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  1. police squad


    he was trying to get a precision sound from his Ricks. He loved the rick shape but wanted a P bass sound. However, they still sounded like ricks
  2. police squad

    Fretless bass

    I think it looks cool. I sometime take a fretless to my rock band gigs. It just looks great
  3. police squad

    What gear exceeded expectations for you?

    my Fender Flea jazz bass. So it was about 800 quid. I grew up lusting after Herbie Flowers Jazz, stack pots, blue etc. But I have a thing for shell pink too. shell pink, stack knobs (but I love P basses right) It's still my number one after 2 years
  4. police squad

    Moog Taurus III - precisely what we didn't want?

    I don't change anything. I set it for one sound, manually. Think the intro to Don't stand so close to me. I didn't think it would store different patches but I'm not very techy. Now pass me my mobile phone so I can see what my settings are!! I Photographed the minitaur settings and look at the picture when I use it
  5. police squad

    Fender 1955 Precision Relic Replica

    That's another fine job Rick
  6. police squad

    Moog Taurus III - precisely what we didn't want?

    yes and it's what I use.
  7. police squad

    Moog Taurus III - precisely what we didn't want?

    pedaltrain two . 31 x 32 x 5 cm
  8. police squad

    NBD - Mustang content

    my wife had one of those, it was great but she preferred her Precisions
  9. police squad

    Moog Taurus III - precisely what we didn't want?

    I use a Mcmillan 12 step with a minitaur, all mounted on a pedal train. works well, when I can be bothered to take it with me unused for a couple of years now
  10. police squad

    Ideas for 1979 YOB bass

    I paid £110 for my music master in 1983. Sold it a year later for £70. I'd love it back, it was my first fender bass
  11. For sale is a pair of EY guitar parts Thunderbird pickups and surround rings in nickel Cost new now just over $100 (US Dollars) plus duty and VAT. I bought these to put into a USA Thunderbird as they are quite well respected on Talkbass. They have sat on my desk unopened since I bought them. In fact I have only just unwrapped them to photograph them. The bridge pickup is slightly hotter than the neck. I can post or you can collect and have a cup of tea in the seaside town that is Deal, Kent any questions, fire away
  12. police squad

    Sold - Bravewood Jaco Replica Jazz Bass

    It looks stunning. Bravewoods are absolutely amazing. I have one (Sting Replica), my wife has one ('63 replica) and my bro has a '68 strat replica GLWTS
  13. police squad

    Possible ebay fraud coming my way.....?

    FWIW, I think you did the right thing. Good people do the right thing. He sounds like a derrière (french for behind lol, I used the word that rhymes with grass)
  14. police squad

    Tribute bands

    www.thepoliced.moonfruit.com or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/thepoliced/?ref=bookmarks Website is out of date, but FB is reasonably ok
  15. police squad

    Tribute bands

    I'm in a Police tribute. We take the whole thing seriously. I look quite a bit like Sting, I try and copy how he moves on stage and play replicas of his basses, matched with the outfit he mainly wore with whatever bass I'm using. Guitarist has a Telecaster that has been 'Andy Summers' by 'The Painted Player' guitar company Drummer has old Tama kit, in one of the colours that Stewart used, octobans too. Live, we play the studio versions but sometimes make them longer, depending on the length of the show. One of our first gigs was at a festival in Crete. Matala. We played to thousands of people with a back drop of caves. I've included a few pics, it was THE most amazing gig of my life. We went on at 1.30am just after some big Greek star. Obviously the guitarist is playing the Red Strat (like Andy's) but not the Tele.