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  1. I LOVE this bass...... but need to move it on to clear some funds for a possible upcoming purchase. I'll be sad to see it go as it is a FANTASTIC, high quality and incredible value for money bass with a monstrous selection of tones on board.... but needs be.... Often compared to basses 3 or 4 times it's price and always comes out on top! Body Material : North American Alder which is known for its strong clear full-bodied sound, with beefy mids and excellent lows - perfect for the traditional jazz bass sound. Neck Material : 1 Piece Hardmaple Neck Shape : C-Shape Scale : 34” Fingerboard : Rosewood Fingerboard Radius : 7’25” Frets : Medium Small, 20 Frets String Nut : Natural Bone 38mm width - considered to deliver more balanced, clearer and smoother tone than plastic or eurite material Binding : 1 ply Ivory Inlay : WH Pearloid Block Neck Joint : 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate Pickups : Marcus Super Jazz pickup set made with US fomvar coil, fibre bobbin and alnico 5 magnets in order to reproduce the traditional vintage jazz bass sound. Electronics : 18V Marcus Heritage 3 Band Preamp with Middle Frequency Control and active/passive switch Controls : Volume / Tone (Dual Pot) | Pickup Blender | Treble | Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot) | Bass, Mini Toggle (Active / Passive ) Bridge : Heavy Mass Standard with string-thru-body capability Tuning Gear : Premium Open-Gear Hardware Finish : Chrome Pickguard : Tortoise Condition is excellent/mint minus as it's really only had home/studio use. Currently strung with 45-105 roundwounds. Payment by Cash (on collection), Bank Transfer or Paypal (you pay any/all fees). I can meet/deliver within the South East for agreed fuel cost or can courier at cost to be agreed with buyer. Please see my extensive feedback for assurance of a clean, honest transaction. Thanks!
  2. Welcome back Zoe! Once you're getting comfortable try 'New York Minute' by Don Henley (Pino Palladino) and 'Breathing' / 'Babooshka' by Kate Bush (John Giblin)
  3. This is a fantastic opportunity to obtain a basically mint Spector NS2000/4 from the early 2000’s. Features include: 3-piece maple neckthru body construction (as per US/original Euro models) Curved maple body & figured maple top (as per US/original Euro models) 34” scale / 24 fret neck EMG-HZ pickups with 9v EMG BTS circuit Brass nut Heavy duty bespoke Spector locking bridge and hardware (all black) The finish on this particular one is a beautiful translucent slate grey which under lights seems to flipflop between a blue/purple and greenish grey. Condition is really quite wonderful ‘Mint minus’ (I literally found approx 3 light surface scuffs!) and it has a very playable and responsive low action set up making this bass a pleasure to play. Please note – the Spector ‘crown’ inlays are fretboard stickers (covering dots). These do NOT get in the way when playing and can easily be removed. Bass is located in Guildford/Woking area and I can courier at buyers expense (prob approx £30) or can meet in South East England for petrol. Payment by cash, bank transfer or Paypal (you pay all fees) only please. Please see my extensive positive feedback record for assurance of a smooth and honest transaction.
  4. LOVE it! Always wanted one of these.... but I've gone lighter-weight in my old age. GLWTS!
  5. Once you get near my collection size (i.e. 72 basses) the wife doesn't notice a new one coming in or old one going anyway... Not that I believe I need to ask permission. As long as all bills/household costs etc are covered, what I do with my money is my business.
  6. Lots of great gigs still to come in 2019, in between all the ones I'm performing myself! Kayak Stanley Dee (Steely Dan tribute) Styx Toto Corduroy Cloudbusting (Kate Bush tribute) Lynyrd Skynyrd/Quo KISS ELO Experience (ELO tribute) Queensryche Angel Alice Cooper (hopefully!)
  7. Probably just under £60K. Rotated in and out (as required) of very secure private storage!
  8. I worked on a tribute 'project' for PRS a few years ago and the results were the obvious contenders.... Beatles, Queen, Abba.... followed by Stones, Zep, Who etc....
