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  1. This may help: https://www.electrosmash.com/mxr-phase90 I would be looking to increase the gain of the input buffer, or if that causes distortion, the output buffer.
  2. Pro bassist Mo Foster's rib-tickling account of his early years and those of many other British rock luminaries. In very good condition, just some crushing to the top corners opposite the spine. Priced below what these are going for on Amazon - £18 delivered in the UK.
  3. I carry loads of spares of all types of cables. Each has a label on it stating its approximate length in metres, as well as a velcro cable tie. Yes I lend them to other band members, but I quickly retrieve them at the end of the gig because they are easy to identify. #controlfreak
  4. Whereabouts are you @Mickyk? I’d be happy to take a look at at it (foc).
  5. I know, very disappointed in John Fogerty there.
  6. I came to bass from guitar so I started out with a pick. It took me a long while to crack the standard two-finger approach, and a few years ago I moved over to fully floating thumb. Nowadays my preference is fingerstyle - I love the feeling of connectedness to the instrument. I still use a pick where either that particular sound is required, or I need to play fast repeated notes.
  7. Best thing would be to drop a verse and a chorus, the intro, the solo, and the remaining verses and choruses. And the bridge. God I hate that song.
  8. Wow - that is a cracking collection! And a fellow Swindonian to boot - will you be rocking these around local venues?
  9. Barefaced One 10. Whether that is tiny enough is your call!
  10. That headstock - is it the work of a certain purveyor of guitar conversions?
  11. I practise my guitar fx changes along with the other aspects of the song. I rarely touch my amp between songs. Add me to the list of those who can’t stand between-song fiddlers!
  12. Any good for metal? Does it play like butter? *fetches coat*
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