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  1. It took me a while to realise those are tree branches at the back of the stage, and not a logo for one of the bands...
  2. nowhere at the moment. I'm yet to rehearse with my new band 🙄 but I'll bring it to the next Bassbash I go to.
  3. I do like that finish 😎
  4. If I had to choose just one, then probably Ludwig van Beethoven.
  5. I remember "image and ability" being required in 80's band ads . In Guy Pratt's book he says band ads before punk: guitarist wanted, no breadheads on a heavy trip. After punk: guitarist wanted, no beards.
  6. If we're talking about "obvious", it has to be Noel Redding!
  7. That is a beast! 😎
  8. How is he getting that pinched harmonic at 2:36? I've watched his right hand and he doesn't seem to be pinching!
  9. not sure what you mean by "turning the pick"? Do you mean using part of the pick that is not the 'point'?
  10. Rob Allen Mouse. It's all @Frank Blank's fault. After playing his at a SE Bass Bash, and finding one at a great price, and receiving much appreciated advice from the aforementioned Mr Black, I have one of my very own. I did sell it to @Clarky at one point, and regretted it, but fortunately he was gracious enough to sell it back 😁
  11. He was being interviewed by Planet Rock before they played the song.
  12. Not sure. Apparently it was recorded 2 years ago, but Nicko only heard it for the first time a couple of months ago.
  13. I heard one of the longer tracks on Planet Rock. The first few minutes sounded a bit folky.
  14. Opinion from my feed on the Facebook is that this is their best album since Seventh Son. Question is, is it as good as anything before Seventh Son?
  15. If all this gear is no longer good enough for Hooky, then it's not good enough for me! 😜
  16. Don't forget to add on a further 28% to the final bid price 😬
  17. After all they have done to him over the years, if Eddie decides to sue Iron Maiden they are truly fecked 😜
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