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  1. I still say the one by the two ice skaters is the definitive version.
  2. But… this is an auction. Anything could happen to the price before it ends..?
  3. He was off them again from Hemispheres, I think..?
  4. I'm not sure Ampeg heads have ever been at the core of his tone..? I know he used them on Counterparts, but apart from that... I have to say that IMO his tone in latter years was a fizzy mess.
  5. Just watching this now, and at 2:28 the guy completely misses the feel of the part, i.e. what's so Geddy about it. I'll persevere.
  6. If it’s anything like the RH450, then IMO it’ll sound like someone slapping a wet rag off a wall, only slightly louder* *Apologies to RH450 fans, but I hated mine.
  7. Hellooooooo lovely! (The bass, not you. Although I'm sure you're a thoroughly decent chap.) GLWTS.
  8. Is there not a risk of the bridge pup being overwhelmed? There’s going to be a massive difference in the amount of string movement....
  9. As I mentioned earlier, he’s always been pleasant with me. I like to think I’m a nice bloke, but I’m also pretty sure I’ve been a tw*t at some point over the last 5 decades or so.
  10. I don't find him to be a prat. Appreciate your personal experiences with him may have differed.
  11. As I mentioned earlier, he's an incredibly creative guy, and creative people can often be direct and unwilling to compromise.
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