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  1. Happy Jack

    NBD - You want shiny and new?

    Dave Gartland already makes some very striking guitars (check out his AliKat website). I imagine he'd be prepared to make an electric bass if you asked him nicely ...
  2. Happy Jack

    Smallest original Trace cab

    Why does this not surprise me?
  3. Happy Jack

    NBD - You want shiny and new?

    I blame Alcoa. And Pfretschzner. Who said "Bless You"?
  4. Happy Jack

    NBD - You want shiny and new?

    Still not entirely sure, partly because of the way the deal was structured (the original quote was for the bass, delivered), partly because it had to change a couple of times since the eventual package was over-sized, and partly because it worked out way more expensive than expected and I made a 'contribution'. My best guess is that the airfreight cost around AUS$1500 in total. The crate took just four days to travel Adelaide --> Dubai --> Liege --> Arnhem --> Dartford (Kent) --> Park Royal (West London), in the process being trans-shipped FIVE times, and with really accurate tracking all the way. It then took two days and three attempts for TNT to get the bass the last three miles from Park Royal to Harrow, complete with totally inaccurate tracking, lying drivers, and attempts to dodge all responsibility. Welcome to London.
  5. Happy Jack

    NBD - You want shiny and new?

    I should also mention that the body size is a fair bit smaller than my 3/4 ply bass (an Anton Zeller). It's certainly not a 1/2 size, and it's more than a 3/8 size if such a thing exists, I think it just is what it is. That reduction in size neatly offsets the greater weight of the aluminium as opposed to ply. Overall, this bass is heavier than my Zeller but not by enough for it to be an issue. For the benefit of those who have met me and have some idea of my size and build:
  6. Happy Jack

    NBD - You want shiny and new?

    Thanks Rev, and the sound clips will indeed follow as soon as I've had a bit of work done. Dave Gartland is not actually a luthier, he's a specialist aluminium-welding artificer who has gradually morphed into luthiery. I'm genuinely impressed with the state that the bass has reached me in, but it has a pure rockabilly setup with a very high action (and an extra piezo under the end of the fingerboard) which doesn't really suit my totally pizza playing style. It also has twin soundposts to stop the aluminium flexing too much, and I think these should be directly under the feet of the bridge. The treble side pretty much is in the right place, maybe 1cm adrift, but the bass side is at least 3cm too close to the treble side for my liking. A brief verbal description would be that, played acoustically, it is reminiscent of a tuned steel drum. It's definitely a DB, and it's definitely musical, but you can absolutely hear that this bass is NOT made of wood! Put it through any form of amplification of course (as I have done, though briefly) and the great majority of the metallic sound just disappears. In a band situation it will sound like a DB but look like the DB From Another Planet. Since most audiences listen with their eyes, I expect them to be fooled into thinking that I can play like you guys!
  7. Happy Jack

    NBD - You want shiny and new?

    The fingerboard is really quite red, rather than purple. It reminds me strongly of Cedar of Lebanon though I doubt that is what it is. The invoice & spec states that it is Rosewood, but I don't believe that for a minute. Apart from anything else, that would have fallen foul of CITES, Shirley. As to "brushed aluminium", I say to you "Pah!", and again "Pah!", and thricely "Pah!". This is hologrammatically etched 3D aluminium I'll have you know, My Good Man.
  8. The NBD to end all NBDs.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Bigwan


      Having said that... Looks lush! Health to enjoy!

    3. SpondonBassed


      Aircraft grade double bass... nice.

    4. kodiakblair


      Not too sure about "Glorious Sexy Harrow" but you're damn right about "NBD to end all NBDs." 😁

  9. I can do shiny and new. You want old school? I can do old school. You want etched & engraved? I can do etched & engraved. You want figured maple? I can do figured maple. You want 3D finish? I can do 3D finish. You want customised rarity? I can do customised rarity. You want barking mad silliness? I can do barking mad silliness. You want more photos? http://s1128.photobucket.com/user/h4ppyjack/library/Basses CURRENT/AliKat Double Bass 2018
  10. Happy Jack

    Optimum positioning of 2 cabs

    Has Ped taken Basschat merchandise to a whole new level? I think we should be told.
  11. Happy Jack

    Anyone recognise this melody? SOLVED

    It really doesn't help that each time I hear the opening bars I find myself singing "Half a pound of tuppeny rice ...".
  12. Happy Jack

    String life

    I'm sorry, I just can't resist any longer. Every time, EVERY time I see this topic title, I get the same result ...
  13. That is truly outstanding. Great rustic looks suit anyone who loves knotty pine. ... Instead of a truss rod, this bass features a hollow steel tube 1" in diameter under the fretboard for stability. This makes the neck quite "beefy" I particularly like the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey approach to drilling holes for thru-body stringing, and the way the strings run parallel along the length of the neck yet still manage to be different distances apart.
  14. Happy Jack

    When not playing bass

    When I'm not playing bass I'm chiefly playing with bees.