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  1. In addition to @uk_lefty‘s comments I would say the drive section on the RM is significantly more than just a bit of tube grind, which is what you get on the ABM. It’s more like the full on overdrive you can get from a SansAmp Bass Driver DI pedal, only I actually think I prefer the RM drive! You barely need any to go from a clean, but still full-bodied tone, into a dirty driven glorious mess
  2. I never believed this statement until I got a second one a couple of months ago. My word.
  3. That after the length of time I’ve been playing I’m really not that good. My left hand technique is a bit clunky and my right hand technique is lazy as hell and suffers badly from bad habits which I’m struggling to break.
  4. It’s bloody wonderful. It can do polite jazz, aggressive jazz, almost Spector-esque punch and growl, slight P-bass vibes... plays beautifully too, just a shame about the player 🤓
  5. I bloody love this bass, @Cosmicrain made an absolute stunner and it sounds incredible
  6. Got two spare tickets for Skunk Anansie tomorrow in Brixton. PM me if you’re interested. £35 each.

    1. Muppet


      Can't go but you've prompted me to listen to them again, great band!


    2. bigjimmyc


      Gutted to see this a day late! Awesome band. Cass is ultra cool.

    3. Merton


      Argh sorry! It was awesome :)


  7. Uh-oh. I’ve decided I want to start experimenting with different preamp valves in my Spyder 550. Down the rabbit hole I go.....

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Merton


      Thanks @franzbassist - forgot you’d had one of these! It’s a bloody good amp, I love it :)

    3. Soledad


      Does the 550 use 12AX7A ? And do you guys with valve pre-amps carry spare valves - `I mean do they fail at awkward times?

    4. Merton


      12AX7 or ECC83s according to the manual. Preamp valves tend not to go the same way power amp valves do, I just think the cheap Chinese valves in the Spyder are holding it back a little. It still sounds glorious but I’m sure it could be “better”

  8. Our very own @obbm makes a special little box full of magic and wizardry which does the job. Or you’d need a special weird Y-cable...
  9. Well all you ever bang on about is God and guns and “science is a myth”, so... 🤣 😃
  10. Being boring and sensible again, the position of a volume control on one amp isn’t the same as on an entirely different amp. It depends on the pots used ... Edited the rest because @Jus Lukin got there first!
  11. Ooh I saw Raiding the Rock Vault In Begas back in 2016, it was great! Hugh McDonald on bass no less My next gigs are Skunk Anansie this Saturday and then Geoff Tate doing Operation:Mindcrime at the end of August 🤘🏻
  12. Now that is a bloody lovely looking bass. Their take on a Jazz is one of my favourites. Enjoy
  13. Merton

    Show us your rig!

    Gorgeous bass and understated classy rig. Love it
  14. The only differences between the EVO and the II are...: 1. Headphone output on the II 2. Lighter 3. Polished chrome front panel replaced with matte finish 4. VU meter has not just a blue LED for when the amp is muted but yellow/green/red LEDs for showing your signal level (as well as the VU needle). If you can live without any of that then get the EVO
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