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  1. Rewind the A string but force it downwards so that it wraps around the lower part of the tuner pole. That will increase the break angle at the nut and stop it popping out.
  2. A couple or so years back I found and bought, for very little money, an early 70s Yamaha SB-35. A straightforward but superb quality, single pup, vol/tone, double cutaway 32" scale beast that simply sang. The neck was amazing, the tone even better. Not sure you ever saw it? But I shifted to 5 string basses, mainly courtesy of Just Jovi, it has to be said. So, believing i would never use another 4 string bass, I stupidly sold all but one of the 4 string basses (a JV P), including the SB-35. Just a few months later I have started with this rather fun blues power trio which is the perfect vehicle for 4 string basses - the SB-35 would have been absolutely perfect. I'm unlikely to ever see another and certainly not for the amount I paid for it. The buyer is, quite rightly, ignoring my requests to buy it back This grief is somewhat offset by my new Gibson Les Paul Jnr DC which looks and sounds rather 'similar' but when all said and done it isn't quite the same.
  3. The third question is 'do you want to sell them'. Regardless of the answer to the first 2 questions, if the third answer is 'no' then absolutely and categorically don't. Seller's remorse is a particularly painful thing, isn't it, because when all said and done the only person you can blame for no longer owing that fantastic bass is yourself. And there are few feelings worse than being the architect of your own misery. However compelling the reason for selling seems at the time it does nothing to mitigate that hollow pit of the stomach, kick yourself until bruised emptiness that is seller's remorse. I am currently wallowing in a pool of self pity over some serious sellers remorse at the moment.
  4. I had my first outing with mine - a full bodied rehearsal with the 3 piece blues/rock band. The bass sat in its own space in the mix just perfectly - amp set so that it was just breaking up. Absolutely fabulous. A very different vibe to my P bass adjusted in the same way. And a joy to wear - 7.5lbs, perfectly balanced on the strap and short scale makes Life so very simple. Will need to change the bridge for a Hipshot Supertone, though - I rest my hand where the corners are when using a pick. Anyone got one they don't use?
  5. Ah, with you. Not seen an oldie in the flesh so can't help there.
  6. If that is the case I am not sure I understand what you mean. The body outline looks the same to me - you must be talking about something else?
  7. Paul S

    Cat pee

    One of out cats has decided that it is perfectly acceptable to pee in front of the fireplace. The trouble is once they decide it is ok they keep doing it. The smell of the stuff inside the pee attracts them back even when it is washed off. At first it was on the rug but after trying to wash and remove the scent she carried on so we chucked that out and bought a plastic rug that could be washed more effectively. That didn't help so we chucked that out but she still pees on the floorboards in front of it from time to time. I read an online tip that cats don't care for the smell of certain essential oils and it suggested that the citrus oil contained in lemon or orange peel could be extracted by boiling it for 10 mins then after it was cool spraying it around. Since I tried that she hasn't peed there. Might be worth putting lemon oil on your bass? Otherwise your cat might believe it is OK to do it again.
  8. They do now! These new ones are like this. 6 string and 4 string.
  9. Paul S


    Pleased to add a line to Rich's feedback thread - bought a hard case for my Stagg EUB - great nick, good price, good comms etc. Nice friendly chap, shame I couldn't stay to natter but I had a long drive home. Long enough to look admiringly at his rather nice Precision, mind you. Many thanks, Rich.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Thanks again. I may look at the Hipshot Supertone as a replacement if I find I can't gt used to this. I put one on an Epiphone EB-0 when I had one a few years back and thought it was worthwhile. Have to say I am enjoying this a lot. Rehearsing on Sunday so it will be great to see how it sits in the mix.
  12. Thanks. Would you say it is any more rounded in that corner?
  13. What difference would you say that has made? The 3 point as fitted seems to work well enough but there is a little bit that I catch my hand on, makes it a bit sharp to rest there.
  14. Never, ever considered doing that. Thank you - such a brilliant idea! A giant hearing aid!
  15. 3.4kgs. And what a little beauty it is, too! Got some flats coming, will be amazing.
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