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  1. Do it. You know you want to. Do it do it do it. #helping
  2. Nice combo! This was the last range Trace introduced in the Gibson era before it all went belly up. I had a head version of this as part of my first big rig. Looks great onstage and sounds damn fine. As @Downunderwonder says, watch that 30Hz slider! (And prob the 40Hz one as well..)
  3. Wot @warwickhunt sez. Ashdown, Handbox, Orange all currently manufacturing. Recent but no longer in manufacture - Laney, Mesa Boogie, Fender (I think)…
  4. I’m up your way for work in just under 3 weeks. Part of me is very tempted to get this* so I can run four One10s at the same time 😅 *the whole damn thing, possibly. One or two cabs, more possibly 🤓
  5. Jealous! Sadly cannot afford one right now…
  6. I love the idea of the passive shorty sunburst one. $125 a month? Hmmm….
  7. Love your pickups! Have some Big Splits in one bass and an MM5.4 in another
  8. Have to say I’m pondering going down a similar route. Last two nights at band practices I’ve used my RM800 as a power amp only, getting the tone shaping from my OriginAL preamp pedal. What I’d love is an ~800-1000W at 2 ohms mini power amp (think Demeter Minnie, GR Bass Pure Amp, Bassics A900…) and a third One10…. Actually completely pointless because the two One10s and RM800 are more than enough for my bands but… it’s fun to add more than is strictly necessary isn’t it 😀
  9. Finally got to take some gear out for a couple of days of rehearsing with some bands. Damn this set up works so well; surprisingly loud and full.
  10. Holy moly, that is superb 😍
  11. Personally the weight of the head isn't an issue for me - I like the fact they're not just going as small and featherweight as possible but putting some nice design thought into the look. The cabs is where (for me) weight saving makes the most sense, especially as there are so many great sounding lightweight options these days (and as you say @la bam, Laney did it themselves with their last range!). I'm still very tempted by the 500W head and the 2x12 cab for me new projects, but I may choose a different route altogether if I even change anything in my rig...
  12. Alter Bridge. 5 string, often funky tunings
  13. The RM heads have two speakon/jack combi sockets so I’d be mighty surprised if the combo didn’t use the same. The RM EVO II cabs are two speakon/jack combi sockets as well
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