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  1. In truth, service like that deserves to be recognised. Which shop was it? Do tell ...
  2. And in comes a lovely EA Doubler in as-new condition, combined with several pints in a pub near Denmark Street and a wildly entertaining afternoon swapping yarns about gigging and yoga. Move along, nothing to see here. 😎
  3. Pah! Amateur! I write out my setlists using coloured oxygen-free gold-plated tone ink mixed with pixy dust ... people often come up to me at gigs and tell me how good my setlist sounds. Then I start playing and ruin it all. 😉
  4. Outstanding! Have a great time. 🙂
  5. Fake. Hofners that carry the 'Genuine Hofner Made In Germany' transfer always have the traditional teacup control knobs. That's supposed to be a Cavern '62 RI model and Hofner would never turn one of those out with a cheapo Chinese control panel. The fact that someone has applied a fraudulent transfer makes it clear that someone is trying to con someone else. Don't let that person be you.
  6. Have you tried I'msocleverthatIdon'tneedothermusicians.com? 😉
  7. I beg to differ. Once Macca became famous (even iconic) playing one, they became one of the best-selling and therefore most widely-used basses for several years. Even after the big switch to Rickenbacker, there were so many Hofner Violin basses and copies thereof out there that they continued to be used extensively, and not just in pop music. Two really obvious examples (for me, anyway) are Aston 'Family Man' Barrett passing his 500/1 on to Robbie Shakespeare, and the 500/1 used by Dennis Dunaway with The Alice Cooper Band.
  8. If memory serves, the beauty of dealing with Germans is their efficiency ... one of the advantages was that they charged NO extra for a lefty, and that also contributed to Macca's decision. I wasn't there, you understand, so how much of this is true I couldn't tell you, but Macca has been interviewed enough times on this subject . 🙄
  9. Looking at the bright side @Bassassin, you'd get first dibs on all fakers people tried to list on Basschat. Just saying ... 😂
  10. That new neck is an absolute delight. Fantastically easy to play, far more comfortable than the original Mike Lull profile (I've been playing this bass very happily for 10 years), and looks as cool as {expletive deleted}. Craftsmanship of the highest order. 🧐
  11. Macca's memory on this subject is not necessarily unreliable. Here's what he has actually said: "I remember going along there, and there was this bass which was quite cheap. I couldn't afford a Fender. Fenders even then seemed to be about £100. All I could really afford was about £30 ... so for about £30, I found this Hofner violin bass. And to me, it seemed like, because I was left-handed, it looked less daft because it was symmetrical. Didn't look as bad as a cutaway which was the wrong way. So I got into that." The 500/1 was never as cheap as £30 in the UK and the 500/5 famously played badly by Stuart Sutcliffe cost him the thick end of £65 from Hessey's in Liverpool a year or two earlier. On the other hand, do bear in mind that Macca bought his bass in Germany, without import taxes etc. In fairness to Macca, I can't remember how much I paid for basses 15 years ago, so I can't see any reason why we should all expect him to remember details of a single transaction from 60 years ago! As to context, in April 1962 a full-time manual worker in the UK earned an average weekly wage of 312s 10d. For those not old enough to remember pre-decimal coinage, that's just over £15. It follows that Macca's bass cost him either two weeks' wages (by his own £30 account) or four weeks' wages (by the Selmer catalogue). As at December 2021 the direct equivalent figure - and that's a pretty sweeping generalisation - was £548, so a like for like comparison might be somewhere between £1100 and £2200 for his bass. The higher of those two numbers is pretty much exactly what a brand new Hofner 500/1 '62 RI will cost you today.
  12. That looks like a really lovely bass. Will you be playing any doubling gigs with that combo?
  13. And around we go again with the urban myths. Mike, do you have a single example of Rickenbacker ever doing this? Even once? Successful or otherwise? I'm not claiming some God-like omniscience here; if there is evidence that this sort of thing has ever happened then I'll shut up sharpish. There are many, many more signs warning you of Speed Cameras Ahead than there are actual speed cameras, because a sign is way cheaper to install and maintain than a speed camera, right? But at least real speed cameras actually exist. Don't ask me how I know. It costs Rickenbacker (or any other company) very little to threaten legal action, in fact it is virtually free these days since any clown with a keyboard can do it by email. Actually initiating legal action is another matter entirely. Suing people on behalf of my firm was part of my job for over 20 years. Number of threats issues = dozens, perhaps even a hundred or more. Number of legal actions initiated = zero. I have actually sued (and won) three times as an individual, but never once out there in the corporate world. The game is hardly ever worth the candle.
  14. Happy to wait to hear Colin's take on this, and I fully appreciate that you have other problems on your mind just now (although that hospital suite looks jolly nice 🙄) but just to pick up on this comment. The question is not whether or not the level of risk is changing - maybe it is and maybe it isn't. The question is what exactly is the risk? I was asking this question ten years ago and got no answer. Seeing as others have raised the subject again I have no problem is asking the same question again. I repeat ... Precisely what action, or type of action, could Rickenbacker bring against Basschat? And what redress would they be seeking? If the answer is, "It's my website and I'll do what I want" then I have no problem at all with that answer. It's not the answer I would give in your position but so what? You and @ped set up Basschat, not me. 😎
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