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  1. I have a friend who builds lovely Violins etc. He mildly relics them because the Orchestral bods pure loves a bit of patina. It is not just us.
  2. If there is a preamp idea floating around could I suggest the Fdeck circuit as the first stage of it? I have yet to plug anything into one which does not sound nicer because of it.
  3. They would just fart themselves into oblivion
  4. owen

    NBD Bolin NS5

    The piezo sound to rule them all.
  5. Power module = Hypex with DSP? With enough grunt to run that 2nd 12"?
  6. That is a top piece of work.
  7. I traded an early Overwater original shape for a set of EMG jazz pickups. We feel your pain.
  8. The guy phoned the depot and the depot phoned me and said he would meet up with me. Sadly I was on a Dual Carriageway towing a caravan in the opposite direction. I did a 3 hour detour on our honeymoon to buy a Stingray 5. My wife would not stand for such behaviour when we were meant to be driving off on holiday. I will be back on Weds but it will be delivered to work on Monday. Phew.
  9. The local depot kept trying and got it today. Delivery on Monday. Happy days
  10. Thanks, it does sound great, I just have a glut of preamps and there are only so many flavours of great I need.
  11. When I said that shipping to The Netherlands was my favourite thing, obviously I meant that shipping to any country in the world is my favourite thing.
  12. It is this mindset that makes your stuff so attractive.
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