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  1. Also, simple chords are fine, and as far as I’d be happy going. Pre-GCSE music lessons were longer ago than I’d care to think about…
  2. Was going to say, Microkorg was a consideration. Seems a slightly more beginner-user-friendly interface.
  3. Any experiences with the Korg Monologue, or Novation Bass Station? Quite like the small profile.
  4. I really couldn’t bring myself to take that to rehearsals, let alone gigs…
  5. Hi guys, thinking of branching out into the world of synths for a few songs. Covering quite a lot of 80’s stuff nowadays and pedals can only cover so much… Don’t want to spend a fortune, but want to look into something decent allowing for a few saved presets. Also, don’t want anything super complicated! What’s recommended?
  6. At basic level, it was an octave up from the note played, but with the option of an additional 5th up from the octave, essentially forming a power chord an octave above the bass root note, then the ability to add overdrive to the upper chord whilst leaving the bass unaffected.
  7. Digging a bit deeper into this now and getting a set of usable synth tones set up. Is there a good starting point patch for a Unibass-type setting? More for a faux-rhythm guitar than for organ sounds.
  8. I can recommend these. Fitted one to my Ricky recently. Initial setup is fiddly, but ease of adjustment once it’s on is much easier. It also retains the look of the bridge, much more so than the old Hipshot replacement.
  9. Features all look good, but that is one ugly box…
  10. Has now been properly announced: https://line6.com/effects-pedals/dl4-mkii/
  11. Slightly outside my current budget…
  12. May have missed it, but can’t see that this has been posted about yet… https://www.gearnews.com/leak-did-guitar-world-magazine-accidentally-share-the-new-line-6-dl4-mk-ii/
  13. EBS - the gold plated ones because, why not?!
  14. On a sideline, getting flat-profile cables on the board recently meant I had just enough space to get the EBS Multicomp back on instead of the MXR Bass Compressor. Had forgotten how much more I prefer the EBS…
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