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  1. No. Less is more. Sorry, I am quite opinionated about scratchplates.
  2. We use Macs at work. Safari is the least co-operative browser there is on the machines.
  3. The answer is ALWAYS silver glitter. Even better is metalflake silver https://images.app.goo.gl/8qynVKLkSXArJvFz6
  4. I am presuming that can only be 2 switches on a stereo lead? More would need midi magic which would put the total spend up to as much as bigger brother. Am I right?
  5. I am going to be all over those 8ve patches like a bad rash. The problem is that I really like the noise I get when I put my OC2 before the FI.
  6. I have tried putting the hihat pedal into the snare port but had no joy so kind of moved on from that. Perhaps I should re-visit that.
  7. That's a niche market right there
  8. I like that. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Playing someone else's bass with a metal zip on your hoodie? Naughty! Looks like a lovely place to track though.
  10. I could start dicussing situations on a public forum but that would be uncool
  11. Would the piezo pickup not do velocity like a rubber electric drum pad does?
  12. Are these all much of a muchness before they see a preamp or are some better than others? Given my extraordinarily limited understanding of the tech, a strip of piezo electric crystals is a strip of piezo electric crystals, no?
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