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  1. Not so much under-rated as completely erased from the bands history. Doug Yule - The Velvet Underground. He replaced John Cale, and supplied some cracking basslines.... but is never mentioned in VU history.
  2. JJ Burnel on my left. Bruce Foxton on my right. We’re all watching Steve Hanley of the Fall. Would be good Bruce and JJ to see the greatest bass player, but safe in the knowledge that their brilliance paved the way for him.
  3. I'm still getting to grips with playing ahead/behind the beat, but I heard this today and though maybe the drummer is playing the snare a bit behind the beat. Whatever , it has a great feel. So am I right, or do I need to go back to school ?
  4. Does this just apply to a bass? I mean if you boost a bass guitar at 500Hz it will be perceived as 'honk' but if you did the same boost to a guitar it would not be perceived as 'honk'?
  5. Maybe I've misunderstood the term 'honk' (when applied to a bass) all my life then. I always thought it described something like the envelope of the sound rather than a frequency - similar to how sometimes a guitar pick up or something is described (normally negatively) as having a 'quacking' sound.
  6. Watching with interest. I normally make a song in a DAW, and then want to make a video for it. Is there any video editing tool which is 'sympathetic' to how music worksformat..... I'm thinking of something a bit like a DAW maybe, which recognizes that the song has beats, bars and sections and you can move an image or clip to 'snap to grid' to matched to beginning of bar etc? like a DAW does?
  7. I think the thread was just intended as a bit of fun, and not intended to stand up to any scrutiny. To join in the fun just think of a bass player you think is quite good but who is widely regarded as very good...… then post their name on here. Joining in the fun is optional by the way.
  8. In at the deep end is best for me, so I’ll give Space Ritual a go. Cheers for the tip.
  9. I didn't watch it because not only did I think it would not ding my dong, I thought it might ding something I didn't want dinged .
  10. Hawkwind are one of those bands who evaded me for may years, mainly due to my misconceptions about what they are like. But all the stuff I've heard from them I have really liked.... and from multiple eras too. They have a large back catalogue though, so not sure where to dip my toe further.
  11. I think there are lots of people out there who don't know what a songwriter is either!
  12. aha, got it. I would probably never need to do quite that, but I'd like to have a few percent of his ability so I could work out all stuff I do need to do!
  13. I think the OP was just having a bit of light-hearted fun with how perceptions differ. which is a terrible thing to do and I hope they will one day see the error of their ways.
  14. Pedants hat on...... isn’t it impossible by definition to play scat on a bass? I thought scat meant the human voice doing an improvised instrument-like performance?
  15. I’m just glad this thread is about the musical form.
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