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  1. Don’t be silly. its just an end to employers making musicians sit 1m away from a 130 dB sound source without adequate hearing protection.
  2. Without the information I think it's an entirely reasonable reaction to a post that contains a Video to assume the poster can see it. And that the reaction is basically "do it yourself lazy goit" because the information all seems to be there and the OP says he's been playing for 30 years.. I've never seen musos react badly to blindness or other different abilities. After all we have Stevie Wonder and Jeff Healey etc, and the far better than me 1 armed bassist Bill Clements.
  3. This appears to be more pertinent information that could have been useful in the original post.
  4. flip it. The song is fosters easy - or at least should be for someone who claims to have played for 30 years. And there is a video that shows the guys hand positions as well, so that deals with any audio quality issues Tabbing it out would take me under an hour. I've been playing as long as the OP has. The OP appears to have spent more time getting upset about this thread than would have taken him to tab it out. I have a day off work and I was considering transcribing it, partly to help and partly for my own practice. Not now.
  5. a ha ha hahahahahahahaha! How to make friends and influence people. I can point you in the direction of someone who does transcriptions if you want. He's a pro so he'll want paying though. I think he starts at about £60 for a part notation with tab. (£20 for me as well of course for telling you who he is. Got to grease the wheels)
  6. Bump. There won't be any more price drops. It will either sell or it won't. So thanks for the sub £800 offers you cheeky goits, but no. I've had a lot of lovely basses offered in trade but nothing suitable so far. Please note it is an automatic 'No thanks' for anything 6 string, or fretless, or over 8.5lb. Also I do not have a budget to add. So if you want money as well as your trade offering, then the answer will also have to be no.
  7. I'm an Equity member so I'm covered with that. But I think my instrument policy covers it as well- but I don't know if that includes all people I might perform with, or just me.
  8. I hated them! Daddario Pro Steels on mine.
  9. That blue sparkly jacket.... Juries out on that!
  10. Bump and a price drop to £210 delivered in the UK
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