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  1. 2x18

    feedback for Deedee

    Sold Danny my TC Bass head today in a real smooth and easy transaction. Lovely Guy and a real pleasure to deal with!
  2. 2x18

    Compact practice amp advice

    Peavey Microbass is a great little amp for bass and guitar -- I have used one in my workshop for ages and I also have another one at my Holiday home!
  3. Happy to parcel it up if you arrange your own courier and insurance!
  4. Awesome QSC RMX1450 2 channel Power Amp. Will run at 2 Ohms -- 700 watts RMS per channel or can easily be Bridged for 4 ohms for 1,400 watts RMS --8 ohms for 900 watts RMS. Built in Switchable Clip limiters Selectable Low cut Filters -- Off -- 30 HZ or 50HZ In very good condition and working perfectly! -- Very versatile and Pro quality! Recent Service and Clean plus the Cooling Fan has been changed for a very quiet and correct spec one ( as recommended by QSC themselves ) Can demo this Beast ( Via my Avalon U5 pre ) and it is in Leeds ( very close to Motorways and A1 ) Comes in a decent Flight case. Full spec. here; https://www.qsc.com/resource-files/productresources/amp/discontinued/rmx/q_amp_rmx_series_specs.pdf
  5. Its already in there at the moment!
  6. Superb TC BH800 in very good condition -- Awesome Double Changeable tone print feature ( Easy Phone download ) and easy and accurate built in tuner. Comes with Padded TC Bag with loads of room for extra cables etc. and instruction leaflet. Any trial more than welcome -- I am in Leeds very close to Motorways and A1
  7. 2x18

    Feedback for sifi2112

    Si took the time and trouble to deliver a lovely little home made cab to me! Great to meet up again and very pleased with the very well built and solid but lightweight cab too! Will.
  8. 2x18

    SOLD- DIY 115 CAB £20

  9. 2x18

    Skeleton - oddball

    First photo is a 6 string?
  10. 2x18

    3-stringer for Del Boy!

    He must be off his " Rocker " ( Probably used in a " Covers " Band )
  11. Withdrawn -- I have been playing it today and comparing it with my other shorties and this wins hands down so its no longer for sale!
  12. Anybody fancy trying to set this up is in for a shock! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Telecaster-style-custom-bass-Guitar/132843314476?hash=item1eee141d2c:g:mIsAAOSwHhRb3dkU
  13. From an interview in 2016 he said he gets his tone from an Avalon U5 -- Link here: https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2016/10/13/like-an-arrow-an-interview-with-richard-turner/
  14. Replied -- It weighs in at a comfortable 3.75 kg. Will.
  15. Up for sale is my very rare Fender Short Scale Modern Player Jazz Bass in Candy Apple red Bridge has been upgraded to my favourite Gotoh 201B I sold this a couple of years ago and promptly bought it back again, but on the very rare occasion that I gig these days I tend to use one of my Mustang's! Comes with a good quality well padded Thomann Gig bag. Collect from me in Leeds very close to Motorways and A1