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  1. A lot of extremely brilliant bassists all over the world are currently sitting at home. Now’s the time to message them via their website or social media, and ask about private lessons via Skype. Much better in my opinion than a one size fits all video lesson.
  2. It flashed up that a wired connection was required.
  3. I tried Jamkazam, as soon as I logged in it told me I needed a wired internet connection, not WiFi. So that’s another consideration. I’d have to set up in the hall by the front door.
  4. It worked for the person who told me about it. He recorded an album remotely; across a continent with a violinist. I get the impression it was quite complex music. I’m trying it in a few days time with someone I know. I’ll let you know how I get on.
  5. There’s a tool in Reaper that I’m told works well. It’s called NinJam, it actually uses the latency, rather than trying to get rid of it. I haven’t used it myself, I know people who have.
  6. I've mentioned it on another thread. I discovered a tool in Reaper called Ninjam. It allows you to play and record with others remotely. Instead of trying to remove any latency, it actually adds it. There's something about it here: https://www.freewebs.com/arxeia/Ninjam_User_Guide.pdf
  7. Apparently if you use Reaper, there’s a tool called NinJam, that uses the latency, it actually adds it where required to keep everyone together. You determine the BPM beforehand and set it in the system. You then play and record to a click. I’m not sure it would work with a band, but I do know someone who’s recorded themselves here and someone else who was in Paris though.
  8. I’ve taught quite a lot using Skype, it works OK. With my university now closed, my PhD tutorials are going to be via Skype.
  9. Reaper isn’t free, you have a free trial, they expect you to pay for it if you like it. It’s very cheap too. 😁
  10. You had me worried there, I thought it was Bono doing a coronavirus charity record or something.
  11. I think you’re right, it’s going to be a very long time. I can’t see travel restrictions being relaxed until well into the autumn. Social distancing they reckon could be for a year. If that’s how long it takes, then so be it.
  12. End of the day, music for most on here is a hobby. Is it worth you or an at-risk relative dying because you wanted to do your hobby? Change direction, send each other tracks, work on them, jam by recording.
  13. What would happen if next week you come down with it, followed a week later by one of your band mates, who then gives it to an elderly relative?
  14. You could try a one-to-one lesson via Skype, tailored to your specific requirements.
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