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  1. I havent bought anything this year, except a new allen and heath desk for my duo. I'm just about done with gigging on the bass, I think I've done about 10 gigs at most this year. My last gig has left me with neck pain again so I'm seriously thinking of having a clear out, which is great news for you guys with gas. I'll only keep my stalwarts of basses and anything that is REALLY light. I have one or two REALLY cool basses, think Sting, John Taylor (not that he had an SBR-150), Sting, Sting again, lol watch the classifieds for more details
  2. but it's the wrong outfit for that bass. It was a lovely sounding bass, it sort of purred. Only played mine with rounds though. Go for the thumb rest mod, they look great sans guard. Here's what I replaced it with
  3. I had a Sting bass and removed the plate. I then used a thumb rest to cover the wiring route, by attaching it to a piece of wood, which I filed down and it slotted into the gap. Although, not in the correct place it still looked quite good
  4. A very easy transaction with Drew, for my musicman SUB. Paid in full with no quibbles (and no paypal charges), top comms to boot. Deal in full confidence with Drew All the best Martin
  5. I have a Flea signature jazz bass. It has the USA '64 pickups. Awesome
  6. Have to applaud David Martin in goal. I've never seen a player virtually in tears over winning a game. Let's get rid of Roberto. He's an absolute liability. Even Alan Mcknightmare was better
  7. If it's a pub gig, in a pub, usual load-in, start and stop times, then it's a pub gig. Pub gig money. I always think if there's a party in there, more people will see the band that probably wouldn't have bothered. I've even done private functions for pub gig money. I tell them, 'if I can treat it like a pub gig, arrive at 7.30, start at 9 finish by 11.30, then I'll do it for pub gig money.
  8. Bravewood. I've had it 7 years now
  9. you have made a brave decision (and IMO the correct decision) Mental health is overlooked by many people. I'm 51 and this year will have completed only 42 gigs. This is my lowest amount in 30 years of gigging. It leaves me much less knackered, stress free and mentally in a much better place Enjoy your break Lozz, you owe it to yourself
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