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  1. If I did lend them an instrument, it would be on the understanding that they either provided their own strings or bought me a new set.
  2. It depends. To a total stranger no, but then again my instrument isn’t a normal bass. Though I did offer to lend it to a friend recently, I know he’d look after it.
  3. A bass. It’s how you play it.
  4. My prediction for the UK’s entry. FullSizeRender.MOV
  5. Thank you. I’m hoping to find some funk or RnB to offer the students a choice of song to work on.
  6. There’s a few things I learned years ago that I still remember: the opening bars from Teen Town for example. Other than that I don’t know any songs or bass parts. Memorising parts just seems a bit pointless and time consuming, for me at least anyway. If I’m ever asked to play something specific I’ll just transcribe it and play it from a chart.
  7. Brilliant. Thank you 🙏.
  8. I have to teach a workshop on mixing and mastering at a music college I teach at. I’m on the lookout for stems that I can use in the workshop: bass, drums, guitar etc. Does anyone know where I can get them please?
  9. The Darkglass Element is a fabulous practice tool. it has a built in tuner and can work as an audio interface. The cab sim library is fantastic.
  10. This is another favourite of mine. Steve’s a fabulous fretless player, his intonation is impeccable, and such beautiful phrasing. https://music.apple.com/gb/album/grace-and-gratitude/208160961?i=208160972
  11. Michael Manring, the enormous room. I started transcribing and learning this a while ago. The tuning is really complicated on it, he uses the de-tuners on his Hyperbass throughout. https://music.apple.com/gb/album/the-enormous-room/1595552826?i=1595552846
  12. Something I have noticed on Facebook marketplace, is there’s now an option to ‘buy it now’ and complete the purchase through Facebook. How does that work, protection-wise?
  13. I had them recently. I thought it was someone messing about, a prank. I just deleted the messages and blocked the senders.
  14. Maybe Strings direct price represents an increased price from the distributor, if theirs is newer stock?
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. A friend of mine was going to see this tonight. I’m glad it was good, didn’t realise Guy Pratt was on bass duties.
  17. I only have one bass, I’ve only had one for years. The last time I owned more than one was as a student, that was only briefly. I think the last time I took two basses to a gig was about twenty years ago. I played onboard a cruise ship for a month about twelve years ago, though I did have two instruments with me, only one ever left the cabin.
  18. Like new, just a month or so old and barely used. I just bought its bigger brother. Complete with original box and everything that came with it. Price includes postage.
  19. I’m on my lonesome vote-wise playing on lonesome.
  20. My mum once unplugged someone’s microphone, they were making a racket and annoying her. The ‘singer’ was slightly drunk and didn’t realise, he blamed the microphone.
  21. I don’t know tbh, I haven’t used that particular feature. I’ll check next time I’m using it.
  22. I’ve only had one for ages. It does have 6 strings though, so does it count as 1.5? 😆
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