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  1. Fascinated by the bridge positioning.
  2. Outstanding work, sir! In all fairness, it's not often that a Troll spells it out like this at the start of a Topic. I look forward to your next effort at stirring up apathy.
  3. Judging by the photo, "whatever is holding this one up" is four more petite women wearing sensible dresses, hidden from view by the body of the bass.
  4. Always two. The last time I only took a single bass to a gig was nearly 15 years ago. While I was getting a beer, the drummer knocked my bass off its stand (he denied it then, he denies it still) and broke one of the tuners. Luckily enough I was able to get home and grab a replacement in time. The last time I needed a spare bass was ... erm ... last Saturday. Given that it was a doubling gig, and it was the DB that bit the dust, I just played my Precision for the rest of the afternoon. Edit: Incidentally, I have NO IDEA where that thumbnail comes from, but it's really pretty cool. Serendipity.
  5. I've always used 'pass' ... is that a problem, do you think?
  6. I looked at the email address and immediately thought, that looks well fishy.
  7. That's my utterly gorgeous and uber-lightweight Mike Lull 54P. I bought it from a guy in Denmark because ... erm ... well, I liked the colour actually. To my complete amazement, it became my instant go-to bass for anything needing a chunky 4-string sound. It has fought off some very serious opposition to achieve that.
  8. It was quite a strong gust, Roger. In truth, I had no idea a bass could blow off a bass bar like that. From now on I'll just lay it down on its back in its gigbag, on the ground next to me. Incidentally, the entire fingerboard popped clean off, two seams opened, and the soundpost moved. I took it to the nearest DB specialist today ... £180 to put it back together.
  9. With double bass, timing is everything.
  10. Yes, who was that masked camerawoman, I wanted to thank her!
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