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  1. welcome to Basschat, your bass knowledge may grow, and the contents of your wallet may shrink!
  2. The video is ok, but it needed more screen time for the bassist 😉 😎
  3. I'm currently gassing for a Peavey Headliner 1000.
  4. Typical Government guidance, clear as mud.
  5. Behringer BDI21. Cheap and does the job as well as other more expensive pedals.
  6. Is this like that dress thing, and the bass is really yellow or something?
  7. Had you learned 'London's Burning' like the rest of us, things could have turned out different...
  8. I couldn't use my Xvives at one pub because they interfered with the contactless payment machine. Although TBF they didn't want any wireless used as it was a regular problem.
  9. My Xvives survived 2 years gigging in 2 bands, plus home use, before the casing came apart on the transmitter. In use, the only issue was the interference caused by the guitarists wireless. Swapping channels, for both of us, did not always sort it. His more expensive system never had the interference. These are what I bought when my Xvive transmitter died. Great (recharge) battery life, but the loss of volume compared to a lead is very noticeable - for me with both bass and guitar.
  10. The thinnest necks I can remember playing, were on Vox Teardrop basses.
  11. The actual lessons, no. But being able to use the music room, having access to the 4-track recorder, and jamming with the older kids who taught me Smoke on the Water, Paranoid, etc, then absolutely.
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