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  1. Oops - Bit blurry eyed after a drive back from Germany to the UK! "band pass filter" - not quite sure where 'witch' came from!
  2. It's an adjustable filter which adds in some wet synth sound. Tech21 have always be cagey about what it actually does, but it appears to be an adjustable band witch filter with increasing resonance. It can be turned off entirely for no synthy tone.
  3. I like that 'pedal legend' bit I agree with everything said in this post though. It's very versatile and has insane low end.
  4. Joyo Orange Juice. Excellent condition. Boxed. Very little use outside of the studio. Lovely warm OD pedal that is far more versatile than it looks. £30 posted in the UK.
  5. Tech21 Red Ripper. Great condition. Spent most of its life on my pedalboard. No box. Lovely deep high gain distortion and grind with the added bonus of some synth squelch if that’s your thing! £80 posted in the UK.
  6. Hi Len. I think I have a regular boom stand (I was going to include it for free with the Reflexion Shield) and a smaller one (mic’ing a kick drum or bass cab). I’m away in Germany until next Monday now, but will confirm as soon as I get back.
  7. Hi all, I’m moving house and slimming the studio down. The following is up for grabs... Audient iD22 interface. Incredible interface and mic preamp. This really opened my eyes to Audient Mic pres as it contains the same ones found in the Uber expensive desks and stuff. Boxed. £200 Behringer Amp800 Mini Amp. 4-Channel Headphone amp. Boxed. £30 sE Electronics Reflexion Mic Shield. Portable vocal booth. Will include pop shield (and mic stand if and I don’t need to post). £40 Line Audio CM3 Condenser Mic. Perfect for guitar/bass, but also excellent on everything else. An all round excellent mic. Boxed. £80 Event Audio 20/20 BAS V3 powered monitors, pair. Boxed. The nicest audio monitors priced under £1000 that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. SOLD ISO Acoustics ISO L8R200 platforms. Stunningly good at isolating speakers from whatever is underneath them. SOLD Sennheiser e835s Dynamic Mic. Great alternative to the SM58. Half decent on a bass cab too! SOLD Novation LaunchKey Mini Mk.1 midi controller. Boxed. SOLD Akai LPK25 midi controller. SOLD sE Electronics X1 Condenser Mic. Perfect for vocals. Boxed. SOLD Pics to follow. I’m in Derby and collection is welcomed (possible drop-off and meet half way can be done too). Will accept offers on multiple buys. Shep
  8. I was very doubtful of the 1212 design with the angled speaker, but im sold. 750w through this and it barely breaks a sweat. I’m still in awe and the drummer loves it just as much. Guitarists less so
  9. Over the years I’ve had a lot of gear, from huge rigs to tiny micro ones. After a long long break from playing live I needed to get a rig together for a reunion gig with my old alt rock band. On a budget, I spent a couple of months waiting for the right stuff and finally (after oodles of research) settled on a 1st gen Schroeder 1212L and an old Markbass SD800. Both discontinued items but a pairing which has been reported to work well together (there’s a thread on talkbass pretty dedicated to using these 2 together), will fit in my tiny car and I can load in, along with a bass and small pedal board in 1 go. First full rehearsal tonight - BLOWN AWAY. For all the times I’ve read that the Schroeder 1212L lacks bottom end, I’m shocked by how tight and punchy it sounds on a low A! This rig totally cuts through (if not crushes) 2 heavily distorted 4x12 guitar rigs and is only knee height. seriously impressed. Tight, punchy and surprisingly full sounding. The dispersion on that cab is incredible.
  10. It’s been a looooooong time since I posted a pedalboard and this is the smallest one I’ve ever used! Put together for a reunion gig with an old band. Full rehearsal tonight. Sounded great!
  11. Easy trade transaction. Swift and simple. Great communication. Cheers!
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Price drop as there’s something I have my eye on!! £125 posted, or still open to trades on dirt pedals (what you have might satisfy my GAS!).
  14. Bought a Markbass head from Mark. Easy transaction, good comms, sent the item promptly. Very trustworthy!
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