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  1. Sorry gents , bloody autocorrect , it was supposed to say ‘lunch pasty’ i have to say it was a lovely Lunch with a bit of brown sauce , maybe next time
  2. Well , in a surprise turn up , I asked lurksalittle what she thought of my effort , and she thought I was singing the wrong melody in the chorus! i asked how she thought it should go , so she sang it , and I recorded it , simple it kind of throws a gender spanner in to confuse the lyric a little , but it is so much sweeter on the ear. im going to try some more guitar in it, then release it to grand acclaim, I might even have a launch party with myself while listening to all the plaudits 😎
  3. It’s the same in the window industry, shortages in supply but a massive demand. I should put a smiley here, but it’s a proper PITA . Rescheduling installations every week because product is delayed is very frustrating for us and the customers !
  4. Er , if you are doing a Bucks Fizz song, then you had best enter it in December when we normally do a cover song challenge, so you’ve got 3 months to nail it
  5. Woo hoo , I think I’ll put another verse in now !!
  6. You just might have hit on a plan
  7. I’ve got a Rode NT1, but generally use a std hand held job for what I do , the room I use gives lots of reflections for a condenser type mic , I might try recording some vocals in the cupboard this week and see how it works out. Note to self , get the pop filter back from the lad !
  8. And Now @Leonard Smalls has done the same ! Now I fear that the bar has been set so high , I will have no difficulty in walking right under it in my defence, this month, I have written a song , I have learnt it , and learnt how to play it , so this time I have a structure to follow , it is of course, a bit random and full of my vocal , however, I have a few days left yet to rehearse and warm my larynx to its fullest harmonic potential* * who the f**k am I kidding here , not even myself 🤣
  9. Sweeeet that was very well moulded to my ear 👍
  10. Look Douglas, Fir @Dad3353 you should be able to spruce it up a bit
  11. Time to get those tunes out from your head and onto the DAW fir September For your Inspiration from last months winner @NickD who states..... "Taken in my back garden as a bit of an astrophotography/light painting test" rules then I suppose ....... ✔️ Entries must be <5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌ No illegal samples or other funny business. ❌ No bagpipes. Ever. ❌ Heads up for the voting after this, please don't vote for your own entry when the poll goes up ! The last orders will ring out around midnight on the 23rd or soon after to set the poll up! have a good one
  12. Well done NickD , if you get a picture sorted and send it to myself or Skol we’ll set up Fir September
  13. As long as the song gets posted here before the voting thread goes up , all is good 😎
  14. Mines about ready , dont be too cruel , its been a busy month and Ive got a few days leave to squeeze in, I'm not sure I could get away with cancelling the B&B for a few days to get this into shape but never the less enjoy Oh for the cute factor I got Albus , my 5 year old grandson to contribute , he doesnt know he has but I tried to teach him a bit of a foreign language, and recorded it !
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