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  1. NBD - 1978 Tokai Hardpuncher (burst/black/maple) THE best P bass ive ever played.  Just stuck my usual flats on and WOW!  Pics and thread to follow

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    2. Jono Bolton

      Jono Bolton

      Pics, immediately

    3. Pow_22


      Only one pic of her at the mo, seen here with my 66 fliptop. Usual flats are Elites, lovely strings


    4. Paddy515


      WOT - no covers!!!

  2. SOLD in record time to Mr Paddy515
  3. Set of chrome P bass covers taken from my 1978 Tokai bass and a newer thumbrest/tugbar. Both show slight pitting which makes them look cooler (to me) than brand spanking new shiny things. The bridge cover has the remnants of a previously attached foam mute and the pup cover is the more traditional, more square shape than the newer more rounded ones. Thumbrest is as new. Great set to make you P bass look nice and vintage. Will post pics asap and asking £25 posted to your UK address
  4. Full P bass wiring loom with junction box type connection to allow solderless wiring to the pups. This is a copy of the Stellartone Tonestyler harness featuring a 6 click type tone pot with a different cap at each click for a wide tonal pallet. I tried this after watching numerous Youtube clips of Garth Fielding with his P bass through a B15. Very well made with a CTS volume pot and a stereo jack wired in mono to supposedly help with reducing any unwanted hum. Fitted to my p bass for 5 mins but not my thing. Will even chuck in some new flat top knobs that fit the split shafts. Comes with instructions so all you need is a mini flathead screwdriver and you're away. Price includes UK postage
  5. Sorry for the delay in replying to the PM's, ive been away this week. Unfortunately the bass sold on eBay last Friday. Will mark up the ad now. Thanks for all the comments and interest
  6. Pow_22

    Spyder330 fair price

    Superb heads! Im currently on an old ABM300 but always loved the spyders. One of my fave of all the Ashdown heads! Enjoy
  7. Back up, had an offer of £600 off ebay but has since gone quiet. Will accept same offer on here if that interests anyone at £600 collected or could work around UK postage
  8. Sorry, this sold a while back and I forgot to update the ad
  9. Speaking to a fellow and local BCer last night who has recommended a carrier. As such I would reluctantly be willing to have this shipped within UK if that interests anyone.
  10. Filthy vintagy bass porn shot of her with my fliptop just to temp 😂
  11. She isnt wearing her bridge cover in the pics but she does come with it. Pics of abs style case asap