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  1. I never heard firsthand on the album, but I remember a mate at the time liked that comment so much he told us all about it.
  2. I don't know if I can say there is a particular album or something which changed my life. I'm more of a 'music is my life' kind of guy. Many years after first getting into music (and many years ago !) I got his track by CSS which comes closest to summing up my relationship to music. Example lyric: "Music is where I meet my friends". CSS - Music is my Hot Hot Sex
  3. “Last orders half past ten” - The Fall, Totales Turns.
  4. Yes I remember Rockschool on TV. Henry and the other two seemed like decent coves, but a bit straight-laced. Little did we know what was to come in the YT era! Come back Henry, Diedre and Geoff - all is forgiven 👍!
  5. To all those who posted Motorhead - No Sleep till Hammersmith. Now I see your point! They just played Overkill from that album on 6 Music. I thought the studio version was great......but the live version was on another level.
  6. In a mash up of the "Gaps between Songs" and "Live albums" threads............ What are your best bits between the songs on live albums - stage banter, audience interjection etc?
  7. I think it's different for a guitarist. They often need to at least switch between clean and distorted , and some songs may need a particular effect. But that should take no time - just kicking in a pre-set pedal or something. In my now defunct punk covers band we have the distortion pedal on by default but switch off for Dr Feeelgood, Ian Dury, Talking Heads and Violent Femmes. But no tweaking!
  8. I think there us something in that. When people post a 'look at this beauty' pic on Basschat, I more than 50% of the time think 'god that's ugly'. The remaining ones I do like do tend (as per your other point) to be kind of a classier version of a classic design.
  9. Quite like the looks of the red one.
  10. Fixed rehearsal times are definitely 'a thing' though. For example Radiohead were originally called "On A Friday" - named after the rehearsal day. They only changed the name to "Radiohead" because bassist Colin Greenwood wanted to join a swing band on the side and needed more flexible rehearsals. OK, I made the last bit up 😀
  11. Apologies: I assumed that from "Swing"
  12. Good advice. Another tip I saw (on BC I think) was that the audience like to see a bit of chemistry between band members... be that a little bit of banter, body language, mentions of each other or whatever.
  13. To lighten the mood a little - it reminds me of a Tim Vine joke, which I paraphrase below: I rang Sam Allardice and asked him if he could meet up one day next week to discuss being head coach at a Sheffield football club. He said "I can't manage Wednesday"
  14. It's a big band, so has a lot of members - they need a fixed rehearsal night because a) a Whatsapp group to arrange a flexi-night won't work and b) rehearsal space requirements probably mean they need to block-book somewhere. They should be able to find a bass player who can rehearse Wednesdays. After all they already found 2 or 3 trombonists players who can. And 2 or 3 trumpet players. ..... and so on.
  15. Interesting sub-set of live albums is the live debut album. I suppose there are genres where it is normal like jazz or something... but not in general rock/soul. How about his example from wave2 punks Peter and The Test Tube Babies. The Album is "whizzed and Proud". It was not a greatest hits in any way, just what would have been on a studio debut. Luckily they can cut it live and it features some amusing banter between singer Peter, bass player Trapper and audience (e.g. at the end of this clip). Lyrics are pretty funny too.
  16. Yeah, that could help you relax. Not heard it called beef jerky before though 😉
  17. Yeah, I'm another one who can't sleep after a gig. Need at least a couple of hours after getting home before going to bed. Maybe adrenaline still in the blood or something!
  18. I’ve still got the Legendary Chaos Tape on the original cassette only format. My favourite live album along with the Ramones!
  19. I think they are within their rights to ask that a player can attend regular rehearsals. Their level of musical competence is irrelevant. Also "commit 100% only to our band" are your words not theirs as far as I can tell from the OP. The BL just said it wouldn't work due to split loyalties... maybe he was just referring the Wednesday night clash rather than multiple bands in general.
  20. And if they do care they won't complain. And if they do complain they won't get their money back.
  21. I hadn't noticed, but agree it would be confusing to an observer. I guess it's one of the golden rules for youtube lessons... don't just play the right note, but be seen to play the right note. My pet hate is un-dotted fretboards.
  22. Fender fans be like: (Only joking BTW - I don't mind Fenders and it's the 'sea-monsters' I don't like)
  23. I'm gonna vote for Bass Buzz too! Really helpful and informative and nothing flash. He does include a bit of humour, not too much, about the right amount maybe. and not too zany or wacky 😕 I've watched half a dozen in the last few days and I don't want to strangle him yet - so must be doing something roght! Try this one:
  24. Aaahhh it’s no good they all look ok😉….. I’ll just second the motion for all natural finishes!
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