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  1. I never found my perfect bass, so I had to get Jon Shuker to make it for me 😁
  2. mightily tempted by one of these.
  3. no mention of the Gibson EB-1 (the bass Macca originally wanted, but was too expensive and heavy).
  4. The Ramones were incredibly lucky that they had family members ready to step in when Dee Dee, and Tommy left.
  5. Many people thought Blondie, was Debbie Harry's name in their early days.
  6. I remember some years ago, a young Basschater (probably not so young now) bought an Eden 8x10 from the BC marketplace. His parents had a Volvo estate.
  7. The first Bass Guitar Magazine I bought had a review of one of these. It was just before Markbass became known for lightweight stuff. IIRC it was a very good review, top bit of kit.
  8. It could be no win no fee, or pro bono. Although I can't imagine that a lawyer would take a case for no payment, in the hope of an early settlement to avoid bad publicity (etc) for a celebrity(celebrities), but then has to pursue as they are in too deep as the celebrity refuses to settle.
  9. yet someone with a few more zero's on the earnings, doing a similar thing and following the law, is vilified.
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