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  1. I have an early 60's Genuine Gibson Mudbucker ( Nickel plate not Chrome ) that I removed from my EB2 in the Eighties ( Replaced with a DiMarzio ) Still in my bits box and measures nearly 30k as a Genuine Gibson should! Will.
  2. Looks like a late 70's Wotan Shark Bass --made in Japan --supposedly good quality!
  3. Mark called over last night to collect my Fender SS Modern Player -- A real smooth and easy transaction and a great guy too -- What more could you want! Will.
  4. It has the Spectracomp and an Octaver in there at the moment! -- Great free effects!
  5. My backup head is for sale -- Superb TC BH800 in good condition - slight ding on top right hand corner but I had it checked out and it has no other damage ( Tech said the Boards are very high quality Lab Gruppen! ) Awesome Double Changeable tone print feature ( Easy Phone download ) and easy and accurate built in tuner. Comes with good quality well Padded Laptop Bag with loads of room for extra cables etc. Any trial more than welcome -- I am in Leeds very close to Motorways and A1
  6. Avalon U5 Pre Amp -- in good used condition Fitted with Avalon rack ears in a very handy Gator Rack Case with extra storage for cables etc. Any trial more than welcome -- I have a QSC power amp you can try it with! Prefer collection from me in Leeds --Very near Motorways and A1. But can post at cost!
  7. Up for sale is my very rare Fender Short Scale Modern Player Jazz Bass in Candy Apple red Fender High Mass Bridge has been refitted now --( Not Gotoh that is shown in photo's ) There is one extra screw hole hidden under each of the original tuners from when I had Hipshot's on! Now fitted with D'addario Flatwounds. Weight is 3.9 kg. I sold this a couple of years ago and promptly bought it back again, but on the very rare occasion that I gig these days I tend to use one of my Mustang's! Comes with a good quality well padded Thomann Gig bag. Any Trial more than welcome! --- Collect from me in Leeds very close to Motorways and A1
  8. Usually my Capri Orange P/J Mustang ( Modified and fitted with " Fender Original " Precision and Fender " Split Coil " Jazz pickups ) Will.
  9. Hi Crazydancer Not sure where you are based but if you are around the Leeds area you are welcome to call in and try my collection of Short scales so you can get an idea of what suits you best! I have a Vintage ( 1973/4 ) Mustang. --- a Japanese Mustang, a Mexican P/J Mustang and a custom build Mustang too! Also have a Gibson EB0 Supreme and a rare Fender Modern Player Short scale Jazz! All strung with a variety of strings ( Mainly Flatwounds ) Will.
  10. Wow that is lovely and very light -- Is it a Short Scale?
  11. 2x18

    Feedback for Burg

    Just sold my QSC Power Amp. to Gareth in a real smooth and easy transaction! A real pleasure to deal with!
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