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  1. You'll be getting booked for Ibiza with knocking out bangers like that Dad
  2. if anyone wants to volunteer a vocal better than mine, please step up , however , mercifully , it is quite short
  3. Mine is almost done , but it’s a song and needs a singist, the singer from my old band is on his hols , so I might have to ask the singer from my older band , he lives next door , if the opportunity arises I’ll ask him , if not, you’ll have the pleasure of my honed vocalisations
  4. I really think it all comes down to whether you have someone to spend enough time and effort to set it all up and to run it on a gig , to run a full frequency PA , micing it up and have someone out front mixing it, is just way more prone to grief than getting a nice tight sound from a minimum of kit. the idea is great in principle , but when you are doing mainly £250 pub gigs we were not fussed , if you were commanding big money functions with a sound man , it is possibly another story
  5. I figured this month that as the main protagonists often have cause to reflect on growing plants and veg , and as it is toward the end of harvest season , what better , after all if Booker T can produce a piece that stands the test of time , I'm sure we can all get one out that can at least last a month either that or I've killed it
  6. Ok gents , Photo sent , its not exactly rock and roll , but I'm sure I can pretend ..................... a bit
  7. Lots of depth in that one I fear suffice to say Snoopy seems to be missing from the picture , and , well, I just couldn’t resist however , at least I didn’t ‘sing’ all over it , hmm , maybe a lesson in there .........nah thanks for the votes and the certificate , I Will proudly stick it on my studio wall , I’ll get a photo sorted after work
  8. In the search the content type can be chosen as ‘topics’ you will then get the option of which forum to look in , choose FS and away you go
  9. Monetarily , spending too much on guitars I hadn’t tried before I pulled the trigger. time wise, persevering with trying workarounds with old kit , it’s great when it pans out , but now I just buy new kit that works
  10. American pie I will survive (Any)Jack savoretti
  11. I can jam or busk along to a song at a jam night without a care in the world , I can record my own stuff at home with as many takes as I feel I neeed or have time for .....but in a studio with a time limit with the band, I feel waaaaay out of my comfort zone and really don’t like it at all.
  12. At this point I am reminded of Mike Flowers Pops great fun at the time but not on any of my playlists , .....hmmm , thinks , next years Le Mans playlist
  13. i'm ready , I offer you Dogless, with a great splash of the new guitar Vst on offer from Ujam and focusrite , ooh I love it
  14. Thanks for the heads up, it is a great fun tool to play with
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