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  1. Falling in love again

    You should. My favouritestest amplificatory device ever.
  2. Steam punk bass

  3. Falling in love again

    Yup, Ashdown ABM all the way for me. The RM is a close substitute but the ABM has “more”
  4. 32" Medium Scale Bass Thread

    That’s great! Where do you find all these medium scale basses? I never come across any!
  5. The pink is too garish innit?
  6. Ashdown ABM1000 LITE - £395

    OMG so much want. Sadly no cash!
  7. Nah. Whilst part of me really is tempted just because it’s crazy, I’m more about one of these:
  8. Hell yes! or should I say, stop encouraging me
  9. Price was €1360 if I remember correctly. I am actually seriously tempted....
  10. ACG Finn 5 Custom - Trade options added

    Still here and still for sale
  11. ACG Finn 5 Custom - Trade options added

    [quote name='RalphDWilson' timestamp='1510222832' post='3404685'] Outrageously cheap. GLWTS. Sorry I'm not in a buying position - as I don't play with a band any more, I can't justify the number of basses I have at the moment. I love my Finn 4. Could I suggest you change your car instead rather than sell your bass? :-) [/quote] Haha, the Mrs wants me to get a new car too! Thing is it’s a great car when it’s running, just this year has become very expensive for it. Hopefully next year will be completely the opposite I’ve had a few trade suggestions which are more along the lines of a straight swap, sadly with my financial position any trade I do would need to be cash plus the item in question, hence the suggestions have all been less than half the value i’m putting on the bass. Straight sale is preferable