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  1. anyone else having issues with String Busters?  I know there was a thread not so long ago but id continued to get good service from them.  Latest order is going on over a week and no word despite the strings showing as 'In Stock'

  2. Wateroftyne

    Michael bought a used set of flats off me in an effortlessly smooth transaction. Nae danger here
  3. Original version of the Fender flats made by VC Squier. Green silk at the bridge, silkless at the top. I believe these were standard on the 60's & 70's basses out of Fender but open to correction. Bought NOS and have had maybe an hours use on my P bass. Have been on a 4 in line headstock but numerous wounds round each post. Weird set in that the E & A are very lively and reasonable tension whilst the G & D are a little more 'dead' and have slightly more tension, assume I just haven't played them enough to break them in. Will need to check gauges but certainly felt less tension that the newer Fender 9050's ive tried, I just prefer my Elites to be honest. £20 posted within UK
  4. Cut for a 4 in line fender type headstock but with numerous wounds round each post (probably may even need trimming down). Had 5 mins playtime but I prefer my Elites. £20 posted within UK
  5. Yup, after years and years and £'s and £'s trying numerous flatwound strings I FINALLY settled on a set (well at least a brand). Now all my P basses get Elites Flatwounds and my Jazz and Epi JC bass get Elites groundwounds. Problem is now I think of all the basses I sold because I couldn't get the sound and wonder if id found these strings sooner how many of those basses id still have
  6. Ampeg Porn.......

    My recoding amp, also my pride and joy. Sounds amazing with my flats loaded P and flats loaded J. A 1965/1966 Ampeg SB-12
  7. Lyrics that changed your world

    When you're lying awake in this darkness This ever lasting night Someday soon, don't know where or when Youre gonna wake up and see the light
  8. Mesa gear query

    As a baked-in Ampeg Valve fan boy I was really taken aback by the sound Mani got on the Roses tour a few years back. He was using a Big Block 750 through what I assume was an 8x10 and had a very thick, beefy and valvey type tone. Enough for me to consider replacing my V4B with one, resisted so far tho
  9. anyone here snag the £750 Ampeg B15 on ebay?  Looked in a bad way but at that price you would have plenty of breathing space to do it up within what a B15 is worth

    1. discreet


      Didn't even see it. D'OH!

    2. joescartwright



  10. Sold +++ Traynor YBA-200 MKII

    excellent amps, was my main amp for years!
  11. Ampeg SVT 410HE (USA Made)

    A trip to Birmingham in a few weeks so could potentially help out if anyone that way fancies?