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  1. UK made Ashdown ABM 300 Evo II Head in excellent working condition. Only "issue" is the VU meter is missing its glass front, I didn't even notice till a few weeks ago and ive had the amp a while now! Still lights up and works, just no glass front. Lovely valvey vintage type tone when used with my flats loaded P bass and Ampeg 410HE and the valve drive on using the 12AX7. Will get pics up as soon as I get into our rehearsal space. Collection from Bolton or if I can get enough packing stuff together I could potentially post within UK. £125 is the collected from Bolton price
  2. If I had the cash and you were local id snap this up, marry it up with the Mesa BB 750 im watching on ebay and be in tonal nirvana :). Good luck with the sale
  3. Aidan bought some used flats off me in an effortlessly smooth transaction. Nae danger here
  4. Had a long interest in the warwick tube amps - obviously they aren't technically all valve but im looking at the likes of the Tubepath and the Pro Tube. I did get a lemon of a Tubepath on ebay that put me off but im still interested in getting a full working one to try out. For some reason, and in my head only, I envisage them having a sound similar to a mesa BB 750, this is based purely on the little playing time I had with my bust one. Does anyone use either the Tubepath 5.1 or the Pro Tube IV regularly and can comment on their core tone? Im after a lively, gritty, driven, valvey type sound when using my flats loaded P and j basses through my ampeg 4x10he
  5. Dan bought some used flats off me in an effortlessly smooth transaction. Nae danger here
  6. Definitely agree with the ABM recommendations or even the Sypder series heads. Cab wise is the difficult one, ive yet to try a truly lightweight cab that didn't sound.....er.....lightweight.
  7. Came out of my 78 Tokai P bass. A little to dark for me, I wanted a more woody tone. These would be ideal to beef up a weedy sounding P bass. Come with original brass shielding plate attached. Plenty of wire left, will need to dig out the screws tho, they have gone awol £40.00 inc UK P&P, can knock a few quid off if collected in Bolton.
  8. Elites Detroit Flats - 45-105. Silks in decent condition. Plenty of life left. £13.50 inc UK P&P La Bella 760FS. Silks frayed up at tuner end. Still plenty of life and lively. £15.00 inc UK P&P Original Fender Flats (not 9050's). Need to check guage but id say 100-40, certainly light. No silks at tuner end, light green at bridge. Still very lively and not broken in. £15.00 inc UK P&P All are cut for 4-in-row fender type headstock.
  9. Anyone in the Northwest after a GK 2x12 cab?  Im after a head but the seller wont split the rig and I don't need another cab :(

  10. Sold Brian a tonestyler type P bass loom. No problems and very straight forward
  11. One of these is definitely on my wants list. So far ive whittled it down to an Ashdown Spyder, Mesa (BB750 or walkabout) or one of these. Lovely sounds on WOT's youtube channel (along with some tasty P basses!)
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. i bought mine supposedly working off of ebay for around £250. Turns out the seller wasn't very honest and the amp had issues in that three internal fuse holders had snapped. I made do with soldering the fuses to the remains of the fuseholders and the amp has worked fine since. Needs sorting properly tho really with new fuse holders/clips. I do have it on ebay at the mo (not a plug BTW) with an more honest description that the original ad!
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