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  1. I always felt that Baritone Guitar was a better (and more accurate) description.
  2. Do you need a strap if the bass will be mounted on a freestanding tripod?
  3. Hammond C3 organ sound Lord's strict reliance on the Hammond C3 organ sound, as opposed to the synthesizer experimentation of his contemporaries, places him firmly in the jazz-blues category as a band musician and far from the progressive-rock sound of Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman. That Wikipaedia thingy is quite helpful ...
  4. If you were going to be the only crock in the band then that's easily enough worked around (with a bit of goodwill). The problem that most of us have on Basschat is that we are - in the main - of the (ahem) more mature persuasion which means that we tend to be either crocked ourselves or in bands that contain other crocks, and even if we aren't then we just need to add "yet" to that sentence. Many years ago, when it was still topical to describe a pub called The Duchess Of Cambridge as The Topless Kate, my back went big time just before a gig. @MacDaddy will remember that one; and he still had hair in those days. The only thing that made it possible for me to play was that @Silvia Bluejay stepped in and acted as my personal roadie, moving literally every single piece of kit that I would normally have carried - including the PA. 😱 I played almost the entire gig sitting/perched on a Kinsmann guitar stool which is why the only video I kept of that evening was this one, where I stood up. Which is just as well, because I had to do the fastest & slickest input change in history when my wireless failed halfway through the song. Note that the bass is a Mike Lull P5, which I bought after @chris_b introduced me to the wonderful world of lightweight basses.
  5. Now there's a man who likes his Mids ...
  6. It's not a problem - it stands on the floor. 😂
  7. I do hope so, but my aluminium 3/4 DB weighs roughly 50% more than a plywood 3/4 DB. Just saying ...
  8. Sooner or later, you'll have to tell us what this beast weighs ...
  9. I take a cheap folding stool (something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASAB-Portable-Folding-Breakfast-Cushion/ ) to every gig. It hardly ever gets used, and it's light enough to be casually kicked out of the way in a crowded stage area, but if I feel any sort of back trouble coming on it means that I can sit down for just one song to relieve the situation. Since I do the setlists for the bands I play in I can actually go farther than that, and program in a song suitable for 'sitting-down playing' around the mid-point of each set. You'll never see me sit down for anything by the Stones or Status Quo, but I'll frequently play Lola sitting down because I can, and it works visually.
  10. If you're serious about just putting the vocals through the PA then a pair of powered 12s is massive overkill. A pair of passive 8s or 10s with a small powered mixer would be lighter, simpler, and (probably) much cheaper.
  11. 18 hours in and nobody has yet mentioned Valerie?
  12. Have you checked down the back of the sofa? 😉
  13. I agree with almost everything in that post (natch ... Mama didn't raise no stupid children) but I don't know whether or not Lemonrock is a thing around Glasgow. It's an extremely useful resource/tool in the Home Counties and also in the SouthWest but its coverage elsewhere is distinctly patchy. The 'cut-off' is really sharp, too. Heading North out of London there's loads of bands & loads of venues as you move through St Albans up to the Chilterns; get to Luton and it just drops off a cliff. If you don't have copious Lemonrock coverage around Paisley then perhaps there's an equivalent to look at instead?
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