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  1. Kiwi

    PRS John Mayer errrrm Strat.

    I was quite impressed with how they sounded on youtube videos. More convincing that the 'strat' sounds on the regular shaped models like the 509 and 513. But two and a half grand is crazy money for that sound and playability.
  2. Kiwi

    Bye bye Zoom G3X, hello...

    You're right. I've made a start at messing about with it but the interface isn't very intuitive. Looks like I'll have to study the instruction manual.
  3. Kiwi

    ''Olympic level funk''

    I suggested to Smoove and Tyrrell that they approach Jack Stratton and talk about a shared tour. I think it could be a phenomenal show. Smoove were enthusiastic but not a lot of progress seems to have been made in the couple of months since.
  4. Kiwi

    ''Olympic level funk''

    Yeah the harmonies are a neat trick and he can get away with it as a tenor vocalist. Really making the most of his vocal ability!
  5. Kiwi

    ''Olympic level funk''

    Particularly his drumming but he confesses he can't go a day without playing guitar...! He almost switched majors at university onto bass when he became disillusioned with drums.
  6. OK, I know technically that this isn't an item for sale...it's a job for...er, sale. 🤣 I emigrated to south central China in 2015 in order to develop a business or two. One of my first businesses is an English Language school and we only opened 6 weeks ago. But already are moving to a bigger campus and therefore need more ESL teachers to cope with demand. If you're interested or have hit a dead end in your life, you might be suprised at how easy it is to become a teacher. First up...my school takes care of it's teachers. We offer a salary package that includes return flights, accommodation allowance, medical insurance as well as a basic salary and visa costs. Four weeks of paid leave is available (of which two weeks are national holidays) plus unpaid leave is potentially available on application. The city where I live is popular with ESL teachers because the cost of living is so low. For example a 750ml bottle of Chinese beer is less than 60p. Rents for a 1 bedroom apartment are roughly 150-200 quid a month (which the teachers accommodation allowance will normally cover). So basically you'll spend your salary on food, utilities, mobile phone credit and entertainment and still have quite a bit to save. There's also a strong expat community where we are and they're lovely people. In order to qualify for a work visa, all foreign English teachers from any country must: Be a passport holder from the UK, IR, NZ, AUS, US, SA or CAN. Be aged 25-57 years, Have a Bachelors degree PLUS either a 120 hour TEFL teaching certificate OR 2 years teaching experience. (The rules are slightly more relaxed for holders of Masters, English or linguistics degrees.) Some teaching certificates can be taken online. That's it. What our teachers do is teach English to Chinese 3-11 year olds. We use internationally reputable courses which contain lesson plans so no-one is starting from scratch. But we expect our teachers to adapt the lesson plans to suit their class so long as it doesn't impact on their progress. What is it like? Well Chinese kids are generally a gregarious and spontaneous bunch so there's never a dull moment. We limit class sizes to a maximum of 6 pupils to help keep things manageable. Our full time contracts are 22 hours per week plus 8 hours lesson preparation but we tend to get peak demand at weekends and in the evenings. Also each teacher will have a 2 week induction which will consist of me training you and then we'll work together in classes for a bit before you handle your own. It's also important that our teachers have fun with their students and they both enjoy each others company. Public school teachers in China are generally quite controlled and emotionally distant so our fun approach to teaching contrasts strongly with the public sector teaching experience. BUT our teachers are still expected to be professional at all times. Teachers with parenting experience are particularly welcome because they know how to manage kids and they've been softened up a bit already. The school also asks for references from a recent employer and character references from someone of professional standing who has known you for more than 2 years. I need to hire 3 or 4 teachers between now and December. If you're interested, drop me a line. I'll answer any questions and send you a job description with more details.
  7. Kiwi

    Dave Hall has passed away

    Sad news, Dave was a great guy. I still have one of the prototype valve compressors he sent me for testing.
  8. Kiwi

    Bye bye Zoom G3X, hello...

    Yes it is complex!! I have a school to run right now so I don't have the time to get jiggy with it. I don't know how to use the looper yet. But patch 1A was nearly perfect out of the box, 5c is pretty great too.
  9. I decided to dedicate my trusty Zoom G3X to my PC and replace it with one of these, a Mooer Ocean Machine which is basically two delays and a reverb in one pedal with a looper. It's a bit complex for my needs if I am honest but I was only using the G3X for reverb and delays and the price is pretty reasonable. What a difference removing the Zoom has made! String attack definition is amazing, really clear, there's more of everything else too. My cheap ol' 5E3 based Ibanez TSA5 combos sound like they've gone up in price. I'm starting to wonder about whether to keep the Zoom B3 now...
  10. Kiwi

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Mine are were in my signature. The line up hasn't really changed in 5 years with the exception of the one I made. I have just the Status, Pedulla and Stingray with me plus the one I made a couple of years ago. The rest are in storage or at Mr Shukers waiting to have work done.
  11. Kiwi

    In Memoriam

  12. Kiwi

    Alan Knight - Hitmaker replica

    Initially, I used LinkedIn but he's on Myspace too (do we all remember that...? ) @realting Here's a pic of the Hitmaker replica with my pre-EB stingray.
  13. Kiwi

    BassChat Podcast Feedback & Discussion

    A nice idea, you've got my support. The comedian podcasts i listen to tend to be about an hour-ish.
  14. https://applink.reverb.com/news/yamaha-announces-acquisition-of-ampeg Not sure if this has been posted yet but could be worse! Interesting that Yamaha are in the market for other brands though. I wonder if they're doubling down on a depressed US market.