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  1. I’m not sure of Joe Jackson’s medication when he sees pretty women out walking with gorillas down his street!
  2. Well , I like this picture, I get a 'haircut 100' vibe with this , how about @Dad3353 enjoys the haircut scene I'm told
  3. July Composition challenge is up and running ...........go go go
  4. Ok ladies and gents its time to start letting your creative juices run free. The picture is below and was chosen by last months winner @NickD who provides an introduction to the image......... "I deliberately looked for something that's completely outside of my usual style, that I don't have a hope in hell of getting something together for, and that's in contrast to the subjects we've had recently. Also given the vagueness of the image, I think it's wide open to interpretation." get busy , entries will close at midnight on 24th July rules then I suppose ....... ✔️ Entries must be <5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌ No illegal samples or other funny business. ❌ No bagpipes. Ever.
  5. Well done @NickD , top toon , I’m sure dad will be along with a certificate when he wakes up 🙄 lets have that new picture to myself or Skol and we’ll get July up and running
  6. this internet thing must be struggling in that most rural of rural outposts in rural foreigndom , put some more coal on the router it might warm it up a bit
  7. The voting thread is up and ready for ticks in boxes
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, 'tis time to lend your ear to the offerings served up for you this very fine June , and its bloody scary that there is not much left of it. So get your lugs around these here tunes before you notice the days are drawing in , though in the words of the great AHA the sun always shines on BC The picture from last months winner @Leonard Smalls is this beauty and inspired the entries as below 1 Lurksalot I pulled the movement element in with the music and the dress sense with the lyrics , not overly obscure references and most should pick them out straight away. guitar, bass,keys and vocal yours truly, announcer is lurksalittle and drums EZ Enjoy ....naughty boy 2 Dad3353 Here is my contribution to the June 2020 Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by a picture chosen by the previous winner: Leonard Smalls..! It started off as a search for inspiration, as I had no 'handle' on it. As a bit of a change, I turned on my keyboard, dialled away the 'acoustic piano' I usually play, and stumbled upon an 'electric guitar' setting. Using this, I picked out a riff I had in my head. Hmm... Potential, maybe, but my piano is in my modelling 'den', and not connected to my PC. No worries, I have a Fostex hard-disk 8-track recorder; I'll dig that out. Once I'd worked out again how it works (s'been a long time, and I'm old..!), I got the riff down. No click, metronome nor beat, just raw keys. Downstairs to my pica-studio, to export the result into Reaper. Hmm... It's a bit 'ropey', compared to the metronome. I spend some time fiddling about with the files, chopping bits up here and there, but decide, eventually, to ask Our Eldest to play the riff instead. Once I'd set up the gear required to do that, I thought to try it out to get the sound I wanted. Might as well record it, whilst I'm at it. Three takes later (one track, doubled track and one 'extras' track...), no need to trouble the lad; it's done and dusted. Stick a bass on (well, two, while I'm in the mood...) and a drum track, scrub the original 'keys' guitar and it's finished..! Drums programmed with Superior 3, two mystery basses and three 'live' takes of my Xavier guitar, through a Boss compressor pedal, Boss Fender Deluxe pedal and a Germanium Big Muff pedal. All mixed in Reaper, with the usual post-production mastering with Ozone. I'm not sure if my 'inspiration' hits the spot, but it was more fun to do than I'd thought at first, so... Result..! Thanks for listening, if you already have; if you're about to, enjoy. 3 Leonard Smalls It's inspired by the time Barf Roco played the Jericho Tavern in Oxford. After the sound check the band went out for some chips, and when we came back we saw a terrified local chap running for his life down the road; he was being pursued by one of the Bromley Boyz in full wig/headscarf/housecoat regalia waving an iron bar and shouting "we're from [email protected]@ckin' Laaaaahnden!!!!" I've used that very phrase on a number of occasions as an excuse for bad behaviour 😅 Anyway, song features 2 x AAS synths, drums programmed through EZ drummer, bass is my trusty Wal pretending to be a sequencer with distortion from a Darkglass tube distortion pedal, guitar solo is also the Wal through Bias FX free and vox are by me (sorry) with added valve distortion to make sure you hear less of it... 4 upside downer This month's offering. Seeing as I know zilch about Bromley and the picture looks about 30 years old I went down the route of Python, being silly and how that gets harder to do as we all get older. Well, it's not harder to do at all but youngsters don't like older people being silly cus it's SOOOOO embarrassing, grampa. Go to hell, young shaver m'laddo. Anyhow, Python. They did a cheese shop sketch. Had a bouzouki playing in the background. I've got one so there's my 'in', tried to make it sound 'background-y', too. More or less used the chords from the cheese sketch and that also influences the lead bass line played on my trusty old Starforce 7008 through a Roland Micro Cube. Percussive sounds are samples of me hitting various parts of a bookbinding machine (a Kolbus DA36 casemaker, thanks for asking) with a spanner. That's very silly. Organ sound from my Yamaha keyboard, minimal vox, an ocean wave sample and a metronomic ticking to indicate that there's...no time....to lose....Toulouse. All recorded using WavePad and Audacity. Stay safe, stay silly. 5 Nick D My contribution to the June 2020 Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by a picture chosen by last month's winner, Leonard Smalls. The picture asked me for a dumb, rough, punky, sub 3 minute romp.... so that's what I did. Lyrically, I suspect the guys in the pic were a welcome sideshow, looking at the band, but I've drawn on my years at bike events, where there was often a bunch of chubby, beardy, middle aged attention whores, often in tutus and fairy wings, being 'hilarious' and 'wild', because they're' soooo crazy' and 'don't care what anybody thinks' (except they do, obvs)... Getting in the way of people who actually want to watch the entertainment they've paid for. A novelty at first, but irritation after the first few times. All recorded in Cubase Elephants, with bass and guitar through the Helix. Drums courtesy of the Mrs, and Roland. **** Not totally worksafe, verse 1 contains a single, mid-scale profanity ([email protected]) *** OK there are your choices , or will be when @Dad3353 finds the link to his 😉 Edit : Done (I weren't the one that lost it..! ) Voting closes at midnight 30th June , enjoy
  9. I got a bottle of bushmills and apparently there is something in the post that hasn’t arrived yet
  10. I have one that looks a bit like an SG
  11. I don’t see that Gordon Smith have been mentioned yet ?
  12. fair play , I could probably have let loose then
  13. I can't believe I'm first in but hey, here we go. I pulled the movement element in with the music and the dress sense with the lyrics , not overly obscure references and most should pick them out straight away. guitar, bass,keys and vocal yours truly, announcer is lurksalittle and drums EZ Enjoy ....naughty boy
  14. I find scrolling around it fairly easy TBH so I can’t help there. with overdubbing , just record another take on the same track , when you have finished recording you can grab the ends of the second take pull it back or pull to the length of section you want and as long as the parts of each take are highlited they are the parts that will play. what i do then is save it as a take, might be glue as current take. It is then punched in and saved as one take. It keeps it tidy that way of course just play it right first time like I do ..............AS IF 🤣🙄😕 manipulating takes is what I do best in Reaper
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