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  1. ambient

    Sei Headless Original 6 String Bass.

    Bump from Belgium.
  2. ambient

    Weight Of The Bass

    The Overwater 7 string was something like 7.5kg. A huge sound.
  3. ambient


    I think Bandcamp is fantastic for releasing music through. I release through my own label on there, and also release stuff through a few other small labels; who as well as having websites also use Bandcamp. I suppose it can be disheartening to work realky hard on something and for it not to be hugely commercially successful; but is that why you do it? Another thing with Bandcamp is it’s a shop window. I’ve got some nice gigs through people finding my stuff on there, I’ve also got music in the British library’s national sound archive through there. I’m kind of straddling two different paths, I produce ambient music myself using a variety of instrumentation, that sells ok, and I get to play at some really cool places; I played in Amsterdam the other month which was brilliant. I’ve got radio play coming up soon on the BBC through an album I had a track on. I’m also currently putting together tracks for another programme. I won’t get paid for that play though, it’ll cost me more to join PRS than I’d get back. I also do weirder electroacoustic stuff. That’s a different audience altogether, I’ve just today been approached by a Canadian DJ wanting to play my EA stuff on his show, again I won’t get paid for that. Though I always ensure that I’m credited for any plays I get. I don’t personally believe that I’m part of the ‘music business’, I create music, I play music, if people choose to buy it then that’s great.
  4. ambient

    Sei Headless Original 6 String Bass.

    It's lovely isn't it? :) The string spacing is about 18mm, but adjustable. It weighs a little over 3kg; it's very light! The preamp is a Bartolini NTMB with switchable mids; the controls are volume, high, mids, low, and balance. The little switch selects the mids as per this: https://bartolini.net/wp-content/uploads/Docs/NTMB_Wiring.pdf No it's not an XRL, just a side mounted jack socket.
  5. ambient

    High C Black Nylons?

    That's the annoying problem with playing a 6, or indeed a 7 string bass; lack of string choice if you want to use something other than round wound.
  6. ambient

    Zon legacy Elite 4 1595!!

    I love Zon basses. I've owned two Sonus 6 strings, though I've never played a Legacy model. My all-time favourite bass sound is that obtained by Michael Manring on his Zons.
  7. ambient

    Weight Of The Bass

    I guess heavy is quite relative term though?
  8. ambient

    Weight Of The Bass

    I remember reading a short while ago about the guy who designed the Steinberger bass. He came up with the minimalist design but wasn't happy about the sound; he felt that it lacked sonic depth and I guess 'bassiness'. He noticed that the sound improved when his design was clamped to the workbench, which he put down to the increase in the mass. Consequently he came up with the idea of using carbon fibre, which is denser than wood, and gave an improved sound.
  9. ambient

    A bit of a weird one maybe?

    I've never heard of that, I'll be sure to check that out. One the great things doing this is discovering what other people have done; either musically or in books. Thanks for listening :)
  10. ambient

    A bit of a weird one maybe?

    Thanks for listening. It’s probably the first piece for my PhD portfolio. The title of the track is the title of my PhD; Connecting Places to Sound. Beneath the sound of the traffic in most cities is a wonderful musicality, whether it’s birds singing, church bells, bicycle bells, we tend to ignore it though. I mostly used GRM plugins, the sounds themselves were recorded on a little Zoom H2N recorder. The classical music is some buskers sat by the Rijksmuseum.
  11. An electroacoustic piece. There's no instrumentation at all here; it's all just sounds that I recorded during a recent visit to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I did a gig there, and spent most of the three days wondering around the museums; specifically the Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk, and recording in the streets and around the canals. https://m.soundcloud.com/user-987830578/connecting-places-to-sound-one-amsterdam
  12. ambient

    Saving videos off Facebook?

    You can download them yes. Click on the 3 dots at the side of the video, that should give you the option to download. I've attached a photo of one of mine.
  13. ambient

    Sei Headless Original 6 String Bass.

    Bump, and lots more photos for you to drool over. The knobs that you can see in a couple of the photos are some very nice wooden ones that I bought but never got around to putting on. It comes with a new Hiscox guitar case.
  14. ambient

    How do you play reggae?

    I'm usually asleep when I have a nightmare.