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  1. I use We Transfer. I tend to compress the file first, it makes it a little smaller, I was told that it also prevents damage to the audio too.
  2. Best to ask Chris at Overwater. They do make P bass style instruments. https://overwaterbasses.com/basses/j-p-series/p-series/
  3. There’s flats and flats. I’ve always hated flats that go thump or thud, but loved flats that have zing and are articulate. Thomastik are by far my favourite.
  4. I know, it was a conversation with one of my music technology students that gave me the idea. His main instrument was drums, he was having lessons and looking for somewhere that was; in his words “a safe environment to play with other people”.
  5. I actually considered setting up an evening workshop a few years ago, whereby people new to playing in an ensemble could meet up, and play through a song. We’d decide on the song beforehand, everyone would be sent charts or TAB, and would have a week to work on their part. There would be a new song each week, gradually building up the attendees repertoire. Surprisingly there wasn’t any interest in it, so I didn’t bother.
  6. If you want to improve soloing, transcribe solos by your favourite players. Then analyse what they’re doing over the chords.
  7. Hand made in Italy in 2013. This is a 33” scale 5 string bass, in beautiful condition. Featuring a chambered swamp ash body with olive wood facings, bird’s eye maple fretboard, three piece ash/maple through-neck with purple-heart tone block, and a flame maple rear cap. The electronics are custom wound for W&T dual coil pickups, and an East SP 3 band preamp with passive tone. Gold plated ETS bridge, gold plated Hipshot tuners, there’s a d-tuner fitted too on the E/B string, and gold plated Dunlop straplocks. Weight is 9lb or 4kgs. It comes complete with a brand new Mono Vertigo gig bag. The bass is really effortless to play. I’ve tended to have it tuned E to C, in fact I’ve really experimented a lot with different tunings on the instrument. The Low B; or whatever you choose to tune it to, always sounds full and balanced, yet very clear and articulate. I’ve included lots of photos and some video, which might give you an idea of how it sounds, though excuse the playing. I would really prefer collection only, then you can sit and try it for as long as you want, to make sure you’re happy with it. 755B0606-2E8B-4BB6-B851-A82BB42164FD.MOV 03E26FB8-6E76-489F-911D-5FCBE583751F.MOV IMG_0385.MOV
  8. Count the beats for 15 seconds, multiply it by four.
  9. Good luck to him and his new classic rock band.
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