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  1. the voting thread is up and rolling , or segwaying ( segue in my case )
  2. It's Time to have a listen to the fantastic offerings served up here for you for the November composition Challenge. The picture was chosen by @upside downer after a joint win with @Dad3353 and @xgsjx Choose your favourite 3 and tick the boxes 1 @xgsjx 2 @Dad3353 3 @skankdelvar 4 @NickD 5 @upside downer 6 @fingers211 7 @MoonBassAlpha 8 @Leonard Smalls 9 @lurksalot 10 @Doctor J That's your lot , plenty to enjoy in there , have a listen through a couple of times, create a playlist , write a review .........but cast a vote or 3 as well you know they're worth it The poll will close just in time for the annual December special , which will be at midnight on 30th November Enjoy
  3. I’ll get the voting thread up tonight when I get in folks
  4. ok here is some beach bum boogie for you , and I am a bit gutted I didn't think of that for the segue at the start I think I have covered most bases with the lyrics and layout on the photo and am reasonably happy with the result , even managed to collar Mrs Lurks for some input, I was intending to ask the lady across the road but I mentioned doing a bit of recording back in March .......... they are moving house on Friday , I don't think there is a connection now for a listen through to all your offerings
  5. I am so itching to listen to these , really looking forward to it
  6. As part of my cunning plan I am hoping for third party collusion , and to be anal about it , I need the room to sound right , it might not come off , but I’ll hold out till the crunch , oh and I’ll rehearse my singing a bit more 🙄
  7. I am not stating that your music should be simple at all. what I am saying is that your approach should start in manageable chunks. make your music as intricate as you desire, but keep the process realistic. that said, creativity as inspiration strikes us all differently.
  8. I’ll be honest here and suggest exactly as @BigRedX . keep it as simple as you can , get some ideas first , make written notes , build a framework for the composition , the minutaii of the recording software should be way down the list of issues at the start. once you have an idea roughly formulated you can start to flesh them out with sounds, and the chances are that you will find you can play with how they work together later in the process . but break the process down into chunks that you can get your head around , do it but by bit and find a quick way of remembering the creative bits you want. BRX can do it in his head as he has years of experience doing it , I write notes and voice msgs on my phone . if you start by trying to see the whole picture and finished article done, (and all by yourself) it will possibly become overwhelming and demotivating . I have downloaded a fair few VSTs , Kontact and the like , but if I don’t use them in a couple of months , it is a total PITA trying to remember how to use it again it works differently for some , but that’s my take on it.
  9. I would love to comment here but I suspect I am not exactly an authority on this. if I’m honest I think some people ( like me) need to put a lot of effort and practice in to even get in tune , never mind develop a timbre, and I don’t seem to have enough time to get results. then you find some who just open there throats with the voice of an angel naturally , jealous , me , as if
  10. Well that’s a decision made for me then !!!............. I’ll ditch the intro and solo and I reckon I could squeeze another verse and chorus in
  11. MIDI is really useful , but I only use it in simple mode , I have a few virtual instruments , drums, keys a synth or 2 and effectively the midi you send to the DAW triggers an appropriate response from the ‘instrument’ you are talking to. play with using simple MIDI and you will probably find a reason to use some of the kit that works best. I'm sure someone who knows stuff will pop in at some point , but I would keep it simple to start with
  12. Naomi is good Dad, she’ll have you top of the charts in every civilised nation and some that aren’t , well worth the investment , but then , she hasn’t heard mine yet
  13. I’ve sketched mine out , I just need to learn it so I can actually practice playing it , I am trying to keep it simple , but I am probably going to stick a vocal on it just to bugger it up , and no matter how much rehearsal time I throw at a vocal, it will still very much require an acquired taste to fully appreciate it 😎
  14. Well I’ll be honest I have an idea in my head that is waaaay , waaaaaay beyond my ability ,and far to clever for my own good , but as is my motto , that’s never stopped me before 🙄
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