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  1. https://applink.reverb.com/news/yamaha-announces-acquisition-of-ampeg Not sure if this has been posted yet but could be worse! Interesting that Yamaha are in the market for other brands though. I wonder if they're doubling down on a depressed US market.
  2. Big hands

    I was going to suggest looking at baritone guitars. I'm in the same boat and struggle with fretting at the dusty end. I have plans to one day make myself a couple of guitars with 25.5" or maybe even 26" scale just for the space. I struggle with 24" scale - what a difference an inch makes!
  3. Head Suggestions Wanted!

    PRS seem to be hitting the nail on the head as far as knowing what players want. Their Sonera combo is cracking value, even new!
  4. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    Whelp good conversation is hard to find where I am, anyway. I'm glad of the company. Aren't I? Yes I am.
  5. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    I think it's a combination of passion and a journey to discover what gets the sound in our heads.
  6. The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.

    Loving the pants off of this!
  7. Bean9seventy joins Bass Chatt

    Nice feel! Welcome...
  8. The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.

    I used to play this in my last band. Great song for some improvised fills in the chorus, reactions from the crowd usually reveal the bass players.
  9. Hello from Taiwan

    Hello from Mainland China. Hunan to be precise...and welcome.
  10. The future of the Bass Guitar

    It appears their bass player doesnt have any future at all. I hear them but...where are they?
  11. Some of you will probably be thinking this is no surprise as Fender's struggles have been well known as have Gibson's with quality control. http://www.ajc.com/news/national/gibson-guitar-company-maker-the-les-paul-facing-bankruptcy-after-116-years-business/OlaIEYdtLEv1rP92RvZFrM/ In the recent past, Paul Reed Smith raised the issues of there being fewer student guitar players and therefore less adults to buy premium quality instruments. At the time I recall the idea was dismissed by many but Gibson's issues are undeniable.
  12. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1507408511' post='3385350'] 2009 to 2017! Expect a new post very soooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/quote] Lemme guess, Jon's relic'd it for you?
  13. Unique Spector Euro 5LX

    I had a transition period NS5CR in tobacco burst with gold hardware. I didn't realise it was rare. Transition period because it had a dot fingerboard and fatter neck profile of the SSD basses but was branded Spector.
  14. If you could choose only one compressor pedal

    I haven't tried many compressor pedals in the last 10 years because every pedal I tried was a disappointment. However I bought an a Effectrode PC2A like you about 12 months ago and I pulled the trigger on an FEA Labs Dual Band Compressor after having my name on their waiting list for 9 months. The FEA Labs pedal is like a Trace Elliot Dual Comp but a little more configurable and with much higher spec components. I can't hear any noise at normal playing levels. I've heard good things about the Spectracomp too BTW. But the tone print functionality will only last as long as TC keep the software compatible with your phone. I tend to worry about whether software based music solutions will still be supported in 10 years.
  15. Multi effects pedal vs single pedals

    I use multi effects for modulation (Zoom B3 or Lexicon MPXG2). Things that are on a lot like gain, eq. bass synth and compression are standalone. It's been a good solution so far because I don't end up with a pedal board stuffed with pedals that only get used 10-20% of the time.