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  1. Merton

    Zoot Funkmeister 32”

    Here it is! As you can see Mike’s also added a stain to give an idea of how the bwb will look
  2. Merton

    Status Groove Bass

  3. Merton

    Elf in Action

    Sorry only just got round to replying! I used a Barefaced Super Compact and/or One10, both of which have been absolutely fine with other amps in the same band and venue setting. Unfortunately the Elf just always felt on the limiter and I had no real dynamic range left or, dare I say it, heft from the lower register. I’ve used the GK MB200 with the same band and cabs and had no problem, likewise a 30W valve head. That being said I did manage a loud rock band gig with it and my SC with no PA support, it filled the bar fine and I suspect Joe Public had no idea. To me though it sounded very squashed and not really my thing. Perhaps I’m too demanding with my EQ or (and?!) I hit the bass too hard but for me it was close, but not quite there to make it a keeper. I think inretrospect I also like dialling in a little grit to my tone so of course needed an external pedal (in this case a SansAmp) to get the desired effect - the onboard dirt was too much. I’m much more content with my Ashdown RM500 now - though of course that has more than double the RMS power supposedly
  4. Merton

    Zoot Funkmeister 32”

    Mike’s cut the scratchplate. Here is the single ply black option, we also have a three ply bwb version to see which works best with the finished article:
  5. Merton

    Elf in Action

    Yep. I really wanted to love the Elf but even in a relatively quiet band it was always on the limiter. Great idea, not quite there yet (in my experience).
  6. Merton

    Zoot Funkmeister 32”

    So Mike received the pickups from me (finally, haha!) and has finished the work routing them. He’s done a quick mock-up with the bridge and controls in place to check how it all fits... pretty perfect methinks 😎
  7. Merton

    Ashdown RM500 EVO 2 £399 at Andertons

    Let me know what you make of the headphones. I have a pair of wired M-Ears and was wholly underwhelmed at first. All the ear bud sizes supplied were useless -they kept falling out and to top it off the sound was terribly thin and lacked any bass. So I bought some nice memory foam ear buds and lo and behold they sound quite marvellous now. And don’t fall out
  8. Merton

    Status Groove Bass

    Love these basses, I’ve owned four and wouldn’t hesitate if I had the money. I had the very last “real” Groove ever made, a fretless with a wooden neck and refer having to sell it to find other “grown up” things a few years ago. Rob made three more after this with a graphite neck but they don’t count @AndyTravis has the valuation spot on I think
  9. Merton

    Zoot Funkmeister 32”

    Pure and simple passive, vol/vol/tone. Hipshot Kickass bridge and (IIRC) Hipshot ultralite elephant ear tuners
  10. Merton

    Gallien Krueger Fusion 550

    At long bloody last! Good news
  11. Merton

    Zoot Funkmeister 32”

    No idea how you missed it, it’s not like you’ve been busy fettling your own bass builds is it 🙄😜😃
  12. Merton

    Zoot Funkmeister 32”

    Well the pickups ended up being delayed again from Bass Direct so they’ve kindly refunded me and I’ve found some in Holland which are on their way over. Meanwhile Mike and I have sorted the scratch plate design and Mike’s started on the neck and fingerboard:
  13. Interview with the (now former!) touring drummerist: https://www.loudersound.com/features/threatin-interview-inside-the-years-most-talked-about-tour
  14. Merton

    NAD : An all tube mini rig for the house

    Very nice! I almost snapped up those cabs a few weeks ago when Andy was selling me his Ashdown LB30, luckily for you (and for my wallet and marriage!) I didn’t Great little rig, love it