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  1. “I loved you then as I love you still though I put you on a pedestal they put you on the pill” i saw 2 shooting stars last night , I wished on them , but they were only satellites it’s wrong to wish on space hardware. I wish , I wish you’ld care i don’t want to change the world I’m not looking for a new England just looking for another girl billy Bragg
  2. ......... and then I realise that I am out tonight , off to see a few local bands that I like , proper tickets and everything. 😂😂
  3. Must admit , I’m struggling with a way in to this one , but as it’s p1ssing down here , I will abandon my garden construction and sit down with a couple of home brews tonight and see what happens. im away next week so if I don’t get something best part done , I’ll be buggered getting one in
  4. It was tongue in cheek and pretty much a quote of something I heard her say on an interview once.
  5. Brilliant , I hope it goes really well 👍
  6. Well done fingers , excellent tune
  7. Yep , that is straightforward enough and I don’t have any issues, it is my replacement however, he has had a spam email and with one thing and another it has spooked him , and he has hung up his gig shoes and left the lads a bit stuck!
  8. I did a little private garden party last night backing to a main road, we were supposed to have a full rockset but as I researched the location I suggested an acoustic version of the set. It turned into a bit of a jam but it worked really well with no upset neighbours and a relatively early dart. Having left the band back in November, this is the 3rd gig this month Ive done with them as my replacement has been spooked by a spam email doing the rounds purporting to be HMRC asking for £1000 to settle the tax owed from band appearances. I have declined the pub gigs they have booked in , but I will cover the parties and weddings , these are committed so it would be bad form to let these people down.
  9. Excellent BCer , top quality comms and incredibly swift execution , buy, sell or trade with Mark with total confidence
  10. I can’t believe that she manages to get such big basses , they are enormous ....
  11. As my early indications may have given the thought that my inspiration was toilet based with this one , I won't disappoint I should say PARENTAL GUIDANCE as the variations of the poo word are very audible here. well I missed the fallen angel reference and took the beast as a winged 'protector' and then, with the current political mess , realised the amount of crap that gets spewed from top of the tree and applied the maths. enjoy
  12. I quite like these auction shows , I don't go looking for them but they pretty inoffensive in general ... your thinking of antiques road show there Pete , bargain hunt normally goes to posh car boot sales/ 'antique' fairs , then as has been said they rarely pay the asking price. The part that does annoy me is when the participants start engaging with the auction process, very poor form , and for some reason winds me right up
  13. I was depping for the Razors tonight and it was an awful gig , we played alright , but the lads didn’t take control of a random coked up pisshead who was close to the edge , he came on stage twice and each time I stopped playing , but the others carried on . It wasn’t till I got in the way and stopped the song that the landlady got involved and took him away , restarted the song , finished the song and said our goodbyes. Lots of decent punters came up to apologise and insist we go back , I certainly won’t be, but then I’m not actually in the band any more ! The bloke who took over is struggling with issues at home and has dropped them in it somewhat. I have told the lads I will cover 3 weddings and a carnival (and a house party) as they are important , but have declined all the pub gigs , my diary won’t cope with most of them , and I left the band to get some weekends to myself !
  14. I am pretty sure that mine won’t sound something something like any wings track
  15. Here is a picture. Well in all fairness, my mate Dave wanted a selfie and his phone was flat , so I obliged . As it happened a bunch of blokes brought some kit in and a gig broke out, resulting in @funkgod photobombing Daves selfie
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