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  1. Lovely. Enough usable clean and quiet gain to use an RE20 or an SM7B without an external preamp.
  2. Thanks Caleb, these look really useful. I would love to give you more suggestions, but these will keep me busy for longer than I want to admit to myself, let alone anynone else.
  3. Bottom B is good. Bottom A is better. I have a D tuner on all my 5 strings. I even had one on the 6 string tuned to bottom F#. So I could reach super bottom E.
  4. If you want a nice amp, far be it from me to stop you However, an Alto claiming to be all that and more at that price is on a hiding to nothing.
  5. Mind you, the back of mine had seen quite a lot of non-Tele action before I did the tummy cut.
  6. The IP112 would be superb for this sort of duty. The IP310 was backline par-excellence!
  7. I have a Tele which made me appreciate a belly cut. I had someone put a belly cut into it. I get the whole forearm cut but that would make a real mess of the paint and I have not actually noticed that I need one now the belly cut is in place.
  8. Bergantino IP series. Quite old hat by now due to not being made out of helium. But just a FABULOUS piece of kit. Or buy a decent 12" active wedge. By decent I mean £500+. And useful for all sorts of things as well as Bass
  9. That is what I suspected. By now I could live with the Peaveys shortcomings.
  10. That is a long wait. Decades ago I had a Peavey Midibass. I wish I still had it. On the midi front it was superb. It sucked deeply as a bass guitar. I would love one of these.
  11. Bending notes totally works. Just for me, feeling the winds move over the fret was a strange feeling. But that was just my left hand's experience.
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