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  1. owen

    Copper leaf finish

    I have a bass that I like a lot but do not dig the finish. I am considering options. One look I have liked in the past is copper leaf. It looks like something even I could manage if I go for the textured look. I would need someone to put a clear coat on it. In this video Ben (1st name terms) suggests that I could just slap it on over an existing finish. If I did this then I would need a clear coat as well and I would worry that it would be another thick layer of resonance inhibiting stuff. Or would it?
  2. owen

    Spector NS5 USA

    I have always found a bit of quilt to be underwhelming. But a LOT of quilt is fabulous.
  3. Chrome plating on plastic is GO! http://www.invictavac.com/
  4. I am thinking of turning a bass I have into a Gretsch Silver Sparkle Jet-alike. I would put up a pic but am on my phone and cannot.
  5. I shall go and find Nick. Thanks!
  6. I am not allowed around tools without adult supervision.
  7. My exciting whiling away the time mod project for today needs chrome covers for EMG 40 size pickups. Am I the only person in the world needing these or do they exist?
  8. owen

    Shuker Uberhorn Fretless 4 Revisited

    Why am I even asking anyone else about GAS related matters when I am constantly floating in a cloud of it?
  9. owen

    Shuker Uberhorn Fretless 4 Revisited

    You have a bass which provides "sheer weight of presence of the Uberhorn is something I’ve just not experienced before.." and you want an alternative?
  10. The TL forum is great cos you can actually audition the patches which are on there through your rig but without downloading them. Very clever.
  11. The one on the 60 thing was great because if you put it to 0 pitch shift but heavily balanced to the fx you got a thick sound which was not a bass guitar but tracked exceptionally well and was a different flavour. I had hoped to get this from other much more expensive boutique pedals but never managed it. The 60 did it with aplomb. I HATED changing patches on it so flogged it but I think I will have to suck it up. My guess is that the B3n is going back.
  12. Hmmmmm.... the B3n has BaMn Pitch which does not do what I recall the Bass Pitch sound on the 60 doobrie doing. That is disappointing. Of course it is probably exactly the same patch and I am making a doofus of myself. For me the Bass Pitch was worth the entry price into the 60 thang all on it's own.
  13. owen

    My new Bass creation

    If I could CNC bass bits I do not think I would ever leave the house.
  14. Found the vid with Dood giving it some chat. The sound I need is bass pitch. I will go and look for it now.
  15. Thanks y'all. I am on the Tonelib since I messed with the 60 whatever it is. There was a sound on it I have not found on the B3n yet. It was a kind of octaver thing that I used "at pitch" mixed in with my normal bass tone to beef it up. Dood mentioned it somewhere in a review. I will have to go and look again.