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  1. Aguilar 4P-60 It's fantastic.
  2. I’ve got a Duo. its very good. But now I sold all my heavy basses so it’s in a draw somewhere l
  3. The LT's listed on the Bass Direct site are all still 9lb 8 ish. I realise BD is not particularly accurate with weights but I'd be surprised if they were 1.5 lb out.
  4. Lovely. I'd love one. But until they make them under 8lb it will never happen.
  5. I've only got 1 P. But at the moment it's got the risible Greasebucket circuit in it. I'd be happy just to rip that out and replace it with spaghetti.
  6. Nope. plenty of good stuff. Just more difficult to spot due to the massive amount of new releases.
  7. The Video says that the exact one he is playing the vid can be purchased from Sweetwater. I'll bet that the photo is of a prototype only.
  8. He wanted better upper fret access. So instead of deepening the cut out (like they did on the prototype) it seems they didn't want to change the shape of the bass so moved the bridge and neck forward. I get the design has an iconic shape, but that's a terrible design decision.
  9. Bass Direct do, as do The Bass Gallery Andertons do on some - mainly Dingwall. Peach do it on the more high end models Thomann and GuitarGuitar will get it out of the box and weigh it if you ask.
  10. Looks lovely - but that bridge is now very far forward. I'm a bit worried about balance.
  11. I've owned a couple of Jap and US Jackson guitars in the past and they've all been superb instruments. Lovely necks and easy to play.
  12. I don't like mixing speaker types. EQ settings for 1 cab won't necessarily be right for a different cab. If you have something you like and want more of it - add more of the same. Don't add different.
  13. I was not aware of these. great idea. Quite tempted for my P Bass now.
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