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  1. I have no means of recording! Might be able to dig something out of the vault but would need a little bit of time. Best pass for now. Anyone else?
  2. I guess he is selling it to thin the herd.
  3. I had a Mono until Sunday. I suddenly noticed it had pulled through the leather and was about to completely break off at the upper bout end. And I only use lightweight basses! Neotech seems much better. Marooschick leather ones are nice
  4. Nothing constructive, I'm afraid. I don't remember the name east Island Crew at all. Then again I struggle to remember my own some mornings. The guy in Japan is called Danny Stewart aka The Bass Hunter - he got me my Holy Grail bass. (which when it arrived I didn't get on with, typical!)
  5. Great gig, Warren. The sound wasn't very clear but the performance was spot on! Adam impresses me more each time I hear him!
  6. Going to see Zal Cleminsons' Sin Dogs at the 100 Club on Friday.
  7. I used a Line 6 G50 for several years and it was trouble free. Then when the Boss WL50 came out I was seduced by it's compact size - receiver is standard Boss pedal sized and the transmitter bug docks into it for charging. Elegant solution. Whenever I have used it for rehearsals it is brilliant. The second gig I used it earlier this year the bass cut out briefly a couple of times for no apparent reason. The Boss was blamed, perhaps unfairly, but now I am a little wary of it.
  8. Bearably warm, I'd say. One plus side of so few punters turning up - not many hot bodies
  9. Probably hear it anyway - just leave a window open
  10. Sorry, do I know you? I swear my watch has more memory than I do. Shame really, I used to be quite clever once.
  11. I forgot to turn mine on first set... 🙄
  12. Thanks Warren, ditto. Have you looked inside your camera yet? Hope to be there on 6th.
  13. See y'all tonight if you're coming along
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