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  1. That is pure filth! Well done (and to your tech).
  2. When I received my Super Twin I immediately noticed that the corners of those metal protectors are exposed within the mouth of the port. It’s not somewhere I would normally grab onto to lift or manoeuvre a cab, but I remember making a mental note to keep my fingers out of there! When assessing product safety, two of the factors to consider are the maximum severity of injury, and the likelihood of the user spotting the hazard. I have just had a careful feel of these corners on my own cab. I reckon one of them is sharp enough to break the skin in the OP’s scenario, the other probably not. Neither has remnants of swarf. I also reckon I am in the minority in spotting the hazard. The metal corners look like off-the-shelf parts. There would be a cost in either specifying better-fitting corners or modifying them to suit. In the end it is a commercial decision for Barefaced, balancing increased manufacturing cost against the impact of claims for personal injury.
  3. Fender solved this many years ago with a strap button on the back of the headstock.
  4. I've saved the layout for possible future use 🖤
  5. I’d love to build one of those but I think I’d use a different box so as to put the valves above the chassis.
  6. Yours for just £130. That's as low as I go folks.
  7. Steely Dan? Chuck Rainey? Yes and YES!
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