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  1. Funnily enough that's on our playlist... As is London Calling, Bank Robber and Guns of Brixton. Luckily we're not b&q but independent - though my mrs sometimes reigns in my choices: Last Exit and Derek Bailey/Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Mirakle were not popular!
  2. We've got a playlist of 1100 tracks I've put together... It's probably 65% reggae ranging from Rebel Sojie dub, to Bill Laswell's Dub Chamber to the Abyssininans... That's all likely to be interspersed with stuff like Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers, Fatback Band and bizarrely, early Simple Minds and Monochrome Set.
  3. Funnily enough, that track came up on our garden centre playlist earlier!
  4. My other band is Dredd and the Badass Weeds... Can you guess which one Dredd is?
  5. A mate of mine sent me his new album recently... It was a cassette! So I got in touch and after calling him a sad retro hipster dude he told me to look under the flap where the tape was and to swing out the USB connector. But the thing even rattled like a cassette!
  6. I've got a strap on at the moment due to peroneal tendonitis... (no sniggering! and it's per-O-neal, not per-I-neal). It's a nasty ankle pain, which appears to be a repetitive strain injury caused by over-enthusiastic foot tapping to keep time - a legacy from our old drummer who didn't seem to be able to do that. Any more unexpected bass injuries?
  7. We'll be debuting our new 2 bass line up, featuring yours truly on widdle bass, and Raph, ex of Hereford punx Terminal Rage, on rhythm bass... Basschat's very own @cheddatom is on in the evening with Headsticks... https://www.facebook.com/events/849392645569098?ref=newsfeed
  8. Not sure if we've had any Buttholes yet... Seeing them at the Mean Fiddler was probably the most violent gig I ever went to (though the Modernaires at Chester Gateway ran it close!); There was a mini riot outside in the crowd who couldn't get in, there was a hail of glasses thrown at the stage for some reason, one of which cut Gabby quite badly. Though he barely flinched - he set himself on fire a bit later (as you do).
  9. And Robert Plant lives in north Herefordshire... Though it appears that the borders region tends do be where old rock stars are put out to grass! There's Bob, then there's a member of Jethro Tull who lives next door to us. Then there was Ronnie Lane's farm, which was just up the road near BC. But if you ask folks round here what music you like it's either Wurzels or Quo... We don't play many local gigs!
  10. The actual problem was they mixed it in Dobly. Everyone knows you don't do heavy metal in Dobly!
  11. I always thought Bob Marley was being a touch sexist with his "No Woman" - after all, you can't really blame women for all the murders and robberies and other bad stuff! That was until I realised he wasn't actually singing "No woman no crime"
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