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  1. Photos when it arrives tomorrow. Oops is all you get right now. Super Compact in the classifieds later this week 😳
  2. Quite interested in this - can you send some pics? Thanks
  3. Shame no-one was there to experience that rig in all its glory How did it sound?
  4. I’m looking forward to hearing it too. As is the rest of Great Britain 😂🤓
  5. Bugger, I need to keep up! Yes, GLWTS @Raslee
  6. @dave_bass5 wasn’t this what you were after?
  7. Merton

    Show us your rig!

    Nothing like being a tart. Planning on using all of this on Friday night, because why not?
  8. Yes - though in that particular setting it’s not the loudest band
  9. The rig is just wonderful. Ashdown + Barefaced = perfection in my opinion. Plenty of volume, clarity, balls, bass, roar (not the dinosaur, that’s a bit squeaky in comparison)
  10. And now an ABM on a Super Compact. No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of the first photo, btw.
  11. I’ll dig some out A starter for ten is an ABM on a One10, showing how it looks if the Two10 were vertical. Oh, and a dinosaur for good measure of scale.
  12. Or two. But I think five just pips it for me.
  13. Another Ashdown RM800 vote - through a Super Compact you can pretty much do anything you want tonally
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