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  1. Met Alex at a Premier Inn carpark (😂) to swap a couple of amps. Lovely chap and 100% trustworthy (and I love my new amp!!).
  2. That's the one! All the parts add up to much more than he was asking!
  3. I’m so excited! I’ve wanted a Status carbon neck for ages and I bagged a bitsa Jazz with Seymour Basslines, John East pre, Gotoh tuners - and a Status neck!!! The body is a spalted thing that I’m not keen on so I’ve ordered an Allparts vintage white body and a Babicz bridge. Pics to follow!!
  4. Way Huge Swollen Pickle Mk2 £90 TC Electronic Flashback X4 £95 Boss DC-2W Dimension C Waza Craft - never used £150 SOLD JHS Tidewater Tremolo - never used £80 All with original boxes. Collect from Chesterfield or add £5 UK postage. FullSizeRender.MOV
  5. Good shout - although I am fond of a classic BC service-station car park meet-up! The mystique, the frisson of excitement, the questionable sandwich selection 😄.
  6. I have nothing to send it in safely 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Utterly immaculate and barely used. Original box. Add £20 for UK courier or pick up from Chesterfield. Cheers!
  8. Very powerful pedal for obtaining the ultimate chunk. Works perfectly. Collection from Chesterfield or add £10 for UK courier. Cheers!
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