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  1. I saw Ralph had joined but thought one of you would be on guitar. 2 bass is ace! Hopefully we'll be there in time to see it
  2. The Old Cold Store in Nottingham supporting the Star Botherer's album launch. No sound check but everyone was on top form and the 50 minute set flew by. Loads of compliments afterwards, and then I tucked into the excellent beer selection at the bar. Ace night
  3. The vets we use have a pretty cool chilled out trip-hop style instrumental thing, which would be great, except for some reason it's so loud it's constantly clipping. I have to turn the phone right down, and then back up again when they answer
  4. Did you try calling them?
  5. Fantastic! I'm a big Louis Cole fan but hadn't seen this before, thanks!
  6. The article says "Notice how no one’s posting pictures of the crowd? If they did it would be empty." I follow quite a few acts on Facebook that are gigging, and they are posting pictures of packed out venues. I guess these sold out gigs with 40% no-shows have fair weather fans?
  7. I bet there's at least one bass chatter who writes hold music? I'm on hold to Eon now. There's a fairly nice piece that starts with what sounds like harmonic diads played on bass. It then layers up with some guitar and a bit of percussion. It sounds like something someone would do at an open mic with a looper, except it just goes round and round and there's no vocal. One section in particular had me thinking - do these companies ask the composer to deliberately attempt to get the caller to put the phone down? I'd be interested to know what sort of brief you get There's a slightly out of tune guitar just running down the major scale, over and over again and it feels like it's screaming at me JUST HANG UP
  8. I'm not an expert on choirs but I think they're generally split by vocal range - bass, tenor, alto, soprano etc.
  9. JP says a lot, it's often totally unintelligible. Even his writing that's been edited doesn't make a lot of sense. Anyway, I don't think anyone is saying that there's no difference between women and men. The differences are obvious. That's not what the progression in language is about. I'm sure I don't need to explain this to you but "Hit like a girl" could mean girls are less likely to feel they could be a successful boxer, or drummer "Throw like a girl", "run like a girl" etc "Bass is a manly instrument" There's a prevailing attitude that this language fuels the inequality we see between men and women Of course JP would have you believe there's no such inequality Like I said, I don't think anyone's offended by ACs remarks, it's just that some of us think that language is outdated and we should move on
  10. Clearly there are a lot of people who want to hear what JP keeps pointing out, yourself included
  11. I thought he was still out in the cold on Benzos but a quick google seems he's back at it
  12. He's right that no-one has the right to not be offended. I don't understand why he has to be such a smug hateful c*&% about it though No-one in this thread, nor the bassist quoted in the OP have suggested that Adam Clayton shouldn't have the right to say what he did. In fact, other than the bassist quoted (for obvious clickbait) no-one seems to be actually offended by what he said. There are some (including me) who think times have changed, and the language he used is now outdated. That doesn't mean we're up in arms outraged, or that we think you should have your freedom of speech curtailed. The only outraged people I see in this thread have imagined an attack on their freedom of speech There are quite a few reasons why we're progressing away from describing small/lightweight/delicate things as "girly" and the opposite "manly". If you don't know the reasons you could take the time to read up. If you've read up and think it's ridiculous, that's fine, keep on the way you were. You have the freedom to do that, and others have the freedom to be offended.
  13. Maybe her language leaves something to be desired, but it's still fair enough to challenge the sexism. The click-bait BS journalism is annoying, but in this instance it's got a bunch of bass players talking about whether or not it's OK to talk about "manly bass" and "girly guitar", which can only be a good thing
  14. It's old fashioned to describe some traits as manly, and others as girly. It used to be normal, but now it's frowned upon for perpetuating gender stereotypes. It seems fair enough to challenge that?
  15. Code heads are made in the UK and seem to be the cheapest of the usable brands I've recorded (not tried them on my kit), so if price is a factor, definitely check them out. You can play rock and metal without hammering the kit as hard as you can... but it doesn't sound as good
  16. A band was approached with a publishing deal. The singer asked us all if we were happy to sign the deal. I asked to see the deal. This went on for months until finally he explained that it was 50% for him, 50% for the guitarist. I was a bit put out as the the bassist and I (on drums) did most of the arrangements and often suggested chord changes that were accepted. Anyway, 50% of FA is still FA so not worth getting wound up about
  17. The Old Cold Store in Nottingham on Thursday night supporting UK Subs. Great gig despite terrible on stage sound, just a positive attitude from everyone and super tight Our bassist and front man both tested positive for Covid the next morning so our final gig of the year on Saturday was cancelled. The guitarist and I are both fine (negative PCR tests), it's just such a shame to miss the big tour finale I do have one more gig this year, this time on guitar for Julia Mosely, hopefully that'll be good
  18. Thanks! Like any bass drum you can tune it and dampen it, so there's not one sound. It's difficult to get any real subs out of it without a PA, but that's not really necessary on this sort of gig. I had it tuned fairly high with some foam inside touching both heads and I get a nice punch. It sounds very "slappy" if I'm on my own, but in the context of a band mix it cuts through just right. This is the first time I've actually gigged it but I'd use it for a funk jam or something like that. I bought the shell for £35 on Ebay and nicked the hardware off another bass drum I never use. I'll definitely be using if for our acoustic set at Rebellion festival. I think if we were to start doing acoustic sets at bigger venues with proper PAs I'd just take my full kit
  19. Do you know the difference between a Lentil and a Chickpea?
  20. I just asked him. It's a Michael Kelly Dragonfly like this but with a different finish: https://www.musicroom.com/michael-kelly-michael-kelly-dragonfly-5-electro-acoustic-bass-mkd5ssbsfr?glid=gb&CAWELAID=120075890000619509&CATARGETID=120075890000864999&CADevice=c&gclid=CjwKCAiAp8iMBhAqEiwAJb94zxubZ9u5wRxigEhvJa_9G6j2FXHqLc8XD3OgzfeOcb1KSSUQd3Dz_xoC4dMQAvD_BwE
  21. Compass Cafe in Blackpool on Saturday. It's a nice size for a cafe, but a very small venue for a full band. I was told I'd need to strip down the drum kit due to lack of space. I took my tiny bass drum and no toms. As it turned out, a floor tom would have fit, so that was frustrating but never mind. We did an all acoustic set which is unusual for us as the guitarist usually switches between electric and acoustic. Our bassist brought his very fancy 5 string acoustic bass. I can't remember the name of the maker but I think it's a small custom builder... should have taken a closer photo for Basschat, sorry. You can just about see it here Ace night anyway
  22. Yeh that works if the engineer is actually at the desk
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