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  1. That’s good then. I had a bass a while back that had originally been a fretless, it had been converted to fretted. They’d done a great job, but the dots were in the wrong place, which made it a little odd to play. Overwater basses are great, I don’t blame you for wanting to keep it.
  2. Does it have side dots? They’re likely to be on the fret, rather than in the centre. Why not just sell it?
  3. This was just shared on IRCAM’s Facebook page. https://www.electronicbeats.net/essential-guide-diy-instrument-building/?fbclid=IwAR1SNDCuW5xg5f0HhY30ifYLd-wE1wbihoQN3chRxhN_0ta5meqsMausF2c
  4. I know someone with one, though I’ve not heard him play it yet. Surprisingly, it’s actually quite an old instrument, invented just after WW1 by a Russian scientist. There was a programme on TV a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Fish, the ex-lead singer from Marillion wrote on his blog recently that he’ll be unable to tour in Europe, it’ll simply be uneconomic to do so.
  6. They don’t want people coming here doing that do they? They want the brightest and the best, though if I was part of that, this is one of the last countries I’d visit.
  7. I read a thing posted by the MU a while ago that the UK would be enforcing a minimum salary cap before granting work permits, £30k or pro-rata.
  8. I posted about a similar thing a few months ago. If we leave on Halloween, then you’ll need to pay VAT upfront on any merchandise that you take with you. I’m just taking a MacBook and midi controller, maybe a couple of pedals. So no, I’ll hopefully get away with going as a tourist.
  9. No, I don’t know that I’ll need one yet.
  10. If they haven’t about read it in whatever ghastly tabloid they read, then they probably don’t realise that ending FoM applies to them too. They just assume it applies to Johnny Foreigner.
  11. I’m playing in Paris on November 6th. The Eurostar was very cheap.
  12. ambient


    Does John Currie still teach there? He was a brilliant tutor, and very supportive.
  13. There’s Moondance, and then there’s Moondance played very loudly by guys with trumpets who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a trumpet. It’s kind of tainted the song for me.
  14. I’ve never listened to Heart FM, I can’t believe it’s worse than Smooth FM. My dad likes Smooth FM, I’m of the opinion it’s radio for people who don’t like music.
  15. I’m with you all the way with Bohemian Rhapsody, though being totally honest I can’t abide anything Queen did. Bat out of hell by Meatloaf. Moondance, it always reminds me of those very mercenary gigs with very bad jazz bands.
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