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  1. Not me. I've done paid gigs, but only makes a small dent in the cost of instruments, consumables, rehearsals, petrol etc. (And my instrument spend is very low compared to to typical BCer).
  2. Which is in itself ironic. Therefore it does contain one ?? In which case it's a paradox.
  3. No problem in principal with lending gear. I like to help a fellow musician and may need help at some point myself. In practice maybe not something with high financial or sentimental value, and maybe not if the reason for needing the loan is a bit flimsy. Understand that some folk here have been burned in the past though.
  4. Yeah, I remember Elvis. We were on a family holiday - one of those 'cruiser' boats on the Thames where you sleep on the boat. We were moored up overnight my dad went to the shops in the morning to get a paper etc. The first thing he said, as soon as he was within earshot, was "Elvis is Dead".
  5. Yes, my (recently disfunct) punk and new wave covers band did all stuff I loved from my youth. But we did cover the stuff I loved from after that era like My Bloody Valentine or Pixies or whatever. All the bands before that was music I was totally into (mainly originals).
  6. I think we knew the Beatles and some of their songs. But not so much the individual names and definitely not how important they were to people.
  7. My class was 14/15 when John Lennon was killed. Our English teacher gave over the next lesson to John. We weren’t really sure who John Lennon was. It must have been a big deal for the teacher though.
  8. Not exactly a gig, but a Fado night in Porto
  9. I think Mustang Sally will be the cockroach of the music world and survive even the Nuclear holocaust .
  10. What is the physics behind that? Not that I will necessarily understand the answer 🙁.
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