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  1. Certainly did and still bloody love it! Can’t comment on valve differences as not touched them but it’s on my to do list
  2. I know the guy selling this. He’s not only a top bloke but a rather splendid drummer. Don’t let that put you off of course 😜
  3. Nope. Different look but same underneath. Thought I think some CTM30s had a gain control but can’t be 100% sure. The new Little Stubby, however, is a different beast.
  4. Rehearsing with it tomorrow night - never actually managed to gig this exact rig before but have gigged this head with a Super Compact and that was ace
  5. The dude from Monster Truck uses them and have to say, when I saw them at the Guildford Boileroom last year his bass tone was spot on
  6. I don’t remember auditioning for you, but that’s an accurate description of my singing 🤓
  7. I concur. Also loved Sir Duke, as I find it interesting seeing how different people approach the line plus I could hear some of the fills far more clearly
  8. Awesome Gary, will check this out when the boss isn’t about and I can crank it 😎
  9. That’s standard of the vast majority of solid state heads. The speaker outputs on the amp are wired in parallel, so you can connect your one 4 ohm cab to either output. Just don’t connect any more cabs.
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