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  1. fretmeister

    Reading skills (charts, dots)

    I’ve on,y recently started learning dots. I started because I joined the same educational trust music group my kids attend. They are grade 5 and 3 on various woodwinds and within those grades can sight read anything. So when I was given sheet music I was pretty much lost. Now I’m not. Now I don’t feel like an idiot anymore. However it has also opened up a massive new world for me - now I can simply look for sheet music for anything I want to play and not rely on crap web tabs. It’s not just bass music either - anything written on the bass clef is now doable. Sometimes I get tuba and piano parts instead if that is what the trust has. Tuba and piano parts don’t usually have chord boxes or similar information. i can now read rhythm as well - tab does not give rhythmic information. ive been dabbling for about 4 years, and seriously doing it for 1. My playing has improved and I’m more confident. I started using Double bass sight reading tests and just practicing 5 or 10 minutes a day. Doesn’t need any more to really make progress. 2 hours in one sitting is a crap idea - brains don’t work like that. Little and often is far more efficient. Ive also signed up for the Jeff Berlin course. It’s pretty good but it’s really just an extension of the double bass stuff I’m practising. Go go for it - my feeling is that I used to be allowed in the library but I couldn’t understand the books. Now I can read them, even if I’m really not that much further into the shelves than the hungry caterpillar!
  2. fretmeister

    Guitar wah on bass?

    Weeping Demon is brilliant on bass.
  3. fretmeister

    Whats on your 'no limits' Christmas list?

    The Nolan Sisters...
  4. fretmeister

    Importing Guitars

    Vat is added on the combined item and shipping cost. I've paid it many times.
  5. My god that's cheap. I used to use the P5000S with an Ampeg preamp and it was brilliant.
  6. fretmeister

    What's on your Christmas list?

    Music related - a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Trembucker to load into my strat. I'd quite like some more sheet music to practice with too. Other than that (apart from a new Stingray 5!) I'm quite happy with my gear these days Non-music. Magic props are always good - but muggles don't know what to buy. Magic books can be good. I have a big selection of films that always needs adding to. Maybe one of those beer selection boxes or a nice bottle of wine. I'm pretty easy really.
  7. fretmeister

    Percussion - Reassure Me Here

    I can get hold of some timpani...
  8. fretmeister

    EBS Stanly Clarke Wah

    I had a Stanley years ago and I thought it was a bit tame. I've got the Burton wah now - which is RUBBISH at anything other than Cliff fuzz tones, and a Weeping Demon which is fantastic on bass. It's a bit unit though so I'd like to try the Dunlop just to get some board space back.
  9. fretmeister

    Sandberg appreciation society

    Nope! It's been on purpose for years!
  10. fretmeister

    Percussion - Reassure Me Here

    Also where is the gig? I might fancy watching that....
  11. fretmeister

    Percussion - Reassure Me Here

    I would insist on a rehearsal. Might be brilliant, or it might be a pile of derrière. But there is no way I'd gig that at a proper gig and not a jam night without a rehearsal. Is it a paid gig? That would be even worse - if you drive away the drinkers the landlord is going to go mental.
  12. fretmeister

    Imposter Sydrome

    All the time. I play in an educational trust group that has loads of ensembles. In the jazz ensemble there are kids, some as young as 14 with anywhere from Grade 3 to Grade 8. I am definitely the hack in the room. My only saving grace is that after 30 years of playing I can improv to just about everything - I'm working on my reading skills but I'm only about Grade 2 or 3 at a push for sight reading.
  13. fretmeister

    New Fender flea MM Jazz announced!

    I quite like it. And I'm really interested in the neck carve.
  14. That’s a lovely bit of playing.
  15. fretmeister

    Finding a permanent band. Advice?

    Only the information you put on it can be harvested. So don’t put anything personal on it at all. And don’t let other apps link to it. job done.