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  1. Kinda NBD - NS Design Radius

    I had a Bolin NS bass and the piezo pickup was just sublime. I still miss it
  2. Bergantino IP310

    I used mine in anger at an open air gig at the local Castle. It is just a beast. A 3x10" + horn cab has NO right sounding this good and shifting this much air. The effortless extension all the way down to bottom B is a joy. I have tried gazillions of preamps through it ans they all sound great. I had got to the stage where I thought all preamps sounded great. How wrong I was. I tried them through other things and I understood how magic this cab is. Someone needs to take this and experience the IP310 joy for themselves.
  3. I am going to spend some happy time with this when life calms down next week. Thanks.
  4. Ayotte 12 x 5.5 wood with wood rims £250 Premier 60s Royal Ace snare £ 250 Zildjian 13" K Mastersound hats £270 or trade for a light set of 15" hats Crush 4 piece Maple kit 12, 16 and 22 + 14 snare shiny and new - for trade for a more mature kit. Will do pics tomorrow. Ta
  5. I always hope that something less expensive will be capable of something similar .......
  6. Future Impact users - how are you getting on?

    Anything that lets me do this (even with shocking playing) is fine by me Future Impact.wav
  7. Future Impact users - how are you getting on?

    I love it. It does what I had always hoped I would find in a synth pedal. Some adjustment for some patches, but it is a new instrument so I would expect to adjust, like any pedal really. I have to adjust when using my OC2. I have to adjust using a Boss Slicer. But that is fine.
  8. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Thanks for the directions. It looks like my friend who was saving up for re-shells has timed it rather poorly
  9. https://www.facebook.com/jazzboxukes/
  10. 5 string headless

    Yeah yeah yeah - tuners, string anchors, blah blah blah. SHOW US THE WOOD!
  11. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Where re-shells UE900s?
  12. Curved Capo

    So as to provide closure to my original request I worked that I could go into alternate tunings on the DB to create the harmonic structures I was looking for and therefore the capo became redundant. It was fun while it lasted though!