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  1. Amazingly, I’ve just had the dispatch email from Amazon. Should be arriving tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  2. My second purchase from Pat. Bought his Dr J Sparrow. Really easy transaction and arrived promptly and well packaged. Highly recommended.
  3. This, Eq is the way to go.
  4. Only just seen this, I’ll have to have a listen to the Paris album.
  5. I did exactly this last weekend. I used an Alto TS312 as foldback (same spec as the Headrush 112) with the HX Stomp straight into the desk. Worked a treat.
  6. You’re better off exploring MIDI and using expression pedals or an IPad to control individual parameters.
  7. As I have owned or still own all the pedals/amp sims you mention above (im currently using an HX Stomp) I feel fairly qualified to answer this. My feeling is that the quality of the Modeling has improved not so as the audience might notice the difference, but that the player feels the difference. I really liked (and still use on occasion) the Bass POD XT, but the step up to the HD500x felt more natural to play. The Helix Modeling moves things on again in giving the player the best experience and reaction to the amp sims. I’d also add that application is a factor when trying to measure the quality of amp sims.
  8. Very tricky (unless you’re very good with electronics m) without installing the guts of a Variax into your instrument, or using a Variax bass.
  9. NoirBass


    Loads (most) octave pedals allow you to mix each octave separately; MXR BOD, Aguilar Ocamizer, EBS Octabass etc. Not just the OC-2.
  10. Not really, the synth section on the unit is very limited and (as it is replaces the bass signal rather than augmenting it) has fairly poor tracking. That said, when covering something material girl I would use and OC-2 or similar to get close. The GT-1b has a great OC-2 sound. If you solo the -1 octave, add a bit if compression and maybe a bit of filter and you’ll get in the ballpark. If you really want to sound like an analogue synth, best thing to do is (as said by so many in the know on this forum) get an analogue synth. Something like a Novation bass station 2 or Moog little phatty will easily cover 80’s style synths like you mention above.
  11. Same here. I expect it’ll come in the next week or 2.
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