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  1. That'll be why I've never heard of her! I'm too busy actually getting out and playing live.... lol!
  2. Never heard of the former....... but the latter is the one I knew about and am immensely looking forward to seeing!
  3. Same basses, different 'series' name.... zzzz....
  4. Can't say any more at this stage but one of the special guests I've heard about will be fantastic :)
  5. Come and get it mate! This is a proper bargain.... you know it makes sense 😉
  6. A possible upcoming purchase necessitates me sadly considering moving on this beauty... A fantastic condition thru-neck 80's Kramer Forum III bass in a gorgeous blue/teal sparkle (subtle) finish. This bass is in a solid 9.5 condition and is the rare higher grade thru-neck version of the more common bolt on Forum IV's that occasionally surface from time to time. Pickups are 'Spector' branded passive PJ pickups with the legendary K-Haz (Korean 'Haz Labs'-copy) active preamp. Upgrade the pickups if you wish to full active EMG PJs and you'd be blasting down walls!! Black hardware, a 'Spector' branded heavy duty bridge and a rosewood board with diamond inlays complete the classy looks of this gorgeous bass! Price is £400. NO trades, thank you. Payment by cash on collection (from Guildford/Woking area), bank transfer or Paypal (buyer pays all fees). I can deliver/meet within 50 miles of Guildford/Woking area for fuel costs or I can courier (insured) for £40 Please see the link below to my extensive, positive feedback and assurances of a clean, honest transaction. Cheers!
  7. A possible purchase has got me considering selling one of my Spectors..... aaarrghhh.... NB: PLEASE NOTE - £1100 o.n.o. NOT £1200. So, here is a beautiful translucent dark cherry Euro 4 LX with active EMG PJ set up, non-trim Tonepump preamp, gold hardware, rosewood board and all the lush curves/ergonomic comfort and authoritative punchy tone that Spectors are well known for! Condition is a solid 9+ with just two small surface lacquer dings - one below the bridge and one on the top edge (both can be seen in the close-up pic below) - and the original owner had temporarily moved the rear strap pin to directly below the bridge so a small hole is left. A new one of these would cost you £1600 minimum, if you can find this colour. I'm looking for just £1100 o.n.o. cash, bank transfer or Paypal (buyer pays all fees). Bass can be collected from Guildford/Woking, Surrey area or I can courier (with full insurance) for approx £45. I am also open to meeting/delivering for fuel costs within 50 miles of Guildford/Woking area. No trades thanks..... and please see my extensive positive feedback (link below) for assurance of a clean, honest transaction. Cheers!
  8. Just seen the terribly sad news on Facebook that our fellow Basschatter John Green (bassist with Police tribute 'The Secret Police') passed away suddenly last night. RIP mate 😞
  9. I bought Andy's.....err..... Wife..... and very accommodating he was too! Making sure she fitted my delivery window and packaging her extremely well. I've been bedding her in ever since.... Cheers!
  10. Fantastic bassist! But he is of course mainly duplicating the fantastic basslines of the late Dee Murray (RIP) and other legends like David Paton and Kenny Passarelli....
  11. Toto at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea on Thursday - praying it stays dry as it's an outdoor show!
  12. I had it advertised at the same time! Well, you know where we are now - if you want it - you're welcome and can pick it up when you collect your Mum from the airport! lol!
  13. I'm off to the London Palladium tonight to see AOR/Prog-Pomp legends Styx! Can't wait....!! THE best sounding live band I've ever seen.... all amazing musicians and prob the best rock drummer on the scene in Todd Sucherman.
  14. Johann bought, paid in advance for... and then collected my fake Marshall fronts. Excellent transaction and highly recommended. Cheers!
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