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  1. I tried one of these in PMT in Bristol a couple of weeks ago. I particularly wanted to see if I could get away with playing it with a floating thumb RH technique, and indeed I could. It still felt weird having the neck vertical though. Does anyone know how this bass responds to a rockabilly-style pluck-and-slap approach?
  2. Once I forgot my mic stand and the drummer kindly lent me a cymbal stand, to which I taped my mic.
  3. That’s genius! I love a good accessory me
  4. I have received (for the second time) an unsolicited phone call (with no caller ID) from a northern-sounding male who first asked if I was still performing on guitar, then went on to ask if I'd be interested in helping him with his project to film someone playing bass underwater - in Manchester. I assume he got my number from my website. Nothing about these calls made me think that being involved with this bloke could ever end well, so each time I said no thanks and closed the call. Just interested to see whether anyone else has had one of these!
  5. I would never do that! *cough*
  6. I've just played three cracking country gigs in a week with the Crow Valley Band. My rig consisted of '73 Precision > Ampeg PF-50T > Barefaced Midget - I can't believe how big 50 valve watts can sound through a 1x12! The picture below is from Sunday's gig in a large high-ceilinged village hall - no struggle at all in terms of volume and tone. I think the Ampeg actually sounds better, maybe more focused, through the Midget than through my Super Twin. I should also point out that this arrangement is at the limit of acceptable overhang for me - I would have put the cab on its side except the Ampeg's feet don't clear the handle!
  7. Just played a couple of gigs with my PF-50T through my Barefaced Compact - gorgeous sound, and filled a large hall with ease! GLWTS
  8. JapanAxe

    Battery Power

    Looking forward to reading a comprehensive report!
  9. JapanAxe

    Battery Power

    I have the same fear. i installed a 6xAA battery pack under my guitar jam board (4 compact pedals) but I never really trusted it. Eventually I fitted a Fuel Tank Junior. Is it mains noise or is it chatter from a digital pedal messing with the analog ones? Another alternative to extension leads is an extra-long mains lead (say 5m) to your PSU.
  10. I have one too. It's my home practice amp - nice full sound with onboard spring reverb and bias tremolo, nice and light, takes pedals well. Not for you if you want built-in overdrive though. Note: @pete.young is not my Dad! Further note: ... as far as I know ...
  11. On My '73: D'Addario Chromes On my '63 AVRI and Dingwall PZ5: Ernie Ball Cobalts Here's the '63 AVRI recorded via the DI of my Ampeg PF-50T
  12. And we haven't even begun to discuss the lightbulb's HEFT!
  13. Another short-notice gig, this time 2.15pm call for 9pm local gig with a 3-piece 'classic rock' covers outfit. There were quite a few numbers I didn't know or wasn't familiar with, so I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening roughly working out numbers, making and/or gathering together transcriptions, and memorising the simpler numbers. All the dots went on my iPad. I recall there was a thread a while back where the use of music stands on pub gigs got a bit of a hammering. If this gig had been at a fortnight's notice I may well have learned the set, but that wasn't going to work on this one, I had to read it from dots. Fortunately I was able to position my iPad stand behind a PA speaker, so visually it was fine. On the downside, the BL had no clue as to keys. I first received a set list based on first notes or chords, then one with the alleged keys, which were mainly nonsense. Fortunately only a couple of songs turned out to be in non-original keys. The actual gig was ok, but the few people at the pub were more interested in the rugby and/or golf than in the band.
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