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  1. Ha ha!!! It’s a double decker. Blimey o’ Riley. That’s a winner!
  2. Bless yers. I realise that space permits only fuzz or expression, but of course regardless the correct / only permitted answer here is “both”. Fuzz because dur. And with those pedals you’d be daft NOT to add expression. Nice board!!
  3. A decent all in one with DI, preamp, drive, EQ (bonus points for switchable) etc makes sense if you want a bass amp flavour and if in future you go bigger with speakers just get an active speaker or a neutral voiced speaker (eg Barefaced Compact) and a little class D power amp. Loads to choose from: I’d look for a second hand GK Plex personally coz I love GK sounds! I would guess there’d be some way to jack into the power stage of the GK at church and the keyboard amp and thus bypass the inbuilt pres…. then you’d have your pre sound for both situations, plus a DI with your sound (or clean assuming the preamp pedal supports that sort of routing). That said: most bass cabs are part of the flavour to some extent. I use Barefaced so they’re pretty tone neutral.
  4. Ticks a LOT of boxes for sure. Not cheap would be my guess!!
  5. Nice! No need for such a thing but that’s an excellent example of it’s type for sure… be interesting to see what can be accessed via MIDI!
  6. I’m sorry to derail this FS thread with bass lust but dayyyyuuuumm. I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that a souped up slab body tele style 5 string in a funky colour was in my future and this has just confirmed it! The green (is it green?!) fella on the left is lovely!!
  7. Ah man. Bad timing, but always the way with these things. I ripped my pedalboard apart during a break when it happened to me. Still happened!
  8. Ah ok. I’ll vote battery as well then - as anyone who’s owned a ‘Ray will attest not all batteries are *exactly* the same size, I had bad contacts on mine (it’s a Ray thing sometimes it seems!) - maybe similar here? Intermittent faults suck.
  9. Possibly a daft suggestion but: if the pole pieces are exposed it’s not the string contacting the magnet is it? After years of Bart humbuckers my first exposed pole pieces bucker caused that. Well, my [email protected] technique caused it, really…
  10. Is this still here? As the original owner I can attest to this being ace!! Have a bump!
  11. Have a read of https://forum.morningstar.io/t/uses-ideas-value-scroll-counters/1596/2 there’s a post from me in there with exactly how to do that!
  12. The interference is usual when USB’d to a pc with peripherals hanging off it. If you’re on a laptop, unplugging any monitor connections normally makes it go away. I connect my MC and C4 concurrently with their own usb cables direct to the laptop - usb hubs can cause issues with comms. Suggest heading to the Morningstar forums if you haven’t already!
  13. An afternoon bash with the new covers band cancelled - singer in hospital! A speedy recovery is hoped for, we were just starting to get into gear!! 😒
  14. No-one better to deal with folks…. I’m sure this will be minty and lovely! GLTWS!
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