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  1. Up for sale is my Fishman Platinum Pro EQ DI pedal in great condition. These are brilliant but it's not currently needed. £160 plus postage.
  2. Up for sale is my Fishman Platinum Pro EQ DI pedal in great condition. These are brilliant but it's not currently needed. £160 plus postage.
  3. I just bought an acoustic on reverb. The seller wanted funds cleared before collection, but reverb do not hand over the funds to the seller until the buyer has confirmed receipt of the item.
  4. Brilliant FDeck clone by 4114 Effects. £50
  5. Brilliant FDeck clone by 4114 Effects. £50
  6. With my unprolific career as a bassist slowly coming to an end I’m clearing out some bits to fund a new 6 string acoustic. This is a Guild Starfire II from the Newark Street Collection in mint condition. An awesome playing and sounding bass, I’ve had it set up with TI Jazz flats. Comes with original hard case. I also have the original round wounds. £750. Collection much preferred from Beccles, Suffolk. I could potentially meet somewhere, and I have a large bike box if anyone wants it shipped. Cheers.
  7. This is a bittersweet sale, but the band I use it with have always intended to have a double bass, with me on rhythm guitar, and that is finally happening. So up for sale is my Epiphone Masterbilt DeLuxe Century archtop acoustic bass. I bought this new in 2018 and have gigged it regularly since. Although well gigged, it has been babied so is in great condition, with only a couple of tiny marks on the body. Fitted with Thomastik Jazz Flatwound strings which I think are an improvement on the stock D'addario tapewounds. The original piezo pickups on these are ok, but I wanted something better, so I had some dialog with Aaron at Kent Armstrong pickups about other options that would work for me. He wound me a custom floating pickup which transformed the live sound, giving a lovely warm, full tone. This has been wired directly to the output jack, with the piezo disconnected. The bass now has a beautiful double bass type sound which worked brilliantly for the old time stuff I played. Also sounds great unplugged, and when played with a pick sits nicely with an acoustic guitar. It’s even louder with roundwounds, but I prefer the tone of the TI flats. The bass has the matching Epiphone hard case. I will include some Labella 760N Black Nylon strings which also sound lovely, and some Bobs Fits F hole blockers made specially for the bass. I got these in case I had any issues with feedback on bigger stages, but I’ve never had to use them. The original tuner buttons have been replaced with Schallers. Collection from Beccles, Suffolk. Or I could potentially meet somewhere for fuel costs.
  8. Sold some strings to Lacopo. Quick and easy deal. Would happily recommend.
  9. I took the plastic part off, and then took the one off the A tuner to see if that worked on the E. It didn’t, so I presume it’s something wrong with the tuner itself. At this point I panicked and messaged my tech, who’s luckily taking in work from next week. It’s an Epiphone Masterbilt Century DeLuxe, which is my gigging bass, so lucky it’s happened now.
  10. It does yeah, I'll see if that helps. Thanks!
  11. Hello all. Whilst tuning my E string last night the peg was feeling a bit tight. I (foolishly) persisted with trying to tune up and heard a little snap sound. The plastic key of the tuning peg had cracked, and now the tuning peg when turned no longer affects the string. I'm worried I've broken it and now need to replace the tuners. Can anyone confirm if this is the case, or if there's something I can do to check? Cheers.
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