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  1. wateroftyne

    Mark bass 802 combo

    Quite right. You've shown me up like a kipper.
  2. wateroftyne

    Mark bass 802 combo

    Assuming you're on a mobile, I'll save you the bother of tapping on the seller's name to view their profile. They're in Devon.
  3. wateroftyne

    Another D-class problem : want to replace my DB 751

    I think if this were possible, Aguilar would have pulled the plug on the DB-751 a long time ago. Be prepared for disappointment, or at best, compromise.
  4. wateroftyne

    I just sold my soul for YOB Jazz Bass

    Here's a cut-out-and-keep guide to tort wot I made.
  5. wateroftyne

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    Good luck. He's on holiday at the moment, I think..
  6. wateroftyne

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    It’s does some magic feedback loop thing that I don’t understand the technicalities of. In a nutshell, quick changes between: 1. Bigger, thicker sound 2. ‘Normal’ 3. Tighter, slap-friendly
  7. wateroftyne

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    I shifted my dearly-loved Walkabout because I wanted a little more headroom and clearer mids - the Handbox R-400 is, IMO, a Walkabout Plus. The WB-100 adds a different dimension. The Walkabout / R-400 is close, but there's nothing like a valve power stage.
  8. wateroftyne

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    The Handbox WB-100 sounds right up your alley. You're welcome.
  9. wateroftyne

    read the small print!!

    If you're reading this, Paul... don't give up the day job.
  10. wateroftyne

    Tone rider pups

    It's not really a P thing, I don't think. Basses just have a natural variance.
  11. wateroftyne

    The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    ..and tell Mark to get on Facebook.
  12. wateroftyne

    The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    Be my guest, @knicknack.
  13. wateroftyne

    GHS Precision Flats

    ...it’s worth noting that all flats sound completely different new, compared to when broken in.
  14. wateroftyne

    GHS Precision Flats

    I've never tried the Fenders, but I find them to be very different to Chromes.