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  1. I think the tone stack is similar yeah, it’s just designed to be a super simple clean amp and have to say it sounded great on a recent Andertons videos review.
  2. PS the old Super 12 from Gen 2 had the option of without tweeter (Super 12) or with tweeter (Super 12T)
  3. Not quite. The Super Twin is the Gen 3 2x12, no tweeter included. The Big Twin 2 is a Gen 3 behemoth, the cab for the 12s is tuned lower (I think) and it has a compression driver. It’s designed to be a reasonably FRFR option in a passive cab.
  4. In my experience I found the Gen 2 drivers more harsh/brittle sounding. The more customised drivers they have in Gen 3 sounded “rounder” and smoother if that makes sense?
  5. Just been involved with @petecarlton’s first transaction on Basschat (I bought a cab off him) and it was sublime. Excellent, quick comms and information all along the process, excellent packaging and item bang on. Deal with confidence
  6. Merton

    Show us your rig!

    New year, new cab for my ABM for all these gigs I’ve got coming up 😂 ... 😢
  7. Lockdown video #6492756 or something. This is a play thru of the song “Nobody” by Winterville. I removed the bass using one of those AI things and then stuck my own poor-man’s version of the bassline on instead. It’s really been done to show off the Ashdown OriginAL pedal because I think it sounds ace, it’s responsive to the dynamics of my (ham-fisted) playing and ultimately sounds (to me) like a valve amp at full tilt. EDIT: I’m case you care, the bass is my ACG Skelf 32”. Limba body, ash neck, rosewood board. Two reverse P pickups and P retro preamp. For this I just used the neck pickup and set the bass to passive with the tone about 3/4 up. Enjoy. Or don’t. 😄
  8. I chuckled at that. Almost like they don't quite understand what they're talking about
  9. I’m not sure anyone’s ever written a song about sex.
  10. If I were in a band that was going to be doing loads of gigs post-lockdown... sigh. What a fantastic rig! GLWTS
  11. @richardd is selling one right now! #helping
  12. Here we go, as influenced by @Stofferson
  13. Another cracking rig It's a good point about the amp being light - the beauty of the original RM800 and the EVO models is they are heavier at around 5kg so they have more holding them down on the cab. Maybe that's enough reason for me to not get over excited about an EVO ii
  14. I love this pic. I need to do a family shot again too, will get on it later. Too much shiny chrome on my amps though s you'll see my ugly mug in the reflection
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