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  1. We cover Where Eagles Dare, with a slappy bass line and hiNRG disco middle 8 for good measure....
  2. Last gig for a while - writing new material for a recording... But we're at The Dragonffli in Pontypool Friday 16th with support from Capitol Confusion. Tidy!
  3. But is it at least 9' tall? Never mind the quality, feel the width! Talking of which, Mr Mayhem could lay those 8x10s down sideways on top of each other, TKSs on top next to each other vertically with Accugroove vertically on top of those. One of the Fender Bassman amps would complete what would, on first glance, be a functional stack of Gentleman's width!
  4. Mmmmmm, raffia! 😁 I had to use a stepladder to build my WobbleyStack (TM). And as my amp will only do a 2ohm load if it's driving both channels I'd need a 2nd identical stack to actually play through it!
  5. Indeed! It don't exist unless we can see it... Bring on yer Stack-of-Doom!!!! And combos aren't allowed in The Rules.
  6. My taste in music was formed by the John Peel Show of the late 70s/early 80s, and by New Romantical and gay clubs of the early 80s. Which means I potentially like absolutely anything so long as it: a) is leftfield and a bit out-of-order b) has got a daft hairstyle c) funks'n'grooves like a mutha d) would make most parents from any era demand it be switched off
  7. There's always a flaw in every great plan... If it hadn't been for you pesky kids etc!
  8. Just got back from an afternoon set at Down On The Farm Festival near Hereford... It was the first time out for my Markbass 4x10/2x10 stack - band were impressed with how well it cut through. Not only that but there were only a couple of minor booboos, and a bass player from another band came up afterwards and complimented my playing (doesn't happen often!), saying as well that we sounded like Rage Against The Machine blended with Jamiroquai! Eek!
  9. Bow down, puny Earthlings!
  10. Bought a Markbass 104 cab off Paul yesterday; meet went as planned, kit was good as was his communication. Good bloke. Cheers!
  11. Well my wife's gone to Java. Jakarta? No, she went on the bleedin' plane!
  12. I've tried to like Tool over the years but their complete failure to say "All the girls go 'Owww, all the guys go 'woof!'" at any point, or to break it down to just handclaps with the whole band shouting "Ain't nuthin' but a party, babba!" just makes them a no-no for me.
  13. Bit of Cory, featuring some serious bass playing by Sonny T (Warwick Infinity?) Not sure if this has been up already, but it's so nice you can play it at least twice...
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