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  1. Pow_22

    Ashdown Spyder 550 2x10 combo

    Im in Birmingham this Saturday for football and also a short break in York on mon and tues so something could be done around that potentially
  2. Pow_22

    What Strings Are Doing it For You?

    After spending fortunes trying pretty much every flatwound out there I FINALLY settled on the bass centre elites. Current set are 6mths in and sound better everyday
  3. Pow_22

    Best bass in the world?

    I love my Fender PB70. Its the bass ive had the longest and is my go to bass for everything. If I could have any bass in the world? A black Rickenbacker 4005 please
  4. Ashdown 550 Touring Spyder 2x10 combo. A proper old school sounding combo with plenty of volume and beef! From what ashdown say the preamp is taken from their Big Block valve amp (a 2 x 12AX7 jobby) with the power stage being the tour proven ABM solid state unit. I married the combo up with the Catalinbread pedal im also selling and with my flats loaded P it honestly was the closest sound ive had to my old all valve rigs. Couple of tolex nicks but nothing major. I replaced the stock chinese 12AX7's with JJ's and added some nice heavy duty castors to the amp. This is one of the original UK made units before production was shifted to China. Collection only on this one im afraid but could deliver within reasonable distance. The combo is currently at our rehearsal space in Chorley but I can bring it back to Bolton with me this week. £225 ONO. Only trade I would consider would be an Orange OCB410 in orange tolex with cash from me to top up. Thanks for looking.
  5. Pow_22

    Catalinbread SFT pedal

    Excellent pedal to cop that SVT type sound. I used it as an always on type effect to make my Ashdown combo sound like an SVT on the edge. Really responds to dynamics of your playing and gives the feel of a valve amp. Have removed feet and applied Velcro but other than that it is in great condition £100 collected from Bolton or can post for £5
  6. I have a set of Optima Chrome flats in 100-45 gauge. I have cut and strung the E string only onto a P bass and played it for 30 seconds before realising these werent for me - a bit TOO low tension and old school sounding. The G, D and A are all completely unused and in packs. Theses are basically Pyramid Gold Flats to me!, Very oldschool and lower tension. £25 to your UK door
  7. Sorry dudes and dudettes, been away on a sabbatical.  Ill get through the PM's today and respond asap.

  8. Thought was pm'ing you there but have just added to your thread. Finding getting old a bit tough :D If you still have the SVT3, happy to trade for an TB500?


  9. I have the same combo and can vouch for its awesomeness. Mine is also UK but for some reason has no option for additional cabs, just the one output on mine
  10. Pow_22

    Epiphone Jack Casady - Black

    Will get better pics when the child comes down off the ceiling from blue sweets on school hols finding it very hard to prperly catch the crack so will get more details pics of this as well
  11. Pow_22

    Feedback for Japhet

    Bought an SFT pedal of Kevin. Uber fast delivery and no probs at all.