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  1. I worked in chrome plating for many many years. 1, you can drill your hole etc 2, send the bridge plate to the chroming company. Here they will strip existing plating back to the bare metal 3, They will probably need to re-polish the metal (we would have), so that the visible surfaces are free from any marks, pitting etc 4, Then they will re-chrome. They may put a light coating of copper first (sometimes we did, sometimes we didn't) then nickel then the chrome top coat. Much of the work involved is in the polishing of the stripped metal. Sometimes we would increase the price because you just know a particular job is going to be a nightmare (some jobs are, some customers are) We still have some chrome/ nickel/ zinc plating done where I work (we shut our plating shop 18 years ago. It was a health and safety nightmare and becoming harder every day) We use a company called Butterworths, based in Ramsgate. They could probably re-do your bridge. We would have charged a minimum price, which was £25 plus vat. (if, however it was someone I knew/ liked it would have been free)
  2. what is this word..........................SOLD nope, never heard of it 31 in my collection atm (includes guitars and acoustics)
  3. 58/11 might be the size/ thickness
  4. Foxton is one of my biggest influences
  5. I decided to have a 5 string made by a local luthier. It was 16-17 years ago. Fretless to boot Built by Andy Crockett of Crockett guitars I only have these couple of pictures Fitted with EMG p/ups Alder body, maple top, ebony board. I sold it to fund a '59 Les Paul junior
  6. I used my EVO II at the weekend. A fab sounding bit of kit, as good as anything I've ever used. oh and it weighs bugger all
  7. South east kent. Total Jam have their own bass player . I played with them at the start (cue bass line, ) and for a bit a few years ago. I must admit to really liking the Paul Weller stuff, especially The Style Council number we do. (and I get to play all the guitar solos, which is a change for me these days)
  8. That's great. We also do a Weller tribute called, Stanley Road in which I play guitar
  9. yeah Hi Steve. What's your jam tribute called. (I have played with Total Jam a few times)
  10. I can't comment on the Genz but I ran a PF500 for about 6 years. loved it and still have it in my studio I have been using the RM500 evoII since christmas and I love it. A little comp and a little drive. I've been wanting to switch to Ashdown for ages as I think they're a great company. I'm even thinking about an Ashdown cab to replace my mark bass cabs
  11. I agree here with Loz. The RM stuff is very good
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