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Community Answers

  1. It matters to me, and I think that’s pretty important.
  2. That’s really nice. Was it a custom order? Can I ask what it cost?
  3. …in red ink, too? Or… is it BLOOD???
  4. Hmm... that's an odd neck stamp. I think they occasionally popped up in the mid 70's..?
  5. I can say that the Handbox R-400 is - IMO - the God of class A/B's, but understand that it doesn't meet your criteria for native UK support.
  6. Just a thought: would like to see him do it with a bass, to see whether hairy-ar5ed bass frequencies give a different result.
  7. It's a fact of life - like it or not, there's nowt you can do about it other than politely ask people nicely not to do it. ...but then you'd look a bit prima donna-ish.
  8. Not unusual for Letterman back in the day when the guest band had a bass player...
  9. A bit unfair without sources, I think...?
  10. 'Can you remember the first time you sang in public..?' 'Yeah - that was about two years ago in a pub...' That's got to be the dictionary definition of a meteoric rise, especially when you consider she was (and is) pretty much unique.
  11. FWIW this isn't a new policy from them. I enquired about buying a new neck for one of mine (for cosmetic reasons) and he wouldn't entertain the idea unless I sent the whole thing back to him.
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