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  1. Quick update... as mentioned earlier, I got the Audient EVO 4. However, despite it sounding fine, I just couldn't get over the cheap build quality and odd UI. It made it feel like a toy. So, back to Focusrite, specifically a 3rd gen 2i2. It feels like a serious bit of kit, and sounds great.
  2. Yep, same for me. Seconds Out, Eagles Live (I know...), Rock of Ages (I highly recommend Sebastian Robertson's remix if you haven't heard it already). One of my real favourites is Lindisfarne's Magic In the Air. The stereo image is great.. really immersive:
  3. A Genesis example. Compare from about the 25s mark on here: ..with what made it to the DVD, from about the 40s mark here:
  4. In what may or may not be a coincidence, WoT Jnr. is called Jet.
  5. I've looked into this a couple of times, but it looks like an absolute minefield so I've always avoided it..
  6. Back in the day when I owned one of these, they sent me out some bits so I could replace them myself. Great service. Just a note re: sending it back to them - if you need to be careful you don't get stung by the Inland Revenue when it comes back.
  7. I think I'll be relying on ticketed gigs for a while. The fixed-fee-band-in-a-pub thing isn't really happening around here, and I can't see it starting any time soon.
  8. Yeah, I had three lined up in the next couple of weeks.... all gone.
  9. I wish they'd do more rosewood options with the Decision...
  10. I love the new design. Beautiful. GLWTS, and I hope the gigs return at some point soon.
  11. Oh God... the one that got away! I always wondered where it ended up.... gah! Here it is in action. I'm off to smash open my piggy bank and see how much is in there.
  12. I've always liked the look of 'em.
  13. There's something about Celinders that is just pure sauce, and I can't put my finger on it. Beautiful.
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