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  1. Happy Jack

    Am I too opinionated to be in a band?

    With a too-loud band, I usually stop playing (in a high-vis sort of way) halfway through a song, and very obviously change up my earplugs from ER15 to ER25. I then reply to everything said to me with, "You what? Sorry? What was that?". With a too-fast band, I greet the ending of every song with, "I reckon we can play that faster, y'know." Not that funny the first time, bloody irritating the seventh time.
  2. Happy Jack

    Am I too opinionated to be in a band?

    Ultimately I reckon it all comes down to what you want as a musician. If you want to play to full venues full of happy, dancing people (a bit like me, really) then two ways to completely wreck that are (i) play too loud, and (ii) play too fast. If the band's volume pins the audience to the back wall of the venue, then pretty soon you'll be playing to an empty room, and then you won't be playing anywhere. If the band's speed means that the audience stand around looking bored and disgusted, then pretty soon ... well, you get the picture. I can't see either of those issues as being negotiable, and if you're in the minority on these subjects then chances are that you're in the wrong band. You haven't mentioned the third big issue that causes trouble - repertoire choices (no, that wasn't a failed Tarantino project).
  3. Happy Jack

    tension and flats

    Those are the ones that Lakland use as their own-brand flats, aren't they?
  4. Happy Jack


    Where did you find him - Gumtree, JMB, Facebook, friend of a friend?
  5. Happy Jack

    Looks like a steady earner for somebody here

    I guess it's all about context. I wouldn't be keen to play those hours for that money, but I'm in the happy position of being paid more than that to play shorter hours. I'm well aware that not everyone is in that position. If I was 40 years younger, desperate to be out there playing, and keen to get the [cliche alert] exposure [/cliche alert], then who knows. If you're earning nowt, a fair share of £120 plus free food and a couple of drinks probably looks like a pretty good deal.
  6. Happy Jack

    Obscure Musical Backwaters - The Great SGC Nanyo Thread

    That Price List is from 1993, so actually quite late in the history of SGC Nanyo. My favourites were the 80s basses, especially the SB320 which had apparently dropped off the roster by 1993. I'll add this Price List to one of my earliest posts so that it's there for people reading the whole Topic for the first time.
  7. Happy Jack

    Band Banners - is there such a thing as? YES! 😁

    Doesn't this interfere with the sound of the cab?
  8. Happy Jack

    Double Bass Geeks Assemble!

    Started to watch the clip, then realised that it's an entire program lasting 46 minutes. Any chance of some edited highlights, Owen?
  9. Happy Jack

    Double Bass Geeks Assemble!

    Daft thing is, that quote doesn't make sense anyway. If you've been backdated, surely that makes you older ...
  10. Happy Jack

    Double Bass Geeks Assemble!

    Finding stuff about "Excelsior" is just too easy ... it was quite widely used as a model name and over a long period. When I did a quickish Google yesterday I was swamped with relatively modern B+H Excelsior DBs and also with other musical instruments labelled Excelsior. Couldn't find anything at all about 3-stringers though. This might actually be one of those rare occasions where old-fashioned reference books are more useful than online searches.
  11. Happy Jack

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    That's because you can't see his socks in the last photo.
  12. Happy Jack

    Double Bass Geeks Assemble!

    That's been around the block a few times. I'm guessing that it's a 4/4 rather than a 3/4? You say it plays well, Owen, but what does it sound like - drop dead gorgeous or just another DB?
  13. Happy Jack

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    There's also a substantial element of each generation thinking that it invented sex'n'drugs'rock'n'roll and being desperate to avoid accepting that everything in their lives was actually created by their grandparents.
  14. Happy Jack

    Band Banners - is there such a thing as? YES! 😁

    Liking this a lot. Way more work involved than just buying a pop-up unit, but a great way to disguise the sheer ugliness of a big tripod stand!
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-47606592 The clue that this obituary was not written by a guitarist probably lies in the sentence: That was where he developed his percussive style of playing, initially on a right-handed guitar, despite being left-handed - essentially meaning he was playing back-to-front and upside down. ps: Note the entirely helpful rude word filter amendment to the Title imposed by the not-at-all-intrusive Big Brother software.