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  1. Stuart bought my Jazz pick guard. Another excellent transaction. Stuart is a pleasure to deal with. 👍😀👍😀👍
  2. Here I have a new lovely Jazz bass Tortie Scratch Plate. I bought it to try on my 1989 MIK Jazz bass. Unfortunately these models are different from the current ones and the plates don't fit. They will fit: USA, Mex, CV etc. It has only been used to see if it fitted and has never been screwed to a guitar. I would like £9 posted please. You can collect if you are near to me. Thanks for looking. Mike
  3. Here is my excellent HB PB50 in lovely 3 colour Sunburst with Maple and a black scratch plate. I bought this about a year ago but I don't use it much. It's a lovely looking and playing bass that is much better than the price might suggest. I've re-shaped the headstock to look a bit Fendery, I didn't like the HB shape at all. The bass looks and plays really well, it balances perfectly on a strap and the neck is a very comfortable C shape. Here are a few details: Basswood body Canadian Maple neck Maple fretboard I have added a large Orange drop cap. The pots are full sized and the wiring is good quality from the factory. Nut width is 42mm. Double action truss rod. Di'Addario strings 45-100 Weight is 3.7kg I live in Scorton near Richmond, North Yorkshire and would prefer pick up. However I am happy to pack it up in the original packaging if you arrange your own courier. I would like£75 please.
  4. I’ll have these please. Pm me your bank detail for payment. I’ll be out all morning and will make the payment when l get back . Cheers. Mike
  5. 👍 A trip to the beach would have been lovely but unfortunately you’re too far away. Good luck with the sale. 👍🎸👍. Cheers. Mike
  6. This is lovely and I’m very interested but it would need to be posted👍🎸👍
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. New and unused, bought for a project that didn't happen. 2 x flat top metal control knobs with grub screws 1 x neck plate with screws and plastic cushion I would like £6 please. This includes postage to you. Thanks for looking. Mike
  9. REDUCED TO £525 for a quick sale £525 it’s a BARGAIN 👍🎸👍🎸👍
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