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  1. It's down to pattern recognition. Eventually se a rhythm written and you recognise it and play it, rather than having to work it out.
  2. I initially set the Cali76 'Limiting Amplifier' by eye using the LED ladder - hardly any lights lit during normal playing, but around 20dB of compression on peaks when slapping/popping. Then I tweaked it by ear to sound 'right'.
  3. I’ve recently had to address this issue! Having been pedal-free for years I am now playing Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes live. For me it’s the pops rather than the slaps that jump out in volume. I have tried a cheap Biyang Dyna Comp clone, which seemed perfectly adequate when set appropriately, and a big-box Cali76, which was rather easier to dial in.
  4. Just got home from a splendid evening with my Bowie tribute band. The venue was a pub with a dedicated concert room at the side, with house PA and sound man. Just before we went on there were about 6 non-band people in the room, but once we took to the stage the place filled to capacity. We played 2 hours 20 minutes straight through, no breaks, and the time just flew by. For once I was standing well forward of my rig (Demeter into Super Twin), and both basses (AVRI Precision and Dingwall PZ5) sounded glorious. Mrs Axe commented afterwards that the bass came through loud and clear. Happy moments like this make life good!
  5. I have an older TGI bass gig bag which I’ve used constantly for about 5 years and is just starting to show signs of wear. I recently bought the Extreme bag for my acoustic guitar (not bass). As well as being well padded it has a massive front pocket that will easily swallow up an A4 ring binder or a preamp pedal.
  6. Even the mighty Demeter head has this issue!
  7. Thanks that’s all good info. Yes I noticed the Fafner seemed to be pitched at HM players! I expect we may see some used HD units coming up for sale in due course.
  8. I gig a Class D bass head and an all-valve one, but I do find myself scanning the BC ads for interesting Class A/B heads. EBS heads have pinged my radar, but are they all about the slappity-poppity high end? And what’s with the filter voicing?
  9. Can I suggest you consider moving the pickup a tiny bit further from the bridge, as on the G&L L1500 (below) and L1505 - it adds a lot more girth to the sound, which you may find useful in the absence of a MM-type active EQ.
  10. Our cat makes himself scarce if he sees me bringing any kind of speaker cab or combo into the living room. Speakers mean Big Noise, too much for his delicate feline sensibilities.
  11. From 2003, yours truly rocking a Hohner Jack through an Ashdown rig. The bass now belongs to my son, amd the amp went to another member on here. No regrets!
  12. Even if you remove all the valves and pack them separately, a drop to a valve amp can still buckle the chassis or cause the transformers to rip free from their mounting points.
  13. I looked. I was thinking ‘OK, not so bad’ until I saw that control plate!
  14. Sorry not my band, desperate plea from a friend.
  15. @status1 I have PM'd you - band have been let down again!
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