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  1. what makes a great bass easy snake oil
  2. mostly pick, purple tortex maybe 1.14mm usually Roto's RS66 (La bella on the hofner) Usually Fender P ( a choice of several)but a good chance to post my favourite from 1973 could be Ibanez Musician MC940 fretless, Hofner violin bass, Rickenfakers x 2, (depends on the gig) Cable, Whirlwind maybe, there's certainly one in my case amp (currently Ashdown RM500 Evo 2) cab (currently mark bass club 1x15 and 2x10) Nothing else, clip on tuner or the tuner on my phone
  3. Centre forward must be John Entwhistle
  4. I've no idea to be honest. I was going into the studio and decided to check the electronics under the scratchplate. The pots weren't soldered very well (if at all) so I just replaced them and kept the ceramic capacitor. I threw them out, whatever they were. No one wanted P basses back then (1990). In hindsight, obviously, I would have kept them. (I'm sure they were knackered though, I don't often throw things out)
  5. I have my eye on one of these atm. Once my Brian May is paid for (interest free over 9 months, bought last july) I may jut pull the trigger with another interest free purchase
  6. those pots look like the ones on my '73, which I replaced in 1991 with ESP parts
  7. Ozzy at The Leas Cliffe hall, circa 1988/89. Zak Wilde on guitar. It was too loud, even in the bar. Shame really as I was interested in seeing Zak play
  8. good thread this I was at Reading in 83. Sabbath with Gillan and Bev Bevan filling in on drums. I was back t the camp site when I heard smoke on the water. I'll leave it there Van Halen, Wembley about 1992 ish. Sammy Hagar on vocals. Terrible sound where we were, so we left Ozzy at Folkestone Leas Cliffe Hall about 10 years ago, Gus G on guitar. Dull Joe Bonamssa, Folkestone. Dull Dr and the medics, Folkestone. Number 1 at the time. Dreadful Iron Maiden, Brixton academy, maybe 15-20 years ago. Loved Maiden growing up, just found it boring
  9. Does anyone remember this programme. They were trying to write the UK entry, IIRC the year after Katrina & the Waves won it. The song they wrote was called 'More than enough for one life' It was demoed by Katrina herself but actually sung by a bloke I asked Katrina about it, when I saw her play locally, a couple of years ago. She said she just didn't remember it, which surprised me
  10. Don, are these la bellas long enough to be strung through the body. I have them on my Hofner and like them a lot thanks Mart
  11. that was fun, 've always wanted to learn that run, it's interesting. Flattened third, major 6th and flattened 7th (have I written that correctly?)
  12. it's funny isn't it. There was a time you couldn't give these away. They are really great instruments, perhaps it's time for me to find one
  13. DHL and Fedex are working fine. My company has exported all over the world and the EU (before the single market). DPD has been totally unready, clearly they only shipped in the EU single market, which was simple. Stick with DHL and follow their instructions ref paperwork, it'll be ok
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