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  1. cheat, and use a really heavy noise gate!
  2. it took me a good while to learn it, and if I don't play it regularly I need to practice it a lot to get it back up to scratch. Economy of motion works for me, so the intro's are played at first position, and the verses all at 8th position. As others have said, it's about nailing the groove, plus it helps to have a pretty great drummer to play with.
  3. ta! It seems to be about £200 under what they usually go for. And for what I want it for, I can live with the staingate. The seller is in Basingstoke, so I have to hope that UPS don't destroy it in transit!
  4. gorgeous blonds don't feck around. Regarding the ledger lines, I know middle C so then it's just like reading the treble clef - or thinking of it like piano score. This approach may not work for everyone. (and yes, I'm aware the bass is transposed down so those notes would not be as sounded in the treble clef)
  5. hah! got to get it first. I've messaged the (business) seller to see if I can collect in person if possible (if they are anywhere near that London). I can't see from their seller information where they are.
  6. i've won, and it ended up at £348.00. Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13.3", i5 @ 2.4GHz, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM Late 2013 A1502, albeit with a touch of staingate.
  7. 2 reviews in total, both five-star, yet an overall score of 3.8 and four-stars? I'm no maths genius, but I know how to work out a percentage, so how's that work then?
  8. I'm still confused as to what has actually happened. Were prices fixed high or low?
  9. THE GIRL FROM AVRIL LAVIGNE’S “SK8ER BOI” RESPONDS 18 YEARS LATER https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/the-girl-from-avril-lavignes-sk8er-boi-responds-18-years-later
  10. So. We got there to find the gate locked. Many messages to phone, Twitter and Facebook later, the Father of the owner turned up to let us in. TBF he said to add the time on we'd lost at the end. Once in there was a disclaimer to sign. Not sure if we all should have done one each, but the drummer (who had made the booking) did it for the band. I suppose social distancing was possible in the room, but it's an enclosed space as you can see below. Even though this was the first time we have seen each in four months - let alone rehearsed together - we did a live stream thing, which turned out to be quite successful. We did a sound/level check first by Facetiming the singers son. To make sure I could be heard I turned the amp bass EQ off, boosted the low mids, and had a fiddle with the treble. Not a sound I would use at a proper gig, but it did the job through an iphone. It felt so good to finally playing in a band again, and it did feel like we were doing a proper gig
  11. No mention of extortionate business rates and rents bricks 'n mortar shops have to pay. Greedy landlords seem immune to criticism?
  12. My car was once blown into the next lane by the winds atop the M62. Severely lucky there were no cars there, or I might not be here to post this!
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