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  1. We were there for a few beers on Saturday before so going to see Behemoth. It was pretty traumatic. Haha.
  2. Behemoth at Manchester Ritz on Saturday. Supported by At The Gates (excellent) and Wolves In The Throne Room. Seriously overpriced beer but an amazing show. I was saw Behemoth in 2002, and they barely filled Bradford Rios. The Ritz was sold out.
  3. My band played at Grand Central in Manchester in 2003 or 2004. I remember nothing about it except getting changed in the disabled toilet. I don't even remember how we got there (we live at the other end of North Wales), whose kits I used. Nothing. Total blank. I was talking about it with my brother and my friend while we were there on Saturday before the Behemoth gig. They had a similar experience with the addition of "It was awful" . So that as my worst gig I reckon. The band disintegrated a few months after that (last gig was in Rhyl!).
  4. Update. The truss rod cover was reversed for some reason. I will need new screws. Truss rod cover of Westone Thunder 1A bass by Hywel Cross, on Flickr I removed the strings and cleaned up the sticker (scraped it off with the edge of a CD, then used nail varnish remover). Westone Thunder 1A bass starting to be stripped down for deep cleaning. by Hywel Cross, on Flickr I will remove the bridge and give it a good clean. The electronics look to be in good nick.
  5. Westone Thunder 1A bass (1983) by Hywel Cross, on Flickr The truss rod cover is the correct shape, but is white and has no logo. Weird. Maybe the previous owner reversed it? I will pull it off when I change the strings.
  6. Flickr photo Nice colour. I will post a pic asap. That's what I reckoned about the knobs; they're pretty pricy. The best thing is that it was FREE!!!!!! 😎
  7. I just picked what appears to be a Thunder 1A. One P pick up, two to be and one volume control, with 2 switches. The control knobs are black plastic with numbers, not brass though. The serial number puts it at mid 1983. It's a bit tatty cosmetically but the electronics look tidy and the neck is good. Any ideas why the knobs are plastic? Replacement brass ones are really ££££
  8. Just booked tickets for Behemoth (in Feb next year)
  9. Iron Monkey at The Ruby Lounge. Really great show.
  10. Blood Red Throne at Hammerfest. Awesome live show. Great musicians.
  11. Ooh. My missus has an OCD clone somewhere. I will have to give it a whirl. Nice demo by the way.
  12. I bought it as an alternative to the Vox Amplug. I was not expecting much to be honest, as I remember my brother having a guitar zoom in the early 2000s. It was horrible. This is good though.
  13. I bought one last week for use as a headphone amp and practice tool. I'm finding the drums/rhythms very useful. Excellent value for money.
  14. Bought a Thomann one. It's not half bad. The colour is awful but looks like it will do the job until I buy a Fusion double gig bag.
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