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  1. I have two and really like them after trying a TSA15 at a Basschat gig (the TSA15 would qualify for inclusion too, probably). I think you might have to get yours looked at because mine are dead quiet and plenty loud. Although mine sort of went down in volume after about three years of use. I tried switching the output valves but it didn't help. I suspect the power caps might need replacement which would be a surprise because the amps have never been thrashed - volume never past 4. I agree about the brightness but that's normal for combos with small speakers. I also have a 5F2 tweed clone made by a chinese company who export. I believe they're marketed in the UK under the brand Morris and are hand made with top notch components including orange sprague caps. The company used to ghost/OEM build the Peavey Classic 30. The amp is quiet, clean and plenty loud enough - louder than the TSA5's at the moment (because it's newer I guess). If you push it, the amp will get grindy and snarly but has more headroom than a 5E3.
  2. String spacing on the 90's 5 string basses could be as little as 15mm. Mine is, I really like it.
  3. For the purpose of maintaining visibility? Yes, it's an idea and perhaps be trialled if there's enough interest.
  4. Just had a wee server hiccup at BC central, nothing to worry about.  A severe thrashing from Ped saw the IT gnomes working to the brink exhaustion to restore service as quickly as inhumanely possible.  All hail the IT gnomes for their tireless devotion to our cause.  

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    2. gapiro


      All snow the IT Gnomes!

    3. skankdelvar


      Long may they rain.

    4. ped


      Sometimes I want them to fail just so I can thrash them

  5. https://www.basschat.co.uk/staff/ You can choose your favourite and send them a message. What specifically is the issue?
  6. It wasn't due to the bass player.
  7. I don't have any quick answers at this point in time, I'm sorry. @Woodinblack are you able to shed any light on it?
  8. I thought their biggest hits had him playing an Aria Magna...?
  9. Found these guys today - I can't think of many bands that can jump from Toto to Pink Floyd to Steely Dan to Dire Straits to Queen and do it all in a way that absolutely respects the original tracks and the musicians who played them. No short cuts here. Hell, they're living the dream and who wouldn't want to be up there?
  10. Stripe is the payment gateway. Is your browser set to display sources of traffic or data transfer rates or something like that?
  11. That'll be the new sponsors.
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