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  1. The tech spec my band gives to venues insists on Ashdown. Doesn’t always work but when it does its glorious - last year at the Southbank Centre I was greeted with a wonderfully looked-after MAG 4x10 combo and it was ace.
  2. Would love to A/B with my Little Bastard
  3. Find a used Trace Elliot Elf, shouldn’t be much more than £40-50 more than the Pi, offers min 4 ohm capability and tonnes of people saying they gig them happily for when you get to that stage.
  4. I did! Went to a Four10 which is exceptional but a fair bit bigger and heavier. Mostly though I tend to use my pair of One10s, the Four10 is a bit of my ridiculously OTT rig gathering exploits for those once a year gigs which need that amount of air moved. Sounds bloody glorious with a CTM100
  5. I’ve gigged a Little Bastard (basically the CTM30 without a gain control) in a reasonable loud function band in pubs and weddings using one or two BF Super Compacts and it’s been glorious. You will need to have PA support as well for the whole room/balance but the onstage volume and tone is wonderful.
  6. Me then. Waaaaay more (exclusive/custom/bespoke) gear than talent
  7. Internal Sales Manager at a company that makes various instrumentation for measuring pressure/temperature/level/force/flow across pretty much any industry. 😴
  8. Nice to see a Micro Thumpinator being used by a seasoned pro - good bit of exposure for sfx
  9. Yep, aware that Maruszczyk won’t be winding these themselves but interested in people’s opinions of them As for the standard/shorter scale sets, I’ve tended to find that the B string in particular becomes a bit flabby when using a longer scale set. Medium scale strings tend to be wound to compensate for the shorter scale by adding tension and/or mass to the core and just work “better” in my opinion
  10. Anyone got any experience of their stainless steel rounds? How do they compare with the big boys of the strong world? Struggling to find any medium scale stainless rounds in a 5 string set, these look like a good price and I’ll prob take the plunge one way or the other anyway but always good to hear experiences
  11. @skelf’s Finn. Beautiful curves, well balanced, feels great on the strap and sitting down
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