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  1. Can't wait. I've seen them live a few times and they're brilliant
  2. Best BC post of all time perhaps. The only one I can recall ever showing my mates, and they all laughed out loud
  3. Nice one, thanks Lozz! The first mix had a proper grindy bass sound, not unlike yours with Knock Off, but our bassist did not like it at all!
  4. Check it out. I play the drums and produce the music. Our guitarist did the video
  5. My solo album, 12 tracks 26 minutes: https://weisenheimer.bandcamp.com/releases Not my finest hour but I had to do something during lockdown
  6. I saw Martin Greh support Oceansize in the basement at Rock City many years ago. His set was about 15 minutes but I was totally blown away. I was so desperate for him to come back out, but if he had maybe it wouldn't have had the same impact. In contrast Oceansize stayed on for 1.5 hours and I was bored after the first 40 minutes
  7. His solo stuff is the best IMO
  8. My main band Headsticks did a live album a while back. There are no overdubs at all. I might have tuned a couple of vocals here and there but otherwise it's just as it was on the night, less one song. We've been doing "live" sets for people to watch online, and these are recorded live but without an audience. All the audio is totally live, just a couple of dodgy notes fixed on bass and vocals
  9. I used to use thumb picks on bass so I could switch between fingers and pick without having to hold a pick somewhere
  10. maybe you could use a compressor with a slow attack, to exaggerate the initial transient
  11. a cupboard might sound very weird! I think Mike Skinner did a load of vocals in a wardrobe full of clothes, and that sounds very dry Great point about the room though, if it's a bad sounding room the NT1 will pick that up
  12. Great vocal mic but at least twice the price of the NT1A and not as good all round
  13. I reckon I shift most guitarist's tracks by at least 12ms so the latency probably helps! Probably not as useful for bassists who tend to be a bit more "on it"
  14. They're a great all-rounder too. I use mine for the room on acoustic guitars, drums, percussion, sometimes electric guitars too
  15. Just a bit of fun on the drums
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