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  1. I have the SBR-150. I prefer it passive too. The active tone thing doesn't really work for me. I don't gig it because I love my P bass too much.
  2. I used an Ampeg PF-500 for about 6 years and I loved it. Light, loud and it sounded like an ampeg Just over a year ago I bought an Ashdown RM500 EVO II. Even lighter at 2.5Kgs. I love it. Bags of volume and balls. I like the compressor and the a little bit of the in-built overdrive. I bought it on black friday for £399. Awesome. I kept the ampeg as a spare and use it in my practice room (the loft lol). I wanted to go Ashdown as I think they are a great customer focused company, fantastic service etc. And it was Lozz who told me how good they were
  3. how do the strings feel, compared to a 34" scale bass? Tension wise? cheers
  4. Also you need to remember the desk. For about 10 years I have used an Allen & Heath ZED-FX22 desk. Initially with the already mentioned Wharfdale EVP powered subs and tops. A good, cheap set-up but then I bought QSC stuff. K12s x 2 and Ksub x 2. OMFG. Really good sound and I also use this gear for an outside gig that I do. It really is awesome. In my duo, keys, guitar and vocals, we started using a the K12s with the 22 channel Allen & heath desk. A really great sound but the desk is too big, so I bought a Behringer desk with FX. XENYX X1204USB 8 Channel Analog Mixer yep, it sounded ok and I got used to it but for one gig went back to the bigger desk and the difference was night and day. So I went and bought a small Allen and Heath Zed-10FX desk . So much more musical than the Behringer and sounding like the 22FX so please remember the desk counts for a lot.
  5. 6 in my household, I have 4 and Mrs Police squad has 2. This mrs PS PB-75US from Japan Next up, my '73 Here's my Bravewood Sting replica Another half Bravewood Sting replica My PB-75US FL japan bass Mrs PS Bravewood '63 replica
  6. yep great service. I had a faulty new amp, emailed Mark (long story, no good going back to the shop as they didnt have any more stock) and he sent me a brand new amp, even before they had received back the faulty one. That's customer service
  7. Drove through Kessingland, it's nice there IIRC
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