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  1. Local bicycle shops have been recommended on BC, for the boxes that the bikes are shipped in. Quite sturdy apparently.
  2. Bill Black with Elvis 1954-1956. Playing in that trio with Scotty Moore must have been something special.
  3. Can-opener, bottle-opener, and that thing for getting stones out of horses hooves:
  4. @cetera I'm not seeing 'The Axe' anywhere on your list? I'm sure that's a discrancy that will be rectified forthwith
  5. Right then! Attendees / Gear list 1. MacDaddy - Custom Shukers / Rob Allen Mouse / Peavey Vypyr VIP III
  6. Exactly! They might as well be listening to a record. What's the point in paying to see a band if you're going to sing every song yourself?
  7. "Recreate the Glastonbury experience in your front room by watching it on television and getting someone to wave a fecking huge flag in your face so you can't see it" ©Viz.
  8. Are they aiming for (and missing) some kind of Steampunk vibe?
  9. Do you reckon he's gonna pull up in a transit, and lug his own basses and cabs inside?
  10. Yup, many years ago with Andy's Music (aka Andy's Guitars / Andy's Drums) on Denmark Street. Tried the court route but I was a long way down the list of his creditors. He filed for bankruptcy but still managed to keep his Rolls Royce.
  11. Included with your Musicians Union membership, if any of you are members?
  12. So the above flashed up during a Google for something else. I've been trying to find out about it, but can't find anything. Has anyone else heard of these heads, and/or have any info? Ta!
  13. Me too, no interest at all in going to any of the big - expensive - festivals as a punter. But I'll happily go to the big biker rallies (Rock & Blues Custom Show, Bulldog Bash, etc) which are pretty much the same thing but with more bikes.
  14. My headstock, inspired by the old double bass extended fret board headstocks.
  15. Around 5% of all road traffic accidents in 2019 involved at least 1 driver or rider over the legal alcohol limit. So, statistically driving drunk must be safer, as sober drivers cause around 95% of the accidents.
  16. Here you go: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt8079248/
  17. You don't have to be Tony Franklin to play 'Running up that hill', and play it well.
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