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  1. Squier late 50’s p bass. Upgraded pups to a Wizard Thumper (£80) and wearing Elites Detroit flats. Action set slightly higher than my usual just as its my ‘Jamerson/Babbitt/Dunn’ motown bass but truss rod in full working order do can be lowered. I do have the original pups that ill include in the sale along with a gig bag but the Thumper makes this a total beast of a bass. £330 ono collected from Bolton or can deliver locally
  2. Potentially controversial idea - have you tried that head through a different cab?
  3. I found the LB550 VERY clean, no grit at all even with a hot active bass. Also, as with a lot of Class D, it was absolutely loud enough but at the loud volume it lacked 'booty'. I much preferred the Spyder series when looking at Ashdowns hybrids
  4. Ashdown ABM evo II 500 bass head. Made in UK Chrome front version in wooden tolexed sleeve. Massively loud and nice beefy sound. Can dial in grit/roar with the valve drive. No longer gigging so needs a new home. £225 collected from Bolton or could deliver within reasonable distance
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. My latest toy came in a tatty but fully working rectangular hard case. Bits of tape where the missing tolex is and a lovely green fur interior. Hinges and clasps all work and it is a solid piece. If you can collect from Bolton is yours for nowt. Not going to bother with delivery on this, to much hassle
  7. I have Fender 7150m's on my roundwound basses. Lovely fundamental and good amount of tension for added thump
  8. Cheers pal, im right in thinking the blend pot is or should be bridge pup at fully clockwise and neck pup fully counter? Defo get zero volume fully counter so something defo amiss
  9. So to update - i managed to get the sweep/blend pot working and got a lovely beefy sound with it set slightly to the neck pup. Alas, today its back to only working on the bridge pup side and anything anti-clockwise from the centre indent gets progressively quieter until all volume is lost when fully counterclockwise. Defo needs investigation from someone much more competent than me. Could either be neck pup or pot
  10. Glen matlock (standing in for Leigh Foxx) is gigging the exact same rig on the Blondie tour currently 👌
  11. So arriving today was my newly purchased 2nd hand 90’s NS94. Advertised as having a BTS circuit it actually turns out its a Mighty Mite Haz pre amp! However, there is an issue - the blend knob only seems to do anything in the fully clockwise position which presumably is the bridge pup. Turning it full counter clockwise gets no sound at all even with volume fully up so gets its either a pre amp fault or neck pup fault. Will get it off to the menders for a full set up anyway but here is a quick guts shot
  12. Going to withdraw this while i have a long hard think, she sounded perfect at rehearsal tonight, beefy and growly. So for now at least, she is no longer for sale
  13. Had quite a few messages re: trades. No an awful lot im after bass wise - always partial to a mij P but mainly (if anything) amps are my thing - Ashdown CTM 100, ashdown spyder 550, Ampeg svt III non pro. Much prefer cash sale but thought id put it out there
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