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  1. Price drop to £325 posted in UK or meet up if reasonably local. Also trade for a black epiphone jack casady (possibly the gold one at a push)
  2. Mart bought a tube DI box off me in an effortlessly smooth transaction and had his local mate pick it up from my gaff. No problems and great to deal with.
  3. Have an "if you were closer id have this" bump
  4. Ampeg SVT Tube DI Box (ex Kaiser Chiefs – not that ive factored that into the pricing, just a bit of cool history I guess). I used this to record, send signal to FOH live and also as a subtle ‘effect’ using the through option to warm up the sound into a solid state amp. Works perfectly and looks really cool to. I bought this directly from Simon Rix of the Kaiser Chiefs in a standard gear acquisition ‘motorway services meet up’. However, ive been using the DI on my valve amp recently and to fund a service of said amp this needs to go. This is the ‘Vacuum Tube Direct Injection’ one not the Microphone DI that you see more commonly. Nice weighty and sturdy bit of kit, be great for a home studio type set up. Couple of grazes but works perfectly. Comes with a Groove Tubes 12au7 and can throw in a kettle lead if needed. £200 - Collection from Bolton (though the pedal is currently at our rehearsal space in Chorley) preferred or could meet up within reasonable distance. If postage is required I can work out costings. Better/more pictures to follow
  5. One of the best sounds I ever had from a non-valve amp was Ashdowns old Spyder series. Both the 330 and 550 heads sounded amazing!
  6. Plonked this atop of our rehearsal rooms Ampeg 8x10 last night for a giggle. Holy Moly!!!!!!!!!!! Still picking bits of my ribs out of my lungs, what a sound! With my flats loaded P bass it was like a freight train to the chest! :) Would very much be open to trades/part ex on a black Epiphone Jack Casady bass....
  7. Last night I FINALLY got THAT sound that ive been chasing:-

    '78 Tokai P Bass > Flatwounds > Peavey Alphabass > Ashdown 1510hx with a signal being sent FOH via an Ampeg SVT Tube DI box.  Amazing!

    1. boroman


      If you like you stage sound, why use DI? Proper mic will do A LOT better job than a DI, always!

    2. kodiakblair


      Old Tokai P-bass is hard to beat 🙂

  8. Possibly, prefer cash but i am partial to precision basses and semi hollow basses
  9. Sorry for the delay in replying and getting pictures sorted, been away on my honeymoon for my sins 🤣 Please see pics, if collecting ill let the cab go for £100
  10. New amp has arrived so I have packing materials if that makes this any more enticing? Can do £350 posted within UK?
  11. Hmmm local 4ohm cab has popped up.  Ashdown 1510HX, interesting!

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