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  1. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I hope so, I’m talking to Adrian about a nice little 32” Elwood at the moment
  2. Whatever happened to...Pete Vukovic/Vuckovic?

    Never got into Revolt as much as Pure but this thread has reminded me to go listen to them again! I remember seeing them in Leeds when they reformed, Chris McCormack had a massive strop because the other guitarist basically gave up playing as he couldn’t hear himself. That was fun! Gonna go find their albums now...
  3. I’ll join the trip too please, many goodies I’d like to steal ahem try out
  4. Happy to be corrected! I was completely ambiguously referring to the ABM series when I said about final assembly, I know your (bloody lovely) valve amps are all hand built in Essex still 👍🏻
  5. Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    After you please Gareth, if possible!
  6. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    That’s essentially it, yes. This combo has a single red led which has the same function as the red led on the traffic light system of the SMX series. When it starts flashing, back the gain down a notch or two. EQ changes will affect when this starts to clip
  7. Gold hardware - Is it me??

    Me too. Black or chrome depending on the rest of the bass thank you!
  8. Crikey if this had been the short scale version I’d have been in trouble! Serious bargain and Steve is a top chap
  9. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    Mr Button did Series 6 to SMX / 12 band I believe, and Ashdown for the first 10 years or so I think
  10. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    The narrower one is a 100W combo without additional speaker output. There’s also a 200W 12 band version of this size
  11. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    Yep, Series 6 then the 7 band went to SM and 12 band to SMX. When Gibson took over the SM became SMC
  12. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    Get the gain as high as you can, the hotter the signal in the preamp the better. Much like a Ashdown funnily enough given their heritage
  13. Wanted Hamer Scarab Bass

    You joining a Def Leppard tribute band?!
  14. Alex recommended the 3x10 solution for me a couple of months back; I went down the One10 plus SC route in the end for various reasons and I am very happy You can get a Two10 made with the logo in the correct orientation - discreet did exactly that
  15. Which Ext Cab for Public Transport Travel?

    Another vote for the One10, it’s astonishingly good