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  1. Nice! That looks great Rich!
  2. Easy, don't ask permission. Just do it.... lol!
  3. I always loved classic 70's TV music. So many great arrangements and bass lines/tones. However, I also have a soft spot for an occasional 80's classic...... like the 'Theme From Fame' played by NY session great Neil Jason. Here's my OK-ish attempt.... I'm more comfortable with a pick but this was originally played with fingers (& occasional thumb).:
  4. Damn right! Love that..... and the twin traps in Without You from The Captain And Me!
  5. 😲 😲 😲 Wow! What band were you in?!?
  6. Lack of imagination..... over reliance on technology for additional percussion/rhythm... and money to pay the extra member, cart his stuff around etc...
  7. Because they sound epic..... especially the Doobie Brothers and Allman Brothers Band!
  8. cetera

    Feedback for ToneFree

    Purchased a gorgeous Jap P bass with blocks from Jeff. Fantastic condition, excellent price and well packed for shipping. Who could ask for more? Thanks Jeff!
  9. That bassline is very 'Boogie Oogie Oogie' by Taste Of Honey... Also, Yay! 'Queen Of Misery' by Toy Matinee coming soon. Cool!
  10. Good man! If you enjoy 'Toy Matinee' I recommend searching out Kevin Gilbert's solo CDs 'Thud', 'Nuts' & his rock opera 'Shaming Of The True'. 'Bolts' is also worth a listen too... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Gilbert_(musician) Kevin Gilbert was the driving force (with Pat Leonard) behind Toy Matinee, an original member (& writer) behind the 'Tuesday Night Music Club' and, according to almost everyone who worked with him.... a musical genius/prodigy. Sadly he passed away at a young age and his talent is much missed 😢 Third Matinee, though it has it's moments isn't a patch on Toy Matinee as it doesn't have the magic that Kevin brought to the table....
  11. His latest vid is up now.... and it's one of my fave basslines EVER..... from my fave album EVER!! So thrilled to see/hear him play along with it.... it's made my week... nay, month(!!)....and on his gorgeous Spector NS2 😎 'Last Plane Out' from the wonderful 'Toy Matinee' album. 😍 😎
  12. There are two standard Tonepumps. One with a trimpot and one without. Check the one in your cavity. If you have a newer trimpot version I'd say bring the output down to around 50% and then experiment with onboard controls. Both bass and treble are mainly (?80%) boost so wind them back to almost off and that will be near flat. You can then control your boost level. If you don't have the newer trimpot version then just do the same on your onboard controls and work from there, but you may like to put a level pedal or something to lower your overall input level to the amp....
  13. It was on the site of the old 'Accordion' shop but I thought they changed the name.... Now a bathroom fittings shop I believe
  14. There was a shop halfway between Tolworth and Surbiton/Kingston on the site of the old Bell Accordion shop that my friend used to manage - can't remember the name of it now - but Jon Law of Feline Guitars had a workshop there for a while as well. Just remembered that ABC had a short lived shop on The Ridgeway, Wimbledon Village for a while too in the 90's....
  15. Not sure - this is one I noticed just by chance a few months ago....
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