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  1. This is my favourite! Only a bit out-there, with crazy distorted wah-sax...
  2. Sounds like a cuíca to me too - probably played by Carl "Butch" Small or Larry Fratangelo… Not the very best of Parliament, though still better(*) than the very very best that most other bands can come up with! * I mean that in a completely subjective way!
  3. We're normally asked to do a 45 minute set, or 1/2 hour if we're first on a bill of 3 or more... Which is 10 songs ranging from 2-6 minutes with only a tiny bit of chat in between. We run 2x2 of them together with just bass feedback to cover the drummer changing the bpm on his metronome!
  4. Don't think that would count as a bump on Aero's for sale thread! But any excuse for more PB51 filth...
  5. I've got one of these in spalted maple. Excellent piece of kit - GLWTS!
  6. I preferred them when they were younger and groovier
  7. And just when you were doing so well! Rap is effectively rhythmic speech or chanting, which (arguably! at least one scholarly type has said this!) has its roots in the medieval music of Occitan, or even Gregorian plainsong... You may not like any of those things but it doesn't make it less valid as music. Similarly, thrash/death/heavy metal is thought to come from the industrial heartland of the Midlands, but actually originated with the Gamelan players of Indonesia, though some historians cite the traditional backing music to Japanese Noh Theatre as the true precursor of metal. Which means it would be churlish to dismiss it as mere noise! 🤓
  8. The point is that not liking something doesn't mean that it's necessarily bad music - it just means it's not to your taste. But it's just as valid as music as any other music - I'm quite keen on free improvised jazz which many folks would think isn't actually music, just a noise. But if it sends me on an emotional journey, despite being possibly atonal or arrhythmic, that makes it music! Personally I can't stand most British and Irish folk music (though I like the Unthanks), it makes me want to put a hole in their bodhran and take a drill to their mandolin, which means that despite hating it I've been taken on an emotional musical journey.
  9. Here's a snippet of our best song, just up to where it just about starts getting good
  10. I don't think "self-indulgent" really exists in music; you either like it or you don't! And within those 2 categories there's "well-played" and "badly played". Some folks seem to think that anything with more than 3 notes is "self indulgent", especially if there's complex rhythm, modal or (God forbid!) "outside" playing. Personally I prefer "more outside the better with cojones the size of the moon", but Mr. D played that beautifully, as did the band. Wouldn't buy it though!
  11. Another from Albert's Shed Shrewsbury, complete with crowd joining in - even though they'd never heard it before...
  12. We played at Albert's Shed in Shrewsbury last night... And it wasn't bad at all - we'd sorted out the terrible problems from the previous [email protected] in Worcester and actually played (nearly) everything well. There was good reaction from the crowd, with dancing! Here's a little bit, sound a bit ropey but could be worse...
  13. Can't remember his name, but it's the guy in the cowboy hat... Does that mean you're with Bang Bang Romeo? Pic of me and Stasi below at the same gig.
  14. I'm amazed at the support act... I played with them once in a tiny village hall in Shropshire, and the drummer from one of my bands was their manager!
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