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  1. Is that Keeley hand signed / prototype? They’re such amazing pedals. I LOVE mine. It just squashes according to how you set the knobs but otherwise stays out of the way of the signal path. Mine will have to be prised from cold dead hands.
  2. And another pedal from @patrikmarky - and another great transaction, thanks!
  3. A new 18v 2000mA centre negative power supply with (I guess the standard Boss size) 2.1mm dc jack doesn’t look to be an easy thing to find, according to a quick scan of eBay… otherwise I’d suggest buying a new PSU that’s UK specific. Hey: they’re all made in China anyway including the stock adaptors! This https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/18V-2000mA-AC-DC-Adaptor-Power-Supply-Charger-5-5mm-x-2-1mm-For-DC18V-0-5A-0-8A-/174766222090?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 *might* do the trick but the listing doesn’t state polarity.
  4. Lol. Like buses… having just nabbed one of these, can highly recommend it. Only tried the three toggle presets so far but they all sound sweet. ‘Tube’ is worth the money on it’s own!
  5. Whoever it was that originally posted the link to those adhesive clips on eBay needs a knighthood. Some excellent under board cable mounting action all round ever since. Applause!
  6. Bought a pedal from @patrikmarky - very fast delivery, excellent packaging, as described. Recommended, thanks!
  7. Well, that’s perfect. What a stunning bass!
  8. At the risk of jumping someone else’s train, it’s the asymmetric shape of the neck that’s the thing here…. It makes reaching the frets that bit easier.
  9. @Waddycall - buy it. That’s a bargain and won’t be here long. My BB2 can easily drown out drummer and two guitars but it still works great at small pub volumes. They’re amazing pieces of engineering
  10. Those Helicon monitors are mint. Proper Swiss Army knife- loads of options for connecting, xlr through (that actually passes signal through unlike some mons I’ve used in the past!), local control of your mic and overall mix etc. And they clip on stands or are small enough to stand on a shelf. Great solution.
  11. https://www.jonhaireguitar.co.uk Peterborough Impossible to recommend Jon highly enough. Been looking after my basses since forever. Brilliant tech, proper job every time. Last full service (neck off, setup, level etc) was £120 a couple of years back.
  12. Beautiful. The Sandberg bridge is great…. I wish all my basses were top loading like a Sandberg. The Xtenders look great with the finish, hardware and body shape. GLWTS, this is a lot of bass for the money!
  13. It’s a fair point well made. Still love this colour. GLWTS!
  14. @dub_junkie - can you add a bottom B please? If so, I’ll be at yours just before lunch 😂
  15. Yeah, it would be very unusual for a cab with two speakons sockets to be wired series. And at the least you’d expect a sodding great warning to that effect on the cab itself. If you’re new to speakons then buy good cables from the off. Don’t use jacks unless you have to - speakon throughout the chain is much better. Get cables with proper Neutrik speakon plugs - the cheap Chinese knock offs ain’t good. 1.5mm core cable will be plenty
  16. This made me smile. When I joined my current band many many years ago they were using all sorts of crappy guitar leads as speaker cables for the Peavey amps and HiSys speakers. I bought a drum of orange mains two core, a bunch of neutrik jacks and made new speaker leads that, like, actually reached where they needed to go and didn’t cut out all the time. Lasted for years until we moved to active speakers!
  17. NICE mojo, chap. You’ll kick yourself if you sell this IMO….
  18. I’d love to go in ear but never going to happen because the other lads are dinosaurs. I always gig with ACS plugs in due to Mesa Boogie / crash cymbal damage. Given lack of in ears the best solution I’ve found is 1) get the guitarist’s amps up to ear level (on a pub table) 2) get higher fidelity vocal monitors also up to ear level - these https://www.tc-helicon.com/product.html?modelCode=P0CMI have been a revelation. Small enough to sit on shelves, tables or mount on mic stands.
  19. 4mm is totally and utterly pointless unless you’re running Mötorhead’s entire PA through one cable…. Which is why I too ordered a 4mm from Designacable 😬. Points awarded for yellow, good work!! Seriously, in hindsight 2.5mm is more than enough. And yeah Designacable for the win… I know I can make my own but I’m an idiot with cable assembly and everything I’ve bought from them has been spot on, never had an issue.
  20. Ken bought an EHX Muff pedal from me… a splendid transaction, thanks!
  21. On the evidence of this morning’s rehearsal, the answer is still (even if off topic): Ernie Ball Cobalt rounds > Humbuckers > Gallien Krueger RB > Barefaced BB2. THAT’S growl. Dear lord, what a sound!!
  22. @Friskydingo - I’m in Spalding, South Lincolnshire if you’re ever over this way… you’d be very welcome to have a blast!
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