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  1. Yes, albeit briefly at home levels. Very very nice indeed
  2. I used to think Ashdown amps lacked volume but learnt how to use them and would say there are a couple of things to consider: 1. The Deep switch will suck power into producing low frequencies. This is a similar thing to the Shape button on the ABM 2. It’s not clear from the pic or your description if the Sub Harmonic is switched in, but if it is in it is being pushed quite a lot and will also suck power. I’d be inclined to reset everything back to noon on the EQ, switch out anything like the Deep and Sub buttons and start from there. Cut the bass control, boost the mids and don’t be scared to drive the preamp hard with the Gain control. See how you get on with that
  3. Well I didn’t know that. I really like the VS4 model but am set on 32” (or less) thesedays. They don’t advertise their 32.5” scale option much! Quite interested in these shorties...
  4. To be fair the RM does a pretty lovely impression of a driven valve preamp with the Drive control so I can understand why there’s no desire to cram valves in. I can guarantee I’d be first in line if they change their mind though
  5. FWIW I’ve asked Mark Gooday in the past about doing a valve preamp/Class D power module head but he said it’s not on their radar for the time being. Which is a shame, a CTM preamp with the RM800 power section would be my go-to!
  6. The OriginAL head is pure solid state and clean, it’s only the OriginAL pedal which has the valve in it I think?
  7. Another shorty PJ bass, I’ll be spoilt for choice soon should I choose to abandon the gear abstinence challenge!
  8. Yup this head is ok to use without speakers - there’s a headphone socket on the back with a button which (I think) defeats the speaker outs - try and see. Nothing should blow up....
  9. The new Norstrand Acinonyx is causing me problems now FFS
  10. Something bright and shiny from Colchester? With carbon fibre weave? Do tell!
  11. I almost persuaded myself I needed a custom-made blender/mixer/DI pedal thingy. Too complicated to explain why. Yesterday I tested my theory and decided it was stupid. So I’m still in 😃
  12. We’re lucky in my band that our guitarist is an audio engineer and we have a bunch of guys at his studio which he bounces ideas off, all for free. I’m not sure I’d employ a producer unless I had a mega record deal. Which I never will. Personally @AndyTravis I think your EP sounds bloody great as it is, it doesn’t need any “production” because the songs are already well crafted with sensible musicianship. Tell them to stop being daft and just get back to rehearsing and finding gigs. Or find a new bunch to play with
  13. Stan fixed my ABM a few years ago - great service from them and a nice little test report with the amp
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