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  1. police squad

    Quitting, Why, When & How

    interesting but mainly similar stories. My early bands, same singer. We left our first band together as we got a much better offer from 2 other blokes, plus the guitarist was having an affair with a groupie and I couldn't really cope with it. His wife was lovely and I wanted no part. 2nd band, the singer started an affair. again I didn't want to be anywhere near it, so left. Brings me to my current band. I rejoined this band because the band leader and bass player had terminal cancer and his singer had left. Music had kept him going throughout his treatment. I went back happily. He lasted another 4 months but importantly gigged right up until he passed (3 gigs in 3 days was his swansong) Fast forward 3 years and it's like herding cats. We recruited the original singer (band has been going 31 years now) and it was a laugh. We work well together, a real frontman/ sideman thing. But he now has terrible memory problems. He literally can't remember what he did 10 minutes ago and it makes calling the set out a challenge. He knows he has problems and he's had all sorts of tests. It really is hard work but we still have great gigs. Added to this, the guitarist does PA hire and I never know if he's gigging or not and he tries to call the set out but has no idea how to make it flow. I am, chief cook and bottle washer. I get no help. I'm hoping it will fold as I don't want to let them down by leaving. I just don't know what to do
  2. police squad

    Musicman USA SUB 4 *More pics added*

    that has made me want to take mine out this weekend. GLWTS great basses
  3. police squad

    Cover versions of songs with discomforting lyrics

    you scum bag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot That little faggot with the ear ring and the make up leave em be
  4. police squad

    White on white basses?

    chrome on white for me
  5. police squad

    Paul Young touring 35 years of 'No Parlez'

    me too, I know a drummer who plays with Steve Bolton and I've asked him if Steve is doing it but not heard yet
  6. I can't find out who is in his touring band for this tour. Any ideas
  7. police squad

    Pickguard? - Or NO Pickguard?

  8. police squad

    Pickguard? - Or NO Pickguard?

    REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? This is as bad as people that think the wood doesn't make any difference to the tone. Pickguard on the 51 totally flips up the sound. It messes with the resonance, this is why Sting's bass tech (Danny) removes them. (er... just joshing. When new, pickguard all the way. When beat up, n pickguard)
  9. I've actually just shared this to my facebook page, you never know, some of my FB friends may donate. They are mostly musos and it may touch their hearts too
  10. I'm a bit late to the party, but I've chucked in too. Good luck guys
  11. police squad

    I’m weird

    you just haven't played the right one. I have been a P bass user since 1988. Love em, all shapes and sizes. I've had a '62 with its wide shallow neck, my '73 is chunky(ish) and I've had old Squiers and my Bravewood. All slightly different necks but all still lovely. Now, 2 years ago I bought the Fender Flea bass. Finally a jazz bass that works for me. I've never been a fan of the slim neck or the pickups, but the Flea packs a punch in all departments Worth trying one (it's all I play in my pub rock band)
  12. police squad

    ON HOLD Précision Bravewood Fretless 75’

    where are you Gargouill?
  13. police squad

    replacement pickups for fender jazz 1969

    the pickups in the Flea jazz are very good. '64 re issue from fender IIRC
  14. police squad

    ON HOLD Précision Bravewood Fretless 75’

    I remember John at Bravewood building that bass. He (like me) is a big fan of Sting. I also have the jap version, its very good but that Bravewood will be awesome good luck with the sale
  15. police squad

    The All New RickenFaker Thread

    are they DC built? They look fab