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  1. owen

    Buzz Feiten Bass

    Yep. I have never set the intonation on it so that aspect is a mystery to me.
  2. owen

    Buzz Feiten Bass

    Answering because I want to be notified of answers because it is a question I have often wondered as I have a bass with the BF system.
  3. I am thinking P bass pickup cover vibe in wood over the end of the fingerboard with fixings to the side of the fingerboard. I could prob run a trailing wire around the back to the bass past the cutaway because I NEVER use that end of the fingerboard so that is not an issue. The fingerboard extension is https://goo.gl/images/WWvE4E BRX, the present pickup is piezo under the bridge. All this needs to be tempered with the knowledge that I am musing about this while camping in France so it might just turn out to be a pipe dream , However, it does seem possible.....
  4. Thanks everyone for your input. The Lace looks very interesting, but I am suspicious of tape that "does not damage finishes". Just to make it more fun, the mouse has the fingerboard extension as a thumbrest so getting purchase onto both sides of the end of the fingerboard is not an option. I really like the concept of mounting it over the strings. I could craft (obv I mean pay someone else to) an all in one wooden pickup cover which would be like a P pickup cover, but wooden. This could contain any sort of pickup I like so depth would not be an issue. I welcome further thoughts from the BC Masif.
  5. So, how thin can I have a properly functioning magnetic pickup?
  6. So, how thin can I have a properly functioning magnetic pickup?
  7. Thanks BRX, that is the kind of design idea I needed to access. BC always delivers.
  8. I am thinking of it as a clip on/off thing and would not want any mods for controls etc. I could run a cable straight from the pickup. This thread is brought to you by "Owen just cannot leave things as they are". I will ask him as well.
  9. Thanks Frank, my own thoughts are some sort of floating pickup mounted somehow into a single fixing point at the end of the fingerboard. I realise that there are a lot of "ifs, buts and maybes" along the way and it is entirely possible that it will just not work. However, here is the best place I know to throw ideas around. I just fancy a short scale magnetic thump now and again and realised that I have the instrument just not the pickup.
  10. ............ I have a Rob Allen Mouse which is very much floating my boat. I do wonder how it would sound with a magnetic pickup on board as well. Obv installing one with a router would be the height of stupidity, but can anyone think of a way of doing it with perhaps one screw hole into the end of the fretboard in an unobtrusive place? I am merely thinking aloud here and am not rushing into it, don't worry.
  11. Bargainous. Shift some air!
  12. It is great drumming, but the space the band creates around him is also superb. No one is getting in anyone else's way.
  13. I went to see Nate Smth and Kinfolk at the Jazz Cafe in Camden last week. Fima Ephron was on bass (Tokai P bass with added bridge pickup - cos I know you care about that stuff). What a sublime bassist. Always playing the right thing, always supporting, getting funky when the time was right and locking RIGHT in with Nate Smith. It was everything you hope for - but not for the technique or the flash, but for the ensemble playing. Proper lush. Respect is due.
  14. owen

    FS/FT: Warmoth "Nord Viking 5" Huge Spec Bass

    Mr JPJ is completely sound as a seller. No, really.