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  1. I blagged my way into a clinic with FRP as I was obsessed with TOP and particularly his bass playing. I asked so many questions that the people running it started ingnoring my hand each time it went up. Afterwards we got chatting to him and he was very self deprecating. I Showed him my transcriptions and he was amazed that anyone would bother. After a great chat he insisted that my mate and I go to the bands gig at the Forum that night on his guest list. Sure enough when we arrived our names were down. As they came on stage the entire band shook me and my mates hands. After the final encore the entire band did the same. I never got to say thanks him. He was my biggest inspiration and it was one of those rare times when your idol exceeds your expectations. RIP FRP.
  2. Damn! both my vintage Fenders are '68
  3. Love it! Any thoughts on upgrading to an SY-1000?
  4. What a great looking and sounding bass GLWTS!
  5. Now Sold elsewhere. Classic Boss Brown LM-2B bass Limiter. Does what is says on the tin. Serial dates it to July 1990. As you'd expect for 30 year old pedal it has signs of wear, but is in full working order. No box or instructions, but will be well packed for shipping. UK postage (1st class signed) included. *Edit* I’ll take £40 posted for it now.
  6. Sold Paul a Boss LMB-3, super smooth sale. Fantastic communication throughout. Would not hesitate to do the same again.
  7. Sounds great! Good idea stringing it up E - C. Hmm this gets me thinking......
  8. https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-basses/jazz-bass/60th-anniversary-jazz-bass/0170269881.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200818_NPI_JazzBass_UK&utm_term=fender&src=email34DT081820uk&smtrctid=c045fc5a-5976-4c6e-af2c-0a35006ba16e&c3ch=email&c3nid=20200818_NPI_JazzBass_UK
  9. I’ve got a TMB-30, which I assume is the same but 4 string. It’s essentially a good bass, some uneven frets and maybe a badly cut nut? Noting a decent Luther couldn’t fix in 10 mins. I find these balance on a strap a bit odd too. It does sound great though and I like be the chunky neck profile. I’d be curious to see how people get on with the low B, is it too flappy?
  10. These have shot up in value recently, great price. In stereo mode they are crazy.
  11. SOLD £40. Boss LMB-3 industry standard Limiter/Enhancer pedal. No box or instructions, in very good nick though. UK Royal Mail 1st class signed delivery included in the price. Possibly open to trades for other pedals - try me.
  12. These are great for electric bass not just upright. Includes built in tuner and boost. Fantastic DI, this is a bargain. GLWTS
  13. Love it, I have its 5 string twin. A 4 would be a great addition. GLWTS
  14. Day 100!!!! Well I never imagined that this would go on as long as it has. I assumed that Lee would show us his bass parts for the last Phil Collins tour and that would be that. It's great to see that his channel has grown from a thing of mild curiosity to an important historical document for all musicians and fans. Lee's down to earth style, exceptional bass playing and fascinating anecdotes have kept me hooked from the start. However, this will be the last time I will post the links for Lee's videos on this thread. Thanks to everyone who has commented or liked (special thanks to @SpondonBassed for liking my posts pretty much every day!!), I hope we have have in some small part helped him build his viewer numbers. If you have been following along and want to continue to do so, I suggest you subscribe to his YouTube channel and/or sign up to his Clubhouse. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs5yDeiOgkyRZGZGphlSbIw Being the legend he is Lee has also managed to coincide his 100th day post with my birthday so I'm off to eat cake and work out what bass gear to spend my birthday money on. Bye for now, Chris / Noirbass Joe Porcoro, RIP
  15. Day 99 - Neil Sedaka / Bad Blood The Immediate Family / Cruel Twist
  16. Day 98 - Morning Smoothie Thank You
  17. Day 97 - Reba / The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia + Barefoot Servants / Fire & Gasoline
  18. Day 96 - Clint Black / A Good Run Of Bad Luck
  19. Day 95 - Rita Coolidge / Higher & Higher
  20. Day 94 - Suzy Boggus / Outbound Train
  21. Day 93 - Matty Stewart / Hillbilly Rock
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