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  1. Switched. Vast improvement! Well done.
  2. How about a pedal for your tone shaping and an FRFR powered cab?
  3. I bought a pair of RCF EVOX 8 v2 and the heavy bit stays at ground level. Fabulous sound. Little-to-no feedback either - you place them at the back.
  4. Aha. Never knew that. No need for precision clicking.
  5. That has indeed done the trick! Thank you.
  6. I'm getting this on Chrome, too. Like all the other stuff - nice and speedy.
  7. How about supergluing a small piece of wood into the missing bit then shaping it?
  8. I would recommend this - a Harley Benton PB Shorty. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234081676825?hash=item36805aee19%3Ag%3Alm4AAOSwu61g5stH&LH_ItemCondition=3000 Currently @£42.87 with just under 2 days to go. I bought one new a year or so ago for £80. Yes, £80. I had intended to change the pickup but, actually, the stock one is fine. Tuners arent the best but entirely functional. They are so cheap that it would be easy to dismiss it but - seriously - you could pay 3 or 4 times that - more, even - and not get a better bass. A joy to play, being short scale, and with flats it sounds like a good old vintage P bass.
  9. Pretty sure it is this model that fits: https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Gator-GC-ELEC-XL-Deluxe-Moulded-Case-For-Electric-Guitars-Extra-Long/CU0 I've also used a hard case for a 335 shaped semi-hollow for a short scale Mustang/Musicmaster.
  10. ... and the string spacing! What is going on?
  11. Not just in the north, they are everywhere. My brother in law belongs to several within an hours travelling distance of Southend in Essex. Same format. You've never seen so many Hank Marvin Signature Strats. I went along once. Just the once. There are only so many times you can try to look enthusiastic about some old fella strumbling his way through Apache. That said, there are one or two players with a very good touch on the circuit.
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