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  1. mine's 10 pounds and 2 ounces. Balances fine
  2. So here is my Ibanez for sale. It's been well gigged long before I purchased it. I bought this from Mr Bravewood himself, John Elliot. He, like me, is a massive Sting fan. John replaced the tuners for grovers. All actives work well. Mwah to die for. Here's some pics. More to be added later. Collection from Dover or we could meet maybe
  3. t So having hung up my Sting boots I have decided to start letting all these fine basses go to pastures new. I bought this about 15 years ago IIRC. It has done a lot of gigs and shows some wear, although very little on the maple board as it did most gigs with flats. I've cleaned it up a bit, hardware was a little tarnished but it's looking good. All original but missing one knob. I have a spare that I an put on it that is the same (I think) Ash body and weighs 10.2 pounds on the bathroom scales. 10 pounds and 2 ounces any questions please ask collection only but could meet up if not madly too far
  4. Like everyone here, I have gigged a lot since I was 17. Mainly covers bands and some tribute stuff. Now I concentrate on 80s stuff, both as a duo and occasionally a full band. I'm nearly 54 and have held down a full time job my whole life. I only play gigs I want to now. If the venue is dodgy/ rough etc I won't go back. I try to only gig once a week now, that way the gig gets my full energy, I sing all this 80s stuff and it's harder than you think Last weekend I did back to back gigs, both at venues I love. I was shattered yesterday because of it. I have 9 gigs coming up in July, mostly back to back at the weekends, it will be exhausting but fun. The duo is well paid, minimum 100 quid each, often free drinks too and we don't travel too far either. The band always gets minimum 75 quid each or it simpy won't play (as the duo is more lucrative) but the band has a couple of well paid things coming up. I don't need the money but my duo partner does as he is a full time muso (he teaches too). I mostly spend it on eating out at the weekends (lunch whilst walking my dog, Olive, with my wife) or general shopping. During lockdown 1, I thoroughly enjoyed the time off. Not loading, unloading, worrying about my voice etc. As I get older, I am enjoying what I do more than ever, because I am a bit choosier Rock on people😀
  5. Love the Bourbon burst Nick, looks really classy
  6. Utterly amazing. I was blown away by everything Adam Lambert, awesome Roger Taylor's voice on These are the days of our lives, sublime Whoever is playing bass was stunning and my wife asked me how I knew 'Another one bites the dust' was next. (she plays bass but wasn't looking) Brian May, what is there left to say about this genius, humble gent
  7. you did the right thing, absolutely. I have let people go in bands, once or twice, it's never a nice thing to do but it's necessary I was once sacked from a rock band I'd joined. I'd had enough and wanted to leave. At the band meeting the singer and drummer (lovely guys) said, sorry Mart, we're going back to a 3 piece. I said that's great as I wanted to leave anyway and we're still friends and occasionally get to play together due to various deps There's no need to be sh1tty with anybody
  8. Ashdown RM500 EVO II. they do heads and combos. Well worth a look
  9. I'd love to play my old again, I remember the quality being outstanding
  10. My first proper bass was a Manson Explorer. When I started gigging I didn't like the sound and traded it for an Aria SBR-150. I gigged this for a couple of years, then bought an Aria XRB , pointy headstock, passive P & J pickups. Then I bought a vox white shadow fretless (which I loved). Then one day, in my local shop, there was a black P bass, with a maple neck. I swapped my Manson 335 for this bass. Absolute game changer. I've had sll sorts since then too, Jaydee MK, Guild B301, Steinberger, status, Washburn, Ricks, Jazz basses but always come back to my now 49 year old '73 P bass which I've had 32 years. But very recently I've switched to a JMJ Mustang. I still have all my various P basses though, including the Bravewood Sting replica
  11. This would be mine actually it is mine, for the past 32 years Only mods are the Schaller 3D bridge and scratchplate. New pots in 1991
  12. I'm sure the guy from Mama's Boys played one of these when they appeared on ECT in the 80s
  13. my first proper gigging band did play Needle Gun from this album. No one had heard of it but we enjoyed playing it.
  14. Just had listen to this after about 35 years. Nonsense, stupid noises, Dr Who alien sounds LOVED IT!!
  15. that is pretty much how I feel about them. It always sounds average (good drumming though)
  16. yep me too. I have a roland TD3K which I bought about 14 years ago. Play it occasionally but I've recently moved house and will soon have a 'proper' music room, so we (myself and my wife) have invested in a new Mapex kit and we will also have some lessons. My 80s band drummer is absolutely amazing and he teaches too, so we'll be using him. I have no interest in gigging on the drums, just fancy a go at playing. Strangely, in my last band, Live n Kickin' I had actually done everything for them on different occasions. I had played bass only, Lead Guitar only, Rythmn guitar only, sung only, then ended up playing guitar and singing and eventually bass and singing. I never got to play the drums with them!!
  17. why are you saying a '75 with a '74 neck? Have you checked the pot codes? The date on the pickup too?
  18. that's what I reckon it is. It's just missing the last digit, which would be the day of the week. Can we see the headstock and tuners too please
  19. I love it too. Many many years of entertaining people. The longest time I've off since 1987 was Lockdown 1. I now only do the gigs I want, it's even more fun that way. And so far will have done just over 50 this year (if nothing else changes) Yesterday afternoon's gig (sunday btw) was awesome. Lovely people having a great time
  20. I did the fretless thing many years ago. Primarily for looks, unlined rosewood board looked great. Played it for a few years in my rock band. Then bought another, an ESP 400. I was still experimenting bank then, got rid of them both. Fast forward to when I started my Police tribute, 15 years ago now. Found a Fenden japan PB70s fretless, maple board and natural. Lovely bass, did a lot of gigs with it. Added the Ibanez MC940, gigged that a bit too. Then built another maple board P bass which sounded sooo good, I started using it in the rock band I was playing in too. I've given up the Police thing now and have 3 different fretless basses that are completely unplayed. But I'm keeping them (just in case)
  21. Here's a couple of pictures of mine
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