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  1. GILLY

    TKS H115 - SOLD

    Indeed it is! After I sold it I tried various other cabs from Markbass to Ashdown to Barefaced, and have ended up back with a TKS H115 (and couldn't be happier). I think I gigged your cab no more than three times so it has had an easy life. For any one wanting a manageable single cab set-up, this is as good as it gets I believe. p.s. build quality is great too.
  2. GILLY

    TKS H115 - SOLD

    I have no idea why this is still here! At retail price these cabs are value for money - big clean uncoloured sound with fast transient response. I have the latest version and it does the lot.
  3. NO TRADES I'm afraid. I bought this head new mid March this year, so it is just seven months old and is immaculate. The mains cable and mp3 cable are unused and included in the original box. It has masses of headroom, fast transient response and the build quality is fabulous. Here's a link to Bass Direct's info page: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Eich_t_900_amplifier.html New price on these is £789. I'm asking £500 including UK p&p so a saving of nearly £280 for amp that would pass as new.
  4. GILLY

    Feedback for Srwu

    I recently had the pleasure of doing an amp and cab deal with Stuart, another thoroughly nice chap I never got to meet in person (typical Basschat transaction?!). I was the seller in this instance and the transaction was easy from start to finish, despite the snow delaying delivery to him.
  5. Bought it new July last year from Mansons in Exeter. It is in immaculate condition and comes with the original packaging, instruction manual and (unused) kettle lead. I will take pictures tomorrow in daylight. In the meantime, price includes UK postage. Sorry, cash sale only.
  6. These are no use to me now so I'm happy to let go for p&p - say £3.
  7. I bought this in December with the intention of running under my TKS 1x15. Unfortunately, it doesn't match in terms of size and, although both cabs sound great individually, together something isn't quite right. It is in the same condition as it was when I received it but I have put one of the Barefaced replacement handles on. I paid £375 delivered and that's what I'd like to recoup, so to be clear, postage is included. Sorry, no trades. I have Andy's permission to resurrect his advert and here it is:
  8. These strings would suit anyone with a Chowny SWB-1 that has the facility to string through.
  9. Having a sort out and came across a brand new set of 45-100 D'Addario Nickel Medium scale strings (4 string set) I bought them for the Chowny SWB-1 that I had a while back as they were the factory fitted brand. £12 including p&p
  10. GILLY

    Feedback for colleya

    Just bought a very nice cab from Andy. Not only has he clearly looked after it during his ownership, but his packing for courier transport was absolutely incredible. The cab was exactly as described and Andy kept me updated during the p&p process. A top Basschatter....