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  1. Hmm... I think I'd prefer it if literally none of the band showed up.
  2. I think you’d struggle to get insurance from anywhere that covers instruments left unattended & visible..!
  3. It's worth pointing out that New Moon includes public liability, and for a small up-charge also cover theft from unattended vehicles.
  4. Pickup is in a different position, and that’s partly where to P magic lies.
  5. Hey-up.. the boss wants to come. We'd better get the tins of paint and polish out...
  6. I love lyrics. I don't need them to be clever, just natural. The less self-conscious the better. Dylan's the master, obviously (IME). I can listen to songs like Highlands and Tempest, which are just 10+ minutes of story over a simple track, without getting bored. Predictable coming from me, but I think Knopfler is one of the most overlooked lyricists of the last few decades. His stuff is perfection. And Warren Zevon. He wins with this couplet: 'And if California slides into the ocean / Like the mystics and statistics say it will / I predict this motel will be standing until I pay my bill' Genius. Having said that, I love Rush and Yes, but their lyrics suck. Based on the words alone, I wouldn't have gone near 'em.
  7. They've always been well-attended in the past - it's about time we had another!
  8. Myself and a few other Tyneside-based BC'ers did this recently... More here.
  9. I'm sure I saw an interview where the subject was broached - he acknowledged it but basically said 'I don't care. I like him.'
  10. Anyone listened to the Hackett + Orchestra live album yet? Hmm.. not keen.
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