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  1. I was actually joking I don't like ALL rap but I like some. I don't like ALL jazz but I like some. etc.
  2. There are just good and bad songs, I would never dismiss an entire genre of work, rather mine out the good stuff. Except rap, obvs.
  3. I find myself in the position of having a better dep - hiram.k.hackenbacker is standing in for me for the next 2 Just Jovi gigs. Warren is a better player than I'll ever be but I feel relieved, not threatened, by this as it means I can relax and not worry about letting the band down by not being free. Plus all the guys in the band know him so for them it will be like putting on a pair of old slippers.
  4. Having dipped out on a technical trade early on I dived head first into a resounding pool of fail after rediscovering the joys of 4 string basses - egged on by the fact that I can, against expectation, happily swap between 4 and 5. So my 5 string Dr Jekyll is still in the game but my 4 string Mr Hyde is an embarrassment.
  5. Another Quilter BB800 fan here. I've started using mine in preference to the Trace Elliot heads I have as it is just so easy to shift about and set up. Put it through a Barefaced Supercompact and it has, er, heft. The gain on these is useful because you can control the breakup point very nicely to reach that 'overdriven but not distorted' vibe.
  6. Just remembered spare picks, if you use them.
  7. All those. Strap. If you use an EQ pedal of some sort that has a DI that could get you out of trouble if you didn't have or want to take a spare amp and your PA had enough beans to take the bass. I keep a multi-tool thingy in my bag, too.
  8. When I was looking I couldn't find a lightweight, narrow string spacing 5er Precision so for the past 18 months have been enjoying this rather spendid Mah-roos-chick Jake 5. Weighs in at an even 8lbs.
  9. I did this. I used a desk hole punch then opened it up for the dots. Trouble was on the stuff I bought the sticky on the back wasn't sticky enough and they ended up either falling off or unsticking/resticking all over the neck as I played Also they didn't stay luminous for long. I had a UV torch that I charged them up with during set up but by the time we played the glow had faded. I also tried luminous paint, that wasn't very successful, either.
  10. I don't get nudity - full stop. On stage, on beaches, in the back garden - wherever. In public I understand there can be an element of exhibitionism. Sometimes a need to shock. Which I find rather pathetic. But around the house or in the garden? What's the point?
  11. I thought this was a continuation of the 'on stage nudity' post....
  12. To think Daltry once had one of the best voices out there.
  13. I think that is nonsense, to be honest. I've had more than my fair share crap heavy basses and currently own some superb lightweight ones.
  14. 9th. 😁 I could pop it over on 15th or, if you would like to fiddle with it before then, I could drop it round to you at home if you PM me your address. All I have to do is find the box and instructions, which are somewhere in the loft........
  15. To be perfectly honest I have only used it once at a gig. I've spent longer programming it than using it! It seems to do the job. With Setlist Maker I have it so one footswitch moves onto the next song, the other to scroll through the notes. I can't see me getting much use out of it - seemed like a good idea at the time You are welcome to borrow it and, if it does what you are looking for, I'd sell it to you for not much. Although I suspect you've already pulled the trigger
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