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  1. Oh No , it must be a bit too subtle I don’t know how to do one of those spoiler things on the phone , so I’ll keep schtum for the moment, when I get back to the big machine I’ll try to explain
  2. Thank you for the thought, but it’s not actually my birthday Douglas, it’s just my take on the photo , I was looking for a way to introduce some smut into the proceedings and found it via the birthday present
  3. OK then , you asked for it, bass, guitars and vocal by me , drums and piano by something that knows far more about this than I do, the play it on its own piano ! some stuff from freesound which pops up towards the end Enjoy , its my Birthday
  4. Nah its not my band , they were stuck , I could help, not my responsibility at all. I have declined depping the pub gigs offered , the pubs can sort a different band, but I couldn’t see a wedding party left without the evenings entertainment
  5. Realistic offers would be considered if you are interested.
  6. I depped for the band I left last year, for 3 weddings over 2 weekends. They have hopes of having a ‘function band’ string to their bow. Together learned and played 5 new songs all for pennies , and at best could describe the performances as ‘functional’ I only did them so as not to ruin the customers day after my replacements replacement let the band down.
  7. Hmm let me think , it needs picking up , playing with and bouncing around to make it feel bigger , just like my pillows
  8. I’ve got a tune down , it needs fluffing a bit but it also needs vocals and I’m getting a bit sick of my own voice , I really don’t understand how you guys love my stuff so much . I’ll get my coat
  9. And all while doing a splendid Patrick Stewart impression , make it so dude
  10. What grinds my gears with songs from chart/pop/AirPlay genres is when half the lyrics are blanked out because they are unsuitable to air . FFS if the song isn’t suitable , don’t play it ! why promote this stuff when it is so full of language that has to be removed, that it really can’t tell the story it is intended to tell
  11. Having been a bit late offering the cab to a 'wanted' post, I have come to realise that I should really make this cab available to someone who needs it. I bought it with the RS210 as a rig , and while it is excellent when all set up , I have pretty much relied on the RS210 for gigging, and now I have left the band and only do the occasional dep for them , I reckon it is a bit extravagent having one of these tucked away in the cupboard of a smoke free, pet free home Ideally pick up from Chester but can travel a bit to meet up if needs must In padded cover Front rear underneath VGC and used last night at a wedding gig just to give it a run out Lurks
  12. bizarrely , I only started using earplugs then ACS in recent years and those cat scarers are loud enough to me , but I is down wiv the kidz
  13. Good timing for that observation, if y’all head on over to the recording section , the August composition challenge has just started. Now don’t be shy , you only have to listen to a few of mine to realise it is the taking part that counts, but it really is a great way open the creative musical muscles everyone’s welcome
  14. Well done @upside downer and @fingers211 great fun gents
  15. excellent gents, smiles all round from me with those tunes
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