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  1. Happy Jack

    Carl Thompson With Wal pick ups?

    Regardless of origin, it's a wondrous beast to be sure. I have to say that I remain genuinely and constantly amazed at the number of people who try to sell a £4k bass using 50p worth of photos.
  2. Happy Jack

    an SGC Nanyo SB461?

    That's a lovely thing.
  3. Happy Jack

    Imposter Sydrome

    Don't get excited Douglas, he stood up to to it!
  4. Happy Jack

    Weight Of The Bass

    Ah yes, the The Bassic Theory Of Relativity, in which the relative weight of a bass can only be tested by your relatives.
  5. Happy Jack

    Weight Of The Bass

    I can't do it sitting either, and yes - I've tried. The weight of the bass cut off the circulation in my leg and it all went numb! Seriously.
  6. Happy Jack

    Imposter Sydrome

    But now we all have a much clearer idea of what was obviously a formative moment in the History Of Skank.
  7. Happy Jack

    Weight Of The Bass

    Much better to take both basses into Earth orbit and A/B them in freefall. Weight disappears but mass remains. If the bass with greater mass still sounds 'better' (for a given definition of 'better') then you have the opportunity to start a whole new argument!
  8. Happy Jack

    Weight Of The Bass

    I've had good basses that were heavy and good basses that were light. I've had bad basses that were heavy and bad basses that were light. Weight has nothing to do with it. Your ears are all that matter.
  9. Happy Jack

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    Where's Boris Island when we need it?
  10. Happy Jack

    Imposter Sydrome

    Yup. I learned early on that most of the audience, any audience, are actually listening to the song in their head, not what the actual band is playing.
  11. Happy Jack

    Imposter Sydrome

    As to the OP, well done mate. I've winged a few in my time, but it sounds like you played a blinder. Instead of worrying that you're an imposter, surely this just proves that you're really rather good at what you do?
  12. Happy Jack

    Imposter Sydrome

    I started in live music by playing at one of the better jams in West London (the Drayton Arms, Ealing, formerly the King's Head, Acton jam). Quite literally everybody in the room was a better musician than me, and the great majority (including the guitarists) were better bass players than me. So? You have to start somewhere. If I could get in a time machine and go back those years - taking my bass with me, natch - there would still be plenty of better musicians there. There will always be better musicians than yourself somewhere, if you look hard enough. So stop looking and enjoy what you do.
  13. Happy Jack

    Finding a permanent band. Advice?

    In truth, then, I'd expect you to have a pretty impressive contacts book already. Just call a few friends ...
  14. Happy Jack

    Finding a permanent band. Advice?

    The whole information harvesting thing used to worry me in its early days. Now it is so pervasive that I notice it less than traffic or bad language. I still don't like it, but if someone is absolutely determined to know what brand of toilet paper I buy and how often I just can't be arsed to lose sleep about it. I'm four years younger than you, live in London, and use whatever channels are available ... my own network of musos, dedicated JMB-type sites, Facebook, whatever. I go with whatever is out there and hope that some of it goes somewhere. Usually I'm disappointed, but even the disappointments lead to more experience, new material learned, and a wider network of musos. Starting your own band is hard work but, at your age, chances are you already have decent kit, decent transport, and a bob or two in the bank. It's easier at 66 than 16, IMHO. If you go that route, though, give some thought to what sort of bands are actually in demand round your way. Starting yet another Dad-rock outfit, especially if your area is already stuffed with well-known Dad-rock outfits, may be a road to nowhere.