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  1. At least that means you are not carrying the PA system and rigging/running it. FWIW I depped with a band last night and sold them my A&H stuff. So I no longer have a vested interest. And I still think the OP should go digital.
  2. SRM450 are nice and beefy. I found mine to be slightly shouty in the hi-mid when pushed hard, but a little eq on the main send of a digital desk tamed that nicely. Digital desks are the bomb. You can also (depending on desk - if I were to need it I would not sell my A&H) eq all the mud out of each and every monitor send just to clean up your onstage sound. In analogue desk world that is a rack of EQ + inset leads + set up time + transport space and weight. Super duper moulded in ears are lovely ( I am sure) but you can in ear remarkably well with a decent pair of ear buds , a multi channel headphone amp and headphone extension leads. Then you do not need to carry wedges. Then you have a much quieter stage. Then you have a better FOH sound and less setup time and transport space and weight. I am quite enthusiastic about all this - I cannot think of a single reason to use an analogue desk. There is a reason that their 2nd hand value is through the floor.
  3. To all the cabs I've loved before.............
  4. For clarity, I am selling so I would be all enthusiastic about them However, I cannot think of a single reason to use a powered mixer and passive speakers these days. Newer active speakers are not super heavy and the digital desks do SO MUCH more than analogue ones ever could. Onboard compression for each channel. More FX than anyone knows what to do with. Programme a mix per song. Give everyone control over their own monitor mixes. Multitrack the gig. Huge EQ possibilities, both on channels and on each output. The list goes on and on. For good measure, I would buy a Yamaha EAD10 to mic the drums. Expensive, but a set of drum mics will be £200 minimum, add cables, stands and a larger multicore to the mix then it starts to pay it's way. And of course there is the drummer setting up all their audio instead of sound bod doing it. Win/Win.
  5. Regrets........I have a few.........but then again.....too many to mention............ By now I am much more canny with purchases and just do not buy new. EVERYTHING comes along it you wait for it.
  6. Mrs owen? Is that you? The speed I will be going at means that getting my hands on my DIY bass will take a LONG time. I actually need to learn how to woodwork first.
  7. It's no good. I cannot stop myself. I have dropped you a PM. The rest of you can guess what I want.
  8. I'm glad that went to a good home. I spent some time considering it.
  9. It's getting real.
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