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  1. I think what you are suggesting might be true with two conditions: 1) That the starting point was having an SY1000, which is different to where I am as I had already invested in half the pedals in the signal chain anyway, particularly the FI. 2) That there were alternatives to the SY1000, which as far as I can tell there aren't.
  2. I'm a bit wary of all in one units at the moment. All it takes is for it to do one thing less than expected and the whole unit ends up redundant. Seven pedals is a lot but, as you have probably read, if one doesn't do the job as expected then I can swap it and leave the rest of the pedal board as is.
  3. Update: I've been doing yet more digging around on Google and on another forum found a comparison of the EHX Freeze with the EHX SuperEgo Plus (basically a pseudo synth and effects pedal) and the Gamechanger Pedal Plus. You might have already heard Gamechanger, they made a pedal that relies on plasma spark to make your guitar sound like a Tesla coil. Anyway, they also make a sustain pedal call the Pedal Plus and it appears to have a wet only output. It's a big pedal but seems to have a lot of potential. https://www.gamechangeraudio.com/pluspedal/
  4. I've been running a couple since they first came out ten years ago. One of them was second hand and the power caps went futz on me one time as I turned it on. Luckily though I discovered the power amp module was a OEM made by B&O and available separately through ebay. Ninety quid and two weeks later it arrived and the connections were simple enough to install the power module myself. Three years later and we're still going strong. Their lack of mid scoop and a growly bass make them very much part of my sound.
  5. I was going to recommend them as well. Sei (Martin Petersen) used to get their instruments finished there before getting Simms involved. Simms are insanely expensive for an off-the-street punter. I've finished instruments and yes there's a lot of labour involved in a gloss finish with all that hand rubbing with 800 grit towards the end. But not 850 quid's worth.
  6. The weak die. Wishing you a warm welcome BTW. ❤️❤️
  7. I discovered yesterday that there's no triangle wave available in the waveforms of the C4 but it does have a sine wave. Whereas the FI has a triangle waveform but no sine. I"m guessing that's because they sound kind of close but the triangle sounds a bit warmer to my ears. For editing single patches I'm finding the Neuro editor is much much easier to use than the FI. Mainly this is due to the use of pull down menus which shows quickly what is set up and how it's connected to other sections. By comparison, the FI user interface is more like a 70's modular synth so it's necessary to look at the sliders to know what is happening and where signal is going, then imagine how that is connected.
  8. That would technically make us Batchat. Could be worse, I suppose. Where's Bill Oddie when one needs him...? It's well known that he is partial to a bit of heavyweight funk.
  9. OK I'd be happy to do that. But what I'm looking for is basic SHIFT/CTRL+click functionality to select more than one patch at the same time. OK assuming it's plug in and play, I will give that a go and see what happens. Disaster Area have made their micro.Ghost USB to MIDI converter available for use with SA pedals but it's US$89 and the SA Neuro Hub is $99 plus the cost of the footswitches! I'd say it's a negative if I have to spend that much to make the pedal have the same basic functionality as the others on my board. It seems like they prioritised the form factor over connectivity and convenience. A slightly larger box would have allowed a second patch selecting footswitch and both USB and MIDI sockets...consistent with other MIDI capable pedal manufacturers. It's one thing to be ahead of the curve but it's quite another to be leaving people behind and then requiring more dosh (from either them or other suppliers) to give them the basic connectivity in pedals by other manufacturers. I've had a look through the user manual and haven't managed to find a reference to the app sending signals to the pedal via audio. The internal cross referencing hyperlinks in the PDF don't work either. Leafing through the manual also reveals many references to using the pedal with a DAW including justification for using a USB socket. I find this baffling since most composers will already have access to the same functionality in any one of hundreds of MIDI capable keyboards and an arpeggiating functionality in the sequencing software they use. I'd expect most players will be using this pedal to do things live that they can't do in the studio. Well that's an explanation I guess. Having a sparingly used guitar sitting on the lap for half a day while editing a patch isn't convenient. Much better I guess to use some kind of cheap keyboard with a 6.35mm output jack which could connect to the C4. Or the editor can assign an octave of notes to keys on the PC keyboard in the same layout as a piano keyboard and use the Windows GM MIDI wavetable as an audio source. It's been done before. Yes I was aware of it. I mentioned earlier that tapping a patch resulted in a message 'sent to pedal' even when the pedal wasn't connected. When I'm downloading I don't have my bass plugged in. It's inconvenient and uncomfortable to be reaching over it to type or use the mouse for any long periods of time. For short durations it's no problem. Don't get me wrong about the C4. It does the thing I got it for really well. But it's let down by a lack of consideration for finer details of the user. It's like the designers had a set of goals they wanted to achieve that weren't 100% aligned with how people use pedals like this in their pedal boards. They're not alone, I've mentioned something similar about Eventide as well. The Pitchfactor has an arp (which is where this journey began originally) but it's not user programmable...even in the editing software!
  10. So the C4 and EHX Tri Parallel Mixer arrived courtesy of a personal courier on Friday. The Tri mixer is a nice bit of kit, very smooth operation and noise free. So far I have only been able to scratch the surface of the C4 with the editor in setting up an account, downloading some user patches and assigning them to the toggle switch so I can listen to them. The lack of a MIDI IN/OUT port or the ability to switch between all 128 patches without getting extra kit is a major fail for me. However, the pedal tracks slightly better than the FI and the sounds are full and warm. The need for a wet only Freeze pedal has been confirmed. Hitting a second note while the Freeze is sustaining sends the C4 tracking for the arpeggiator into a garbled mess. The arpeggiator itself is great, the notes are full with good attack and distinction, it's exactly what I have been looking for. The desktop editor is functional but user interface still needs improving. The ability to select multiple patches to save/upload/download/export/import is badly needed. At the moment it is patch by patch. The phone app was confusing to use, it wasn't clear how to get patches into the pedal and I was getting a transferred to pedal message from tapping patches even though the app was clearly not attached to the pedal. It would also be useful to have a way to check the patches using an integrated piano keyboard like the FI's editor has. Also, when downloading and burning a patch the editor returns to the library screen rather than the screen where you were last working meaning it takes a good two or three clicks to get back where you were to do the next save/burn/upload. Next steps will be to sort out some glitchy cables, try and find a modded Freeze pedal from somewhere...given Mimmotronics don't seem to be interested in talking to me. And I will also start setting up some patches for the songs I like.
  11. A bit late to the game but it's a vectorised graphic.
  12. The Mandelorian: It's brilliant, really brings the wider Star Wars universe to life. All those incidental characters in the movies get more air time rather than just being links between plot points.

    1. SpondonBassed


      A bit like The Mandalorian then.  Heeheehee.

      I looked it up because, at first, I thought you were talking about a sci-fi version of a mandolin or summat.

  13. I'll put the kettle on then. Watch out for congestion around Istanbul.
  14. Yep I got that and when I was gigging, all of my gigs had PA support and an engineer so horses for courses I guess. In any case, the F112 can be stacked on its end if the wedge function isn't needed for some gigs.
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