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  1. Check the RAH show on the new Stage Fright deluxe edition...
  2. Jesus. I hope I never hear it done not properly.
  3. God, I hope not. I’ll have to put all mine in the bin 😄
  4. As a prog fan, I'm shrugging my shoulders at most of these. A couple of interesting successes though... Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by The Police: The first two minutes is the tune - the remaining two minutes is basically an unrelated play-out. Having said that, none if it is flab, it's all great. Catherine Wheels by Crowded House: The second half is an unrelated jam, and it's all absolutely beautiful.
  5. ...also known as Pulse by Pink Floyd. Seriously - it was ridiculous.
  6. Honestly, as a player, I can't see the issue. It might be that there's something I don't know about (can't think what) or... it might just be a PITA for them to accommodate.
  7. Yep, I'm a flat-headstock-and-zero-fret guy, and it plays like a dream. No issues. To be fair, I did tentatively speak to Adrian a little while ago about a new build with the same config and while he did grumble a bit, he said he would do it. Thanks, Al. No, for a couple of reasons - I don't play fives, but I discounted Sandberg for basically superficial reasons - they don't click with me visually.
  8. I’m taking about the ‘Wedding Set’ scene, really. Thankfully I only have half a toe in it.
  9. It wasn’t, actually. I find the last 10/15 years or so have been pretty slow.
  10. God, tunes are more formulaic than ever these days. This could have been released ten years ago.
  11. Virtuality by Rush: Net boy, net girl Send your impulse 'round the world Put your message in a modem And throw it in the Cyber Sea Ha ha ha... what a load of cack. Bless ya, Neil.
  12. ^^ Not me, it has to be said! It was numberless when I got it.
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