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  1. What I was thinking was a simple one or two lines describing your thinking behind the composition you have posted. now I realise that there are often some beautiful and thorough commentaries that accompany the entries , and these are still most welcome what I’d like to see is a short bit of wordage that could accompany the composition link in the vote thread , it would need to be relatively concise and be obvious to me so that I could copy and paste Back in the old days the track opened up in soundcloud and the wordage linked itself to the track , but with embedding , I think it misses that touch of detail that we could include. not so much the technicalities of the track , more the story of the inspiration so to speak. so tack a couple of lines that I haven’t got to go looking for and we’ll see if it adds any value 😎
  2. March is springing into action with a brand new challenge folks, get stuck in here
  3. Well many congrats to Douglas who has landed a double and as such has the honour. A genuine LOL when he sent this over, so I reckon it could get the juices flowing! So without further ado, on offer for inspiration is ........................... Usual rules apply. You know the drill: ✔️ Entries must be <5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌ No illegal samples, copyright infringements or other snide goings-on ❌ Bagpipes. ( Christmas truce now expired) . Also on thin ice with panpipes, to be perfectly honest. ❌ No voting for your own entry. We'll know. And we'll shame you. I would like to trial an extra rule this month that might, though might not, help in the voting, I'll float it in the thread . Deadline wise , we will call midnight on the 24th (yes, you probably have till about 19.00 on the 25th, but don't let on or we will have a deluge at 18.59)
  4. I shall set the new thread up on my return home 👍
  5. Well well! congratulations dear boy a worthy winner 👍 now that was a close run affair this month , well done all
  6. Is this the shin kicking malarkey where they stuff straw in the socks 😂
  7. Ooh, a fine taste in ties sir, a little muted in the image, but I suspect more vibrant in reality
  8. 😂😂 If it comes to it Douglas I’ll be happy to write out a few of the certificates for you if it helps , I’ll just have to check my ink levels
  9. I think you are right in general , but those who want a big wedding will still have one and wait a bit . I know that those who are still working are saving money or spending it on home improvements, I would suspect that those planning a wedding will have a proper blowout and throw even more money at it. I’m sure they will have to spend more as well, as prices for all sorts of stuff is going through the roof , I expect bands will clock on to to that in due course and reflect the fact in their fees
  10. I really can’t divulge ....just yet , though your guess is duly noted
  11. I would of course win in this guess, if I was in the tie at the point of close, as I do happen to know the answer 😎 I think I’d have to relinquish my claim in the photo choice in fairness
  12. Well the first attempt wasn’t too successful 😂 we might have to do a quiz based on lurksalittle’s favourite colour to settle it this time
  13. That's it Ladies and gents, the time for both Valentines love and challenge composing is over for another month. Its now time to show some listening love to the following tunes inspired by this photo chosen by @upside downer We have new blood entering this month and a You Tube presentation for another, for a bit of background, it really might be worth checking out some of the thought processes behind the compositions, they can be found in the thread here, I can recommend it the choices in order of submission are as follows ........... 1... @Dad3353 2... @fingers211 3... @Nail Soup 4... @upside downer 5... @Leonard Smalls 6... Lurksalot 7... @Nicko 8... @skankdelvar 9.... @MoonBassAlpha Voting ends on midnight on the 28th Enjoy
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