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  1. That bass track for 'Knowing Me Knowing You' is mindblowing..... Love Rutger (RIP) even more now!
  2. Now THAT is class...... as close as you can get soundwise to the original and, yes, the singer DOES look like Steve Perry! Hardly surprising given their pedigree. The singer is Hugo, a hugely respected AOR singer in his own right and former singer with a band called Valentine. The bassist is none other than Greg Smith who, amongst many others, has played extensively with Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent. Fantastic!
  3. Dayum! Can't justify it at the moment....
  4. I used to be a 'custard-chucking, throbbing member'..... but now I'm just a 'supporting member'. How the mighty have fallen
  5. Awwww, bless you, lovely chaps! It took a lot of time, money, effort and insurances to do our shows.... and that's because there are no half-measures with KISS! lol! For me there is a distinction between tribute bands and cover bands. A tribute band nails the music but also makes a solid attempt/effort when it comes to looks and/or production. With a more non-descript visual band like Coldplay you need to at least make an effort with production values as they have no real image to speak of. A cover band simply plays the music. However, if they absolutely nail the music/sound/vibe then imho they have a right to bill themselves as 'A tribute to the music of (insert artist)'. I played for a short time in an incredibly musically accurate show called 'Rock Anthems: Live And Dangerous - A tribute to the music of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy'. Not being a man of Brazilian/Irish extraction and having blond/fair hair I obviously didn't look the part but I made an effort with the mirrorguard black P bass and tone. We were rewarded with the late Philomena Lynott telling us that we were the most accurate 'musical' tribute to her Son and band that she had ever heard....
  6. If it is has maple wings WITHOUT a line of walnut through the middle (look on the sides/edges of the bass body) then it is a Euro 5. If it has a line of walnut then it is a Euro 5LX.
  7. If you can find a used one that hits the top of your budget then check out the Spector Bantam bass.
  8. Rex has probably moved onto the next brand who'll pay him to endorse their basses by now...
  9. I'd love to do something but. in all reality. I sadly have to agree with Silvia. Also, not sure we would get the go ahead from the school in the current 'climate' anyway....
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. That's fantastic! Lush bass tone too Great stuff!
  12. LOVE mine! Sounds awesome with my Spectors......... and everything else! lol! GLWTS!
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