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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. China I assume. Its the reissue club series.but it doesn't actually say anywhere on it where it was made
  3. very versatile. They have a hollowbody vibe to the sound too as the pups are screwed to the pickguard (removing the guard brings the whole guts out in one go), they then sit in a large cavity. Can quite easily nail the Stone Roses sound where Mani used a Ric 4005. My fave setting is 'Bass' and the 'B' setting which uses the neck and middle pup, lovely
  4. an old 57 p bass through an ampeg B15, with fkatwounds of course
  5. torn between the new burst Squier 50's P bass (single coil) or the Squier 70's P bass...hmmmmmm

    1. kodiakblair


      Single coil every time, normal P-basses are ten-a-penny. 

  6. Pow_22

    Your Go To Bass

    1978 Tokai P bass with flats. My go-to for everything. Best p bass ive ever played and i include vintage Fenders in that
  7. its an all valve head as such it is highly recommended the impedance matches the amps outputs which in the SVT's case is only a 4ohm or 2ohm output
  8. Played the Night & Day in Manchester years ago and we're told bass backline only was supplied, dreading an old clapped out 1x15 combo imagine my surprise to find an Ampeg SVT VR and an 8ohn 4x10. I pointed out the head cant do a single 8ohm cab they laughed and said it had done 3hr gigs pretty much every night for nearly a year! Sounded glorious
  9. Burns bison bass in black (club series reissue) with hard to find Burns/Hiscox hardcase. One of the coolest looking basses around and this one has had a fair bit of work done to get it playing as good as it looks:- New bridge fitted. The original on these is notorious for its wide string spacing meaning the G and E string don’t sit over the relevant pole pieces on the pups. This resulted in a much much quieter G & E. This new over engineered bridge has the strings sitting perfectly and is much more adjustable that the original. I still have the original too. Full ‘Advanced Set Up’ at Jacks Instrument services in Manchester. This included a fret dress to get the action nice and low without any buzzing/choked notes. The nut was also originally too high making the first few frets hard work, Jack recut this to a proper level. I have the receipt and hang tag as proof of work. This was all done literally last week! My fave flatwounds – a set of Elites Detroit flats to bring out the thump in this beast. These basses were given a bit of a re-birth and reintroduction to the ‘yoot’ when Andy Bell of Oasis started using one (both the reissues and an original 1964 model I believe) in the early 2000’s. This is my second one and I guess I fell for its looks again despite knowing that deep down all I need is a decent P bass. Loads and loads of tonal options which is actually why im getting rid. Im a p bass guy at heart and too many options means I spend more time knob twirling (oooh matron) than actually playing. As such im looking to sell this to fund either one of the new Squire 50’s P basses, squire 70's p bass or to put towards my SVT II fund. Whilst it does come with an extremely substantial hardcase id ideally like collection from Bolton or could meet up within reasonable distance. Pics to follow asap
  10. have an at "if you were closer" type bump. Wanted one of these ever since I played one in my local PMT. Always wondered what they would look like with a white guard, almost like a Geddy P Bass?
  11. It did im afraid. Apologies for not updating the ad, will do it now
  12. Loved these back in the day but before they closed they changed the formula. The old silkless ones were lovely but then they changed and had black silks at both ends and the actual string seemed different. Dead E's galore and uneven twangy G and D. I snap up any NOS ones that come up on ebay
  13. Excellent strings the Detroit Flats too, my go to choice
  14. Of all the p basses ive tried - fender (modern and vintage), sandberg, squire, limelight etc the best bang for buck are the late 70's/early 80's Tokai Hardpunchers, absolute gems that just sound like that 70's p bass sound on so many of my fave records
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