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  1. But it's worth remembering that it was the Ibanez fretless P that introduced me to the idea of fret-edge markers ... absolute genius. Incidentally, as a biker who started with a BSA in the mid-70s and then went Japanese for a couple of decades, I never had any trouble with the JapCrap designation, and I fully appreciated the irony.
  2. Not sure who the band are, though ... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-48746287
  3. Well technically speaking, my oldest musical possession is my 1957 Fender Precision, but I suspect the OP means things you've actually owned the longest ...
  4. I could play that bass for heifer.
  5. Do you actually need a woohoo player in your band?
  6. While you're at it, McNach, have you tightened the handle and the feet?
  7. Given the grief that Alex got from (some) Basschatters when his initial cabs came with a rough hard-coated finish and not in 'proper' vinyl, I'm struggling to keep a straight face as I read all this.
  8. Yup, used it with my Matamp. I downsized a long time ago ...
  9. Looking at the bright side, this means that those of us will silly amounts of gear can now justify all those purchases as investments. One day, all gear in the UK will be characterised by whether or not it was pre-Brexit.
  10. I have vague and distant memories of the last I'm Backing Britain campaign. My feeling has always been to buy what's best for the job. If that turns out to be a British start-up in need of early customers (think ... ooh ... Barefaced back in its early days) then I'm very happy to put my money where my heart is. If it turns out to be an EU or US product, then that's what I'll buy. If there are two more-or-less matching products to choose from, and one happens to be British, then that's a no-brainer but I'm not going to make a fetish out of it.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fretless-J-P-bass-full-overhaul/192942784752?hash=item2cec4940f0:g:FisAAOSwEDhc-nsi
  12. The hardcase (it's not really a flightcase, if you know what I mean) is a thing to behold. Vast and cavernous, solid and reinforced, very plushly padded and with a special slot for the huge brass end-pin, it weighs three times as much as the bass itself and is perfectly capable of carrying around small children or large dogs. It has big, brass catches everywhere and a very tough leather handle. Thing is, the case is finished in a reddish-brown faux-crocodile material which looks quite nice if you like that sort of thing. Or if you're a crocodile. By the time the baggage handlers have finished with it, its condition is unlikely to have been improved by the circumstances. EDIT: For clarity, I'm talking here about the case for my TB10. I've rather assumed that the B10 shares the same case, but on reflection I don't know whether that's ... erm ... the case.
  13. Oooh, I'd forgotten about this thread. Here's one with the rockabilly band:
  14. Zen body? How cool is that? Bet it does Tai Chi in the park as well ...
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