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  1. Mono M80 gigbag

    It’s great, I no longer need worry about walking through doorways, or like just now walking along the aisle on the train.
  2. Mono M80 gigbag

    It’d be a pointless bass gig bag if the only room for the headstock was 8cm.
  3. Mono M80 gigbag

    No it’s a guitar gig bag, that’s why I answered.
  4. Mono M80 gigbag

    Should point out my bass is a headless Sei too, 34” scale and there’s a good bit of room between the top of the instrument and the top of the gig bag, at least 8cm or so.
  5. Mono M80 gigbag

    It would indeed, but try the Fusion Urban guitar bag first. A whole lot cheaper, more pocket space, and it's better padded too. https://www.fusion-bags.com/collections/urban
  6. Planet Rock..same old hat

    It’s hard not to have to stifle a yawn just at the thought of it.
  7. Very true. Though to be honest there really isn't room to put anything around the battery. You can barely squeeze it in.
  8. That looks very neat, and actually what I was expecting to see myself. I was a little shocked when I took the cover off last night. The last time I soldered anything I burned the carpet and my finger
  9. How do you mean? Sorry but I'm hopeless at this kind of thing, so your advice is invaluable, and much appreciated. It did make a loud clunk a couple of times last week when I caught the jack plug against my lap.
  10. It does look a mess doesn't it? Being totally honest I wasn't very happy myself with some aspects of the work. He's done a good job of the re-fret. I was a little unhappy with the fitting of the pre-amp. I'd agreed to pay cash for the work that he did, when I got there to collect it he wanted more money.....£25 for the little micro-switch that operates the LEDs! I didn't have it on me so he let me off. When I took the cover off last night to take these photos it was all full of wood dust, which you can actually see in the one photo. It did have three of the supports for the lid, no idea what happened to the missing one. I guess he took it out to make room for the pre-amp.
  11. Thanks for all of the replies, much appreciated . The preamp is the HR-5.4AO/918. I know the 918 refers to the fact you can use 9v or 18v. There's not enough room in the cavity for two batteries though. This is one of the diagrams that I got with it.
  12. Sibelius vs. Harmony Assistant.

    I've no experience of Harmony assist, but I've always hated Sibelius. We had to use it in my undergraduate course, it to me, wasn't at all intuitive.
  13. Some photos, there's not a lot of room in the cavity. Maybe swapping the push/pull with gain a little extra room too. It's a very tight squeeze getting the battery in.
  14. Thanks What pot should I get please? I don't actually mind not having a switch to be honest.