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  1. Jazz Bass rewiring

    No, I bottled out and put a pan pot in.
  2. Kind of, and yet, not!
  3. P (or P/J) Bass 5 string & neck through?

    I have a neck through 35" scale 5 string with 2 x Villex P soapbars in it. It does not look like a P but it certainly brings that P grunt. I am also selling it. Shameless? Believe it!
  4. Feedback from enrico

  5. Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    WOT in 6 months time "I have an amp which is really nice, but I used to have an amp which was even better. " Time to sell something that you are hoarding to buy something you will use regularly.
  6. I used to have on of these. The pics have gone. Is it the 12" verion or the 15" one? Either way it is a nice piece of kit and worth £150 of anyone's £.
  7. Combo with removable head?

    You are not wrong!
  8. Combo with removable head?

    Quilter Bass Block + Quilter cab.
  9. Preamp/effects options for FRFR setup

    I am all over it like a bad rash. Thanks for the tip
  10. !!!SOLD!!!: ZOOM MS-60B PRICEDROP!

    Come to daddy!
  11. Time for a change TC HOF mini - £55 EHX Bass Big Muff Nano - £55
  12. Preamp/effects options for FRFR setup

    Dood did a great video. I had no idea this pedal existed. I shall now buy one.

    That is a Very Yes from me!
  14. He is lying! They are the yummuest! Heinously expensive though