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  1. I belive there is an exceptional Bravewood Jazz on the FS forum.
  2. Thanks. As is the nature of these things, the GAS is les fierce after a couple of days, but I am still tempted.
  3. Steve Slate did let you have a couple of kits for nowt. He emails you alot, but that is cheap at the price.
  4. I sometimes feel like that as well. Not often though. Actually, not ever.
  5. I feel myself being drawn into fretless world. Again. It will end badly, but it is what it is. I was watching Juila Hofer doing some Pino stuff and the MM Sire V7 Alder-5 FL BK 2nd Gen she is using looks to me like a coated board. Does anyone have any experience of this?
  6. I'll be the parade, you can be my rain
  7. SBCTR-line. It has a certain ring to it, no?
  8. 100%. But to have an amp which will do what is needed in a smaller room situation without FOH support is where it is at. I do not believe that a 10" wedge will deal with an enthusiastic drummer if that is the only amplification for bass in the room.
  9. I have a QSC K10.2. It is a very capable cab. Would it fight with a drummer? As a monitor? Yes. As backline? No.
  10. Based on the Fender Bassman tone stack, just like the Alembic IIRC.
  11. It might be that a decent preamp is all you need. It is possible that the pickup will be just fine and dandy.
  12. I have one of these and love it. I have no pickup recommendations. But I have been playing through a Sadowsky outboard preamp recently and LOVE what it does to my basses. A Sadowsky onboard is a good shout. YMMV.
  13. To drag this back on topic, I bought a trashed 66J in 1987 just because it looked like Jaco's bass. I had no idea of it's historical "value" I just knew it looked (and still looks) uber cool. Do I sound like Jaco? Not even remotely
  14. Actually, he was . My brother has a 4 track recording of a gig he played locally on reel to reel somewhere. It is probably knackered by now.
  15. I do not need a new J5. I do not need a new J5. However, I have just sent a bass through Overlandexpress fully insured for £50ish. Way cheaper than Interparcel.
  16. Or Jools Holland. Or Endaf Emlyn, or Geraint Jarman or Myfyr Issac. Pino was active on the Welsh Language scene a long time before he hit the bright lights. We have been enjoying him a lot longer than anyone else. We discovered him. Between him, Gareth Edwards and Aneurin Bevan we have a rightful claim to world domination.
  17. Hey y'all. No, I do not have "lack of practice" blisters (even though I deserve them). I seem to have a very small lump across the palm side of my top joint in my plucking index finger. It is on the bone. And when I drag it across a string, for pizz, it hurts. It hurts in a way that makes me think "this is unattractive" and makes me want to make it not hurt. This requires not playing. Obviously, I am not going to take medical advice from an internet forum, much as I love you people. However, does this ring any bells with anyone? It will have a bit of a long term effect on my DB playing if it does not behave. I am thinking some sort of arthritis-y thang. Fortunately, my sister and her husband are GPs so I can get informed opinion on the very lamest medical situations. Any thoughts? In other news, I have taken a choir/orchestra gig playing Vivaldi’s Gloria and the first half of the Messiah in 4 weeks. I will be hurting in all sorts of ways. I have not used a bow in anger in ………..many, many years, and actually maintaining a properly functioning left hand to play all that classical stuff in tune is going to be a rude awakening I am expecting pain there, but I know what that is.
  18. I was worried that you had left the country with the spoils.
  19. You can change this stuff?
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