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  1. To be fair it’s a good warm up bass line as well , with a nice deep but clunky tone you can own that song , got be on it rhythmically as it is driven by the low end
  2. I don’t but the singer does , but I think it is purely a confidence thing , beds are burning is his go to first set starter and I have to go back a couple of years to recall a gig that didn’t start with it
  3. Well in there Douglas , I have nothing done so will have to start from scratch as usual , but I have a million other things on. I am hoping for some inspiration soon , even though ‘tradition’ would suggest I have already had a full years notice of the challenge
  4. It is a bit odd ............right hand knee
  5. Well done young Douglas lad , honoured to share the certificate with you sir
  6. I like to get stuck in sharpish , but I also like to throw open the invite for a vocal input from 1 or 2 people , then , as it usually finds a few stumbling blocks , I either do it myself or leave them off , but it takes a couple of weeks to get to the point that what is currently done either improves with my singing attempts or not, decision time, then it gets posted!
  7. Fair play , that's 3 brilliant tracks I've listened to just now well done gents
  8. OK Because I did a half decent one last month , the singist from the old band was happy to collaborate on this one , and boy does it make a difference , he can ........ er.... sing so many thanks to Mr Ray 'warbler' Robertson of The Razors for contributing to this .....
  9. Holy schmoley I didn’t realise tonight was the deadline ! Ive got one just about ready , so I’ll get a mix done and put it up later , I’ve got a paid soundcloud account so I can put a revised edit on the same link it’s good job @adamg67 posted or I’d have missed it
  10. This is a bit odd as I didn’t think it would be a thing I would say , but Chester is doing alright at the moment , the ‘live rooms’ seems to be putting some half decent shows, the known local band pubs are still busy and a few duos I know are still busy in the area. Tagged on to the Tiv in Buckley , and Central station in Wxm , and there is plenty to see within 10 minute drive/40min bus. so yeah, quite surprised me really
  11. Coughlans quo my old band were supporting , and played a blinder coughlans quo were ok but a bit obscure for me , so I got an early bus back to town for more beer interestingly though, my old band sounded awesome. I told the guitarist how good his AC30 sung through , he said he couldn’t hear it . That was the reason I left the band , he kept turning up so HE could hear it and would be too loud out front . only been discussing this issue for about 8 years
  12. Some days I like lyrics other days I don't Some days all I’ll eat is cheese Other days I won’t though lyrics don’t all have to rhyme I like it when they do I find the tale will flow quite well but I guess that is just me nonsense I say , it’s all nonsense, I do love good lyrics in a song.
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