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  1. Records indicate that I’ve bought one of these from you before. Enjoyment of same means I NEED one with a rosewood board that I can string with flats. Hmm. This needs some thought and a possible sale of one of the herd on my part.
  2. Excellent purchase of a gig bag from Chris. Minty, the right price, well packed. And superb comms around collection / postage options. Recommended seller…. Thanks! Colin
  3. Oh I LOVED the crossover. I managed some NASTY cocked wah sounds with that!
  4. I did love my deluxe big muff pi. It made so many great sounds. Great blend and great selection of ins and outs. I’ve swapped it (and a soul food) for an aftershock, mainly down to cramming more on to the board. But they’re brilliant pedals IMHO.
  5. A new brand to me that one… reviews and thoughts when possible please!
  6. Dave bought some strings from me…. Excellent transaction, thanks!! Colin
  7. Yeah the aftershock is great. Even without getting into the whole editor, hub and midi thing with it… the three core sounds that are factory loaded are great. Easily my fave tube breakup ever. GLWTS!
  8. @Bass Wielderbought some strings from me - great transaction, no problems... thanks!
  9. Couldn't find a thread so starting one! @Bassman666bought some strings from me... excellent transaction, my thanks!
  10. £15 PayPal F&F, includes Royal Mail 2nd Class (UK mainland only). No trades thanks. 2 pole Speakon cable. Van Damme 4mm studio grade cable. Neutrik NL2FX connectors. End to end length 695mm, cable length 540mm. Custom order from designacable three years ago. £22.15 to buy new so £15 seems fair given £2.90 of that is postage. Will it handle your amp at full tilt? Yes. Yes it will. My feedback. Thanks for looking!
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Great thread. My first was some no name precision c. 25 years ago. Natural, maple neck, black guard. Buzzed like an angry wasp. Went out of the window at a party (I’d leant it to a “friend”) and into a pond. Started refinishing it and bought new bits. Got bored with that and took it to the tip. Kept the parts in a box for another 15 years then sold them!
  13. Ian bought my MXR chorus from me - splendid transaction, all great. Thanks!
  14. Dave bought my bass soul food pedal off me. Instant payment, the usual silky smooth basschat transaction…. Thanks!!
  15. If I were going to have a five string P built that’s what I’d go for. I’m a sucker for lollipops. Love the look of this, and the weight?! Man alive, I can see chambered basses being in my future! GLWTS, if I had the cash I would love this…
  16. That’s an amazing bass! I love this. GLWTS!
  17. Updated this ancient sale ad… ignore the £116 price from the original listing. Happy to take offers!
  18. Price is for all four strings, won't split. £9 PayPal F&F, includes Royal Mail 2nd Class (UK mainland only). No trades thanks. Having a pedal and strings clear-out: search for tag MoleSaleFeb22. Long scale Rounds. Had these knocking around for years in my strings tub. Never used - have been in a box in their paper sleeves in the house. My feedback. Thanks for looking!
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