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  1. I had no idea Babs was such a big deal in the 70s.
  2. I almost want to buy it to put in the corner and look at it.
  3. David Gage Hard Case for £400 on https://www.facebook.com/groups/UKBassgear/?fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARB-o7siBUcyEIkGeKJ5eX_UWXsbC_6vWqepf3PN5unay3g6UDX9Zw0nZlN8CkFhbHnCcBNER6cqbsm67KOiK1R-ZQfq4EW7UM0eT80IjYL27KvvfpzFwChXvGPdWoSLuvNqvGJFvVib3BNd-JSJ5-MWL43nNA88Q0CRvHxvLt1EiLxixpkFUWkKFmuEKXW7QthHjVARWT5tuquAFG_RP4geIv9SOEOKc0Cbp6rzKind5VwN_mO1Z6u6iyUkssbzbhsJADN02hHKwe3-sozew4SoCFNxvSad_gJ5_Q0sUvYVbxNGSN6qbVwkRUxI3CLCqkOZuq1OWo6OnJFhIcSugB89XyLQ6obeKNM&__tn__=C-R. I have no need of it, but that is a BANGING price and if I was touring it would be my absolute first choice. I do not know the seller and have no commercial interest. I am just passing on a GOOD deal. Cos we all love a good deal.
  4. I told you one of the grown ups would be along soon.
  5. Other people more qualified will be along to explain this better soon. But it is to do with your power supply. Mac Books tend not to do so. I am not getting all "Macs are the best". They should be quiet for the kind of money they cost. Is it possible to get a better Power Supply? I would imagine so, but I am not actually qualified to have a definitive opinion.
  6. I actually have an Alesis D4 sitting here doing nothing but ideally I would like a unit that I can tuck away and pull out for those special occasions where everything is in one place. Also, my soldering skills are such that the only way I can tell which end to hold on my soldering iron is that one end hurts more than the other. It looks like a 2nd hand Alesis Control Pad is the way to go. But not this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alesis-USB-Midi-Percussion-Control-Pad/193558597102?hash=item2d10fdcdee:g:uHQAAOSwlZNeyqZ8 ""Alesis USB/Midi Percussion Control Pad. Condition is Used. No wires included". Could there be a more obvious way of saying "this is nicked"? As usual, thanks all :)
  7. I am more than happy coming up with midi drum parts bit sometimes get fed up putting them in on a keyboard. I know there are all sorts of pads out there with sounds on board but all I want is a set of dumb pads to use as a cotroller keyboard. I could spend 250 on an Alesis Sample Pad Pro but would rather not! Any thoughts?
  8. Yeah, Lockdown has proved how little use for this I have. Come and get it.
  9. Not super rock but could pass if you squint Also not rock but a lovely opening which tricks you into "it is 4/4 o'clock" before it becomes clear that he is splitting a 7/4 perfectly in half.
  10. Don't worry, I have lots already but it is always fun to get new options to make them count.
  11. This is useful for me because I am planning next term's teaching and want to start Theory with my 1st year class. I am looking for stuff that is not run of the mill 4/4. But I am going to need some help. I cannot see Love Rears it's Ugly Head or Hysteria in anything but 4/4. Am I missing something?
  12. I used to have one if these in scarlet. It was a lovely piece of kit
  13. It does not matter. You should not be up there anyway.
  14. The last thing I need is a new flight case but I am sure that carriage for this with Hermes would be 10 quid. No need to pack it and let Hermes do their worst. The case would not flinch.
  15. Arco never lies. Arco always makes me sad.
  16. Tell me about that Orange Yamaha. Does it come in a 5er? That is a fine looking axe.
  17. There is a lot of bling going on in that picture. And I am not just talking about the bass.
  18. Jon Shuker is the Mr Kipling of Luthiers. He does make exceedingly good basses.
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