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  1. Carrier for a small animal -- guinea pig, kitten, small rabbit, etc. Only used a few times. Our rabbits have outgrown it. Free to a good home if you can collect from Glasgow G51.
  2. This has served me well in multiple machines but doesn't fit in my new PC. Stereo audio and one MIDI in/out. Simple to get very low latency. This is fully supported with drivers on Windows 7; there are no official drivers for Windows 8 or 10, although apparently it works without them (caveat emptor etc.) £20 posted / £15 collected or meetup in Glasgow. Open to offers.
  3. Why do I have three mic stands but only one microphone? Offering up the spares. One Stagg, one Symphony, otherwise very similar. You put a mic on them, they stay in one place, they fold up. Used a couple of times and they've been in the attic since then. £10 each or both for £15. Collection from Glasgow G51 only, I imagine shipping would be prohibitively expensive.
  4. I believe this is a B3150 which I think I got off here in around 2009 and forgot about because I got a Realist, then mostly stopped playing. It's been sat in a drawer for most of that time. The pickup alone is about $80 on Amazon. This comes with a set of adapters to make it into a 1/4" jack socket. As far as I know this is working, however I don't have a bass to test it on any more. The website says there should be rubber feet as well which I don't recall ever having. As such I'm open to discussing taking it on approval. If you're local (Glasgow) you're welcome to borrow it or bring a bass round here to try it. £25 posted / £20 collected. Open to offers though given the caveats above.
  5. Sold Adrian a pickup -- quick payment, no trouble, all good. Cheers!
  6. Bought a looper from him, it arrived quickly, well packed and exactly as described. What more could one ask?
  7. Realistically, more than one mono input will be wasted on me anyway. 😬
  8. Good eye, thanks. The name rings a bell although I have no recollection of buying it.
  9. Interesting! I assumed it wouldn't work without the MAudio drivers. Unfortunately my new motherboard only has PCI-E slots so I don't think I can physically fit it anyway.
  10. Are there any affordable PCI-E interfaces these days? Just upgraded to a new Windows PC and my venerable M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496 PCI card isn't supported (and I don't have a regular PCI socket on the new motherboard). I'd like to avoid adding any more cabling to the rats' nest under my desk. Stereo IO and ideally MIDI is all I need. Edit: just been reminded of ASIO4ALL in another thread, might give that a bash with the built-in soundcard before dropping more cash on hardware.
  11. Got this off here ages ago. If memory serves it was fitted to my bass then I had to get a new bridge, and I never got round to fitting it to the new bridge so it's been sat in a drawer for the past few years. I don't have a bass to test it with now but as far as I know it works fine, and gives a nice natural sound. A bit less thumpy than the Realist it replaced. More info and fitting instructions on the Upton website. £45 posted, or £40 collection/meet up in Glasgow
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