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  1. another little festival for us last night. The sound on stage was a nightmare for me. I had to turn my monitor off. I assumed we were having some communication issues with the sound tech but I found out later that he just kept leaving the room
  2. Tiddlyfest last night. A fun little festival in the countryside. No stage so you couldn't see past the first 3 rows of people, but we seemed to go down well.
  3. I think a domain pointing straight to a well maintained Bandcamp would be better than pointing straight to FB or no domain at all
  4. IMO yes. I pay £10/r for a .co.uk domain. I won't comment on hosting as it's on a bigger package with a load of other site. Our website gets loads of hits, we sell a load of merch through it, a lot of people check the gig list on it. We do well on Facebook/IG but a lot of people don't use this, or don't use it much, and without the website we'd be missing a load of people
  5. There are special seats for people with injuries. Ahead Spinal Glide is what I use. You can get a back rest, (or not, depending). You don't have to hit hard, just play around the kit, keeping the limbs nice and loose. I have all sorts of wrist problems (can't play normal/long scale/6 string bass any more) and as long as I don't get carried away, drumming always makes me feel better.
  6. ...yep or any other member of the band. I'd love to be in a band with a singer who can hold down a beat on the kit! From my experience in the studio, those who just sing seem to really struggle with timing. Rappers are the exception to this
  7. Another thing - you can practise drums anywhere. You don't even need a practise pad, just move your limbs as you would behind the kit. It's a really common thing for drummers to make excuses for lack of practise, due to noise or space or whatever. These are the types that only ever play at their band's rehearsal. It's very rare for these types to be good musicians
  8. Bass was my main thing until our drummer left. I've played drums ever since and now it's my main gig IMO every musician should have a go at drumming in a band, even if it's just a jam. It brings home the importance of listening to every other instrument, opens your mind in terms of rhythm, and makes locking in with a drummer when you're next on bass (or whatever other instrument) so much easier EDIT: I also love how physical it is. You're basically dancing with sticks in your hand. When you're playing a gig, everyone is dancing to you. Quite often around here people will say things like "if the bass stops, people stop dancing"? Well that's just not the case, sorry. Also it's so much easier to jam with new people. You don't have to know the chords or even the key. All you need to know is if there are any stops, and if you miss one just chuck a fill in and look like you meant it
  9. If the buzzing goes away when you touch the strings, that'd normally be a grounding issue on the bass wouldn't it? I guess it's always there, but when using your pedals, or just turned up to gig volume, it becomes particularly noticeable.
  10. I play acoustic guitar and sing at home but I can't do it in front of people. I practised for months thinking I'd get up at my local acoustic night but I just couldn't do it. I've played gigs on lead guitar, and I generally do well, but I find it very nerve wracking, and when it gets to a solo I find myself blushing, I've seen footage and it looks/sounds great, but I feel so far out of my comfort zone Bass and drums feel easy in comparison, in terms of actually performing in front of people, 'cos I know I'm not the centre of attention I suppose.
  11. Eh Up Mi Duck festival up near Doncaster on Saturday night. It's a small festival but the revellers were plenty rowdy! Absolutely crazy mosh pit, loads of singing along and dancing, good pay, and beers in the van for the way home
  12. I've not had much time online lately but last weekend was a good one for this thread Friday night, Northern Kin Festival, massive stage in a big top tent, great crowd, super pro sound crew and system. I got to set up my drums on a riser while the previous act finished, then they just wheeled me on stage Sunday night, mayday festival of solidarity in Barnsley. It's a nice venue, but very small stage, and I'm forced to use the house drum kit which gradually falls to bits as I play. It was a packed room and a fun gig, but what a crash back down to earth after playing at being a rock star on the Friday night!
  13. Ashdown ABM 600. I connect a DI with phantom to one in the studio all the time as my current mixer will only switch the phantom in banks of 8 channels. It's always been fine but this thread got me wondering, I just checked the manual... "unaffected by Phantom Powering on the Microphone input." https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2397/1117/files/abm600.pdf?10890871767480766198
  14. Yussef did an album with Tom Misch, I think Rocco is on a few tracks, highly recommended
  15. Ace gig at Katie Fitzgerald's in Stourbridge last night. I don't think we played our best, but the energy in the room more than made up for that. I think the fact I'd decided to record the set might have put us on edge a little I was photographing my cymbals and remote recording setup but our (excellent) bassist decided to spice up the photo a bit
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