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  1. I've got it's slightly bigger brother... And it's lovely - it probably gats played more than my Wal! A steal at this price...
  2. My download worked fine - and I discovered downloads of sample locker and a synth I'd forgotten about, which was nice.
  3. I can guarantee a complete absence of bagpipes... We've recorded 8 songs in 1 take of 31'20" this afternoon, after playing through my new one a few times first. It was originally called Back Chat (I parle Francais proper,me!) but our singist changed the title (and some of the lyrics!!!). Just got to mix all of them for the gig on Saturday then extract Kiss This (as it's now called). It's quite exuberant!
  4. An Alembic Stanley Clarke to complement my Wal and ACG. Bootsy's pedal board plus Helix to go into an enormous at least 2kw/ch Crown power amp and 6 Markbass 4x10s - 3 per side in stereo...
  5. We're on the bill for the Punk 4 the Homeless benefit for Compass Children's Charity this Saturday (15th) - we have only got 1Mb upload so have to do it as a recording (doing that today!). We're on at 1545-1615: http://www.facebook.com/events/3021817487944315/ We may also being doing P4TH's Girls Are Loud Hope Orphanage Benefit on 5th September if we can record another set by then!
  6. First one's this Saturday - we're on at 1545: https://www.facebook.com/events/3021817487944315/ We're going to re-record it s'afternoon, and it's possible the rest of the band may want to do my new song; I've done a backing track, worked out guitar lines and written lyrics (which will probably be heavily tweaked). So is it cheating to use that recording for this month's compo compo?
  7. I'd had a vague thought but may get nowt together - got 2 "live streaming" gigs one of which we've recorded live but I'm currently editing and mixing, so may have no time wot with one more to "live stream" (!)... If not the vague thought may become one of our songs, it's 150bpm, in D, A and E phrygian (mostly) with break in 6:8 (as all punkfunk songs should).
  8. Funnily enough, our 2nd ever "cover" is Love in a Void by Siouxsie and the Banshees with the bassline played in the style of Plug In Baby.
  9. I'm not far from Knighton, local boozers are there or Clun... I'm originally from about 70 m north of here so they see me as "from off"!
  10. I dropped the bourgeois and sheeplike notion of keys long ago as they stifle true creativity and are divisive and discriminatory against the frequencies not in them. All frequencies are equal! And I've discovered that this approach is perfect for our times, as any gigs undertaken would be absolutely socially-distanced.
  11. Our 2nd time playing together since beginning of Feb, and as The Drummer is shielding we're using my phone instead 😁 And guitar is sounding mean through a Marshall Jubilee bass amp and Markbass 2x10! Hopefully we'll be OK for live streaming for 30 mins on 15th August!
  12. This... Though I've been trying for 30+ years to get the same feel and sound as Bootsy!
  13. We may be doing a punk for the homeless benefit on 15th August, assuming we can work out how to stream it, and we'll be using my programmed drums and sequenced backing as our drummer is still sheilding...
  14. Aye! And it's rare to see anyone getting the amount of joy out of playing that she does...
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