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  1. I used to use thumb picks on bass so I could switch between fingers and pick without having to hold a pick somewhere
  2. maybe you could use a compressor with a slow attack, to exaggerate the initial transient
  3. a cupboard might sound very weird! I think Mike Skinner did a load of vocals in a wardrobe full of clothes, and that sounds very dry Great point about the room though, if it's a bad sounding room the NT1 will pick that up
  4. Great vocal mic but at least twice the price of the NT1A and not as good all round
  5. I reckon I shift most guitarist's tracks by at least 12ms so the latency probably helps! Probably not as useful for bassists who tend to be a bit more "on it"
  6. They're a great all-rounder too. I use mine for the room on acoustic guitars, drums, percussion, sometimes electric guitars too
  7. Just a bit of fun on the drums
  8. Glad to see you're back!
  9. I am over the moon. Spent an hour playing it last night after getting back to stoke and it feels so "right". Thanks so much Steve I won't sell it again :)
  10. My mate Sam Ogden - my favourite drummer to watch, and to play with
  11. I got a great deal on some cymbals too, was happy to wait
  12. I can't play my normal basses due to an injury, and haven't been able to since December. I've just bought a Squier Bronco hoping the short scale will help and it does!! I'm stil very rusty, but I love the sound of this bass. Here's a little jam I did with myself
  13. I genuinely think Jack Stratton is dead funny, even if I've gone off their music a bit. I've been loving fearless flyers though, and Theo Katzman's solo stuff
  14. I'm not sure he was being entirely truthful
  15. This is the one from a live jam. I put the vocals on after
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