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  1. You need a Source Audio Spectrum.
  2. Dodge. Stevie Salas (TM Stevens on bass)
  3. La Bella renamed the Hard Rockin’ Steels to Stainless Steel, and then upgraded to the RX Stainless.
  4. What happens to the frequencies far outside the EQ control freq centres and Q? For example, my Mark Bass Marcus model has high at 3.8khz. So what happens at say 5Khz? Does the control actually cut everything above a certain freq? Or is there a LPF stripping the highs out at some point irrespective of the High control setting? I’m in a curious mood!
  5. I’ll have to start looking!
  6. Just got a Boss LMB-3 Quite different to the compressors I’m used to using. Does something very nice to the sound though. I fear a new addiction is beginning. What other good limiter pedals are there?
  7. Roto Monel Flats 40-100. Although I’ve been super impressed with the Dunlop flats on my Ibby mezzo so I might try a set on the P. Really I need a couple more P basses.
  8. You are my new hero! Tremendous effort!
  9. I'm having this exact problem. I have my pair of One10 and I will be keeping them. But I keep flipping between the SC and the BB2 as another one.
  10. It's the Nobel preamp. There's only 1 model. https://nobleamps.com/preamps/
  11. Main purpose is a DI and / or Valve preamp. And this is what it sounds like
  12. I agree it's unlikely. But personal experience of sound is one of the most subjective things around. Reviews are useful but nothing beats hearing it myself.
  13. I'm liking them too. I'd like to see the cabs getting used with a couple of popular amps. Alex mentions that the 10 series is more Ampeg flavoured so it would be great to hear that with an Ampeg in comparison with one of the 12 inch cabs to see what the high accuracy cab does differently. Then maybe a Mark Bass / Darkglass / Ashdown too as those amps are high selling.
  14. I've got a virtual gig on Saturday. About 150 performers / students. All via Zoom. The lag is going to be shite.
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