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    I pur a set of bass guitar strings on today. The tesnion is ok. the nut is so high for the flobadob rubber strings that fretted notes on frets 1 and 2 are way out. 4 of the 5 machine heads only want to turn in one direction so I have had to reverse wind strings. I might have crushed the piezo to death. It is going well, and it is not going well. Structurally I think it might work. At the moment, it is not happy. I am not too bothered about the piezo cos I would change the bridge anyway.
  2. I am describing the Freeze, but I figure that having different tones ready to be sustained would give me a broader pallette. For instance there are some songs we do in church where having a quiet "pad" would be great and that can be programmed with perhaps less initial "thud" from the bass. The element of progammability is what does it for me. Obv, when I talk of programmability I am talking about the geeks at work doing that for me.
  3. Much to learn I have. Off to shop I shall go.
  4. The Morningstar stuff looks interesting but it will be a click on click off event which I am not hugely up for. I just want to hit an open E on the bass, press a sustain pedal like a keyboard player would and get 41Hz of LF goodness rumbling on until I take my foot off. I am not trying to be awkward.
  5. Now, this is exciting. Now I need you to tell me which one.
  6. Can I do it with some sort of stand alone midi controller as if I am just using a sustain pedal? I full realise that I will not be freezing the audio. but could have patches which would continue the synth sound until the cows come home? Can I just create a really long note while just playing bass on stage?
  7. Sustain pedal is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! ?
  8. Oooft, that is a fine looking axe.
  9. When I grow up I hope to be able to extend the end of a phrase so that I land in the next one about 4 or 6 beats after the One and have it contribute to music and not sound like a mistake.
  10. I went to a clinic he did in London a few years ago. I could not understand why it was not a BC national conference.
  11. Watches are bonkers when you open them.
  12. http://www.guitarpaintguys.com/colors/metalflake/badazz_blue_flake.jpg
  13. Neck back to the thinest clear seal I can get away with and a colour matched headstock.
  14. Not helping. I always like to keep an eye on resale
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