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  1. Sounds bang on to me 😀
  2. Never mind the speaker, what’s that bottle of wine like? 😜 Ahem. As ever excellent work and look forward to seeing all the other info appear
  3. Ooooh. You’re only a few miles up the road from me. This could be problematic 😅
  4. Not as bad as the ABM but not as quiet as my Glock…
  5. Haha I saw your same comment on that picture of the new Little Bastard 2N on Facebook 😆
  6. You know your rehearsal rooms! It's a great place isn't it
  7. Nice one! They really are great cabs 🙂
  8. This is the loud rig. It’s really rather a lot better than I am:
  9. My preamp is also my DI box, so it's the end of the chain after the FX. Same as @fretmeisterit is used as a preamp instead of the one on the amp. Or as well as, if I need to tailor the onstage sound differently from the FOH.
  10. Good point, I don’t like that hat either
  11. Zeppelin Symphonic tonight at the Palladium with mini Mert and a couple of friends. The Middlenight Men with The Hot Damn! in Camden on Thursday. It’s been a while, nice to be back on it.
  12. Yep all my Ashdown amps have fans which sound like jet engines taking off. My Glockenklang has a fan so quiet you have to put your ear right up to it to hear it, even after a 3 hour rehearsal. Should be something they can sort by choosing a better fan tbh.
  13. There’s a WT550 in the classifieds at the moment 🤓
  14. Definitely sounds like a DI issue. Email Ashdown, they’ll sort you out
  15. Was there any tonal difference through the DI when you switched the various sections in or out?
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