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  1. It’s happening all over the country. It’s sad, but the thing is to keep them going we need to support them by going to watch gigs.
  2. ambient

    Washing up liquid and new strings

    There are lots of threads about this. My personal thoughts are that it might clean the accumulations of sweat and grease, but won't repair any physical damage to the string i.e. from where they been in contact with the frets, also the core of the string is usually made from steel which rusts. Any improvement is generally very short lived, and gets shorter each time. I think it's just best to keep your hands clean and wipe the strings over with a nice dry, lint free cloth.
  3. ambient

    Washing up liquid and new strings

    Ah right. I use D’Addario XL.
  4. ambient

    Washing up liquid and new strings

    Cleaning the strings with it? Won’t it clog up the windings? I know it blocks up the squirter things on a car windscreen.
  5. ambient

    Six string bass

    Ibanez all the way. A couple of my students use them.
  6. ambient

    For sale adverts

    Facebook and gumtree you fill in a standard form, it won’t let you post without a location, photos, description or an asking amount.
  7. ambient

    Current Earworm...

    This album by Chris Watson. Chris has worked as the sound recordist for many of the David Attenborough programmes, and is also a member of Cabaret Voltaire. He has an amazing knowledge and ability when it comes to field recording, something I’m passionate about. https://chriswatsonreleases.bandcamp.com/album/stepping-into-the-dark
  8. ambient

    travelling for rehearsals

    Why do you rehearse? If it’s a new band and you’re getting the set together then fair enough. Many people seem to do it as a social thing. Can’t you find a more convenient rehearsal space; more centrally located for you?
  9. He's done a great job of the nut. I once tried to repair an amp, a wire had come off and I tried to solder it. I eventually gave up and took it along to a local technician who advised me after looking at the mess I'd made to when I get home, pick up my newly purchased soldering iron and throw it away.
  10. ambient

    Amplitube and Vst plugins

    I’ve found amp designer to be very versatile.
  11. This is for a friend. His band is looking for a bassist, they’re all mature guys in their 70s, they meet once a week or so at his house for practice, and they do the occasional gig. They play jazzy type music, swing and a few blues numbers. They’re purely in it for fun and enjoyment, reliability and the enjoyment of playing is more important than anything else. If you’re interested then contact me and I’ll pass your details on. 😊
  12. ambient

    Is volume killing smaller gigs?

    I did a lot of gigs with a particular jazz band a few years ago. I kept telling them they were too loud, but they ignored me. One particular gig they weren't able to use their own PA, just the house one that they had no control over. The guy kept the volume down to a nice and suitable level, it sounded brilliant. The guy who's band it was remarked afterwards how nice it had sounded, I just smiled at him
  13. ambient

    Is volume killing smaller gigs?

    I hate loud volume on anything, particularly music. I have done a few gigs where the sound guy has totally ruined things by having me too loud. It's maybe a genre and venue specific thing? Punk, rock and metal maybe need to be a little loud, but they should take into account the venue. If you're a pub covers band or function band then you really need to allow for the fact that not everyone is there to see or hear you, some are just there for an evening out and a chat. Another part of the problem is the increase in output and efficiency of amplification; but just because you're using a 1000 watt amp through a highly efficient speaker cab, doesn't mean you need to demonstrate that fact to everyone.
  14. ambient

    Fodera Emperor 6

    I’ve played this, albeit very briefly. It really is an absolutely superb instrument. Also Adam is an absolute top guy, so buy in confidence.