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  1. yup, I'm just off to order Wolfgang's album now
  2. Prior to lockdown one, I bought a sennheiser radio mic. a 945, I did get to use it last summer and now am using it again. Great bit of kit Also, for a new function band thing I'm doing, A Vintage Jerry Donahue telecaster into a Vox MV-50 AC. This is a digital 50 watt amp, the size of a tub of margarine. It's awesome. Really incredible.
  3. That looks wonderful. Very Herbie Flowers
  4. you'll never learn!! I know P bass, alder body, r/wood board is my sound. Still I have others and buy more 'others' Why? Why not enjoy your white P bass😁
  5. I dont think that is reasonable. You might have to travel a bit further afield. Someone on here might have one, they might let you try it. Hopefully someone will chime in with one Whereabouts are you?
  6. That's my old XL2. Keep it, it's a truly wonderful bass guitar
  7. yep I have read this, as I also sing. I've had no real training in the 30+ years of trying to sing. I relax where I can and don't strain myself. Staying well hydrated during the day also helps when singing down the pub. When I started singing the Police stuff, I learnt another level of control and pitch and jumping into and out of falsetto. Now I sing a lot of 80s stuff, including Wham!. George's voice has a great range and is tough to cover well. I always have a monitor now, it has made such a difference. Just before we went back into lockdown I was singing almost 2 hour 2nd sets (on top of 1 hour for the first) I would be interested in some lessons, just to see if I can improve on what I already do. I used to sing because it meant I didn't need a singer but now I love singing. I think I would rather sing than play bass these days (of course I do both plus guitar) I have no idea what my range is either but if you listen to 'Take on me' by A-Ha the lowest note in the chorus 'Take' I can just about hit and the highest note is only just about hitable. This could be a great thread
  8. Superb Keyboard. My wife has the 88 key one. As you say, very user friendly and with great sounds GLWTS
  9. I had that when I first gigged a Les Paul. I absolutely hated it, couldn't believe I'd blown a months wages on it. Turned out to be too low on the strap!! Then it was my goto for quite some time
  10. Here's a boss digital delay that I bought for a pedal board project for my wife. When I opened up her old pedal board, I discovered her DD3 pedal. So I'm happy to let this go at the price I paid, which is 50 quid plus a fiver for postage. Bank transfer, paypal friends and family or good old cash. Made in Taiwan. Serial number hidden from scammers. Cheers
  11. I've had 3. They all got sold. They dont work for me, but a couple of summers ago I played at a festival in Westerham and there was a kinks tribute. He used a 64 reissue with flats. It sounded magic. so maybe one day I may buy a forth and pop some flats on it
  12. I had something like that. Cherry red stain. Wonderfully made but I didn't really understand the electrics. It was 32 years ago and I was 20 years old. I'd only been playing for 5/6 years and was still learning about all things. Wish I could try it now
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. hey mate that's stinky poo. I hope you can get it sorted Good luck with the hunt
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