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  1. Soon to be with me, this gorgeous ACG TKO Classic:
  2. Single coil in bridge and P-type in the neck. So a standard PJ really it’s just with Alan’s bespoke pickups it’s not so obvious I think this is going to blow my socks off when it arrives
  3. ‘Tis almost ready. Alan has played an absolute blinder here. Cannot wait.
  4. Name the band and song: Everybody's here Puke stinks like beer This could be a city This could be a graveyard You stole my idea You stole my idea Everybody's anxious For the coming of the crisis The collapse of the justice I can smell your armpits You stole my idea You stole my idea You stole my idea! This puke stinks like beer Come on come on come on Let's lay waste to this century
  5. Black with black pickguard
  6. Well, I’ve got gigs coming out of my ears and talent for days, so why not commission another bass... 🧐 I’ve fancied a black/maple Fender P for ages but just don’t get on with 34” scales anymore. So following some egging on from @eude I started talking to @Cosmicrain about a mad idea for a 32” P-alike and he didn’t tell me to bog off... 😄 The main inspiration for this is the 70s Fender P played by Rick Savage up to around the Pyromania-era tour but of course Roger Waters has his famous signature P which is very similar. No pictures yet because we only hit the go button a couple of weeks ago, but we’ll keep this thread updated as progress occurs Full specs: 32” Zoot Precision with 10% smaller body to suit the shorter scale Ash body Maple neck fitted with titanium rods, 40mm nut width, P-alike neck profile Maple board with black dots Lightly aged/roadworn black finish Neck and board finished with a vintage tint Black/white/black scratchplate Lindy Fralin 5% overwound P pickup Passive electronics Vol / Tone Chrome Hipshot hardware with their Vintage bridge Schaller straplock buttons Of course Mike is renowned for using some of the sexiest maple you can find for necks (see my Funkmeister for example) but I’ve specifically told him not to worry about that here because (in my head at least) 70s Fenders didn’t go for highly figured lumps of wood. He’s also known for his stunning finishes (see the recent Funky 5 he built for @MattW here https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/429761-5-string-zoot-bass-build/?do=findComment&comment=4374720) but again, I’m making him deviate from that for the mildly aged look. It’s a wonder he still talks to me really 🤪
  7. Switch Mode Power Supply. It’s the main component in bringing weight down as you don’t use a big transformer for the voltage drop from 230VAC. Basically does what it says on the tin, switches at a very high frequency. This can lead to the artefacts you’re experiencing on the headphone output. @nilebodgers has raised a very good point - I suspect it is the same headphone amp design as it’s the same ICEPower module so I don’t know if there’s much flexibility on that. But yes the RM heads have a Line In...
  8. I found the same, apparently the SMPS causes the interference and the suggestion is to use lesser headphones!
  9. Not far from me then! (Right by Gatwick Airport, give or take)
  10. Not sure where you’re based but there’s this in the classifieds here which could be a nice cost effective solution :
  11. Another idea is perhaps the new One10T to get a bit more highs?
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