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  1. Thanks! Is the EMG a factory install, or modded later? This is the first one I’ve seen that doesn’t have the pickup hidden under a full size ramp. Also, no piezo on this one? Thanks!
  2. What’s the string spacing on this beauty? Also, as it’s chambered, how deep is the body? Thanks.
  3. Hi, what is the scale length and string spacing on this one? I've seen VB6's ranging from 30-36" and 17-19mm string spacing.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. We're actually contemplating a move to Germany. My brother-in-law moved there 6 months ago (he got a job with Thomann) and is absolutely loving life. We went over to visit between lock-downs and felt really inspired. It's a serious consideration. Edit - this thread has gone major off topic!
  6. This is the agonising truth. At €3100, compared to other luthier specs, it sounds about right. But add VAT once it hits the UK and it’s time to cry. Wish I’d investigated this a few months ago
  7. The current price is €3100 with a finish if your choice. Plus €250 for a 6 string. I also want one.
  8. My google-foo has failed me! Many (many) years ago I stumbled over a bass maker and one model in particular that gave me major GAS. It was ‘very’ out there, most notably from the fact that the upper horn travelled the full length of the neck and connected to the headstock! I’ve never seen anything else quite like it - I can sketch something if the description doesn’t make sense. They typically came in very striking colours as well - metallic purples and blues etc. I seem to think that they were a composite, opposed to wood build, but that detail may be incorrect. Does anyone know what the hell I’m talking about? I’d love to track down the builder (and ideally, one of said basses!). Thanks, Shep
  9. Hi, What is the scale length on this one? Thanks!
  10. I assume this sold, but if it falls through, please let me know! thanks.
  11. Afraid not. I mentioned above - it’s now in a museum in Japan. I miss it so badly
  12. Hey dude! Rebuilding said pedalboard is currently in planning
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