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  1. Reduced to £500. I’m moving house and it needs to go.😀🎸😀
  2. Here is my absolutely excellent Barefaced Two10s cab. It's hardly been used and has only left the house twice. I bought it for a band I joined a couple of years ago but health problems and lockdowns put a stop to my plans. This a cracking small lightweight cab that can be stacked with other cabs to make up an amazing rig. Alternatively it's a very competent and loud Two10. I've only really used it in the house but the twice I took it out it was amazing with amazing volume, tone and clarity. This is what Barefaced say about it on their website: " The Two10 - The best old school sounding cab ever?" Dimensions: 15"/38cm high. 24"/61cm wide. 13"/33cm deep. Weight: 14kg Switchable 4/12 ohms to facilitate stacking if required. Vintage Tone It has 2 x 10CR250 drivers which are retro sounding high output ferrite 10" loudspeakers. It has high volume displacement for 10" speakers that can produce big lows and extended treble clarity with harshness. The cab comes with the official Barefaced cover which is unused. The whole thing is excellent and I know will not dissapoint. I don't want any trades thank you. I live near Richmond, North Yorkshire and would prefer collection but I'm happy to ship in the UK at the buyers expense. (Probably better if you can arrange your own courier). I have the original shipping box and packing so it will be safe to courier. I would like £500 please.
  3. I bought a cracking Markbass 151 from Tom. I went to pick it up today and met Tom and Mrs Tom. It was really nice talking to them both, enjoyed my time with them. The cab is great, the transaction was excellent. Smooth and easy from the start. Tom is great to deal with, we have done a couple of deals over the years and it’s always a pleasure. Thank you Tom, you’re a star. cheers. Mike
  4. Morning Stuart The action is medium to low. I set it up for how I like it. It could be set lower or higher to suit individual preference. The truss rod works as it should. Everything on the bass works as it should. Although it's an old bass I don't think it's been used too much and certainly not abused. It's a really good example of a Jazz bass. I hope this helps. Cheers. Mike
  5. Here is my lovely 1991 Samick factory Jazz bass in lovely aged Oly White. It's more cream than white and the pictures don't really capture the colour because of the flash. The bass is in excellent condition for an instrument that is 31 years old. It has the usual light lacquer cracks near the neck pocket but this is only the paint and my camera couldn't show it. This is a lovely aged Korean bass. I love them and have 5 in total. The quality is amazing. 1991 MIK Samick factory Aged Olympic White CTS pots, Orange Drop Cap, Switchraft jack socket. Shaller machine heads Hand made by MD guitars Tortie scratch plate. 4kg on my bathroom scales so not too heavy. This bass looks, sounds and plays really well. The USA electrics do an amazing job and the original pups sound huge. It looks great, balances well on a strap and is an excellent example of a Jazz bass. You are more than welcome to come and try it out. Alternatively I'm happy to courier this at the buyers expense. I don't want any trades thank you. I'm thinning out again. I would like £275 for it please. Thanks for looking. Mike
  6. Here is my excellent condition neck from North West Guitars. I bought this for a project guitar which I didn't use so it's surplus now. American Hard Rock Maple neck and fretboard. Bone nut. Block inlays Jazz width nut and standard Fender neck pocket size. Bought over a year ago and the ad then said the neck was Nitro. Current ads say Poly. Wilkinson Tuners. Fender Decal that can be removed, it hasn't been laquered over so can be taken off easily. It just needs a string tree to finish it off, they're on Ebay for about £3. I would like £100 for this please. No trades thanks. You are welcome to collect and I'm also happy to post. I still have the box it came it. Thanks for looking. Mike
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