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  1. Pow_22

    Ashdown Spyder Series

    A 550 head has been listed on ebay (complete with mis-spelt title) collection from Devon area (no affiliation with the seller, just pointing it out) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ashdon-550-Spyder-bass-amp-head/253686480595?hash=item3b10e47ed3:g:yTkAAOSw4-VbIL8W
  2. Pow_22

    Ashdown Spyder Series

    Well opened it up last night and it came with 2 x 12AX7's (cheap Chinese 12AX7B's to be precise). I threw a Ruby 12ax7 HG into V1 and a JJ into V2 and immediately the amp seems more 'alive'. Will report back once ive had it in rehearsals with the full band but impressed so far. Just need to order a decent set of casters and a dust cover
  3. Pow_22

    Ashdown Spyder Series

    I remember your video review well walbassist, It was the reason I plumped for the Spyder 330 all them years ago
  4. Pow_22

    Ashdown Spyder Series

    Just managed to source an old Ashdown 550 Spyder several years after selling my old 330 spyder. I know these are long discontinued (why ashdown?) but ive always liked their core tone and simplicity - and that’s coming from a dyed in the wool all valve/ampeg player! Question is on these - theres loads of contradicting info online about what valves should be in the pre-amp. Even Ashdown's site differs depending which bit you read. Seems commonly most places say its 2 x 12AX7's, some say its 1 x 12AX7 and 1 x 12AU7?!?. Obviously I know they are interchangable to a degree and different valves will affect the sound (presumably 2 x 12AX7's will increase output but lower clean headroom?). Is anyone still using these amps and if so what valves do you have in it? Finally, once we've ascertained what the correct valve itinery is has anyone had much success with tube rolling in these? Thanks for your time
  5. Pow_22

    I've had a P-bass moment!!!

    Agree with the strings comment. Im a flats user and following the collapse of Picato and subsequently Status Hotwire flats I spent ages finding a flatwound as good (and also as cheap!). Finally settled on Elites Flatwounds. Lovely thump, not massive tension and there is high end in there if you need it. These on my P bass (and Jack Casady bass) through a nice valve amp like my Ampeg Sb-12 is tonal heaven
  6. Unexpected NAD.  Im my quest to downsize from my current ampeg rig - an Ashdown Touring 550 2x10 Combo

    1. SpondonBassed


      I had to check just in case you had woken up with three this morning after a visit from the goolie fairy.

      Now I realise my mistake.

      I like Ashdown.  I hope you get a blast out of yours too.

    2. discreet


      I like combos. I'm a big fan of making things as simple as possible at gigs. Bass, strap, lead, lightweight combo. Set up in less than a minute. Everything flat, turn it up, bingo. Play set. Pack away in less than a minute and gone. :)

  7. Pow_22

    Ampeg B410HLF Cab - £100

    PM replied to Spark. Not looking to ship at this stage and unfortunately shipping to Spain would be astronomical for a cab of this dimension. PM'd Andy67
  8. Pow_22

    USA Ampeg SVT 3pro - £350

    Retrieved from the studio last night so will get it all photo'd up tonight. If someone wants this and the 4x10 im also selling on here id take £400 all in
  9. 4ohm 4x10 cab with proper heavy duty casters than can even take rough-ish car parks so nice load ins/outs. Defo in the 'road worn' catergory but fully functioning. Collection from Bolton or can meet/deliver within reasonable distance. £100 with pics to follow If someone wants this and the SVT 3pro im also selling on here id take £400 all in
  10. The downsizing continues. Local to Bolton ideally but can travel for right deal
  11. USA made Ampeg SVT 3 pro (with the red and blue SVT logo so assume early/mid 90's). Has output options of 1/4 Jack or those funny 'banana' type plug thingys. The left most EQ slider is missing its tip (oooh matron!) but still adjustable with a pic, ive never used the graphic EQ anyway. Belly full of new JJ valves (October last year) and I recently bias'd the mosfets to run at the 27millivolts as per numerous forum posts over on that Talkbass. Comes with tatty but functional Warwick rockbag carry case. Looking for £350.00. Collection from Bolton ideally or could deliver within reasonable distance. Only selling to fund an amp ive seen on here so if that goes ill look to withdraw. Could potentially be tempted to a trade for an Orange Bass Terror 500 but cash is king. Pics to folow asap
  12. Anyone looking to move on an un-modded Boss BD2? Local to Bolton or willing to post would be great
  13. Pow_22

    Valve amps and ported cabs

    Yup, my Ampeg SB12 is ported and sounds like chocolate thunder