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  1. JapanAxe

    New Mustang in Surf Green

    Yes and yes.
  2. I went from using a (non-Super) Compact to a Super Twin on most of my gigs. To me the Super Twin lacks nothing, but there is way more bass available than I generally need!
  3. JapanAxe

    There is hope!

    Good for you @aDx!
  4. JapanAxe

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    Anything played by Bruce Thomas on an Elvis Costello song.
  5. JapanAxe

    Fender American Performer Mustang Bass

    They did a couple of years ago, so I bought one - MIJ FSR model.
  6. JapanAxe

    Audition nerves

  7. JapanAxe

    No More Pubs - What Next?

    There are established circuits for certain genres e.g. country, rockabilly. Seek out the circuit for the kind of music you want to play, find some bands you like, and make yourself known to them.
  8. JapanAxe

    Possible scam?

    In short, yes. The scenario involves a foreign bank and uncleared funds. Your bank shows you receiving the money as cleared funds, but the transaction is cancelled when the foreign source account doesn't have funds to meet it. Or something like that! How sure is the OP that the potential buyer IS in Glasgow, and not, say, the Ukraine or Nigeria?
  9. JapanAxe

    Possible scam?

    If it's a scam: Next thing he will be saying he can't make it but will arrange a courier. You will feel obliged because you have taken £20 from him. You receive a bank transfer beforehand, but a week after the bass has gone, it is reversed. Variants exist of course.
  10. Maybe they believe their own hype, but have a read of this.
  11. What is the 16-channel controller immediately on the desk?
  12. JapanAxe

    Audition nerves

    70 - far canal!
  13. JapanAxe

    Does anyone ever monitor Join My Band? 

    I frequently report scam posts like these on JMB. However there is one user who persistently posts misleading ads on JMB that are deigned solely to drive traffic to his YouTube posts - he has no intention of recruiting musicians for his band, which is going to be the next Beatles/Nirvana/whatever.
  14. JapanAxe

    Audition nerves

    My band auditioned 3 drummers yesterday. One of them was clearly bricking it, but as I said to him, the worst that can happen is that he gets the 'Dear John' phone call the next day. To quote Brian Eno: In music, you can crash and burn and walk away.