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  1. I use the most basic, cheap USB to MIDI cable and have no problems with connections. https://www.amazon.com/VicTsing-Cable-Converter-Keyboard-Adapter/dp/B00ACGMOA6
  2. I was speaking in context of my pedalboard aspirations and needs. Perhaps i didn't make the context clear enough.
  3. Yes that's sort of the direction I was hoping it might go in. The ability to route different voices to either one of the output sockets could be handy too - could even make the Future Impact redundant. MIDI connectivity is still a bit of an issue though, without that Disaster Area USB/MIDI interface. Speaking of connectivity, I managed to clock sync the Moment Machine with the Adrenalinn III today. For some reason they were getting on with each other today while they weren't yesterday. So I can adjust tap tempo on the Adrenalinn regardless of audio connections and within about a second maybe two, the Moment Machine adjusts to match. I haven't yet tried to check how well they sound together. Maybe tomorrow if I have a chance. Tom from Cooper FX also replied to an email I sent asking about how to confirm the Moment Machine was sync'd. He mentioned that the BPM display goes blank but needed more information. Before I replied, I discovered the tap tempo LED actually flashes in time. I also discovered the Adrenalinn's clock signal is generated by the drum machine function not by the tap tempo. There is a way of stopping the drum machine from making a sound but I would need to check whether this affects the clock signal also. The one thing that is becoming apparent is how little detail on how to use the deeper features in the user manuals of both pedals.
  4. I do want to use MIDI clock, the challenge seems to be connectivity when syncing tempo across all pedals. Like...how am I going to connect a USB port to a MIDI port... Change of subject, apparently there is a wet only mod available for the EHX Freeze from a company called Mimmotronics. https://mimmotronics.com/product/ehx-freeze/
  5. Yes its definitely of interest. I'm just doing a bit of digging around to see how easy it might be to use as a pedal and how it handles tempo when there are no MIDI ports. Am I correct in understanding there are only 6 user defined presets available? The stacked voicings look particularly interesting if I can dedicate one sequencer exclusively to a voice. It looks like it might be able to do the Heartbreak bassline all by itself if that is possible.
  6. So looking at the user manuals for both, the Moment Machine's MIDI port is input only. The Adrenalinn III has both in and out MIDI. So I set the MIDI clock setting in the Adrenalinn to send (out) and the Moment Machine to recieve (MIDI). Any joy..? No. The Adrenalinn is sending a clock signal as it's possible to test by setting up a clock sync feedback loop by connecting the MIDI in and MIDI out together. So something is up with the Moment Machine.
  7. I woke up this morning with a bit of a plan - put the Adrenalinn III after the Moment Machine and clock sync them to each other (assuming one can send clock sync messages) then use the Adrenalinn's envelope filter to slice whatever is coming out of the Moment Machine. So long as they are in sync there is no need for the Adrenalinn to be velocity sensitive. So I gave it a go - just proof of concept at this stage without tempo sync as I was impatient. You'll see in the video, I start with the FI using the editor to trigger a patch. Then I engage the Moment Machine for 15 seconds or so, then the Adrenalinn III. It kind of works. But the Moment Machine and the Adrenalinn III are definitely working on a different tempo despite both being set to 120bpm and need syncing via MIDI. 20191015_093510.mp4
  8. I'd never heard of the FMeron until now. But it is a little limited in comparison to the Future Impact. Also found out that the GR55 DOESN'T do arpeggiation. If it does, there's no user programmable function built in to it. https://www.boss.info/us/products/sy-1/
  9. Yeah the one thing I wish it had was a pass-through defeat switch so that when the freeze was in effect, the input jack was disconnected. Maybe a nice effect pedal guru will one day develop a hack for it...
  10. Yeah you're right, I'm sorry. I should have started it a year or so ago but didn't have time. It's been bottled up all this time.
