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  1. Hello everyone! I'm moving on my immaculate Mesa Subway D-800. It's a monumental powerhouse of a head, and I've never had it turned up past a third of the way. This thing is LOUD! Anyway, you knew that otherwise you wouldn't have gotten this far. Comes with lead, gig bag, and original box. I've bought and sold lots on Basschat so no worries there - have a look at my feedback if you need reassuring. £600 plus UK fully insured courier at £40, or just come and pick it up from me in beautiful Derbyshire. We might have to pretend we're exercising though. Here's a link with all the blurb.... https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/151110290619003--mesa-boogie-subway-d-800-compact-bass-head?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_ez2BRCyARIsAJfg-ktyF94UsY5JWQOS-VNowkXNanBCurvTEl-Ww1_Dz6fyaIw4ZER81xUaAooUEALw_wcB Thanks! Sam
  2. Have a look at the build diary Owen - it's pretty special 😀.
  3. Hi! I'm hoping someone will help me out. I have a custom made P-bass with a single Bart MM 'bucker in the sweet-spot. At the moment it's just wired in passive, but I'm not getting the tone I love in my 'Ray or Bongo. The bass was routed future-proof to accommodate a John East preamp, and I'm thinking about the 2-band MMSR option to keep things as simple as possible. Does anyone have any experience of this preamp? What can I expect from it? Thanks! Sam
  4. https://www.facebook.com/1546356155607361/posts/2472814279628206/?vh=e&d=n
  5. So today’s the day I pick her up!! Beyond excited!!
  6. I live in Chesterfield - you should see the lasses 😲
  7. Don't knock it till you've tried it! 😁
  8. It was his first flake job!! Impressive!
  9. I know - that was the idea! Yes Bruce's attention to detail is monumental. I think he does that to add a little extra mass to the headstock and still get the tuners to fit through.
  10. So it's kind of turned into a photo-diary! As you can see, Bruce approaches design from an engineer's point of view, as well as a bass player and luthier. His method of fitting the frets is incredible - and his bull-nose fret ends are beautiful!
  11. No-one interested? I thought this was a bargain! 😂
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