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  1. After a lot more (too much) thinking and searching : Musicman Sabre - seems to me that this is the fantasy / unicorn bass I should find , shame they are no longer made, virtually unobtainable and consequently very expensive. I just don’t get why they stopped making them, they seem so cool. G&L L2000 - guitarguitar have one on order in Birmingham, but colour not my thing, which I will go and have a look at when it comes in, long order times though if I want one Sandberg TM2 / Basic / Ken Taylor - am still phoning around to find a stockist near me, Sandberg seem like they have some very nice options if I can find some to try Custom build - is it a crazy idea to have something made? A custom made bass is comparable cost, I am just worried about resale value e.g. I really like the look of Manton’s Paradigm bass I’m going to have a twang on some in shops, narrow it down, then post a wanted ad as I much prefer second hand Cool beans! J
  2. Really cool build! I was very interested to find this project / thread as I have also been toying with the idea of building the DIY stingray preamp and am also really keen on the idea of stingray-sounding basses hence this thread : Inspired by your post, I think I will to order some components and make a few of the pre-amps, probably start by making putting one into an external box. Did you get your PCB's from OSH Park? Would love to see the completion of this project, which seems super cool, especially would like to know how close you can get to a bass which can sound like a stingray and a PB. J
  3. Thanks for all the comments, being somewhat of a newb I didn't know about G&L basses, or rather that Leo Fender was the designer, so I started watching a few videos online, so I know a bit more about their evolution. As it happens I also didn't know that MusicMan did a dual pickup line of basses (HH). Really appreciate the comments! J
  4. Since starting to play 16 months ago I am (slowly) improving as a player and am considering upgrading to a new bass in the medium term, wife permitting. I decided to limit myself to a total of 3 basses so I will probably offload my H-B 75 JB copy, which is great for practice but very heavy (and currently living in North Africa for me to use when at work there), leaving me with a Sire MM M2 and my Ibanez Roadstar II and a gap on the wall .... In a new purchase I am hoping to find something with a conventional shape but also schizophrenic i.e. has a growling Musicman-like alter-ego. I love the sound of MM and have considered buying a Musicman (seems obvious) but I haven't warmed to the looks and ideally I would like an instrument with an additional pickup located where I can play whilst resting my thumb in a similar place to my Ibanez. My teacher suggested I consider a Sandberg with dual pickups, I have looked at a VM4 online which has a PB-like pickup, and also humbucker like a MM and seems to be a very nice instrument with a reputation for being very well made. In this video it seems to be able to be quite flexible tonally. Can anyone suggest other alternative basses (absolute max £2k or less) that are light(ish), can do growly well, and are conventionally shaped (other than Musicmans obviously) that I should consider? TYVM J
  5. Hi NT1991, as a bass newb that first Ibanez looks more like a spaceship to me than a bass, wowsers
  6. Jolltax

    Hey folks

    Hey Dod 👍
  7. HI Fats, you are rehearsing for gigs after one year of playing, blimey I have also been playing for a year and freak out playing in front of my teacher, lol I also recently started watching Joe Dart and am now a fan ..... 👍
  8. Hi Paul,welcome and a nice looking bass! I am a beginner also, so no authority, but if Mr Google is correct you got a bargain!
  9. Hi Chazzy, we have a lot in common, I recently started playing (February), am more 'mature' than you 👴! I also decided to build my first ever cabinet using a guide from here and support of members instead of buying one ( I did the lockdown build 10"one) Only tip I would give you is don't wait too long to find a teacher, I learnt for the first 7 months on my own from video courses online and have got into some bad habits out of ignorance. Stay funky bro!
  10. Jolltax


    Hi @Biscuit_Bass I recently took up bass also, I am 55 yo - I have a bit of arthritis in one elbow (and my knees), playing bass hasn't really made anything worse (I always play sat down) and the soreness / aching I get in fingers after a big practice session is really just the result of me training my fingers / muscles to stretch so I think you can probably expect a bit of that! I found slap a bit uncomfortable so I just play finger style currently (probably because I have zero technique) Only tip I would give you it try not to accidentally buy a very heavy bass, I have one (a Harley Benton) and it makes surprising difference from a comfort perspective. J
  11. Not that another example is needed, but I also have a Harley Benton JB-75MN and much as I enjoy playing it, I have to agree that it is ridiculously heavy, mine is completely stock, I just weighed it at 5.5 kg (12 lbs). My Sire MM M2 is 3.5 kg ( under 8 lbs) by comparison.
  12. @BassassinI am very happy with it, thanks for the info and I have saved the catalogue. I am also kind of puzzled why it is in such good and apparently original condition, the only thing I can think is that the original owners didn't use it / travel with it. The description of the pickup is really interesting and explains why the output is high for a passive bass, it certainly surprised me when I played it for the first time! J
  13. I went to look at a Peavey Zodiac bass advertised in a local shop window for £99 and the guy showed me this Ibanez Roadstar II as well, according to Dr Google its a RB620NT from around 1983 (but open to advice on this). I am a beginner player and don't know much about gear but whatever it is, it spoke to me, and so I went home to find the cash, google it and went back today and got it, very grateful to the seller. I paid £180 It seems in strangely good condition for its age, better than I was at 38 years old, maybe it has been worked on? One of those situations where I don't really know what I bought ... but I like it 🤨. It seems pretty genuine, but again, I have no idea ... I took the photos straight away when I got home before the light left, still undusted, as I wanted to post this and see whether people think I made a wise choice. I practiced with it this evening and it surprised me how lively the output is, for a passive bass it seems to have quite a kick compared to my (one) other passive bass, I love the feel of the neck - it is a P-bass type? No idea, lol. I think it needs a setup and some strings and the neck looks a tiny bit torqued / twisted, is that usual for an old instrument? Plays ok to me, though. I get the impression it has been stored and unplayed for a while 5-10 years, any advice on what I should do with it to restore to full health? Anyway, I am very happy with it, I feel like I need to get some flares to wear while I am playing it to properly do it justice, here are some pics : Groovy! J
  14. I bought the Ibanez, very happy. I will post some pictures in a NBD thread The guy is still selling the Peavey (which looks in fantastic condition) and the guy is also selling an Ashdown head unit (Evo ii 600W he says) and cab, both look like really good deals to me, if anyone is interested in getting his contact details then PM me and I will pass them on and you can contact him
  15. Starting to panic that you might live near me ... I am sure the other Shetlanders would have noticed 🐑
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