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  1. Down to £60 delivered - or nearest sensible offer!
  2. Down to £40 delivered - or nearest sensible offer!
  3. I would say the OC-5 has more bottom end (and considerably more volume) than the OC-2. Its a smoother octave, which some might prefer. To my ears, the OC-2 has something more going on in the mid frequencies that makes it seem fuller, even if it doesn’t go as deep as the OC-5. It’s a considerable step up from the OC-3, but I’m going to stay hoping for an OC-2w...
  4. Mine just arrived today so running some comparisons... It’s a fun pedal, but still OC-2 > OC-5
  5. Not done with the Markbass, but check out around 5:38 in this video. It’s a similar Moog-ish Bass tone. Afraid I’ve no idea re the programming of the Super Synth, but you want to be looking for an octave down, light gain, a downward filter and (maybe) chorus. Interested to hear how it turns out!
  6. Initial thoughts are that the Octabvre nails the OC-2 tone and feel, but that was really expected. Surprise was how close the Valeton is too. The MXR is close, tone-wise, but the ‘improved’ tracking makes it play slightly differently. However, it has its own thing going on and I actually prefer it to the Boss with the Oct-1 soloed. Any other recommendations for OC-2-alikes...?
  7. Well, my OC-5 is delayed, but other tryouts are going well...
  8. ...pushed back to November now...
  9. They certainly sound pretty close, but it’s hard to tell until you can hear how it reacts to the dynamics of your playing...
  10. Yeah, I ordered from Andertons too, but I think GAK and all the rest are showing as unavailable at the moment too.
  11. Still waiting on mine to be dispatched...
  12. OC-2 from April 1982 still working perfectly here!
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