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  1. I had the same problem, try these. The small ones fit right inside my ears and seal well, they don't fall out even in the gym or when I do star jumps on stage https://www.amazon.co.uk/TheTransporterUK-Isolating-Replacement-Silicone-Earbuds-Black/dp/B06WP97FL3/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_13?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=ZJJ02JF93TGWS55SX170
  2. I think people are right to concentrate on moisture. Some cars seem to be worse than others in this respect, everything ends up damp in my old Fiat, not so much in our Golf or Astra. If your car screen is running with condensation then you can reckon there will be some condensation on the metal parts of the speaker. That's not going to happen overnight, if you've used the speaker in a gig it is likely to get quite hot and keep a bit of residual warmth, even if it does cool right down a little condensation isn't going to spell much trouble but prolonged exposure could lead to some corrosion of the metal parts and really long term damp could affect the cone and possibly the adhesives on older speakers. I'd move it somewhere dry but temperature per se isn't an issue. Coming home after a gig and leaving it one night wouldn't worry me but personally I'd put it somewhere dry the next day., but I do live in a part of the country that get's nearly a metre of rain a year
  3. Thanks guys, I've had a quick look at all your suggestions, I was looking at Band anyway. seems like a good general purpose diary app, ironically nothing to do with bands but a good adaptable possibility. Band Mule looks interesting with shared set lists and a chat room built into the app. I'm sure there were others like this
  4. I'm looking for something that we can use to keep a band diary and communicate with each other, half the band use emails and won't touch social media the others won't read emails as they have hundreds of unopened ones. I'm sure there was a thread on software for bands in BC a few months back but I can't find it. Any suggestions?
  5. Yeah there are still some people fitting piezo's which saves the costs of a crossover. I spent some time experimenting with piezo tweeters a few years ago including some of the so-called quality Motorola tweeters. They universally gave a tizzy sound and even trying out crossovers I couldn't really tame them, the best I got was an 'OK' sound with the tweeters dialled back a couple of dB. The poor reputation of tweeters is partly down to people's first experience being with cheap piezo's. I'll have a look at Dan's Magellan review later
  6. To be fair they aren't the only ones rehashing old ideas and claiming them as new. Looks like that Dynacord was a PA speaker. 103dB/W according to the back of the cab (!) and they seem to have a following in Europe as hi fi cabs. crossover at about 500Hz.
  7. That's a new one on me Stevie there's nothing new under the sun I'm going to look it up though.
  8. I love these as a design, you don't really need really the high frequencies from a small horn driver so the 3" drive units promise more of the mids you do need and the possibility of a lower crossover point. Then the line source offers a broad flat radiation pattern from the speakers, ideal as everyone in the audience gets to hear pretty much the same tone but you cut out some of the reflections off the ceilings. I've not heard these speakers yet, they don't seem very widely used but if they've got the implementation right they ought to sound great, review please when you've had a decent time to get to know them.
  9. I think that's a good choice, if you prefer it to the fitted speaker you could always swap that one later, the speaker is a real bargain and Beyma is a good make, so far I've had zero failures and they look to be nicely made.
  10. Before you go to all that trouble. if it is just the cone detaching then it might be possible to repair the speaker. A lot of old drivers suffer because the glue becomes brittle with age/oxidation/exposure to light and goes all crumbly. If you go carefully you an usually re glue. I usually use Copydex for this, it's latex based and water soluble so bonds really well to paper cones and cloth and remains flexible for a very long time. The join should be stronger than the cone if you do it right. I usually assume if one part of the cone has come away it all will but you might not feel confident being so drastic. I separate the whole cone and glue the lot but if you address the offending 'split' you need to clean off any old crumbly glue and make sure the area is dust free, then just glue together following the instructions on the glue. I usually also check the join in the middle where the domes paper dust cover fixes to the cone, the glue is often in the same state. Try not to get too much glue spreading across the cone and you need to be careful not to distort the cone but it is basically a simple job, just be gentle and methodical. You've nothing to lose by trying. Good Luck
  11. Just a thought, if you love the sound of these then using a different driver will change the sound and mixing them won't necessarily sound like a blend of the two. You'll have three sounds one from each cab and one from the pair. If you like that idea then no problem If not then go to Tecamp and see if they can provide a replacement. I'd forgotten you had two cabs. Another thought is that this cab looks to be a 50litre cab tuned roughly to 50Hz or maybe slightly lower. I'd need measured internal dimensions to tell you exactly. That's not far off the Basschat design Stevie did for a top quality FRFR cab, the equal of a BF or Fearless/Greenboy cab IMO. It wouldn't have the same internal bracing of course. If you wanted to invest the money you could fit the same drivers and crossover into your cab, this wouldn't be a bad bet.
  12. Hi I've responded to your pm but if anyone else is interested you asked me to comment on Blue Aran's recommended replacement an Eminence Gamma That's shockingly bad advice from Blue Aran specs for the Gamma are: fs 57 Hz Re 6.52 ohms Le 0.95mH Qes 0.75 Qms 6.86 Qts 0.67 BL 10.9 T.M Xmax 1.6mm Xmax of 1.6 is just not good enough for bass and power handling will be poor, fs is too high for my taste (no deep bass), BL is lower than I would like because of an underpowered magnet and a speaker with a Qts=0.67 isn't really suitable for a small reflex cabinet you'll have an insane upper bass bloom and no deep bass again. I suspect you got the Saturday boy Blue Aran do speakers that are a whole lot better. If you want something cheap then this would be better http://www.bluearan.co.uk/index.php?id=BMA612CVM28&browsemode=category Xmax is 7mm more than 4x better and the magnet system is more powerful so the frequency response will be better too, and it's cheaper. If you want an Eminence then the Beta 12A-2 is a much better speaker than the nasty little Gamma and it has a nice response in the mids which will give you a nice baked in sound. http://www.bluearan.co.uk/index.php?id=EMIBETA12A&browsemode=category For a bit more you can get the Beyma SM212 which is a tried and tested model with a much more neutral response which a load of basschatters have used. If you want to spend more still then the Faital PR 320 is a lovely speaker and lightweight too http://www.bluearan.co.uk/index.php?id=FTP12PR320&browsemode=category
  13. I had to play this for someone at a jam session, that'll be easy enough I thought. It's fast though I hadn't left enough time and was sweating, on the night he played it about 10bpm slower and I survived. It will come but remember you are playing the chords Em to B. At a pinch you could get away with just straight 8's on E and B, it wouldn't be right but playing the root note in time would let the rest of the band play their bits and they wouldn't notice in all probability, they will all need the E and B on the first note of the bar though. On the night I just played the root/fifths, I ignored the shift to G (10 on the A) in the tab above. Good Luck
  14. I'm not sure relying on memory is a good thing. My memory is pretty good so when I started playing as a late starter going straight into a covers band it seemed natural enough to just memorise stuff. As a result I have little musical theory and a very poorly developed ear. Every new song I just go to the tabs or you Tube and … just memorise it. It's a dead end musically I know now, but with three new songs to play next week I'll just rely on memory again. I'm so jealous of those people who can hear a song and just work it out. Toscanini probably didn't need to know every note, just that one of them wasn't in the key the piece was written in. So I've found my carrying capacity for songs is somewhere up in the 120-150 mark, three bands worth of set list plus a few old pot boilers. Any more than that and I'll start making mistakes (well more than usual) That will involve playing most of them once a month probably. Interestingly the ones I've gigged a few times stick better than those that never get out of the rehearsal room. Is it the adrenaline of performance that helps? It's plate spinning though, you have to give them a little tweak now and again in personal practice or they keep falling over.
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