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  1. Can't fool me. You are ped but signed off as Chris, ergo your account has been hacked! 🥴
  2. Last night. Mash up of La Grange/Steppin' Out (Cream, not Joe Jackson) Beer Festival at The Swan Inn, Chappel Danelectro Longhorn into pa via Trace Elliot Transit B
  3. They are even using AI for tea blending. Chat PGTips.
  4. My lot on last Saturday at the Swan Inn Beer Festival, Chappel, nr Colchester.
  5. For a first short scale I would go for a Harley Benton PB Shorty all day long. I believe they were £65 when I got mine, currently £85. When they first came out I bought one as a modding platform but, when it arrived, found I didn't need to and gigged it straight out of the box. Stock pickup was a great vintage P bass tone. I have since put a Tonerider pickup in it because I wanted a bit more oomph and bite; I also changed the pickguard to a black one 'cos I don't like black basses with white pickguards. These were both a matter of personal choice rather than any fault. If I were being uber-picky I'd say the tuners are a little scratchy but they work just fine - replacing them would cost more than the bass! The fret ends could do with a file but I have had worse on basses costing 6x as much. The biggest disadvantage about these I would say is the credibility issues around how cheap they are - it is almost impossible to believe you get a decent bass for such a small amount of cash.
  6. All my shorties - Mustang, Dano Longhorn, SG, EB3 - fit into Thomann E Guitar Deluxe gig bags, which cost the princely sum of £26. A bargain if you happen to be buying other things. More protection than the Fender gig bag, which I was less than impressed with. https://www.thomann.de/gb/thomann_gigbag_deluxe_egitarre.htm
  7. People being dismissive and scornful over an opinion that differs from their own? Never! Not on Basschat.
  8. I'd say more that the 10s are 'this cab sounds great' and the 12s are 'my bass sounds great'.
  9. I finally played this with the band - had a rehearsal yesterday with a gig booked this coming weekend. Out of sheer laziness I kept the settings on my drive/eq pedal (Trace Elliot Transit B > pa) the same as for my Gibson SG. What a tone! Both pickups on full, tone up on both. It sounded really punchy - loads of bite and grit but not distorted. Sat in the mix differently to the SG, if anything it had more presence which really surprised me. Last time I had a longhorn (ooh matron etc ) I had a different philosophy/approach to my sound/eq settings and the difference is huge. I do believe the SG will be on the bench for a while and the Dano will be first choice. The only negative I see at the moment is the lack of a forearm contour but I am sure I can live with that.
  10. So many of these I don't recognise and/or haven't heard of. Here are two of mine. Roger Glover. Chris Glenn
  11. No, that was the Spectrum DX or SX or something.
  12. 13 more basses and 90 more guitars. Why restrict yourself?
  13. Just popped up - all original '84 Westone Thunder Jet bass - even has the original knobs which are one of the first things to go. These are cracking if kept stock but make excellent modding platforms. Compared to the Thunder 1A these are passive, generally lighter in weight and have 2 extra frets. Plus of course the stealth all black satin finish is as cool as. Start price is low at £50. Not for me as I am sticking exclusively to shorties now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/166773268879?itmmeta=01HYADZX6EM2JTMV22F23JYVGK&hash=item26d476218f%3Ag%3AUakAAOSwV4NmSeou&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAAwEAjKCuEYY7vI9wDv68k2hzVMH%2FwLH%2BTwm2c7cT3pqmxl1MVgwnKRQAESIdT5A04Q2QWKA6gQDbdJr%2BhiXEfnVTok4FNEV5f8aHmG1dN%2FNReEwHYA%2Bwe8BFNUpAQW4Q42sOqYhL7JcKQPlRfNa8UVs%2FzOXWcQM%2B%2BUBt61y3f%2FZRFxA%2BWi%2BultdfjYuJxlEfmzbThETF89FogPvEGYIo7KaDNdZe7BNEgFRH8Xm37kQ4yNEHjMaBM7wyAMwT%2FTxBHTA%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR6bT_83yYw&LH_ItemCondition=3000
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