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  1. Ah ok, makes sense. Thanks!! Now you’ve mentioned that I do dimly recall reading that somewhere. Having got a Hub and retaining the MC6 I’m figuring out a workflow....
  2. A really dumb question: when I have iPhone connected to C4 via jack cable and use the neuro app, I browse cloud presets, and then burn to device.... the app doesn’t show presets that are already stored i.e. so as to prevent me over writing presets already stored on the C4? Is that right? Thanks!
  3. I’m withdrawing this, will bite the bullet and buy a Hub 🙂
  4. Bump.... anyone need some top flight MIDI goodness?!
  5. They’re like buses, are these. Been loads for sale recently after none for ages! Amazing pedal. Truely: mind bending.
  6. Ah ok... so the OP went with a REALLY sweet ‘Ray 5. Round of applause. That’s an absolute belter... if as a bass player you can’t appreciate that you’re just being difficult frankly.
  7. £600?! Dayum!! Still reading thru and I see “sorted” but there’s some good suggestions so far. The Dimension’s the pick of the bunch. It’s rendered my ‘Ray untouched. Fender shoulda sold waaaay more of these, but I get why they didn’t.
  8. This is well worth watching too.... long and detailed BUT play along. Hit pause. Save the preset. I found this invaluable when working out how to build a sound from scratch!
  9. This is also a killer resource for learning about synthesis.... https://alijamieson.co.uk/2015/04/11/forgive-me-lord-for-i-have-synth-a-guide-to-subtractive-synthesis/
  10. White/blue ish colour screen and black text. I just cannot get the iPhone to photograph it well. Attached just about shows the model number and firmware at boot...
  11. Hi.... if you’re interested in selling the DMC Micro separately let me know! PM sent
  12. If anyone’s interested, selling my Morningstar MC6 MkII... going to go down the DMC Micro route - it’ll be plenty for what I need.
  13. WITHDRAWN. Morningstar MC6 MkII MIDI controller footswitch. £185 (insured next day delivery). Payment by BACS or PayPal (preferred). Add £5.67 if you want buyer protection. Recent purchase but eyes bigger than my belly, selling to fund smaller solution. If you want a Swiss Army knife MIDI controller this is for you. If you’re reading this you likely know what it is and what it does, but https://www.morningstarfx.com/mc6-mkii for all the details. Plus, their YouTube channel is excellent and there’s loads of info on this and other forums (especially Source Audio C4 threads). Selling for what it cost me. New condition, latest firmware and factory reset. Proved impossible to take photos of the screen powered up with my iPhone.... but it all works fine. Small squares of hook Velcro on the base, original USB cable included. Delivery will be Royal Mail next day 1pm, fully insured, signature required. If you’re interested please PM me and add a comment.... I can’t respond during office hours so please bear with for a reply, which will be oldest PM first, of course! Feedback:
  14. GREAT story. I wish I was that faithful....
  15. Thanks.... I’ll have a look and see what’s to be done. Another £100 on a SA hub starting to make this very pricey!
  16. I think I already know the answer but... I don’t suppose a MIDI/USB cable like this would do the job? TNP Midi to USB Cable Interface Converter - IN OUT Midi Cable Host Adapter Plug Controller Wire Cord For Keyboard Synthesizer Piano Instrument to Mac Computer PC Windows Laptop Music Studio (1.8 M) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077VHNZ2R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_m5KFFbCMX5CEN
  17. Thanks.... I figured I’d overlooked something fundamental! Oh dear, more purchasing! Ta!
  18. So.... my journey has escalated with purchase of Morningstar MC6 MkII. I suspect I’m missing something fundamental. I’ve searched and YouTube’d and still not clear to me 😞 so advice gratefully received! Hooking up C4 to MC6 via USB per pic doesn’t work.... as in, I programmed bank 1 preset A to send programme change 25 to C4 on MIDI channel 1 (which is what C4 is set to) and - nothing. Should have engaged a filter patch. I suspect I should be using the MIDI Out DIN into the C4 rather than USB? I haven’t ruled out the USB adaptor being faulty... I don’t have another to swap out. Is USB to USB the correct way to hook these up? Thanks!
  19. Not yet. Due to wet weather this weekend I plan to polish it off and publish it. Form an orderly queue 😂
  20. +1 on thomann’s PSUs. Had their first gen isolated, five outputs. Really good, but too small these days. The one above looks great for the money - 8 outlets?! I’d have bought that if existed when I bought my true tone CS7 and saved myself some cash!
  21. Yeah. Will you hear the diff if you A/B them at home in silence? Yes. Will the audience / you when the rest of the band’s kicked in and you’re all singing? Nah.
  22. Got a C4 a while back and yeah.... it’ll do “close enough” Muff. I’ve got a pretty good copy of my EHX Deluxe Pi going on.... I reckon it’ll be indistinguishable once the drums and guitars are on top. Plus it’s going to mean the end of my EBS Octabass and MXR Filter.... if you can’t find an octave and/or filter sound you like from the C4 then you’re just being difficult 😀
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