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  1. I’m so sad that I missed this post! I’ve wanted to get my hands on one of these for far too long!
  2. A couple more pics from ACG HQ! Neck is looking awesome, fretboard is mounted and fretted. Looks stunning. Big thanks to Alan for his hard work on this stunner so far!
  3. I picked one up a few months ago. Best all-round drive I’ve ever used. Utterly blown away by how good this pedal is.
  4. Hi, Is this boxed, or does it come with the soft case that you mention in the write up? Thanks!
  5. Hi folks, I thought I'd post this up to track progress over the coming months. After far too long flirting with the idea, I finally pulled the plug on an ACG. I've had a lust for one since selling (and regretting it) my custom 32" scale Roscoe some years ago. These days, the cost of getting a Roscoe made to the spec of my old bass and shipping it to the UK is... astronomical. Something about 32" scale just works for me so well and despite trying to get back to playing 34-35" scale basses, it just wasn't working out for me. As such, I needed to turn my eye to other 32" scale options the wouldn't disappoint, so of course, I instantly turned to ACG. I'm a big fan of single cut shapes, so when Alan told me he had a Salace E Type currently in production that wasn't yet claimed I got quite excited. Add to this that he called it a 'test to see just how light that body shape could be'... colour me very interested. After exchanging some thoughts and spec discussion, I pulled the trigger. So, here is the spec... Salace E Type Headless 5 string (strung E-C) Paulownia body with Indian Cedar top 5 piece Ash/Purpleheart bolt on neck Wenge fingerboard with 30" radius Hipshot hardware (18mm string spacing) East Uni-Pre 4k preamp 2x ACG FB pickups, with a Wenge (to match the fretboard) ramp between them The body is well along and looking stunning. This body is currently sub 3lbs, meaning the final weight of the bass likely to come in far lighter than most basses I've ever played. As someone who has long term neck and shoulder issues, this is nothing short of exciting. Here is a pic. Note that it is the bottom of the 4 fretboards that I'm going with (the Wenge one). I'll post more updates and images as I have them over the coming weeks and months.
  6. Pleasure. I'm glad it's gone to a good home. Enjoy!!
  7. Mike purchased my Roscoe LG today, proving that his has an impeccable taste in instruments! Super lovely guy, great communications and entirely issue-free transaction. Thanks bud!
  8. Quite possibly. I’ve had a few! Still my favourite basses ever. The only reason I’m selling my current one is to fund a 32” scale bass again.
  9. I swore myself to 32”… but I’m sooooo tempted.
  10. Yeah, the flow of the line on the LG shape is pretty much unrivalled. if this sells, rather than trades, the funds will likely fund another LG in 32" scale (like 'the one that got away'). I've never played a bass shape that feels as comfortable on both the strap and the knee.
  11. Almost... it was more like a Transit Van
  12. The only correct answer in the debate of "pedals or straight to amp?" is... PEDALS!!!!!!!!!!!! All of the lovely, noise making insane goodness. I mean, who wants a bass to actually sounds like a bass!? Are you crazy!? Pedals is the answer
  13. They sound great. Very 'hi-fi' and clean, which makes a nice balance with those meaty sounding Roscoe Bart pups. The range of control in the Glock is what I call very 'musical', especially in a recording environment. It's one of those preamps where you just can't find a bad sound with. It's pretty much a go to for every bass for me. You should absolutely try to give one a whirl at some point.
  14. When I purchased the bass, the OBP3 preamp had been badly fitted and was not working correctly - the blend pot was wired backwards and the treble control was not working. After investigation, whomever had installed the Aggie had done some major damage to a few components with the soldering iron and the whole thing needing removal. I've used the Glock pre in a few basses now (I've had this combo in two Roscoe's previously and think is works amazingly with the Roscoe Barts) and IMO, it is the most musical preamp around, so I opted to have that installed in place of the Aggie. Personally, I really dislike the OBP3 anyway, even when it works correctly, so the preamp swap was a given for me either way.
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