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  1. wateroftyne

    Fender CS - No magic?

    FWIW, it doesn't worry me a jot.
  2. wateroftyne

    Fender CS - No magic?

    With the likes of Limelight around, I have no idea why people even bother buying new CS relics.
  3. wateroftyne

    Fender (?) vintage 80's case ?

    Ah, it wasn't. My memory's playing tricks. Damn, I want that bass back.
  4. wateroftyne

    Fender (?) vintage 80's case ?

    Actually, that's a good point. I'm fairly sure mine was embossed with a Fender logo.. but otherwise it was identical.
  5. wateroftyne

    Fender (?) vintage 80's case ?

    It is - a deluxe case. They used to come with the Elites, amongst others.
  6. wateroftyne

    You Can Go your Own Way

    Fleetwood Macaroni cheese? Fleetwood Mackerel?
  7. wateroftyne

    You Can Go your Own Way

    I suspect there's probably more to this than 'We wanted to tour but he didn't. And he pulled faces behind my back.' Maybe LB just isn't a nice guy to be in a band with?
  8. wateroftyne

    Fender CS - No magic?

    I'm not sure how CS the CS is these days. They just seem a bit 'production line' to me.
  9. wateroftyne

    Another Rush Re-issue...Hemispheres

    I love this album. Pretty gutted to have to shell out silly money to get the blu-ray.
  10. wateroftyne

    New TC Electronic heads

    This is an interesting discussion. If we were to go back in time a couple of decades, to the days before Class D, when our Trace Elliots, GK's and such were 100w, 200w, etc., was measurement equally wooly, or was there more of a standard way to measure back then?
  11. wateroftyne

    Geddy bass book: SPECIAL EDITION

    The repro setlist is interesting, but... Who's Ladder? Is it the redneck hoedown version?
  12. wateroftyne

    Ibanez Promethean P3110 - any good

    I have no experience with the P3110, but the original P5110 was incredible - higher output, removable head. If you can find one of those around, snap it up.
  13. wateroftyne

    Old School sounding amp to replace Walkabout

    Yep, the mids are definitely where it’s at. The voicing of the Handbox is glorious in that regard.
  14. wateroftyne

    Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    I've done a couple with him with the R-400.. it was mint 🙂 And loud 😮
  15. wateroftyne

    Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    I believe there's going to be a WB-100 at the South East bass bash this weekend...