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  1. Could you let me know the weight please?
  2. Are there any double bassists around the Norfolk/Suffolk border than are looking to play New Orleans street style jazz with others? If so get in touch for a chat. Cheers.
  3. That is very true. Will try and get something done over the weekend. Cheers.
  4. This is a reluctant sale but I have two of these so my backup is up for grabs. I currently only have 2 basses, both of which are these as I play solely in an old time band and they fit the vibe/sound requirements perfectly. Much to my shock (given my playing) I have been asked to be part of a soul band and therefore have a real itch for a Precision bass. I know it's a bit predictable, but I am happy with that. So this is an Epiphone Masterbilt De Luxe archtop bass in excellent condition. Fitted with stock D'addario Black Nylons strings. If anyone's tried these they might/might not agree, but I found the stock pickup awful. Unbalanced strings and feedback galore, but the basses play well and look cool. I had some dialog with Aaron at Kent Armstrong pickups and he has wound a custom floating pickup giving a lovely warm, thuddy tone. I have had the original piezo pickup disconnected, and the floating pickup wired directly to the output jack. The sound is 100% better and gives a double bass type tone that I wanted. The pickup is attached to a wooden block that has been fitted under the end of the fretboard. I am looking for £500 for this, and would much rather it be collected from Beccles, Suffolk. However I have a box if that is not an option. I will also include a spare set up D'addario Black Nylon strings.
  5. I tried these on my archtop bass but decided to stick with nylons. Fitted for about an hour and each string has 8 inches of silk left. £25 posted.
  6. Up for sale is a Nigel Forster Session King which I have recently acquired. I was hoping this guitar would be the one for everything I need, jazz band comping, bluegrass strumming and some slide playing. It is loud and it is awesome, but the one thing I can’t quite get on with is the thin neck. I have some issues with my left arm and find playing for long periods easier with chunky necks. However I saw this for sale and couldn’t resist as it ticks all my boxes. Loud, responsive and beautiful. This is due to the thin lattice braced top with very stiff and heavy sides, aka Greg Smallman applied to steel-strings. This results in a very loud and responsive guitar with a lot of characteristics akin to a lattice braced classical. This one is an upgraded model with an ebony fretboard and spruce top; Nigels original spec was a mahogany top with rosewood fretboard. It also comes with a Hiscox Pro II case. Everything else is as per Nigel’s spec – Cuban mahogany back and sides and the super cool distressed relic finish on the top. The nut is 46mm wide, whilst at the 12th fret it’s 58mm. The neck is depth is 20mm behind fret 1 and 22mm behind fret 9. The original owner had a build thread for the on AGF which can be read here: https://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=384963&highlight=forster I’m after £1,500, which is what I paid and a great deal for such an amazing guitar. I would also be interested in a trade/part exchange for something suitable for my needs. I have a box so can pack up if any potential buyers want to organise a courier.
  7. Hello. Yes it’s still for sale and the case is included.
  8. So the bass is now done; custom Kent Armstrong floating pickup fitted and sounding awesome. Very pleased with how it’s turned out.
  9. I only left them on one night. 😂 Was too worried about the tension and put the Labella Black Nylon 60-115 back on which don’t feel like they are pulling as much.
  10. I’ve been experimenting with strings on my Epiphone De Luxe Century bass and have found my preference is for Labella Flats 49-109. I’m now wondering if these might be too high a tension for the trapeze tailpiece. The bass comes stock with D’addario tapewounds which are pretty low tension, and I’m worried the tailpiece might snap at some point. Does anybody have an experience with heavy strings on an archtop bass with trapeze tailpiece that could pass on any advice please? I also play resonator guitars and have seen old Nationals with broken tailpieces so guess my concern comes from there. Cheers.
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