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  1. For me it wasn’t long between installing Reaper and deciding it was well worth paying for. It costs way less than a lot of other DAW programs anyway.
  2. Thanks for doing this @Zoltan Dekany I reckon to know my scales but I'm finding your position shift options really useful. Thanks also for not promoting 1-finger-per-fret - that's a recipe for tendonitis! (EDIT - I meant particularly at the headstock end of the fretboard.)
  3. A guy I know has an SVL Brent-Mason-ish 3-pickup Tele. It’s pretty darned fine.
  4. Ooh I didn’t know Simon was making basses now! Given that all my bass guitars are basically Precisions (see signature) I’ll happily grab any of them. Having said that, my ‘73 P has that ‘comfortable old pair of shoes’ thing going, so that’s my nomination.
  5. I'm really interested to hear how a passive Stingray works out.
  6. JapanAxe

    What laptop?

    I heartily recommend Reaper DAW software. Free for as long as you like, cheap when you buy it, less than 20MB download, massively customisable - Mac or Windows, 32-bit or 64-bit. You can even carry a working copy round on a memory stick.
  7. I made myself a list of stuff to work on with a view to improving my playing. Mrs Axe has made her own list of jobs that I ‘might like to help with’* and returned from her shopping trip with paint and brushes. *This does NOT denote optional activity.
  8. No shredding of coating from fret wear? Do you still make electrical contact with the strings and thus provide RF screening?
  9. Ooh I was only aware of them as flats. Yes, I've tried half-rounds.
  10. Cheers @Lozz196 I’ve recently changed all my skinny-string guitars over to Elixir Optiweb and they are excellent, but they don’t seem to do an Optiweb bass set.
  11.  I've edited the reply to you.


  12. What does a healthy human kidney fetch these days? Asking for a friend...
  13. For at least the last 5 years I have used flat-wound strings exclusively on all my bass guitars. Specifically I favour D’Addario Chromes and Ernie Ball Cobalts for a relatively bright flats sound. There is a certain attack at the start of each note that I think rounds can do but flats don’t. Consequently I am thinking of fitting one of my Precisions with a set of rounds - but which to get? I would probably favour consistency of sound over the life of the strings - they don’t need to be super bright to start with. I have tried half-rounds but didn’t much care for them. What can the BC posse recommend?
  14. It would work as a humbucker in the same way as a Precision pickup or one of those weird-looking staggered G&L guitar pickups.
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