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  1. NoirBass

    Octavius Squeezer

    Yeah, VB-99 is a great price of kit. I recently got a SY1000 and whilst in some areas it’s a step forward, in many others; form factor, poly effects, etc. it’s a bit of a step backward. Sorry for the thread derail, enjoy the Squeezer.
  2. NoirBass

    Octavius Squeezer

    I tried one of these and whilst it sounded great I found it really awkward to program. Good luck, I’m sure with patience you’ll have some great results. I also have the VB-99 which in comparison is a doddle.
  3. Got a stack of these, free to anyone who can collect from North London N21. I'll keep them for a couple of weeks and then they are off to the tip
  4. This, I just bought one for £60!
  5. Bought a Zoom MS60b from Pete. Super easy transaction, brilliantly packed and quick postage. Highly recommend.
  6. Seymour Duncan QP Precision pickup and DIY Tonestyler Loom. Bought here on the forum ages ago with the intention of installing it on a P bass - Never got around to it hence the sale. 75 Posted in the UK
  7. *SOLD* Only just picked this up here with the intention of building a bitsa P bass - ended up just buying another P bass! So now have no need for this. Here is the previous owners sale ad, I hope that’s ok with them: £45 posted in the UK, I'll knock off a £5 if you can collect from North London N21
  8. I have two full sized cardboard bass shipping boxes. Just thought I’d see if there is any interest before I take them to the recycling centre. Collect from London N21 please.
  9. Can people please leave any feedback for me here, much obliged.
  10. Bought a Fender hi-mass bridge from Martyn. Super easy purchase. Highly recommended.
  11. Bought a P bass body and scratch plate from James. Perfect deal and it arrived 2 days early! Highly recommend.
  12. New boss Space Echos. Love the RE-202 retro Roland style enclosure. https://www.boss.info/global/promos/space_echo/
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