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  2. Pow_22

    Ampeg cabs

    Ive played them exclusively the last few years from 610, 410he, 410hlf, B410 to my current 212av. Wonderful cabs for my type of sound (vintagey, P bass, flats etc). Tried to go lightweight a few years back at significant cost but it was too much of a compromise tone wise.
  3. Bought some obbm speaker cables off Tony. Turns out he is reasonably local so the leads were hand delivered. Superb transaction and one of the good guys 👌
  4. Whilst not strictly 'Solid State' (although SS power sections) ive always like the Ashdown Spyder series (both the 330 and 550) and the Warwick Tubepath 5.1
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  6. Always been a P bass man. My main squeeze for years was a MIJ Fender PB70, then a 1978 Tokai Hardpuncher. Always had a back up bass tho that i would switch in and out.....until i got this - a MIM 50’s classic. Since then NOTHING else gets picked up. All ive done to it is my usual P bass mods - pribora pups and my fave flatwounds. Stunning bass to play 👌
  7. The one in the link? Great amps the non pro II’s, mine is simply the best tone ive ever had 👌
  8. Seems Richtone have got a job lot of tasty amps from somewhere and theres some bargains to be had including this beaut at an amazing price! https://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/product/ampeg-svt-ii-head-case-2nd-hand-**contact-for-delivery**-a62-yampeg102269/ Also have a nice Heritage B15 too as well as a newer SVT II Pro! https://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/product/ampeg-svt-ii-pro-head-**contact-for-delivery**-a67-w-flight-case-2nd-hand-yampeg102271/ https://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/product/ampeg-portaflex-heritage-b-15n-**contact-for-delivery**-a61-w-case-2nd-hand-yashdown102268/ *no affiliation whatsoever
  9. Pow_22

    SoundCity 120

    The Mk4’s are generally a bit useless for bass. Very noisy and become “squishy” way too quick. Can be had fir around £350/£400 tho so cheap enough to scratch an itch i suppose.
  10. During lockdown I developed a fascination with the playing and tone of both Nigel Harrison and then latterly Leigh Foxx of Blondie. I worked through Atomic and Dreaming - both relatively simple lines but Atomic has some strange variations of the same line and that mini run Harrison does during the verse/chorus is surprisingly tricky.
  11. Same here. SVT II non pro for everything from rehearsals to gigs. Cant get THAT sound from anything else
  12. As part of my ongoing project ive received these pickups. Obviously they are the older solder type rather than the more modern solderless ones EMG now seem to produce. However, how can i tell exactly what EMG pickups these are? Im assuming they are an active set (im hoping so anyway) and once my project is at the wiring stage ill probably whip it off to my local tech. Hopefully these will eventually match up with a EMG jazz bridge pup and a spector tonepump pre amp! Anyway, any thoughts on what model of EMG these may be?
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