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  1. Singer is a bit too MJ for me, but the band is banging.
  2. fretmeister


    Helix. Might as well get all the options at once.
  3. It's not an interview, just a short intro and then it's all Lee Sklar. That's a great sounding bass. Anyone made a tribute of it?
  4. Sort of. 68hz is a lower frequency than 1Khz etc. But it's not that simple as an EQ control can have a very narrow band so a 68hz control might only change 65-70hz leading to a very pointy looking curve, or it might be a far wider band that is 30hz to 100hz and the curve would look like a gentle hill.
  5. I suspect 99% of these sort of events don't have licences at all. And the PRS is probably not that bothered about hunting down offenders for a cover of some 1970s tune enjoyed by the people at the cake stall and a few dog walkers!
  6. The 40hz control is really only any good for cutting. The Marcus low is at 65Hz and it great for cutting boom on hollow stages and boosting on a solid stage. As it happens I tend to cut that a little and boost with the 180hz instead. Plenty of wallop but keeps out of the way of the kick drum and the tubas / bones I have to share sonic space with. Then all I need to do is adjust the pickup balance on my J to match the song needs. All neck for Duck Dunn stuff, all bridge for the more jazzy tunes, and the middle for the rest. Works for me!
  7. When I was in a covers band doing 20+ tunes a night we put in 3-4 originals. When I was in an originals band, we put in a couple of covers. Normally at the halfway stage to get the punters singing along, and then sometimes the last tune. When I was in a functions band - no originals. Well, maybe at 2am when the only people left in the room were the ushers / bridesmaids trying to get laid.
  8. They've kept the old and badly chosen EQ centres then? Eijits.
  9. Considering a significant number of the clergy don't believe, I doubt it.
  10. The music trust band I play with is planning to get rehearsals underway again in September. There's a lot of young players both in that and in the other ensembles - under 18s not yet able to get the vaccine. And most of them are brass and wind players. I am quite nervous about that environment. Kids are plague rats at the best of times. When they are actively blowing wet air all over the place they are even worse. I've not yet decided whether I'm going to attend. I really miss it, but 20+ people in a room where 16 of them are not yet vaxxed and blowing wet air...
  11. This. I laugh when I see an advert saying "I've put £200 worth of new pickups in it" Yes - and you removed £200 worth of new pickups at the same time.
  12. Lovely. I really want the 5 string version.
  13. Don't forget the American Specials. I think the last run was in 2012. They are a bit lighter, have a slimmer neck (front to back) and are really good value.
  14. That’s gorgeous! But weigh it properly! That’s too big a guessing margin for us people with bad backs and dodgy shoulders.
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