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  1. IMO it's a really musical solo, very melodic, moving with the chords, enough repetition to make it sound "lyrical" but plenty of variation to keep it interesting. Much better than the standard blues licks and fret-wombling you get from a guitar solo in the rock genre
  2. There's a drummer I went to school with, not a "name" or anything but in my eyes a world class player. I would never miss an opportunity to play with him. I'm most proud of the fact that he actually wants to jam with me on bass! We had 4 hours yesterday and after the first hour he really started to let loose. I was grinning so hard my face hurt
  3. I had a few minutes to myself in the studio the other day. I liked the drums so I played some bass on top. Not my best work but I love the sound of the drums from just one stereo condenser mic
  4. Yeh he's a great player but I really didn't like it. I had to stop it half way through Also if you're going to title your video "DESTROYS" it might be an idea to do another take after you fluff the first few bars
  5. I guess they can read as well as bassists. Some not at all, some very easily
  6. Every time I put Radio 3 on it's something interesting. I'm told 6 music is generally good but I've never tried it
  7. When I was 10-14 I used to listen to a lot of gangster rap, and religiously listen to the Radio One Rap Show every week. In my later teens I listened to Muse, Incubus and RATM, pretty much exclusively. When I went to uni I listened to The Mars Volta, Deftones and Tool. Then I went through a pretentious phase of listening to nothing but my own music. These days I listen to something new every day. I really enjoy a lot of the jazz/hip-hop fusion stuff going on at the moment, but there's loads of other good stuff around. Every so often I switch the radio in my car to Radio One to see what's "happening". Yesterday I caught the end of a terrible electronic pop tune, but then they played something brand new picked up through BBC Introducing that I quite liked. Then there was a Miley Cyrus track which was just good old "paint by numbers" pop music - not my thing, but it's basically the same sort of tune you play at weddings to get people dancing. I get young kids coming through my studio all the time, playing instruments, and writing their own songs. A lot of it's terrible, but there are some real gems Given that music is subjective, how could it possibly be getting worse?
  8. We played there ^ on Friday night and it was ace! Proper professional sound crew, I got to use my own drums, and Bob from Terminal Rage helped me out with my gear afterwards. Brilliant night! The drive home was a bit of a nightmare - got to bed around 3, up again at 7 as I had a rock 'n' roll band recording in my studio all weekend.
  9. I've listened to the single a few times. I really don't like the drum sound and I'm sure I hear a couple of slightly dodgy fills and an awkward tempo drop. After the (IMO) perfection of 10,000 days I'm a bit confused
  10. I've played a few supports recently and the headliners have demanded that the support bands supply all the gear. I don't mind it to be honest, my drum kit sounds way better than most I play on if using headliner's kit. Sometimes it's the total opposite - the headliners take up the entire stage with their kit, won't let you use any of it, and won't let you move it.
  11. It's interesting, I'd like to know more. Like I said wearing ear defenders can really affect me badly if there are lots of low frequencies in the room, where as the disposable foam ones never give me that feeling. I guess the moulded plugs would be a step up again. I wonder if there are certain kinds of ear defenders that are better than others? Mine are just the cheap 3M ones
  12. @Billy Apple did he happen to mention if the different kinds of ear plugs were any better or worse?
  13. Sorry, I thought you'd got me the wrong way round! That's very weird that we have the opposite experience. I wonder if it's to do with the shape of our ears? I've been quite tempted by the custom moulded ones but I'm very prone to losing things, and I'm very used to the earplugs I use, so it seems more trouble than it's worth
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