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  1. What a great bloke Colin is! Bought a Trace AH1200 today and it’s immaculate! Fantastic deal too, plus he very graciously waited until payday for full payment. I feel like we could (bass) chat for ages! Please deal with Colin with 100% confidence - he’s a true gent. Sam
  2. Turning into a nice little project this one! Hipshot Kickass bridge Bartolini W4 Soapbar EMG BTC Control Sounds utterly immense! 😃😃😃
  3. He definitely did accept an offer! I’ve never been happier to have acquired an STD!
  4. Oh god I think I'm going to regret this!! 😢
  5. Ok, I need to come to terms that 5ers are not for me. Gutted really because this one is special. Traded from Bassman72 during lockdown, the only thing I've done is put some Elixirs on it. What a bass though. It sounds just how I want it to sound. I'll now be looking for the same bass in 4 string format. Obviously you're welcome to come and try it out, but be warned - if you do, you'll be taking her home! Any questions please ask. Oh, and I'll definitely consider interesting 4-string trades, especially with cash my way :). Cheers Sam
  6. I think I might Google “supergluing nuts to my forehead” on my work laptop 🤓
  7. Look out for my next post - “How do I remove something superglued to my forehead?” 😂
  8. Yeah I looked at these but they’re thinner than the existing one. I might just try superglue 😃
  9. Sandberg weren’t massively helpful! 😂
  10. So, I decided to change the strings on my new acquisition and part of the nut fell off. The width is 44mm ish but is quite chunky. Does anyone have any advice on a replacement? I’m not even sure it’s the original nut 🤔
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