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  1. The marriage guidance scheme is called “Related”
  2. Ive got a 4 string Sandberg Superlight and its roughly 6.5 lb Its a Mk1 Cedar wood. The new ones are paulownia - apparently they take paint better. Its a brilliant bass and Im saving for a 5 string as well.
  3. Used £500 as a deposit and buy a Sandberg Superlight TT5 or TM5 Proper 5 string and under 8lb!
  4. I'm really loving my ThorpyFX Fat General for every purpose at the moment. It's just lovely. Even made me sell my Cali76.
  5. I have the D’addario and a snark one. the snark is much better and cheaper. Heard good things about the TC one though.
  6. I like that. Wonder how much it will cost.
  7. Now I've had my Marcus Limited for about 6 months I agree with you. The EQ centres on the Marcus versions are much better. The 250hz knob gets a lot of use and is excellent at controlling the low end without going muddy.
  8. Aguilar 60s wind P. Fat with bite when digging in.
  9. Head of Helix Eric Klein has said it will be $449.99 And that it will have Helix models "with few caveats" All will be revealed at 10am Pacific Time. From what I gather is that it will be Helix based, but that the signal path will be far simpler than the actual Helix. No midi, no XLR etc.
  10. Not that I've seen... and it's a nightmare getting parts from EBMM too.
  11. Expensive is just expensive. Eye-wateringly expensive is when the product doesn't seem to go with the price... so you are completely correct!
  12. Quite. After a year there is always someone claiming they have the insider knowledge on a replacement and there's always someone who sells quick to be ready! If it sounds good today, it will still sound good tomorrow when the new one comes out.
  13. I've got the MXR and I use it as an outboard bass preamp for basses I don't want to chop up. It's great for that. It is VERY VERY clean indeed. No character of it's own at all. I wouldn't use it the way you are looking for - would sound sterile to me. But that might be your thing? I'd be looking at a Tech21 or Darkglass for that - or the Helix Stomp. Helix is fantastic for bass.
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