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  1. You could at least post the proper version...
  2. Bloody hell. They’ve come on a bit since I last used one!
  3. Is that someone browsing Amazon around the corner?
  4. …but we do get I Can’t Dance, so it’s not all bad news 😕
  5. I like to think I'm aware of pretty much every oddity that Fender has put out. But no, those crazy Japanese are still hiding the odd surprise up their sleeve.... Here's the Hojin Egawa signature Jazz, produced by Fender Japan in the mid-to-late 90s. Yep, it's a new one on me too. And no, I don't own it.
  6. First gig since December 2019 for The Caffreys, the originals band wot I'm in. A lovely ticket do at one of our favourite venues, an intimate little place in Tynemouth. It's always a bit of a squish. We did a handful of brand new tunes, including this one. My new-ish black '71 P is continuing to warm the cockles of my heart.
  7. Ha ha.. if only they were all mine….
  8. WHAT THE HELL MAN CLARKY MAN Don’t be a dafty x
  9. Not strictly PJ of course, but this is the route I went down. That humbucker is perfectly balanced with the P - it absolutely pokes… and it’s all-passive.
  10. Poor Kurt. If only he'd been more entertaining and technically competent... he might have left some sort of legacy behind.
  11. The setlist is as lazy as hell - disappointed about that. But, I’ll still enjoy it in when it comes to Newcastle.
  12. But still... what a score! Well done 🙂
  13. What? When was that? This shop is two minutes from me too :-D
  14. ^^^^ Which is the most ridiculous thing. Not sure who's crackpot idea that was.
  15. Which it wasn’t far off, IMO. Not through any fault of his, mind. That period is covered in-depth, and Ray W. doesn’t pull any punches. It’s quite revealing. The author also acknowledges the inaccuracy of the title. Besides, ‘1975-2021: The Phil Collins and Ray Wilson years’ would have done PC a bit of an injustice, I think.
  16. As an aside, I can recommend these books to any proper Genesis anoraks out there. Pretty in-depth and honest stuff from the band members.
  17. Canny band that he's in, too.
  18. Joe Public: "Boring old Fender, always rehashing J's & P's" Fender: "Here's our new Katana." Joe Public: "What the hell is that? Booooo! When's the next J or P out?"
  19. In addition to all the great advice above... If you stick your ear on the top horn and play the E (unamplified), does it sound mushy? Is the E-string saddle stable enough on the bridge, or is it sliding about a little too easily? If you screw the pickups right down, as far as you can, does it improve things?
  20. Love the look of those. Unfortunately I’m one of those people who would look ridiculous if I gigged one.
  21. I don't watch these things very often (laziness, rather than 'There's nowt they can teach me!') but if I did, I'd probably watch this guy. Never seen him before, but he's very good.
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