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  1. Massive Ampeg B15 bargain spotted.....all the way down in newbury tho :(

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    2. JapanAxe


      Well that's one of the things that weighs on the negative side!

    3. SpondonBassed


      I'll stick with my B3 flip top sim ta.

    4. JapanAxe


      I have aa Ampeg PF50T which sounds great for both gigs and recording, is easy to move about, runs off UK mains without an extra transformer, and doesn't need a re-cap! Also there's not much in the piggy bank at the moment...

  2. If you have an original pickguard to use as a template, Jack's Instrument Services in Manchester, in your part of the world, will make you one. I've used them and they're very good. 

    1. Taylor Bitch-blues

      Taylor Bitch-blues

      Brilliant !,  thank-you,  close enough in terms of miles,  i want a replacement for my 32" scale Fender jazz.

  3. Potential new incoming purchase will required a gold guard if I snag it. The type found on the Classic 50's series. 10hole with the tug bar holes and pup cover holes drilled in. Local to Bolton or willing to post please.
  4. Quite a few PM's asking about the weight.. Official blurb states 16.6kg but will dig the scales out later for an official measurement
  5. just as id settled on a burns bison bass up comes a bargain Classic 50's P bass! Decisions decisions

    1. SpondonBassed


      No contest.  Buy British!

  6. **Trades on hold temporarily as something has come up that im looking to fund**
  7. Sold an amp to Paul waaaaay back and bought it back off him this weekend. He had kept the original box including the original invoice from 2104 with my old address on! Nae danger here
  8. Just trying to be honest (under promise, over deliver) and all that. Particularly after I bought it as 'fully working and serviced' despite 4 of the power valves being useless!
  9. Battered looking but fully functional and recently fully re-valved Peavey Alphbass 3u rackmountable bass head. 6 x 6L6GC (JJ) 3 x 12AX7 (NOS Brimar) 1 x 12AT7 (NOS Brimar Military spec yellow label) Putting out 160 watts into 4ohm or 2ohm. All the EQ slider tips are missing but all remain fully functional and present (none sheered off or anything). Knobs were all replaced with soft rubber replacements previously. Ive used this with an Ashdown 1510 cab and a flats loaded P bass and it sounds amazing. The volume goes from quiet, to loud, to wall rumbling, foundation moving levels. Fans a bit noisy at startup but not remotely noticeable once playing. Never let me down since ive had it. Good DI too that ive used to record several times. Some say these were Peaveys take on the Mesa D-180 I bought this for £250 off Reverb where it was described as ‘’fully working and serviced’’. When it arrived it was clear the power valves were ancient, 3 were loose on their bases and one had clearly lost its vacuum. The pre-amp valves were incorrect too as 2 of them were 12AT7’s and there was a 12AX7 in the position that should be 12AT7!!! I ordered a full matched set of JJ 6L6GC’s from Hotrox for about £120 (if memory serves) and loaded them in along with some NOS pre-amp valves (brimar) and fired it up. Worked flawlessly since and recently had our guitarist tech run it through his meter to get it fully biased up. Why am I selling - well, my band are embarking on a mini tour of rough pubs and clubs, shared backline, with minimal set up time and gear being stored in a van. Normally id buy a cheap back up ( I have something in the pipeline on here) and keep the Peavey but in all honesty I guess I just want something now that I can throw in the back of a car and not worry too much about valves and the little bit of extra 'molly coddling' that comes with a nice valve amp. Plus any residual funds left after the sale of this and buying of said cheaper amp can fund my GAS for a bison bass So, in summary - if you are looking for a pristine factory fresh valve amp, this isn’t for you. But if a “tour/roadworn” looking but fully functional 160w all valve amp for £350 collected from Bolton (or could deliver within reasonable distance) tickles your pickle then give me a shout. Few basic pics here and more to follow....
  10. This is a feeler as I need a backup amp to my Peavey valve head for a series of upcoming gigs. Could possibly consider a 550 but much prefer the 330 from a price and weight point of view. Local to Bolton would be ideal but can travel
  11. Before I go for the one ive seen on ebay I thought id see if any BCers were looking to offload a Club Series reissue of the burns bison? Needs to be in back and have the chrome hardware as opposed to the gold. Local to Bolton or willing to post would be great.
  12. Revisiting lots of old gear recently.  Now im really gassing for a Burns Bison bass!

  13. Flats on everything for me but when I do need a bit more zing I break out my reserve set of Elites Groundwounds. More zing but none of the cheesegrater twangy metallic horribleness I associate with rounds
  14. After one of these small combo's from the Ashdown Spyder series Having had the larger ones (a 1x15 330 and a 2x10 550) I know they sound great but I need a little one for home noodling. Close as possible to Bolton please or willing to post/meet.
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