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  1. owen

    Ashdown ABM 2000 Watt head

  2. owen

    Clear B string

    Len from Derby speaks the truth. A MM5 was my first 5 and I could not get the B to sit with the instrument. On reflection I only tried 2 types of strings and I could not have a chat with a string maker in 1990. Imagine the GAS I could have avoided.
  3. owen

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    When I grow up I hope to be able to do this kind of stuff with wood. Sadly I am 53 and have no more growing up left.
  4. Something I want ..... come up..... etc £460
  5. Proper Old Skool. Vintage tone. Or something 16 track integrated HD recorder. + P+P
  6. Gigged but sound. Quite fancy it you know you do. Solid state bass combo. Power: 250 W RMS (max. 300 watts) Min output impadance: 4 ohm Speaker 1x15" custom Warwick Eminence + 1 inch hifi horn. Sound controls: Gain, Bass, Punch, Mid Freq., Mid Level, Attack, Treble, Master Clip LED diode. Defeatable Limiter. Low Boost, High Boost filters. Mute switch. Effects Loop. Headphones output. Tuner out. XLR DI out with switches: ground lift ( XLR ), Sub Sonic(sub harmonics only), DI pre/post (before/ after EQ)
  7. owen

    Epifani UL 212 FS/FT - NOW SOLD.

    About time! Totally bargainous it was.
  8. owen

    NPD - BrightOnion Router

    I like that a lot. I have been thinking along the same lines for something else. I now know where to go.
  9. owen

    Feedback for three

    Just fabulous.
  10. owen

    If You Had £3000 For a Bass ....

    MTD, Sadowsky etc. From LONG experience of buying and selling the bottom line is that you can get your £ back out of it. We all think "it will be the one" - so often it is not. If you have bought the right bass for the right price 2nd hand you can simply shift it on and buy something else. There is an element of fun just changing things every 2 years. Judicious buying makes this easy peasy. FWIIW I have been through everything apart from Rickenbacker and have settled on Shuker.
  11. owen

    Focusrite Pre

    Focusrite Trakmaster preamp Yamaha sold. and Yamaha P5000s Power amp. Happy to split £90/£110. The power amp will be shipped for whatever it costs. No idea what that would be at the moment. Is it Class D lightness? No. Does it slay with brutal headroom and grunt? Yes. Is the price right? At this price it would be rude not to, frankly. Rack case not included.
  12. owen


    Why is this forum full of very attractive guitars that I could never use but fancy anyway?
  13. owen

    Yamaha Tenor sax case

    I will take this to PM. Ta.