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  1. Took this off a Hondo II H-1015, guy I bought it from put this on as a replacement to the original after it had buckled. This one is fine and in good nick, no idea of make. Asking £15 posted to UK mainland
  2. Hipshot Ultralite Licensed tuners, set of 4 for in line. HB6 chrome. Never been fitted but blister pack doesn't include screws. Weigh 56g each. Hipshot blurb here I bought them here for a little project and ended up changing my mind. £45 posted to UK mainland
  3. Aguilar AG 5P-60 pickup - Precision style split humbucker pickup for 5 string. Deep, vintage tone - fabulous thing. Link to Aguilar blurb These sell new for £125-£130, this has had light use so asking £85 posted to UK mainland. Will come in an Aguilar box, just not the right one
  4. I removed this from a Hondo II H-1015, sounded lovely - output is a whisker under 12K. Confirmed not to be a DiMarzio but it looks like one, I'd say slightly less bite in tone. In good nick. Asking £15 posted to UK mainland.
  5. Not bought 'that' much stuff but the best is without question my Gibson Les Paul Jnr DC. It is immensely good fun to play and sounds awesome. It has also re-ignited my love affair with short(er) scale basses. I made a few not quite so good as that purchases but nothing nasty springs to mind.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Pete drove up from the south coast to have a look at my Carvin bass, armed with a huge wad of cash. he left with the bass, I ended up with the wad. Ain't life grand! A pleasure doing business, sir - hope the traffic was kind!
  8. Well, yes, I thought it might be. I sent the pics to DiMarzio technical support and they just answered - not one of ours! That's halved its retail value then 😁
  9. Nobody recognise this - DiMarzio imposter or real deal? A whisker under 12kOhm resistance, if that means anything much.
  10. I've just taken this pickup out of an 80s Hondo II H-1015 that I bought the other day but is too heavy to even contemplate using as is. It certainly sounded very good but is it a DiMarzio? Pics online seem to show a green wire not a blue one. The covers come off, also - I think (?) that DiMarzio are glue filled? or did it vary? Any help in confirming or denying much appreciated. Muchas gracias
  11. Paul S

    Feedback for whatever

    Pete bought my Tecamp Puma in what was most straightforward f transactions - great comms throughout. A pleasure doing business.
  12. Saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd at Shepherds Bush Empire last night. Very disappointing - left after 40mins - what a dreary, self-indulgent load of posey, soul-less fret-wankery. The band were awful, looked like they wanted to be elsewhere so went through the motions while ol' Kenny Wayne stood on the edge of the stage pulling his well-rehearsed faces. The support were better, in as much as the singer bassist Danielle Nicole had a cracking gutsy voice. The rest of the band were out of her league, though, and the songs a bit weak. I wonder if I am getting too fussy these days. Still, the day was not lost - went to the Royal Academy earlier to see the Anthony Gormley exhibition. I am not generally one for 'modern art' but Mrs S was keen to go. Totally blew my mind
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