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  1. cheddatom

    Practicing without a drummer.....

    Perhaps the lead guitarist has just realised he'll no longer be able to justify turning up to deafening volumes?
  2. cheddatom

    How was your gig last night?

    Friday night was the Salty Dog in Northwich. They had a house kit that was already set up. No other drummers on the bill but also nowhere to move the kit to, and obviously someone had gone to the effort, so once I again I felt obliged to leave my drums in the van. It was actually a good kit and well tuned, and the stage was a shallow hollow wooden affair which I always like as it adds extra "weight" to the drums and bass. Our bassist is ace and he was pretty loud tonight. For whatever reason, it sounded just right without my earplugs in, and I played the whole set like that, which is the first time in at least 10 years. The venue was packed for the headliners - Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Live - I've seen them loads of times but I always enjoy it. He so engaging, and the band are fantastic. Awesome backing vocals, and the bass player is super stylish with a beautiful vintage sound. He keeps it simple, but plays some very melodic lines, and isn't scared of getting up past the 12th fret. So that was an ace one - I've tried to attach a photo of our bassist with me in the background Saturday night I was still raging from being woken up by Bailiffs. I should have been tired from lack of sleep but adrenaline was firing me up. I was expecting to do an hour long set starting at 10ish but we didn't get on stage until 10:25 and were then told we had to be done by 11. It was a real shame 'cos I was really fired up. It was a weird one really. The "headline" band were on before us. They sound checked before us, left all their gear on the stage, left us with a brief check as punters were coming in. The sound guys had loads of technical problems. The sound in general was just rubbish really but as people were coming into the venue we felt we had to get off - and move our gear out of the way for the headliners to play before us. It all seemed the wrong way around to me and was just a bit of a let down.
  3. cheddatom

    More Funky Self-Indulgence

    Thanks! I was getting a bit carried away as I'd just re-skinned a snare I'd not used for years and it sounded brilliant The drum sound is entirely from a stereo condenser in my studio - no close mics at all
  4. cheddatom

    How was your gig last night?

    A bit late as I've been busy in the studio for ages! Last Wednesday we played the Star & Garter in Manchester. It's one of my favourite venues to play and it didn't let us down at all, loads of people... I was just too ill to fully appreciate it. I wanted to watch the headline band (Bar Stool Preachers) who sounded great at soundcheck but I was so drained I spent the rest of the night sitting in the corner downstairs. By all accounts it was one of our best gigs too! Never mind, more to come this weekend
  5. cheddatom

    More Funky Self-Indulgence

    ...there is a comedy fill at the end if anyone gets that far
  6. I love the latest track, can't wait for the album!
  7. cheddatom

    Octave down with frequency cut-off

    I like the idea of being able to get a synthy octave down on certain notes for a bassline, while playing melodies higher up without the octave down effect. I don't mind playing above the 5th fret though
  8. cheddatom

    Octave down with frequency cut-off

    wow, I didn't know that, that's ace!
  9. cheddatom

    Octave down with frequency cut-off

    Are you saying you want the octave down effect on everything below middle C (for example) but no effect on everything above? And the Boss OC-3 can do that? I didn't know that! I'd have bought one if I did
  10. cheddatom

    George Duke, Christian McBride Funk.

    Wow, this is brilliant, thanks!
  11. cheddatom

    What makes a good bassist?

    A lot of these qualities are needed to be a good musician on any instrument IMO. Everyone should have good timing and be able to lock in with each other. Everyone should be able to tailor their sound to fit the music and each other. You should notice if any of the band suddenly stop playing. Everyone should be performing or "putting on a show" I was discussing a drummer with a mutual friend the other day. They said he was great at loud rock music but couldn't do anything more delicate. IMO that makes him a bad musician (or at best average)
  12. cheddatom

    How was your gig last night?

    Hah, well I did let them know that I was whizzed off about it, but just the fact that they were so drunk they forgot that cymbals actually move on their stands really tickled me
  13. cheddatom

    How was your gig last night?

    I got one of those wheelie holdall things with an extendable handle, so even though it's really heavy, I can still move it with one hand
  14. cheddatom

    How was your gig last night?

    The Maze in Nottingham again on Saturday. I had to use the shared kit again despite bringing mine. It's such a pain when I've gone to great lengths to get it sounding just right for me. Bass players will never know the frustration of being forced to use a totally different sound! It went OK but I was pretty hung over from a stag party in Manchester on Friday night. We went down well anyway The most amusing moment was setting up my cymbals outside in the smoking area, several very inebriated people put their drinks on my cymbals, mistaking them for a stable surface. Much beer and cider was spilled.
  15. cheddatom

    Hubba Hubba!

    I don't want to out myself as a Snowflake SJW but I can't help wondering what I'd think if I was a young female bass player reading this thread.