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  1. It's not too different to a wooden necked series 1 apart from being a little brighter and maybe a little more clinical sounding - no room for sloppy technique as the clip below will testify. The neck is like a broom stick, almost no taper on it and the action is super low. alembic series 1 slap.mp3
  2. Oh trust me, this was not a situation of my choosing. Last time I was in the UK was 2016 and then we opened a service based business that couldn't function without me and that basically screwed any chances of coming back to the UK until COVID struck...and the rest is history. I never took the batteries out of the bass before putting it into storage because I didn't think I'd be away for so long...! Any hoo some pics are below. The original pickups gave out so the previous owner sent the bass back to The Mothership and had new ones installed. The rest of it is original and honest - finish issues and all and the facings are walnut IIRC. And one of it being played live:
  3. I would share a pic of mine but it's been in storage for the last 7 years...so all my photos are at least that old if not older.
  4. Pinning the fingerboard was a good idea, I've entertained doing something similar for body wings when I get around to repurposing an abortive through neck build I commissioned. Ken Smith basses have locator dowels on the wings for the same reasons. With the fingerboard though, was there a reason for pinning in a fretslot rather than under a proposed fingerboard inlay?
  5. By referring to Mumsnet...? I can't work that one out. BTW I came close to locking the thread but I'll hold off in the hope things get back on track.
  6. Hi BC'ers, We installed a series of updates to the forum software this evening. We couldn't find anything major with the themes like last time. But if you happen to stumble across any new posting or text field related issues today, please let us know below and we'll look into it. cheers K
  7. I'm doing exactly this with a strat this weekend. 57mm wide neck pocket in the aftermarket body which I've only just confirmed is slightly off centre. It's solvable with some fervent sanding on the longer edge of the pocket and maybe the opposite side on the heel but I risk losing that tight fit.
  8. Well look at it this way, whatever the merits of Rautia might be...the Armstrong pick up is the real deal.
  9. A bit late to the party, I realise. But Kent Armstrong did the originals for Aria and Aaron still has the Alembic licensed moulds stashed away in his storeroom somewhere.
  10. Great location too, loads of space. A bit of a walk for me though, these days.
  11. I haven't seen anything come in via the Support inbox. If you're having issues, try a password reset on GC. While it uses the same database, it's not shared with BC and your password for GC will be whatever it was for BC when the BC database was copied over.
  12. When I hide it, it stays hidden. 😏
  13. Realistically I think the announcement bar probably has a limited life span in terms of exposure before it stops being effective. Perhaps that point has been reached for the time being. So I'm happy to hide it until late Summer and then bring it out again for three month periods.
  14. I bought a cheap one a couple of months ago. Thirty quid and it probably flouts most CE mark standards for getting fingers caught in folding mechanisms. But it's sturdy enough and will fold away when not in use. I bought a second 1200W plunge router for about fifteen quid and a smaller 800w fixed one for six quid. OEM manufactured tools are sold at pretty much wholesale prices online here. After Summer I *might* get my own workshop but any progress on my builds really depends on finding suitable wood and swamp ash/alder are very hard to get hold of over here, as is figured maple. Most of it comes from Russia (often not dried properly) but also sometimes Canada. Nothing from the US thanks to tariffs.
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