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  1. They are an interesting looking beast... I've got one and it's excellent in its oddness!
  2. It's funny because I watched that video recently and really liked it. Three seriously musical improvements on a slightly dirge-y rock song. Still, it takes all sorts!
  3. Pigeons? They're Funky! So here's a bit of Old Skool rap/rock to reflect this: For those that like that sort of thing, drums are 2x EZ Drummer drum sounds (one phased Phunk, one Jabo Sparks kit) using Jabo patterns with fills and extra cymbals programmed by me. Bass is an ACG through Bass Whammy and Future Impact. Guitar is a strat through Amplitube (double tracked), rappers from New York and edited from Loopmasters loops. Mastered via Ozone 9 in Ableton.
  4. Thought 'd listen to some slightly adjusted klezmer too!
  5. And much as I like my Abarth, I've also got a Subaru Legacy estate which fits a Markbass 2x10 and 4x10 plus 6u amp rack, 2 foot square pedal board and 2 basses in the boot with the boots cover on and rear seats up. So there's lots of motors that'll do it... I'd say get the coolest,like this Packard Pro-Street hearse!
  6. I was always a bit disappointed that none of the bands I've been in wanted to do Derek Bailey and Jamaaladeen Tacuma's "Mirakle". I suspect it would have set the dancefloor alight at next Saturday's punk Dollfest! 😎
  7. I once did a gig where I strapped a Markbass 2x10 plus 6u rack with amps to my ancient MotoGuzzi, bass in soft case was on my back. Couldn't bring the pedal board!
  8. I've got an Abarth 500; the size of the boot is more suited to a singer with no more than 2 mics and a very small notebook of lyrics. With the seats down I can just about squeeze a bass amp and Markbass 4x10 in, but there's not much rear vision. However, it's such fun that: a) I don't care b) I've scared the other members of the band sufficiently that I don't need to worry about carrying a passenger as well...
  9. Two wildly different options: Magazine - Play Steve Coleman & the 5 Elements - Tao of Mad Phat Both are equally awesome!
  10. Might have gone commando that day! Otherwise, the only discipline I could cope with is a very mild spanking! However, I remember that day(was about 8 years ago) as it was hot, I led 5 routes at up to E2, leaving by Commando Ridge, driving home (200 miles) having drunk no water at all then scoffing a large pizza and bottle of red (no water still), then collapsing in the bathroom, banging my head on the bath. Had concussion for a week! Valuable lesson about hydration learned...
  11. And while we're talking about all things climbing (The Real Rock!) here's me in an unusual situation, looking like a real climber! On Anzac Day at Bosigran Ridge:
  12. 1. find the post on Facebook 2. Look for 3 little dots on top right of post 3. click these 4. look for "edit privacy" in the menu 5. click on that, and select "public" It has to be your post, or a post on a page you have admin rights on...
  13. Now this is where you are most certainly Rong™ 🤪 While the Anthony Jackson group is no doubt incredibly skilful it's also a bit too straight-ahead, too almost ordinary. And to be fair her stuff with Big Stan was also just a touch square, Daddy-O. However, Sonic Bloom had more of an edge, less of the cheese you often get in jazz. But then I much prefer Ronald Shannon Jackson to Stan Getz!
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