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  1. I have no idea what the thread is, but a Crown Macrotech would make you not want for any other power stage ever. I gigged with something similar for a couple of years. It was sublime.
  2. In fresh news, most of the knobs are now available again. I am afraid that the nice ones with rubber washers are now on my bass.
  3. owen

    Boss SY-1

    I need to get one of those things for my glasses.
  4. Technology marches on. The midi implementation was fine and dandy, I just did not care for the host instrument.
  5. Been there, done that. It was going to be the bass to end all basses (like every bass I buy). It did what it did very well, but was not for me as a straight bass guitar so out the door it went (like every bass I buy). They were not SUPER rare so there must be some languishing around somewhere.
  6. Fair play that is not very much weight at all for a full fat J5.
  7. I wish I had a career in recording and performance lasting decades that meant I did not have to have a proper job and people could discuss it on forums.
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