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  1. owen

    pitch 2 midi and/or synth

    I suspect that to access it properly you would be better off using a guitar as a trigger and whacking the synth down an ovtave. Those low notes are tricky to read and translate. Believe me, I have tried.
  2. owen

    Bananana Matryoshka Synth Pedal

  3. owen

    Bananana Matryoshka Synth Pedal

    It is only still here because I am showing remarkable restraint!
  4. Right, I have never really done the FX thing but I have a Neunaber Slate which gives me a shimmer thang which is lovely on arco DB work as well as giving me super long reverbs so that I can set up pads. The reverb has "infinite" tails so I can drop in and out of it while playing "dry" as well. I would also like to do the Strymon Big Sky Chorale thing. Can the Helix family bring me all in one FX joy?
  5. I have no Supertwin experience (but I am sure they are fabulous) - however when I have experienced underwhelmingossity in my backline story it is the amp rather than the cab.
  6. owen

    Piezo on Warwick 3D bridge

    I have some graphtec saddles if anyone is interested......
  7. owen

    Sold Headphones

    On the offchance these have not gone I will take them.
  8. owen

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    I bought a B3n thinking it would have the same sounds. It did not. So that went back. I will buy another. Or maybe something else. You know how it is.
  9. owen

    Stingray bargain?

    The RBV has gone but there is a German Warwick double $$ 5 string for £499 there. It could do with respray but if you are not bothered then it is an awful lot of bass for the money. Some nice guitars there as well!
  10. owen

    SOLD sadowsky NYC blue satin 5 strings

    Even if it has gone I think we should be allowed to see it
  11. The Twang Dynasty is a superb read. Buy it now!
  12. owen

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    To be fair, that freaked me out completely and I flogged it.
  13. owen

    MPU Headless 5 - SOLD

    Also on here as MPU. Did I mention how attractive that bass is? It is just as well I live far away from you.