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  1. warwickhunt

    SOLD: Dingwall Super P/J 4-string

    Do you have better pics of the colour and of the bass photographed square on; is it as offset as a Jazz or more P shaped?
  2. warwickhunt

    Hughes & Kettner, please enlighten me

    Great amps, in fact (cough) I may have accidentally bought another one myself!
  3. warwickhunt

    Hughes & Kettner, please enlighten me

    H&K Bassbase gear is top quality; cabs, combos and amps. The Bassbase 600 is a tank of an amp with the highest quality build. Oddly I don't think the Bassbase range has been available for some years so the equipment won't be brand new... not necessarily a bad thing. Their BassKick range isn't quite of the same standard and though I've not tried the Quantum range, I'd trust Luke's observations.
  4. warwickhunt

    Dingwall Super J5/3 Candy Purple £2000

    Do you have an accurate weight?
  5. If one goes before the other it is down to battery quality not what they 'do' as both do the same job in series as opposed to them doing different jobs!
  6. If it isn't sold already, I'll take it if you'll courier.
  7. warwickhunt

    ** SOLD Hughes & Kettner Bassbase 600 Amp ** SOLD

    If I could trust a courier not to drop this on its end (and not charge a ridiculous amount) I'd still buy this. Sadly, I bought a HK600 last year and it turned up via courier (in a flightcase) with a bent rack ear and smashed socket which affected use! Luckily paypal refunded me but it was a butt ache that left me wary of the best intentioned courier and/or packaging! Someone will get a serious bargain and if I could collect it'd be me!
  8. warwickhunt

    ** SOLD Hughes & Kettner Bassbase 600 Amp ** SOLD

    Another 'interested party' who'd have been around your house post-haste had you lived in a civilised location Nik!
  9. warwickhunt

    PRS EB IV 2003 Natural with Maple veneer

    I got myself another one of these earlier this year or I'd have been in touch. They really are astonishingly consistent, well put together basses. If you want the Jazz bass sound without the Fender lottery of 'potential' issues, these really are worth a look/listen!
  10. warwickhunt

    Any Hamer love out there?

    As a bass I liked that Hamer but just didn't get on with 5's... I keep trying though.
  11. warwickhunt

    Depping advice please

    I've always taken the stance that the first bassline written/recorded for a song doesn't make it the 'best' one... who's to say a different player wouldn't have played something that MIGHT have improved the song; we are all that next bass player!
  12. Do you have an accurate weight please?
  13. warwickhunt

    How many mistakes per gig do you make?

    Depends how 'creative' I feel.
  14. warwickhunt

    eBay current bargains (be careful!)

    The seller accounts will be hacked accounts. It isn't hard to do as a few years ago I encountered this 'user' and noticed the seller ID/name was a bit random; I tried logging in with the username and using the same name as password... bingo, into the seller's account. I'm fairly sure you'll find these accounts have very weak passwords like the word 'password' or their username. Once in the guy just lists stuff and uses a cut/paste of that offer off ebay cack.