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  1. I’ll take this my good man. PM incoming 🤘🏼
  2. Yes! You won’t regret this! Great pedals 👍🏻
  3. 1833 views and not one reply. That’s gotta hurt. This was actually a great series of stomps - I have the drive version. They’re just not fashionable or cool. That’s a pity, because they sound great, and are extremely versatile. Repackage it in a plain cast box and label the controls “chuff”, “blub” and “yoink” in Sharpie and sell it for £150! What a time to be alive.
  4. Come on! Where are all those dream basses? A semi acoustic Flying V with a piezo? A fretless Explorer in shell pink with three P-bass pups? Let your imagination run free! Actually, can I order both of these please Bruce?
  5. Amazing offer Bruce! You already know my dream bass though...
  6. So having joined Basschat about 9 years ago, I thought I'd say hello! I'm based in beautiful Derbyshire and I play in a Van Halen tribute band. It's a load of fun. I'm a serial buyer and seller of bass stuff much to the chagrin of my long-suffering wife. I've met so many awesome people over the years buying and selling through Basschat - everyone I've dealt with has been realy cool! I love building 'bitsa's' - both guitars and basses, and I'm toying with building a set-neck guitar from scratch - how hard can it be? My main bass is my Bassworks MMT-4 custom build. There's a diary of this bass here : I also have a German-made Warwick Streamer which I modded with a Hipshot bridge, Bartolini Soapbar and active EMG 18v electronics, as well as my Van Halen PJ Bitsa with passive Dimarzios. I'm in love with my Ampeg V-4B - it sounds immense through the Big Twin 2. A match made in heaven! Anyway, if anyone wants to know more about any of this stuff let me know! Toodles! Sam
  7. Hello! I purchased this monster of an amp from the lovely Rickytwo during lockdown, so it's never left the house. It's in utterly mint condition and everything works perfectly. It's louder than hell. I'm looking for what I paid last year - £375, which was an incredible bargain and I got to meet Rickytwo! You get the same bargain but sadly you have to meet me instead. Collection from Chesterfield only - it's too heavy to post. Comes with proper TE cover. Looking to sell but will consider trades for random basses (no amps, I have enough). Cheers!! Sam
  8. Utterly as new - never left the house. Utterly mind-blowing little Cab. Full specs at.... https://barefacedaudio.com/products/one_10 Collect from Chesterfield only - I have no packaging materials for this. Cheers! Sam
  9. Nick is the kind of human being I aspire to be (well, maybe a bit sexier). He’s a stone-cold legend of trustworthiness. He packs items to withstand a nuclear winter, and with a smile on his face. Buy/sell/trade with utmost confidence. cheers Sam
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