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  1. Yes it is 500 watts R.M.S. -- Great and very powerful Amp but I prefer my TC BH800 for the built in toneprints! Will.
  2. Selling my Nearly new ( Bought new by me just after xmas ) Peavey Mini Max Head -- Never been gigged --bedroom use only -- Fantastic Lightweight High power head with built in tuner and comes with mains cable, Peavey Bag and original Box etc. -- Only £275.00 Also selling my GK 410-II 800 watt r.m.s. Neo Cabinet again in very good condition and bedroom use only --Easy one hand lift ( even for me and I am 72 years young! ) Only 20kg ( 44 lbs ) --also only £275.00 Would prefer to sell together as they are an excellent match and will sell both for a discount! I am in Leeds ( Very close to M1, M62 and A1 ) Any trial more than welcome and Trade / PX possible for a Quality Short scale Bass!
  3. feedback for lowregisterhead

    Just bought a TC BH 800 head, pedal and bag from Dave in a real smooth and easy transaction! A real pleasure to deal with! Will.
  4. Chezz55 Feedback

    Just got some freebie ABM parts from Chris He even went to all the trouble to pack and arrange courier for me -- Great Bomb Proof Packing job too by the way! Many thanks Chris --A real pleasure to deal with you! Will.
  5. Brand New Cort Action DLX 4 String

    Check out the spec on google! -- It is real hardwood, not a photoprint!
  6. Walbassuk

    Had the pleasure of meeting Paul when he came all the way over to buy my TC Combo -- Top guy and a real pleasure to do business with! Will.
  7. Looking for a set of GOLD finish Gotoh GB707 or GB727 Machine heads -- 4 in line for a Fender headstock RH.
  8. Excellent as New TC BG250-208 Not gigging anymore unfortunately so needs to go! This is the only BG250 that can be used with an extension speaker! It is in perfect condition and comes with Footswitch and cable so you can switch between Normal and 2 Toneprints of your choice plus it Also has mute switch! ( I converted an Ashdown pedal to TC spec and it works perfectly ) Also comes with Original manual and TC rehearsal input cable! Looking for collection only from me in Leeds --Very close to Motorways and A1
  9. Interesting Kramer

    Looks like it used to be an 8 string -- You can see the extra slots in the nut and the extra 4 holes in the headstock!
  10. Hard case for Fender Mustang?

    I use a Hard / Soft Bass case from Gear 4 Music for mine --Very light and sturdy. I made a packing out of foam and covered it in good old Gaffa tape --I put a strip of velcro on it so it can easily be removed if you need to fit a full size P or Jazz bass! https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Bass-Guitar-Foam-Case-by-Gear4music/C87 Will.
  11. Now Sold -- Thanks guys! Will.
  12. PM sent ( In English ) Sorry not willing to ship to Guadeloupe! Will.
  13. Feedback for Shonks

    Sold Shonks my Markbass compressore in a real smooth and easy transaction -- Fast payment and great communication. Top guy and highly recommended! Will.
  14. Feedback for ZenX

    Just got a freeby Fender Cab from Ed -- He took the time and trouble to pack it in a Bombproof package and arrange courier for it too! Top guy and very highly recommended by me! Will
  15. Feedback for Dodgnofski

    Just sold Tim my TC 250 208 Combo in a real smooth and easy transaction! Real top guy to deal with and very highly recommended! Will.