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  1. The Super Compact is a single 12 and very different from the original Compact cab. There is a lot of clarity and you get prominent mids, very different from the cabs with their 10” driver. I’ve used a single SC on gigs and been too loud, it’s a very very good cab.
  2. Cheers Mike - thought I’d uploaded that one too but clearly not 🤣 stunning grain in the maple, love it 🙂
  3. It’s finished! It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to ruin the hi gloss paint with my greasy finger marks!
  4. NCD tomorrow, NBD on Thursday (probably), and I had NBD last week too. I am a greedy pig.

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    2. Merton
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      I don't think any of that is particularly unreasonable 😎

    4. Merton


      Didn’t get to collect the bass but will post the finished pictures on the build thread. It is VERY sexy.

  5. Lovely bass, think it’s been a BCer’s bass before too, sure I almost bought it on here last year 😃
  6. Yeah definitely you are. I certainly got that impression when you came over to buy the CTM100... 🤣
  7. And for comparison with my 32” ACG Finn...:
  8. Unless you’ve been following the build thread you won’t know who Conway Instruments are. So check out this for the history: All you get here is porn (and specs): 5 string fretless, 30” scale with through body stringing Black limba core, English ash top and limba back Limba, maple and cooba set neck, pau ferro board Nordstrand MM5.4 pickup with coil tap and series/parallel switch There's more to it than that but it’s the basics. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. She’s stunning to look at, lovely to play and sounds huuuuge.
  9. A few more pics in the sunshine. Collecting this evening, cannot wait!
  10. Love Ashdown amps, I have three! The ABM is my favourite solid state head ever, the RM800 is my favourite Class D head ever and the CTM100 just my favourite amp ever. I don’t have a CTM100 anymore sadly, but I do have a Little Bastard which is almost as wonderful I also find they work even better with Barefaced cabs but our local rehearsal studio has the EVO IV ABM600 and 410 cab and it is a match made in heaven, a thing of beauty. Based on that experience alone I would say the EVO IV cabs seem to be a step up. Welcome to the gang!
  11. Next week, it’s come up fast! Last In Line on Wednesday and then the following night Stone Temple Pilots. Whoop.
  12. As long as you promise to clean up before I get there, next time I venture up to our Manchester office I’ll make a detour and bring this with me
  13. It’s almost finished! We’ve been having fun with the switching of the pickup, the original 5-way rotary switch turned out to be a bad idea so we’ve gone to two toggle switches. I can’t remember what they actually do so will let you know once I have the bass... Today Phil has basically finished her in terms of doing an initial stringing to let everything settle and acclimatise. In about a week he’ll give it the final intonation, truss rod and action tweaks. So we’re nearly there. And to celebrate...:
  14. Lovely I’ve got s set of LaBella stainless steel rounds on my 32” ACG Finn and they are bloody lovely. £26 fro Bass Direct. My new 32” Zoot Funkmeister (almost finished!) will have DR Sunbeams
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