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  1. Would really like this gone, make me an offer please!!
  2. Interesting, I'd never heard of a hardtail Strat before -- e.g. this Robert Cray signature model. I'm not looking for a new guitar though, this is purely because I have a Strat copy with sentimental value -- if I was buying I'd be after a hardtail and probably not a straight-up Strat.
  3. Ah, I see you're familiar with my woodworking ability. 😬 Thanks, I will look into blocking it again.
  4. Looking to get something to lock my Strat's bridge in place -- the Tremol-no is expensive and sits proud of the back of the guitar, and I don't really need to be changing it on the fly. Has anyone used any alternatives? I could get it blocked but that feels a bit crude?
  5. This is a Precision neck on a Jazz body -- just measured and string spacing is 15mm at the bridge, 8mm at the nut.
  6. Thanks guys. I assumed the extra string would feel a bit out of place but I was surprised at how well it works if you can cope with the narrow spacing.
  7. SOLD Bit of a weird one this, but handy if you need to get a 5 string past a very conservative band. It's a bitsa jazz bass with a Wilkinson 5 string conversion bridge/string tree. That puts 5 strings onto a 4 string Precision neck, with an extra tuner at the bridge and an anchor in the string tree. I assume none of the parts are genuine Fender items, despite the decal. Tuners are also Wilkinsons. Pickups are EMGs -- hard to see in pictures but you can just about make out the logos. Rail types so no issues with misaligned pole-pieces. Body is a bit beaten up, and the replacement bridge doesn't quite cover the original screw holes. Pickguard seems to have been drilled in some random places for pickup covers, but purely cosmetic. Frets are a bit worn so I can't get the action quite as low as I'd like but it plays nicely. Spacing is tight but pretty similar to a 6 or 7 string bass. I'm really not a fan of the Precision neck profile though so it's not getting played at the moment. String B-G with light gauge Elixirs, and sounds like a jazz bass should. Can look into postage if required -- probably about £25
  8. Pod X3 Live, good condition. Only issue is the LED on the delay footswitch doesn't work. One of the few amp modelers with equally strong guitar and bass options. Can arrange postage if required, estimate £20.
  9. Carrier for a small animal -- guinea pig, kitten, small rabbit, etc. Only used a few times. Our rabbits have outgrown it. Free to a good home if you can collect from Glasgow G51.
  10. This has served me well in multiple machines but doesn't fit in my new PC. Stereo audio and one MIDI in/out. Simple to get very low latency. This is fully supported with drivers on Windows 7; there are no official drivers for Windows 8 or 10, although apparently it works without them (caveat emptor etc.) £20 posted / £15 collected or meetup in Glasgow. Open to offers.
  11. Why do I have three mic stands but only one microphone? Offering up the spares. One Stagg, one Symphony, otherwise very similar. You put a mic on them, they stay in one place, they fold up. Used a couple of times and they've been in the attic since then. £10 each or both for £15. Collection from Glasgow G51 only, I imagine shipping would be prohibitively expensive.
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