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  1. Lovely to see them together, but I’m glad they haven’t been tempted to go out with another drummer.
  2. Bear in mind there something a bit different about the electronics on these - some buffering or other. Don't know if that changes anything as far as your plans go. One of my favourite fretless P things is to solo the P pickup and play right over the board at the neck joint. Lovely.
  3. 16 minutes and 8 seconds of people smelling each other's farts.
  4. Nice! What pickup config did you use?
  5. No prog band I ever liked would touch slap with a 400-ft pole.
  6. I've had a couple of these and there were very nice 🙂
  7. He’s on the Band / Dylan one, but not the Peter, Paul and Mary one in the OP.
  8. Hmm.. Not sure 'ol Rick is on this one? He's on the original: ...which contains this other example of his marvellous style:
  9. Facebook update: https://www.facebook.com/HandBoxAudio/posts/pfbid0UmqrxTG7pgyUi44bJSwNbtKtHap9Zsw12rLrLmA1HWCWaEZ5SFhWAMKP5Rywfei1l
  10. I miss those halcyon days, back when buying from the US was a viable option.
  11. Step right this way for Genesis chat...
  12. Nah, it’s about feel and arrangements.
  13. If you can pick up Archive or the first big box set, there’s more of the show (including Supper’s Ready) on there.
  14. Problem with Hackett’s band is - IMO - they’ve hoyed the baby out with the bathwater. His recent original stuff has been - again IMO - dreadful prog-by-numbers. (Still a big Hackett fan, believe it or not)
  15. There’s a South American lot who are astonishing as well. Last time I saw SH (and I’ve seen him a lot) his version of IKWIL made me sick up in my mouth a little bit. Wretched.
  16. I saw SH’s last tour - Seconds Out - and I thought it was rotten. The band completely missed the point.
  17. I think this meme must have been created in 1991. 🙂
  18. I think people are finally realising that the likes of Limelight etc. are Even Better than the Real Thing.
  19. Part of my eventual enjoyment of Yes was accepting that Jon is a complete space cadet who takes himself a little too seriously.
  20. If anyone is still on the fence about the Yes, watch this stratospheric performance from Howe and Bruford. Sublime.
  21. Agreed. I've used the WB at ridiculously loud gigs and it barely broke a sweat 🙂
  22. Good start - just hit Duke on repeat for a while, and enjoy the ride you’re about to embark on…
  23. Maybe give Gentle Giant a shot if you haven't already, too. Start with Free Hand or Octopus.
  24. Have to say I’m massively tempted by the Decisions…
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