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  1. The next step is to post pics when you get the amp!
  2. My Rob Allen Mouse. Sold to @Clarky, who graciously sold it back If I found out where my 6 string Shuker ended up - sold on here about 10 years ago - I'd be tempted to get it back. I haven't played a 6er as light, and with a better neck since.
  3. IIRC the lady who played bass with Prince used a Fender Zone bass?
  4. And so many things like feeding the hungry and giving people access to healthcare start with religion too. Personally I would have no qualms accepting a gig if was playing with gospel singers who could belt it out like Aretha.
  5. Manic Street Preachers tribute band then?
  6. TBF a lot of 'trio bands' use extra touring members.
  7. I took some mates to see our very own Cetera's Kiss tribute band many moons ago. Awesome full on show - blood, fire breathing, pyro - and the Paul Stanley character couldn't have sounded more like Paul Stanley without actually being Paul Stanley. Contrast that with a Coldplay tribute I saw, whose biggest cheer came during an encore when they did a cover of 'I believe in a thing call love' by The Darkness. True story...
  8. just take it one day at a time...
  9. there were rumours at the time, furthered by the fact they had the same management.
  10. I saw Aswad when they played Wembley Stadium 😎 they were great, it's a pity people only know them for that Tina Turner cover they did.
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