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  1. Billy Sheehan. I've learned a lot from his playing, not necessarily the widdly stuff, but being the bass player in a band.
  2. He used to be known as Rex Rocker, and was in a band who released 3 great albums, before selling out and changing their style completely to fit in with the prevailing popular rock/metal genre. One of the few bands whose attempt at jumping on the band wagon worked for them.
  3. Extended E strings for me, a la Kubicki style. Shame to waste the space next to it, so bend well a la Mark King style. 😎
  4. None of the Techs would have cared if it was David Bowie? derrière gravy!
  5. Had a punter trying to give the band a tray full of shots while we were playing. We were actually mid song and he was trying to hand them out. During the break a barmaid told us a punter had got a round in for us. Great, we thought, so we started to tell her what drinks we wanted. 'No' she said 'he's already ordered them'. Oh.
  6. This week I started learning it in earnest. Got the notes, now building up the tempo. FWIW I used to play in a metal band, incorporating elements of shred into my playing and soloing, so speed has never been a problem, but I am finding this a bit challenging. As I said earlier, Norm eh? He's a bit good!
  7. It's all gone horribly wrong https://www.loudersound.com/news/miley-cyrus-covers-metallica-and-nine-inch-nails-at-glastonbury?fbclid=IwAR2NeOn7QalxCGjmHyWhFUqAbhqFUFH1QovLsOx8J0_RwYfavqZvikYkBUc
  8. Xvives for me too. The only problem I've had was interference from the guitarists wireless, which went away when we changed channels. No lead is one thing, but no plug is real winner. Charge each unit and they last 5 hours.
  9. How it possible this is happening? I'm guessing that people doing the sound for bands during stadium tours, must among the best in the world at what they do? That being the case they have the knowledge of sound issues in stadiums, and how to rectify the problems. So is it that they just don't care?
  10. No interest in music festivals, but don't mind a Biker rally, which is essentially the same thing but with motorbikes.
  11. Not me but my basses. Punter asked me at a gig "why aren't you using your zebra bass?"
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