
  13. So... the guitarist had my delay pedal for years, and it returned. I bought a Thumpinator from @GisserD coz the C4 Synth puts out crazy sub bass. Max at SFX Sound sent me a new label coz it was shagged. Good work SFX! Thus, rewire and more power required. Had an old Thomann PSU, rewired it with thinner cable and an IEC plug which “folds” away with a bit of Velcro! Glued a shelf to mount it underneath with No More Nails. Board now powers up with one of those Y-split kettle leads. Tuner > C4 Synth > Soul Food > Chorus > Delay > Thumpinator > Comp. So, aiming to keep dynamics through the chain and squash them at the end - comp kicks in on hotttest dry notes and then helps tame the madness when the synth is running! USB hub to save running two cables to the board when programming C4 and MC6. Which is probs overkill for controlling one pedal but it’s a killer controller and it’s let me replace octave, filter and muff. Points deducted for: not having enough patch cable left to make a hidden run from delay > Thumpinator. That green run is visible from overhead 😞. Not buying a shorter USB lead for the C4 and thus having to coil it under the tuner. Not buying a few shorter DC leads. Space after the tuner for (I think) a looper. And I’ve left a 200mA outlet spare. Quite pleased with this one 😎
  14. Sale item is pinned... guess it shouldn’t be?
  15. Ooooooh!! Well I’ll Google it but tell us more!!
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