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  1. Enjoyment of last night's gig was somewhat marred, by Timothy Taylor's Boltmaker no longer being a guest ale.
  2. It's at the menders at the moment. Regular readers may know that my Shuker's have an all in one pup cover/ramp/thumbrest which runs from the neck to the bridge. I'm having a similar thing made, but one that is detachable and won't ruin the finish.
  3. An update to this. At the gig mentioned above, for some reason during the mad panic to get set up, the combo had been placed on a stand. I've done several bass gigs with it since, at similar size venues, and with the combo on the floor the volume has been set at 3 to 4, and the power sponge at 50w.
  4. Hi y'all Is anyone from that London (or thereabouts) going, or coming back from Jon Shuker's next week? Cheers McD.
  5. Slither? You'll all be doing it tomorrow!
  6. Time for me to interject as the OP. My bass journey began on classical guitar and that is the technique I brought to my bass playing. I've always played fretted. Over the years I've had a fiddle with fretless, but never got on with them. That is until I played Frank Black's Rob Allen Mouse at the last SE Bass Bash. I have being fortunate to procure my own, which is lined, and after initially having my gaze locked on the neck, I'm now playing with a mixture of neck glancing, positional play, and by ear.
  7. Love the stage version, seen it a couple of times. The problem with the film is the insertion of a 'star' into what should be an ensemble film. The same thing happened to Suicide Squad, which rather than being an ensemble piece, became a Will Smith film, and suffered because of it. Rock of Ages the film, became more about having Tom Cruise in the film, than an actor portraying a blond hair metal vocalist archetype.
  8. Frank Black is to blame, had he not brought his Rob Allen Mouse to the SE Bass Bash, it would not have led to my being able to show the attached pictures.
  9. If it's no longer good enough for Norm, it's not good enough for me.
  10. W.A.S.P. Live... in the raw. All songs better than the studio album versions.
  11. Maybe stateside, but Jet Harris showed us here 😀
  12. A bit of interesting background reading from Bill Whitfield's (MJ bodyguard) page on the Facebook.
  13. Maybe because he was investigated by the FBI for 10 years and there was never any evidence of sexual assault?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oV3dlKGMHQ8&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR1OK9S1LUX6mpIvSm93bFYjYs_xzB4MGtsKQW74Jr8SFC1M09C6eRh44sg Motley Crue covering Like a Virgin by Madonna. No really!
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