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  1. Had a bit of interest recently - I'm on hols until 17th so will be in a better position to answer messages and check my availability to deal with visitors etc 😃
  2. Paul S

    Carrying an Amp Head

    I would say not necessarily. For the past few years I have been using an old Trace Elliot AH300 that has been mounted in a Gator 2U ABS rack case and, so far as I can see, it is perfect. To a degree it offsets the weight of the amp - just 12kg in total - and is sturdy enough to protect it from any knocks. Also there is room to stash the kettle and cab leads in the back, with a bit of foam by way of protection.
  3. Paul S

    Reducing the width of a neck

    Have a chat with @Andyjr1515 of this parish before you make a final decision. He very successfully reduced down the width of a neck on a Shergold Marathon for me a few years back.
  4. Paul S

    Why do Pros use a P Bass...

    My Jake 5 is simply a P pickup and it sounds exactly like the sound of a P bass I have in my head. It was the Delano option. So it has to be worth cutting the J out of the picture.
  5. Paul S

    Twas 33 years ago - RIP Phil Lynott

    All of that, yes. I saw them at Wembley Arena in 1978. Set the bar for me with live music. Never bettered. I recall they had a laser that drew out the Thin Lizzy logo in mid-air than spun it around.
  6. Paul S

    JV Jazz bass over £2k

    I don't know if ALL the Fender logo JVs were the same but the Fender logo on mine is different to that. They call it the spaghetti logo.
  7. Well, that's worth remembering. Cardiologist can only give advice to other cardiologists Wishing you a speedy recovery! Must have been/continue to be a worry.
  8. Surely you should be asking your cardiologist, not a bunch of bass players?
  9. Paul S

    SOLD Ibanez Promethean p5110 amp head

    Collected from where, please?
  10. Paul S

    What do you play at sound check?

    For me it varies. I do not play, nor have I ever played, in a funk/soul/disco band. So if I remember I will do my soundcheck by embarking upon my 'Disco bass line medley' but generally get no further than the first bar or two of Disco Inferno One time in a rock covers band we supported a Black Sabbath tribute and I did my soundcheck with the start of NIB, mainly because the other guy did and he fluffed it .
  11. Paul S

    nylon-covered strings and picks

    The ones I have tried have been fine in terms of wear but that 'plunky pick on flats' sound is greater than with metal flats. Not that it is bad thing, just a bit different.
  12. Interesting point - this has little to no fan noise. For sure whoever buys this is going to be a happy bunny. Just a happy bunny with a stronger back than mine!
  13. Sad to say, I have four others.
  14. Ahem. So... you'll be bidding? Mouse over to zoom - Click to enlarge