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  1. They go in until they stop :-) Absolute life-savers for me.
  2. Can we keep offers and price discussions to PMs please? Thank you.
  3. I believe the necks are Allparts, and the bodies are custom made.
  4. I'm not sure there's an E in there. Sounds like it starts on F to me...?
  5. It’s my default mode 😄 Anyway, that’s what’s happening on the recording…
  6. Don't overthink this one. Slide from F to A whilst playing the 16th notes, then to the D. EDIT - I probably mean 8th notes, but you know what I mean. My theory doesn't stretch that far.
  7. Spelling Dream Theater right on their website would be a canny start.
  8. If we’re talking songs retrofitted to the film, rather than recorded specifically for… Don’t Stop Believin’ - Sopranos Perfect Day - Trainspotting The End - Apocalypse Now
  9. I imagine you'll be able to swap dates - they were allowing it when it was rescheduled originally.
  10. Mainly the drummer. He’s clearly a monster musician, but his feel is as straight as hell. Every little bit of Collins / Thompson swing has been left on the floor in the rehearsal room. Tempos are all over the shop (may have been deliberate, so I’ll not blame the drummer for that one) - Afterglow flew along and lost every bit of poignancy. Some songs jarringly leap forward. The arrangement of I Know What I Like needs to be erased from history. Some pivotal ‘Seconds Out’ moments are MIA (the dead-stop end of Cinema Show), the last notes of Los Endos (ends with a whimper). Steve’s absolutely entitled to do what he wants, but he’s thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Lights & sound were great, tho.
  11. Umm... just back from the Newcastle show. Have to say I only stayed 'cos my pal was enjoying it. Really disappointed 😞
  12. Poor Pino... he looks so embarrassed.
  13. I agree. There's some albums out there I'd love to be given the full 2021 treatment (as long as it's genuinely better). As an aside, sometimes even a simple bottom-up remix works wonders. In The Evening is one of my favourite Zeppelin songs, but it's murky as hell. The remix on the In Through the Out Door deluxe edition is a revelation (apart from the War of the Worlds synth part.)
  14. Not as such, but they seem to be made in batches, and as far as I know not since the global nonsense began…
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