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  1. Apart from the classic 'Spector' headstock, it has to be this one.... Hamer Impact:
  2. Bought a fantastic BackBeat from Sean. Fast, easy and solid transaction as always. Recommended!
  3. I'm still working (luckily) as I work in the 'quality assurance' side of music royalties and we HAVE to ensure that our members (songwriters/publishers) keep getting their money. In these uncertain times, especially with the (hopefully only temporary) death of the live music arena, our members are really RELYING on any/all monies we can secure for them.... Have to say, I'm pretty proud of the way all the staff are pulling together in looking after our members/songwriters...
  4. Just bought a lovely classic Black & Gold Aria from Paul...... and he even dropped it off at mine as he was on a day out with his Missus! Splendid.... and a pleasure to do business with another Basschat legend :)
  5. This statement is where I was going with my original topic starter post. I'm feeling like I shouldn't play any gigs until mid-late summer but at the moment that decision is being made by our venues (who, so far, are cancelling/postponing). Not sure how I'll feel if a gig in a month's time still looks like going ahead....
  6. So, a lot of us are seeing our gigs cancelled by venues or clients due to Corona virus.... But what about any gigs in the near future (next 8-12 weeks) that are NOT being cancelled? How do you feel about them? Do you want to pull them yourself? Are you in a band with people who want to pull them? SHOULD we pull them and make an executive decision? Would you refuse to play? With Govt 'advice' being so wishy-washy are you feeling like YOU need to make a decision... even if that decision for yourself causes friction within your band or with a venue/client? Interested to see how we all feel about this strange situation we all find ourselves in.....
  7. First of (we expect) many phone calls received from our theatre venues last night cancelling this Friday's gig.... Disgusting the way this Govt is treating the entertainment/hospitality community. Venues will go under and people will hit the breadline all because they are having to 'voluntarily' close/stop working... So angry with Cummings/Cooper and their cronies right now.... !!!
  8. Splendid transaction - got Mickey's 'Off The Pegg' book for a bargain price. Top bloke, top product. Recommended.
  9. Lead singer is one half of the superb 'Young Gun Silver Fox' too... https://www.facebook.com/NPORadio2/videos/507703880183017/
  10. Apart from on a classic Spector NS2 😉
  11. Had a big corporate charity gig on Wednesday at a major London West End hotel postponed till mid June just now.....
  12. I like big butts and I cannot lie........ But visually the control side 'cheek' is just too fat/wide for me....
  13. Let me know if you ever want to move this on
  14. There's a pic over on the rare basses thread in 'Bass Guitars' chap :)
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