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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USA-MADE-AMPEG-SVTII-NON-PRO-BASS-AMP-DONOR-SPARE/333640102706?hash=item4dae7ff332:g:VmcAAOSwSwte-xo2 Just gone up for sale near me AND local. One supposedly fully working the other one as spares. Did message and say id be interested in the spares one as a project and as im local would collect but he wants to sell together. Either way this could be a good price for 2 of these beasts. Anyone wanna go in on a deal?
  2. Id say £500 isnt miles away. If its the one from Amp Broker it will be fully serviced too. I paid £250 for mine in a non working state so by the time id sourced original peavey knobs, full new set of power valves, peavey 3u rackbag then im probably not THAT far off £500 and the one on reverb looks in better cosmetic nick than mine
  3. I have been tempted to part with it a couple of times, even listing it here once but when i plug it in a just cant part with it. Always wanted an Ampeg V4B (had a V4BH) and I guess thats the only thing i might let it go for.
  4. Needed a less clean one to match my roadworn bass. Sourced one of here so the mintier one is available. No screws im afraid but everything works as it should. £20 delivered in the UK
  5. Yup, I have one (might've been my old post you saw). Lovely amp and just at the right wattage to be able to drive the valves without ever wanting for clean headroom. Not massively heavy compared to other valve heads. Can be had for a decent price and doesn't cost the earth to revalve. Heres a few shots of mine
  6. Big ol' heavy duty rack case with butterfly catches on the removeable front and back lids. Big spring loaded carrying handles to sides and front/back. Rubber feet on bottom for placing on top of cab. Collection only as decent size and weight. Pics to follow asap
  7. Price drop to £650 and an update on the strings. The bass was wearing Olympia flats but last night the G snapped at the tuner. So i strung her up with a used set of my fave Elites flats and the difference is fantastic. More thump and a bit more ‘open’. Sounded great through my Ampeg B50R
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  9. Pow_22


    Lawrence bought a strap off me in an effortlessly smooth transaction. Nae danger here
  10. if you are local to Bolton at all youd be welcome to try my Peavey alphabass. Im toying with listing it here anyway as something a bit special has come up that I need to fund
  11. Two that spring to mind are a sunburst Epiphone Rivoli (reissue) with hardcase from Bass Gallery for £250 a few years ago. I also once snagged a 'spares/repairs' SVT on ebay for £350, all it needed was new valves and it was fine
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