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  1. Get it done, otherwise what’s the point of having it? That said, it’s a bound neck so take it to someone who knows what they’re doing.
  2. The DI from my HandBox R-400 is beautiful. That, straight into a Focurite interface works for me.
  3. Appreciate the whole concept of relic'ing is an odd one to some, but I never saw the point of a relic'd bass with a non-Fender logo on it.
  4. Trying to stay in shape with a bit of Jimmy Nail / Guy Pratt...
  5. The live record is great. Mind, as much as I like Guy, Jazz basses should never allowed near Pink Floyd songs 😄
  6. ...but noticeably sped up, as was TDSOT which was on before it. It’s driving me nuts.
  7. Can you hear it acoustically when you stick your ear on the top horn? If not, a word of advice: don't look for it. It's not there. If you can hear it, crack on with all the above suggestions.
  8. I miss the days when mainstream pop stars, sneered at by 'music lovers', were actually crap-hot musicians. Looking back, we didn't know how lucky we were.
  9. Why on earth did they substitute it with something terrible...? People are paying good money for these things....
  10. "Wheeeew... lucka heer man! Settle doon!" Welcome aboard, Mr. Tamasuperstar. But... maybe re-think your approach. Cheers.
  11. Piggies? Only a Northern Song? For You Blue? Maybe he was keeping the good stuff back, I dunno.
  12. That's a proper labour of love, ain't it? Mind, the intro to the album is clearly a tight shot skimming across the water of the Upper Bay over Tony's piano, raising up to the Manhattan Skyline on the first '....Laaaaaamb'. Everything else is wrong. True fact.
  13. Exactly right. George wrote his fair share of tat.
  14. I generally detest novelty / quirky / changing-it-for-the-sake-of-changing-it covers, but... I LOVE this.
  15. There's been a fair bit of discussion on another thread. I'm on the 'WTF?' side of the debate.
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