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  1. I have lost the power supply to my Rockboard XL I am annoyed.
  2. Black always looks better than tort. Tort is for deviants.
  3. I do wish EBMM would update the Sterling to be lightweight like the ray. OR at least make the SLO neck available on the Ray all the time.
  4. Weird isn't it! I've had 5 string Rays that have been lighter.
  5. Depends on the individual preset. Even among the crap on the Helix there are some good ones.
  6. I use wet & dry paper. Really really fine grain. Not going through the finish, just removing the gloss. Nothing needed afterwards.
  7. @Al Krow How good is the SY-1 just as an Octave?
  8. That looks like a bargain!
  9. Mono for me. I tend to use the Mono Sleeve. It's lighter weight than the Vertigo although not as rigid. But I never put it down anywhere.
  10. The Hotone Thunder Bass is great fun. 5W and it sounds like a SVT. With a good cab it’s surprisingly loud.
  11. Billy puts epoxy on his, presumably he’ll have to still do that because metal covers will be horrible if the string touches it.
  12. TecAmp Puma 300 (not the bigger ones though) Demeter VTBP-M-800D (amazing amp that. I sold it. Idiot.)
  13. I quite like the existing scratchplate but is I was going to change it then BWB would be my choice. I don't like the feel of metal plates and tort is only for deviants.
  14. From what I gather this effectively is an OC2W
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