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  1. I refer the honourable gentleman to my build threads for evidence of my ability to put things together.
  2. I am clearing. I have a bunch of DB kind of stuff. I have some DB book ends £12 each (£6 for the 3 string one) I have some DB kind of ornaments - £7 each I have a DB table (front - not for putting your coffee on). I am not sure how to post this and I should probably oil it and hang it on the wall as I originally intended. £190 I have a full size poster of Bottessini's DB (I bet he smashed a different one every gig.........) printed on lush paper £30. Pics in next posts
  3. This is a very cool onboard headphone preamp which also has a mini jack stereo in so that you can play with no outboard to your heart's content. When I saw it I KNEW I had to have one. But the bass it was going into will not accomoddate it and I am in a clearing phase to it is available. Did not know you needed you did, but fancy it you do. It is featured in this build
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