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  1. February Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    very late and not finished but i offer this was as bigger physical struggle as anything , just to upload it , i will tidy it up as i get the chance
  2. In praise of Spectors

    I couldn't get on with my Euro 4 , small hands and a deeper 'spine' to the neck.....however , my legend 4 is sweet, really sweet . I could never find a Spector Shorty I could afford ......however , the Shorty Bantam is making an appearance at the LBGS and is cheaper new than US used , so I am taking my credit card
  3. Not on stage , but I play wireless so I can wander off to the buffet whenever I am a bit peckish
  4. London bass guitar show 2018

    Yup me too they will have all three colours there I understand
  5. Superb story and really well told πŸ‘
  6. February Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I have a very sketchy outline done ! I am away for a long weekend with SWMBO and some friends and I some how managed to pick up a leg infection with a fever and have pretty much been laid up since we got here. so I'm not sure what sort of state of entry I'll get in ☹️
  7. Using more than one input at the same time

    I would recommend this through a lifetime of using workarounds, mainly because of a desire to get to a destination without having the monetary resources, I have come to the conclusion that I can make stuff, build stuff and repair lots of stuff , but the minute you start to get mixed up in the world of digital music recording , just get stuff that works for what you need it to do, that it is known to work , and that there is support when it does your head in !! The attempts at workarounds in this environment is one that can be the most frustrating things going , especially when you realise for an extra few quid , the kit just works !
  8. Bass ports and monitors

    Well a very interesting 30 minutes scooting round the room on a swivel chair😳 Bizzarely I never found a boomy spot, but the place where I normally listen is very bass light, 3feet further back is much sweeter. This might be a good development young Skol my lad πŸ‘πŸ‘
  9. Input needed

    I'm not so sure about that , when I record myself , I always feel like I underperform, I just don't get with the click it doesn't feel natural . When I am stood standing beside my drummer who is doing his stuff I just seem to gel a million times better . The recording of gigs we've done are not great sound wise , but where I can be heard we are quite tight , and we have had positive feedback on that basis . Note fuckups are occasionally still there, but I forgive myself those if I am listening for a tempo I am struggling , if I feel the tempo I am grooving
  10. Bass ports and monitors

    It's gotta be pink πŸ˜‚
  11. Bass ports and monitors

    My monitors are on the opposite wall where the white door is. My cream leather sofa bit the dust many moons ago and the room now has no TV . 3 walls have brick faced finishes so no smooth surfaces , I guess that might help to mix it up a bit
  12. Bass ports and monitors

    That's a great idea , I think that is on the cards when I get this months effort recorded
  13. Bass ports and monitors

    My room is an L shape with a 'vaulted' ceiling but it goes flat where the L goes off I can't really use the software to predict anything here
  14. Small monitors

    That wins the internet that does
  15. Spector shorty

    What's out there BCers I have had GAS for one for some time. Nothing else thanks just a Spector shorty please