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  1. Sandberg don't have any old stock, so it looks like a trip to see the Bass Doc.
  2. I'd read somewhere that Sandberg weren't supplying them for the same reason they changed the design of the California models. However, I have sent a message on the off chance, but I'm thinking that I'll have to have one made ......... probably the cheaper option!
  3. Thanks, I’ll keep him in mind should I want something more unusual. BassDoc who is local to me can make me a Tort plate, I was just seeing if I could source a Sandberg scratchplate. Cheers Charla
  4. Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have or know where I can get a Tortoise shell Scratchplate for my Mk1 TM4 supreme? Cheers Charla
  5. I bought an EBS HD350 from Barry, straightforward transaction, promptly posted with no hassle. Never met him but from this deal and his comms he sounds like a good guy, must say that I've always had a positive experience when buying/selling on Basschat. Thanks again Barry, I like mu Reidmar but it's good to have some good old EBS heft back again! Cheers Charla
  6. Always fancied an HD350, I used to have an TD650, which was way too much for my needs. However, I'm in South East Northumberland, which is a tad more than 50 miles from Exeter!
  7. Dood That's brilliant and very much appreciated. The Tech thought it was a pre amp problem but said the Eden wasn't straightforward to reverse engineer and didn't want to waste my money. Looking forward to taking the Eden out once it's sorted. You've made me a happy chap and once again Basschat comes to the rescue. Double Cheers Charla
  8. I have an Eden wt405 which has developed an intermittent fault. I took it to my local Tech who contacted Marshall as per the Eden website advice and was advised that they didn't have a schematic for the wt405, apparently it's too old (made in 2005). Just wondered if anyone on here has one, or can find a link as I'm otherwise left with an amp I can't trust to gig. Cheers Charla
  9. I totally understand why you're offering collection only, but why do you have to be in Worcester when I'm in Northumberland! Mind you I fear it may be too wide to sit on top of my Barefaced Compact?
  10. I've just bought Brian's USA Precision, straightforward transaction, honest description of the Bass and good communication; looked pristine in the photos but Brian told me about marks which are barely visible in the flesh. The bass was well packed, the case was wrapped and sealed then placed in a cardboard box which was well padded; I've bought from one well know Bass shop which doesn't package as well as this. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Brian again or recommend him to anyone else on Basschat. Cheers Charla
  11. Thanks for the feedback. There's an EBS Multidrive for sale, think I might drop Old Horse Murphy a message, but I might wait until I get the Double Drive back and see how it sounds?
  12. I have a EHX Bass Blogger which doesn't like being on my pedal board, it makes a sound like an earth hum when I switch on the effect. I have a Tech 21 Double Drive which I have out on loan at the moment and just wanted some feedback about the suitability of using this for bass or should I buy something `bass dedicated'? Cheers Charla
  13. I did 2 deals in quick succession with Jack; bought his Barefaced Compact, then traded for his Barefaced Midget. Very straightforward transaction and honest person to deal with. I would have no hesitation to buy or trade with Jack again.
  14. Jack, I live in Bedlington and would like to come and have a look at the Compact. I'll PM you my details. Cheers Charla
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