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  1. It's out now, the latest Punk 4 The Homeless benefit cd and download in aid of Hope Orphanage in Sierra Leone... It's all female-fronted bands, and we're on it! https://punk4thehomeless.bandcamp.com/album/girls-are-loud-volume-2
  2. Suspect we might get a wide variety of stuff this month! I've been watching the Rap Game on BBC3 and that inspired me to do something a bit street... Will flop it out as soon as it sounds either more or less unlistenable, depending on your perspective!
  3. I've long since come to terms with the fact that What The People Want is very different from What I Like! Still, each to their own, vive la difference, der Teufel scheißt auf einen Haufen etc
  4. Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves... Then all the PFunk bands had mostly the same participants (Funkadelic, Parliament, Brides of Funkenstein, Bootsy's Rubber Band, P Funk Allstars)
  5. Both of us back on top 😎😁 It don't happen very often for me! Anyway, pic sent - though not sure how appropriate it is!
  6. I'm now nearer to 60 than 55, and it appears we'll be playing more to punk crowds (though crowds might be an exaggeration!) even though we're not really a punk band... So that could mean they're of any age - there's young punkers being born every day!
  7. I think this thread could easily be renamed "I don't like Funk" and we'd probably get exactly the same for and against as we have for slap! Me, I like The Funk. And I'm not enormously keen on 60s and 70s rock, therefore, I like slap! However, I don't like slap for the sake of it - in my book slap without an element of The Funk is like chips without salt and vinegar...
  8. Somewhere between jazz, rock, funk and punk...
  9. Cheers! Funnily enough it is a Wal through my pedalboard using a chunk of Future Impact mainly coming in on the lower frequencies, then there's a tiny bit of Bass Whammy octave all blended with clean with Wounded Paw blender, then through my BBE preamp (with a touch of compression) and into Ableton where there's a touch more compression and a waft of dub delay...
  10. Song idea I've been working on, though may not be fast enough for the punk/funk one!
  11. Somehow our singer convinced me that Beki B was her nan... I'm not normally Captain Gullible but it took me a year to work our this would be difficult - as despite the physical resemblance there's only about 14 years between 'em!
  12. I find that after the initial minute or so of sweary jazz, this is a guaranteed licence loser! (warning, very sweary!)
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