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  1. 2x18

    Feedback for TheButler

    Just bought a rack tuner from Jamie, very easy and pleasant transaction + extra rapid delivery and bombproof packaging. Great Guy and a pleasure to do business with. Will.
  2. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    I bought it yes! but I obviously didn't know it was stolen until after Received it! --As I said I will give a full report once it is finally sorted so no more silly accusations please! Will.
  3. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    I can confirm -- Scott has now got his Moollon back safely! -- I don't want to say too much at present as I am struggling to get a refund from the Vendor! Will.
  4. 2x18

    Feedback for ZenX

    Just got a freeby Fender Cab from Ed -- He took the time and trouble to pack it in a Bombproof package and arrange courier for it too! Top guy and very highly recommended by me! Will
  5. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Thanks guys -- Now spoken to Scott.
  6. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Cheers -- Just messaged him! Will.
  7. 2x18

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Does anybody have any contact info for Scott? -- I have some info about his bass and have tried to contact him on his Facebook page earlier today. but doesn't look like he goes on there very often!
  8. 2x18

    ACG Recurve 4 String 31.5"

    This is the Beauty I believe!
  9. 2x18

    Feedback for KarlWhite

    Karl came all the way over to Leeds today to trade his his Lovely Fender Dimension Bass for My Jazz! Guitar was exactly as he advertised and in great condition! -- I would not hesitate to do business with him again! Top Guy. Will.
  10. Selling my Nearly new ( Bought new by me just after xmas ) Peavey Mini Max Head -- Never been gigged --bedroom use only -- Fantastic Lightweight ( Only 5lbs ) High power head with built in tuner and comes with mains cable, Peavey fitted Bag and original Box etc. -- Only £240.00 Also selling my GK 410-II 800 watt r.m.s. Neo Cabinet again in very good condition and bedroom use only --Easy one hand lift ( even for me and I am 72 years young! ) Only 20kg ( 44 lbs ) --also only £240.00 Would sell together as they are an excellent match and will sell both for a discount! I am in Leeds ( Very close to M1, M62 and A1 ) Any trial more than welcome and Trade / PX possible for a Quality Short scale Bass!
  11. I think that seller is KarlWhite -- A member -- He has the Elite and Dimension Basses that are on e-bay for sale on here! Will.
  12. 2x18

    Feedback for tonyclaret

    Just bought a Protec Gig Bag from Tony in a real smooth and easy transaction -- Top Guy! Will.
  13. Up for sale is my lovely and rare 1996 Limited Edition Fender Jazz Bass 50th Anniversary ( The company's not the Jazz Bass! ) In Antique Sunburst with Highly figured Maple veneer top and back,. Gold plated USA hardware, Vintage pickups and electronics. Specially engraved neck mounting plate with the Fender 50th Anniversary logo and limited edition serial numbering. Comes with a Fender DeLuxe Hard Case and original Case Candy. In good condition for age and plays and sounds terrific! Weighs a comfortable 4.25 kg. Fitted with Gold strap locks and comes with a padded Comfort Strap. Possible trade for a quality Short Scale Bass! --Any inspection and trial welcome! I am in Leeds very Close to Motorways and A1 1996 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Fender company (1946-1996), and in celebration Fender produced a limited edition anniversary series of the following instruments (along with the total number of instruments made): 50th American Standard Stratocaster (2,500) 50th American Standard Stratocaster Left Handed (250) 50th American Standard Telecaster (1,250) 50th American Standard Precision Bass (500) 50th American Standard Jazz Bass (500) 50th American Standard Jazz Bass V String (500)
  14. Hi -- Sorry but not willing to ship abroad! Will.
  15. 2x18

    Maruszczyk Jazzus 4 Bass. SOLD.

    Same here -- I pm-ed him minutes after he placed the Ad!
  16. 2x18


    Tim came over to Leeds today to try out my GK 410 Cab and bought it in a smooth and easy transaction! Really great Basschatter -- Deal with Confidence! Will.
  17. GK 410-II 800 watt r.m.s. Neo Cabinet with switchable horn in very good condition only a few months old and bedroom use only --Easy one hand lift ( even for me and I am 72 years young! ) Only 20kg ( 44 lbs ) -Now only £220.00 Any trial more than welcome --I am in Leeds very close to motorways and A1
  18. Yes Still for Sale.
  19. Hi Bobzilla I have another forum member coming to try it out tomorrow! I will pm you if not sold!
  20. 2x18

    wayne58 feedback

    Sold Cameron my lovely Gibson SG Supreme in a nice easy transaction. A real pleasure to do business with! Will.
  21. They are the release holes for the grille! you just insert a small screwdriver to release the grille from the velcro on the new GK cabinets.
  22. I have the original packing if you arrange your own courier and insurance, but I am abroad on holiday for the next 10 days! Cheers from sunny Rhodes. Will.
  23. 2x18


    Yes it is 500 watts R.M.S. -- Great and very powerful Amp but I prefer my TC BH800 for the built in toneprints! Will.
  24. 2x18

    feedback for lowregisterhead

    Just bought a TC BH 800 head, pedal and bag from Dave in a real smooth and easy transaction! A real pleasure to deal with! Will.