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  1. I believe there’s just John’s sons working there, think John himself retired. I follow them on social media, they’re building some incredible looking instruments.
  2. A very well made and spacious backpack, offering great protection for transporting musical gear about. Used just a handful of times for midi stuff.
  3. I briefly owned a 6 string Calibas bass. It was a beautiful instrument, but weighed more than I do.
  4. Is that one of his original instruments?
  5. Jaydee aren’t doing any repair work either at the moment, they’re concentrating on building. I was talking to one of the guys their before Christmas, they’re just so busy with orders.
  6. Bought from his website. contains transcriptions of nine Ron Carter bass lines. In perfect condition.
  7. All are in perfect condition with no creased pages, markings or other such blemishes. Discounts if you buy more than one. Janek Gwizdala: All the good stuff - £20 Simandl (English and Japanese) - £10 The Ray Brown bass method - £10 The Mark King book - £15 Level 42 book 1 - £15 Prices include postage.
  8. I know a few people who play them. I’m assured by them that they’re fantastic instruments.
  9. If the original songs are good and fit with the general vibe of the rest of your set, then it shouldn’t matter. I’d never heard the song I’ve got - rather annoyingly - going round in my head at the moment until five minutes ago, when I heard it on the radio. It is apparently the new single from Jake Bugg, and sounds quite different to his previous songs. Just because someone hasn’t heard something before, it doesn’t follow they won’t like it.
  10. Why is it named after a rather dodgy area of Birmingham?
  11. It’s certainly ‘different’ isn’t it? That’s the politest thing I can think to say about it. It’s a creative bit of recycling though, could it be something knocked up on that ‘money for nothing’ programme, using a canoe paddle and a bit of wardrobe?
  12. I owned one briefly whilst at uni. They’re really nice, very well made instruments.
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