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  1. For a company which wants our money, they make it quite hard unless you are on the shiniest kit.
  2. That is her problem. I am busy writing my own debut. I am 56 years old. Absolutely tragic!
  3. Nope Nope. I have started to not update after waiting months for plugins to catch up with Big Sur. But I shall update now.
  4. Where would I be without you? I am running 11.4. Again, thank you.
  5. Those were the directions I needed. Thank you. But Apple has clocked that she is running less than OS11.5 on her MBP so is refusing to sell it to her. Deeply frustrating, but there you go.
  6. Thanks. I just created a folder called Obscure on the desktop and moved Logic into it. Logic is still in the Applications folder and there is an alias in the Obscure folder.
  7. <sigh> I am back again. I have set up the student's account on my MBP, but after she logs in and goes to the App store it sees my copy of Logic so there there is no option to buy. Any further guidance? She is signed in as her on the App store. Thanks as usual.
  8. I might have mentioned this before, I dunno. Everyone should own one of these.
  9. Just want something to surf on and use Google Docs etc and pay virtually nothing? Here it is.
  10. BRX to the rescue once again. Thanks, I knew method 1 was an option but I could not remember the details.
  11. Is there anything finer than a matching headstock?
  12. Hi all, I have a student who is running a 2012 MBP on Catalina. She has been using Garage Band at home but Logic in College with us. She fancies upgrading to Logic. She cannot purchase it into Catalina. Does anyone know of a workaround on the app store? She is looking to spend the money, she just cannot. This is not a request for cracked copies. TIA
  13. I imitate a drummer at Church when there is no drummer available. It has made me realise what a good drummer brings. I do not bring that.
  14. I can think of two good reasons to have you monitor mix for IEMs under your personal control. Your left ear and your right ear. All you need is one incompetent engineer and it is over.
  15. Ceilliau y ci? Perhaps yes. Just ceilliau? I dunno, it was not where I saw my thread going.
  16. That is a bonkers price. Muttter mutter 5 mutter mutter bought it already mutter mutter.
  17. This looks like a carbon copy of my 25 year old Reunion Blues bag which is as good as the day I bought it. I payed a LOT more than this.
  18. Fancy a DI box? This does 700 more things and is cheaper than a decent DI box.
  19. How are your ears now? Tinnitus is cumulative damage. Be hyper careful. Like I and many others here were not.
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