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  1. Star and garter in Manchester on Sunday, loads in, played well, went down well, great all round really! The bass drum of the house kit was knackered which was a massive disappointment as it's normally great and I would have brought my own if I'd known. Never mind, no one in the audience cared!
  2. Bannerman's in Edinburgh last night. Great venue but I really didn't like the sound. It seemed like everything was on the edge of feedback. It went well anyway, and I got a curry and a night in a hotel out of it
  3. The Station in Ashton under Lyne last night. A tiny little pub with a small and unusual audience. We've done it a few times now. Terrible room, terrible PA, the place smells awful, but actually it was loads of fun
  4. nice one! The bassist in my main band is always going on about feeling like an imposter, but he's been doing some really big jazz gigs. He says he's "getting away with it" but everyone else just knows he's ace at the bass guitar
  5. Last night at Wroot Rocks which is a great venue in Wroot, near Doncaster. It's in the middle of nowhere really but the stage and PA are brilliant, and people turn out. I'd highly recommend playing here if you get chance!
  6. good read, thanks. It amazes me how many people just do their own thing without listening to everyone else - and yet manage to stay in bands!
  7. It's difficult to be in "the zone" or the right mood every time you go to play. I was talking about this to a mate of mine at the weekend, in the context of drums. If I'm not in the right mood when I go to play, I don't realise it, I'm just really unsatisfied with my playing, and I start trying different sticks, adjusting the heights of stands, swapping cymbals, even looking online at gear to buy. When I'm in the right mood to play I'm just "on it" and the gear I'm using makes almost no different to my level of satisfaction (obviously crap gear is no fun but it's very rare I'm confronted with crap gear)
  8. One of my bands does pretty well, great gigs, enthusiastic audiences, and the money is OK too. It's a great night 99% of the time, which is worth it for the 1%. Some of the music I'm not very keen on playing, and most of it I'd never listen to at home, but I still think the gigs are so much fun that I'd do it without the pay I'm in another couple of bands that are so much fun to play in, and I love the music so much, I really don't care about money. In fact I'd happily just play that stuff in the studio and listen to it at home, although the desire to have other people hear it is pretty strong, just because I'm so proud of it
  9. Bass is very difficult to record, you have to be very precise. A lot of the bassists who come through my studio are often surprised to find that they can't actually play the riffs they thought they'd been playing live. It's quite easy to get away with just making a low end rumble live, but you can't really do that in the studio
  10. O2 Academy 2 in Birmingham on Saturday night. We were first on. It was my first gig with my new moulded earplugs. They're so quiet! It was a bit disorientating for the first half of the set but I got used to it. We played well, even though we had a dep on bass, and we got a great reception. Ace!
  11. Alexanders. I don't really know Chester but it's the 2nd time I've played there and both times to pretty much no-one
  12. one of the drummers things would probably do it, something like this: https://www.roland.com/uk/products/spd-sx/ I've never done it myself though, maybe check out some youtube demos?
  13. A small pub in Chester last night with my band Dandelion meow meow. A very small audience, and I've been knackered all week. I was expecting to have a bad night but playing with this band is just too much fun. So funky!!!!
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