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  1. Gosh, reading that thread brought back memories of the bass. Wish I hadn't sold it. Hey Ho.
  2. @Andyjr1515 did one for me. I bought a nos Shergold neck and he reduced it down to jazz neck proportions. I believe he did a thread on it.
  3. I have no idea why but this thread made me think of Warren Zevon. he has songs at polar ends of the scale. Werewolves of London. He did not, I put to the panel, see a Werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand. There there is this one, written and performed with terminal cancer. Probably every single word is true.
  4. Weeeell, depends on your Life philosophy. Some cheerie folk would say you are born to die.
  5. I got black listed by my local council for growing invasive bamboos in my allotment. Had to give it up. Bastards.
  6. I use 'Setlist Maker' with my Android tablet, attached to the mic stand. I like that you can drag and drop any last minute order changes and I have little crib notes visible, too, in case I feel the need to mention who wrote the song or when. Which I do sometimes with the blues band. Or little hints like 'finish on a C' I also print off a paper list and have it on standby, you know, just in case
  7. This used to annoy me until someone pointed out the lyrics are not exactly as they sound. It should be '...and if this ever changing world in which we're living makes you give in and cry'. Which makes perfect sense. And which is also a shame as I was fond of a Macca rant.
  8. Have to say that bugs me every time I hear it. Was it ironic or ignorant? Edit. To be fair every time Bono opens his gob it bugs me.
  9. My Bon Jovi tribute band started life as a covers band called The Wayward Sons. Then another band appeared by that name and enjoyed a certain amount of fame. By that time we were headed down the Bon Jovi route and called ourselves Just Jovi - and there is another Bon Jovi tribute in Scotland called Just Jovi. It has led to confusion a couple of times. IIRC the singer of the Scottish version asked our singer if he could dep for him. I may have made that up, though.
  10. Combine the two and say 'she is decked out in black nylons' for full effect.
  11. I have a Peavey Foundation V and that has an incredibly narrow string spacing. I find that is great for pick playing but not so good my for rustic sausage finger-style. Ditto the Hohner B2V, very tight string spacing.
  12. I put some Aguilars in a B2V once and it was an improvement to my ears. But probably not enough to justify the cost. My solution, not that it is any help, is to get the B2B which is a passive PJ.
  13. I saw The Zombies/Argent in, I think, 2016/17 and Jim Rodford was playing a headless Status. Just looked wrong. It was also EQd terribly and sounded like a tuba but that is common at the Palace Theatre in Westcliff - the sound man seems to like bass that way.
  14. If you happen to have a small rubber suction cup hanging around that might work? I had one here that came with some halogen lights that were tricky to get out otherwise.
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