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  1. To be fair, that moustache in your avatar IS awesome!!
  2. EMG knobs so an EMG BTS circuit.
  3. Yep, I heard about this. Seen a tobacco sunburst one too. This has been withdrawn from reverb page as these basses aren't supposed to be listed until next week. Hopeful of some coming into the UK.
  4. Just watched the Alan Hull documentary. Very interesting/enlightening. Good work WoT!
  5. How many is too many? Who's to say?! I have 76. Would be happy to have a few more and will also be moving some of what I currently have on too...
  6. The trouble with tolerating people like this is, in the long run, it'll come back to bite you in the derrière. They don't change when they're that set in their ways. It'll grind you down or come to a head and then you'll wish you hadn't put up with it so long as you've wasted time and missed out on other potential opportunities. Tolerating is enabling....
  7. Get rid...... or leave. Scratch his car on the way out and then chat his sister up. When he complains, tell him you don't like restrictions and prefer to operate 'by feel'....
  8. Ian Anderson does not have a pseudonym of Gerald Bostock registered with PRS.
  9. I don't believe there's any issue with spoken words clips as such but, as Jus Lukin says above, a little polite enquiry always goes a long way and could save hassle down the road. Alternatively, why don't you just record yourself/friends saying what you want?
  10. The other option that many bands sign up to is to split the publishing side between them. That way, if there really is a main songwriter who does most of it, then the whole band split the publishing pot but the writer solely gets his writing share.
  11. Lol! No, it was mine - he borrowed it
  12. No, he likes the proper Spectorbird.
  13. Just discovered Nektar........ and really enjoying this crazy album! Fantastic bass playing too....
  14. Cheers Muzz! 😃 Spector Euro 'Ian Hill' sig model, dimed, into Gallien Krueger Legacy 800 Head and Genz Benz Neox 2x12 cab with chorus effect from the Zoom B3....... 😎
  15. Is that the No Nukes one? If so, I have an old VHS of the whole show including Jackson Browne, Nicolette Larsen, The Doobie Brothers etc.... great gig!
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