  9. They were a ltd Japanese market-only release and are VERY rare now, particularly in good condition..... and especially with recent importation problems due to CITES. I got them for reasonable prices pre-CITES and my ultimate aim is to have two of them refinished/resprayed in other colours/graphics. :)
  10. A few more changes since Nov 2018 so updated list of (now) 72 basses: (PRE-KRAMER) SPECTOR SB-1 USA 1976 (Walnut/Maple) (PRE-KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Cherry Sunburst) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Gloss White) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Tobacco Sunburst) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Red/Black Lava Crackle) - Ex-Barry Dunaway (Yngwie) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Red Stain) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Gloss White) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Teal) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Custom Holoflash Black & Abalone) SPECTOR NS-2 Euro CR (Holoflash Black) SPECTOR NS-2 Euro CRFM(Purple Stain) SPECTOR NS-2 Euro CRFM (Plum Stain) SPECTOR NS-2 Euro CRFM (Forest Green) SPECTOR NS-2 Euro LX (Gloss White) SPECTOR NS-2 Euro LX (Red Flame) SPECTOR NS-2 Euro LX ‘Ian Hill’ (Black) SPECTOR NS-2 Euro LX ‘Doug Wimbish' (White) SPECTOR NS-2 Euro LT (Violet Stain) - INCOMING May SPECTOR NS-2 JA-CR Euro RI (Gloss White) SPECTOR NS-2 JA-CR Euro RI (Black) SPECTOR NS2000/4 (Dark Grey Quilt) SPECTOR Legend 4X (Holoflash Black) SPECTOR Legend 4X (Black Stain) STUART SPECTOR DESIGN NS-4 Euro (Red Stain) DINGWALL D-Bird (Blue/Purple Colourflip) - INCOMING June WAL Mk1 Fretless(Mahogany with Stained Maple facings) WAL Mk1 “Geddy Lee” (Black with Gold Hardware) FENDER Precision ‘70’s Jap RI “Phil Lynott” (Black/Mirror) FENDER Precision ’62 Jap RI (Vintage White/Red Tort) FENDER FSR Precision PJ Deluxe Active (Sea Foam Metallic) 1 of 150 JACKSON "Kip Winger" Sig (Cherry Lacewood) JACKSON TBX-Pro ‘Jacksonbird’ 1 of 56 made (Black) JACKSON Ontario ‘Concert Bass’ (White) HAMER Impact USA (Black & Gold ‘Marble’) HAMER Impact USA (Red) HAMER Scarab USA ‘Rick Savage’ (White) KRAMER Forum I (Flipflop Blue) KRAMER Forum III (Dark Teal) KRAMER Ferrington Electro/Acoustic (Black) ESP The Surveyor 1984 (Blue Stain with Blue fingerboard!) ESP PPJ-160 ‘Masayoshi Yamashita’ Sig Model (White) ESP/Zep-II PPJ-160 ‘Masayoshi Yamashita’ Sig Model (Black) PEAVEY RJ-IV “Randy Jackson” Sig Model (Red Sunburst) PEAVEY RJ-IV “Randy Jackson” Sig Model (Grey/Silverburst) PEAVEY “Rudy Sarzo” Sig Model (Dark Natural) TOKAI ‘Hard Puncher’ P (Black/Mirror) TOKAI Works TW801? (Black) FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx’ Non-Reverse Spectorbird (Black) FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx’ Non-Reverse Spectorbird (Black) FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx’ Non-Reverse Spectorbird (Black) FERNANDES TB Ltd Edition ‘Thunderbird’ (Off-White) FERNANDES PJ-50 Ltd Edition P/J (Red) YAMAHA BB3000 (Black Sparkle) HARTKE XK-4 Active (Black/Chrome) GUILD Pilot (Purple Burst) GUILD Pilot (Red) HAGSTROM Super Swede "Rutger Gunnarsson" (Dark Mahogany) EPIPHONE Thunderbird Vintage Pro (Black) ITALIA Imola GP "Ricky Phillips" (White) HOHNER B2A w/D-Tuner (Black) SIRE “Marcus Miller” V7 (Vintage White) FELINE/SPECTOR "Gene Simmons SB-1" Copy (Black) FELINE/KRAMER "Gene Simmons Axe" 1980 Hybrid (Black/Silver) PUNISHER "Gene Simmons" Ltd. Edition (Signed/#’d) (Black) AXE "Gene Simmons" Ltd Edt (Signed/#’d) (Black/Silver) CORT “Gene Simmons Axe-2” (Black/Silver) CORT “Punisher GS-2” (Black) STACCATO MG Active (22 of 34 made) (Black/Magnesium Alloy) I also have 10 'guitards'....
  11. I've got 70+ instruments. I didn't buy them as investments, I bought them because I wanted them and enjoy playing them/owning them.... but I guess a significant number of them are a nice nest egg for the future
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