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  1. I’ve had this for about a month now, it’s a seriously amazing bass. With the exception of a very brief period in my first year at university, I’ve been playing six string basses for at least ten years. A lot of the players who influence what I do are playing fives tuned E to C, so I thought I’d try it. Apart from a bit of jazz, I mostly play solo stuff, which this is perfect for.
  2. The first piece from my PhD portfolio. It’s composed entirely from sound material that I recorded in Amsterdam when I was there to play a gig last October.
  3. No comment, at least not in public 😁
  4. The D’Addario XL nickels compare well with DR strings, for far less money.
  5. Like I said in a later posting, five of the number being advertised are by two sellers. Not all music, or all players require the use of a six string instrument; I think most players would actually get away with a three string bass and just four frets. I think Tony Levin had a three string Stingray built for him? I mostly play solo, and I tend to use a lot of chords, so for me the high C string is really a necessity, as is having 24 frets. It all depends on what you do. I remember one of tutors at uni kept asking if I wanted him to remove one of my strings. He was d**k though, his thing was playing like Victor Wooten, totally different to my thing.
  6. Also one guy is selling two of them, and another selling another two, possibly to fund another instrument?
  7. Nine out of seventy-three on the first three pages. Is that a lot? Five of them have been for sale for ages; at least one since last year, and another for almost two years. I wanted a new six string a month or so ago, in the end I gave up on here and bought my new instrument from Bass Direct.
  8. Nice. I was using my ebow for the first time in ages earlier.
  9. I prefer toothache to Brown sugar.
  10. Walk on the wild side isn’t banned. I didn’t think it was, I’ve heard it being played. https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/soldonsong/songlibrary/walkonthewildside.shtml
  11. I’ve never really listened to the words of any of these, mainly because, with the exception of walk on the wild side, they’re such god-awful songs 😁. But how many people do actually listen to the lyrics? Relax was only banned after a radio DJ did just that and realised what they meant.
  12. I’ve seen loads of times people say to have as much RAM as possible, I’ve never ever had a problem with the basic 4gb fitted to my 2012 model. I did have the hard drive replaced with an SSD a couple of years ago, that was after the MacBook got knocked off a table at a gig. Apple do refurbished MacBooks, you get a 12 month warranty with them.
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