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  1. What bass would you get for your 50th?

    a proper 58 P bass - burst, anodised, maple. Stick a set of flats on it and I recon id be in heaven
  2. Feedback for Groove Harder

    Brian bought some flatwounds off me in an effortlessly smooth transaction. Nae danger here
  3. Identify these strings please

    On the close up pics they look like Elites Groundwounds to me. Do they feel like full on rounds?
  4. Here we have a USA made Ampeg 1x15 cab with substantial lockable castors. Bought used from Mansons recently for a run of small gigs where the cab worked flawlessly. There are several nicks in the tolex and someone (rather cleverly) has screwed a discrete black screw in each corner of the front grille to prevent the standard Ampeg cab warpage when the grille distorts and misshapes. I paid over the odds for the cab as I needed it urgently (£300!) but willing to take half this for a sale. https://www.mansons.co.uk/product/pre-owned-ampeg-svt-15e-bass-cabinet-10275 Ran it with a 100w ampeg tube head so never massively pushed. Specs from the website suggests this weighs 72lbs but with the chunky castors and well placed handles I don't think this is an uncomfortable shift at all. Pics to follow asap but will be withdrawn if the Mesa cab on here shifts first. It will be collection only from Bolton but could deliver within reasonable distance for right deal. Trade/Part ex with cash from my side for a Mesa cab (PH 1x15, PH 2x12) etc would very much be considered
  5. SOLD

  6. SOLD

  7. SOLD

    Will take £15 posted in UK
  8. Pre amp valve clearout. All were bought as tested and have all been since re-checked in my Ampeg SB12. Some good quality old valves in here. All prices inc UK P&P Mullard (original, not reissue) ECC83 - £25 Mazda ECC83 (Made in England) x 4 - £15 each Tungscram ECC83 (Made in England – Mullard codes) – £20 Brimar ECC82 (special CV type) - £15 Mazda ECC82 (I have some labelled ‘Foreign’ and some ‘English’) - £10 each Sovtek 12AX7-LPS x 2 - £20 for the pair Pics to follow and probably more to list soon. Open to deals on job lots
  9. NAD - Mesa Big Block 750.  Now to find a cab to go with it!

    1. adamg67


      My amp is a Mess as well.

  10. MB1 Feedback

    Bought Martins Mesa BB750 in an effortlessly smooth transaction. He hand delivered it and we have a good gear chat over a brew. Pleasure to deal with
  11. A Squier P Bass, set up to my liking with my usual flatwounds? Nae problem
  12. Mesa Bass Cab

    Im after a Mesa bass cab to match with my recently acquired Big Block 750 (currently being played through my Ampeg SVT-115E). Ive got a few options id consider but anything I may have failed to think of please let me know:- PH 212 cab is my ideal option, even more ideal would be the Vinatge version with the black grill cloth PH 115, again ideally with the Vintage black cloth version Would consider a PH410 but getting into slightly weightier territory than id like Will consider the silver grills (hopefully I know someone local who can powder coat them black) but ideally the black or vintage black cloth versions are more the look im after. Ive seen the 2x12 on here but distance wise it’s a bit too far. Im based in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Can travel within reasonable distance but the more local the better.
  14. That Woody Tone

    when I hear the old 70's woody but slightly fuzzy bass lines its not effects I think of its a combination of valves amps and inefficient speakers. Kinda that tone Blondie get on Dreaming? Just screams valve amp to me
  15. That Woody Tone

    Cranked valve amp?