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  1. Good grief, @Billy Apple, did you have advance knowledge of Covid-19? I think we should be told ...
  2. Real wear = absolutely fine. Fake wear done well = pretty much pointless, but can work under some circumstances. Fake wear badly done (i.e. what we're normally offered) = utterly pointless and frankly a bit embarrassing all round. Spending five minutes with an orbital sander does absolutely nothing to improve any instrument, and will only fool a passing 9-year-old.
  3. Nice to meet you Mike, and we never even got around to talking motorbikes ...
  4. Am I allowed to turn this into a "why I hate relic'd instruments" Topic? No? Thought not. As you were.
  5. Not sure if this helps at all, but @Silvia Bluejay and I were lucky enough to interview Marcus Miller for BGM in 2018. Strangely enough, we asked him pretty specifically about his involvement with the Sire range, and how he saw it fitting in to the market. Marcus was quite clear on this ... he wanted to ensure that there was A BASS FOR BEGINNERS that didn't require those beginners to cut corners on quality and playability; he wanted to produce the sort of bass that he would have bought when he was starting out, if only it had then been available. @Mudpup has this about as right as right can be. PS: He really does wear that hat all the time. PPS: I mean Marcus Miller, not Mudpup.
  6. What does the manual say about splitting the signal like that? In truth, it's not immediately obvious why this would be a stereo output pedal so I'm not at all sure what each of the two channels would be outputting. Judging by the YouTube demos, it's a very nice pedal on guitar. Does it sound much the same with bass?
  7. Also technically speaking, the plural of "these" is "these". "Theses" is a whole nother thang.
  8. Technically speaking, "these" are those but when they're over here. No need to thank me.
  9. Sorry CV, but why exactly are you so obsessed with Doc Martens? Or is it Daily Mail? Whatever ... time to find a new slogan maybe?
  10. I think we could all do with a break from this Cabin Fever.
  11. Far Canal! £72 to avoid having to miss a beat while you scroll down?
  12. "I’d like to noodle along plugged or unplugged". You'll be playing at VERY low volume, then. None of those basses will produce much volume at all when played unplugged, and the solid-bodied TRBX605 pretty much nothing, even at home stereo or PC-with-speakers volumes. If you're particularly wedded to that selection of basses, then syphon off some of your budget for a headphone amp into which you can feed an Aux signal from PC or whatever and the 1/4" instrument jack from your bass. At least that way you'll able to hear yourself play without ripping the ends of your fingers trying to get enough volume.
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