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  1. Continuing the 'space' theme, this is as cheesy as a cheesy thing covered in cheese, but an utterly groovesome bass line:
  2. "There is a definite limit to the length of time a composer can go on writing in one dance rhythm. This limit is obviously reached by Ravel towards the end of La Valse, and towards the beginning of Bolero. - Constance Lambert, Music Ho! (1934).
  3. Anything with Deon Estus on bass usually pretty good...
  4. if my stomach was still that flat, I'd probably spend a bit more time topless too...
  5. I came to bass from classical guitar, so I used to know my theory, but knowing the difference between an appoggiatura and an acciaccatura never helped my bass playing. I can read, and have done gigs where it was required, but my sight reading now is not what it used to be. Nor is my sight. But it is useful to be able to notate things.
  6. MacDaddy

    Boss SYB-5

    Finally managed to have a fiddle. Full disclosure, my basses are all set up with a very low action and have ramps, so my playing style involves a light touch. Brief verdict (IMHO YMMV etc): Boss SYB-5: Great sounds, mightily close to what I want, but far too glitchy. Future Impact: Amazing pedal, but to get the best out of it you have to buy more gear. Again glitchy. Digitech Bass Synth Wah: I don't want to say how great this pedal is, in case you all go out and buy one, 'coz I'm certainly going to buy another 😆! Flawless tracking, useful sounds, not glitchy at all.
  7. careful, you may be mis-gendering. Wouldn't want you to get cancelled!
  8. Therein lies the problem for cover bands that have that opinion, which is is why there are so many terrible cover band performances of Quo songs. There are often interesting things going on, which are missed, things like use of octaves, inversions, chordal voicings, etc. It's the same with other bands thought of as 'basic' like AC/DC.
  9. Don't you have to be 20 meters away to be able to hear them?
  10. Getaria GWS-8 2.4GHZ wireless. The latency is comparably high <12ms, but I haven't noticed any lag while playing in the house. I bought them because they are cheap, and a charge supposedly lasts over 4 hours.
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