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  1. I've got a Marcus Goldline I use it with either a single or a pair of Barefaced One10 Very happy.
  2. PC or Mac is the same. When the meeting starts you'll see a little mic icon on the bottom left corner. Click the arrow next to it, then audio settings. That brings up a pop-up. ADVANCED will be on the bottom right on the pop-up Then you can see the audio processing options. Disable the top 2. Can leave the echo cancellation at auto. Only on PC and Mac - option not available on tablet / phone.
  3. You won’t find any pro bassists using the boss live. There are many for Helix.
  4. Zoom. But disable the ambient and background noise filters. Otherwise it thinks the music is background noise.
  5. I'm a big fan of Status and I've owned several, but I want to keep this looking like a Fender. My concern as to prices was that the bass itself was only £600 used so spending nearly the same on just the neck is making me pause.
  6. I play 7 nation army with my big band. I'm going to have to learn this version for the 1st rehearsal after lockdown.
  7. I suppose a Mex will do. After all old basses didn't have extra rod in the neck, and they had monster La Bella flats on them.
  8. USA ones are £549 on Andertons. Mex are £250 to £299.
  9. I just tried again actually - and I've got some come up! Not the cheapest things in the world!
  10. I've got a lovely Fender American Special P bass, but I really prefer a jazz neck. US parts used to be on the Fender website but now that is location locked and only shows up from a USA IP address. So where is a good place to get a real USA jazz bass neck in the UK? ta.
  11. I made my own Nordy Mute style thing. Self Adhesive foam strip and an ice lolly stick. Cut slots to match your bass with a very sharp knife. Can be put on / taken off really quickly without any faffing. Cost - pennies. The Nordy version is about £40!
  12. That was awesome. Especially the bass!
  13. Whatever the reasons they won't be your reasons. I think you are just going to have to buy one and try it.
  14. Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder or The Real Me... but NOT the Who version. The WASP version by Johnny Rod is much better.
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