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  1. Me and the drummer. We were founding members of the band and had the idea for our 'product'. We structure it to allow for song sharing between our male and female vocalists, starting/ending with big tunes and looking for complimentary keys where song ending/starts go together well or can flow naturally...
  2. I have very few 'friends', but many 'acquaintances' or 'colleagues'. Proper friendship includes loyalty, understanding, being there for one another etc..... 30+ years in bands proves that (for the most part) my bandmates have not been real friends.
  3. 'Raiding The Rock Vault' (Las Vegas all-star show) on it's UK debut at Subterranea in London on Thursday night.... My Wife's A-Cappella group 'Academix' at Guildford Star on Friday night.... Gun/FM & Dan Reed next Wednesday night.... and 'Cloudbusting' (amazing 'Kate Bush' tribute featuring our very own Dave Roberts from thisBasschat parish) at Putney Half Moon next Sunday night!
  4. We used that quiz team name a few weeks back too!
  5. I always quite liked 'The Clitoris Allsorts'
  6. I'll be interested to try/hear these. I love my new GK Legacy800 and get plenty of growl from it. I can't see how these are going to sound any better for what I personally need... I'm guessing they probably just have more overdrive on tap? Regardless, being GK, they will sound excellent - of that I have no doubt!
  7. cetera

    Dov65 feedback

    Sold my lovely Kramer bass to Dave. Instant payment and clear communications. Enjoy, mate!
  8. You're all forgetting the number one rule of Basschat: "Don't talk about Ba..... " Oh dammit! Now you've made me do it....." But seriously, it's generally a fine place full of fine folks with a high tolerance level for each others musical & personal tastes. A perfect example is that, although I have no love for W*rw*ck, I did play a reasonably good one.... Once.... 😁 There, point proven.
  9. You said earlier it was 10lb 9oz
  10. This would however sound MUCH better sung by Peter Cetera...... it's a straight songwriting rip of the Peter Cetera & David Foster style from Chicago 16 & Chicago 17 albums!
  11. Sounds familiar. I was in (& managed) a well known tribute for 26 years and shared the social media control with my fellow founding member. We agreed many times that, when either of us decided to call it a day, the band would fold so as not to dilute our hard earned excellent reputation or confuse venues/fans etc. If the other person still wanted to continue then the band could change its name and find a replacement member. Sadly, haven given months of notice, the day after I played my final show I was ejected from the band page & blocked.... and the band continued on with the same name. 26 years of supposed friendship & loyalty gone overnight - and this guy was even Best Man at my wedding. Oh well, seems loyalty counts for nothing.... and his speech was shite tbh! lol! I'm pleased to say that the 2 other (non-founding) band members then jumped ship leaving him having to make replacements for 3 of us. The new version now play to half the audiences and gig reports suggest they aren't anywhere near as good or authentic. Karma is a beach... especially as I'm now out doing bigger and better gigs with superior musicians & singers Onwards and upwards.... living well is the best revenge!
  12. With thanks to @EBS_freak for the advice.... I've just made my entry into the murky world of IEMs! LD MEI1000 wireless with KZ-AS10 5-driver earpieces.... all for under £280! Looking forward to trying these at our theatre gig in a fortnight's time 🙂
  13. I saw the fantastic 'Young Gun Silver Fox' last night at Nells (formerly The Orange) in West Kensington. Sold out show, singing and dancing audience, happy & smiling band, soulful vocals & harmonies, Fender Rhodes, funky horn section, bouncy 70's/early 80's west coast grooves and a bassist with killer tone that could be heard in a great mix - wonderful!! If you like what they now term 'yacht rock' - i.e. Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald-era Doobie Bros, Steely Dan, early Chicago, E,W&F etc then check them out!
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