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  1. I have a similar shoulder/back/ neck problem. Because of lockdown and no gigs my neck/shoulder started feeling much better. I have done a few gigs on guitar in august and september and was ok but last weekend, I went into my Studio / Loft and decided to run through a load of Police stuff, to see if (after nearly 14 years of playing it) I was still playing it properly. I was and I was delighted that I hadn't changed anything BUT my shoulder after about 45 minutes. It's the angle when you put your hand on the neck. It opens the shoulder and it's sore. i have a violin bass and am going to try that this weekend, to see what difference it makes. Not that I could use the Union Jack Hofner violin bass in my Police tribute
  2. I didnt have to remove the neck on my flea bass, to adjust the TR. I just took the pick guard off and there was enough room to adjust it. Worth a look under the guard I think?
  3. I agree. I always used to listen to rough mixes in the car, because ultimately, that's where I would listen to them
  4. great place to sing, in a car. I do it often when I'm learning stuff. I also used to sing along with stuff I was learning whilst walking the dog!!
  5. Also, with ref to the Sting stuff, I did a Policed gig in March and really struggled. Not match fit, cramp in my picking hand, couldn't hit the highest notes. Fast forward to my next Policed gig, which was in late August (outside). I had lost just over a stone and my voice was back. I had put on a bit of weight (it's because I drink too much) but decided to lose a few pounds. It does make a massive difference, I can't actually believe it but it does. Also, I've become really relaxed with it. It's taken me 30 years to stop stressing at gigs. Time to start........how long is the first set...............everyone ready for the 2nd set..........what time to finish..........song list....etc etc. Now i just don't care about that stuff.. Just get on with it, makes a difference If you're looking forward to the next session, you've got it sussed I reckon. Keep practicing and your voice will strengthen. You can't go to the gym and lift loads of weights etc without some aches and pains
  6. Part of this is confidence. I used to be embarrassed if I had to sing anything to anyone when I wasn't 'on stage'. Not so bad now because I am confident in what I do. But relax, stay hydrated too, try not to eat or drink dairy stuff before you sing as this can affect your voice. I recently had cheese on toast before a gig and it totally messed with my voice/throat
  7. sounds good to me, will we get to hear it when it's done
  8. you're the best person to sing them then, I reckon. Take what tips you can from the producer but put your heart and soul into it
  9. lol, I would've understood that a long time ago. I shall get to measuring on monday about lunchtime
  10. my wife has one of these, from this era with an ebony board. It is a fantastic guitar GLWTS
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