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  1. Africa by Toto: 'As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti'. Except it doesn't. The peak of Mount Kilimanjaro lies about 150 miles outside the borders of the Serengeti National Park, which is therefore too distant to be seen even from Kilimanjaro's lofty elevation.
  2. Good score. The Volante wasn't around when I commented in 2015!
  3. So they are relying on making money by selling punters overpriced comestibles. I'll pass, thanks.
  4. To punch in: Create a selection with your cursor for the section you want to punch in. Select Options up the top and choose the recording type Overdub Selection (or something similar) rather than Normal. Arm the track, put the cursor line a few bars back, hit record, start playing. Of course I rarely use this feature... EDIT: Yeah that zooming thing drives me nuts too, the thing to remember is that the result of a scrolling gesture depends on where the cursor is at the time. If you want to move up and down the tracks, put the cursor over the track number.
  5. Guilty as charged - over 2ft of shelf space taken up by books I've barely looked at. It's clearly a 'thing'.
  6. Brian bought some cables from me. Nice clear comms and prompt payment made for a transaction as smooth as a very smooth thing
  7. Graeme bought a cab from me, paid promptly and let me know when it arrived safely. Successful transaction 1 - hassle NIL
  8. It turns out I have accumulated a lot of these! This is what I've got, all tested and good: 2off 30cm 50p each 2off 40cm 50p each 2off 90cm 70p each 2off 1.1m 90p each 2off 1.5m £1 each 1off 3m £1.50 1off 4.4m £2.00 2off 5m (1 black, 1 red) £2.00 1off 6m £2.00 No extra for postage, but minimum order value £6. First come, first served.
  9. I bought this when I had a bit more in the way of MIDI hardware devices, but while I was doing a bit of cable-fettling I realised I now only had one old-school MIDI thing, and therefore this is now surplus to requirements. It is a rock-solid interface as you would expect from MOTU, and has performed flawlessly while it has lived in my smoke-free home studio. (I can't claim to have a pet-free home, but the cat stays out of my studio because he doesn't like me, so I'm pretty sure he has never used it.) The unit is easy to set up for PC or Mac, runs from USB power, and can be left to its own devices most of the time. The handy numbers on the front light up to tell you which INs and OUTs are active. There are 4 sets of MIDI sockets on the back for permanent use, and another pair on the front intended for temporary patching-in. In excellent condition with the original box, manual, half-rack mounting kit, and unused 10ft USB cable. I will also include the installer CD, but tbh this might now be out-of-date, and any necessary software can be found here. Yours for £85 £75 including insured delivery to mainland UK.
  10. I bought this cab direct from Barefaced in 2013. You can find the full spec here. I have used it paired with a Barefaced Compact (1x15), or on its own. Used alone with a decent amp (in my case, Ampeg 50W valve or Demeter 800W Class D) it is perfectly capable of filling a large hall. And it weighs only 9kg. Barefaced suggest using it with an amp in the 150W-600W range - I seem to recall the thermal maximum was around 400W. At some point it may struggle to compete with your own version Keith Moon or John Bonham, but it is still a very capable cab. It has the more expensive (and lighter) vintage-style grille cloth and comes with a Roqsolid cover which has done a grand job of protecting it when travelling to and from gigs in my car. The cover has worn through in one spot (see photos). There is some light scuffing to the handle mounts. Why am I selling? I now have a Barefaced Super Twin for larger gigs, and a Barefaced One 10 for smaller ones. Much as I would love to keep the Midget, I need the cupboard space, and my toy fund is running low from lack of gigging! Yours for £329 including insured delivery to mainland UK.
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