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  1. Sold an amp to buy a different amp - one in and one out on the same day, by way of a road trip between lockdowns last year.
  2. I think for me it would have to be: David Bowie - David Live Iggy Pop - TV Eye - mainly because I’ve owned copies on and off for 40 years.
  3. AC/DC, Sheffield Poly, 1978. They were still unbearably loud in the bar in the next room. Slipknot, Bristol Anson Rooms in about 2001 (first UK tour). I was wearing earplugs but still in pain.
  4. I generally take a MarkBass Nano 300 with me as a backup. On one gig it ended up powering one of the PA speakers.
  5. TLDR: Yes. I initially struggled to motivate myself but started keeping a Bullet Journal which (among other things) helped to make me accountable to my own goals. I have a folder called Bass Challenge where I keep sheet music of songs I want to play properly but have never really cracked. Last night I was working on Master Blaster and New Born, both of which I have gigged at various times but only played messily. I’ve also been working through the James Jamerson transcriptions in Standing in the Shadows of Motown. I have a Trello board for all these numbers and I am steadily moving songs through the categories Challenge > Familiar > Nearly there > Sorted. On guitar I’ve spent time on my country playing and on Beatles and Bowie material, as well as the set of a band I am looking forward to playing with post-pandemic. I’ve also been teaching myself keyboards with the aid of a Udemy course. Then there are the six electronics projects I’ve completed, and daily Spanish using Duolingo. Even so, there are days where I’m just too tired or can’t be bothered, and I no longer beat myself up about that.
  6. Just played that from the dots - what a lovely groove.
  7. Ooh, think I’ll have a go at that one later.
  8. If you take out 'believe' and substitute 'hope' I think you'll get a clearer idea of what that's about - everyone hopes there will be gigs etc before too long. Then musicians can earn money to spend on new kit.
  9. You can then sell the original cab and get another one to match the second, different cab.
  10. I hadn’t considered that Bill - my live playing experience started somewhat later than 1980!
  11. Exactly. I suspect that manufacturers and retailers propagated the idea that if you don’t have both 10s and 15s in your rig, your sound will be lacking something. As others have said, find something you like, and if you need to be louder, get another one.
  12. If you don’t want to hire them one of your rigs you could suggest they buy one used and then sell it on for a bit less at the end of the run.
  13. May I ask where you got it from? There's quite a range of prices out there!
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