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  1. Modern PA speakers have all sorts of jiggery-pokery going on in the backround. This is why they are lovely. My ears are too trashed to do loud anymore. I own a QSC K10.2. It goes all the way to the bottom and is very pokey. It is the future. If I needed more then I would borrow two QSC K12.2. I cannot imagine ever, ever needing more unless I was doing a large, open air gig with no PA support. And that is never going to happen. We have arrived in the future.
  2. I played a CLF L1000 in the Bass Bash a few weeks ago. It was exceptionally fine. All that chromage is yummy.
  3. Some people do not deserve nice things!
  4. Thanks WHUFC. There will be very little DIY happening, but what builders recommend is often what they have in stock or already know so we are looking for the correct ideas rather than what is right for the builder.
  5. There will be recorder lessons as well. The roof is board and felt.
  6. The instruments being taught will be piano and violin. There will be no rock and roll volume happening. It is in a residential area and the sound treatment is to minimise sound leakage which would disturb neighbours.
  7. Excellent! Tell us how to do it!
  8. I have a friend who needs to convert a garage to give music lessons. There will be no drums so there is no need for super soundproofing. Can I share a plan and ask for advice?
  9. I think it is a Maholo, yes. Mine was obviously built on a different day from your's This one is all good and Jez did add the finishing touches.
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