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  1. I'm looking for some good brass and woodwind sounds for recording. I've been writing a few old RnB type things and I'd like to have Blues Brothers type horn section available. I do not want to program anything - I'd rather have a keyboard and play the parts. Can anyone recommend a sensibly priced keyboard / controller and an easy to use compatible plugin? I'm on Win10 Pro with Reaper if that makes any difference ta
  2. Ooo I forgot - I have an Urge 2 in my rack. It's a lovely instrument but it's too heavy for me these days so I never play it anymore. Amazing sounding thing - I even had flats on it for a while for recording. The JPJ pickup switching arrangement is very cleverly thought out. If it was 3lb lighter I'd be using it all the time.
  3. No - I haven't got a BH amp. But the Helix works well at lower volume levels too - you don't damage the amp if you ease up the volume gently on the Helix and then let the amp do the hard work.
  4. Strats are a good example. Most are just a neck shape tweak or different pickups. But occasionally there is a proper variation - like the Iron Maiden models or the Ed O'Brian sustainer equipped model. I would have liked the GP more if they had taken the opposite approach with the compressor - use that blank space in the larger housing to have more controls - threshold / ratio etc but perhaps with a switch to go immediately to GP's own settings. That would preserve the GP signature element but make it more appealing / versatile at the same time.
  5. You could run it into the AUX input on the back as that is a clean input for ipods etc. I'd try that. Just ease up the volume on the helix slowly to start with as the AUX input is likely to be used to dealing with lower signal levels than the max Helix can put out. The "don't use amp models" thing is more "don't use cab models" - You don't want to run a Cab model into a real traditional cab or it will turn into an underwater sounding muddy mess. But use everythying else as you like. A cab model into a PA or other FRFR type is fine though. But if you happen to like a cab model into a real cab - go for it! One of the very best things about the Helix is that you can unlearn everything. Every block is just a sound manipulation block. Do you want a signal path like: Bass - Reverb - Cab - Amp - fuzz - another amp - EQ - Wah Then you can! There are no rules and you won't break anything.
  6. Shame that the compressor is only on or off (via footswitch) and that there are no setting options - just GP's preferred ones. But I suppose they had to make it look more different than an ABM.
  7. Comes down to the individual bass. Not naff at all. 99% of the audience won't know and the rest won't care. I wouldn#t buy a Myung as I don't play a 6. But I'd like a Geddy.
  8. Very odd thread. If I found the girl of my dreams and it turned out she was gay would I still marry her? No. If I found the film of my dreams and it was only available on Betamax and I couldn't get a player... would I buy it. No. There are some things that just aren't going to work and probably cause more pain / annoyance / frustration at the same time.
  9. Yes. Bit of fun when alone and completely awful in the mix. Disappears into the mud never to be seen again.
  10. He didn't mention a chord sheet at all. Just listen to it once and you've "learned" it.
  11. This. His definition of "learned" is what I would call "be able to recognise it on the radio again and play along to it badly" - nowhere near actually being able to duplicate it let alone perform it to an acceptable standard.
  12. Good point - but they do tend to be quite a bit heavier. That's important to me, but the OP might be young!
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