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  1. Pow_22

    Picking a new hybrid amp

    I have seen that, unfortunately distance is an issue there
  2. Pow_22

    Picking a new hybrid amp

    Have looked at these and the Genz version they seem to be a clone off. May be ive tried the wrong ones but the 4 or 5 class D's ive tried all lacked something. Theres plenty of volume just seem to lack 'slam' or that fateful BC word - heft
  3. Pow_22

    Picking a new hybrid amp

    I recently purchased a Warwick Tubepath 5.1 off ebay that turned out to be a complete lemon (broken internals and when checked over by my tech it turned out numerous bodged jobs had been done). It was declared a write off. As such im in the market for a new amp that meets the below requirements:- Not class D Valvey driven type tone Hybrid rather than all valve (more price concern rather than weight) Usual 2U rack mount type size 300w - 500w as a minimum Budget is going to be £300 - £400 second hand So far amps in the catergory ive tried and loved:- Mesa Boogie Big Block - best sound ive had from a non-valve amp. Outside my current budget but this is the tone that im after Ashdown Spyder - again, beautiful sound, maybe lacking just a touch more grit Ampeg SVT3 - couldn’t get quite enough growl/grit out of it Ampeg SVT3 non-pro - better than the pro but again lacked grit I also tried the Orange Bass terror, plenty of volume but lacked that kick to the gut, ive found this with all the class D's ive tried hence me possibly ruling them out. Id still like to give a Warwick Tubepath a go as from what ive read it ticks most of my boxes. Theres also the Handbox 400 that gets brought up on here a lot but will be way outside my current budget. What other valve/solid state hybrids will get me in the ball park of a Mesa BB750 without the cost (probably asking the impossible here).
  4. Can take £200 if that's any incentive to move it before xmas?
  5. Who says flats cant go on a jazz!?!  They go on EVERYTHING for me!

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    2. Phill


      Got my Optima flats on my old Jazz, Smooth :)

    3. jacko


      "Who says flats cant go on a jazz!?!"  no-one. it's an urban legend - just like saying a swan will break your arm. No documented evidence anywhere (swans or flats)

    4. EssentialTension


      From the inception of the Jazz Bass in 1960 until the mid 1970s, Fender fitted flatwound strings as standard.

      Jazz Bass with flatwounds and a plectrum, was a very common sound throughout the 1960s and 70s.

      If someone doesn't like it then that's their business, but to say it can't be done is stupid.

  6. Pow_22

    Feedback for Josie

    Josie bought my Epi Jack Casady bass in a meet up over weekend. Effortlessly smooth transaction and lovely to meet. Nae danger here
  7. If this can be collected this week ill take a huge hit and let it go for £200. The mrs is losing her nut over it
  8. I recently bought this amp off ebay. Sold as full working order and came in a substantial flight case. However the amp was DOA. Wouldnt turn on, no power, no lights, zilch. i popped the hood and immediately saw the problem. All three fuse holder on the valve pcb were broken. One fuse was rolling tound in the amp, one was completely missing and the other was holding on for dear life. Before i send the amp back for a refund does anyone know how difficult a job it is to replace the fuseholders? Im not attempting it myself but i assume you will have to remove the board to work on it which in itself would be laboursome. There are boards that i could see would need to be removed first. unfortunately my go-to amp tech is strictly an all valve giy so will also need to source someone in Nortg West to take a look. A not so happy NAD ☹️
  9. Pow_22

    2nd hand market slowing??

    Ive found small items like used flats etc shift quickly here. Anything like amps, cabs or basses I have much more joy on facebook or evil bay to be honest.
  10. Need this gone so open to cash offers now
  11. Unexpected NAD - Warwick Tubepath 5.1 en route

    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      "unexpected"? Did you fall into the shop, and your credit card accidentally slip into the card reader? ;)
      Happy NAD - don't forget to let us know your thoughts on how it performs :)