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  1. Just taken delivery of the 6i6 2nd Gen, installed the software, plugged it in, and - cowabunga! This is one of those go-up-a-level pieces of kit No USB buzz Loads of headroom Easy-to-use software with lots of routing options Also I've got my request block size in Reaper down to 16 samples (3.6ms/2.4ms) - previously it didn't play nicely at anything less than 512 samples, despite setting the Roland Quad Capture to match. I call that a win on multiple fronts. Congrats @Sibob, your company makes great products!
  2. Hey Blue, you could have smiled for the camera! Have a great gig
  3. Can I suggest you get off the fence and say what you really think?
  4. Yesterday afternoon actually. A superbly organised village fête with a western theme, hence they booked us - a country band. The promised 1k PA turned out to have speakers rated at 100W RMS, so we used it to augment our little 150W-per-side (mainly) vocal PA. This turned out to be surprisingly adequate to make us heard across a sports field. My Demeter/BF rig sounded huge and lovely without PA support. However, no electricity was engaged until it was made safe. I always carry a ring-main tester, and it showed no earth. The organisers traced this back to the industrial-style outlets on the club-house exterior wall, but couldn't access the box to fix it. I suggested setting up a local earth - drive a metal rod into the ground next to the stage, connected by a length of sturdy wire to an earth pin plugged into the distribution board. They also watered the metal rod, and by golly it worked! We kept the tester plugged in so that I could confirm we still had a good earth connection. The stage: The view: The Crow Valley Band: Mrs Axe's view:
  5. I joined a band 4 years ago via a JoinMyBand advert, still going strong. I also use it to advertise my services as a dep, and we successfully recruited our current drummer using the site. So yes it can work, but as has been observed in many a thread, the site is not short of delusional megalomaniacs, time-wasters, and what I can only describe as feckin' eejits. The trick is to filter these out as early as possible...
  6. Just snagged a refurbished 2nd Gen 6i6 from Focusrite's own website. Also noticed that their prices for pristine stock match the cheapest available elsewhere on line. Coolio.
  7. And now they've brought out Gen 3. No direct replacement for the 6i6. The new 4i4 has as many outputs as the Geb 1 and Gen 26i6, but no digital in (boo!) and is USB powered (trying to avoid this!). I wonder if Gen 2 prices will start to come down now?
  8. After some online searching, the main non-cosmetic differences seem to be: Improved latency / sample rate performance, but the new drivers will also improve the performance of the Gen 1 units at the sample rates that the Gen 1 units can achieve - see here; and Better gain structure for the instrument inputs. Also the seller say they have successfully used MixControl, so that sounds promising. @Sibob has very kindly promised to come back to me when he has a bit more time.
  9. I am looking to get one of these to replace my Roland Quad Capture, for 2 reasons: more routing options; separate PSU, so hopefully less USB-related noise. There is a used 1st Gen available locally, but the seller does not have the activation card with the software validation cards. Does anyone know whether I will have a problem installing or using Scarlett MixControl without these codes? @Sibob? Alternatively, how easy is it to set your routing by just using the options in your DAW (I use Reaper) without MixControl? Also, what would be the benefits of paying the extra for the 2nd Gen model? TIA
  10. Dale Watson and his Lone Stars, at the Exchange in Bristol. This guy is phenomenal. His style is somewhere between Bakersfield and Sun Studios. He plays excellent country guitar and sings at the same time, and is also hugely entertaining. His band (drums, upright bass, pedal steel) are tight as a gnat's chuff*. The bass player was a guy called Chris Crepps, who also sang high harmonies. *gnat's chuff - unit of measurement for the adjustment of action at the nut on certain modified guitars
  11. Whilst searching online for DIY bass amp kits (don't ask) I came across this gem on Techwalla: How To Build Your Own Bass Amp
  12. Tonight is my first gig with Bowie tribute band Rebel Heroes. We'll be playing from 8.30-ish (which could actually be 9.00!) at the Cornerhouse, 1 Christchurch St East, Frome BA11 1QA. For the gear nerds, I will be mostly playing my '63 AVRI Precision through a Demeter head into a BF Super Twin. If you're a Basschatter, come up and say hello - but not while we're actually playing!

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      Cheers all, the gig was brilliant, I didn't want it to end!

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      Nice one, glad it went well.

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      Nicely done.

  13. Thanks so much, I need this for a gig on Saturday!
  14. Yes I did get the gig. The guitar situation was sorted, and I have done 3 rehearsals on bass with the band to date. Also chipping in some BVs. First gig at the end of the month, second one in June. I'm liking it a lot!
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