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  1. Happy Jack

    Kubicki or not kubicki...

    Not being sold by a copywriter, by the look of it.
  2. Happy Jack

    Humble instruments that 'make the song'

    Two slightly distorted guitars.
  3. Happy Jack

    Artificial rosewood, any good?

    Does artificial rosewood produce plastic roses?
  4. Happy Jack

    Westone "The Rail"

    They're decent basses and the sliding pickup idea works surprisingly well, but they were built down to a budget and they were let down by the electrics, especially the pickup. My black one has a Dark Star pickup and all-new wiring and it sounds absolutely wonderful. I sold the red one years ago precisely because it sounded so meh.
  5. This luthiery stuff is really easy, isn't it ... oops!
  6. Happy Jack

    Band Lighting

    The most important thing to know about DMX is how to avoid having anything to do with it. Unless you're playing the O2 I suppose.
  7. Happy Jack

    Westone "The Rail"

    Here's my old one: And here's my current one: And the two of them together cost less than he wants for the one in that listing!
  8. Happy Jack

    "Played by Jaco himself"

    So this is the very bass that Jaco played. Except for the strings, obviously. And the frets and the bridge saddles. And the pots. And the finish. And the decal. But the two big bits of wood are original, and maybe the pickups too. I mean, who knows after all these years, right? Cheap at half the price. If this was a five I'd be all over it.
  9. Happy Jack

    I'm gonna be in so much trouble at rehearsal

    Well now, that's a pretty wide field.
  10. Happy Jack

    I'm gonna be in so much trouble at rehearsal

    One man's "essential" is another's "eurgh!".
  11. Happy Jack

    I'm gonna be in so much trouble at rehearsal

    Or you could just say, "That's a Godawful song and I have no intention of wasting any of my life playing it. Next?".
  12. Happy Jack

    Jack and Danny Mini Jazz Bass

    Just wondering what string they fit to these? 29" is a very unusual scale length. Someone asked if this bass would be the same size as a Strat ... I reckon it must be about 3" longer than a Strat, maybe more.
  13. Happy Jack

    a Marmite bass :)

    That bridge is a thing of beauty, and who would want to have even string spacing anyway?
  14. Happy Jack

    Tell me about preamps

    @bassace will be along in a minute. There's something he wants to show you.
  15. That video sort-of works as a basic introduction to bass playing for someone who's never held one before. Probably someone whose age is still in single figures. As to praise on Facebook, well it's Facebook innit? It's not like it's real.