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  1. fretmeister

    What's your secret instrument?

    One of these
  2. fretmeister

    Heavily Reliced basses

    Sandberg make stunning basses. I’m a big fan. The relics take a lot of time to get right, and I think Sandberg make the most realistic ones on the market. But at the end of the day it’s just another finish option. Some will pay the extra and some won’t.
  3. fretmeister

    Best practice amp for both bass and guitar?

    The model of the Fender Bassman is great for guitar as you might expect in those amps. Takes pedals well too.
  4. fretmeister

    Pending payment: Countryman UB Bass Ukulele

    Sold pending collection.
  5. fretmeister

    Anxieties with joining a ready made band - just me?

    40-50 songs straight away is bollocks. Agree on a set list for the next couple of gigs and learn them only. Then add to it later at a rate of 1 or 2 songs per gig until you've got them all.
  6. Selling a Yamaha DXR10 powered PA / FRFR speaker with a Stagg cover / gig bag. I've been using this for my Helix, but I've recently got some studio monitors so this is sitting around being a post stand for my helix! It's in excellent condition and has only been out of the house a couple of times. It's frighteningly loud (1100 W) and is a perfect fit for any modern modelling unit, or as a PA cab. I bought this rather than other options because not only was it excellent for guitar use, it was also the best option for bass. Handles a low B (or A) very well indeed. Also comes with the Stagg SPD-10 cover / gigbag / giant handbag (£40 cover) that I've never actually used! Full specs are on the Yamaha site here: https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/proaudio/speakers/dxr/features.html#product-tabs Including the cover I'm looking for £350 collected from Northants.
  7. Power Slinky Bass 5 strings. Never fitted - brand new in the packed. £20 delivered UK
  8. Selling this wonderful tiny instrument. It's 20 inch scale, has a tuner and preamp on board and can sound bang on like a double bass played pizz. They originally came with white Aquila strings, but this has the massively better Thundergut Red set. Better tuning and intonation all round (and about £40 a set!) RRP is £179 + the posh strings (£40) - the cheap strings (-£25) which I don't have anymore - say £135 ono collected from Northants. Would prefer not to ship this as I have nothing to send it in. And here is a video by someone on youtube using original strings
  9. Digitech Trio band in a box. You play and it will add bass lines and drums. Works far better than you might think. Bass can be turned down to zero if you only want drums for practice. Bass is low register so you can get your jazz on by playing in the upper register. Only used a little at home, selling because I've now bought EZDrummer. Velcro on the bottom. £60 including Special Delivery postage UK. Comes with the powersupply
  10. fretmeister

    For Sale: Digitech Whammy 5

    Selling a Whammy 5. Some people make them sound musical. I make it sound very silly. Good condition, velcro on the bottom. It's a heavy beast - going to cost almost £12 to post insured so £110 including delivery in the UK.
  11. fretmeister

    Triggers Broom Bass

    Personally - if the body or neck have been changed, then it's a bitsa and not the original.
  12. fretmeister

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Mine has now arrived. What a lovely book! Now I'm gassing for a Jazz!
  13. fretmeister

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    1st print run sold out. This is now the new print run. Just don't cancel the order and wait!
  14. fretmeister

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Ooo Mine's arriving today as well!