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  1. 2x18

    Jack and Danny Mini Jazz Bass

    Not sure of cost as they were all bits I had in my parts collection! -- C.O. Mustang is my current favourite Bass!
  2. 2x18

    Jack and Danny Mini Jazz Bass

    I have a Surf green one --Modded with Gotoh Tuners, DiMarzio Model J pickups, Fender vintage threaded bridge, Cts pots, P.I.O.. Cap. and LaBella Flats--Plays and sounds great! -- If you are ever in the Leeds area you are welcome to come and try it out and compare it with my 1973 sunburst Mustang or my Capri Orange P/J Mustang or my Red Fender Modern Player short scale Jazz to see which suits you!
  3. 2x18

    New Orange stuff?

    Me too! Mine through my Fearful 15/6 -- Awesome!
  4. 2x18

    New Orange stuff?

    I have one of the last of Original TB and it is amazing -- Even the Di is great! I notice on the new ones that they have lost the 4 / 8 ohm switch so now instead of getting the full 500 watts into an 8 ohm Cab you only get 250 watts! Will.
  5. Anyone want a STINKRAY? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STINGRING-toilet-seat-bass-guitar/253830643640?hash=item3b197c3fb8:g:bJAAAOSwuMRbgINl
  6. A well balanced 4.45 kg
  7. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    The Mono bag was nice but I prefer the design of the Protec Contego! A sticky is a great idea! -- Why not ask Scott if you can post his video as a sticky for anyone that has gear nicked? Regards Eddie
  8. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Right guys -- I bought the Moollon on E-bay thinking I was getting a cheap asian bass like Amoon , Rocktile etc. in a nice Mono gig bag ( I had never come across Moollon before ) -- Planned to keep the Mono gig bag and sell the bass cheaply! Imagine my surprise when the bass arrived and I unpacked it -- Stunning build quality and played and sounded better than most P-Basses I have ever played ( And that is a lot in my 72+ years ) I did some searching on Google and quickly found several reviews ( all Good ) and then I came across one of Scott playing his on youtube and thought that it looked familiar so looked through his other vids and found the one reporting it as stolen! I managed to contact Scott on Facebook and he rang me and I confirmed I had his Bass but wanted to ensure the Police followed up on it so I got the crime report No. from Scott and contacted the Police. I also contacted the Vender ( blueandyellow stores, which turns out to be Cash Generators ) and told them they had sold a valuable stolen Bass, They wanted me to send it back to them so they could sort it -- No Chance! The Police came and collected the Bass and I gave them all the sales information so they could investigate ( which I believe is still ongoing ) The Police officer assured me she would take the Bass straight back to Scott the rightful owner, which she did. I eventually managed to get a refund from the vendor once the police were involved and I did receive many Thanks and a very nice Reward from Scott! -- Thanks Scott. All in all a nightmare experience but hopefully the Police may get the Culprit(s) Will ( Eddie to Family and Friends )
  9. Got this beauty in a trade recently but find I am more comfortable with shorter scale! Beautiful Natural finish Fender Deluxe USA Dimension Bass With Fender Hard Case with key and original tags -- Great almost new condition --This is Fender's Awesome take on the Stingray with 18v Active circuit. Plays and sounds fantastic! Any trial more than welcome -- Leeds LS15 very close to Motorways and A1 Trades considered for High end Short / Medium Scale Basses especially ACG or vintage Mustang, Maruszczyk etc ( 4 String only and Can add cash if needed ) Thanks for looking Will.
  10. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    I bought it yes! but I obviously didn't know it was stolen until after Received it! --As I said I will give a full report once it is finally sorted so no more silly accusations please! Will.
  11. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    I can confirm -- Scott has now got his Moollon back safely! -- I don't want to say too much at present as I am struggling to get a refund from the Vendor! Will.
  12. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Thanks guys -- Now spoken to Scott.
  13. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Cheers -- Just messaged him! Will.
  14. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Does anybody have any contact info for Scott? -- I have some info about his bass and have tried to contact him on his Facebook page earlier today. but doesn't look like he goes on there very often!
  15. 2x18

    ACG Recurve 4 String 31.5"

    This is the Beauty I believe!