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  1. Just a quick shout out to @joetruscott- he’s a lovely guy, a brilliant bassist (especially when dressed as a panda) and looks after his (awesome) collection. Buy with confidence. Surprised this is still here tbh!
  2. I was saying to @eude just this weekend that I fancied me one of these. This thread isn't helping
  3. S’manth bought my Pedaltrain Metro16, it was an absolute pleasure of a deal
  4. Only one band rehearses regularly. The other two rehearse if needed but we have been together for almost ten years and don’t feel the need to see each other every week. The band that rehearses each week hasn’t yet gigged, but it’s new and we’re sorting out the set ready to emerge into dive bars all over the south east later this year 🤓
  5. Yep written by Mike McCready as a bit of a Hendrix freak out. Personally I find it’s one of their weaker songs from their early days - Eddie’s lyrics and warbling just feels a bit 6th Form College singer to me. There we go, that can be my unpopular opinion
  6. I really must get one* next time the BC classifieds tempt me, that is exactly the sort of review I didn’t need to read @Woody1957😅 *probably the R400 but the WB100 intrigues me just as much
  7. I’ve recently been told (albeit by the singer in one of my bands, who has been a nurse for 30+ years) that my knee pain and discomfort is osteoarthritis. She said to try ibuprofen but then said a better bet (for reasons already alluded to above) was MSM, which you can get from Holland and Barrett. I’ll be honest, a week and a bit on from starting to use MSM it’s not really done anything for me yet but I’m wondering if it may just take a bit longer to kick in. We’ll see - I’ll report back in another week PS - I’m 41 so not too dissimilar an age from you @NasalFloss
  8. Ooh I love that. A 32” version would be perfect 😃
  9. Ben bought a Mooer bass sweeper from me last weekend, very quick and easy deal, many thanks!
  10. Great rig and price. If you were closer my wife would probably kill me 😅
  11. Tell him he’s no longer allowed this bass and has to donate it to me.
  12. Nice! Have to say the “standard” GR cabs look like the ones I’d choose (over the Ameritech ones) - let us know how the gig goes!
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