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  1. cheddatom

    Tuning to suit the guitarist

    I actually used to do a version of this. The guitarist played in drop A# so I tuned my B string down a semi tone and the other strings up a semi tone. It worked really well! It turned out to be essential with that particular guitarist as he had to learn the riffs by watching my left hand, he had no idea what notes he was playing
  2. cheddatom

    Tuning to suit the guitarist

    If the guitarists were tuned to Eb, previously I would have tuned to Eb too, but now I'd just stay in standard tuning because I have a B string, so there's no need to change. Are you playing a 5 (or 6) string?
  3. cheddatom

    How was your gig last night?

    Could you not start your own band Blue?
  4. cheddatom

    Tal Wilkenfeld is Killing Me

    I'm listening to the full session and she sounds a bit Joni Mitchel to me, I really like her voice
  5. cheddatom

    Can you hear it?!

    I'm 34 and can hear up to 17.5Khz on that test. I'm a bit surprised by that but I do always wear earplugs around loud noises - I even put them in to put the glass in the recycling bin
  6. cheddatom

    Tuning to suit the guitarist

    That's why I used to do it but now I realise that it's easy enough to just play the fretted low D on the B string
  7. cheddatom

    Tuning to suit the guitarist

    I've been jamming with a guitarist who tunes to drop C or C standard, depending on the song. I just keep my bass in standard tuning. When he plays a riff I just figure it out and play along. When I play a riff and he wants to play along he stares at my left hand and I have to remind him that that's useless.
  8. cheddatom

    Whatever happened to??

    The Fender Musicmaster - it was my first ever bass and I desperately want it back, or another like it. Why did they stop making them?
  9. When I started out I would always match my tuning to the guitarist's tuning, so that I could copy the way they played their riffs. E.G the guitar is in drop D and the riff is using the bottom string a lot, hammering on or whatever. It always seemed easier to match that, even though I'd always had a low B string. Either I wasn't capable of playing the riff in standard tuning as it was too fast, or I just found it easier to learn by copying the guitarist. I stopped playing bass for quite a while and when I came back to it my approach seemed a bit stupid. Now I stay in standard tuning (with a low B) and play the riff my own way. I've been jamming on guitar with a bassist and he seems to do things the way I used to, tuned B, D, A, D, G so it can't be that uncommon, but it does seem a bit silly/inefficient to me. I'm wondering if anyone has decided to stick with this way of tuning for a good reason and what that might be? I don't want to ask the guy I'm jamming with in case he takes it personally
  10. cheddatom

    Tal Wilkenfeld is Killing Me

    I listened on headphones without watching and I thought it was awesome, even the bass tone
  11. cheddatom

    Tal Wilkenfeld is Killing Me

    Awesome, thanks!
  12. cheddatom

    How was your gig last night?

    Yes, they're great guys, we've played with them quite a few times. Raph was borrowing her TE head I believe, sounded awesome!
  13. cheddatom

    How was your gig last night?

    Good work Lozz! We played the Star & Garter again last night. It wasn't the best turnout but by the time we went on there were probably 50 people, which isn't bad in a venue that size. We played well and went down really well... knackered now!
  14. I was chatting about this to one of the best drummers I know last night and a couple of things came up Playing "melodic" or "musical" beats that fit the song, rather than just picking a beat and keeping time Moving with the music, not just an effort to entertain others but rather actually "feeling" the music Fast fills, double strokes and stick tricks do not make a good drummer, but when a good drummer does it, it's very entertaining
  15. I think to be a good drummer, you have to listen to what everyone else is doing, but also play with real confidence. If you're under-confident, or insecure in your playing, it can really show, especially in terms of big dynamic changes. For example, if you go from quiet to loud, that first beat of the loud bar needs a really hard hit on the bass drum. Conversely if you're over-confident you're probably not going to be listening to the rest of the band, you'll concentrate on what you're doing instead, play silly fills, speed up etc. and then the whole band sounds sloppy. I don't think you need to be technically good at drums to be a good drummer