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  1. Bit strange… pity they couldn’t reunite while Andy was still with us 🙁
  2. This came up on one of my FB groups from 1982 features Michael Stipe’s sister on bass and vocals , they are called Oh-OK
  3. Yes ^^^^, would like to hear what happened in the end🤞. I do have a bass drum pedal but I’m nowhere near Bridgenorth though! Don’t sack the drummer though, we need to look after our drummers even when they F up a bit! Our drummer forgot his snare at one gig and luckily there was someone in his family who could bring it down in time.
  4. Dub special of the listener-led "now playing" show - with guest Dennis Bovell - on 6music tomorrow:
  5. I don't really know anything the topic in general...... but I have seen a couple of times people using a keyboard to play brass parts and also blowing into a breath controller to get the expression. Might be worth looking at, depending how far you want to go of course.
  6. Yeah, I’d probably give that a miss….. wouldn’t mind having a go at a bit of gospel though 👍
  7. Phew that’s a lot! Out interest what kind of songs were they?
  8. Long answer: I don't believe that certain pitches sound better - it's just a myth. The only important thing is that everybody keeps to the same pitch.... which is why the standard exists. The specific pitch of the standard is arbitrary and doesn't matter. It seems that the standard has changed over time though.... don't know why that is, but I reckon it wasn't right or wrong at any of them.
  9. It helps with the singing too probably to keep a consistent reference pitch for the whole set. And good luck re-tuning the flute, piano etc !
  10. Some genres work well or even better with a drum machine. Apart from that a drum machine is a poor substitute for a real drummer in my experience. However I believe Beatbuddy is based on recordings of a real drummer and gets good comments on BC.
  11. Acoustic Guitar Chat: Non acoustic guitar players shouldn’t play acoustic 😃
  12. The two biggest camps in bass would be fretted and fretless IMO. But for the genres you mention (and indeed most) no need for fretless.
  13. I saw them in Luton pre-lockdown... in a big theatre and an audience of 20 or 30 people. I felt embarrassed that so few people were there, but they still put on a great show. Worth a look to anyone near Norwich!
  14. Inspiration: The pic got me thinking about swimming with dolphins and generally drifting around, which gave me the feel for the song. I was recently loaned a beautiful mid-70’s Gibson Thunderbird acoustic guitar by my aunt, which belonged to my late uncle who passed last year. She wants it to be played. So it’s included here and contributed to the feel. Technical stuff: Daw: Studio One. Drums: studio one piano roll with “Red Zep” drum samples. Bass: Vantage avenger. Acoustic Gtr: Gibson Thunderbird (family heirloom on loan to me)., Electric Gtr : Vox Standard 25. Vox : Sure SM58
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