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  1. Quick photo from our recent Hereford gig highlighting special trousers...
  2. Excellent! I'd give him (or her!) the gig!
  3. I use compression all the time, for all sorts of stuff:
  4. I knows what it is but I ain't no snitch!
  5. I helped crowdfund a mate's album. For £20 I got not only the pleasure of seeing his little face after recording with Dudley Philips on bass and Martin France on drums, but 1 cd, vinyl LP and download. Which was nice!
  6. Had a couple of hours spare, so here's a little ditty inspired by both the pic and one of my favourite grooves. Can you tell what it was yet? Might even do this with the band! (Features lots of Future Impact bass)
  7. On concrete! We played a gig once after 6 pints and a tab of acid and that was bad enough!
  8. I used to go to Kent Hells Angels' Custom Bike Show... No trouble, loads of fun and we even got Slade, Saxon and Rockbitch (they scared even the most evil looking biker; luckily there were no police on site )
  9. I've got 2 small ones coming up - Funk In The Forest and Down On The Farm. Both are quite small (50 or so bands, no really big names apart from John Coghlan's Quo and Dr & The Medics at The Farm). Luckily, I can only stay for the time we're playing (though we would be camping in the artist's "quiet" area), and as both are quite close I shall be going in the Land Rover. That way I'll be able to drive straight to the stage no matter how much mud there is.
  10. We did a last-minute fill-in supporting Hereford punks Terminal Rage at a great little bar called Reet Petite in Leominster last night. The venue is, funnily enough, quite small so with 30-40 people in there it was packed. We slightly speeded up everything, ran songs together, had between songs banter only twice so squeezed everything into 39 minutes. Our brand of shouty girl with a very occasional and unexpected melody, plus Hendrix-ey guitar feedback, funky-metal drums and me on oft-slapped synth-wah bass went down very well. None of us even got stabbed by any of the spikey or Mohican-ed crowd!
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