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    DIY Effects

    I am venturing in to here again. Don't laugh at me. This is an odd one. During my forays into bass Ukes I had some Fdek pres built. But they are in various stages of completion. One is a bare circuit board that the builder cannot remember where he was in the process. I suspect it is complete but needs pots and power. But I could be wrong. If you have the skills to decipher what is going on with it would you consider finishing it for me for ££££? The second is I think complete but there is an earth hum thing going on. It has been mounted in a Boss chassis, can be powered by 9v psu or battery. It has one vol pot, and two three way switches. One switch for HPF and one for passive tone roll off. The footswitch is NOT on off. It does not function as a switch. It takes and puts out signal and it all works just with an added serving of hum. Again, would someone mend this for ££££££? The only guy round here who would do it is not functioning. TIA.
  2. To have independent access to all the parameters would be just what I need. It would suit the way my brain works.
  3. I have just got sucked into Reface video land on YT. If they slapped them all into a 5 octave keyboard I would be all over it like a bad rash, and as I noted before, my skills are LAME.
  4. Tempting as that is, if the toneprint I like is available as is, then I will leave it. I always find the options of more options fantastically exciting and I always just drown in too many possibilities and end up getting nothing done. I am even toying with the idea of taking it out of the metal box and plumbing the guts straight into a bass which has a large and mostly empty control cavity. When I say "I" obviously I mean someone who is competent to do the work.
  5. I have a Zoom ME-60B which does one thing I really like. If I dial in the octave effect to play at pitch rather than an octave down then it synthesizes a tone which just beefs up my bass without overpowering it. It is quite subtle but comes into it's own in the lower registers. I have various (too many) basses and the reality is that a 33" scale bass just will not keep up with a 36" scale bass on the B string. I do love the feel of the 33" though so that is what gets played and the Zoom just helps it speak with authority all the way down. I am presuming this is something the FI would do with aplomb. Is anybody doing already? I do not want squelchy/sweeping/rumbling/whatever (for this purpose), just extra weight. Obviously I want all that other stuff for other times.
  6. Yes please. PM me payment details and I will get onto it ASAP.
  7. It is entirely possible. I have taught many people who match your description. There has to be someone out there who will do some on-line work with you. Is there anyone else following this thread who could recommend someone?
  8. One of my students has a CP and it is lush beyond. I keep having to stop myself from buying one, and my keyboard skills are legendary. But not in a good way.
  9. I must admit, it is where I get most pleasure in BC.
  10. Ah! I have just found the actual ordering page. Ummmm...... i think I might have to go in anyway. I have been looking for this exact service for about 6 years.
  11. He does replacement machine head "ears" in wood. I am going to be all over those like a bad rash.
  12. I saw Cory Henry and The Funk Apostles with two drummers. I knew there would be two drummera and thought "why?". But then the gig happened. It was absolutely immense. The funk was served up in huge slabs. It was the bomb.
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