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  1. Just got back from my shortest-notice-ever gig: FB message arrived 8.38pm, started the first set 9.30pm, so 52 minutes! It was a blues gig with a pickup band for a singer/harmonica player. The call came from the guitar/keyboard player (who I knew mainly from open mic nights), the scheduled bassist having fallen ill minutes beforehand, and the drummer being 3rd in line after the other tub-thumpers dropped like flies from the lurgy. Fortunately guitar/keys had the set list well beforehand so knew how the tunes went, and the drummer had done the gig before (albeit a couple of years previously). Obviously it wasn't as polished as it might have been with a rehearsal or 3, but singer/harpist was happy and the pub crowd loved it, plus I got paid, so that's win-win-win!
  2. Fri 20th September - Rebel Heroes Bowie tribute at The Old Court, Windsor. Tickets on sale here.
  3. That generally happens when you try to lift the amp!
  4. +1 for these, I have them on all my bass guitars. Mainly synthetic materials, but the ends are leather.
  5. Are you a bit (or a lot) of a Bowie fan? Would you like to play Bowie songs in front of enthusiastic audiences? Then you could be the guy or gal that we're looking for. You'll be competent in a range of styles, and confident to tackle the guitar playing of Mick Ronson, Carlos Alomar, Earl Slick, and other stellar Bowie sidemen. This is not a look-alike act, which makes it all the more important that we accurately replicate the music heard on the classic Bowie albums. Pub-rock versions will not do, so you'll have your work cut out to get our 2-hour set under your fingers. As well as playing ability you'll need decent reliable kit and transport. The band rehearses in the Bath/Wiltshire area, so ideally you'll live around that area too. Message me with any questions and to be put in touch with our Main Man.
  6. JapanAxe


    I was a guitarist, bought a bass for home recording. Friend said he needed bass on an upcoming gig, so I bought an amp too. That was nearly 20 years ago...
  7. Ooft! That is mighty fine!
  8. I now own this bass, and it is also the best 5-er I have owned. Actually I have only owned one other, a G&L L1505. The Dingwall is easier and more comfortable to play and control, and sounds like variations on a P-bass. Which is what it is! Resonant, responsive, and the weight just feels right.
  9. Some observations, just because I can't help taking a fun topic seriously: All these comparisons are done with people's ears, which are easily fooled, and take little or no account of the frequency response of the amp and/or speaker, or how loud an amp could go before distortion reaches a certain level. We also 'measure' these things with our eyes, and with out prejudices and preconceptions fully engaged. There is a tendency to equate the weight of an object with quality. Ex.1 - the spec of my Hyundai is very close to that of the Mercedes I had before it, but the Merc 'felt' more like a luxury car but it was so weighty. Ex.2 - dialog from Jurassic park when boy picks up night vision goggles - 'Are they heavy?' 'Yes.' 'Then they're expensive.' Ex.3 - for a given power rating, a valve head will weigh more than a Class AB, which will weigh more than a class D. The closest thing we've had to a scientific experiment was the amp shootout at one of the Bass Bashes a couple of years ago - no-one could distinguish between valve watts, conventional (Class AB) transistor watts, and Class D watts. Despite this, people still make these same assertions. Of course Trace Elliot is the exception, for the reasons given in their educational video...
  10. I play both guitar and bass, and can read on both, but to drastically different levels! On bass - a decent reader, and if in doubt I can still play something in keeping with the idiom and get away with it. On guitar - dots are more of a study aid, I struggle to read vertical groups in real time, and I feel a lot more exposed making mistakes. Nevertheless, when working out songs and writing them down for future reference, I always use standard notation, never tab (cue perennial debate...)
  11. I often gig the 50W version - most satisfying! Makes a great recording pre-amp too, with the built-in 8-ohm dummy load.
  12. Bought a pedal from Pete, always nice to meet a fellow BC-er, shame I didn't have time to stay for the refreshing beverage proffered!
  13. Nice! Did you singist show up in good time?
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