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  1. Just use worn-out strings as an excuse the p/x the bass against a new one.
  2. One other thing ... the sales blurb for this bass claims that the rail pickups are to maintain output level when bending the strings. I can't honestly say that I've had problems with this in the past, but just so you can hear whether this makes a difference: FLATS Semitone bends at 5th fret.mp3 FLATS Semitone bends at 12th fret.mp3
  3. I've now installed a set of LaBellas, as threatened, and the bass is complete. Whereas before it merely sounded great, now it sounds righteous. Here's a blow-for-blow repeat of the soundclips: FLATS Reverse P Open Tone.mp3 FLATS Normal P Open Tone.mp3 FLATS Mudbucker Open Tone.mp3 FLATS Reverse P Closed Tone.mp3 FLATS Normal P Closed Tone.mp3 FLATS Humbucker Closed Tone.mp3 And again the consolidated file: FLATS All Six Recordings.mp3
  4. You've gotta love the fake fag-burn on the headstock under the E-string. What is that? A felt-tip pen he's used?
  5. Glancing at a Topic I haven't visited for a while, and noticed this: I just love the box with "Four months later" in it. Is that a new thing?
  6. In truth, my life is one continuous SouthEast BassBash. But I'll still be there when the event returns ...
  7. In fairness, Sir Isaac Newton was never a Reverend endorsee. As to where to try one, next time you're up London way ... 👍🙂
  8. If that offends you, Si, best be grateful that @Silvia Bluejay forgot to photograph the side dots ... 😂
  9. No - even though the bass is ridiculously light, the positioning of the strap button behind the set-neck join (very old school!) seems to offset any neckdive. Incidentally, that button positioning means that any strap which is comfortable for you on a Precision or a Jazz will feel about 4" too short/high on the Wattplover. I had to fit a much longer strap than I expected to get the Watt to hang right for me.
  10. I'm with Fretmeister on this. If your village doesn't put on music regularly, you won't be on anyone's radar and nobody will care. The amount of money that will fail to reach the big music conglomerates that own most of the copyrights will be measured in tiny, tiny fractions of a penny.
  11. The beast is not extinct, Gary, merely dormant. Watch that magma chamber go ...
  12. Looking at the waveforms, what is really striking is how smooth and quiet the Mudbucker is as opposed to either of the two split-P selections. The Normal P is slightly louder than the Reverse P, which isn't really a surprise. What IS a big surprise (to me, anyway) is the impact on the volume level of rolling off the tone control. It doesn't actually sound any louder in the room, and of course it cuts through rather less, but the amount of energy goes way up.
  13. Seeing as I will shortly be fitting flats, this is the only opportunity I'll get to record some samples with the original strings. I've cobbled together a simple backing track from some raw, unprocessed recordings I made last Xmas, just to provide some context. I've selected this particular guitar break because the bassline takes me across all four strings. Here are the six recordings in sequence: Reverse P Open Tone.mp3 Normal P Open Tone.mp3 Mudbucker Open Tone.mp3 Reverse P Closed Tone.mp3 Normal P Closed Tone.mp3 Mudbucker Closed Tone.mp3 And here are the same six on a single file: All Six Recordings.mp3
  14. Yup ... I'm perfectly happy to resort to cliche and use words like 'punchy' and 'thuddy'. Once fitted with LaBella flats, I expect that only to become more pronounced.
  15. Well despite what I said about launching into a 'review' five minutes after taking delivery, one thing that is immediately very in-yer-face with the OE roundwound strings is the amazing sensitivity to both pickup selection and plucking location. The Mudbucker is less distinctive than either of the split-P selections, but you can certainly hear the differences between the three switch positions. Bring in the Tone knob (which is not just an on/off switch, as is so often the case) and you have a very good range of tones available before you get near the amp's EQ section.
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