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  1. Glorious! Welcome to the ACG club. Most of us find that one is the start of a love affair and we need more... 😇
  2. Merton

    ACG RetroB 5

    Not sure you’re being clear there, are you saying it’s worse? 😜
  3. Zoot Funkmeister ACG Finn Conway Instruments Taranis. There are build diaries for all of them in the relevant place, the Zoot is almost done and I reckon the Taranis is probably 2 months off roughly
  4. Two were completely paid off last year, one i still have to make a final payment
  5. I’m still in, have done lots of window shopping for nothing in particular. But I do have three basses being built all of which were commissioned last year so I don’t really need any excuses to buy anything as they’ll start appearing at various points in the next few months...
  6. I played one briefly one guitarguitar last month. It was OK. That’s about all I can say 🤣
  7. Nice! (Except the overhang 🤓😜)
  8. My son has the Volca Beats drum machine, it’s pretty cool. Will have to check this out!
  9. This is for my Taranis fretless build (see here if you want more info https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/335871-conway-instruments-taranis-fretless/?page=2) The PUp is the Lakland fit with the screw lugs protruding in classic MM style.
  10. Anyone got a routing template for the 5 string MM pickup? We’re using the Nordstrand MM5.4 with Lakland spacing, and whilst Phil is happy to make a template we thought we’d ask on here first in case anyone has already gone to the trouble...
  11. Can I have my RM head painted red?
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