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  1. Amazing skills-wise, but would not be something I'd actually listen to as music. It's fine as a party-piece or as a demo of where your bass-playing skills are at.
  2. A lot of musical instruments have a long life cycle - e.g .the violin. There will always be bass... but the way of delivering bass will chnage over time... e.g .transition from Double bass to bass guitar. I think bass guitar will sit along synth bass etc for a few years yet.
  3. You have got me tempted for one of these! There is a nice orange version costing 50 or 60 pounds more:
  4. The old adage "It's what you don't play" seems particularly pertinent to reggae.
  5. I'm not any expert on D&B, but am open minded towards it and my feelings on it are as follows: Not too keen on the jazzy stuff (but that goes for any genre to be honest !) Prefer the weirder, noisier stuff (but that goes for any genre to be honest !) I think I've not really heard it properly - mainly on radio speakers and earphones - D&B sounds like it needs to be heard on a massive sound system. It maybe doesn't fit for me in the context of my life-style.... it's more of a "going-out" type music and I'm more of a 'bedroom' listener. There used to be a kind of pirate radio station in Luton which used to crash my car radio sometimes which played mainly D&B.... it would have sounded ok, but the 'DJ' just talked over it so much.... nothing interesting or imaginative, just an endless stream of "shout out to XYZ" 😞 .
  6. A lot of Jungle D&B is based around the 'Amen break'..... here's a short YT vid on the topic. The man on the rght is the drummer who originally payed it - Gregory Coleman.
  7. I jumped from this thread over to Facebook. Within about 30 seconds this was in my feed
  8. And while we’re at it, are Jungle and D&B the same thing?
  9. So what he's saying is that once a song is liked by one million people then the rest of humanity has to either a) like it too or b) be a snob? Or did I misunderstand the logic?
  10. Would love to have a go on that! My keyboard repertoire is only about 30 secs so won’t be hogging it for long!
  11. The 'standing up' thing was Paul Simenon
  12. I think he was throwing his toys out of the pram about something (something to do with crowd control???)
  13. Basically agree, but somehow Paul Simenon did look cool here :
  14. Great picture, could have inspired a certain old song with as iconic bassline 😉!
  15. Good article. Anyone got any idea why there is some kind of rift between Elvis and Bruce in later years? The interview didn't cover it (although I think their is a part two)
  16. I'm listening to some Beefheart as I am currently reading Drumbo's book about Beefheart and being in the Magic Band. Here's Big Eyed Beans From Venus... great song and relatively accessable.
  17. Phew, thought it was going to be Springsteen for a minute.
  18. If this was some idea she had dreamed up herself, then it might be OK. But I don't think it's something you should influence her towards.
  19. String tension and stuff aside, I think it would be good time for her to learn a new tuning. It's part and parcel of moving between instruments.
  20. Yes, I play 5 string... mainly clawhammer style which really features the 5th 'drone' string. I tend to take the 'embrace the default tuning' approach to other stringed instruments, as I want it to be different from guitar/bass. I'd maybetune to a familiar tuning for practical purposes if I need to for a particular occasion. However whilst banjo does have it's conventional tuning, a lot of pieces are played in an alternate tuning (such as 'mountain modal'). "What tuning is this in" is a much more common question in banjo world than guitar world.
  21. I fancy a mandolin too, but I'm currently trying to get into banjo and don't want to dilute any further! From what I see at folk sessions I attend the mandolin always seems to be played with a pick. It seems to have short sustain, so a tendency towards frequent picks. I could see myself going for a bowl-back or an octave mandolin, just to be different.
  22. Good stuff, I liked it. My feedback/pointers for the remix: basically leave the instrumental track as it is, but up a bit in the mix. Leave that second 'ethereal' vocal as it is. Push the foreground vocal back a bit by lowering the volume and adding some reverb or something. This song/sound doesn't suit the vocal so far in the foreground.
  23. Good stuff! I like the guitar sound in particular.
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