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  1. Paul S

    Am I too opinionated to be in a band?

    The tempo thing is quite a sensitive topic for many of the drummers I've played with as they sometimes feel it is a personal criticism. A click track via IEMs or strobe on a mobile phone seems to be a reasonable solution, once the correct speed has been agreed by the band. Getting to that agreement can be a bit tricky sometimes, though!
  2. Sounds a bit drastic Another vote for a Trace Elliot combo if there's nowt wrong with your back. Even the 150W is too loud for most gigs.
  3. I had a Katana bass for a while. Lovely thing it was, too.
  4. Just to clarify, when I say 'collection only' it means 'buyer comes along to collect' not 'I have to wait in all day for a courier to collect'. I'll also meet halfway or delivery for fuel costs.
  5. Dropping this to £275, which is a ridiculous price.
  6. Paul S

    feedback for LOWNOTE12

    Sold my Uke bass to John in the most straightforward of transactions. A pleasure doing business.
  7. Paul S

    Grand Funk Railroad.

    Luvverly, not heard that before. Never mind Led Zep, that could be a cut and paste for Rival Sons, Greta Van Hire et al.
  8. Paul S

    Grand Funk Railroad.

    I absolutely love this one - great pulsing bass, lyrics still poignant, fab ott drums towards the end Rattled my bong, that's for sure
  9. Price dropped to a bargainaceous £175.
  10. Hard to believe this hasn't sold - a pretty rare, proper mid '90s MIJ Fender. Unusual styling, exceptionally lightweight 5 string. Industrial grade flightcase included. All for the price of a Squier?
  11. Thanks Warren. Call me shallow and superficial, I would hold out for black/black/maple. Believe it or not I am currently selling anything that isn't. Might get confusing eventually....
  12. Worth a little more than that now. Amazed you have the paperwork - or at least pics of it.
  13. Paul S

    Cracking live albums but a bit meh in the studio

    I always felt that Wishbone Ash 'Live Dates' was a totally brilliant album but all the studio stuff sounds thin and lifeless. IMO etc etc.