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  1. Prince was phenomenally versatile. I am a huge fan of his improvised live jams. His guitar didn't really inspire me though. Alan Murphy on the other hand...
  2. Unfortunately, there's no setting for the number of TLRT's in the forum software. There's nothing I can do at the moment to change it, I'm sorry.
  3. I remember playing one of those back in the 80's in a local music shop. I'd never seen one before and, not being a fan of Westone at all as an owner, I was very impressed with how it sounded and played. It made me question even more the POS Westone I had at the time.
  4. Well we're all going to hold our own opinions but when that boy was in the pocket live, he was letting it all hang out. In the studio he seems a little more reserved. Speaking of balancing restraint vs expression. This guy is chill but his fingers are doing the talking.
  5. Still his finest moment, all that theory training is being put to work.
  6. Four in total, three in reply. I kept my promise... honest! 😝
  7. If China wants to maintain its dominance in manufacturing, it needs new sources of cheap labour. And it's probably using B&RI to protect access to that labour and provide cheap export to emerging markets by building and controlling the infrastructure that supports it's needs.
  8. In my defence I think generally it's a good idea to put what we hear in mass media in the correct context. Context often gets forgotten by journalists in the interests of headline grabbing. Im not going to defend any country that has committed genocide. Neither the US nor China probably have a right to claim the moral high ground on that matter. The US has supported genocide in Guatemala, covertly in Rwanda, the Biafra war in Nicaragua to name a few. It's also failed to denounce the genocide in Aleppo, Bosnia, Bangladesh and it gave shelter to Nazi war criminals after WW2 in central America. I have a friend with contacts in Xinjiang, they say it's an anti terrorism initiative. But I'm fairly confident that might not be the whole truth. Speaking of which, I recommend reading How The World Works by Noam Chomsky. It's an enlightening summary of the US post war strategy for global economic domination, supported by plenty of references to public record. I think it puts US foreign policy and notions of democracy in the correct geo political context. There, I believe that's three paragraphs.
  9. Very well...the Chinese aren't interested in teaching anyone about "democracy". The Chinese don't have democracy, they are socio-capitalists. But what kind of democracy are you referring to? The US kind? The Greek kind? .
  10. If I were to start rebuttal of such a misinformed statement, it would probably need at least three paragraphs.
  11. I think it'll become apparent in trade deals much sooner. The UK's leverage has been severely undermined as a result of Brexit. It's been suggested by someone I respect that Brexit wasn't an opportunity to show how people in the UK dislike the EU. It was an opportunity for people in the UK to show how much they dislike each other. They also suggested that England's identity these days is based more on the achievements of individual citizens than the country as a whole. I think the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony probably proved that quite clearly.
  12. I haven't checked previous posts for a mention but Reverb are offering free samples and loops to download. https://reverb.com/c/software
  13. Let's not forget the magnificent stylings of Tommy Seebach. A man whose desperation for musical immortality via the Eurovision Song Contest was only just eclipsed by his desperate and premature demise at the age of 53.
  14. I approached Alex about tilt back cabs back when he was starting out and he didn't see them as something he wanted to do. So fEARless were the best option available. A Mesa Bass 400+ was the best valve head I've ever owned. But it doesn't do overdrive. That's a more modern thing.
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