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  1. 1997 Epiphone Rivoli Reissue bass with hard case. A great playing and sounding bass in lovely condition. All original with no mods. A few light scratches, some tarnishing on the bridge, but nothing major condition wise. Set up with Pyramid Gold flats for extra thump. A reluctant sale. £750 collected from Beccles, Suffolk. I have a box so could pack up for a courier.
  2. It’d be close.... The D has 9” of silk, whilst the G has 6.5”.
  3. All lightly used and cut for a 2-a-side headstock. Labella 760FL 43-104 £25 DR Sunbeam SNMR45 45-105 £20 Rotosound Tru Bass RS88S 65-115 £20 I would trade a set for some Labella low tension short scale flats to try.
  4. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for the ‘correct’ way to wire up a Rivoli Bass. I have had my choke removed by my tech as I didn’t like the way it either removed loads of bass, or loads of mids. The stock Mudbucker has been rewound by Armstrong pickups, and is wired up in series & out of phase. It’s then using the wiring circuit as below. I was just wondering if this is the optimal way to wire these basses? It sounds good, especially with the volume on the bass rolled off a bit, and the tone knob at 5, but I was just intrigued as to if I was missing something. Cheers.
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  7. That makes sense. So the poles should face each other as so:
  8. I've got a couple of Mudbucker pickups (one from a 90s Epiphone Rivoli, and one from a 2019 Epiphone EBO rewound with Alnico magnets) and I've just noticed the magnets are facing different directions on them. On the Rivoli one the ceramic magnets are in opposite directions, and on the other one the alnico 5 magnets are facing the same direction. Does anyone know the correct way the magnets should be fitted? Does it even matter? Thanks.
  9. Up for sale is my Guild DS 240 in excellent condition. These guitars are awesome, and this is a particularly good example. It resonates really well, the top is beautiful, and the neck is a joy to play. It's fitted with John Pearse nickel 12-54 strings, and has been set up with at action at the 12th fret of 2.25mm on the bass side and 1.75mm on the treble. It's basically as new (with a set up) and the price reflects a bit of a saving on a new one. Only selling as a wrist injury means I can only really play electrics with extra light strings currently. £375. I would be interested in a trade involving a hollow/semi hollow electric.
  10. Up for sale is my Guild T-50 Slim Newark St Hollow-Body Guitar in excellent condition. Fitted with John Pearse 10-46 strings and plays great. Complete with hard case. There’s a slight drying of the lacquer on the fretboard edges, as is common with rosewood fingerboards. It doesn’t effect playability and looks cool, but worth mentioning. £650. Can ship at buyers cost.
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