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  1. I think it all depends on who you’re flying with. I can say one thing based on my experience, someone something else based on theirs. It’s best to look at the flights, then contact someone at a fairly high level at the airline.
  2. Little nephew/niece/son/daughter/brother/sister with sticky fingers?
  3. They’re readily available in all different lengths from Amazon.
  4. That’s how I know about my friend going. I like Hendrix, I used to be really into him a few years back. I was talking to him the one day, and mentioned I’d just bought live at the Isle of Wight, my jaw just dropped when he nonchalantly replied, “oh I was there”.
  5. I know a guy who went to the Isle of Wight festival. He was only 13 or 14, his parents went mad, he travelled on his own from Birmingham.
  6. I wouldn’t say their later albums were bad, they were possibly patchy, but I think they had more good songs than not so good songs. The problem is I think, Automatic for the people set the bar ludicrously high for any subsequent album.
  7. Didn’t they write for other artists too?
  8. That’s my point, what one person considers to be a great band, causes someone else to leap across the room to hit the off switch on the radio.
  9. Shouldn’t the title of this thread be ‘what’s your favourite Rush album?’. These things are all very subjective.
  10. They’re my favourite. I do like the last couple too. I suspect they’re one of those bands, where you like the albums best that were your introduction to them; Roll the bones was my introduction. I really love the live album ‘A show of hands’ too.
  11. My dad’s just watching the bee gees on TV. No, music is no worse now than it’s ever been.
  12. What were your parent’s thoughts on this, when you were in your teens? My thoughts no, definitely not. I love jazz, and experimental music, both of these are in my opinion very healthy. I think one of the reasons why it’s so healthy is partly down to technology, people can record professional quality albums in their spare rooms, then they have sites like Bandcamp to distribute it through. Some artists I know are producing amazing and beautifully packaged music.
  13. I didn’t realise people still used hardware drum machines.
  14. There’s a pool of songs, same as with jazz bands. Sex on fire, Valerie etc.
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