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  1. "Taken a tumble"? That looks like 20 years of hard living to me! Thanks for the offer, but my control set is a fair bit different to that.
  2. I'm still stalled on this, struggling to believe that AI don't have a British / European / EMEA service partner. Having to send everything to Raleigh seems a mite parochial, even for the Yanks. Nothing on my Clarus II is actually broken and the amp still works, it's just that the control panel seems to do remarkably little and I don't know whether it's my dodgy hearing or a dodgy control panel. Sending the amp to Cowdenbeath or Garmisch-Partenkirchen to have it checked out is one thing, but paying their standard fee PLUS US$150 for postage to wait three months to be told "they all do that, Sir, it's a feature" is not really an option. Pretty sure I'll be buying nothing else by Acoustic Image. Great products, rubbish aftersales service.
  3. I remember it well, and in particular that you'd come all the way from Canada to be there! Haven't heard from @brother_malvis in a long time.
  4. Seriously (and despite the negativism from some on this thread) there are gigs out there if (1) you look for them, (2) you offer ideas to venues instead of just shaking your head sadly, and (3) you actually want to play them. I'm seriously disappointed that I will only have managed four outdoor gigs by the time @gareth's promised Winter Is Coming routine puts a stop to them ... I've actually landed more than a dozen such gigs, but the constantly moving goalposts from Our Beloved Leader put paid to most of them as the Government (pah! call that shower anything but that) ramped up the confusion and uncertainty. Meanwhile, I'm already landing the first duo gigs of the Autumn. They have to be (ATM) unplugged and unamplified, and I have no doubt that the prophets of doom will use Project Fear to get a few of them cancelled, but my point is that you won't get any more gigs unless you actually make some sort of bloody effort!
  5. Me yesterday, playing Sunny Afternoon in the beer garden of a popular music pub. We got paid.
  6. I had the GP Vintage Artist some years ago ... one of the few basses I genuinely regret selling. Those things are bloody lovely.
  7. I wouldn't want to own a bass that could crush a garden bench like that.
  8. Bizarrely enough, I've actually played that Marleaux and it's genuinely delightful to play. It was also bloody expensive, but I'd be happy enough to have it in my collection.
  9. Well yes, Covid, but (seeing as you ask) it must be said that your bass may have had a short life but clearly it has also been quite a hard life. Some people will pay extra for a bass that is pre-dented, pre-chipped, and pre-scratched, so you're waiting for someone like that to come along.
  10. Agreed. The rechargeable batteries apparently have an active 'life' of five hours, which should be more than enough to see me through a gig. When I have a gig. If I ever have another gig. I'll be interested to see exactly how you recharge the units. The photo of the presentation box shows a cable of some sort, so it may well be possible to have the Receiver on charge while you're playing, and then top up the Transmitter in the breaks between sets. I'll be sure to let you know.
  11. I have the same, and I like it too, but I have a couple of issues with the build quality (especially the cover for the battery compartment), plus it has a stand-alone receiver unit which occupies space, is too flimsy to put on a pedal board (IMHO) and is too light to use without velcro-ing it to something heavier! Nothing insurmountable (pun intended) but I fancy the plug & play simplicity of the X-vive. The Smooth Hound doesn't mention its input impedance, and neither does the X-vive, but I do trust Gollihur and they state that the X-vive has the >1MΩ that you need for piezo pickups. Add to that a rechargeable battery system, and I think it's worth my while to give it a try. YMMV obviously. Incidentally, I do like my Smooth Hound and I have no plans to move it on.
  12. The system recommended by Gollihur in the States is the Xvive XU2 Wireless Instrument System, selling for $159. Obviously, in the UK that means that it lists at £159. GAK have them at £99 right now. https://www.gak.co.uk/en/xvive-xu2-wireless-instrument-system-black/909376?gclid=CjwKCAjwkoz7BRBPEiwAeKw3q8tQfriV9BmIS-A7jtlDqCNi1YS0KmKbH7RLxccZC3B3dAmDQHzO2hoCW4sQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Just saying ...
  13. OK, just to be contrary, I normally HATE singlecut basses but actually I rather like this one. He's embraced the whale shape and made it a feature, rather than an unfortunate bi-product. I'd never play it, simply because all that extra wood means that the bass is (IMHO) at least a pound or two heavier than it needs to be, but aesthetically I think it has something.
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