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  1. I'm actually on drums. That's Nick Bayes on bass,. He plays an American P he bought new a couple of years back through a TC combo. I have a little EQ, compression and saturation going on in the mix
  2. yeh but we can wipe them down. It's the baskets/foam on the mic, I doubt there's a practical way to adequately sanitise them
  3. I'm thinking we say "bring your own mic, if you don't have one you can buy one of ours"
  4. We've not actually opened yet as we're not ready. We're meeting tonight to nail down the formal plan. It's not going to be simple!
  5. official advice is that rehearsals are now OK. I'm involved with a rehearsal studio. We double checked with Trading Standards who were telling us to stay closed, and they confirmed on Friday that we're now OK to open
  6. My point was that I didn't have to select F&F to get there, I simply clicked the paypal.me link A lot of people ignore tick-boxes, but then I guess a lot of people tick them without reading what they're agreeing to. Either way it'd be good if when you clicked on a paypal.me link, it gave you the big stark choice between F&F and G&S before you go any further, as it does when you log into paypal and click "send money"
  7. I recently set up a paypal.me link to take donations for my band's virtual gigs. I was wondering if it looks the same as above (which you see when you send money from your paypal account), but no, it looks like this. There's a tick-box, easily missed IMO
  8. Ah, sorry, I forgot I posted it here, should have deleted that. We've taken the video down for now. I think the idea is to make it more like a gig as we're going to keep doing these. I cut out the cover we did which will stay up
  9. I play drums in this band and we did a "virtual gig" in a big room at our frontman's business. I did all the production etc. Video is not my thing but I think it came out OK
  10. Hi All, I've not been on here that much since "lockdown". With the lack of rehearsals and gigging I've had some actual free time (as opposed to basschat free time) to finally make my own album. I played everything except the drums on track 9, which are taken from a live jam with my mate Sam Ogden. Check it out and let me know what you think! https://open.spotify.com/album/0IHpEhu6tv2N2gYPUBj73V https://weisenheimer.bandcamp.com/releases
  11. The first ever paying customer to my recording studio, an old dude from Stoke, told me that he wrote Purple Rain and he had proof, but didn't want to sue Prince because he seems nice
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