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  1. πŸ˜‚ Great art should evoke a feeling of "please please please make it stop!", followed by enormous joy when it actually does... 😁😎 At least that's how I justify making such a terrible racket every month (*) *Though the real reason is to annoy Doug πŸ˜„
  2. Not often I hear that - ta! (note to self; must up the dissonance next month - real art is about uniting the viewers/listeners in appalled abhorrence, not in pandering to bourgeois notions of beauty πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰)
  3. Bit of jazz fusion with Hiromi, and the Fuze on guitar.
  4. Just done that and it's working fine now...
  5. I have! It's actually only worked once, and that was with glitches so it's possible the free download was a bit upgefuktgemache, as they would say in Germany if they didn't actually speak the language 😁
  6. That's not a virtual guitar... It's amp/cab/fx modelling. I've got Bias FX but weirdly, Ableton has just decided it doesn't recognise it as a compatible VST so mebbe I'll try the free version of Amplitube if I can't fix it!
  7. I've never had any windows/PC type issues while making music on my laptop using Ableton... Funnily enough it just works! Saying that, I got an i7 processor with SSD and 16gB RAM - cost me about Β£650 5 years ago. However, I've since realised that 16gB gets maxed out if you use 20 analogue, 4 hungry midi instruments, plus Izotope Neutron and sound balancer on each track plus Bias FX on the guitars... I'm thinking of following Big Red's route - sort of; haven't used Macs since I was at the BBC (that was when Avid/ProTools was only just starting to be able to be used on a PC) so may go for a refurb 16 core Xeon processor business server or graphics machine with at least 64gB RAM running windows.
  8. I've finished pointing the chimneys, now mowing lawns and pretending to be Wyatt Earp...
  9. Back at work over the weekend - we've been allowed to re-open the shop! Off today repointing the 2nd chimney - when that's dried a bit both chimneys will get a good old limewashing...
  10. When someone mentions "New York Sound" I always think of either Studio 54 disco, or the late 70s early 80s No Wave scene like Pre-Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, The Bush Tetras or James Chance/James White:
  11. If you want to chase me out of a room all you've got to play is some saccharine country, or generic boy/girl band pop... However, when I used to DJ back in the 80s, after a night of predominately PFunk and electro type grooves I'd play this (everybody usually jumped about crazily) Followed by this to get 'em out...
  12. Some folks might find Schoenberg's attempt at a little song quite annoying: And many won't find much to dance to here:
  13. Ornette's easy listening, relatively speaking - at least there's usually a repeating melody line of sorts. Try this for clearing a room, Or this:
  14. There's only one beat you need to be on...
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