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  1. lurksalot

    How was your gig last night?

    I’ve been there , twice, while they ended up fun gigs , it does leave a bit of a sour taste ☹️
  2. lurksalot

    The bass journey

    Ah , but which end did you start at
  3. lurksalot

    Who did you see live last?

    Dan reed network last night , excellent show from a very talented bunch, support from Hollowstar and Mason Hill. the sound was half decent, it’s the first I have attended using ACS ear plugs and I think I may have to have a different filter in them , while the clarity of the sound was fine , it just seemed a bit quiet it was an odd sensation, feeling the bass drum kick me in the guts yet hearing the volume at 3 when it should have been 11
  4. lurksalot

    How was your gig last night?

    Coincidentally , I nearly engineered that very same scenario last night , there was a pool table behind him and he suggested putting his amp on it , only in jest , but I pushed him to do it , but he declined , still, I wasn’t going to make an issue of it as my input , my PA and my lights will soon be otherwise engaged. oddly the landlord wanted to rebook but heard that we were disbanding , I immediately retorted that it was not the case and that they would get a new bass player , the lads looked surprised at that , but they have had 6 weeks to get on with it !
  5. lurksalot

    How was your gig last night?

    Lovely little gig in a tiny little pub , not much crowd but very appreciative and enthusiastic . sound check was great , about 20 mins in my brother indicates to lift the vocal a touch , done start of the second set my brother indicates to lift the vocal a bit , done. strangely , everyone who was standing in front of the band at the start is now about 5mtrs further back 🤔 The guitarist incrementally turns himself up all the time and the vocal gets drowned , so everything ends up louder than everything else. I only have to play 2 more gigs with this bellend of a six stringer
  6. lurksalot


    I'm in then , its a quick one this time as I have loads to do this month Its going off in my bed Its going off in my bed And I just love it I just cant stop it Yeah I just love it Do it again Do it again Cos its all going off in my bed Fireworks forever she cried She lit the fuse when I was still inside Then She looked at me with a vengeance when she said Im gonna set it off in your head Now its going off in my head its going off in my head And I don’t want it I just cant stop it no I don’t want it take it away take it away cos its all going off in my head
  7. lurksalot

    Feedback for PawelG

    Sold a Scarlett 2i2 to Pawel , instant money transfer , great comms , lovely fella, trade with confidence with this gent 👍
  8. lurksalot

    When your jeans fall down at a gig

    No way 😂 surely you must have some emergency pies to get stuck into 😄
  9. lurksalot


    Yep , that’s an entry now , welcome back in 👍
  10. lurksalot

    How to ‘bump’ a post

    The wanted forum is slightly different, in that the bumping and reply permissions are not enabled.
  11. lurksalot

    got a job in porn!!!!

    As an aside , the lad does a fair bit of editing work , and has had a share of editing private individuals home porn films. It’s work when the bills need paying !
  12. lurksalot

    got a job in porn!!!!

    I think most DAWS can speed up and slow down the audio to grasp the authentic VHS vibe
  13. lurksalot

    How was your gig last night?

    I play it with a pick as it offers the opportunity of some quick muting , I generally play with a pick anyway 👍
  14. lurksalot

    How was your gig last night?

    Played the Plough in St Asaph last night . It was a great gig , not a massive crowd but it's a big place and the landlord was very happy with the turnout , we had dancers for every song and considering we start with beds are burning , that doesn't normally get the dance floor started ! Three more gigs before I leave them to it ,
  15. lurksalot


    In that case , you can see in the scene that there are boats in the harbour , it could almost be a reconstruction of the Elizabethan ship battles with Drake fighting off the Armada , the photo was taken in Plymouth after all, and if you can overlook the fact that Drake was considered to have been a part of the first slave trades, its all good Ed to add thinking about it , there are probably as many tunes written about things that people don't like as there are about things that people do !