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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Couple of PMs about trades. Much prefer a cash sale to be honest but am always a sucker for MIJ RI fenders and semi hollow basses…
  3. Price drop in line with my ebay drop. £800 collected from Bolton or meet up within reasonable distance
  4. https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/GHS_Strings.html
  5. Its an original USA B50r. Awesome valvey tone and way louder than a 50w 1x12 has any right to be. Beautiful amps
  6. My USA SVT made in the 90’s (SLM). Nothing sounds like it - ive tried all the emulation pedals, modelling amps yadda yadda, this just is THAT tone. Sadly to heavy for me now but i still like to fire her up and hear that tone from so many old gigs and hits
  7. Pow_22


    My MIJ 75ri in Bass Corner of the studio. Quite heavy but a thump to die for and thats coming from a dyed in the wool P bass man! Rescued from a dark corner of a crack converters in non-working condition. Needed a kiogon harness and i opted for a set of Wizard 84’s. she wears Elites Groundwounds and sounds every bit as good as she looks.
  8. My MIJ 57ri from the 90’s. Acquired off of Bagsieblue of this parish. Stunning instrument, very light and great thump. Usually stick pribora pickups in my P’s but this came loaded with a Fender 62 Original which just sounds great. Strung here with Fender flats as my usual Elites were a little TOO thumpy for this latest project. Seen here with an Ampeg SVT and 2x12 cab
  9. Well, some feedback on the mesa - its awesome! Arrived friday and had a baptism of fire yesterday at a local festival Glaston-bury where all the pubs in Bury town centre have a rolling roster of bands. We were told last week a bass cab would be supplied but i needed to bring a head as such i thought best leaving the SVT at home, probability suggested it would be an 8ohm cab. Got to the venue yesterday and my heart sank a little, the cab was an old Ashdown MAG 2x10 lay on its side for vertical speakers - i do love ashdown heads but never got on with their cabs. To add further frustration teh sound guy DI'd our keys, mic'd the kit and the two other guitars and was going ''to rely on brute strength'' for the bass - what a sound! It obviously sounded bass heavy on stage but there was a huge rumbly growl to the sound without ever being uncontrollable or boomy. A real FAT gutsy growl with my flats loaded P bass. Got huge compliments from punters and seeing videos back the sound out front was great (if not a little keys heavy). Miles lighter than an SVT without being class D, great valvey growl and plenty of headroom and volume to spare. Im definitely in love!
  10. So it arrived! Sounds glorious, not SVT glorious but glorious nonetheless. Much more carryable then the SVT. Left the semi para EQ off for now as ill be knob twiddling for ages. Baptism of fire for this gal as we are playing a festival Monday! Best get to know each other pretty quick!
  11. Sorted for a TU2 so back to normal cash sale
  12. Bass gallery have a 765 just popped up
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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