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  1. Out of the way everyone. This is coming home with me.
  2. ^^^^^^ I cannot deny that is compelling evidence!
  3. I do this specifically with Yamaha kits into logic via USB. Just like a keyboard. There is a bit of faff with sorting out pads to voices, but I guess that someone out there has done a template for that.
  4. Not for a second questioning Twigman's experience, but I have never had trouble getting my gig bags in and I have always put a cable tie through the clasp to lock it down.
  5. Good luck with the "few" bit. It is a disease.
  6. Logic should just see it through USB. It is just like a usb keyboard sending note and note off messages.
  7. SKB Bass safe has always been great for me and added bonus of being able to use your gig bag at the other end cos moving full flightcases around gets tired VERY quickly unless you are paying someone else to do it.
  8. Splitters so that you can control what is happening on stage through your own IEM rig and let the venue deal with FOH. Slightly more cables to carry, but how much fun is a gig where you cannot hear what you need and the wedges are too loud/quiet/distorded? https://www.amazon.co.uk/BEHRINGER-ULTRALINK-MS8000-Microphone-Splitter/dp/B016BIDFI8#customerReviews
  9. Try opening a new instrument once it is plugged in. This works sometimes when I plug my keyboard in after I have opened up a track.
  10. No guts, no glory! I salute you.
  11. Very interesting. Thanks for taking the time.
  12. Far be it for me to tell anyone how to go about their business, but if any item in the world was safe for couriers - this is it. No need to even pack it! Just slap on a label and off it goes.
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