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  1. Brief bit of modelling and I didn't enter the BP102-4 manually trusting the WINISD figures. The eminence is Green and the Celestion in Red. Both with a 33V (roughly 200W) signal as the Celestion is 8ohms. The Celestion is more sensitive (louder) despite being 8ohms with the Eminence giving more output below 50Hz. The eminence has a smoother response but only a little that I wouldn't worry about.
  2. This is brilliant, you have a plan and the best reason for doing it. I'll have a look at the Legend later but you might want to look at using the Celestion Pulse 10 also available from Thomann and considerably cheaper https://www.thomann.de/nl/celestion_pulse_10.htm. The Eminence speaker has a distinctive midrange suckout which you might like but the Celestion has a slightly brighter tone. More importantly we've tried the Celestion in a 30l net volume cab and it has been gigged. We also have a design for a simple horn and crossover so you could potentially add that later.
  3. Hi John the cab is fine at 150W which is what the amp is rated at.
  4. I think that would be a great solution. Your problem is that the ports will then be quite small and you'll have problems with wind noise in the ports. If you can fit in two drainpipe ports that will help a lot or use a single 10cm port. Two ports 13.2cm or a 10cm port 14.4cm long.
  5. Bad luck. I'm afraid MarkBass amps aren't really repairable at component level and MB don't supply any technical data to repairers making things doubly difficult. Their service, such as it is, is done by Real Electronics https://www.realelectronics.co.uk/repairs.html who essentially just do full board replacements at upwards of £200. To be fair their fees are stated up-front and you will end up with everything inside replaced so effectively a new amp
  6. You may be over thinking this, by blocking just one of the ports you will reduce the tuning down to about 50-55 Hz. (I'd rather they left something bigger than a 1cm gap at the back but you've said you dont want to do major surgery) That gives you a 2db peak in the upper bass and a -3db of around 60hz, both acceptable if not exactly neutral sounding. There are commercial cabs worse than this. Give that a go and see what you think of the sound and let us know. This is the sort of bass end response you ought to get this way
  7. Warwick Gnome or TC BAM with the Barefaced would be great. I have the Gnome as a backup amp but have used it for gigs and rehearsals. The fan is quite quiet too which helps with home use. Around £130 new Generally I don't like the little practice amps, they don't have a very satisfying sound and a proper bass sound is far more likely to encourage your daughter to play more often. Also consider getting a Zoom B1-Four for headphone practice at some stage. Great sound, built in tuner/metronome/drum machine and you can mix in mp3's etc if she likes to play along with backing tracks or the originals.
  8. Congratulations on the birth of your baby cab. It looks gorgeous. I hope the noise keeps you up all night
  9. One of the effects of the cab is to damp the movement of the speaker cone. That is a function of both the volume/mass of air in the cab and the tuning if the cab is ported. If the cone flaps around at certain frequencies it can reduce the power handling of the speaker to a fraction of it's rated power. However it isn't that bleak in practice. Speakers designed for bass tend to hover around very similar specifications and often 'work' in a wide range of cabs. As said above you may not get the best out of a speaker but that doesn't mean nothing is possible or that you cannot tweak. As a broad guide a volume of around 30litres will suit a number of common 10" drivers. Indeed we have offered one design on BassChat BassChat 110T If the internal volume of this cab is around 30l then you could simply use your box as a ready finished cab and try out your idea with little risk of failure. If it isn't 30l then measure the internal volume and we can calculate any tweaks for you. If it helps I've gigged that cab for a while during testing and it is great for small venues (up to 100 people) and rehearsals. It's a good match for your amp too. You have to decide first of all what your aims are, You could just build our cab and use it with your Blackline which would make a fine solution. This could be done to improve the sound, to squeeze a little more out of what you have or as a fun learning experience, like me you could get hooked on building so look out. The only thing we can't guarantee is what it will sound like when it is done, you only ever really find that out when you finally plug in your completed project, but that is half the fun
  10. The 4x8 looks an interesting buy for someone. If I was down there I'd definitely give it a punt at £110. It was called Son of Henry, made between 1994-97 with Henry VIII being the 8x8 speaker. Famously punchy apparently but looks to be becoming a collectors item.
  11. That's the one I spotted. @SuperSeagullmay be able to put you in touch if you aren't on Facebook.
  12. Have a look on Facebook marketplace, There's a Hartke 2x10 and Warwick 15 both £75 near you. An Eden 4x10 £225 and another Eden 4x8 for £110.
  13. I was surprised how good the Wharfedale after sales service was. I had an idiot sound engineer and a dicky lead, in combination it resulted in one of my EVP subs being turned up full and an almighty thump from the phantom power not being as phantom as it should have been blowing the speaker. Replacement arrived return of post for £85 which I thought pretty good for a 20 year old model.
  14. I just found out that Richer Sounds are offering the Wharfedale A15 mk2 Sub at a decent price. I went into their shop in Exeter today and had a chat and it seems they have a deal with Wharfedale who will deliver direct via Richer Sounds. this Sub is about £70 cheaper than other suppliers in the UK. Looking over his shoulder it looked like they also have access to supply all or most of their PA range. I've had great experiences so far with Wharfedale gear (I own a complete EVP PA) and it's pretty budget in prices for genuine pro quality. I've also had good service from Richer Sounds for years. It's an unlikely place to buy PA but I thought it worth putting out there. I've no vested interest in this but I'm just curious. I guess they are selling Wharfedale hi fi so it's not much of a jump to sell their other stuff.
  15. As a practical solution go to Ashdown. Any other speaker is going to change your sound and devalue your amp should you ever want to sell. Ashdown bless them have the best after sales you might’ve ever get. The only reason to go different is that there is something you want to change about your amp or if after sales is not available.
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