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  1. I'd never heard of it and I live in Staffs! I'm just having a look online. Is it all reggae?
  2. I sent a message to a seller asking if his marching snare drum was still for sale. He replied instantly with a yes. I asked if he could arrange postage and how much that might be? He didn't respond and it's still listed for sale
  3. A friend of mine used to refer to his "equipment" as his "Hefty Langer"
  4. So when you get home late at night after a gig, what's your routine? Do you wind down with a drink and then wash the pants? Or do you wash the pants and then wind down pantless? [It's OK we don't need the answer]
  5. I hope you don't gig on consecutive days! I play drums and I've played 4 gigs over 3 days loads of times. I'd hate to imagine what my lucky pants would be like after that lot (if I had them)
  6. another funk jam I had with myself. I added a loop of my cats fighting because obviously no-one's going to stick around for the music
  7. hah, indeed. It's interesting to me though. I started on basses with very high action and just learned to fret and pluck very hard to get the sound I wanted. I assume that technique is what's given me the problems I have now. Having said that it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume it'd also given me more strength than if I'd started on a low action bass.
  8. If you try to hit the ball hard with a heavy club, you will put more force on your body than if you try to hit the ball hard with a light club, more force = more chance of injury? I dunno, I've never played golf
  9. of course! But if they're learning without instruction and they have the heaviest club, they'll put a lot of effort in, as that's required by the weight of the club. If they have the lightest club, they'll put less effort in. This is just my assumption, but I would have thought, the less effort, the less chance of injury, as there's less force involved overall
  10. I just imagine that playing too hard is how I ended up with lots of pain in my hands and wrists, and that if I'd started on a bass with a lower action I might have developed a better technique than the neanderthal one I've adopted
  11. I played nothing but 6 string basses for about 5 years. My bass broke at a gig and so I begged a bass from another bassist and he loaned me a 4 string for our set. I was instantly way faster on my left hand ...but I don't think it's a good idea to recommend beginners use a bass that's very difficult to play, because it might put them off, and more importantly might give them RSI or some other injury
  12. Saturday night at the Birds Nest in Deptford. We'd not been before so I had no idea what to expect. We set off from Stoke at 3pm and got there around 6:30 which isn't too bad. I had to set up the drums for the other bands to use, but leave off my cymbals and snare. All standard stuff, except the only place to store gear was in the pool room behind the stage. I was a little nervous leaving my fancy cymbals alone in a pub I don't know. Thankfully they were safe enough. The support bands were pretty good, as was the beer, and we played well and went down well so it should have been a good night, even if it was a late one (to bed at 3:30AM). However, one idiot put a massive downer on my night. He was clearly far too drunk and coming on to one of our fans in a way that can only be described as sexual harassment. I asked him very politely to leave her alone, that did seem to calm him down, and she said she could take care of herself, but I couldn't shake the anger and it killed the atmosphere for me.
  13. If I struggle do sleep I do slow, deep breathing, really focusing on it. I guess it's a kind of meditation. It always works
  14. Friday night I played a Metal To The Masses heat in Stoke with my heavy band CreepJoint. It's a battle of the bands but I expected we didn't have a chance. We are a good band but one of the other bands on the bill is brand new and I was super excited to see them and fully expected them to win, which they did. Still, they were really complimentary about my band and hopefully we won some new fans. Our frontman somehow persuaded his fiancee to film the whole set so we watched it back at his house later, and we were super tight. I hope he uploads it at some point and if he does I'll share it on here Saturday night was Rock Off Fibro - a charity event in Chester to raise money for Fibromyalgia. This is an annual event. We did the first one 3 years ago at the Live Rooms which is an ace venue. Saturday night was the back room of a pub with a tiny little PA and no soundman. The mics were plugged in with XLR>Jack leads and there was no mic for the bass drum. If I'd had the room I'd have switched the house kit for mine (which would have been loud enough) but there was no way that'd happen, so I played the entire hour long set kicking sh*t out of the house bass drum while tickling the snare and cymbals, just to try and get the mix right out front. My right leg was feeling it yesterday! Still, all good fun.
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