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  1. Do you mean for sale or presently manufactured? Do a search for recent 'valve amp' threads and lots of availability!
  2. Yes, got one off BC. Not a direct comparison but if Rickenbacker and Musicman collaborated they may have made the Acinonyx neck... what's not to like?
  3. Thanks for the response. There is a (very) audible difference between the settings/selections. It's just interesting to know what is happening under the hood (in American parlance).
  4. These were always on my radar to try. Shame I'm amp maxxed otherwise I'd be sorely tempted... or do I push even harder to get rid of my Blacksmith.
  5. Sadly that looks exactly like the bass on the website. Looks like no relic I'd be proud of... world tour or not!
  6. To be fair I've seen pages ripped out of guitar magazines from the 80's go for more than that!
  7. Can I be a pain? Do you have an 'accurate' weight for this... not on/off bathroom scales?
  8. Bump before I put this on ebay... for a higher price.
  9. Ahhh shame. It'll be interesting to see if they rectify the amp before offering it back for sale.
  10. 0 feedback in 2 years is a small flag but if you are collecting (which you'd need to do), there'd be little risk.
  11. Lets be honest the cab design and switching etc are a bit... gimmicky at best but if I'd been offered a 'new' BFO cabinet for £120 when I was starting out I'd have been deaf with a hernia by the age of 20! Especially if I'd bought 2 of them to get 4 ohms (which I would).
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