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  1. Travelling to gigs. How do you get there ?

    Bloody good night out, too - seen them a couple of times now - they are a very good tribute band! (cheque in the post as usual, Pete?)
  2. Zip cable tidy

    I got some of this stuff at a boot sale. Quite useful as one of the pubs we play the cables for PA and lights have to go across a doorway.
  3. Brother Strut - Bad Self

    I was blown away by the first album. Love Steve Pearce's bass playing (seen him with Hamish Stewart band) and thought the whole vibe was great. Went to see them live and it was like a different band. There were vocals and a different busy bassist. Massively disappointed.
  4. obbm's feedback

    Bit late with this - sorry! Last year I bought a Mesa Boogie amp from Dave. Couple of weeks ago he came upon the manual so offered to post it to me. I took advantage of this and ordered a speaker cable whilst he was going to the post. Once again, top chap!
  5. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Mine was 21 weeks in all, including holidays over xmas and new year. Worth every second of the wait.
  6. JapCrap Spotting

    Thanks Jon. I knew you'd know! I do like these double cutaway basses and still miss my boat anchor Scavenger. The best thing about only playing 5 string basses now is that temptation like these last three is so much easier to ignore. My 5ers might have been expensive, but think of all the money I've saved on impulse buys!
  7. JapCrap Spotting

    Lotus through neck, looks nice - £150 start -anyone know about these? clicky
  8. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Sunny day so out came the camera. I never learn - in the event an overcast day would have shown it better. hey ho. Ladies and gents, meet my new Jake 5! 3.6kg of 5 string Precision goodness. I ordered BBM to sort of make it a 5 string brother to one of my Squier JV Ps, which is BBM and has some figuring in the neck. So I opted for figured maple all round - yum! - with graphite rods, 45mm at the nut, zero fret. Chambered basswood body, Hipshot hardware, 17mm spacing at the bridge. Passive electronics. Delano PC5 AL/M2 pickup - which has turned out exactly how I wanted with more bite and growl than the Aguilar I had fitted into my MM Sterling 5. I like it so much, in fact, that I have bought one from Adrian to stick into the Sterling to replace the AG-5P 60. For me this was a big deal. I don't spend a lot of money on basses (although I manage to lose a lot - how does that happen?) and after a slightly gone wrong experience importing a Yamaha BB5000 that cost me dearly was a bit wary. But I couldn't be happier with this one. If I were given the opportunity to order another one i would spec it out exactly the same. So probably not worth doing... Anyway, £1500 for the bass, £100 for an SKB hard case (which retails at £130!). Big grin on my face every time I pick it up. Or just look at it, frankly.
  9. JapCrap Spotting

    Wahsburn Force 4, starting at £50 collect only Edgeware. clicky
  10. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Isn't it! What a great colour.
  11. It works for one song and I can see that. After 60 minutes it got wearing plus he got too knackered to perform properly and the whole thing went to ratshit. I went there to listen to the music, not watch some badly timed gymnastics. Maybe I am just too old to see stuff like this anymore!
  12. Nope - I saw them at the O2 Forum Kentish Town year before last and he went through this entire repertoire of annoying gymnastics nearly every song. Singer concentrates so hard on the athletics that everything else suffers - he ends up too breathless to sing properly, his timing goes way off so all the gymnastics end up at odds with what they played. I think he thinks he is James Brown - in his dreams, I'd say. I was massively disappointed and actually left early.
  13. JapCrap Spotting

    Quest Attak 2B on eBay, low start. Don't recall seeing one before - looks nice in a weird kind of way. clicky
  14. Keys player req for Bowie Tribute - Essex

    Paul is certainly leaving a massive void in the local music scene!
  15. New Glam Rock covers band

    Sounds like a grin. Which 8?