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  1. April Fools...for a couple of you at least. :)
  2. We have accepted an offer from The Fretboard to buy Basschat. It's not a lot of money but Chris and I both have young families and less time than ever to stay on top of stuff. My being in China doesn't help with the financial side of things, either. Not sure what they intend to do with Guitarchat or the other plans, I guess they'll reveal those at some point in the future. Stay tuned for further announcements on hand over.
  3. Ooh a G3! These basses are starting to grow on me after listening to a Ripper on a Pompamoose track played by the lovely Hagar.
  4. All the name dropping on their website makes me a bit cynical. Glad you're pleased with your purchase though - any sound clips?
  5. You may want to have a word to him about the terminology he uses.
  6. Empress do a para eq pedal as well. But you can buy onboard para eq - I have two or three loaded into basses by Klaus Noll. Really good quality, if you go for one just ask him to adjust the mid frequency down to 250Hz or so. It's a little high in the standard circuits.
  7. These are great basses. I had two at one point and still have one. Lovely focus in the midrange.
  8. Kiwi

    Kiwi's collection

    The Shuker is a great bass. Although after playing @Dood's 6 stringer in 2015, I actually preferred his to mine. At the time I spec'd mine, I asked Jon to use my Smith BSR6 as the template. If I were to spec the bass again I would have gone for three pieces of wenge with a few stringers of flame maple in the neck and maybe an ebony or richlite fingerboard and 15mm string spacing, with the neck profile of Dood's bass. Also my bass has needed a lot of time to bed in because of how dense the maple is in the neck. So now it sounds a little mellower sounding now than it did after it first came into my possession. Given I have had it in storage since 2015, perhaps it has mellowed further. But regardless, it has a piano like tone which I'm sure would appeal immensely to some players. It's also superbly made and I guess I've learned quite a bit about wood and construction from it. The bass I made for myself since, under Jon's expert supervision, is a load closer to what I've been looking for but even then there are things I would change. It's proving to be an expensive journey.
  9. thanks, I'll pm you as it could get a little long winded.
  10. Funnily enough, this is exactly what I've been looking for in a para eq...a notch filter with a super narrow bandwidth for boosting around 250Hz. Are you suggesting the narrow bandwidth isn't a good idea?
  11. "McGonagall you say...?" "One mention of the Famous Tay Whale and I'll turn you into one. Somewhere high above the surface of a mythical planet."
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