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  1. Looks like a good pedal, and a good player.......... but don't people to see people operating "stud" switches in socks!
  2. Luckily I don't receive any voice texts.... but they would probably annoy me if I did. I don't like (or listen to) voicemails on my phone... the type you get if you don't answer a call. Instead of listening to them I call the person back - as others have said here. However the "call back instead of listening" approach is heavily criticised by David Mitchell in this clip. I normally like him too 😐.
  3. Not sure I can comment on how things will go in the future but the Indo-made Squier Tele I bought last year was great .
  4. One way is to get some pre-recorded beats from a 'library' of some kind which you then loop in the DAW. The other way is to program your own..... most DAWS have a kind of "piano roll" where you can place each drum onto the beats you want it. I prefer this way as a) I feel the end product is 'my work' and b) sometimes you can't find the beat you need. Example of a piano roll, with a (simple) drum pattern I made for a middle 8 which I probably could not have found in a library.
  5. Yes - I'm not spending much time keeping the knowledge up to date. But on the occasions I do practice I remember more than I thought I would. But not enough!
  6. Youtube favourite which I keep coming back to. Not well known.... but brilliant punk / power pop from 1980 Canadian band The Modernettes "Barbra". All in 2 minutes.....and the bass player is pretty cool too!
  7. In theory I do the following: Learning or writing songs - sitting Practicing and band rehearsals - Standing. In practice (no pun intended) I usually practice sitting down though .
  8. If someone stops playing for some reason, they signal the rest of the band to carry on playing with a circular motion of the hand... kind of vertical like a bike wheel.
  9. In folk circles, the chord sequence (maybe an A part and B part) tends to repeat throughout the song without an agreed end, and people join in as they feel like. To bring the song to an end the 'leader' of the song sticks his leg out - then at the end of that repetition everyone ends together.
  10. So do you start with two anonymous blocks of wood (body and neck) or something that is already somewhat body/neck shaped?
  11. Lol, must have been fun working for them! I guess, if you want to rationalise it, the 'naked' fruit machine actually looked fragile and was therefore handled as such.
  12. Not sure how widespread it is, but the Stones trib I saw a while back had names like Mick Stagger or something. But they kind of got into slightly comical versions of the band (well Jagger/Richards/Woods anyway).
  13. I kept hearing 6Music DJs back-announcing John Cooper Clarke in the last week or two, and thinking that I didn't remember hearing a JCC record. I worked it out eventually! Good song though!
  14. I'd love to do that if I was going to spend £1000 on a bass. A P would be fine by me, and would love the learning. Bass and mini-holiday in one! However, I'd prefer to go solo (rather than take anyone from home) and either go for a drink with the other builders or hang out on my own.
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