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  1. Tenson Precision bass

    This is an entry-level bass and, as is so often the case, surprisingly good for the money. Not a lot to say about it really. It's a Precision. It says Tenson on the headstock. It plays and sounds as a Precision should. Given how cheap this is, it makes little sense to incur despatch costs. So I'd prefer collection from HA1 3RG, or possibly from WC1E 7BD.
  2. Noisy Strings

    Arguably, strings that weren't noisy would be pointless ...
  3. Help me choose a pedal board please

    I have the Nano and it's great ... so long as you really, really mean to restrict yourself to four or five pedals, or if you're happy routinely re-building/re-configuring your board between gigs. If you can't be sure about that, you'll need something bigger. Power supply? Easy ... check out the Diago Powerstation. Great product, and it's British, and they do excellent customer service & backup. Flight cases seem like a great idea until you have to lug one in and out of gigs. The flightcase will routinely weigh four or five times as much as the fully-loaded board. The empty flightcase is also a bloody nuisance at gigs. There are some very good pedal board + protective cover things out there, and the pedals themselves only really need protection from rain ... they're designed to be stamped on!
  4. Bassist Ad again

    If you're going to patronise people (that means "talk down to" for all you thickies out there ) then at least learn to spell pigeon.
  5. Top Of The Pops

    12 year olds and TV studios? You must be talking about
  6. Hohner Nanyo copy?

    In fairness, there were about five basses around at the time with remarkably similar appearances, all from different Japanese manufacturers. I've often wondered if that was the main reason that SGC Nanyo failed ... they were up against the likes of Ibanez and Yamaha, and their products didn't look particularly distinctive.
  7. Uh - oh! Respray GAS

    I can still remember a Basschat topic about these swirl finishes maybe 10 years ago!
  8. Top Of The Pops

    And don't forget Pan's People.
  9. I love Radial kit BUT ...

    Evidently not. Maybe it got lost in translation, eh?
  10. I love Radial kit BUT ...

    ... what on earth is this actually FOR? http://www.tonebone.com/bumper.php
  11. Using your amp as a DI and pre amp

    Yup, you'll have no problem taking an XLR from your DI Out socket to the board, whilst also - if you choose - driving your normal bass rig. You should also have a Pre/Post switch on the DI Out which determines whether what goes to the board is affected by your settings on the amp.
  12. Favourite Movie Music

    And if you liked that, then you have GOT to hear this:
  13. Favourite Movie Music

  14. rattly truss rod (I think)

    The last time this happened to me, it turned out to be a slightly loose 'elephant ear' on one of the tuners ... nothing to do with the trussrod at all, despite what I believed.