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  1. Quite taken with the animal print versions for some reason
  2. Fit Shimano-type cartridge holders. Found in the cupboard after I got rid of the bike they fitted, and I'm unlikely to go back to rim brakes any time soon. Free to a good home.
  3. Roman bought a book from me -- quick payment, no problems, cheers dude!
  4. Dave bought a Pod off me -- paid quickly, no problemo. Cheers dude!
  5. Sold Tony a book, super smooth and pleasant piece of business. Cheers dude!
  6. Jaco and Advanced Grades books sold. @paul_5 sent you a PM re: Primus DVD
  7. Some assorted bass or bass-heavy materials that have been shamefully under-utilised in this house: 50 Two-hand tapping workouts for electric bass (book & CD) £4 [SOLD] London College of Music Handbook for Certificate Examinations in Bass Guitar Playing: The Advanced Grades (Grade Six to Grade Eight) (book) £3 [SOLD] Jaco Pastorius signature licks (book & CD) £6 Dream Theater: Metropolis 2000: Scenes from New York (DVD) £4 Bill Dickens: The Collection (DVD) £6 Primus: Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People (DVD + bonus CD) £6 All very good condition, except the Bill Dickens DVD case which is a little battered. Disc looks fine though. Collection from Glasgow G51, I can personally deliver if you're within cycle range or postage can be arranged. Check my previous feedback. Hit me up with any questions. Open to offers.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Hello this is still available, still taking up space, still open to any sensible and most less-sensible offers. I thought I was getting notified on replies to this post but clearly not 🙄 cc @KhaosEmerald
  10. Would really like this gone, make me an offer please!!
  11. Interesting, I'd never heard of a hardtail Strat before -- e.g. this Robert Cray signature model. I'm not looking for a new guitar though, this is purely because I have a Strat copy with sentimental value -- if I was buying I'd be after a hardtail and probably not a straight-up Strat.
  12. Ah, I see you're familiar with my woodworking ability. 😬 Thanks, I will look into blocking it again.
  13. Looking to get something to lock my Strat's bridge in place -- the Tremol-no is expensive and sits proud of the back of the guitar, and I don't really need to be changing it on the fly. Has anyone used any alternatives? I could get it blocked but that feels a bit crude?
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