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  1. A fun video for one of the songs from our new album out in March. I play drums and recorded and mixed the audio
  2. cheddatom

    How was your gig last night?

    We did the 100 Club last Thursday (not been on here since) and it was ace. Every time we've played there it's been great but this crowd were really enthusiastic and considerably younger than we're used to. We played really well and went down brilliantly. A young girl even asked for my number afterwards, which was a lovely ego boost! Even if she did slink away embarrassed having learned my age
  3. cheddatom

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

  4. cheddatom

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    no, not particularly, just wondered what it sounded like. It looks right up my street. I love 6 strings
  5. cheddatom

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    Any recordings yet?
  6. cheddatom

    Dirty Bass

    thanks! It's a Squire P into a barge concepts blender, just blending about half/half clean and a fulltone fulldrive. That goes into a boss limiter that's set fairly subtle, then there's a VST guitar amp and a VST chorus on that too
  7. cheddatom

    Dirty Bass

    This is on Facebook so not sure if it'l show here but it's a quick jam with the best drummer I know, Sam Ogden, in my studio https://www.facebook.com/SamOgdenDrums/videos/371671366934429/
  8. cheddatom

    How was your gig last night?

    Friday night I played my favourite local venue again - The Rigger. It was packed, a great atmosphere, and loads of compliments afterwards even though I thought I was below par Saturday night I played the bigger Sugarmill with my "Disco Punk" band Dandelion meow meow. Our singer really stepped up her stage presence and this fuelled the whole band, everyone playing great, and plenty of audience dancing along. Great fun!
  9. cheddatom

    Threatin, BBC article

    I guess I just thought that they might have been overstaffed based on the lies they'd been told so they might have been out of pocket. Of course venues should protect themselves but the fake promotions company and record company looked OK, not really comparable to secondary school kids I kind of admire it anyway. My first band made up a PR company and a record label, did fake websites and sent out press packs etc. It never worked for us but I'm sure more people looked at our "professional press packs" than would have listened to a demo CD sent directly from an unknown band
  10. cheddatom

    Threatin, BBC article

    The venues were told that there had been X number of tickets sold in advance, and they staffed accordingly, but no tickets had been sold
  11. cheddatom

    How was your gig last night?

    Friday night was New Cross Inn in London. It took us 5 hours to get there. We played 40 minutes to about 30 people, then the headline act went on and suddenly another 30 people appeared. 4 hours to get home. We played well and the other bands were good to watch, but it was a very long outing Monday night I played with my weird funk/dance band in Chester. I was told it was a 3 band night and we were headlining. It was actually some sort of assessment for about 30 music students, who performed covers in various bands and to various levels of proficiency, for TWO HOURS. Predictably, as soon as we got on stage they all left, leaving us with an audience of 15 people. I got to bed at 2:30AM and was up for a recording session at 7:30AM. I'm hoping this weekend will be a bit more fun. Two local gigs Friday and Saturday
  12. cheddatom

    Imposter Sydrome

    I play drums in a heavy band. A friend of ours is an awesome drummer, really world class, and he wanted to come and play 2nd guitar in our heavy band. We had him in for a jam last week and I felt like a total impostor sat behind the kit while he was in the room. I made loads of mistakes I wouldn't normally make
  13. awesome! Can't wait for the full album!
  14. cheddatom

    Blowing my own trumpet.

    awesome! That sounds like fun I'm surprised the guitarist produced, the bass is really up front in the mix, I love it!
  15. cheddatom

    Blowing my own trumpet.

    No need for that, I buy most of what I listen to! I've just listened on headphones. I really enjoyed it, very different to the other stuff I hear at the moment. It has a bit of a throwback to the 90s with all the distorted vocals, samples, and electronic noises mixed with the band. I recognised the samples on "Light 'em All Up" straight away - I actually used them in an instrumental band I used to be in! There are some awesome bass tones on this album! Did you produce it yourself?