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  1. 'Open Fire' - yes, destruction by firing squad seems the best fate for such a thing.
  2. Luvverly. Actually I got one of these recently and it sounds pretty much the same as the Luvverly Longhorn but in a different shaped package. Still Short scale, still weighs as much a a fag packet.
  3. The funniest thing about that is I know what I look like, so can imagine quite clearly what it would be like to open a door and find me dressed in just a pair of cowboy boots and a Stetson.😂 In fact, I used to go line dancing, do own a pair of cowboy boots and a hat so could dust it all off and give it a test run... ... on seconds thoughts, maybe not.
  4. Ever so very much this ^^ They look like comic book whales to me.
  5. It is surprising the number of plants grown in our gardens that are pretty toxic. Our native Foxglove for one - controlled dosage has been used to treat heart problems for donkeys years but all parts could be toxic if you aren't careful - get a lungful of the dust-like seed and you could have a heart attack. Increasingly common in garden centres is Oleander which is seriously poisonous.
  6. Here's an odd one that is a bit like a cross between ZZ Top and Michael Jackson. Great song to just get into the groove or play around with. If anyone knows of a better quality recording let me know!
  7. Like this! Bit like John Lee Hooker meets the early Rolling Stones.
  8. Can only report back as I have found. I've used Eurosender 4 times for basses - twice within UK twice outside. Once for plants to Eire. Each time the quote was very reasonable - in the case of sending an expensive-ish bass outside the UK it was half the price of anyone else fully insured! DPD held up their end nicely and collected when they were supposed to.
  9. ACDC Girls Got Rhythm and ZZTop Tush, Arrested For Driving While Blind immediately spring to mind but there are plenty more.
  10. It would be amusing to arrange collection and turn up wearing cowboy boots and a stetson, just to see the look on his face.
  11. Thank you for posting this. Very interesting and informative. And, yes, scary because it is going to keep on happening unless the rest of the world put pressure on China so that this barbaric practice is outlawed.
  12. This build by @Basvarken In isolation the headstock is great but in the context of it being a Grabbird it is awesome!
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