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  1. Well done Fingers , great one , I hope you’ve got that picture ready , most of Europe is on lockdown waiting for your inspirational picture . no pressure then
  2. some good ideas thinking on. Maybe Paul could rig up some contentious title to next months voting to attract some clickbait
  3. Not sure about that , but maybe one of the challenge rules for bass, could be that you should not be using a 5 string or more , after all Jaco only needed 4
  4. you could pick lots of parts from it for US TV series in their day, Its great , just a bit of tweaking is all
  5. I will of course always defer to you on all things recording , but when I was at that point , better quality sound was nowhere near my wish list , just getting the f******g thing working consistently would have been fine , oh and latency , both ways , oh boy . On starting up I spent far more time figuring out why I couldn’t get sounds on to my computer , recorded and back to some speakers than Mick at his softest . then I bought a scarlet 2i2 and everything just fell into place and I could actually think about the music
  6. Ah bugger , if you tap up @fingers211 he might give you a heads up on the picture he will pick for next month 😉 this glib and facetious attempt at humour will probably come back to bite me
  7. I spent a bit of time trying to use work arounds , if you really have no choice , try it, but I would certainly get the bit of kit that is designed to do the job you need it for, it saves a lot of heartache!
  8. I don’t know if @Skol303 can edit the poll, it closes on Tuesday , you can always post it anyway
  9. When you get to start hearing that you have recorded your own swearing , you have pretty much cracked it
  10. Keep your eye on the guide to recording at the top of the forum , full of info , just be patient , you will take one step forward and 2 steps back on more than one occasion , but once you start getting results , you’ll be wearing a proper smile
  11. Oh jeez Project Sam create an account, fine download fine Native , tried forever to create an ID, kept getting errors it wouldn’t let me set up an account , only to find I already had one ! Then had to faff to get the directories to work , then had to faff to get reaper to see it then had to get Kontakt to see my midi and every step is hindered by my own incompetence , well, it’s just that I tend to leave everything alone and don’t mess, so when I have to mess , I’ve got to learn it all over again . Having sussed Sam , I spent the last hour loading some free Kontakt sounds , and still can’t get them to make a f*****g sound . The inside of my head is now mush , I need a couple of weeks to myself 😉
  12. 3 1/2 hours later I’ve got it working , now sapped of inspiration , I’ll head back to it later
  13. you can use it for free , you just have to click that you are still evaluating it, TBH the cost for what you get is great value , I'm signed up
  14. That looks a bit lush , I’ll need to have a play with that, thanks for the heads up ,
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