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  1. What strings are they, Steve? In the photos they look more like hydraulic tubing!
  2. In truth, I have seen a few fretless basses that had fewer frets than this one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Red-Fretless-Jazz-Electric-Bass-Guitar-With-EMG-Pickups/382949902598?hash=item592997c906:g:Tn4AAOSwRFNcg55m But at least it has EMG pickups worth £70. So that's nice.
  3. +1 for the Guitarron. The body is undeniably very large but the basses are surprisingly light and the neck is much shorter than a standard bass so the bulky body is less of an issue than you might think. Guitarrons are really very loud. They're designed to be played outdoors and to compete with (usually) two 6-string guitars or even a 6-string guitar + trumpet. Before committing to battery-powered amps (which bring weight, complication, and batteries that always die at the most inconvenient times) it would be worth trying out a guitarron, if you can find one in a music shop near you. Hobgoblin Music would be a decent bet.
  4. And more to the point, what sort of handles will it have.
  5. I also wrote the first review of that bass for Bass Guitar Magazine. If the bloody thing ever comes available to buy, I would be seriously tempted. It was lovely.
  6. Those cabs are not the same, Kev. The cab police will be along in a minute to explain why you shouldn't trust your ears ...
  7. Hmmmmmm ... that looks more like a dodgy refin than a factory original in wonderful condition, the relocation of the side dots looks like the luthier was having an off-day, not sure how or why the EMG pickups would sound more 'modern' than the original SGC pickups, and the description fails to mention that the control pots have also been relocated. Reckon I'll pass on this one, thanks.
  8. Nope. Use the head set at 8 Ohms and run it into one cab. That's the perfect solution. And don't forget that you have a volume control! Whether or not you have the impedance matched correctly matters a lot if you're using most/all of the power on tap. If you're playing at significantly reduced power levels then you're unlikely to hit a problem anyway.
  9. Anyway, how on earth does one "kick a small hole" in a double bass? Was she wearing hob-nailed boots with steel toecaps? Love the bass, mind.
  10. I've looked really carefully, and there's no sign of Lady Gaga anywhere in these pictures.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/xxxxxxxxxxxx/183333403851?hash=item2aaf85bccb:g:-NEAAOSwNJpbiXL9
  12. I just used the new search engine to try to find out where my avatar had got to. Didn't help. Didn't help a bit.
  13. Can't believe you left out the best of the lot ...
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