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  1. Yes - in various ways and various situations, I think we've all done similar things...works every time. I think you will be very pleased with the John East - they are great little preamps.
  2. Carrying on with the theme - someone mentioned AGC's. They are a particular favourite of mine because they retain the functionality with a passing nod to conventionality, but not overly bound to that. For a 'traditional' single cut, this is pretty d**n fine: So what they have done is lowered the lump of the top horn. But of course, that doesn't actually need to be there at all, really. Functionally, this would work just as well: Great topic @Si600 - we don't really challenge bass design nearly enough
  3. There's a bit of pragmatism, a bit of conservatism and a bit of personal taste and a bit of an opportunity all mixed together, @Si600. The pragmatism and conservatism is that "I want everything the same as a double cut but I want it to be single cut. So Kert's Camphor: Becomes this as a single cut with a 3 minute session on the bandsaw: (Hmmm....there's a build for the future.....) While @Len_derby 's Swift Lite: ...could easily become a beluga with the saving of 3 minutes on the band saw: (Hmmm...to my eye, that don't look too bad...one to keep in the back pocket?) Functionally they are identical. But you then have to ask, why is the top horn...hang on...why are either of the horns there in the first place? Well - the bottom one has no purpose (edit: Big purpose if you try to play it without a strap!). The top one is somewhere to put the strap button. Functionally, that is their only purpose. So in Banjoland, folks would look at a 'traditional' bass and say "What was Leo F thinking?????" Because their Swift Lite's would look like this: (Hmmm........................................Nahhhhhh!!!) You can tell I'm still waiting for timber to arrive....
  4. There are lots of things around to protect consumers - and especially if we are talking physical safety. It's worth looking up the Consumer Protection Act 1987 (might have been updated since then) and the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 and probably the current Sale of Goods Act . The Consumer Protection Act uses both Civil and Criminal law and applies to producers, importers and suppliers - and sometimes all of them! I don't know the facts and so can't comment on this particular case. But if what you say is correct, then they certainly seem to be treading a bit of a perilous path if they know it can cause injury and they know that it has caused injury and yet don't appear to be planning or attempting to do anything about it. Of course, unbeknown to any of us, they may be doing just that...
  5. Still waiting on the wood - probably next week now. I think DD's are really busy (which is a good thing in the long run ) Anyway - keeping busy, I decided to clear a few infrequently used drawers full of random stuff. And one of those contained an unused 9v battery...and I haven't done anything to it...and it wasn't shorting on anything...and the drawer was dry and nowhere near any heat or light... : Just how I found it. And those cells are rock solid. And who knew they had cells inside them anyway??? And...er...do they do this?????
  6. The other thing you can do if it is only the free length of string itself vibrating rather than vibration in the nut itself, is just shove a strip of foam behind the nut to stop the vibration. I actually use an old velcro cable tie and wrap that round the strings behind the nut...does the same thing. Certainly worth a try before drilling a hole in your headstock. If it is actually sitar-ing in the nut slot itself, though, you probably need a tree.
  7. No - I couldn't find it either. It was definitely the Midlands bash was it?
  8. Waiting on a wood delivery. Normal service will resume as soon as....well, as soon as the wood arrives.
  9. It's looking great You are quite correct to use screws. Magnets will hold a wood cover, but not the weight and pull of a jack as well
  10. I don't know how I missed this! This is MAGNIFICENT The concept is right - leave everything that has a structural or geometric function alone and everything left (at least 50% of the weight) is fair game. Great skills on show here, too. Handsawing with that level of accuracy is someone who really knows what they are doing. Honestly, one of my favourite mod threads I've seen on the forum...including my own
  11. Oh - I remember that red one! I think there's a photo on the Events page.
  12. One of the notable features of the ones I fitted in Mick's 'Silk Bass' was just how even the levels were across all options so presumably, yes, they must have sorted it. There's a mention of how even it is in the Basschat video - and you can actually hear that there is no discernible change in volume through Nick's demo of pretty much all of the positions.
  13. OK - that's what I CALL a routing template : This is dampened and so it pretty much the colour it is going to be when finished. Bear in mind, of course, that most of the central block will be taken up with fretboard, pickups and bridge, but that quilting that is already starting to show is really going to pop out once the finish is finally on: It's why I love walnut...
  14. Yes. They are completely passive and the three-way toggle shows the option. Mind you, with @Jus Lukin 's plan for the pickup selectors also to be toggles (actually, a very sound solution) I think to work out what is in what mode based on the switch position could be...er...challenging
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