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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. In a time honoured Basschat tradition of a pub car park meet up she was passed over to her new owner last weekend who I hope she brings as much joy to as she did me.
  3. John Deacon - taste and class personified. The growling Roto Flats sound perfect on a p bass 👌
  4. Wont let me change the price but its £30 delivered in UK
  5. Heavily padded and wide Minatour suede strap. Missing original extension piece but can supply it with a black leather type one as shown (either standard or extra long). Has had strap locks fitted in past. Excellent for weighty axes! Price includes UK p&p
  6. Now up for sale in a few places so obligatory BCer discount to £1400 and will chuck in delivery/meet up within 50miles of Bolton
  7. The chrome is in excellent condition so any apparent major flaws will be reflections
  8. Bear Leather Guitar/Bass strap. 2.5" wide and extends from about 50" to 57". This is their Classic #2 model in a lovely deep brown colour with brass hardware. Very little use and smells amazing! Has had strap locks fitted which will be removed for sale. £40 posted or can be collected from Bolton
  9. Didn’t think id ever do this but it just isn’t getting the use since I used it to record the bass lines for our album 6mths ago…… Here we have an absolutely amazing sounding Ampeg SB12 from 1966. Ive owned this for around 18mths and in its time with me its had two full services at renowned amp guru and ampeg specialist Roland Lumby – once immediately after I bought it which involved several caps being replaced and once again around 8mths ago before recording the album where the 2 x 7868 power valves were replaced with new Electro Harmonix ones and the 2 x 12ax7’s replaced with NOS RCA’s. The 5AR4 rectifier is a Japanese one. Original speaker and tolex that shows a few nicks given its age, grill cloth has no tears. Ampeg metal scroll logo complete and the light up Perspex logo hasn’t been modded with someones name like a lot of these and B15’s tend to have. In its life it looks like the top handle has been replaced and there are tiny screw holes on either side where it looks like side handles had been added in the past. It also comes with a crudely modded roqslid cover. If you hear this with my flats loaded 78 P bass you will see why it’s the ultimate recording amp. Its basically a smaller B15 and sounds glorious! Surprisingly loud for its rating too! As its an original USA amp it also comes with a step down transformer. Price at £1,500 has small amount of wiggle room but posting is not an option on something so special. Im based in Bolton but can arrange meet ups. More pics to follow asap
  10. Have been doing some recording recently with my 1978 Tokai P bass with flatwounds plugged directly into my 1966 Ampeg SB12. This amp (coupled with being sat in close proximity to it) seems to have really highlighted a shielding issue with my bass. The usual hum/buzz that disappears whenever any metal component on the bass is touch. I have figured I need an hour or so to gut the bass and copper tape the internal cavity as well as the underside of the pickguard to get a more silent axe. However, the question I have is that currently I have an earth wire running from the underside of the bridge to the pots. Some suggestions ive seen suggest id should, instead, run an earth wire from the pot to an eyelet screwed into the newly shielded cavity bottom. Is this a preferable/more effective way that using the bridge as a ground point? As part of the work I also plan to fit a new harness as the volume pot is a tad scratchy. Being an old jap bass the cavity is tight to say the least so full size pots are probably out the question (I don’t want to start routing!) so will probably look to build a new harness from mini CTS pots or such like. Any further hints/tips on shielding very much appreciated
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Im after an amp sleeve rather than the usual rackcase type offerings but all I can find on the likes of eBay etc is ratfur covered efforts. The tolex ones seem to go for an absolute fortune. I know I could go to the effort of buying the rat fur ones (which are around £25) and recover it but im surprised at the this seemingly big gap in the market. Anyone ever comes acorss the tolex sleeves at all that aren't in the sort of £75+ bracket?
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