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  1. My electric bass was built in Italy, my double bass is Chinese. My amp - PJB Compact Suitcase - is American but I think built in China.
  2. You often get software like Ableton lite bundled with kit that you buy. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Novation-Launchkey-MIDI-Keyboard-Controller/dp/B086N4W81X/ref=mp_s_a_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=midi+keyboard+ableton&qid=1634595948&qsid=258-2841329-2559210&sr=8-13&sres=B0038YX3BS%2CB002M8GBDI%2CB08D6YNZMW%2CB08R63H9LD%2CB01EN0FWUU%2CB0886ZPWC8%2CB08QKHNSZ2%2CB00IJ7FGSC%2CB01BDMKK1W%2CB086N4W81X%2CB00IWVWUWA%2CB01MF9EJPG%2CB07DDN4PYD%2CB0952ZV659
  3. If I understand right, then yes, that will work. I use a MacBook running Logic Pro to do the processing for my solo bass stuff - I’ve used Ableton live too a few times, Logic work better. Bass into the interface - I use an older generation Apogee Duet, a Focusrite will work perfectly - that’s connected via USB to the MacBook, the headphone/monitor out from the interface into the normal input an amp or a PA. There’s no latency - I’m not sure why there would be tbh.
  4. I follow him on Instagram, I’ve found the same - though I have to admit to not liking RHCP’s music. I like his playing and his attitude to playing and life in general.
  5. You come unstuck with the post office’s handling fee. Maybe get someone you know over here to get them for you next time, and under declare them? I did that recently for someone who lives in France, he wanted a CD. Thomann have now got it sorted out, the price you pay is it, nothing extra.
  6. I’ve never tried a HX, sorry. One of the things I like about the MOD is the ability to download pre-built user pedalboards, and third party pedals. I’ve got a shimmer verb by Shiro called the Shiroverb. There’s a delay pedal by then too that’s meant to be fantastic. Some you have to pay for, but they’re mostly free.
  7. Do Telecasters have slim necks?
  8. I’ve been intrigued by the various MOD units for a while now, since seeing Steve Lawson using his Duo pedal. So I finally bought one. I’ve only had very limited time with it - it only arrived yesterday - I’m extremely impressed with it so far. It’s incredibly well constructed, it comes with a really well made padded case, a cable to connect to your laptop, rubber and Velcro strips for the bottom, and a power supply. I had intended to mount it to a pedalboard and power it from the same supply as my other pedals - a pet hate of mine is untidy cables. That won’t work though, it needs a 12 volt 2 amp supply. I’ll still mount it on a pedalboard, I’ll just have to power it separately from its own supply. The effects sound fabulous. When you first switch on, by default it loads an effect called Shiroverb, which is quite simply the best sounding shimmer effect I’ve heard. it has two inputs and two outputs - these can be configured to supply a stereo signal - on the rear. There’s also a headphone output, and various connections to connect to a laptop. it comes with a massive library of ‘pedals’ and amp/cab sims, you just drag and drop them into whatever position you want on your virtual pedalboard. Clicking on the ‘i’ icon above each item calls up an information page for it. You can expand your library of effects and sims from MOD’s plugin store. They’re grouped by effect type: delay, reverb, distortion etc. Some you have to pay for, the vast majority though are free. It’s capable of an awful lot more than I’ve highlighted here, I’ve only been playing with it for an hour or so. It seems very intuitive - I’m not a naturally technically minded person.
  9. Yes. I just bought a B7K V2 ultra, it’s a fabulous preamp.
  10. Thank you. I quite like that - not sure about the knobs. I’ve seen a few of his basses, they fall into that sector that I really like, where the instruments themselves are works of art. I like the concept of creating music on something that is itself art.
  11. I genuinely like your posts. What did you link to there please, it’s not displaying?
  12. Dunlop too on the Amazon website.
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