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  1. I have the Mk1 version of the Darkglass M900. I love it. It's a superb amp. But GAS being GAS - does anyone own a Mk1 and Mk2? Are there differences that make it worth an upgrade? Aside from the Compressor for example - although being able to leave a pedal behind would be good. I see on the new ones the Fan is now reactive rather than 1 speed all the time. Is it noticeably quieter at TV watching volumes? I'm thinking about expanding the amp collection and the Mk2 and the MB Little Marcus 800 are both on the list. I will be keeping the existing M900 whatever. I did look at the Ashdown ABM 600 for a bit of big iron heft but frankly the fan noise is stupid and I'd end up burning it with a day of owning one. Shame really as it sounds great. Has anyone got both the Mk1 and the Mk2 and can compare them objectively? ta
  2. Ti flats are definitely just red silks. They only do one gauge anyway.
  3. more photos The only ding - the thin line at an angle from the tuners The "Marks" on the body are just reflections of the grass!
  4. Not as bad as you think from that point of view - now there is "Fundamental Dishonesty" a claimant taking the fosters can be found in contempt and can be jailed. And that's happened a couple of time.
  5. QOCS can make a claim more likely if a claimant knows the potential defendant is uninsured. I have seen a couple of formal Letters of Claim that do the usual "Pass this to your insurers to deal with. If you haven't got insurers then you may not be aware that even if you defend this claim you will still have to pay your own legal fees due to QOCS..." then going on to explain what QOCS is. It adds pressure on defendants to settle when perhaps they shouldn't on the facts of the case. I have no doubt there will be a few claimants out there trying it on precisely because the risks to them are now smaller - with a bit of an exception that if a claimant is found to be "fundamentally dishonest" in making the claim or part of the claim then the QOCS protection can be removed by a Judge. But that's a tough thing to achieve.
  6. I answered that - Not in the 15 years I've had PLI cover, - and also not having a claim against me on my car or house policies either in that time. I mentioned the other 2 simply in response to those thinking the idea of PLI is a scam.
  7. Your amp shocks someone. Your PA system falls on someone. One of your bandmates throws a guitar in the air and pink torpedos up the catch and it hits someone in the mouth. Someone trips on a cable you put there. Someone trips on a cable you say the Venue put there but the Venue say you put there! Seriously - the opportunities for a flip up are endless! The Venue is only liable for their own negligence - not yours as well. And they will try to make any problem your problem. Or rather the insurers of the Venue will try to blame shift to the band if they can. If you both have insurance the insurers will carve it up between them to avoid a fight. There is also something REALLY scary now. It's called Qualified One Way Costs Shifting, or QOCS. If you sue someone for an injury and you win the opponent pays a lot of your legal fees. Not all, hence the percentage deduction that a law firm can make from your award. Now flip it - you are the band. Someone claims you have injured them. You are the defendant instead. The claimant sues you. You do not have insurance so you have to pay for a lawyer yourself... You manage to win. You don't owe the claimant a penny. You'd think the claimant would then have to pay your legal fees, wouldn't you? After all, you won. You successfully defended the claim. Not anymore. QOCS means that even if you have bankrupted yourself defending the claim the losing claimant does not have to make any contribution to your legal fees. You might have spent £25,000 defending a reasonably heavy claim. And you won't get a penny back. It's gone. There are some VERY limited exceptions of course, but generally speaking if you successfully defend an injury claim you don't get your legal fees back. So don't think "I will never cause injury to a punter" - think "Even though it won't be my fault if a punter is injured, can I afford to defend a claim properly?" And don't think about "No win, no fee" for DEFENDING a claim. The lawyers don't offer it, because due to QOCS there is no other party to get their fees from even when successfully defending an injury claim. So you'll get billed monthly like any regular client. If you ever get a letter of claim for an injury (QOCS doesn't apply to non-injury claims) and you are not insured you are effectively forced into working out whether it's cheaper to settle quickly compared to the fees you could pay defending the action.
  8. I used to deal with that too. Spreading myths doesn't help.
  9. To answer the OPs question I'm in Equity and I've had PLI for about 15 years. Never a claim made against me - despite my magic shows having a fair bit of pyro. (Actually far too much pyro, but it's fun!) But then again I haven't had a claim against my car insurance or my house insurance in that time either. But I haven't got the funds to pay someone if through my actions they need a couple of months off work so I'm more than happy to continue to buy the cover.
  10. You would need to cause catastrophic life changing injuries to someone who would still live a normal life expectancy. 24 hour nursing care (an easy £100K per year every year maybe for 50 years) / future surgery / 40 years of loss of earnings / etc etc I used to work out stuff like that for a living.
  11. Just been reading more about the new EQ. Seems to take the old EQ-20 and massively improve it. I think I'll need one!
  12. 2K raised in a month. That is not going well!
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