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  1. Did a little bit of testing with mine this morning. The only way I can get the tap tempo to work is with an FS-6 setup as per the manual, then connected to the SY-1 via the centre output jack on the FS-6 with a TRS cable. The 'A' footswitch on the FS-6 then gives tap tempo. I tried an FS-5 in all combinations with no success. I don't have an FS-7 to test, but suspect it'd work in the same way as the FS-6. (TRS output using a TRS cable.)
  2. See post 7 of page 2 of this thread: Cheques payable to.....
  3. Yeah, that’s the main thing I’ve noticed from this - just how lightly he plays.
  4. Day 2 - Another Day In Paradise
  5. Love Lee Sklar, he’s decided to do a play along each day to show you his parts on his recent 'Not Dead Yet' Phil Collins tour. Day 1 - Against All Odds.
  6. NoirBass

    BOSS GT1-B

    I have a GT-1b also - The unit is operating correctly, it has to have either batteries or a PSU plugged into it and a jack cable plugged into the input to power up.
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