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  1. Thanks. I really enjoyed that.
  2. Nice cab yadda yadda yadda. What is REALLY right is the colour on that bass! I am trying not to look for a 2nd hand 5 string because I do not know if I could stop myself.
  3. https://www.allaboutjazz.com/pino-palladino-the-craftsman-from-wales?width=412
  4. I miss those days.................
  5. https://bassmagazine.com/.amp/artists/pino-palladino-pathfinder
  6. I did suspect that it was an oblique reference.
  7. Fair play, it's a cracking number.
  8. At last, a working alternative to TI flats which does not cost an arm and a leg. It is looking lush though.
  9. I was gently scanning the pictures and thought "that is a bold design where the vol would be. I like it. How does it work?". It has been a long day.
  10. Any suggestions for one? I am mixing in Church for Zoom and monitoring the feed going in on one set of cans and monitoiring the actual Zoom meeting on another set of cans. It struck me this morning that there must be something out there which will let me switch from A to B with a light to remind me which mix I am using. TIA
  11. I have used Shiply. So expensive it hurt, buy I knew what I was getting into. And a quote costs nothing.
  12. But not in a good way.
  13. That was pretty special.
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