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  1. You can read all about this gadget here. This is the 5th gen model A1408 introduced in 2011. Boxed with power supply and manual. Good working order but has sat unused in a cupboard for a while following a router change. Price includes UK delivery..
  2. I have a Gibson CR8 (wasn’t stupidly expensive). I would describe it as lightly aged rather than relic’d.
  3. That's very clever choreography: bouncing up and down for the straight-1/8ths section, swinging from side to side during the syncopated section. Also noted that the bass player in the video is using a plectrum, whereas I've always played this fingerstyle with a fair bit of attack, near the bridge. I do love that song!
  4. No reply from EBS (boo!) but I’m pleased to say the issue has not come back. Today I tried my ‘73 P through the amp for the first time, playing along to a Proclaimers album. The sound seemed a bit bass-light so I engaged the Character switch and BOOM there it was, the perfect P sound, fat and growly with top end on tap from the bass’s own tone control. Normally I eschew (bless you) these switches but for that bass it’s perfect. Looking forward to my Bowie tribute rehearsal this Thursday...
  5. The one-knob Spectracomp in TC amps is very usable.
  6. At grammar school we spent the entire first year rehearsing the choral parts of the Sea Symphony by Ralph Vaughan-Williams. The other 4 years of ‘music lessons’ were taken up with listening to prog albums that fellow students had brought in. No music theory whatsoever. I have taught myself music theory over the last 42 years, no thanks to my school.
  7. I’d be interested to know how it compares to the Jensen.
  8. I have a 5-string Dingwall (32in-35in scale fan-fret) and two 4-string Precisions (regular 34in scale) and have no problem at all switching between them, even in the middle of a gig. The only time I have to do anything different on the Dingwall is when going from the D to G string on the same fret from about the 14th fret upwards, where I have to remember to compensate for the slant, otherwise I end up one fret too high on the G string.
  9. I played an outdoor gig at a rural pub on Saturday. It wasn't advertised anywhere and so was attended by the pub regulars plus friends and families of the 2 bands. No bother from the boys in blue or anyone else. The pub has a gravelled area beyond its car park with picnic tables spread out so that no-one needed to be crammed together. The gazebos left for us to use were broken, so we threw caution to the winds and played in the open air.
  10. Struggling to comprehend why you needed to put a mic on that!
  11. You sound very certain. Have you tried?
  12. I was happily gigging a 50W valve head (Ampeg PF-50T) before lockdown, only replaced it because of GAS and my self-imposed 1-in-1-out rule.
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