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  1. I've done a Police tribute, outside. socially distanced tables etc. great crowd, loved it. Ive done plenty of 80s duo gigs since the end of august, two last weekend. Mostly pub gardens. All been great. I've lost over a stone since lockdown and my voice has improved massively because of it. who knows where it's going from here
  2. Tuner? eh? Bass + cable + amp. sometimes there would have been an octave pedal, chrous and compressor but not these days, I just keep it as simple as possible
  3. @Beedster the offer is there. I'm in Deal so I think local to you
  4. mine currently 'For Sale' in the ad section. I'm thinning the herd at the moment
  5. for me, part of the feel is the looseness of the playing , otherwise it would be clinical and soul less
  6. That was Tobi. Sadly no longer with us. Probably stalking a bird or mouse (naughty cat lol)
  7. I have decided, after much thought, to finally let my Fender Flea bass go. I bought it four years ago, gigged it a lot for the next couple of years, you can see the wear from where my wrist rested on the upper bit. Also the paint is wearing through to the primer along the top edge but it's very hard to see. I have also changed one grub screw in the bottom E saddle as it had rusted up . I have the original grub screw too. There is the original gig bag and case candy Those that have these, know what a great sound comes from them. The 1964 pickups really sound ace. That jazz bass 'fizz' from the neck pickup, the honk from the bridge. It sits in my office, waiting for me to have a noodle on it at lunchtimes, it's been great to play at work. Nice and light too at 3.9kg or 8 pounds and 8 ounces, measured on my digital works scales. But in all realities I'm just not going to use it anymore unless I turn it into a Sting Jazz (which I'm not) I am just a P bass fan. I can ship (UK only) via DPD courier, you can collect , have a cuppa and a natter all things bass I work in Folkestone, Kent and live in Deal. Any questions, fire away I'm not looking for any trades, I'm just trying to thin the herd
  8. just can't beat posting up my favourite bass. I bought this in Denmark St in 1990, advertised as late 60s. £450. So I traded a Shure SM58 wireless and my Aria SBR-150 and fifty quid. The serial number suggests approx 1975 which until recently I acknowledged. Then, whilst on a forum (here or TB) there was a thread about the bridge being in the wrong place (approx 71-73 IIRC) and the screw on the G string being extra long to compensate. So I looked at the original bridge (now on a bitsa) and there it was, the long screw. Then I looked at the original pickup (that went open circuit many moons ago) and there was 73 on it. So I'm going with '73. It's light too Pots were changed before a recording session in the 90s, they weren't even soldered in properly. I've no idea if they were original anyway. Under the bridge is a little of the sunburst but this has been painted by hand I reckon, long long before I bought it. This, for me, is the finest sounding and playing P bass. Everyone who plays it says the same, what a great bass, even those that aren't keen on p basses. I had a '62 at the same time. I bought it about '89/'90. I sold it a few years later as the '73 was just hands down better.
  9. @Beedster you're welcome to try my Bravewood Sting replica. I'm in Deal. It has a seymour duncan, stacked single coil, wired in series. Alder body
  10. I've seen this band in my local. He has a couple of those basses, leds at al
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