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  1. Have been doing some recording recently with my 1978 Tokai P bass with flatwounds plugged directly into my 1966 Ampeg SB12. This amp (coupled with being sat in close proximity to it) seems to have really highlighted a shielding issue with my bass. The usual hum/buzz that disappears whenever any metal component on the bass is touch. I have figured I need an hour or so to gut the bass and copper tape the internal cavity as well as the underside of the pickguard to get a more silent axe. However, the question I have is that currently I have an earth wire running from the underside of the bridge to the pots. Some suggestions ive seen suggest id should, instead, run an earth wire from the pot to an eyelet screwed into the newly shielded cavity bottom. Is this a preferable/more effective way that using the bridge as a ground point? As part of the work I also plan to fit a new harness as the volume pot is a tad scratchy. Being an old jap bass the cavity is tight to say the least so full size pots are probably out the question (I don’t want to start routing!) so will probably look to build a new harness from mini CTS pots or such like. Any further hints/tips on shielding very much appreciated
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  3. Im after an amp sleeve rather than the usual rackcase type offerings but all I can find on the likes of eBay etc is ratfur covered efforts. The tolex ones seem to go for an absolute fortune. I know I could go to the effort of buying the rat fur ones (which are around £25) and recover it but im surprised at the this seemingly big gap in the market. Anyone ever comes acorss the tolex sleeves at all that aren't in the sort of £75+ bracket?
  4. Major GAS for the Squier 70's P Bass.  Black/black/maple with black block inlays mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    1. Teebs


      Nice! :)


    2. MoJo


      Some folks say that you shouldn't have block inlays on a Precision, but I'm with you, I like that black 70's style Squier

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  6. Didn't think id ever see a less convincing roadworn than a Limelight!
  7. Ideally id like to swap this for a like-for-like speakon to jack cable for my new amp rather than sell. Excellent build quality and in perfect working order. Based in Bolton but will post
  8. Also a bit of a fan of ashdown (bar the terrible CTM15!) Always LOVED the tone from the old Spyder series heads, never understand how they weren't a bigger success and continued
  9. Hmmm, an Ashdown CTM 30 through an Ampeg 410he, giggable for small/medium pub gigs with no PA support?

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    2. Roger2611


      I used a 30 watt rated Ashdown Little Bastard with my Markbass 2x10 and 1x15 cabs for a single gig, I found it was nowhere near loud enough and switched back to the Markbass head at half time, I have to say I was disappointed as we were much liked by pub landlords as a decent covers band who didn't play too loud! So the fact it couldn't even manage a pretty restrained covers band gig in an estate pub meant it was not going to be any good at all for bigger gigs

      The amp went back the following day!

    3. TJ Spicer

      TJ Spicer

      If you don't mind it being gritty it may do the job. You probably want more like a 50w amp to not sweat about it though. T

    4. goonerjoe


      Like Roger2611, I tried using my LB30 on a few gigs but it was nowhere near loud enough. I have a CTM100 (for sale on this very forum) that does the job admirably though.


  10. Red dots are wipeboard marker so will rube straight off
  11. Would consider trades/part ex for Warwick Tubepath 5.1, Ampeg SVT III non-pro or At a push Ashdown Little Bastard
  12. UK made Ashdown ABM 300 Evo II Head in excellent working condition. Only "issue" is the VU meter is missing its glass front, I didn't even notice till a few weeks ago and ive had the amp a while now! Still lights up and works, just no glass front. Lovely valvey vintage type tone when used with my flats loaded P bass and Ampeg 410HE and the valve drive on using the 12AX7. Will get pics up as soon as I get into our rehearsal space. Collection from Bolton or if I can get enough packing stuff together I could potentially post within UK. £125 is the collected from Bolton price
  13. If I had the cash and you were local id snap this up, marry it up with the Mesa BB 750 im watching on ebay and be in tonal nirvana :). Good luck with the sale
  14. Aidan bought some used flats off me in an effortlessly smooth transaction. Nae danger here
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