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  1. Steve Harris. But I've always played bass and guitar. When I've put together bands on several occasions I've advertised for both, not minding which one replies as I would play the other. These days though, I prefer to stick to the bass.
  2. I had one. A courier killed it by dropping it and wrecking the speakers.
  3. Make it a pinned post then so it can all go in one place.
  4. Ban the first and nobody will need to do the other.
  5. Can we ban the “I don’t get relics” threads? They come up every 2 months and in every case the OP thinks they are making an original point when in fact it’s the exactly same point. i am yearning for a “I don’t get neon colours” thread just for a change! because that’s all it is. It’s just a different finish option that takes more time and so costs more money. Nobody flips through a catalogue and stops to write a thread about graphic finishes or neons, or even pooburst. There is nothing to “understand.” Some like it, some don’t. I don’t understand baked beans. I might do a thread.
  6. I have one of those looms in my Stringray 5!! Man, the hate I got on the EBMM forum...
  7. It's either covered by the courier or by their own business insurance - usually the latter. And of course makers and shops generally know how to pack things properly. Unlike the eijit on facebook that I bought a bass from - there was a case, but he just wrapped it in a bin bag!
  8. I am really loving my ThorpyFX Fat General. I actually sold a Cali 76 because of it.
  9. That VS4 is lovely. A VS4 is definitely my next bass buy.
  10. I can't remember the amp I tried it with but the bass was quite a nice Ibanez. The Tech 21's / Darkglass etc avoid the wooly bottom. Depends on which Tech 21 of course. I had a dUg and really liked it but it's not very versatile. DG VMT is great if you want the old Ampeg thing. I've not tried the newest Boss bass drive yet.
  11. Parcelforce do not allow extra insurance for instruments even if you pay for it. It's in the terms. Also in the terms - no damage claims if there is no proper case for it. Frankly - if you send an instrument without a case I worry about your sanity.
  12. It's open to you to accept it as currency! I could manage 5000 in monopoly money!
  13. I thought it was a bit wooly sounding. And not in a cranked B15 sort of way either. Didn't like it at all so I didn't buy it.
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