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  1. Joined as I have just started fettling an APII (MIJ) and I'm looking for info... maybe I should have just messaged you Jon!
  2. Sorry, I should have been clearer. It wasn't so much wanting more recommendations, as a reflection on how things have moved on/muddied. As it happens she plays in a 'pop' band (is that a real thing?), with a pair of female vocalists. She's got a short scale Squier Jag bass but looking at other options to possibly change. Fave tones is tricky as she just needs to sit in the mix and as she is a classically trained brass player she isn't hung up on bass influences etc. I believe that she has committed to the Peavey.
  3. 'Onuntil April' or 'On until April'... coincidence? Strange title.
  4. I did think it was amazingly accurate but as they said it was 'No brand' and MIJ it made it appear a copy. AFAIK any Ltd Ed that it might be would be German made... very odd.
  5. Used is/was off the cards, it needs to be new (Dad paying on the card). Markbass was put forward and the Marcus500 seemed to be the obvious choice for me. FRFR 'monitor' - yes I did start going down that route and the benefits (I almost did it myself recently but couldn't justify selling am amassed gear... to further more GAS) but the trad route of amp and cab was their preferred option. Oddly she's actually a brass player (very good) but has recently branched off to bass. Now I have to convince them to just buy a good quality set of cables and not to buy cheap shyte.
  6. Quo tribute looking for a bassist... I play bass.
  7. The Status Quo back catalogue: 1970 - 1976! Despite thinking I'd know a lot of their stuff I'm surprised by how little I really know of them. TBH I'm not focusing on the first 2 albums as they are weird Beatles/late 60's meanderings but the rest of the stuff is great fun.
  8. What an eye opener it has been. A friend's daughter has joined a gigging band and needs an amp/cab/combo, so I said I'd help guide her/them (caveat being my bias). She's done a couple of gigs with my TCRS210 cab and my back up amp (TC Staccato). She was very impressed with those when compared to rehearsal space equipment. her first thought was buy the same rig 'new' and despite my protestations of getting more bang for buck 'used', she is going down the new route. As it happens she has found a deal on either a TCRS210 or 212... cab sorted! The amp side of things less so as the TCRS amps are pricey new and I've guided her away from just buying a cheaper range TC amp as imho they're a different tonal slant. SO... what amp to get? This has been the eye opener; I'd not given much thought to new digital amps and their power ratings, features, price AND quality of tone. Peavey Mini-max - If anything like Peaveys of old they are often overlooked. Tech21 VT500 - A powered sansamp pedal at how much? Warwick LWA500 - a bit of an unknown for me but reviews seem mixed Markbass - how many different models do they have now! I also looked at Ashdown (not my favourite tonal slant but I'm clouded by the older non Class D stuff) and most importantly I trawled BC! I'm pleasantly impressed with the range of amps on offer but I'd not realised how hard it might be for a newbie to wade through the competition, especially when shops hardly exist and trying an amp out in isolation in a shop is not a good environment for a newbie. NOW she has asked about cables! 😂
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Onuntil-April-Thumb-Bass-Warwick/303949151034?hash=item46c4c7fb3a:g:XBcAAOSwQjpgazVy Hell of a rip off/copy but a used original would be cheaper! LOL
  10. Warwick 5th Anniversary Streamer - It may look like any old Warwick Streamer but there is no Streamer with a thinner, rigid neck (count the laminates) or a thinner, lighter body AND the pup combo positively growls... even though I play it 90% just on the neck pup!
  11. Oil Finish Colour - would be my best guess. This would be in the place of the natural coloured oil finish or solid paint colour.
  12. I suppose it's not 'sporting' to have witch hunts for ebay tw4ts but flagging them on this part of the forum tends to show if there is a pattern of repeat offenders.
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