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  1. Dunno if you're talking to me or not, but none of mine seem to shift enough to warrant a tweak. I can - and do - if I need to, but it's a very rare occurrence. Usually just after I've bought them.
  2. Just walk away, and don't burn any bridges. It's a small world.
  3. Interesting read. Thank you. There's still time to fix that logo... 😄
  4. Ha. Leszek keeps telling me to dial a bit of contour in (and on the R-400 too), and I'm, like.. 'Nah, it sounds awesome flat..!''
  5. ..and it will. Give this amp reasonable speaker area, and it slams.
  6. I always leave the contour at zero, too.. and yes, that's flat.
  7. Good stuff! Did you experiment much with the drive switch, and feedback selector?
  8. Something like this from Maruszcyk for about 1500EUR?* *Disclaimer - I know nowt about anything that isn't a J or a P
  9. Mars Volta bassist in serious cycling accident... https://www.facebook.com/146532262147223/posts/1817890465011386/?d=n&substory_index=0
  10. Disclaimer: I can only speak from my experience. Maybe other BC'ers regularly see Mesa heads at gigs.
  11. I tune at the beginning of each set and forget about it. Some of you folks must have bendy necks or something 🙂
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