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  1. Got one of these - great for the money! I'm upgrading the pickup to a Gzr as the stock are low output. Expecting to hear a vast improvement!
  2. cetera


    That's standard.
  3. Peter Cetera on stage...... Tiran Porter to my left and John Deacon to my right with Rutger Gunnarsson (RIP) & Dee Murray (RIP) sitting behind me...
  4. Amazing deal for a fantastic rig. Come on.... someone buy this!
  5. Best sounding and best value lightweight 2x12 on the market IMHO! GLWTS!
  6. Ah yes.... used to be mine. Great bass!
  7. See here for the Hamer: And here's the Archer:
  8. Update time.... four have gone in the last month (crossed through) and two have arrived (in bold)! (PRE-KRAMER) SPECTOR SB-1 USA 1976 (Walnut/Maple) (PRE-KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Cherry Sunburst) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Gloss White) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Tobacco Sunburst) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Red/Black Lava Crackle) - Ex-Barry Dunaway (Yngwie Malmsteen Band) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Red Stain) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Gloss White) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Black) (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A (Teal) SPECTOR NS-2 USA (Custom Holoflash Black & Abalone) SPECTOR NS-2X USA 'Spectorbird' (Tobacco Sunburst & Abalone) SPECTOR Euro CR (Holoflash Black) SPECTOR Euro CRFM(Dark Purple Stain) SPECTOR Euro CRFM (Plum Stain quilt) SPECTOR Euro CRFM (Forest Green quilt) SPECTOR Euro LX (Gloss White) SPECTOR Euro LX ‘Ian Hill’ (Black) SPECTOR Euro LX 'Rachel Bolan' (Black/Silver Sparkle) SPECTOR Euro LX (Black Stain quilt) SPECTOR Euro LT (Violet Fade quilt) SPECTOR Euro NS-2 JA-CR Euro RI (Gloss White) 1 of 82 SPECTOR Euro NS-2 JA-CR Euro RI (Black) 1 of 82 SPECTOR Legend 4X (Holoflash Black) SPECTOR Legend 4X (Black Stain) SOLD STUART SPECTOR DESIGN NS-4 Euro (Red Stain) DINGWALL D-Bird (Blue/Purple Colourflip) WAL Mk1 Fretless (Mahogany with Stained Maple facings) WAL Mk1 “Geddy Lee” (Black with Gold Hardware) FENDER Precision ‘70’s Jap RI “Phil Lynott” (Black/Mirror) FENDER Precision '70's Classic' Jap RI (sunburst/Blocks on maple board) FENDER Precision ’62 Jap RI (Vintage White/Red Tort) FENDER FSR Precision PJ Deluxe Active (Sea Foam Metallic) 1 of 150 FENDER FSR Precision 70's RI (Nat Ash) FENDER Jazz Bass Special Japan "Duff McKagan" (White Sparkle) FRANKENSTEIN Tele neck/P body '"Billy Sheehan - The Wife" SOLD JACKSON "Kip Winger" Sig (Cherry Lacewood) JACKSON TBX-Pro ‘Jacksonbird’ 1 of 56 made (Black) JACKSON Ontario ‘Concert Bass’ (White) HAMER Impact USA (Black & Gold ‘Marble’) HAMER Impact USA (Red) HAMER Impact (Copper/Gold) HAMER Scarab USA ‘Rick Savage’ (White) KRAMER Forum I (Flipflop Blue) KRAMER Ferrington Electro/Acoustic (Black) ESP The Surveyor 1984 (Blue Stain with Blue fingerboard!) ESP PPJ-160 ‘Masayoshi Yamashita’ Sig Model (White) ESP/Zep-II PPJ-160 ‘Masayoshi Yamashita’ Sig Model (Black) PEAVEY RJ-IV “Randy Jackson” Sig Model (Red Sunburst) PEAVEY RJ-IV “Randy Jackson” Sig Model (Grey/Silverburst) PEAVEY “Rudy Sarzo” Sig Model (Dark Natural) TOKAI ‘Hard Puncher’ P (Black/Mirror) TOKAI Works TW801? (Black) FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx’ Non-Reverse Spectorbird (Black) FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx’ Non-Reverse Spectorbird (Black) FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx’ Non-Reverse Spectorbird (Black) FERNANDES TB Ltd Edition ‘Thunderbird’ (Off-White) SOLD YAMAHA BB3000 (Black Sparkle) ARCHER KS3 "Kasim Sulton" Sig Model ARIA CSB Black & Gold (Black) G&L Tribute Legacy L-2000 (Honey) SOLD PEDULLA Buzz Deluxe Fretless (Black) HARTKE XK-4 Active (Black/Chrome) GUILD Pilot (Purple Burst) GUILD Pilot (Red) BASS COLLECTION California 'Rickenfaker' (Natural) SOLD MUSICMAN USA Sub Stingray (Black) HAGSTROM Super Swede "Rutger Gunnarsson" (Dark Mahogany) EPIPHONE Thunderbird Vintage Pro (Black) EPIPHONE Thunderbird Vintage Pro (Tobacco Burst) ITALIA Imola GP "Ricky Phillips" (White) HOHNER B2A w/D-Tuner (Black) HARLEY BENTON PB-20 Precision (Matt Black) FELINE/SPECTOR "Gene Simmons SB-1" Copy (Black) FELINE/KRAMER "Gene Simmons Axe" 1980 Hybrid (Black/Silver) PUNISHER "Gene Simmons" Ltd. Edition (Signed/#’d) (Black) AXE "Gene Simmons" Ltd Edt (Signed/#’d) (Black/Silver) CORT “Gene Simmons Axe-2” (Black/Silver) CORT “Punisher GS-2” (Black) STACCATO MG Active (1 of 34 made) (Black/Magnesium Alloy) I also have 10 'guitards'.... ....and another Spector incoming before Xmas!
  9. Original Gallien-Krueger 400RB and/or 800RB. I played every head under the sun for years looking for THAT tone (authoritative, punchy, full, piano-definition, harmonic edged, grindy) and finally found it in these heads. They're built like tanks too and as a result were industry standard live-hire heads for a couple of decades....
  10. http://totoofficial.com/2020/10/dogzofoz/ Just Lukather/Williams now.... but John Pierce (Huey Lewis/Richard Marx etc) on bass... and a livestream for £15 on 21st Nov: https://dice.fm/event/7ybg7-toto-8-pm-gmt-9-pm-cet-21st-nov-stream-via-london-london-tickets
  11. Yes indeedy! Sold 4 basses in a week...!
  12. Cheers! No, it's an EMG HB bass humbucker.
  13. Yep, that's @NancyJohnson
  14. I already have two (a red one and an irridescent black/gold marble one) but always fancied a copper/gold one... 😉
  15. New Hamer Bass Day!!! With HUGE thanks to an amazing friend in WA, USA (who secured it for me and sent it to the UK) I have just received this amazing condition Copper/Gold 1990 Hamer Impact bass (designed by Kip Winger). Less than 200 ever made of this beauty....! It looks, feels, plays and sounds AWESOME!! A really focused, tight but full piano tone with a little edge. 😎🎸😎👍 That makes three Hamer Impacts in my collection now! 🎸🎸🎸
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