  11. I don't need the shimmer so have an EHX Freeze pedal too for pedal-tones...more on that in this thread: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/366657-bass-synth-and-the-search-for-an-accessible-arpeggiator/
  12. A bit more digging around in recent months brought another pedal with an arpeggiator function to my attention - the Adrenalinn III. It's an unusual box of tricks jam packed...possibly over flowing with features including an 8 bar drum machine with 8 sets of classic Linn drum samples, full sounding amp model sims from some interesting amps including Bogner, Peavey 5150 and a Boogie Mk2, plus various modulation and delay related effects. It's a great sounding pedal - everything sounds very warm and analoguey. Some of the amp sims are a little raw sounding but nothing unpleasant or unusable by any means. There are 199 presets available so plenty of storage space and MIDI channels. The primary purpose of the unit is to do beat related effects so if a player wants delays chopped up in time to the music or cycles synced to tempo then this box will do it. It can do that effect at the start of Green Day's Broken Boulevard and John Mayer used Adrenalinns I, II and III for three of his hits: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/Rig_Rundown_John_Mayer So this week I looked into how to set the unit up so that I could do I Feel Love to start with. The sounds in the presets sounded great - there was a definition to the notes that I learned from the user manual, was due to each step having it's own individually definable envelope filter (something I really wished was in the Cooper FX Moment Machine). The user manual also mentioned all sorts of things about programming for drums but I couldn't find how to programme the pitches for each step in a user defined sequence. So I fired off an email to Linn asking for help and Roger Linn himself replied within 24 hours. He said that the arpeggiator was very simple - a flanger where the resonance frequency was controlled by each step. Which in other words meant to me that it wasn't an arpeggiator, it's a sequenced filter. This kind of explained why I was getting clarity on some notes and not others. I have to admit that I was disappointed it wasn't accurately described in the user manual. The pedal sounds so good in all the other ways that I hadn't planned to use it in, it's a little swiss army knife of a thing. So at this point, we are back to the Moment Machine and the journey continues. The FI doesn't have an arp. The Moment Machine doesn't have an envelope filter for each step. The Adrenalinn III doesn't actually have an arp, it's a sequencer based filter. Seems to me like there is a large gap in the market for players who want to emulate arpeggiated synth bass but don't want the hassle of spending days hunched over a small screen scrolling through endless menus and mapping various bits of kit to one another. Right now the Moment Machine, for its lack of an envelope filter, is as good as it gets without the prospect of a company like Panda MIDI including an arpeggiator in a version of the Future Impact.
  13. So regardless, this is kind of where things are going. There's an H9 pedal which will provide modulation, slap back delay and pitch shift after the Deep Impact. But the story isn't finished yet...
  14. There was also the problem of how to sustain an arpeggiator while playing other things. A MIDI based solution like Taurus pedals would be relatively simple - there's a sustain function in MIDI. Funnily enough EHX (to the rescue again) came up with an interesting pedal that does pretty much that, like the hold function on a Boss DD7, the Freeze pedal. And it was reasonably priced as well. Basically you set the thing up so that it latches on and off and press the pedal roughly in the first half second of a note for it to capture a micro sample and loop it infinitely. It works pretty well although there are some things to watch out for: 1) For a synth note generated with an envelope, it won't capture the full ADSR characteristics so the pedal has to be placed carefully in relation to the bass synth pedal and the arpeggiator pedal. I ended up putting it between them both which doesn't work out perfectly so it's a work still in progress. It kind of double emphasises the need for an envelope in the arpeggiator section (which we will get to later) to define the note in each step. 2) Once the pedal is holding a note, you can still play through the pedal on top of the note being held. The problem is that if I'm playing through another signal chain at the same time, it's possible to continue triggering notes in the arpeggiator. I wish there was an option to block the audio pass-through function via a micro switch on the side. The EHX Tri Parallel mixer can block off one loop at a time BUT it means that I have to switch that loop back in every time there is a chord change. It's a faff.
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