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  1. That's all Sam? Kudos ... I had no idea he did this stuff. Send him my best, yeh?
  2. Just saw this vid at last ... great stuff, Adam. Who put it all together?
  3. There's no 'right answer' to this ... it's just do what works best for you. I play double bass and I love the sheer physicality of that, the fact that you have to wrap yourself around the instrument. When I play a free-standing EUB I really miss that, and trying to re-create it by hugging the EUB just feels ridiculous. And it does nothing for my playing either. I really don't get on with the extensions at all, plus they are possibly the least cool on-stage accessory since day-glo lime-green socks. Where I ended up was this:
  4. Not sure I'd blow £900 on it, mind. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Woody-Semi-Acoustic-Electric-Bass-Guitar/333807321779?hash=item4db87782b3:g:UTsAAOSwrEJfw7Hz
  5. Mind you, there's really only one way to follow that.
  6. An original on which I contributed the bassline and BVs was played this afternoon on the radio. OK, it was internet radio being broadcast from someone's back bedroom somewhere ... we're not talking Radio 2 or Capital here. But it remains my first ever radio broadcast. Box ticked. Next up? Television. 😂
  7. So that's a UK size 9. Sadly, way too small for my clodhoppers.
  8. Yup, well aware of that. 😂😂😂
  9. For a fairly rare genuine Gibson, that doesn't strike me as outrageous. You're already well aware of the known T-bird issues, as would be any potential buyer as and when you want to move it on, so if the price is at least OK then you're unlikely to take much of a hit. Can you play it first or is this a punt on eBay or similar?
  10. What sort of money are you looking at?
  11. It took me ages to work out how to interpret those controls. Luckily, I managed to find an illustrated guide.
  12. Ah yes, but I think you'll find that he was right all along. 😉😂
  13. They did the conveyancing on my flat in Chichester, I think?
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