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  1. I noticed a couple of Mustangs for sale on the Bay. One has a set of Fender long scale flats with both the A & E with string windings around the post, not the silks. That doesn’t sit right with me......but it’s fair to say I’m extremely fussy / particular / anal about my bass gear!!!
  2. I have a set on my AVRI Precision and like you had previously used TIs. At first I thought ‘what have I done?’ as the E string sounded so dead and dull, I thought there was something wrong or I had wrecked the string when cutting it. However after a few weeks they all balanced out and I love them. The used TIs went on a Jazz Bass and that was a good move too!
  3. I like that....a lot!
  4. I enjoy the La Bella flats on my Precision but they are the Low Tension set!
  5. Thanks. I remember many years ago cutting down the length of a brand new roundwound E string and watching it unravel! I should have put a couple of 90 degree bends in it first..... It’s only ever happened once! Live and learn!
  6. Thank you and a light gauge too! No issues with the length as in the picture?
  7. Thank you. Strong recommendation for the La Bella MUS set.....
  8. Thank you. If the bass lands, I’ll share a picture on this thread!
  9. Brilliant - thank you. Would you say the tension is reasonably light? I have a set of LFTs on a Precision and certainly like the feel and sound.
  10. Thank you. This specific set of La Bellas had not hit my radar - they have now!
  11. Thanks very much - interesting to know that long scale flats may not be an issue....
  12. I might have an early ‘70s Mustang on its way in the not too distant and wonder what strings other BC’ers recommend? Should I avoid flats as many manufacturers state ‘not suitable for string through body’ and bearing in mind the extra length on account of going through the body, would all short scale strings (flats or rounds) be long enough? The picture shows what I imagine to be a short scale set fitted - if these had silk windings, the E string nut and heading towards the first fret would be silk! My preference would be a set of nickel roundwounds - lightish gauge. Any recommendations out there please? Thank you. David
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