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  1. Hi Dunc. --Not really but its always a possibility! PM me with what you have! Will.
  2. Its just a Kensington laptop sachet type bag I had kicking around and the head fits great after removal of an internal divider!
  3. Forgot to mention! Also included is a handy gig bag for when you just want to take the the head ( Like I did regularly! )
  4. Up for sale is my wonderful Mesa Scout Combo -- You all know how good these are! Its the more compact and much preferred 12" version and is in good condition and works well. Small and compact but packs a punch way above its size. Weighs a comfortable 23kg approx. Any trial more than welcome. I am not prepared to ship this beauty so its collect only from Leeds LS15 very close to Motorways and A1. Can possibly meet up on or close to A1 south of Leeds as I travel down to near Grantham occasionally! !
  5. Just sold Norm my Avalon U5 in another real smooth and easy deal. As most of you already know he is a top class Basschatter.
  6. Just bought some strings in a real smooth and easy deal ( as is usual ) with Clarky!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. 2x18

    Feedback for Weeludo

    Just bought a Jazz Pickup from Lewis in a real smooth and easy deal -- Great packing, good comms. and fast delivery!
  9. The maple neck looks too clean for a 69! - I have a 73 in very good condition but it doesn’t look clean like new as that one does!
  10. I have an early 60's Genuine Gibson Mudbucker ( Nickel plate not Chrome ) that I removed from my EB2 in the Eighties ( Replaced with a DiMarzio ) Still in my bits box and measures nearly 30k as a Genuine Gibson should! Will.
  11. Looks like a late 70's Wotan Shark Bass --made in Japan --supposedly good quality!
  12. Mark called over last night to collect my Fender SS Modern Player -- A real smooth and easy transaction and a great guy too -- What more could you want! Will.
  13. It has the Spectracomp and an Octaver in there at the moment! -- Great free effects!
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