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  1. Haven't found Black Midi yet, but did find Squid... Didn't even know they were playing! Great drum based grooves and general oddness. Like New York No Wave was back! Somewhere between James Chance, Talking Heads, Marc Ribot and Alt J...
  2. Hadn't even noticed they were on! Shall have a look - they're somewhere between Sonny Sharrock and Girlband, for those that like that sort of thing...
  3. A function band's set is the list you will get if you ask me what all my least favourite songs in the whole world are...
  4. Aye... Got my cancellation email yesterday! Unfortunately the Mrs wants to keep the relatively cheapo Lowry Hotel booking and turn it into a shopping trip 😪
  5. To be fair, it's not just the BBC! Perhaps it's hyping Glasto - but that's because it's got it and wants to attract viewers. But all media are guilty of hype. But that's because it works. Folks hear the excitement and want to be part of it; instead of investigating for themselves whether it's the best ever, they believe it in advance, and continue to believe. And there is that horrible trait of celebrities to uncritically big up other celebs - after all, they wouldn't want to be dissed back and potentially lose work! While Wiley is very guily of this, it's Corden who's the worst offender because not only is it "X is great", but "X is great, and he's my mate and I'm better than you cos he's not your mate". I find it best to take most stuff with a pinch of salt and a wide perspective.
  6. Just got round to watching Jack White... Excellent stuff, and especially like the drummer and his crazy kit. All big grooves and no little pop songs for folks to singalong in the shower! My new no. 2 (not that sort!)
  7. Aye... They just seem bland to me, no real spark, no excitement, nothing particularly musically interesting. I also felt the same about Sigrid - just little pop songs and an average band. But then I don't really like pop music at all as it's mostly about the singer, rather than the music as a whole. Same goes for Billy Eyelash! I quite liked Skunk Anansie - great phat bass tone! sean Kuti was good, but nowhere near Fela... But The Primals were their usual dull selves - they need some serious work live to get that Screamadelica quality... J&M Chain, exactly what I expected - not enormously exciting. Two I really didn't like were Yungblud (doesn't he just love himself?), and Megan Thee Stallion. Full marks to her for the cozzy, but it was sub-par rap over a tedious backing. I was hoping with the use of "Thee" there'd be the spirit of Billy Childish somewhere; Thee Milkshakes doing rap would be something to see! So best for me was Herbie Hancock. At 82ish he's got some serious chops - no-one's making excuses for him about being old! 2nd - Idles. Great performance, noisy but interesting. 3rd Amyl and the Sniffers. Great performance, completely crazed. And who doesn't love a poorly executed mullet?
  8. Herbie Hancock is at least that, and seriously kicking it on the bridge/ runway with his keytar! Best I saw by far... Snarky good, but just a bit lacking in groove and feel - a bit too studied. Idles, attitude and bollox. Excellent! Amyl and the Sniffers - musically a bit duff but completely feckitandeverything. Saw lots of other filler, most just wet or annoying or average. Sir Paul was what I expected - strummalongs of some Beatles songs and Live and Let Die. OK but nowt to even phone home about...
  9. Arguably! But it's like no midrange is allocated to the bass, so it's got no character. You'd think as he's got a Markbass rig he wants a slightly more upfront sound! And I'm listening through a Bow Technologies Preamp into Bryston 14 power amp and Leena Xavier speakers...
  10. Snarky mix much better for bass than Herbie's was! Bass still a bit muddy, but not squished into a big lump with the drums. Shame the Snarkys, while excellent musicians, don't groove like Herbie's band!
  11. Best band of the weekend! That lovely bass is kind of spoiled though by the muddy mix at the bottom end... Whoever's mixing has gone for that huge rock bottom end where bass drum, floor tom and bass guitar are largely indistinguishable. Not a BbC engineer - I'm ex beeb sound and we were most certainly not taught to do that! It was all about hearing everything in a balanced fashion.
  12. Funny, because I found her nowt but twee, obvious and annoying! Still, each to their own... Apart from Yungblud - all I thought was "why"? Is there anything more annoying? Though the presenter with the fashion punk 'mohican' is also a bit whothefeckisthistwat!
  13. I was particularly pleased by Idles' use of a free jazz sax player (Colin)... And even more impressive was the fact the crowd were chanting for him. I'm looking forward to next year's headliners, now weird jazz is in!
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