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  1. Video Audio device

    I've got the Q4n - it's grand.
  2. Supersonic, Oasis documentary

    Well - and I must stress I can take 'em or leave 'em - they wrote some great anthems that the kids latched onto. And lots of those kids also picked up guitars because of them... I'm sure we'd all agree that's a good thing. I wouldn't say the musical scene was dire at the time, but it was in danger of disappearing up its own derrière. Oasis reminded us that normal people can start a band, have fun, and make a shedload of money.
  3. Supersonic, Oasis documentary

    ...but they were cool in the eyes of the people who's opinion really counted at the time.
  4. New Shizz from Markbass

    Four different versions of the MM head? What a strange idea.
  5. Supersonic, Oasis documentary

    There's actually more about the rest of them in there than I expected...
  6. Supersonic, Oasis documentary

    Not a big fan, but a great doc.
  7. NBD - LImelight P/J

    Anticipation is half the fun :-)
  8. NBD - LImelight P/J

    This thread is making me impatient. Must.. not.. pester... Mark... for... an... update...
  9. New range from fender.

    A few months? Remind me never to lend you any of my stuff :-D
  10. Private Events

    Nailed in the first response. Well done, sir.
  11. New range from fender.

    That's the thing with Fender, ain't it? No matter what they do, they're accused of being either too outlandish, or too dull...
  12. New range from fender.

    Adrian Maruszczyk must laugh his socks off whenever Fender come out with an updated range & price list...
  13. New range from fender.

    Lake Placid Blue! Yay! ..and tort. Wut?
  14. Feedback for Pow_22

    Just bought some strings from Paul, and what a nice chap he is. Cheers, @Pow_22!
  15. NBD - LImelight P/J

    The J pickup on yours is in the 60's position - i.e. further from the bridge. It'll honk less than the 70s position, but in theory it'll be louder as there's more string movement where it is - so it should balance better with the louder P pickup.