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  1. How was your gig last night?

    We had a blast tonight , we took a cancellation at a new (to us) venue . Two 45 minute sets , start at 9.15 and finish by 11.00 . The hardest part of the gig was what to leave out, as the amount of time we had meant we had to lose 45 minutes from our normal set !! The gig went great and we reckon we'll get 3 or 4 gigs a year from the venue. One thing that we all noticed, was that we normally only ever do 1 gig a weekend as we put in a lot of effort , well, singist does, and a 'short' gig like this would enable double headers no problem , onwards and upwards 👍
  2. What midi?

    I use a 5pin din /USB adaptor and latency has never been an issue plugged straight in.
  3. Songs you absolutely hate

    Dean Friedman , lucky stars . The only reason to thank them would be if the radio wasn't in a thousand pieces after a kicking off the scaffold if it got played !
  4. Tribute bands

    That's all well and good , but did you all do Lois Griffin
  5. Is this a clever gadget?

    I reckon you should buy a couple Mick , put them in a box under your bed for a couple or three years and then offer them in the marketplace
  6. How far do you travel to practice?

    It was about 15 miles for the first 5 years , but the rehearsal rooms near me, now have the drummer and singist coming my way, and as it saves them bringing , setting up , breaking down and unloading. A 2 hour rehearsal now gets 2 hours playing. 2 miles max from me 👍👍
  7. Songs you absolutely hate

    Neil young , just everything , durges, lyrically either abysmal or far to clever for me, my heckles are just busting to rise on the very mention of his name. The f***ing house of the f***ing rising f***ing sun ....aaaaarrrrgggghhh American pie , I am happy to eat a bit of it but I just can't bear hearing it
  8. May Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I'm in what we have here is a random composition attained by preloading some drum patterns and instrumentation onto the keyboard , choosing a style for it to play in (C&W with a little seg in the middle to ID it) and then choosing a chord sequence for it to follow. The random bit comes in as I chose 3 chords all a semitone apart and changed them on every beat , except the little country bit in the middle, this put the 3 chords on a different part of the beat each time around until 12, I think, I couldn't work that bit out ! Still , it seems to work , but may of benefitted from shortening a touch , but I was in the groove playing it and couldn't find the way out of it enjoy
  9. Lap top charger

    I am after any old Laptop charger for a music related project. age, condition or make is not important as long as it works OK I don't want to pay for it , but happy to pay postage , so root through those drawers and cupboards where old stuff goes !! If someone has one that they would sell (for pennies), I might consider it if I get desperate , deadlines eh Many thanks
  10. May Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    @Lantis ...... fair play Douglas
  11. May Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Oh,, we have a challenge in progress i am well impressed so far, great stuff, I have a musical outline ready to enter , but think a vocal would work on it. I might upload the instrumental and edit if I get the right voicing , I won't subject you to my dire vocal tones this month
  12. 'Third eye' on stage

    Why would it not be a supportive comment Josie , a little banter and a compliment into the bargain . I suppose context is key though
  13. Hottest and coldest gigs

    Not gig related , but the family still finds immense fun recalling about our visit there. The guide was hilarious , it was not that he was a comedian , he was a lovely local lad but his mannerisms, descriptions and presentation were awful to the degree of being pant wettingly awesome.
  14. Room Treatment

    A brilliant adventure in sound there Paul and a superb explanation . i can't help visualising the padded cell you referred to early on , especially as that is where I would be after tackling a project like that
  15. Plexiglass amp 'cages'.

    I heard rumour that a few guitarists had a small amp cranked up behind the showy bank of speakers , mic'd up and through the PA , no one was any the wiser