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  1. Ashdown RM500 and Barefaced Super Compact or Two10
  2. And today is his birthday I believe! MHR John
  3. 🤣 Yes. But I won’t. Hopefully.
  4. To be fair I’ve had a tendency to accumulate gear before when I couldn’t really afford to. Now I have a little bit of a cushion so I’ve gone a bit crazy but apart from wanting a Four10 cab I’m now 100% sorted for amplification. I don’t gig enough to justify it but I like to hoard
  5. 🤣 I’ve already said exactly that to @eude I do now have a ridiculous collection of 5 (yes) Ashdown heads but they can’t go anywhere. Don’t let me sell any!
  6. It’s been fairly extensively toured and it’s a bit grubby in general so I think it’s just a case of the valve finally having enough. Or a dodgy valve of course... Either way it’s off to Ashdown for some tlc so it’ll have new valves, would be interesting if anyone has changed the standard JJs for anything else!
  7. Hello! Any owners of the glorious Ashdown CTM100 ever changed the output valves? I picked one up for a ridiculous price on eBay but one the power valves has gone and the other is running quite “hot” according to the built-in bias meter. I’ll probably send it to Ashdown for a complete health check but might do so with my choice of output valve... looking at the Genalex Golden Lion reissue probably. Any thoughts?
  8. Ah cheers fella! I’ve actually just managed to sort this now though so all good. Sidetrack - when and where is the SE Bash? I’ve missed the thread!!
  9. Merton

    ACG RetroB 5

    One of the best looking basses I’ve ever seen. Apart from mine obvs 🤓
  10. I won this 😁 Just trying to sort logistics for collection... see
  11. There’s definitely a clue in his name, isn’t there 🤣
  12. I just snagged an amp on eBay (whoops) which is collection only from Camden. It’s now getting a bit complicated finding a convenient time for me to collect which works for both of us so I was wondering if anyone is around that area, but also travels south of the river, who would be able to collect on my behalf? Or vice Verda, someone this side of the river who goes near Camden... Bit out there as an idea but thought I’d ask EDIT: just a thought, if someone was able to collect from the seller during the week I can collect next Sunday (13th). It’s just that the seller isn’t around then hence the complication 😳
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