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  1. Once I worked out that converting it to a 5 string was my stupidest idea this year so far, I was out. I nearly drilled the headstock of the BW P I used to own.
  2. I have 10+. Each bass has a really specific sound, which cannot be replicated with another bass. The subtle differences really add to expression possibilities which will enhance all the different situations I play in, in specific ways. Until anyone else starts playing, and my earplugs go in. Then they all do the same thing. Some go lower than others, but that really is it.
  3. I had a 10 second burst of buying that P and putting a 5 string neck on it. I am over it now, but it was exciting!
  4. We will be needing full pictures of the Bravewood re-finish.
  5. That pm from brian looks to be the one which has won though.
  6. If this has not gone I will take it.
  7. Ain't this the truth. We have a bunch at work (FE College). They take the most fabulous abuse and keep on going.
  8. We live in such a weird bass ecosystem. If this was made in the US it would be commanding twice the price at least.
  9. I used Lemon oil on a new neck once. Something REALLY nasty happened to the frets. Scratchy and horrible they were. I have no idea if I left it on too long or what.
  10. owen

    DOD Meatbox Reissue

    If we are discussing the Meatbox, I bought one when they came out. I sold it again. I honestly could not work out how I could use it at gig levels without breaking things.
  11. I suspect that white lead might need to be attached to that solder there, but I REALLY do not know.
  12. I got excited and put new pickups in. You know how it is. Priced to your door.
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