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  1. Please let me know how it sits in the mix! I don't have board space for it, but I still want it!
  2. Up for grabs! Postage is £5. Collection in Derby is welcomed. Source Audio Nemesis Delay. SOLD. Wampler Terraform. SOLD Bananana Matryoshka. SOLD
  3. SOLD I'm clearing space and needing to be ruthless in order to fit all our games into the new games room. As such, the following lot is up for grabs. I'm looking to sell only as a single lot and this is advertised as collection only from Derby, though I am happy to delivery within a reasonable distance (within an hour's drive). I don't have the time, energy or packaging to split up and post out all the games separately, hence the job lot only bargain price. I've been through eBay and FB group sold listings and have found that the expected 2nd hand sale value of the games individually comes to over £400. As a single bulk buy I am asking £250 collected. I am also open to trades on effects pedals. Here is the list: Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift – Revised Edition. Cry Havoc. Kung Fu Panda + Kickstarter Stretch Goals (both still sealed). Z War One Damnation. Android (some wear). Skyline 3000. Dice Hospitals + Deluxe Upgrades Pack. Go. Legendary Encounters: X-Files. Forlorn. VS System Marvel Battles. Pirate vs Pirate. Wiraqocha (scuff on box). Homeland. Sun Tzu. Dark Souls: The Card Game + Forgotten Paths & Seekers of Humanity expansion. Throw Throw Burrito (one burrito has a tear, but doesn’t affect gameplay). Tranquillity. Peaky Blinders: Faster Than Truth. Opus Dei. Codenames. Patchwork Express. Waggle Dance (not pictured). Please note that image shows ‘Sub Terra’, but this is not included (Waggle Dance included in its place). Any questions, please ask! Drop me a PM with and effects pedal trade offers.
  4. Valid point. Sod going to a bass bash anytime soon! ;)
  5. It’s been so long since I attended a bass bash! Last midlands one I went to was at the Five Ways in Notts. Seems like a lifetime ago.
  6. Yep, 6.8lbs. Super light, especially for a bass which has a pretty large body and chunky metal hardware. Impressively light.
  7. Arrived today. Initial impressions - stunning! I had some quite specific wants from the placement, radius and feel of the ramp (trying to emulate the feel of a bass I once owned and loved, and which really helped my playing style). Alan absolutely nailed those aspects, while making a stunningly lightweight and well-balanced instrument. The ACG flavour is really clear and it compliments the spec I put together perfectly. I can honestly say that its day-1 'wow' factor has surpassed any other bass I've ever owned. I'm very much a 'feel is more important than tone' person, but the tone here is also outstanding. Clear, transparent and very punchy. You'd never think this was super lightweight. I can't wait to spend some time finding my way around it!
  8. New bass day! It's been a long time since I had one of those.

    1. andybassdoyle




      So...... what is it?

    2. pantherairsoft


      ACG Salace E Type. Pics in the build diary forum.

  9. Complete and ready to ship out to me this week. I can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty!
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