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  1. fretmeister

    Boss SY-1

    Andertons now showing the SY-1 not arriving before Xmas.
  2. fretmeister

    Which Helix?

    I know that, but I have enough trouble staying on my feet as it is!
  3. fretmeister

    Which Helix?

    I've got the rack and foot controller. Keeps the brain away from the floor and beer spillages. Far cheaper to replace the controller than the entire unit. Also means the controls are higher up - less bending over to adjust stuff.
  4. Perhaps he means "I paid Overwater to assemble a box of stinky poo I had lying about?"
  5. Regular ones or one of the newer "X" models?
  6. Actually that reminded me of a time a now sadly departed friend of mine used that line and continued.... "Wait is that your girlfriend?" "Yes" "No deal." Punter stormed off in a right huff!
  7. My stock response. "Can I have a go on your guitar?" "Only if I can have a go on your girlfriend." Does the trick.
  8. I'm amazed this is still here. I'd never sell mine. Fantastic bit of kit, and so versatile.
  9. Very nice. It seems the Marcus Gold Line was just the start of a bunch of updated designs. I'm turning into a MB fanboy.
  10. The Aguilar 60s wind P pickup is fantastic. That's what I'd pick.
  11. Yes and no. (Ignoring compression which I always like). Playing a set of Otis Redding tunes - nope. Playing a modern set with Muse, Jamiroquai, RHCP etc - yes. It all depends on the song.
  12. I've got Aguilar P pickups - the 60s wind. It's brilliant. Thick and chewy tone but not muddy at all.
  13. Markbass Marcus Limited Gold Line 800. Much better EQ freqs and the semi parametric. A real step up from the LM2/3
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