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  1. Here's Jacka on Maggie May...
  2. Re: the Lennon tune in the OP, maybe McCartney slipped Klaus Voorman a tenner to make a mess of it in revenge for Lennon doing the same on this...
  3. Here's a clip of humble attempt from a couple of months back, playing it with Mr. Nail and Christopher Fairbank (Y'know, him off Guardians of the Galaxy). I got away with it, but having Guy's video to refer to beforehand would have saved me a lot of heartache. ha ha.
  4. Adrian'll do it for you. Drop him a mail.
  5. Tony Levin trivia? I once saw him sitting on a park bench in Whitley Bay, feeding chips to seagulls whilst singing Calendar Girl in a Jamaican accent. He was wearing one of those ties with a piano keyboard design on it.
  6. Heh. Everything about dots, binding and matching headstock screams 'Ovals!' IMO, obv. 🙂
  7. That's exactly right. You can now press the buy button 🙂
  8. That is beautiful but it needs oval tuners, my good man.
  9. Thank you - that's very comprehensive. I'm rarely (never?) in situations where I needs to improvise over tricky progressions, so I'm probably just not the target audience.
  10. I cut slots in the sponge for the strings to sit in. It stops the intonation going t'pot.
  11. Does it make the noise without your bass cable being plugged in?
  12. Well, there's 115 pages of info for you to read through here 🙂
  13. The tone on DSoT is great, but (IMO!) wrong for Floyd. Evidently Dave G. agreed...
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