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  1. I have a 1967 one of these. Light as a feather and tone to die for
  2. Yes I saw this this morning. I met John at one of his gigs. He was a lovely chap. This is such tragic news RIP
  3. My only real geek thing is the Police tribute. Correct outfits that match the bass of choice on the day. But i have a picture of Sting with his natural, maple boarded Fender fretless, with a fender strap that is upside down. I make sure my strap is also upside down
  4. I also have a bass I bought in 1990 I have changed the strings many times. It was set up when I bought it in 1990 It has Jimmy Page's phone number in the neck pocket (we phoned it, spoke to Jimmy who denied it was ever his and told us never to phone him again) I never clean it
  5. Some of the best basses and guitars I've played in a shop are totally different when I'm gigging them. I have to have them on the strap, at gig length and with the rest of the noise going. Only then can I tell if it works for me. I had a beautiful JayeDee Mark King. It was amazing. Absolutely useless to me on a gig. Completely wrong in every respect
  6. I bought it BECAUSE it was shell pink. It is the best jazz bass I have played live.
  7. I wish I still had mine. I sold it in about 1985 when I bought a manson. Mine was black. I have GAS lol
  8. nothing like a 'proper' precision and you won't be happy until you have one Enjoy the ride
  9. Here's a picture of my Flea bass. In the two years that I gigged it, I have worn through the finish and around the edges of the reliced bit, the paint has worn thru to the primer. SO.......................a relic WITH genuine mojo!! My Flea bass is NOT mint. You work it out🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. They did doctor doctor at the end but to be honest, I don't really know any UFO.
  11. What a great gig. Pete was singing (only played bass on one song) Laurence Archer on guitar and the Wild Horses drummer Tight, very good band with a great sound. Haven't seen Laurence play since he was in Grand Slam. Pete is looking a little frail these days but put on a good show. Tickets were a tenner and worth every penny
  12. er, the drummer doesn't lead the band (opens another tin of lager and sits back)
  13. Here's my '73 P bass. Owned by me for 29 years and about 2000 gigs. It has been refinished in what looks like oil paint. Originally sunburst but already refinished when I bought it (Boogie Music, Denmark St / Charing cross road 1990) It was up for £450 I think. I traded an Aria SBR-150 and Shure wireless sm-58 plus 50 quid
  14. Italy!! I'm half Italian. Probably on the take at Pisa airport. I don't trust anything in Italy. Twice the have tried to rip me off with car hire. I picked up a car recently and photographed some damage to the paint. I had full cover. When I took the car back the guy went straight to the damaged paint and wiped off a red mark. (no damage, just a red mark) but then he said the door lock had been broken. (transpires the cover over where you would insert the key was missing and the key wouldnt fit in) He tried to blame this on me, even though you dont use the key, just the remote. They are onanists!!
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