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  1. NoirBass

    Boss GT-1B

    A: 1/using the software editor 2/Yes, no, we’ll sort of - you can program the CTL pedal to do pretty much whatever you want. (Switch the tuner on/off or turn all the effects slots off at once, mute or all or none of the above) but your best bet is to program a dedicated “bypass” patch.
  2. NoirBass

    *Gone* Carlsbro BassBaby 1x10 Combo

    Now gone, please delete.
  3. NoirBass

    *Gone* Carlsbro BassBaby 1x10 Combo

    Yes indeed, not looking too keen at me getting rid of it either 😄
  4. NoirBass

    Boss SYB-3

    Sold mine on here a few months ago and now wishing I hadn’t. Oops. Anyone got one they wish to shift, pref. Boxed with instructions.
  5. NoirBass

    Ocean Colour Scene - The Riverboat Song

    Wow! Found the pdf: Place Your Hands.pdf
  6. NoirBass

    Beneath the Bassline dvd

    Just been to the London premier, really enjoyed the film. It has an easy, watchable feel to it. Nick gently guides you through his passion for the Instrument via a series of interviews with the worlds leading players. A total must for any bassist.
  7. NoirBass

    *Gone* Carlsbro BassBaby 1x10 Combo

    Yes indeed, not looking too keen at me getting rid of it either 😄
  8. NoirBass

    Line 6 POD X3 Live

    POD X3 Live in good working order. The last POD to include all the model packs as standard including all the Bass models. Having used various PODs over the years this one has the hottest output, liveliest sound and is the lightest of the floor POD units. It also has fantastic connectivity, so much so that I used to use one channel for my bass and the other for my IEM mix - very handy. Comes with original Line 6 PSU. Price includes postage in the UK or I’ll knock off £20 for collection from London N21 Pics to follow
  9. I’ve got this Combo up for grabs if anyone wants it. It was in virtually new condition until the cat decided to use it as it scratching post for about a year. I’m sure with a bit of TLC and a good hoover it’ll come up lovely. It’s actually been barely used as I got it free with a bass I bought some years ago. Would suit a skint beginner or anyone in need of a small practice amp. Strictly collection in person only from London N21
  10. This, well said sir!
  11. NoirBass

    iReal Pro Charts

    I’ve definitely got a few of those, I did for your love yesterday 😀. pm me and I’ll email them over.
  12. NoirBass


    Turns out I do! I must have transcribed this in a hurry for a gig? Its just a scratch chart and I'm not sure how accurate it is as I've not checked it, but it'll get you round the tune. Marlena Shaw - California Soul - Bass Guitar.pdf
  13. NoirBass

    BDDI v2 for sale. WITHDRAWN

    PM offer sent
  14. NoirBass

    Feedback for jimbartlett

    I bought the other one of Jim’s ONE10’s. Easy deal and as above in mint condition.