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  1. Quick update and thank you, I got my HB JB-75 yesterday : Very exciting, I used it for my online lesson last night, needs a few tweaks (bit buzzy) but in general plays very nicely and importantly seems very sturdy and well made (considering the price) so should be good to travel with and stand up to a bit of rough treatment. I am also sort-of relieved that it is not as nicely made or to play as my Sire, which is a relief as it was quite a bit more expensive. I think its an absolute bargain and it seems to sound pretty good, its churlish to complain for the price. I also ordered the Sustaiin neck bolts from Amazon which I will fit, after measuring the screws currently in position based on your advice I think it will be a good way of taking the neck on and off for travel ! EDIT : One thing people people say which I would observe appears to be true is that it seems HEAVY. Obviously I don't have a lot of experience of other basses but its waaay heavier than my Sire I also bought an audio interface to use with it while I am away : Jolltax
  2. As a newbie this is very useful advice, I am getting the strong impression to go with a small collection of selected proper tools, I was a bit naïve thinking things might have been standardised! Appreciate the comments J
  3. Hi, Ideally I need a small tool I can keep while travelling that will enable me to do basic maintenance like truss rod adjustment, tuner nuts, neck removal etc I see this one on Amazon but I don't trust Amazon reviews, what would people recommend as a 'throw in a travel bag' option?
  4. Pushed the button on a Harley Benton JB 75 SB (the sunburst one with the black inlays), I am quite excited, I will definitely get some Neck bolts and the plan will be to remove the neck for transportation and hopefully fit it in a suitcase for travel. I also like the idea that it has potential for future upgrades as well but for the time being I'll just be practicing with it. Thanks very much to everyone who offered advice in this thread, everyones time was much appreciated.
  5. @PaulWarning Seems logical, but in reality even if they can delivery to Africa the chances of it ever arriving at its destination are almost zero tbh and certainly not in one piece 😀 @Geek99 @41Hz I think that could be the answer, I am pretty sure i could get the whole thing in a large case and it might have a better chance of surviving the journey I only need to disassemble / reassemble it once to get out there and then once again to get it back in a few years so probably could just use the normal bolts? Good tip to remember the right tool Great advice here, so happy I asked the question!
  6. @itu I live in Tenbury Wells WR15 8TB, I did look around a bit, my local guitar shop sells Cort beginner basses that are OK, but I doubt they are any better than HB online. I think I would need to go into Birmingham to find something and I am kinda worried they would see me coming, I have literally been playing a few weeks. @Geek99I might do this, it would probably fit in a large suitcase and is less likely to get damaged @Ricky RioliIt does look good, but I know nothing at all about basses, is it a good choice for a beginner? Thanks @Jus Lukin it would be perfect except I am struggling to learn the notes on a 4 string at the moment, I think it might be a leap too far for me at this stage! Thanks all for your replies, much appreciated.
  7. I work on rotation abroad - backwards and forwards to Africa every 4 weeks, I am a beginner and don't want to take my 'good' bass to work and back every 4 weeks on a plane. My plan is to get a cheapy that I can practice on whilst away and (provided it survives the journey) leave it there, so I have been looking at Harley Benton basses, trying to decide whether I should get the JB-20 or push the boat out for the JB-75 (they seem to have stopped making the 4 string MB-4 stingray copy which I also fancied). I like the other HB cheap basses (PB, PJ) but am worried about the thicker necks making them more difficult to play. I had originally thought I could pick up something beaten-up but still functional second hand, but to honest locally they are all more expensive than a new HB! Additionally I am a noob so I don't really know what I am doing and am quite likely to buy something horrible. Currently working from home but might get remobilised in May / June so need something by then. Only criteria is : Good learner instrument Will have a chance of surviving the journey Style isn't super important I am a competent(ish) solderer and have some electronics / DIY experience but would prefer to buy rather than build. What do you guys think I should get, any recommendations?
  8. I use an audio interface connected to my PC so I can play along with pretty much anything (Youtube, spotify, mp3's, netflix, TV?), it actually works particularly well as I am doing online lessons, so I play along with the teacher whilst it streams. I can also record a mike at the same time should I want to speak or sing (never gonna happen) and I can mix on the PC or adjust gain on the interface. I am sure a lot of guys on here must use them to record themselves digitally without the need for a microphone. You are right about portability though , I have actually been surprised at how well it has been working but would need at least a laptop, technically I believe it is also possible to plug in and power my interface from a phone and use in the same way - haven't tried this yet? The good news is that audio interfaces are pretty cheap, you can get a functional one for £50 here in the UK, I already owned mine as I use it to record voice for another project I mess around with. I'll save up for an amp in the mean time ... Er just just noticed the dog hair, sorry! Filthy me....
  9. @Lfalex v1.1 exactly, I have been hammering away at it silently whilst my kids are asleep. Using headphones through my PC is working pretty well, I think I will leave buying an amp as a reward for when I achieve some level of competency and I feel confident enough for someone else to hear me play!
  10. My tuner works, and its super easy to use! The app I was using on my mobile phone was not very good and seemed to be unable to tune the E string, this is sooo much quicker and easier, and it was only £12!
  11. Jolltax


    I got my bass, very happy, here is my NBD thread - I have completed module one of my course and can happily report I have now played notes on all the strings ! J
  12. @PaulThePlug I know what you mean, its a little odd as I am not exactly a 'rock' person, although I do like rock ... I think it looks pretty decent anyway and it seems slim and light so good to learn on so I am happy
  13. OK, guitar Bass it is! Message received loud and clear, the good news is that you got me on day 2 so no damage done ... I realise after tuning my bass a couple of times with the free Fender app on my phone that I would probably be better off with a clip on tuner, so I ordered a Snark one today after 2 minutes research Thanks for the warm welcome, by the way J
  14. I have never even picked up a bass before but finally plucked up the courage to fulfil a lifelong ambition (I'm 54) and bought a Sire Marcus Miller M2 from Andertons, and it arrived ..... v exciting. I also bought a guitar stand, strap and cable from Amazon. I was encouraged to post this by the nice people in the 'Introductions' group. I wanted something relatively 'budget' to learn on, I guess if I make progress I can upgrade later. Today I subscribed to the Bassbuzz online lesson programme, successfully tuned my bass and then completed my first lesson! It definitely makes bass-like noises and I am very proud of myself! I don't have an amp, my plan is to play through my Focusrite audio interface into my computer, which seems to be working OK so far. I use headphones which seem to cope quite well and sound great but unsurprisingly my 'high power' computer speakers completely crap themselves if I try and play through them, I hate the way they sound anyway so I kind of enjoy torturing them to be honest but its not an issue, I'll just use the headphones. Here are some photos of my guitar (is it OK to call it that or is it strictly a bass?), hope I haven't gone over the top. It seems sturdy and seems to work well, I am very happy with it - but if I was being hyper critical I would probably say some of the details/ finish look a bit basic - bear in mind this is the only bass I have ever held (heh) : I am a complete beginner, watching too many videos of people adjusting their guitars on YouTube has freaked me out a bit, the 'action' on my bass at the 12th fret appears to be about 3 mm - which from what I read is OK? I have also twiddled all the knobs vigorously on my er ... bass... and can definitely hear the passive / active switch, but the tone ones not so much. Anyway, I am really enjoying the whole experience so far, on Day 2, heh Hi etc! Jolltax
  15. Jolltax


    Will do! I am super excited about it tbh
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