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  1. I’m in the same club 😂 however, 1 thing I have sussed, is that to get a decent sound coming out of the DAW , you have to put a good sound in to it . Not necessarily the quality of the instrument , though I’m sure that is important , but playing technique is the thing, if it’s played well chances are it will sound ok. voice quality on vocals for instance, record a nice sounding voice , a touch of compression and reverb , set the level and that’s it ..... just like my voice 😁😁 I’m never going to get to the production standard I originally aimed at, but just try to get more competent at getting a better played recording , though that involves too much cut and paste at times 🤦‍♂️
  2. Give the wolf a banana before it eats my Grandma !
  3. nail on the head here Nick. That is what happens to me every month
  4. I love this colour , I had to let it go as I couldn’t play it 😂 , but love the colour
  5. I use a focusrite 2i4 , it has a control to set monitoring direct from the guitar or all through the DAW and variable through all settings between .
  6. No Rest for the wicked as they say .
  7. Congratulations to both @Doctor J and @NickD on their joint win in a tightly fought end to the April Challenge. After a small discussion the photo has been offered by NickD and agreed by all parties The preamble ... " I was messing with vapour and light for a photography project last year, and this reminded me of the smoky, fleapit cinemas of my childhood, but I reckon it's pretty wide open to interpretation." Simple rules ✔️ Entries must be <5 minutes and recorded this month. ✖️ No illegal samples, copyright infringements or other snide goings-on ✖️ No Bagpipes. please no bagpipes, the April fool's day truce now well and truly Expired. panpipes only if you have too. ✖️ No voting for your own entry. We'll know. And we'll shame you. A line or two offering an insight to your inspiration/track choice will be good as well , it works nicely on the voting thread. The Deadline for entries is Midnight on Tuesday 24th May good luck everyone
  8. Well done gents, top work and worthy of the accolades 😁 If you want to decide who is to choose a picture that’s fine , alternatively I can invoke the tie breaker of truth 😁
  9. That took some critical listening, I had to use my half a point analysis at the death , most enjoyable 👍
  10. are you ready to rumble ...... well, lets get ready to rumble ... and......... RUMBLE
  11. Its voting time again and the inspirational image was chosen by last months winner, @skankdelvar who is on a roll, and is approaching the hallowed ground of a treble! I'm no stato , but that's a rare thing round these parts , however we have some serious challengers for you to consider . some notes provided by the man himself... Before radar was perfected, aircraft were detected using acoustic locators which enhanced and amplified the sound of an aircraft's engine. The smallest version was a pair of acoustic mirrors which the user strapped either side of his head. Please Choose your favourite 3 entries from the following. 1 @Dad3353 I was lucky, as I remembered this case from some decades ago, having read an article in the Boy's Own Paper of the time. The first successful human biological re-engineering, which enabled this man, born into a human body but with his real nature that of a fennic, to at last reconcile his psyche with his physical appearance. Early days for these medical miracles, but the operations and treatments finally enabled the fellow to become the creature that his mind had always known himself to be. 2 @Doctor J This has come together influenced by a few recent things of note, like the "Three on E" thread, a trip to Berlin and a bout of Covid. Four is one more than three and more is more, says Yngwie, so four it is. The bass riff came a bit too easily so I hope I haven't subconsciously pilfered it from somewhere. I can't place it, though. 3 @Leonard Smalls I thought - that geezer's got some serious phones: feel the weight, feel the sound, heavy pressure's going down! 4 @fingers211 A simple ditty really. The poor chap hears all the twaddle the world and it's media have to offer. 5 @NickD Started with the idea of how in modern times a whisper can be heard around the world, then got into the idea that a dumb meme travels much faster than anything involving hard reality... and just developed from there. 6 @upside downer Our hero is doing his bit for the war effort but he keeps on picking up sounds from the wild and wonderful world of pop music. Nonetheless, he'll do his very best until he can have a well earned drinks break. 7 Lurksalot it's a bit on the simple side and I got lost a few times even doing this. Mercifully no singing this time just some speakage! 8 @Nail Soup The picture made me think of eavesdropping... did a bit of research and found stuff like a quote from Thornton Wilder (me neither!) : "There's nothing like eavesdropping to show you that the world outside your head is different from the world inside your head". Built up the lyrics with such ideas. God knows where the music came from 🙂! 9 @skankdelvar Basically the song's about something but I'm not sure exactly what. Probably something grim some brilliant, humourous and well observed compositions again this month , fair play So it's your favourite 3 then Voting will end at midnight Saturday 30th April Good Luck All
  12. I'm done then , itys a bit on the simple side and I got lost a few times even doing this ! Mercifully no singing this time just some speakage and plenty of dodgy guitar work ! I used a couple of freesound soundFX to give it some direction but its all ive got .
  13. should he be finger’s211 😜😁
  14. I’ve done a silly one , I’ve tried to be all cool and clever recently , and it doesn’t seem to suit 😂 so daft is due ... a few tweaks yet 😁
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