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  1. Hi guys, Decided to put my EBS Neo Cabs up for sale, gathering dust in the garage as using in ears for 90% of gigs these days. These cabs are way to nice to be doing nothing. In Mint condition, and recently paid £100 for the roqsolid covers. Extremely light and powerful (they can get extremely loud!!), awesome tweeters on these things might I add, - 300w/8ohms each. They also have tilt-back arm on the bottom. https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/EBS-NeoLine-112-Professional-Neodymium-Bass-Speaker-Cabinet/P35?origin=product-ads&gclid=CjwKCAjwi6WSBhA-EiwA6Niok8DePAU6KKI2WgNC7W8QGPElibYglTD7OOG5LAtnylow7kqD1Pz5shoCy0YQAvD_BwE These are £599 each to purchase new, I'm looking for £700 the pair or £375 each. Might consider trade for 1x12 or 2x12 cab plus cash my way. Grab a bargain! I'm based in Swindon, collection only or might be prepared to meet up within a reasonable distance. Thanks!!!
  2. Hey, I have decided to sell my RS212 cabs with covers, both in excellent condition. There are a few light scuffs as these do mark fairly easily, however no damage/rips to the tolex. They have been well looked after. These are the best 212s money can buy in my humble opinion, and I've owned most. Fantastic as a 212 cab, monstrous as a 412. I have played on big outdoor stages with just one of these. Dimensions: W x H x D 356 x 664 x 498mm Weight:24 kg / 52 lbs I've moved over to 'in ears' so these will be gathering dust in the garage for the foreseeable. I know I'll regret selling them, but would rather have the money in my account at the moment. Collection from Swindon, or I will meet up somewhere within a reasonable distance. No trades so don't ask 😀 For sale as £700 the pair or £370 each. Many thanks Freddie
  3. Hi, I love the Fender P Basses but never really got on with the necks. Are there any specific models which have a jazz like neck? Cheers Freddie
  4. Hi Dave, if you are happy to arrange, I'm working from home at the moment. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I purchased this brand new about 3 months ago - paid £285 and another £30 for the cover. Still under guarantee (also paid extra for 4 years cover at time of purchase) - in mint condition. I still have the box in the garage. Lightweight, 2000watt active speaker for use with guitar and bass. 2 inputs and a direct out, so can be used as bass amp as well as having a monitor mix in from the desk - both with separate volume control. I have used also as standalone bass amp with my sadowsky preamp fed into it including an outdoor gig - and it kept up with drummer fine and on just over half volume. Only used a handful of times, but have decided to sell this to get the smaller Headrush 108 as this fits my requirements in a smaller package. Sale only £200, no offers. Thanks Freddie
  6. Sorry guys, just re-added topic. Although provided I can return it then no issues. Thanks!!
  7. Apologies guys! I'll re-add the title.
  8. Thanks for all comments guys. Just managed to purchase an EBS 112 neo 2nd hand. Although just added a new post, as something not quite right about it.
  9. Just purchased a 2nd hand EBS Neo 112 cab 2nd hand, however I have noticed that the rear plate has Pro Line 2000. Edit*** I'm looking to return it to where purchased from, as assuming this will drop in value should I decide to sell it on if it doesn't work out. Topic closed.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Recommendations on a small Cab, ideally 112 please guys. Thank you
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