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  1. kristo

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I want a short scale Jake so badly!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. kristo

    Epiphone Masterbilt Century De-Luxe

    When I tried one the feedback in the shop was too much and I didn’t get one.
  3. kristo

    FS: Brandoni acoustic bass

    Someone must want to treat themselves this Xmas.
  4. You might need this: 🤗
  5. I'm so tempted to have this back...…. Probably a good job you're the other side of the country.
  6. kristo

    FS: Brandoni acoustic bass

    Price drop
  7. When I first put Labella Flats on my Japanese Mustang they felt really tight, and the action was high. When I got it set up with a lower action by a tech the Labella's felt much looser and more playable.
  8. I have two of these rare little basses so am looking to sell my backup. It’s an acoustic bass built using an acoustic guitar body and neck. Fitted with Labella Short Scale Gold Tapewounds. Plugged in with the tone rolled back it has a very double bass like sound. String tension is good and intonation is spot on. Comes with a gig bag. £300 delivered. I have a box so could post. A quick video, first played acoustically and then through my amp.
  9. kristo

    Custom Feedback Buster

    Thanks. I think I've found someone to make me one now.
  10. kristo

    Custom Feedback Buster

    Does anyone know a place in the UK that makes custom feedback busters? I need to get something made up for my Brandoni.
  11. kristo

    Feedback for ALFIE NOAKES

    Bought a pedal from Phil. Easy transaction and highly recommended. Cheers!
  12. kristo

    How to darken an acoustics top???

    Thanks for the advice. Was thinking tinted lacquer might be the way to go.
  13. I've been using a Brandoni acoustic bass with my band recently and am really pleased with it. However, I'd quit like the wood on top to be darker than it currently is. Does anyone know of a simple way to darken the top? I'm guessing some kind of wood stain might be easiest. Thanks.
  14. kristo

    Feedback for TOM1946

    Bought Tom's Fender amp. Great guy to deal with. Cheers, Kris.