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  1. Happy Jack


    I do like that lino. A lot.
  2. Happy Jack

    Venue v Practice Room

    That sounds fair to me Lozz, especially given that half the song is likely to be in the energy level. But in a covers band it doesn't matter whether you're learning Brown Eyed Girl or Sweet Child O' Mine ... the rest of the band will expect you to learn the right bass line and get the song structure right, if only because they know that their audience will expect that. In that context, being able to hear the mistakes so that you can correct them becomes quite important.
  3. Surely the guitarists spend 20 minutes noodling aimlessly at full volume while you're trying to talk to the drummer?
  4. Happy Jack

    Venue v Practice Room

    Drumming? Technique? What is this Forum coming to? You'll be telling us that guitarists are sensitive, supportive people next ...
  5. Happy Jack

    Trace Elliot Elf head

    Strangely enough, it does. And that's without putting my Fishman Plat Pro in line. Obviously it helps if you like the 'untweaked' sound of your DB, and the Elf offers nothing in terms of feedback control etc.
  6. Happy Jack

    Dbl bass soft case

  7. Happy Jack

    Dbl bass soft case

    http://s1128.photobucket.com/user/h4ppyjack/library/Other music related/DB Transport
  8. So there I was, browsing the eBay listings, when I came across a bass I'd never heard of before: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Danelectro-Wild-Thing-Bass-Guitar-Light-Weight-Twangy-Fun/223097088630?hash=item33f19f6a76:g:lqMAAOSwkyNbbakj And I looked at it, and I thought "that's interesting". And then I looked TWO listings down, and guess what was there: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Danelectro-Wild-Thing-Wildthing-Bass-Guitar-Back-friendly-light-weight/192459626280?hash=item2ccf7cd728:g:lYIAAOSwoRBaiaCP Don't you just love synchronicity? Good name for an album, that.
  9. Happy Jack

    Massive gig announcement!

    Does this mean that you now afford to buy those poor girls some clothes? I'll bet they'd each love a nice cardy ...
  10. Happy Jack

    South East Bass Bash No.12, Saturday 29th September 2018!

    I haven't said 'Yes' yet mate ...
  11. Happy Jack

    Venue v Practice Room

    Just use headphones ...
  12. Happy Jack

    Eastwood Klira Beatle Bass

    Ha! Go to their website and there's a really cool photo of three Kliras on a white background, no explanation given. Are they variants of the new bass they're building? Nope. They are part of the collection of original basses owned by a Talkbass guy. They didn't contact him, didn't ask his permission to use his photo of his basses, basically cheapskated the whole way. I gather that he is now ... erm ... in discussions with Eastwood.
  13. Happy Jack

    Finding time to practice with 4 kids

    I only got as far as having the two kids, but I practised every night for years by playing through a pjb Bass Buddy and decent headphones. It's what Bedtime is for ...
  14. Now me, I'd have gone with LED side dots ...
  15. Happy Jack

    Venue v Practice Room

    The biggest problem with pretty much every rehearsal room I've been in is volume. You have a room roughly the same size as a single garage and you fill it with stacks by Marshall and Ashdown, plus a PA that could handle the main stage at Glastonbury, and then the band plays at gig volume. Well gig volume only works at a gig, in a decent-sized room with carpets and furniture and stuff, and above all with dozens (perhaps hundreds) of bodies absorbing the sound. I've never understood why so many bands are so stupid about this. The only thing that gig volume is good for at a rehearsal is hiding the mistakes ... so why bother rehearsing? Grumpyguts, try insisting (just once) that the whole band turns down to a sensible level. Turn the singer down on the PA to the point where he's at home stereo level, you take the bass down to match, force the guitarist(s) to follow suit, and then the drummer has no choice. I believe that you'll be very pleasantly surprised at the result. And your ears won't be ringing the next morning.