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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Here we have a Warwick Quad VI amp. Ive always described Warwicks “valve amps” and a budget Mesa BB750. Technically they are all valve with a 2 x 12ax7 pre amp and a mini all valve power amp of 1 x 12ax7 and 1 x EL84 (in this case a vintage Mullard effort). This is then fed into a 400w amplifier stage to give gigging volume usage. Gets dirty with the gain cranked and is genuinely the closest ive come to a big valve amp without having a big valve amp. Comes in a rackbag for ease of carriage and looks and works immaculately. Was voted “amp of the year” by bass player mag (according to my google searches). Theres 2 used ones for sale at Bass Gallery at the moment for around £500 so ill price mine at £300 with the rackbag and mullard EL84? As always, collection from Bolton or can meet within reasonable distance. Not trades at moment thanks
  3. One and only price drop to £1,300 then it will probably be used in a part ex at Bass Gallery
  4. Whilst cash is king - Trade wise/part ex id consider Fender P’s (4 string traditional type - I particularly like 90’s MIJ fenders), Italia rimini bass or peerless retromatic (black) and valve SVT’s with cash top ups to make up the difference in value
  5. Pow_22

    Warwick amps

    So, just in case anyone was remotely interested.... having used this at a few full volume rehearsals i can say quite honestly it DOES do that valvey thing quite well. I mean in the way its clearly not an all Valve amp but it does do a very good imitation. Most hybrids that attempt that all valve sound seem to focus purely on the ‘distortion’ side of things - whilst the Warwick doesnt do the sag/bounce thing so much it definitely does that valve ‘roar’ when played loud. I loved the tubepath and this is very much in a similar vein, id say (as i did with the tubepath) its very much a Mesa BB750 on a budget. Very happy so far with my Spector and will feedback after monday when i use my MIJ jazz. So far so good
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Great amps! I have the B50R and it sounds more 'old school valvey' that my actual 'old school valvey' SB12!
  8. Came on an old jazz bass i bought but im more of a BBOT man and need to fund some nice pups for said jazz. Price includes UK p&p. I dont have any fitting screws im afraid
  9. Got an old Badass II bridge on a knakcered jazz i bought.  Whats the going rate for these nowadays?  Im more of a BBOT man

    1. Lozz196


      Roughly around £60 - £80 

  10. Two brand new unopened sets of these up for grabs. £20 a set posted in UK or £35 for both?
  11. Yes, both sets of hardware will be included in the sale. They are both drop in exact replacements with no extra holes or anything
  12. It's a Spector Euro4 LX Limited Edition (Full maple wings and chrome hardware) obviously ive put the gold hardware on. Im still clearing old ads to free up space for more pics so will improve the original ad asap
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