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  1. Leonard Smalls

    F a n n y (the band)

    There would be a whole heap of extra confusion for the band if audiences had actually shouted "Craddock", or perhaps the more conventionally trained musos might have chanted ""Waterman".
  2. Leonard Smalls

    F a n n y (the band)

    I saw an interview with them a while ago... They said they were very surprised that British audiences knew them, and wondered why the audience would all chant "craddock!" as soon as they came on stage.
  3. Leonard Smalls

    (Gimme Some of That) Ol' Atonal Music - Merle Hazard

    An excellent intro to music not conforming to the bourgeois notions of melody and rhythm. This is where it gets hardcore...
  4. Leonard Smalls

    What floats your boat?

    I like music with cojones, so long as they're not just wrinkly, but also groovy and pumpy. And preferably much more rhythmic than tuneful. Even better if that rhythm is crazy, daddy-o. And if everybody is playing far too many notes, I'm even happier. For full nirvana, any singist has to be part of the music, as opposed to backed by musicians in order to bolster the warbler's ego, unless it meets the groovy pumpy cojones condition. So Screaming Headless Torsos, yes. Coldplay, no. Kenny G, no. Ornette Coleman, yes. P Funk, yes, yes, yes. Van Morrison, no. Metal, usually no, but: Suicidal Tendencies, yes. Etc.
  5. Leonard Smalls

    Click tracks and drummers

    In my other band we have a sequencer, plus drummer on e-kit. Funnily enough we're Right On Time!
  6. Leonard Smalls

    Click tracks and drummers

    That's usually what it is... He's a rock drummer who thinks he can do funk, but can't. I've been trying to beat the GoGo groove into him for months now, even getting on the drums to demonstrate (and I'm no drummer!) but we're still stuck with that Stone Roses attempt at the Funky Drummer! To be fair, we are a rock band but I'm trying to make it interesting by giving it a funk vibe. Anything to stop that annoying thing all rock drummers seem to do, which is constantly hit all the crash cymbals so you can't hear owt else.
  7. Leonard Smalls

    Click tracks and drummers

    Annoying thing is that I'm starting songs deliberately slowly, as I know it'll be 15-20bpm faster by the end, and what was a funky groove has become a punky thrash! Mebbe if I start them fast we'll be slow'n'soulfull by the end.
  8. Leonard Smalls

    Click tracks and drummers

    Not many drummers round here... In fact there's not many people, so that's not surprising. Problem is, because the rest of the band don't mind speeding up it looks like it'll only be me who gets wound up by it. In fact the singer comes from a Hardcore background so she wants it to speed up a lot more!
  9. Leonard Smalls

    Click tracks and drummers

    Has anybody got any experience of their drummer playing live with a click track? Our drummer always speeds up... Only problem is we don't use IEMs - could he use just one with his ACS plug in the other ear? Or would tha distract him even more?
  10. Leonard Smalls

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    Not at all! I use the bridged Crown to power my 1x15 Precision Devices and 2x10 Markbass cabs. The Markbass is fine on it's own for small venues, even without going through the PA. And on 1/2 power amp volume with both cabs I can drown out both drumkit and our guitarist...
  11. Leonard Smalls

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    You could do what I did... Buy a pedal or pre that covers your eq needs. That covers DI-ing to PA. I use a large pedal board plus a BBE pre. Then get a Crown PA power amp to power your on-stage ,monitors. I got the XLS1502 at about £350, which when bridged into 4 ohms gives 1500W. XLS2002 gives more! The sound is incredibly clean, cuts through wonderfully with no traditional bass amp honk, and I can hear 20Hz if I use down octavers!
  12. Leonard Smalls

    How many BassChatters have never ever gigged?

    If this was me my neighbours would be admiring my lovely new patio, and asking if the wife was on holiday... 😁😈👍
  13. Leonard Smalls

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    I'd love to know how to give 101%. That Simon Cowell appears to be able to do things "1000000%", but I can't get any better than a measly 100% of what is possible. What am I doing wrong? 😎
  14. Leonard Smalls

    Bands that wont learn covers properly.

    We're in the Welsh Borders - our town is only just that, with maybe 2000 residents. There's 2 pubs that do occasional music, and that consists almost exclusively of covers bands and "open mic" nights, with one of them having a proper wild night every quarter involving a "Lady DJ". There's another very small town about 8 miles away with one of its pubs having covers bands and very occasional pub blues. Then our nearest "larger" towns, Ludlow and Bishops Castle have between them perhaps 4 venues that put on music, they're covers, blues or easy listening jazz. So not much doing for a funk-punk-rock originals band that sound somewhere between Primus, Penetration and Public Image! We've tried putting on a rock night at our local community centre - which is quite large at about 500 capacity. Despite asking everyone we knew, putting up posters for miles around etc we got about 60 punters at £3 each (for 4 bands!), which only just covered the PA, but not the bouncers the committee insisted we hired. So now we have to travel further afield if we want gigs; Shrewsbury, Hereford are an hour away and the very modest fee we get covers the fuel and a pint or 2 each... Worcester and Whitchurch are about 1.5 hours away - the fee just about covers travel... Any further and we might make a loss! However, even if we were being paid the rates covers bands are getting (say £250?) there's no way that would give us a reasonable income. If we could play 4 nights a week (!), assuming £50 expenses each gig we'd make £200 each or £800/month. If each of those gigs meant we were there for 4 hours, plus 2 hours travelling that 24 hours work for £200, that's £8.33/hour without taking into account rehearsal time or any gear costs! Which means none of us could afford to give up our day jobs in order to be a musician, unless we hit The Big Time... But it does mean that we can play what we want as the money is now largely irrelevant.
  15. Leonard Smalls

    Bands that wont learn covers properly.

    I know a drummer who does just that - his excuse is "Dennis Chambers uses double bass pedals". Difference is that Dennis Chambers plays what the song needs rather than what he thinks is going to impress folks... Dennis can impress any time by just doing a tiny fill - he doesn't need to do a double whupdedoodlediddle which invariably over-runs by nearly a beat putting everybody else off, nor does he think that funk drumming is only the version of the funky drummer riff as popularised by the Stone Roses. Nor does Dennis speed up by 5-10bpm during a song!