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  1. Bargains on Amazon

    Run away. Someone flagged up a similar Amazon seller on an FB group I'm in today - turns out they'd been hacked.
  2. Acoustic 406 Narrow

    That's awesome, Dave.. nice one :-)
  3. 1974 Fender Precision Bass

    Oh... sorry to hear it.
  4. 1974 Fender Precision Bass

    I do, and I'm just working through in my mind if it's possible to somehow get this back...!
  5. 1974 Fender Precision Bass

    OMG! My old bass! Gaaaaaah...! This is it in action:
  6. Gig Disasters

    Theatre gig, years ago.... Original material. Quiet, attentive audience. During a solo, our frontman / acoustic guitarist decides to relax a bit and lean against the wall at the side of the stage. Only... it wasn't a wall: It was a curtain, masking a four-foot drop onto various bits of technical kit hidden in the inky blackness of the wings. He barely missed a strum, despite the bruising and the broken ribs.
  7. Neil Finn joins Fleetwood Mac..?

    While they were failing, they weren't really a blues outfit just prior to the B/N era. And they had some great tunes.
  8. One more clip - you can kinda see me in this one :-D
  9. Cheers, folks. The DVD came out today - there's a premiere event this Sunday, so I'll see it then...
  10. Neil Finn joins Fleetwood Mac..?

    Simple - it's all they know.
  11. Neil Finn joins Fleetwood Mac..?

    Mick's been relying on a stunt drummer more and more recently. I guess age gets to all of us...
  12. Neil Finn joins Fleetwood Mac..?

    Hmm.. I'm not sure it's a choice between a tour with this lineup, or a new CH album. I think it'll be interesting, if only to see Neil and Christine work together.
  13. Neil Finn joins Fleetwood Mac..?

    Mike Campbell isn’t a frontman.
  14. The Mac story gets weirder. It could work, though...
  15. Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    Here's a crappy clip from a gig on Saturday night. I thought I'd go the roundwound route for a change. Large room, no PA support. 120 valve watts goes a long way. Listen to how the low E just stays solid and clear...