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  1. Noice! Points awarded for the Lekato looper - it shouldn’t be that good at that price! I’m still utterly, utterly useless at using mine though!
  2. £26.95 delivered direct from the Studiospares website?!?! Kay, ordered one even though no immediate need - would be insane not to at that price right?
  3. Blue’s a good shout. Highly recommend WD Music. Very helpful when I rang them, delivery time faster than advertised and a reasonable price. Quality and packaging both superb, guard is foil masked on the back around the controls (not that any other part of my dimension is shielded - that’s the next job!). Fit was perfect. Oh, and yer get a sticker to go on your flight case too - bonus!
  4. The best method is to build yourself a tube out of waste pipe (push fit is better than cementable pipe coz the meths will rot the cement eventually) and fill it will meths, hook in the top end cap and hang your strings in there for 12 hours or so. Then remove and let air dry. Pros: cleans ALL grease etc off strings so they sound new again (of course won’t fix physical string damage from frets!) Cons: unless your bridge is a top loading “quick release” eg Ibby monorail, hipshot A etc it’s a major pita to unstring! I built one but don’t use it so much these days as only one of my basses has quick release style bridge.
  5. It’s a 5 ply guard, so a touch deeper than standard… at certain angles it IS pleasing to the eye 😁
  6. Thanks! Superb shout on the brown tort, this is your doing…. My hat is off!
  7. And here’s the finished thing…. New brown tort guard. I love it! Needs a new pickup selector tip though…. Forgot about that! 😁
  8. Seriously: get a second hand Barefaced BB2 Gen 3. Or if you want to make the audience soil themselves, a Twin. You’re done. Your Trace head is *proper* watts. I’ve gigged my BB2 with a TC 250 head and no problem keeping up with the drummer. Get a modern hyper-engineered cab instead of a new head would be my vote.
  9. If GK made an amp with a Trace UV light I’d be like “shut up and take my money”
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2m-UK-Plug-to-2-x-C13-IEC-Mains-Power-Y-Splitter-Cable-Kettle-Lead-PC-Monitor-/401575174816?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 These can be a good option for saving a socket in low power draw scenarios too
  11. And yeah - PSUs that need an external power brick rather than an IEC are a major PITA in my opinion! One more thing to hide under your board, versus just using “any old kettle lead” to power them
  12. Can’t see why not…. As long as you can access the outlet from your board. Unless they’ve done something non standard an IEC *should* pass up to 10 amps and there’s no way a wedge is pulling anywhere near that power
  13. Not used one but have used HB isolated PSUs in the past and it was great. That’s a good amount of power especially for the money and (if you can find one!) adding a GigRig Isolator to one or more of the outputs would let you split a 500mA out to four 135mA outs to get more outlets (granted 4 x 135 = 540 so you couldn’t draw the max on all four outlets from the GigRig). And yeah the IEC out will just pass AC thru for “whatever”. No brainer for the price I’d say!
  14. Absolutely this. If I had the cash and the pedalboard space, personally I’d have a Keeley Bassist at the start of the chain, and engage as needed to tame peaks in dry sound or squash the sound to work with downstream effects, AND I’d put another at the end of the chain as a limiter. But I’ve settled for one at the end always on at around 4:1. Means the worst excesses of my synth sounds are tamed before hitting the amp. Play around with the order is the best bet here
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