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  1. I make short films that I either use as an accompaniment to my music, or as a visual influence. This was done last Sunday sat my a local frozen lake in the middle of a snow storm. The music is just a short edit from a longer piece, and has been done over the last few weeks. It features manipulated short vocal sections. https://youtu.be/KPJNIj7I-eI
  2. Just 3 months old and never used. Consequently they're in absolutely perfect condition. I have three pairs of headphones, and always seem to use my Beyerdynamic DT770s, these are a bit of a waste really just sat in their box. Price includes postage.
  3. Hope they get it back, but why do people leave gear unattended in vehicles?
  4. Bass Direct

    Your experience is a little different to mine with something that went wrong after 6 months or so then, because they didn’t want to know. Just saying...😊
  5. Bass Direct

    I bought a Mono Vertigo gig bag from them in August 2016. it had travelled hundreds and hundreds of miles with me, on trains, buses and the Eurostar across Europe. The strap broke a couple of weeks ago, as luck would have it just as I was getting on a train for a gig in Bristol. Anyway I managed an emergency repair using my teeth to squeeze the broken buckle bak together and continued my journey. I emailed Mark on the Monday morning, he got straight on to Mono and the distributors, and within a very short space of time had negotiated a return and a replacement bag for me. He even offered to post the broken one if I could get it over to him. That is why shops like Bass direct should in my opinion be shown more appreciation, who cares whether they sell a set of strings with mismatched silks? We should ensure their survival in what must be a very difficult market, with so many apparently great deals available on-line. Can you seriously imagine Amazon who, although well known for their great customer service arranging a return on an item almost a year and a half after purchase?
  6. This is an amazing beast of a bass that has to be heard to be believed, from thunderous lows to sweet and exquisite high notes. It's currently tuned low B to high F, but other tunings are quite possible, I've had it low F# to high C which worked nice, and i once had it tuned low F# to high C in piccolo tuning which was fantastic. If you check out any of any Bandcamp stuff from this year, any of the solo bass stuff will be this instrument. I'm pretty sure that I have video too from the various concerts that I've done with it. The instrument is 14 years old, and was serviced by Overwater in February this year. It's in fantastic condition though, just a couple of very tiny marks that are too small to photograph, and would need pointing out for you to see them. I have the birth certificate somewhere, which details all of the woods used in the construction. The body is walnut, and the facing is quilted maple, with a black accent piece between. The fretboard is the finest piece of ebony that I've ever seen, Electronics are Overwater's own pickups and the preamp is an Overwater John East. Black tuners and it has recessed black Dunlop strap locks fitted. The scale length is 35”, it has 24 frets. It weighs 6.5kg, which probably explains it's massive sound. So not a bass if you've got a bad back or enjoying wowing your audience with your acrobatic prowess, no backward somersaults from the top of your rig with this strapped to you. I would prefer collection from Birmingham, but I am willing to travel to deliver for train fare. My price is a bargainous £1350.
  7. Original work

    How many of the songs that are played by covers bands around the world, were written by songwriters within the first 4 or 5 years of their career though? I can think of many bands who’s debut album has been a classic.
  8. Original work

    Surely a ‘cover’ song is actually an original song, it only becomes a cover when done by another artist/band.
  9. Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    I was paying £17 a month for my membership. I’ve used their other services, I needed a DBS check done, they did that for me. They’ll sort out contracting issues too, and run regular workshops on everything from music mixing and mastering to teaching. This year my membership is just £20 because I’m a full time postgrad student, that’s a nice benefit of being a student ?.
  10. Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    My instruments, outboard gear, MacBook etc are covered as through my MU membership. I get £2k free cover.
  11. I think maybe pink floyd at Pompeii. One of the only ‘normal’ bands that I enjoy. It’s one of ‘the’ gigs isn’t it? I’ve seen it on film.