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  1. I have some books which are lovely and great. I was going to open them and paper a room with prints but it is not going to happen. The Milt Hinton ones are superb.
  2. Since when did not having stock stop online retailers taking our money?
  3. 2U. Less to carry. Pedal tuner also acts as a mute button. Happy days.
  4. I cannot deny, I am fascinated.
  5. All + Postage OverTime The Jazz Photographs of Milt Hinton £9 + postage Bass Culture - John Entwhistle - £90 2 of Bass Line The Stories and Photographs of Milt Hinton. The author looks back on his career as a jazz musician and shares his photographs and impressions of the major jazz performers with whom he worked.. 1 x Hardback and 1 x Paperback. £20 each The Cover Art of Blue note records smaller size - £10 The Cover Art of Blue note records full size £15 The Cover Art of Blue note records Vol 2 full size £15 California Cool West Coast Jazz Cover Art £15 The Sound I Saw - Large Coffee Table paperback of B+W prints of the Jazz Era (whatever that was) Conceived, designed, written, and made by hand as a prototype by master photographer Roy DeCarava (b. 1919) in the early 1960s yet unpublished for nearly half a century, The Sound I Saw has largely existed, until now, as a legend among the cognoscenti of the photography world. Presented as a stream of 196 soulful images interspersed with DeCarava's own evocative poetry, the book is, in its form and effect, the printed equivalent of jazz. £30 I will add some more as I clear. I was going to open all these up and paper a room with them. It is never going to happen.
  6. To avoid any dissapoinment these are £50 each. I can do pics, but they are in VGC and have velcro. You know what they look like and what they do. I have the boxes as well.
  7. Lightweight. Practice is cheating.
  8. Shorter scale brings the rubbery goodness under the hands.
  9. Glad you got one for the right price. If anyone is reading this thinking their local college might be selling recent ones for a good price, think again. I work in a local college. There is NO chance that scenario would ever, ever happen. Ever.
  10. It would certainly be worth an email to DHL's CEO.
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