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  1. ambient

    Sei Original 6 string headless bass

    It does, but you can use normal ones too, there’s a set of little bolt things that clamp them into place at the end of the neck. Status use a similar thing.
  2. There was a similar thing done by the MU recently.
  3. ambient

    Sei Original 6 string headless bass

    Hmm, wonder what shall I buy when I sell 😁
  4. This is 27 years old but has recently been completely refurbished/refinished and refretted, consequently it’s in mint condition. The refinish was done by Sims guitars in Kent, they’ve done a truly fantastic job. It features a thuya root face and back with an ash core. The neck is wenge and maple with a 24 fret ebony fretboard which has a very thin band of lighter wood purfling running along the edge. It’s 34” scale length with twin Kent Armstrong humbucking pickups and a Bartolini preamp. It comes complete with a like new Fusion guitar gig bag. The bass is amazingly easy and comfortable to play, and very lightweight. The string spacing is about 18mm at the bridge. I would prefer collection from Birmingham, or I can deliver for train fare.
  5. ambient

    Courier Con

    Sarcastic comments like this are one reason why my visits here are growing more and more infrequent. You’re a moderator too. The OP is mostly talking about how little the insured value is. My comment actually says something quite different, i.e that instruments aren’t covered at all, which is the case with parcelforce and possibly others.
  6. ambient

    Courier Con

    Lots will take money from you to insure instruments, despite them not actually covering instruments.
  7. ambient

    RIP Matt 'Guitar' Murphy

    I’m only aware of him from watching the blues brothers film. I always though it was mad guitar Murphy for some reason.
  8. ambient

    Bass Direct

    I think the 14 days thing is only for distance selling/purchasing.
  9. ambient

    Zoom H2n for recording rehearsals?

    It's very good at that. I was recorded by a local radio station last year, he used one and it sounded great when played back over the radio. It's got a combination of mics, mid-sides and X/Y I believe. I use a Zoom H4n Pro for recording gigs and for general field-recording, I'm really happy with it.
  10. ambient

    A Guy walks past a record shop...

    I came across a photo on Instagram last week. It was a photo of the dashboard of someone's truck in America, they were off on a road trip. It showed a pile of cassettes in front of the cassette player, one of them was mine, which was kind of nice. my Mom and Dad were happy.
  11. ambient

    Rode NT4.

    Must be in perfect condition.
  12. It’s telling the keyboard or guitar player what to include. Including a 6th or 11th actually in a chord gives it a lot more colour. I tell students to analyse bass lines; try it yourself, pick any line that you know and compare it against the chords for the song or piece; analyse it and see what harmonically the line is doing. Or use the one above. There’s no mention of playing a 6th or 13th over the BbM7, but it’s in the line; the G.
  13. You can play any note from the scale (and outside) really. It depends entirely on how you want it to sound. Look at the transcribed line I've attached for instance. There's a lot of root notes, also some chromaticism, 4ths, 6ths. Bar 17 for example the chord is a BbM7. The line starts on the root note Bb, the next note is a G which is the major 6th, the next is an F the 5th, back to the G then an A which is the 7th.
  14. Like new. Also fits headless basses. £95 posted.
  15. ambient

    PAT testing

    I had an email this last week from the MU, offering free PAT testing for members in Birmingham.