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  1. Whoooah.. wind your neck in, bonny lad.
  2. Of course. But with regard to the post I was relying to, I wouldn’t want a terrible song to be my legacy. If I turned out to be a great songwriter, however…
  3. Pagination is still a little murky (sorry if this is already in-hand).
  4. I'd suggest that, rather than be remembered by a terrible song, it would be better to leave behind something behind that you're actually good at.
  5. Maybe for fixing the odd waver here and there, but... ...if it's to rescue the bulk of a performance, it's kinda like a keys player playing bass with the left hand to save getting a bass player in 😄
  6. Also, you've got to have faith in your original material. Absolutely bloody love it? Getting that feeling back from people who've heard it? Get it out there. Playing it 'cos it's nothing special, and people aren't that interested, but hey, it's original and that's what counts...? Maybe have a rethink.
  7. Of course - the alternative would be to bin the rehearsal, so it's just a case of weighing up the options. I know what I would do.
  8. IMO if a band member asks for everyone to take a lateral flow test at short notice before a rehearsal, that's fine. It'll take a couple of minutes. We're in strange times. It's OK to be inconvenienced a little more to reduce the risk as much as possible. Sometimes you don't know how you'll feel until it comes to the crunch... like most of us, I'm desperate to gig again, and I've been sitting like a coiled spring waiting for the opportunity to come up. A few days ago I was offered a gig for this weekend, but when I thought about it - and the fact that it was indoors - I actually declined. I surprised myself, but it didn't feel right to say yes.
  9. Because some changes can be adapted to, whereas others can be considered backwards steps.
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