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  1. The FI firmawre? Nope, not yet - that was my first project.
  2. You can take the MOTU Pre 8 Firewire off the list of known working MIDI interfaces. It does not work
  3. If it is good enough for Zslot then it is good enough for me. I did look at the Roland page and only found up to 10.11. My wife recognises this behaviour. Thanks Owen
  4. Or I am looking at an all in one SSL2+. Again, any experience?
  5. I need a new Midi interface to mess with this. M Audio decided to not update drivers for my old one. How I laughed. Is the Roland UM One still the one of choice? Does it work on Mac OS 10.15.3 Catalina? The drivers seem to have stopped at 10.11 Anyone with any 1st hand experience? TIA.
  6. I would love to think that a well supported public petition would get Parliment to reconsider/change/whatever. Each and every one of the petitions I have signed that have crossed the threshold of "having to be considered" (and there have been many) have achieved the sum total of nothing. I am utterly voicless in matters relating to musician's visas and everything else. If the print media in the UK are not interested in musician's visas (or any other topic) then there is just no point in even discussing it. I am working hard to stay on topic here.
  7. I have had a Bravewood. It was a P and scratched all the same itches as my original 66 J. It taught me that I do not like a P nut width otherwise I would still have it. If only he did a reliced J5......... I am aware that that is all kinds of wrong, but I want one anyway.
  8. Thanks Whizzzy. They have also come up elsewhere as the place AKG outsource servicing to so that sounds like a hint in itself.
  9. owen

    Boss SY-1

    Nope. It has gone back.
  10. owen

    Boss SY-1

    It turns out that tap tempo for the arpeggiator IS available from a control pedal input. Sorry for the misinformation.
  11. They will have gone in the great message cull when we went to new software. I only realised the loss when I went to look at them to work out purchases for that year when I was doing my taxes. I sometimes wonder where my Sei J 5 went as well. It had a very lovely neck.
  12. I am looking at whether it is possible to achieve Welsh independance before Dec 31st. That will be a no, but the concept has recently become a LOT more attractive. Sorry, is that political or cultural?
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