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  1. 10 seconds eh...... I won't take up that much of your time:
  2. Listening on catch up to 6Music - Gideon Coe's bible-themed special (5th April). A mix of secular and non-secular songs with a bible reference. Here's a gospel choice - Doris Troy , "Jacobs Ladder". Nice bass line.
  3. Just had a listen myself the other day. Still sounds great doesnt'!!!
  4. I’m a massive Fall fan and it’s a shame about Mark. I’d have been as big more cautious about saying how great they’d be though. I had the opposite experience though.... I saw them when the band were well into the revolving door phase. The band walked on and I didn’t recognise anyone and MES looked about 20 years older than his actual age. Turned out to be a great gig. I went with my brother, not a Fall fan, and he thought so too.
  5. Nice pedal board. I don’t understand what many of them do, but nice pedal board!
  6. You forgot the bit where you stop the looper for a few bars and then start it again 😃!
  7. Yes I think so👍couple of years earlier than i thought. At least they improved the sound for the release.
  8. I went to see X-ray Spex (2010 I think) at the Roundhouse when Poly reformed the band for the shows. The support group (Goldblade) were OK, but had a great sound. X-Ray-Spex came on. They kicked off with "Oh Bondage Up Yours", but the soundman had not opened the vocal mike. So we missed most of the the iconic spoken intro ("Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard"). Then the band kicked in. Well, I say the band.... Drums and Sax. The Guitar and Bass were buried so low in the mix it ruined the night. So disappointing!
  9. Sometimes it's good to go back to the classics.... Sex Pistols NMTB.... here's Liar:
  10. Just listened to your set. I would have thought it wasn’t my thing, but actually thought it was great. Fantastic batch of songs brilliantly played and sung. The sound was excellent too. Best wishes for the coming months.
  11. So the tree saved trees?
  12. I don’t think that the stick of wood has to fill the hole, just narrow it down sufficiently. And it doesn’t need glue normally, just the additional pressure/friction from the stick.
  13. You make a convincing argument. Not a knockout, but you’re ahead on points. And you probably have better walk-on music 😉.
  14. I’d love to need this ......... but my entire recording space is about a 3 foot radius in front of my PC 🙁.
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