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  1. Gosh. I saw them at Chinnerys in Southend on 8th and came out floating on air. Great band. Seen them a couple of times and they empty the tank every time. I am actually in Norwich that day but need to be back home for the evening otherwise I'd leap on this. The High Points were the support and they were a damned good young 3 piece jazz funk band. Someone will be very happy!
  2. My blues band have been asked to do a 30-35min support for British Blues guitarist Danny Bryant. We'll be on around 8pm ish. https://www.johnpeelcentre.com/event/danny-bryant/?instance_id=621 Pretty chuffed about it.
  3. Pretty much what I do. Once I've picked up the bass and worked out how best to play the bassline, I'll keep listening to the song and imagine playing it in my head.
  4. This. The 'agree to disagree' sentiment no longer seems to exist. Opposing opinions seem to be treated with scorn and derision. I find it very uncomfortable.
  5. My blues trio invested in a pair of RCF EVOX 8 V2. Has enough beans to cover any small/medium gig where pa isn't supplied. Massive bonus with these is that you don't need extra monitors as they can be set up behind you without feeding back. No idea how or why but it is a selling point and does actually work. I shpe my tone via a pedal and it comes out crystal clear from the pa. Drums, if needed, and of course vocals. We can and have put the guitar through but guitarist prefers to crank up his valves. I have IEMs but haven't needed them yet.
  6. The 80s Squier Katana/New fender Katana basses are pointy in a lopsided and very marmite kind of way. I had one of the Squiers and liked it lots. Extremely lightweight, 32" scale.
  7. Difficult to be objective about something that is purely subjective, I'd say. For me the AWB 'Pick Up The Pieces' sounds as fresh now as it did 37 years ago. Black Sabbath's first album still sends shivers down my spine. But quite possibly Young People would find them terribly dated. I don't know, I don't consort with any.
  8. Bought some more strings from Daniel. My 4th set from him. I've suggested he gets them sent to me directly in future to save all the bother of advertising etc. Perfect transaction, just like the others. Thanks Dan.
  9. I know! Such a shame. I loved everything else about it. If I felt I had a use for one I'd be on the prowl for a lightweight real one, having dipped my toe and found them to my liking, but it is an expense I can't justify at the moment.
  10. No distress, Warren - just mystified why you felt the need to score points off me in public when you could have just ignored it. Hey Ho. I don't 'throw my toys out of the pram' about songs I don't like. As I said in my post... I often have and no doubt will continue to play sings I don't like. Ask the chaps about 'Mr Brightside' and a smiley mask. I have also, in past bands, played 'Walking on Sunshine' and, God help me, 'Sit Down' - both of which I dislike. And a whole raft of others. But not hate. I simply refuse to play songs I hate - a gain in level. As I recall I only ever point blank refused to play something once, long ago in band far away. If you don't find songs you hate, that's all the better for you. There are some I do hate. As a general principle of Life being forced to do something I hate doing is a subject I do feel strongly about - again, as I said. And if you find that laughable, I guess we just have different values and tolerances.
  11. I had early-mid 70s MIJ copy. It was not possible to narrow it down to a maker, which apparently was a sign of a good one To my ears it sounded 'exactly' like a Ric. It looked just like one, too. Trouble was it weighed approaching 11lbs and, with my back issues, I just couldn't get away from that. In the end I let it go, but I was sad to do so as it was a damned fine bass. @silverfoxnik has it now.
  12. hah! Another one of my posts has elicited a laugh! I had no idea I was so funny. Maybe I should have pursued a career in stand up. 🥴
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