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  1. Merton

    Andyjr1515 meets his Nemesis?

    Looking great!
  2. Merton

    Spyder330 fair price

    Well I hope the quality was up to scratch! Thanks for allowing me to pop in and play bass badly through your lovely ABM rig and cool new pedals (love the Triple Shot!)
  3. Merton

    ACG Jazz 5

    That is beautiful. Argh. Don’t need it. Walk away. Hmm.
  4. Merton

    Spyder330 fair price

    I will find some fine quality biscuity products for your tastebuds!
  5. Merton

    Spyder330 fair price

    Ah now. I’m popping in there tomorrow, what are the correct biscuits to purchase for them? Or is “any old shite” better than “none” in this case? 🤣
  6. I used to have the 2x12 version of that cab, kinda regret selling it as it would have been ace with the LB. That said the LB is glorious with my Barefaced cabs and they’re lighter 😜
  7. I have no expertise at all, just severe GAS and an inability to practice properly 🤓 For home use it’s bloody wonderful, it can get plenty loud enough to be “too loud” still but as it’s lower powered it can sound gorgeous at sensible volumes too. I tend to use it through a Barefaced One10 at home but did experiment the other day with both that and my Super Compact and it was stupendous. Don’t expect huge tonal variation - the EQ stack is passive and quite limited, but the core tone is beautiful and the switches for mid shift, deep and bright all really add something when engaged. I find it perfectly versatile enough for my ham-fisted attempts at bass playing. If you have the opportunity I personally say go for it 😎
  8. Merton

    Zoot Funkmeister 32”

    Don’t fret! More pictures. Of the frets mostly being installed. Poor pun I know.
  9. Merton

    Conway Instruments Taranis Fretless

    Spot on! Gibson call it korina; this is black limba
  10. Ashdown head plus lightweight cab (Barefaced, in my case) is a big win. You get the tone you want without the back breaking weight. The heads aren’t that heavy (unless you opt for a massive valve beast) - in fact go for one of the wonderful Rootmaster EVO series and you are laughing. For reference I have an ABM EVO (from about 1999/2000), an RM500 EVO ii and a wonderful all valve Little Bastard
  11. These little amps are great! Really really good for home practice and not a bad overdriven sound if you so desire
  12. Merton

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    Preordered the album, seemed like the correct course of action 😃
  13. Merton

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    I like that!