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  1. oh my!! One word AWESOME. Blues/rock band. Just a perfect sound. Very P bass, very short and so easy to play I might need another as a back up
  2. no it's not but Des (Crocker) was a bandmate, many years ago. We went to school together. Since this thread started, I moved to Deal too, Play with Miami Vice and the Tony Johnson band
  3. yep agreed. I took advice from EBS Freak over a wireless mic system. Stayed analogue with Sennheiser. It's superb
  4. welcome . Ask away, There are no bad questions when you are learning. Good to have you here
  5. I'll pass this to my technical guy, I really have no idea on this one Thanks
  6. Hi there using an iPad 4 for backing tracks and time coded lyrics, with blutooth iRig pedal I want to have a lyrics app, that can scroll via the pedal, and turn pages etc but I can't find one that works on the iPad4. All require operating system of 12 or higher. Ipad 4 max operating system is 10.3.3... any ideas people TIA
  7. was this the transition one, from here, just over a year ago?
  8. there's a blue JMJ just come up in the classidieds at a good price
  9. I love my JMJ. Changed the pickguard to the black one. Fab neck
  10. only the one mate. I try not to cross over too much stuff between my bands. What I really want is a 'Number One' T shirt, like Wham! wore when they got to the top spot on TOTP Someone else has some video that I'm waiting on. I think I need to wear my guitar a little higher, a bit more 80s than 70s 🤣
  11. My brother in law posted it on my news feed, I click the 3 dots but there's nothing about the privacy settings
  12. my wife has the 88 key version. A really great keyboard, easy to use and great sounds
  13. again I'm lucky here too. I work with an extremely talented keys player. He can programme, sequence and really play. Also gets all the right sounds (important for the 80s stuff) As previously said, it might come back to you Jake
  14. I went to one of these shows with dep bass player. Went to speak to him after the show as he was largely ignored when they came out. Really nice guy. Great gig, have seen them several times and supported them once. Would love to see MTs band
  15. not yet, I was going to take it to Andy Crockett to put it together. I have some other stuff he needs to look at but haven't got round to it yet must try harder!!
  16. I have a p bass body and a j maple board neck. They seem fine. A luthier friend of mine told me about nortwest a good few years ago and how good they are. I feel these dodgy necks must just be a bad batch and hopefully Northwest will sort out the problems Must put my bitsa together, it's just sat in my shoffice, on my desk
  17. Is now going to be tomorow. Sunday 5th
  18. I had 3 months off last year. Then started playing in my studio, to backing tracks. Fingers were sore for a bit but I realised I had to keep playing to keep the match fitness. It's amazing how it goes as you get older (I'm 53) Gigging full on now
  19. another eneloop user here, Sennheiser G4 mic. One charge lasts at least 2 gigs for me, and that will be nearly 5 hours of use (turned off in the break) I have this charger https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eneloop-Panasonic-K-KJ18MCC40E-battery-charger-white/dp/B07QM9TDMG/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=panasonic+aa+eneloop+and+charger&qid=1630493837&sr=8-6
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