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  1. I love that the bass player on this spaces out towards the end and accidentally plays the descending riff a semitone out! The producer obviously liked the take and they stuck with it.
  2. I'm also a big fan of this pedal and have had one on my collection for many years. I've never had or seen the manual for it, but I do have an original Pearl Sound Spice/Choice Series brochure from 1985! Here is a screen grab of the OC-07 blurb:
  3. You are probably all familiar with this - the classic kidney bean bass POD. Not very cool or attractive these days, but having just had a bash with it I'm surprised how good it is! This format actually work really well both as a studio tool on the desktop or for live. Loads of effects and Amp models to choose from. Really good as an intro to amp modelling and effects. Comes with its original Lin4 6 case and PSU. I should mention the handle ion the case has started fraying a bit - see pics. £65 includes UK postage, happy for buyer to collect from London N21 and I'll knock off some money.
  4. Alto Live 802 USB mixer. I picked this up in deal on some speakers. I already have a pro desk so this it surplus to requirements. 8 channel mixer to 2 stereo outs. 5 XLR inputs, a coupe of stereo Jack inputs. Inbuilt Alesis effects. Works as a 2 channel interface via usb with your computer too. Great little desk. In very good cosmetic condition. (Still has the plastic screen protector from the factory) A few superficial scratches in the bottom - see pics. All tested and fully working. Would suit a small band or home studio. Manual: https://www.altoprofessional.com/downloads/Live802-UserGuide-v1.2.pdf £150 (£230 new) No box or instructions i'm afraid, but will be well packed for postage which I’ll include in the price. Also happy for buyer to collect and I’ll knock off a few quid. I’ll include a kettle lead for it too.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. SX Standard P Bass in a fetching blue. The headstock says that its 'Custom Hand Built' which frankly suggests ideas well above its station! I think that it was more likely assembled by and unskilled labourer in China?! However, it does do what is says on the tin - provide you with a P bass for very little money. This would suit someone wanting a beginner, spare or beater bass, but it would be great as a starting point for lots of modding - (eventually ending in swapping the entire bass out for another one?) The neck is chunky, but playable and the truss rod works. Electronics are good and the pickup sound just like a P bass. I wouldn't trust the hardware as far a I could bend it? It has obviously seen a bit of action over the years and so has lots of light pitting and the obligatory dink in the tummy cut and gnarled headstock tip (see pics). overall though a decent honest P bass. I'd prefer collection from London N21 so you can see what you are actually buying, but will post at cost in the UK if the buyer so desires.
  7. Now Sold! MXR Bass DI + boxed with instructions. This has been gigged a bit and has signs of use, but is fully functional. Bomb proof DI box with built in distortion. This unit runs off 48V phantom power which is why I have it. It is missing one rubber foot from the bottom. UK postage included in the price.
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