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  1. Paul S

    Steinberg XT25 vs Hohner B2

    As a small aside, I swapped the pups on my passive B2V for Aguilars - made it sound a bit richer and less 'honky'. But it wasn't a cheap upgrade considering I use it solely as a small back up bass and possibly not worth it unless you use it a lot.
  2. Paul S

    How was your gig last night?

    Bit of a story to last night's gig. My 'fledgling' Bon Jovi tribute band are still looking to do as many gigs as possible, so when the agent offered us a weird one a long way away we decided to take it. Described to us as a 'mystery celebrity' having a 50 year birthday bash for which he was hiring the Meridian Showground in Cleethorpes, big covered stage, 3 tribute acts - we were headlining etc. We are based in south Essex so it was approx 4 hours away. It was thought that there may well be lots of other celebs there and it could lead to other things, good exposure etc (yeah, I know ). We were due to start at 9:15, play 75mins then fireworks. We shared the drive in two cars, arriving in plenty of time to a windswept open space with bouncy castles, face painting, fairground rides.... it transpires that the mystery celebrity was in fact Total Fuels, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the local refinery with a family day. So not quite as advertised... the promised 'big covered stage' was just a smallish marquee that, at a push, could have housed maybe 200 of the 800 or so people that were spread over the site when we got there if the weather took a turn for the worse. And my God it did. 10 mins into the first act - a Little Mix tribute - the heavens opened and it absolutely hammered down. Some people sheltered in the 'main arena', most in the similarly-sized cream tea tent. Groups of children ran around, jumping over the soaked hay bundle seating. The occasional drunk ran through the rain, aeroplane-fashion with twinned beer cups aloft, to the beer tent for refills but soon even they got drenched and bored. Small lakes appeared on the grass, the rides packed up and left, pulled pork and burger baps remained uneaten. People left in droves, some returned with coats, others didn't bother. The Little Mix lot overran. Next band were a local pub band. They were late starting and also massively overran, playing perhaps a 70-80 minute set. However, the rain had stopped by then. They then took a staggering 25 mins of our 30 minute change over time to clear the stage - the drummer had augmented the provided kit with a whole bank of extra toms, cymbals, fan etc - each of which were then fastidiously packed away with smoothed out bubblewrap packaging into their boxes all over the stage. We set up without sound checks in record time but were still so late we were left with just a 45 minute slot before the fireworks. So an 8 hour round trip for 45 mins playing. To be fair the 100 or so stalwarts who remained to the end gave us a fantastic reception, we played well and got handsomely paid. I then slept and snored all the way home. Luckily I wasn't driving.
  3. Paul S

    1973 Yamaha SB-35 bass 31.5" scale

    Bump this rarity to the top.
  4. I didn't know that, Stevie. Interesting. Thanks for all the comments - it is a lovely bass. and, er, bump!
  5. Paul S

    SOLD Yamaha BB425 - project

    And now sold
  6. Paul S

    Feedback for Al Krow

    Sold Bas my 'project' Yamaha BB425 in the most straight forward and pleasant of deals. Great guy to deal with, good comms, very friendly. Met up to hand it over, had a natter. An absolute pleasure doing business!
  7. Paul S

    Learning bass after 40's

    This sums up my situation, except I bought my first bass at 46. First gig at 50. Now 60. It was like a small bit of me that had been missing all my life was finally in place
  8. Paul S

    I've had a P-bass moment!!!

    It finally dawned on me that the reason why I was disappointed with most of the basses I owned was that they weren't Precision basses. Once I got that set in my head Life became a lot more straightforward until I needed 5 string basses. The issue with this is I need light weight basses with narrow string spacing, which automatically discounted most production 5 string Precision-type models. After kissing a few frogs the answer was clear - get a 5 string precision made to my spec. Enter stage left my prince - a Maruszczyk Jake 5 - weighs in at 8lbs, 43mm at the nut ( this is a 5er...) and 17mm spacing at the bridge. The Delano pup is everything I hoped for and more. No more GAS!
  9. Paul S

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    My 34" scale Jake 5 string is just 3.6kg on the nose despite the extra bits and bobs a 5er has got. Incredible, really.
  10. Paul S

    SOLD Yamaha BB425 - project

    Bass on hold
  11. Paul S

    SOLD Yamaha BB425 - project

    I will be... set of 5 (4+1) USA Hipshots chrome clover leaf 3/8" shaft. Just off to a gig and then away first thing until Monday but should be monitoring by emails and here.
  12. Paul S

    SOLD Yamaha BB425 - project

    PMs replied to. Regarding posting, I would rather hang on for someone who can collect for the moment. That is partly why it is so cheap. I have a limited amount of packaging to hand and, with two other basses up for sale at the moment, don't ant to use a lot of it posting this. Of course I can scavenge some more but that is extra hassle.
  13. Thanks chaps. Whoever buys this won't be disappointed - guaranteed!
  14. Black Yamaha BB425 - y'all know what one of these is and what they look like. Passive, P/J, slim neck 5er with arguably the best bang for buck low B string for such a cheap bass. I bought this one a year or so ago as a back up and it blew me away in terms of value for money - excellent bass. But found it to be a little heavy so I started to look at ways to lighten it. I changed the tuners for ultralites then, in a blinding flash of logic - I only used the P pup on this so I removed the bridge pickup and 3 way selector switch which saved me a lot of weight. However, I am having a bit of a cull and this one was on the list for going so I decided to put it back to stock. Original tuners now back on - check. Bridge pickup back in place - check. Toggle switch back in place - hang on, where exactly did I stow it. Somewhere safe, no doubt, but I have no idea where. It isn't where it should be, therefore it could be anywhere. So what I have for sale is a 1 year old, good nick, BB425 with everything there except a 3 way selector switch and then, of course, it all needs wiring back together again. If you are handy with this type of thing this is a bit of a bargain - I don't have the inclination or time to sort it out myself at the moment. £100 collected from SS7 southeast Essex, hardly seems worth the bother of a courier. It looks exactly like this one, pic nicked off t'net. Except it hasn't got the toggle switch, of course.
  15. Thanks - ash, I'm in Benfleet, southeast Essex.