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  1. I never knew about plekking before this thread… Am I the only one?
  2. Indeed. No problem with Hooky’s style…. Just it’s the opposite of Dusty’s. I guess it’s just the way it goes making a news show, and good to get the subject covered at all.
  3. Here some more recent folk carrying the post-punk torch. Shopping - Trust in Us (2020)
  4. Here's my nomination from the Fall. Not my favourite song (although it ranks highly), but it is very post-punk and is equally likeable by fans and non-fans. Totally Wired.
  5. My exact thoughts on Suicide. Had the same expectations and same disappointment. You didn't mention vocals but was let down by that too.
  6. If you are a covers band and go out as such I'd say max one original song per set. So that's two in a typical two-set pub gig. And then only if they go down OK. Perhaps consider running an originals set on the side under a different name. For originals band you probably will only do 20-30 minute sets, so can be a bunch of you r best songs, plus a couple of the less well known covers from your covers set.
  7. Townies of mine, UK Decay.... here's title track from the second release - The Back Cat: Singer Abbo is often credited as the first to use the term 'Gothic' to describe the music.
  8. Well, the OP did refer to stinking badges 😕......
  9. I think we should keep the statuses, but make it more bass relevant……. The lowest rank could be “Adam Clayton” and the top rank “JJ Burnel”. middle ranks could include the likes of Geddy Lee. I can’t see any problems in choosing the player rankings!
  10. You, young man, were only cheating yourself.
  11. I too would fell a bit cheated if the band didn't make some kind of effort. For example if I saw a (random band) Bauhaus trib and they came on wearing tracksuits trainers etc. In fact not just tributes....Applies to covers bands too. On holiday abroad a couple of years ago we found a beach bar which had a live band each night. One night it was "classic rock"... Smoke on the Water and so on. The drummer looked like he always had a decent image and was a good 20 years younger than the other two. So far so good. The other two turned up in their 'day clothes' and set up. The bass player disappeared for a few mins and came back wearing a pair of faded Jeans and a tie-dye shirt. Good stuff - fitted the image. The singer/guitarist however was wearing a pair of those modern long shorts with loads of pockets and strings, and sports-casual t-shirt. i.e clothes not invented at the time of the music. He said into the mike that it wasn't worth changing. Bad show IMO.
  12. Once you are into pukka tributes then soundalike is a given. The audience are also their to have fun, so making some effort on the looks front is important towards that. There is also "act-a-like"... for example I saw a Stones trib a couple of years ago and not only Mick, but Keith and Ronnie, had worked on all the mannerisms and stage routines etc. I think it depends on the band too. A Pink Floyd or Genesis trib may attract an audience of "chin-strokers", but Stones or Bowie a more fun-oriented crowd.
  13. I'm not a massive fan of The Who (especially the 'Rock' years 😕), but really enjoying this instrumental from the High Numbers (i.e. before they were called the Who). Came up on facebook. Disclaimer: A couple of folk on youtube are disputing who it is . But great track whoever IMO.
  14. I saw a pic the other day (might have been on BC?) of a Queen tribute. Freddie, Brian and Roger all were dressed/wigged up. John was just wearing what he wore all day. I think that may underline your point!
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