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  1. I feel exactly the same way. The outro solo in 'Spoonful', for example, is played with gusto - bridge pickup, feedback, beautifully aggressive attack and phrasing. It is almost like it is a different player to the one choosing 'tissue paper and comb' tone from the strat neck pickup neck he seemed to favour for the rest of his career. Same old dull licks recombined. Conspiracy Theory alert - it has just occurred to me - never mind Paul 'The Fab One' McCartney dying and being substituted, I reckon that happened to EC. He even looked totally different!
  2. Yes, totally and absolutely. I grew up listening to blues rock from the 60s/70s, it is almost part of my DNA. I've always wanted to play this sort of stuff but it was only since joining my current band have I found a guitarist who has the chops to carry it off. One down side is that it has kind of spoilt me for anything else. One of the reasons I stood down from the Bon Jovi Tribute band I was in was that, post blues/rock trio, my heart wasn't in it any more. Good as it was, I just wasn't getting that same connection.
  3. This, or something similar. Black Precision (in this case my JV Squier), maple neck, BWB scratchplate, passive, pickup on the aggressive side of vintage. 8lbs.
  4. A shrewed investment, for sure
  5. Typical. Someone posts a useful suggestion and every tries to make a Djokovic.
  6. The absolute worst one for me is perfectly titled 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' by Kylie Minogue. I hate the song, have never ever actively listened to it, but somehow it has infiltrated the corners of my brain and keeps making little sorties into my consciousness when I least expect it. na na na, na na nana na ARGHHHHH!!!!!😱
  7. This is an interesting vid. The chap progressively cuts bits off the body until he has approx 30% left to see how it affects sustain and tone. Obvs same wood, not different, but interesting nevertheless.
  8. They wrote one of my favourite love songs. 'Backseat Education'
  9. Check the handle before changing any bits. Seriously. My old Compact used to buzz annoyingly and I tracked it down to the handle vibrating.
  10. Yes, I neglected to update this thread but managed to acquire, courtesy of @pst62 Pete one of the Classic Pro basses that weighs just 8lbs. Like you, I had a USA one and, like, you, would say this Epiphone stacks up nicely against it. Were I to change the headstock decal (which I won't) I would guarantee no-one would notice the difference.
  11. The only time I've been aware of someone using one is watching vids of The Knack playing My Sharona. Which doesn't add anything of value to the discussion but I thought I'd say it anyway 😊
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