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  1. This would be mine actually it is mine, for the past 32 years Only mods are the Schaller 3D bridge and scratchplate. New pots in 1991
  2. I'm sure the guy from Mama's Boys played one of these when they appeared on ECT in the 80s
  3. my first proper gigging band did play Needle Gun from this album. No one had heard of it but we enjoyed playing it.
  4. Just had listen to this after about 35 years. Nonsense, stupid noises, Dr Who alien sounds LOVED IT!!
  5. that is pretty much how I feel about them. It always sounds average (good drumming though)
  6. yep me too. I have a roland TD3K which I bought about 14 years ago. Play it occasionally but I've recently moved house and will soon have a 'proper' music room, so we (myself and my wife) have invested in a new Mapex kit and we will also have some lessons. My 80s band drummer is absolutely amazing and he teaches too, so we'll be using him. I have no interest in gigging on the drums, just fancy a go at playing. Strangely, in my last band, Live n Kickin' I had actually done everything for them on different occasions. I had played bass only, Lead Guitar only, Rythmn guitar only, sung only, then ended up playing guitar and singing and eventually bass and singing. I never got to play the drums with them!!
  7. why are you saying a '75 with a '74 neck? Have you checked the pot codes? The date on the pickup too?
  8. that's what I reckon it is. It's just missing the last digit, which would be the day of the week. Can we see the headstock and tuners too please
  9. I love it too. Many many years of entertaining people. The longest time I've off since 1987 was Lockdown 1. I now only do the gigs I want, it's even more fun that way. And so far will have done just over 50 this year (if nothing else changes) Yesterday afternoon's gig (sunday btw) was awesome. Lovely people having a great time
  10. I did the fretless thing many years ago. Primarily for looks, unlined rosewood board looked great. Played it for a few years in my rock band. Then bought another, an ESP 400. I was still experimenting bank then, got rid of them both. Fast forward to when I started my Police tribute, 15 years ago now. Found a Fenden japan PB70s fretless, maple board and natural. Lovely bass, did a lot of gigs with it. Added the Ibanez MC940, gigged that a bit too. Then built another maple board P bass which sounded sooo good, I started using it in the rock band I was playing in too. I've given up the Police thing now and have 3 different fretless basses that are completely unplayed. But I'm keeping them (just in case)
  11. Here's a couple of pictures of mine
  12. I currently still have an Ibanez MC940. It's an early fretless one. Used on my Police tribute gigs. My favourite non-fender bass. Lovely neck and not too heavy I've also had 2 SBR-150s. Awesome to play, too heavy for me and I didn't really like the sound, it wasnt Fendery enough. I sold my last 150 just as we went into lockdown 1. It was almost immaculate and I was the 2nd owner. I think it sold for 1600 pounds. I would buy the Ibanez personally
  13. you're not the only one 🤣 welcome to BC
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