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  1. Ha hah! They're great instruments, highly underrated and very smooth sounding. They do a very, very convincing LP sound with a nice set of PAFs in. Whole Lotta Love is an absolute hoot to play. I guess you could even throw a set of SD P Rails in and have everything. I used to have three but one was a little brighter than the others so I sold it. The only thing that might top them for me would be a PRS Custom 22, but at nearly three times the price it would be hard to justify and possibly wouldn't sound as close.
  2. I've plugged my Yammies and Strats into my GB Shuttle 6 into fEARful 2x10 cabs and it sounded quite nice for cleans - almost JC120 but extra hi-fi. It was a little harsh for distortion though. I run a fairly clean and neutral bass rig.
  3. The tele tends to be fat and sweet with both pickups on and it carries a nice bite. Prince used one as a main guitar for this reason. But the strat gets a look in as well, with Nile Rodgers and pretty much anyone playing in the 4th position (Cory Wong, I'm looking at you). BUT...don't write the LP off. I'm not a fan of the LP body shape so I have a couple of Yammie MSG's instead and in one I replaced the stock pickups with jazzier/archtop type PAF by Aaron Armstrong. So on the neck pickup I can get some mellow stuff and on the bridge pickup I can still get some decent chunk with distortion on. For clean LP - Long Train Running, Play That Funky Music, most of the Brothers Johnson stuff, Brick House, a lot of Bobby Womack stuff, Tower of Power stuff, one of James Brown's guitarists used an LP...even the intro to the Theme from Shaft. You could even swap out the humbuckers for P90's for a fat sound with more single coil bite and be set up for the solo to Another Brick In The Wall (Gilmour played it on a LP with P90's)
  4. Town Like Alice - Jam Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon Let Me Entertain You (if there are keyboards) - Robbie Williams Crocodile Rock - Elton John Brass In T'Pocket - Pretenders Anything sung by the Blues Brothers
  5. It kind of does depend on the audience but the middle ground is probably pop hits from the last 10 years plus some blue chip funk standards or blues brothers tracks that mum and dad will recognise.
  6. Spector is selling to Korg. Sadowsky is licensing construction to Warwick (possible future buyout?) Smith has licensed construction to Brubaker. Pedulla has recently retired. Amptweaker is being sold to Alpha Distribution due to James Browns ill health. Anything else happening that hasn't been covered above?!
  7. Or Shuker, the finish is basically a rock hard polyeurathane.
  8. All I can say, as an former owner of three Celinders, is thank goodness it isn't a 5 stringer.
  9. Ibanez have consistently put together great designs and well specified instruments on paper. But I've tended to be a bit disappointed by how the through-necked Soundgear range sounded.
  10. Yeah I meant setting up the sensors on the bass.
  11. John is one of the best in the biz and he has a background in electrical engineering. I just hope IR are willing to part with the information needed to set the bass up properly. If they are, he'll figure out how it all works I'm sure.
  12. Well done, how are you going to manage the setting up of the bass to cater for your own technique and preferences?
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