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  1. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    A rather well known shop local to me had a very large shipment of Gibsons in recently. 90% of them needed a full set up before hitting the showroom floor....... and some 20%+ were sent back as being unacceptable. Not what you would expect from a legendary and expensive brand!
  2. Any Hamer love out there?

    Your FB-IV pic hasn't uploaded Paul....
  3. Any Hamer love out there?

    Love them! Here are mine..... Two very rare Hamer Impact basses (designed by Kip Winger) - these have a very Spector 'feel' to them......... and a white Hamer Scarab bass.
  4. Ah yes, the man who had a bass playing verb added to the urban dictionary in his honour....... to clutterbuck - to play bass in a style that makes it sound like you're falling down the stairs....
  5. Singing bass players

    My good friend.... and huge influence..... the wonderful, soulful, Tiran Porter with The Doobie Brothers....
  6. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    I know of at least one big name Japanese guitar manufacturer who is readying themselves to buy out Gibson for their history and assets. Could be the best thing to happen to them. Japanese QC, forward thinking design and marketing etc...
  7. London bass guitar show 2018

    I'll be there on the Saturday - hoping for Barnes & Mullins to have the Sims loaded Spector Rudy Sarzo Euro and the new acoustic Spector Timbre bass on show.....
  8. Bass heaven, bass hell

    Bass heaven = A grinding, growling Spector (a la Eddie Jackson of Queensryche on Operation Mindcrime/Empire albums). Melodic, supportive grooves and basslines of classic 70's bassists like Peter Cetera, Tiran Porter, John Deacon, Paul Goddard, Dee Murray, Rutger Gunnarsson, Joe Puerta, David Paton etc. Active PJ style basses. Beautiful mwaaahhhing fretless tones. Bass hell = 6+ string basses, slappers demoing gear and making it sound like they're falling down the stairs, players more concerned with showing off technique/note count than locking the groove.
  9. Pedulla Buzz Bass 1992. Price drop.

    Facebook PM'd.
  10. Spector NS 4CRFM PRICE DROP £1150 ono

    Damon - see P15 here: http://www.spectorbass.com/uploads/resources/completehistory.pdf This bass is a pre-LX Euro, also known as a NS4CR (or NS4CRFM if flamed maple) Hope this helps chaps!
  11. Importing a bass from the USA

    Old bass case, stickers, sticky finger marks on bass and old strings (with a bunch of old set lists in the case). Job done.... Or so I've heard........*ahem*...
  12. Importing a bass from the USA

    If the shipping cost, insurance, import tax & handling charges look like adding up to £300+ just buy a plane ticket and go and pick it up
  13. Mesa Boogie Diesel 215 *SOLD*

    Bumping my old cab! This is a stunning cab.... all the low end you could require, plus a mid punch to die for..... and more than enough high end for any bass player. A full range cab indeed..... The covering was an additional layer the owner before me put on it to protect it - so underneath it's awesome. If I had the space/need - I'd be having it back in a second! Great cab and seller - buy with confidence!
  14. Rig help

    For old school 70's rock etc I'd say you need to go for a good 2x12. Get yourself a used Genz Benz Neo 2x12, a decent lightweight but powerful head and a Sansamp or Darkglass pedal (e.g. B3K/B7K) and you'll be sorted....