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  1. Afraid not. I mentioned above - it’s now in a museum in Japan. I miss it so badly
  2. Hey dude! Rebuilding said pedalboard is currently in planning
  3. The one that really hurts is my 32" scale Roscoe LG5. That was sold during financial hardship. Sometime later, I tried to trace it back through the person I sold it to, and then the person they sold it to etc. Ends up that it's now in a musical instrument museum in Japan and is not for sale I have my eye on something in the market place though. Hoping it's still there when my inheritance comes in soon
  4. I don’t But I’d very much like to find it again! It was pretty special (though the neck was a tad wide for me).
  5. You guys... making me feel almost famous! hahahaha
  6. I've been away from Basschat for soooooo long that I feel like I need to say hi again... so hi! I missed this place!
  7. Ah! No worries. I hope the sale goes smooth. Thanks for the update.
  8. You’d think so... but apparently not. It just won’t give us access. Not that we’re super bothered, it is very much an ‘old project’.
  9. Yo!! Oh yeah, YouTube too! We’re in the odd position that neither of us seem to be admins on the Facebook page anymore and the email address associated with Bamdcamp, YouTube and Spotify no longer exists... so material is out there, but we don’t really have control of it anymore! Ha. So yeah, enjoy what’s out there! Synthetiks - prob the best track we made. Utter [email protected]@@h to play live. Soooooo many pedals active at once in multiple parallel loops. In the interest of the amplification question in this thread, that was an EBS Fafner into a Barefaced Big Twin T, though I did go smaller further down the line and found stuff that could still cope with the sub lows.
  10. Ok, I’m mega late to this party... first time I’ve logged in here for about a year, but.. I’m Shep and I’m still alive. My old blog was closed down when I stopped playing bass as much (I got a record deal ‘producing’ for an electronic act - WRISTS) but Si offered to host all the interviews I’d done so everyone could still read them - hence the Shep/Si connection. My old ‘band’ was Our Helical Mind - google it and you’ll find stuff on Bandcamp and Spotify. We were 2 guys using drums and a bass to make analogue drum & bass. It was fun, but we kinda peaked at what we could do with just 2 of us around the release of ‘Synthetiks’ and figured that Nerve had the 3-piece market already covered, so we called it a day. The pedalboard was a 2-man lift. It was insane. As was the tap dancing. Thanks for remembering me though. Makes me feel all important! Sorry it took me 9 months to reply!
  11. I can’t believe this is still here! This is the first time I’ve logged into the site in 2020 and I recall drooling over this the last time I was here. Maybe the fact that it’s still available is a sign! As such, a few questions... 1. I assume it’s still in the near-pristine condition in was when you posted it up? Also, still strung E-C, right? 2. Can I come and try the bass at some point? It’s actually a rather epic 5-hour round trip (and that’s if the traffic is kind) for me, but I swore to myself that I’d never buy a bass before playing it ever again. Too many purchase regrets! 3. Are you open to negotiation on the price (obviously done in private)? I appreciate the ‘new’ value of the bass and the potential value it holds to you, but it going unsold for so long speaks volumes as to ‘what people will pay’ for such an instrument, me included. Thanks! Shep
  12. Oops - Bit blurry eyed after a drive back from Germany to the UK! "band pass filter" - not quite sure where 'witch' came from!
  13. It's an adjustable filter which adds in some wet synth sound. Tech21 have always be cagey about what it actually does, but it appears to be an adjustable band witch filter with increasing resonance. It can be turned off entirely for no synthy tone.
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