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  1. Does anyone make a Stingray 5 replacement neck?

    I don't think the back of the neck is the same as the real ray 5 though.
  2. Does anyone make a Stingray 5 replacement neck?

    Not really. Might even get a blank and shape it myself. Its all about the neck profile.
  3. As it says. Not fussed about headstock shape as long as the profile is right. I’ve got an idea for a bitsa.
  4. Learn To Read Music

    I forgot my folder for rehearsal this morning. I relied on memory. Went fine. Until we got to 2 new tunes I had never even listened to before. Was given a trad score. No chord names above bars, just fly stinky poo. Nothing so embarrassing as having to sit and write each note name on the music while 25 other people wait. I must practice more.
  5. Cab help... too loud?

    I was going to say, put an EQ pedal in the fx loop and knock it back. But it doesn’t look like it has a loop. Stupid design.
  6. New drive from Origin Effect

    On facebook they'e confirmed the EQ is powerful and that there is a clean blend. Might be pretty handy then
  7. Line 6 Helix.

    I kept a small board worth for when I won't take my rack. In hindsight maybe I should have bought a floor helix rather than the rack. Even then it's a compressor, Alpha Omega, BSW sort of stuff. I haven't got round to selling my medium or large boards yet. Must do that. With the power supplies there's quite a lot of dosh there. I kept my EBS Sheehan deluxe as well- even thought he Helix now does the Pearce thing really well.
  8. Power Brick

    Loads of options these days. On my various boards I've got the True Tone C6 (thinline - gets under a Nanoboard), a Voodoo Labs PP2, and on the massive board a Gigrig Power Generator modular set up. Power supplies are never exciting, but don't begrudge them. Nice quiet stable power is great. And considering the cost of 9V batteries they pay for themselves pretty quick. A lot of the cheaper / smaller isolated ones don't have 8 outputs though. But you can still daisy chain a couple of outputs for pedals that won't be a problem leaving the difficult ones on their own output. Also be aware that some of the posh reverb and trem pedals have high current draws that some power units can't supply. So if you are aiming for an Eventide or Strymon then you'll need to check the current draw specs.
  9. Soul Fingers...Duck Dunn

    Yup. It's a great book. I've taped over the tab in mine. I'm trying to learn to read properly!
  10. Learn To Read Music

    That happens to me every Saturday!!
  11. Fender Flea jazz basses. Weights.

    Not many sub 9lb rays around. Many hit 10lb. when I found a 5 string that was 9.5 I bought it, then put hipshot ultralights on it to knock half a pound off, then routed under the plate. It’s worth sod all now but I have an awesome 5 string ray that is just over 8 lb.
  12. Learn To Read Music

    Bar lines give the pulse. It’s why 2/2 sounds different from 4/4 and 3/4 different from 6/8 even if the notes land in the same place. They are vital. And that’s before we get to rehearsal situations of “start at bar 38 please”
  13. Learn To Read Music

    I'm learning to read. I'm doing the Jeff Berlin course and a few other things. I'm glad I am. It makes things so much easier to understand and I'm only at a basic level. I want to reach a stage where I could read stuff that is complex as the stuff I can work out by ear. To me, not learning the language of music is almost in the same league as wanting to read a book but refusing to learn the written language that would allow not only the general gist of the story but all the fine nuances and subtleties that make a story great.
  14. Line 6 Helix.

    I used the Boss EQ-20 ten band for a similar approach. I actually managed to make a Marshall Bass 12 combo (vile piece of crap that was) sound like a bass amp!
  15. https://www.jeffberlinmusicgroup.com/bass-lessons/jeff-berlin-bass-education-package-1