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  1. For sure the 12” drivers don’t colour the sound (in as far as my ruined ears can tell).... for me that’s 100% what I wanted. Humbuckers into a GK is sonic perfection in my world so that’s what I wanted to hear through a cab, and that’s what I got. I think nowadays there’s a Barefaced cab for every application though: and the build quality, size and weight of all of them makes them worth a look for any player, I reckon.
  2. Ah - IMHO everyone should just buy a BB2. It doesn’t care what you do to it. Pub gig? Yep. Local beer festival, massive tent? Yep. At home practice cab? Yep. Stupid amounts of sub bass from your octave / synth etc pedal? Yep. GK amp at full bore with a low B hammering away incessantly? Yep. I’m quite a fan. My only problem with the BB2 is that I didn’t buy one years ago. It just puts out what you put in, at the volume you want. It still makes me and the band stand around it between sets and in rehearsal breaks saying things like: “I’m sorry, but how does a box that size do all that bassing?”
  3. I’ll take a slice of that pie... That’s a great look!!
  4. Underrated is right.... by rights Fender should have sold 1000s of these. Great bass, great price!
  5. I didn’t find big singles noisy. Sure, they hum a little bit but nothing you’ll notice unless it’s between songs and everyone in the pub has stopped talking. Very minor.
  6. Another vote for ACS - great plugs. Sure a little pricier than off the shelf but I wish I’d got them years ago. My left ear is toast after years of crash cymbals and Mesa Boogie guitar amps at ear height.
  7. I’ve got an Ibby fretless with the MK1’s and agree - pretty lifeless. Personally I’d replace with Nordstrand Big Singles - The best pickups I’ve ever heard or owned. Had a set in an Ibby SR - awesome pups but the bass had to go due to one in one out. One day, I’ll have me a custom with a set of those in for sure. Plenty of YouTube clips to listen to....
  8. Ooh, I’m in! Love a good GAS thread. 1. Done: got it. USA Dimension Deluxe HH in Natural 2. Stingray Special 5 HH in Natural with maple board. Only possible s/h now which seems unlikely 3. BTB in Deep Twilight Flat with the Nordy big singles. Weren’t made for very long so again seems unlikely
  9. 100%. Alex Is one of my faves ever. Under-rated. So much good stuff to dig through.... There’s No Other Way. Oily Water. Tracy Jacks. Great player. The four of them together were a perfect compliment
  10. Actually, sorry - I’m going to withdraw this from sale. I no longer need the space or the cash, the sale price is a LOT lower than I paid for it, and despite not using it I know I’ll end up wanting another fretless if I get rid of it.
  11. I’m not an expert, but I bought on iTrack Solo for my son. Works great on iPhone, and can also be used on a laptop. Sounds fine to me, good set of features for the money. Bear in mind if used with iPhone or iPad then it needs external power from a USB charger - it takes its power from the laptop though if you’re using it that way.
  12. Hi!! So sorry, missed your post somehow.... still available. I’ll PM you!
  13. This board continues to be the most mind bending thing I’ve seen on here. I can’t get my head around building one effect, let alone all of these! My hat is off. Give us a rundown on the home builds?!
  14. Ah man.... yeah that’s the exact one on my wish list... but no-one has them for sale any more!
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