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  1. May be for the best - I post some right old rubbish in there!
  2. Blue Monday - didn't fully appreciate it at the time (not punk enough probably). But now bloody love it , and it still sounds pretty fresh. I recently saw a pretty good YT vid of the making of the song.... sharing it here:
  3. Great version by the way (but someone did already post it in "what are you listening to" thread in the last few weeks)
  4. It's a joint effort between Blue man Group and another band - Venus Hum. I can work out for myself that the blue-face people are in BMG and the singer is from VH. Does anyone have any idea if the drums and guitarists etc are with BMG or ?VH???
  5. Lol…. Particularly enjoyed the made-up band name 😉.
  6. And Ray was only the maracas player. The subliminal link between eye patch and hook probably contributed
  7. Mavis Staples with Joan Osbourne and Bonnie Raitt
  8. Funnily enough I was Googling a banjo topic this evening and ended up at a thread in a place called 'Banjo Hangout' The thread was marked as archived/locked and had a note on it saying you can start a new thread if you want and link it. (and yes, I am thinking of building a mountain banjo 🙂!)
  9. Fair enough... but it's not so much you, but on any forum replying to an old post seems to get a negative comment and was wondering if there was any practical reason.
  10. Exactly. Can’t start a new one or continue an old one. “We all discussed this once before and nobody must ever speak of it again”
  11. I don’t understand the problem with so called zombie threads - anyone care to explain?
  12. Many of you may know of the Shaggs - a band from the 60's with a famously very poor grip on rhythm and harmony. Very hard to reproduce something like that -you'd think, but people have tried. Here is there best known song (My Pal Foot Foot)... and two groups who tried to recreate the sound.. One in concert , one in rehearsal.
  13. Somebody scored and played a live cover of Lou Reeds Metal Machine Music... all one hour of it, including the locked groove at the end (well for a while anyway!)
  14. Took a listen to this. Can't believe she has four musicians, and one of them isn't a drummer to replace that awful drum machine. Her vocal is OK, but I'd like to hear her with different accompaniment.
  15. Ouch..... could be an idea for a thread though - best music to listen to while, ahem, 'spaced out'.
  16. Great line up of guitars for a four piece band IMO
  17. La Luz - Floating Features album from 2018. Here's the single "Cicada":
  18. Bruce Foxton cancelled some gigs a couple of years ago due to injury sustained doing one of these trademark jumps in his later years: (good on him IMO...... don't grow old too gracefully!)
  19. Saw this in the TV schedule this week - one of those gross-out medical shows on channel 5
  20. I’m gonna go for The Velvet Underground- What Goes On
  21. Ok then, here’s my Squier Tele
  22. Nice Tele …. But not much to see in guitarchat based in my few visits. There is a Tele thread in BC “other instruments “ though.
  23. Although as today stands he may not get away with this celebration of hetero-normality:
  24. I saw them support the Raincoats as an acoustic version a couple of years ago. Electric bass, acoustic guitar, drums sripped back to two drums (I think that only entails removing one or two bits of kit!). All sitting down. Short but fantastic set. The singer of BJ said she got talking to the drummer in the first place because she was wearing a Raincoats badge. And that's how BJ got formed.
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