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  1. My advice would be to go see a physio if you can, tbh. It's easy to make things worse by accident if you don't identify the underlying issue.
  2. Lets you split one or two strings to a separate output, basically, although the styling and ergonomics looks questionable to my eye... Details
  3. Conscious this is peak "get off my lawn", but the thing that annoys me the most is expecting people to watch a 13 minute YouTube video when the salient information could fit in half a page of text.
  4. If you've got 4 slots on the board 8+8 will be fine.
  5. Disappointed to learn it's not, in fact, the best a man can get.
  6. Just be careful if you try this - I've left a nasty ding in the side of a neck trying to use a cable tie as a string mute before, I'm not sure they'll sit as flat as you'd want a fret to.
  7. Is "mwah" not mostly a technique thing? Certain instruments may be more conducive to it but if you play with less vibrato you should be able to dial it back on any fretless 🤷‍♀️
  8. Some recent discussion on this: As mentioned there, I have a Sadowsky Metro Express, although if your budget will stretch to the Wal above you might have a few more options!
  9. I'm sure they're lovely, but the Jazz scratchplate with no control plate just looks all kinds of wrong to me.
  10. I have the P/J version of the Sadowsky, and am pretty happy with it. The main issue I have is how the P pickup is anchored, which is obviously not an issue on the J/J model. The neck and unlined board are lovely imo.
  11. I did wonder if you're maybe trying to run too low a latency? What interface are you using, and what latency is it running at?
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