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  1. Thanks so much, I need this for a gig on Saturday!
  2. Yes I did get the gig. The guitar situation was sorted, and I have done 3 rehearsals on bass with the band to date. Also chipping in some BVs. First gig at the end of the month, second one in June. I'm liking it a lot!
  3. I've done a couple of rehearsals with my new band at a rehearsal studio. I took my Demeter head and BF Super Twin to the first one, but I noticed there was an Ashdown ABM600 head and a 4x10 cab in the room. The room 2 floors up from ground level (there is a goods lift!) so the second time I left the BF in the car and took up my Mark Bass Nano 300. The ABM head turned out to be shagged (distorted, hardly any volume) so I plugged the Nano into the 4x10, expecting it to be all dull and woolly. Bloody Nora - what a great sound! Big, fat, and even, with (ahem) heft that did not seem possible from the pocket-sized amp. It just goes to show... something, but I don't know what. Mind you, I almost broke myself carrying the cab to where I wanted it in the room.
  4. Any chance of recording the unwanted noise and posting a link here?
  5. When I get to an audition I aim to: have done my homework on the band, the material, the gigs; be honest with them about what I can or can't do, in terms of both playing and commitment; and be the solution they are looking for, not another potential problem.
  6. So where can you get them from?
  7. I didn't get down to the bare wood but it's still loads better than it was.
  8. Did a quick rub-down yesterday afternoon with a medium pad, followed by fine, and achieved a lovely satin finish with little effort. Went on to play a drag-free gig. Result! Many thanks
  9. Well in an interesting development, I am now up for the guitar job in the tribute band. Back to the drawing board. At least I know the chords already....
  10. https://www.joinmyband.co.uk/classifieds/madonna-tribute-act-looking-for-musicians-t1151835.html Would-be Madonna tribute vocalist looking for someone with 'a good sound system and mic'. Eh? Think I'll look for a band that can provide a good bass and amp!
  11. I use Elixirs on my acoustic guitar, and they do retain their brightness for ages. Never tried Elixirs on bass though.
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