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  1. Had I been that age, with the right qualifications, I'd have been up there myself. It's still wrong, though. They're only paying nothing 'cos they know they can get away with it.
  2. Was the festival you played at a British Armed Forces' flagship event, sponsored by Arnold Clark, Sheraton Grand and Interserve amongst others? With guaranteed full houses every night with tickets costing £££? If so, then no - it's not much different.
  3. Nah, they should just pay people for their labour, out of the big pile of cash they’re sitting on.
  4. Aww... don't you want me? 😞
  5. Have we seen a Charcoal Frost Limelight yet?
  6. You got it! That initial A surprised me. It feels like it should be a D, but... it ain't.
  7. You're right. Have a little lie down and it might come to you.
  8. OK... it's from a double album, which should give you some clue as to the genre...
  9. Not a criticism of the cabs themselves. I just don’t know why they’ve persevered with that logo for so long (IMO etc.)
  10. OK.. before I head out of the door - something quick'n'simple...
  11. Here's your answer! Well played, Mr. Clarky.. I'll do something ASAP.
  12. As opposed to what they have now...?
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