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  1. fretmeister

    Hi From Jeff Berlin

    Hi Jeff. I’m currently working through your etudes from your course. I am slowly catching up with my over achieving clarinetist daughter!
  2. fretmeister

    Steve Harris Blue Sparkle Precision

    It’s certainly an ugly picture....
  3. fretmeister

    2009 AVRI 62 Precision - Sunburst

    Please tell me it’s annoyingly heavy.
  4. fretmeister

    Mike Lull P Bass FEELER

    I wish I had money. That is spectacular.
  5. fretmeister

    Billy Sheehan bass sound - Sons of Apollo

    I think that's just the over tones from his usual drive sound. that bass is very grindy. He's using a Helix these days - Line 6 modelled Billy's own Pearce Preamp to get the helix model dead right.
  6. fretmeister

    Jeff Berlin Cort Rythimic V For Sale

    What is the nut width?
  7. fretmeister

    Recommend me some funk!

    It's rocky funk - but damn it's good!
  8. fretmeister

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Brilliant news!
  9. fretmeister

    Vintage V4 MN

    What's the weight like?
  10. fretmeister

    Vintage V4 MN

    I fancy one of those too.
  11. fretmeister

    Bass Direct

    My Marleaux is like that. If the EQ if flat there is zero tone or level change with the preamp on or off. its superb.
  12. fretmeister

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    If he was going to give away free lessons he might as well have just bought a new bass. What happened to just doing the right thing purely because it's the right thing? He didn't have to offer a reward - moaning that it isn't enough is distasteful.
  13. fretmeister

    Another D-class problem : want to replace my DB 751

    Darkglass M900 Its great and very versatile.
  14. fretmeister

    Why isn't this system used by more Bass builders

    IIRC they are on the Fender Elite basses too. By by far the best system.