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  1. Looking forward to it!
  2. very nice! Terrible production compared to Billie Eilish though
  3. It seems to me, when the music stops for 2 bars and she says "Duh", that is very unusual for popular music. I can't think of another example like that.
  4. I'd never heard that track so I just put it on. It's a standard 4 chord pop tune with dated synth sounds, same constant 4/4 beat all the way through. Bad Guy is extremely minimal. Generic bassline I'd agree but the majority of the sound is made from a quietly sung vocal which some very cool harmonies. The whole sound is very original IMO, almost as original as Bjork on her album Medulla - except this is full of "hooks" meaning it has mass appeal. On top of that, there are big breaks in the beat which is very unusual in pop music. Then the outro is very different, bares almost no relation to the rest of the track and yet fits. Obviously it's all subjective but IMO is a production masterpiece and very original in those terms
  5. What about Billie Eilish with Bad Guy? It sounds very original to me and would have sounded out of place in the 90s, and it was a HUGE single
  6. I often put stuff in my basket, and then think of the unknown expenses that might be in my future, shake my head at how stupid I am, and then empty the basket ...but yeh is it really pretty?
  7. I'd never heard Clean Up Woman before, awesome groove, thanks for that!
  8. I play drums in a pretty heavy band. On the last album there was a song with a riff, which was pretty good, but there wasn't anything really taking the lead in the mix. We put some nice lead guitar on it but it still didn't feel right. I suggested tambourine and the other guys laughed at me, until they heard it. Obviously it'd be out of place on stage at a metal show but on the album it really works
  9. It's the tambourine surely! Take the tambourine out and it'd be a totally different groove
  10. I played drums on Friday night, still not sure if I should be risking it with my sprained wrist. A few people helped me with all of my gear which was really nice, and then I took some painkillers and 4 pints of beer. It got me through, and actually I played really well, but it was probably a bad idea. I still can't play bass and I have a gig on Thursday!
  11. There are loads of bad photos of me but I finally found one I like! From last Thursday at the Rescue Rooms
  12. Thursday night I played at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham and it was awesome. I managed to sprain my wrist during load out. Had to cancel Friday's gig and I'm worried about this weekend. Can't even play guitar at the moment let alone drums.
  13. I've not been able to post since but I did two gigs supporting New Model Army last week Tuesday we played at The Live Rooms in Chester. There was something seriously wrong with the PA, no idea how they managed to take so long to fix it, but it meant our soundcheck was just a very brief line check. This normally wouldn't bother me but the rest of the band (who are big NMA fans) had got me nervous for the first time in ages! It was sold out too so a pretty important gig. Anyway, the sound was crap on stage, and probably out front, but it didn't matter at all. The crowd loved us! Wednesday we played the Boiler Shop in Newcastle. This is such a cool venue. A huge old warehouse with loads of history, done up in a very modern fashion. Brilliant soundcheck and we played really well. We've been asked to support on another date next year so that'll be cool
  14. It's not something I've ever come across before. Are there any particular projectiles you'd recommend?
  15. Is this part of your show? You plant 9 audience members each with inflatable novelty items to throw at the band?
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