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  1. Go pro: physiotherapist well worth a trip here. I had some serious pains in my plucking / mouse hand. Physio did assessment, some ultrasound (I think!) and some stretching exercises with weights. Really, really helped me!
  2. I’ll throw in another Ibby - BTB 1605 Premium Deep Twilight Flat. But rare like hen’s teeth, not in production long. Would love to own....
  3. I would say: try increasing the input and reducing the output, still aiming to get the same volume between engaged and not engaged. Attack at 0 - so I guess that means “off”, right? That’s fast 😁 Try easing it off a little. Finally; yeah some compressors hiss. Some don’t. Google “ovnilab” - the best bass compressor resource on the web!
  4. When I win the lottery this weekend I’ll have it. WHAT an amazing bass. 51 is just about one of my favourite design achievements ever. GLWTS!
  5. ^ Wot Al said.... those are GREAT isolated PSUs for the money. Brilliant things!
  6. Spalding, South Lincolnshire. Happy to post at buyer’s expense!
  7. Bump! Make me an offer if you’re interested.
  8. Bump! Make me an offer if you’re interested....
  9. Bump: looks wicked sick under a GK amp. Or any amp. Sounds aceballs too. Easy to move.
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