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  1. I was free from GAS on the basis my rig has been slimmed down to the essentials only and I have a new ACG currently being made from Alan’s finest MDF and crayons. But then he’s bloody dangled the tantalising prospect of a second build which I now cannot get out of my head. I don’t need a fifth ACG (Christ on a bike, I don’t NEED the fourth one FFS) but now I WANT one. 🤯
  2. Great amps! Love my 800 and mine sounds really good with my "ACG Finn 'P' bass". Unless you're playing in a very (and I mean VERY) loud rock band without PA support I doubt you'll need the 800.
  3. Yeah. Reality struck - they were just too large for the gigs I am likely to get again if we ever get back to normal. I put the money on a deposit for a new ACG though Go for a new bass
  4. I've had a good mix of gear in and gear out. Lockdown started with me getting an Ashdown B-Social but I've also sold an Ashdown CTM100 and Barefaced Four10. I've also then managed to buy two new pedals and sell two others as well
  5. Not sure whether he'd be open to making just a neck only but Mike Walsh of Zoot/Purple Chili fame has just started doing carbon fibre necks again
  6. The 400SM superseded the 350SM. Most likely the factory was putting bits together and had parts from both production runs so made what you have, or someone bought a new front panel with the AH400SM info. I suspect there’s actually very little difference in the power amps and certainly you’d be very hard pushed to tell the difference between them in terms of output.
  7. A friend and I have talked about doing a 90s rock cover band. Not specific to one sub-genre, anything from the 90s which classified as rock could be included. So we could do anything from Queensryche's "Empire" via some grunge and onto heavier stuff like Pantera or Sepultura. It hasn't got off the ground 1. because of Covid-19 and 2. because we don't think we'll get many gigs 🤣
  8. I play in an original pop/punk type band and our singer keeps on at me to get a Fender P. As far as I'm concerned I've scratched the "Fender-sh" look with my Zoot Funkmeister so that's the bass of choice onstage. EDIT: the first gig we did with them I did actually play my Finn 4 which is a natural ash body/maple neck. No-one passed any comment whatsoever. Except the singer saying "it'd be better if it was a Fender". I keep threatening to buy a double necked Overwater or something
  9. Are you known for causing earthquakes in your locality?
  10. Amazing! I wonder if the LB is also Ok for 2.6 ohms.... Might allow my idea about a third One10 to become more concrete. But I’d only have 3x10” drivers vs your 10 😂
  11. Thank god for my wallet, and more importantly, testicles.
  12. Very nice! Is the Glock going to be put up for sale? 🙈
  13. Me too 😳 And FWIW I think the SC has so far “won” these videos for me. Have said for a long time it’s probably the best cab I’ve ever owned to be fair. Clearly I was right 🤣
  14. As I said on FB just now : OMG yes. 😎 Very, very cool rig dude.
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