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  1. A set of LOXX German strap locks. Never Used. £5 delivered.
  2. Here is something else I bought for my violin bass project and didn't use. I'll chuck in some sliding controls as well. £10 posted please. Or pick up in Earls Barton near Northampton.
  3. Genuine Hofner Violin bass scratch plate. Bought for a project but I used something else. £15 delivered. Cheers Mike
  4. I'm having a pre-house move clear out and came across these. They are all for Precision basses. I don't think you can get Fecker any more. £10 posted would be nice please. Thanks Mike
  5. I just bought Kev’s SR500. It was an excellent transaction from start to finish. Easy with great comms and no dramas. Just as it should be. You can deal with confidence 👍😀🎸👍😀
  6. 3 Lovely unused metal Gold effect and Mother of Pearl effect control knobs. These are metal with grub screws and are really attractive. I got them for a project that never happened and am clearing out prior to moving house. £5 posted. Cheers Mike
  7. Here is my as new TGI acoustic bass padded gig bag. I no longer need this. It's never left the house. I would like £10 for it please but you will have to collect it. 👍 I live in Earls Barton near Northampton.
  8. Here is my excellent Arctic White Squier bass V1. This is a gorgeous bass and has the advantage of being upgraded with the marvelous Staytrem bridge and it also has a really amazing set of LaBella flats on it. This bass is spotless and looks, sounds and plays amazingly. It's a lovely Jaguar shape, it balances well and plays like a guitar and sounds like a bass. The bass has been set up extremely well and has a lovely low action. It comes with original bridge and the whammy bar. I bought it recently off Dave (Skinnyman) and decided it wasn't for me. My friend said they wanted it but then couldn't proceed so here it is up for sale again. I would prefer cash on collection if possible. I could drive a reasonable distance for a meet up and as a last resort would post at the buyers expense. I live in Earls Barton near Northampton. I would like £285 please. No trades thanks.
  9. Two really nice guitar straps surplus to my requirements. The light coloured one is as new. The other is used but excellent. £15 posted to UK
  10. Here is my excellent Squier Bass V1 that I bought from Skinnyman a few weeks ago. The bass is excellent with not a mark on it. It;s in lovely Olympic White with a Tortie scratch plate and Rosewood board with block markers. The bass has been upgraded with the excellent Staytrem bridge and it is strung with absolutely awesome LaBella flats. It looks, sounds and plays amazingly. I play it through a Roland Bass Cube 100 and it's excellent and sounds enormous. It has the old bridge, the whammy bar and an extra nut. It's just not for me. Four strings are more than enough for me and I thought I would try it out to see if we got on. I'm not really playing bass anymore and this was my attempt to see if I could get myself going again, sadly not so it has to go. This is a quality bit of kit and I really can't find fault with it. So if you are after something a bit different that plays like a guitar but thunders like a bass this could be for you! I live in Earls Barton near Northampton and would prefer collection but am happy to courier at the buyers expense. No trades thank you. I would like £265 please. Thanks for looking Mike
  11. I bought Dave’s excellent Squier Bass V1. It’s the third transaction with Dave and again absolutely perfect. We met again at a service area and did the deal. Dave is excellent to deal with. You can trust him and deal with him confidently. Nice one Dave. Thanks! 😀👍😀👍😀🎸
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