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  1. I read the title and hate you already. Just joking. Welcome. It's been near non stop monsooning where I am, complete with thunderstorms and the mosquitoes have been extremely aggressive. Normally we'd be hitting 38 degrees C by now and melting.
  2. There is also the small matter of the pickup pole pieces and the sensing field - particularly for the bridge pickup.
  3. I have to go and check the roasted chicken now.
  4. The one the lady squirrels all tremble for.
  5. Yeah you know. That dirty squirrel love.
  6. Unless it's being ravaged by a squirrel...
  7. Nice, am looking forward to finally playing through mine...one day.
  8. Yeah I got my Pentabuzz back in 2005 from vmaxblues and it's been with me ever since. Sounds lush on stage, especially if you can turn the amps up enough to get a little feedback happening on the strings. Then it swells forever, like the middle of the Bering Strait in winter.
  9. Have just taken possession of a jazz archtop made by a nameless manufacturer here in China and it sounds warmer and sweeter through my bass amp than through the 5E3 combos I normally use.
  10. The EBS Session 60 combo I used to have was great - amazing low end for such a small size.
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