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  1. I can only do the basics of slap & tapping, never interested in solo-ing and I've no idea of jamming jazz.... However, I've never been without a band, have toured the world and can lock in tight with a drummer as well as turn up on time and be a good bandmate. I guess it depends what you want out of it. I LOVE my basses, playing bass and providing solid basslines in a band. I prefer the traditional role of a bass guitar in blues, folk, rock and roll, rock etc and the grooves in proper original r'n'b, soul, funk etc. Never had any interest in playing lead solo lines, playing 10 string basses or the like.... Everyone is different and gets something different out of it and that's great/as it should be. Personally, I prefer to play my role in a band communicating great music to large groups of people and the inherent energy and emotion that brings...
  2. Remember, if it has a Tonepump preamp - check if it has a trimpot (clock dial) on the side of the pre-amp box. If it does - turn it down to halfway....
  3. That's sad news. Still some great acts there though.... Dave Bickler is fantastic... my guitarist Glenn is playing with him and Dave will put on a great performance.
  4. Ooooh.... that looks lovely 🙂
  5. Bought a lovely Spector from Stuart. Regular communication, a great deal and willing to work with me to make the purchase happen. Recommended!
  6. Given the level of talent present in the TNMC and the successes they experienced before and after elsewhere as songwriters, musicians and producers who is to say? And, lets face it - if she WAS the principle songwriter then her output since would have been of an equal/better quality... which it isn't/hasn't been (imho)
  7. ...... and she didn't acknowledge them in her Grammy acceptance speech. Nuff said...
  8. *cough* after-game bath *cough* american football team *cough* *musical casting couch* *cough* gold-digger *cough* etc (NB: allegedly) Where's my cough syrup when I need it?
  9. ....yep..... and some much more sordid events...
  10. They're only as hot as the pre-amp they're linked with. If you have a Tonepump you can reduce the output gain. However, early Tonepump models don't have a trimpot on the side of them.... you'd need to check yours.
  11. Yes, the Tonepump with EMG PJ or DC is VERY hot. There is a trimpot on the side of the Tonepump where the output gain can be reduced. People seem to like to reduce to between 40% & 60%. The Tonepump Jr isn't as hot and the EMG Hz pickups are passive so this is less of an issue on the Far-East models...
  12. If you're not all on the same page then I'd sack the band off. Find driven, enthusiastic people and repeat...... hopefully with more success.
  13. Her first (& most famous) album was almost completely written (including bass parts) by the songwriting collective known as the Tuesday Night Music Club which featured Bill Bottrell, Kevin Gilbert (RIP) etc.... She has managed to take credit for it all and didn't even thank them on her Grammy speech. She doesn't have a great reputation thanks to this and a number of other similar events...
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