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  1. @Kev - nice board! Gan look into these Warwick boards, looks like a great solution!
  2. Absolutely perfect. Stunning finish. The ultimate super jazz for me.... GLWTS
  3. Nice design. SA are killing it. I want this. I want an EQ2
  4. Very nice! That’s making use of the ins and put very nicely! So you’re using a computer USB hub so your PC doesn’t need plugging into the various pedals? Smart!
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. They are great basses full stop for sure, but especially for this cash. Not sure this if this is my old 405 but any BTB is a solid choice.
  7. I sold a BTB 405QM to a chap called Woody in Somerset (so says the shipping label) in 2016 says my records.... I wonder if it’s the same one? That ding looks kinda familiar!
  8. Question: is it possible to toggle a preset on or off from the neuro app? I can’t see how if so. I’m sat at my desk, laptop on table, bass on lap, setting output volumes across many presets. Would be nice to toggle engaged/bypassed without moving to pedal board or switching to MC6 MIDI app and sending a preset to do it....
  9. At that price gotta be worth a punt.... as long as the cable’s not total garbage (and any HB stuff I’ve had has been decent enough quality) it’s only gotta pass a small signal a small distance. Once they’re in, they don’t move or get replugged of course.
  10. Wow! What a thing, just been reading up on it. Great ad.... GLWTS!
  11. Ditched Schallers: had the original versions... squeaks, lost washers, no good for thicker straps. Dunlops ftw these days.
  12. Lava Tightrope. Both green and red kits bought used years ago, happily with enough spare cable to do the long C4 > Soul Food run. S’good stuff - they do even skinnier plugs and cable nowadays, plus a DC cable kit too... but that’s a bridge too far I think!
  13. And here’s mine. EHX Deluxe Muff, EBS Octabass and MXR Filter replaced by C4, Morningstar and Hub. Tuner > C4 > Soul Food > Chorus > Comp (always on). Screwed hardboard underneath and velcro’d/tied the Hub (I don’t need access to the buttons). Inspired by the standard of recent posters I used adhesive cable clips, a few quid from eBay, otherwise I had all the bits required. All USBs are accessible. The TRRS cable for the C4 is coiled beneath the tuner. It’s waaaay too long but it’s out of sight. Really, need a max. 10cm MIDI cable but my soldering skills aren’t good enough and that’s gonna be like a £20+ custom order, so “one my mate had going spare” will do! Enough board estate to add stuff, assuming addition of GigRig Isolator for more outlets. Planning to add short IEC extension cable somehow “bolted” to the metal frame to the right of the PSU so I’m not plugging / unplugging into the PSU and straining it. Pleased with this one!
  14. And yeah it’s all about the planning, agreed. 80% plan/think 20% do. I’m nearly finished my “ditch the muff, filter and octabass in favour of a C4 and MIDI” rebuild. Pics tomorrow 😀
  15. Great layout skills there... I’ve got the same board and PSU. Have just read up on the GigRig Isolator coz I wondered how you powered “more than 7 things”.... what a neat solution! I guess it comes off one of the 9v 500mA on the CS7? I’m maxed on my PSU (I’ve got the 18v>9v adaptor going on) but plenty of board space left... an isolator would sling underneath if I need more outlets. Interesting!
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