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  1. Aye... You can always add dirt, but can't take it away! If I'm not looking for the sound my pedalboard makes (i.e. Future Impact, Bass whammy, various envelope filters), just either clean or overdriven, I'll plug direct into the 2i2 (or 6i8) then into my DAW. Then I'll duplicate the track and put Bias FX and/or Animate (free versions of both) on that one so it can be blended with the clean.
  2. Can do ,especially at lower bit rates... But I wouldn't record anything in MP3.
  3. But luckily drift is quite minor... If you've got a set of 3 minute songs it's quite easy to slip the audio a few frames. I've recently done some 1/2 hour sets with my band for various online benefits - I made sure our singer either tapped the mic or said something beginning with P before launching into a new song. Then it's a question of either smearing with audience noise or in our case (no audience!) guitar amp buzz to cover the hole. It's nowhere near as much a problem as when a film camera and 1/4" recorder had wildly differing sync generators. We had to count how many frames it drifted by in a certain time, and vary the sync signal by that amount when transferring the audio rushes to 16mm...
  4. It's funny that folks have problems syncing... In the Olden Days when I was at BBC Sound we used to have this amazing technical system involving a bit of flat wood hinged to another bit of flat wood. At the beginning of a take someone would bash these 2 bits of wood together, in shot. The resulting frame would be married to the corresponding spike in sound and sync was achieved! Occasionally somebody would forget this clever contraption, so they'd just make do with a handclap... And in these days of digital recording, speeds don't drift - unless you've put the sound into a DAW and autowarped it to the wrong bpm!
  5. In that case, me, Bootsy and Flea watching Larry Graham with Graham Central Station,being supported by Big Tony Fisher and Trouble Funk. We'd need plenty of Bootsy Brewski as well....
  6. Bassist Heaven for me isn't hanging round with other bass players... As it says in Highlander - there can be only one! I realise that others exist but if they're all pedantic misanthropes like me I wouldn't want to spend time with 'em. We'd all be looking down our noses at whoever's on stage and saying: "he's got the fingering wrong" "I wouldn't have played that" "She should be using a pick" "What a terrible tone" "They're playing far too many notes" "Can they only do root and fifth?" So Bassist Heaven is finding a drummer who is rock-solid, grooves and actually listens to the other players, plus guitar that's tight, right on time and doesn't smear sloppy notes everywhere. And we'd be playing in front of an audience who are knowledgeably and appreciative, who ply me with beer after (and during!) the show. I'd even tolerate some mild inappropriate touching!
  7. To be fair Mezerg is always a bit funky...
  8. Looks like a Bryston 14 amp? That would definitely help with bass - mine has a test certificate saying 968/967 w/ch @ 4ohms with around +-40A... And did you not want to make the cabinets just a bit bigger for more extension? I used to have some Kef 104/2s with isobaric-style twin bass units which nearly rivalled my Ditton 66/series2s for quantity of bass, though not for extension.
  9. I'd be thinking 4x that, with about +/- 40amps current swing! Crowns will do that - perhaps not with the finesse of my Bryston but at <1/10 of the price! Saying that, those old Sansui amps put out quite decent grunt....
  10. We've got another Punk 4 The Homeless benefit online on 19th December... Perfect time for us to roll out our new funk/reggae/mathrock direction!
  11. When I was on stage crew at Leeds Uni we had Culture Club play at the Poly - it was not long after "Dus Tha Realy want t'hurt mi?". We all expected crowds of fainting teenage girls so they'd need help... However, turned out we weren't needed as they only played for 20 minutes. There were far more fainting girls when Kajagoogoo played later that year!
  12. I tend to find lyrics of the "She Loves me/She Doesn't love me" type to be just that bit trite while pretending to be deep... I personally don't really care either way about some singer's love life! However, if you're going to have lyrics I'd prefer them to be either powerful, or witty... Here's powerful: You're a star-belly sneech You suck like a leech You want everyone to act like you Kiss donkey while you beach So you can get rich While your boss gets richer off you Well, you'll work harder With a gun in your back For a bowl of rice a day Slave for soldiers 'Til you starve Then your head is skewered on a stake Now you can go, where the people are one Now you can go where they get things done What you need, my son What you need, my son Is a Holiday in Cambodia Where people are dressed in black A Holiday in Cambodia Where you'll kiss donkey or crack Witty, or just downright daft: Now this is what I want you all to do: If you got faults, defects or shortcomings, You know, like arthritis, rheumatism or migraines, Whatever part of your body it is, I want you to lay it on your radio, let the vibes flow through. Funk not only moves, it can re-move, dig? The desired effect is what you get When you improve your Interplanetary Funksmanship. Sir Lollipop Man! Chocolate coated, freaky and and habit forming. Doin' it to you in 3-D, So groovy that I dig me. Once upon a time called Now! Somebody say, "Is there funk after death?" I say, "Is Seven Up?" Yeah, P-Funk!
  13. Nice! I'd be tempted to give them the drive they deserve - something with some oomph... Perhaps an old Crown/Amcron power amp, though on a budget £3-400 will get you a surprisingly fine class D Crown which will make the most of its possible bass extension!
  14. That reminds me, must do some practicing!
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