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  1. Not me but my basses. Punter asked me at a gig "why aren't you using your zebra bass?"
  2. Anyone used Resident Studios in London? https://www.residentstudios.com/ Opinions? ta.
  3. Apparently esteemed bassist and producer Youth, had an open sale at his home studio in South West London in February. Did any Basschatters go?
  4. Hats? Covers up the baldy heid, and if you use stage lighting, necessary to stop unwanted glare and reflection from said baldy pate.
  5. Cool. Not cold. As in epitome of cool 😎 Bootsy could wear a boiler suit & a welding mask, and would still be da funk 🤩
  6. Keep music live 😎
  7. Great thread! First bass was a Westone Thunder 1A borrowed from College. First owned bass Ibanez Blazer bass. First bass amp? Gotta think about that... Probably a god-awful Marshall 100w Guitar & Bass head. I think I paired it with a Peavey Black Widow cab.
  8. Best ever The Simpsons tonight, Homer the bass player 😄 "All the thrill of live music, without the fear of hearing something new..."
  9. Don't know the band, but in this case possibly just done for the purposes of the video?
  10. Hence Bach's Well Tempered Clavier.
  11. This was suggested last night at rehearsal, so we jammed it and it didn't sound too bad. Got the dots and song so gonna attempt to learn it ''properly'. Even so, still reckon there will be an element of improv. Norm eh? He's a bit good...
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