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  1. Wow! They are women! They are in a band but they are women! They are playing their own instruments but they are women! They are playing metal but they are women! They are doing what men do but they are women! Whatever next? Maybe we'll have women driving buses, and possibly even women being politicians!
  2. Nothing about how the ultra low emissions zone, congestion charge payable before and after 12am, and 24 hour parking charges in central London, will affect anyone who wants to go or play there.
  3. Best strap? Surely the triple LED guitar strap!
  4. Sounds interesting, will give it a go later.
  5. which is why before going, graduate employment rates for their chosen institution(s) should be looked at.
  6. Following lockdowns I would suggest the Baked Potato song.
  7. Amp and speaker or combo. No spare but always have a decent DI (or pedal with a DI out) just in case.
  8. The Exploited - F**k Reading 1994. Motorhead - supporting Alice Cooper, Wembley Arena 2007.
  9. we would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for those pesky kids!
  10. Rock Goddess Sleaze Beez 4 Skins Oi Polloi Electronic
  11. I've got Two Steps from the Move, which has the 8 extra live tracks. Still awesome 😎. The live version of Mental Beat, is still one of my favourite songs. Otherwise: It Bites - Thank You and Goodnight.
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