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  1. Early hardcore bands! Check Out of Vogue by Middle Class in Doctor J's post as one example...
  2. Lawks! I've got Out of Vogue by Middle Class, on one of the Earcoms iirc...
  3. You haven't read the gov.uk link I posted above about foreign entertainers working in the UK. If you did you'd see that: a) the UK market is a protection racket, they don't want foreigners earning money in their closed market b) the UK has spectacularly removed its own nose with a rusted and blunt scythe in order to spite its own union jack-bedecked face, only to whinge that said flag was made in Poland...
  4. The situation is different in each EU country, some require permits,some sort of do. But either way there's a whole level of unnecessary complexity: https://abo.org.uk/assets/files/Advice-and-Fact-sheets/Touring/FTA-briefing-24-Feb-21.pdf And for furriners coming to Britain,firstly you have to prove you're a "professional" musician - i.e. one who earns the majority of their income playing music. Kind of puts paid to little bands coming over and playing little gigs at grassroots venues! https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/450237/Entering_the_UK_Arts_Ents_leaflet_August_2015.pdf
  5. The redneck look is not, and never has been, cool... James Dean and Steve McQueen will be spinning in their graves!
  6. Aye.. I definitely aspire to double denim and a moustache last seen on the hunk fixing the washing machine for the scantily-clad lady in that dodgy movie. 😁
  7. Haven't seen much in the way of disrespect, just expressions of love it/hate it and of course, pointing out how metal (sometimes ironically but not always!) becomes a parody of itself... I see far more vitriol toward rap (which also suffers from the same same-ness and occasional daftitude)! Just shows how one man's "hey that's awesome in the truest sense of the word!" is another's "wtf is that awful racket, kids nowadays don't know how to make music" etc...
  8. I always felt they missed out the most important descriptive bits out of their name... It should probably have been "The very middle of the road and rather dull Band unless you're a fan of 70s Americana and blokes who no doubt now wear double denim"
  9. I've done some piano noodles (or are they doodles?) in the style of "My First Book of Jazz", plus some funky electric piano and clav, with an idea for wah guitar too... Drum programming, bass and search for horn samples next. Not sure if working the opposite way round from my norm will require more or less glitter and coats of varnish?
  10. 😁 While we're on interesting but heavy that doesn't sound like anyone else:
  11. That sounds to me like a Finnish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest! I much prefer this, which is both heavy and like nobody else - like a Cardiacs of the metal world! And performing in a clothes shop, with no black clothes for the whole band!
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