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  1. The 1 speakon out is no matter if cabs have in/out link. Certainly check out the TC RS 210 cabs... love them. Added to which iirc you can use 3 cabs with their heads.
  2. Very quiet on the old Zon front. A few years ago you'd see one for sale every month or so but now they seem to be thin on the ground. I wonder if Zon themselves are selling less new basses or if folks are just holding onto them?
  3. The MIM P bass isn't in the same price category as the M bass, so unfair to compare but it does the job!
  4. A pair of subs in your average pub type gig could have phase cancellation issues, you might be better going for a single sub of good quality over a pair of lesser quality... negated if you stack the subs of course.
  5. I picked the Maruszczyk bass up off Basschat as I had a hankering for something light and passive... boyo does it fit the bill! You have to marvel at how 'M' can knock out basses of this good consistency and light weight. Little features like the easy string change bridge (which has adjustable saddles for string spacing), angled back headstock to alleviate the need for string trees, zero fret, well finished neck edges and frets... even daft things like the pup covers are well rounded over for comfort. Sounds sweet with just enough bite without being too hot. The Fender P bass (Mexican) is with me as I had far too many cabs in the house (I had spare TC RS cabs incase I played anywhere that needed more than a pair of 210's... nowhere it seems) and a local guy was after some with this to swap. It's a reasonable weight being sub 9lb and balances well. It needed fettling when I got it (we all have preferences) but it is set up with a nice low action now and plays really sweet with these La Bella low tension flats. Fit and finish isn't up there with the 'M' bass but it is half the value! The protruding saddle grub screws ALWAYS bugs me with 'F' basses but hey ho, it was good enough back in the 50's... 70 years of progress comes to nothing!
  6. The attention to detail on the M bass has it over the F any day for me! I know you have to take into account the numbers of each produced (almost impossible to compare) but I've seen too many shonky F basses to play that lottery (assuming you can't try before buy). Rolled fingerboards, angled back headstocks, quality hardwear/pups... Oh and has anyone mentioned WEIGHT?
  7. I haven't even asked the price but mine will be a bargain then!
  8. Is tipping each on its side and stacking too obvious?
  9. Has anyone owning a Dano (or similar) ever replaced their tuners? Mine are about the only thing that lets it down; they don't slip like crazy or anything but when compared to some of my basses with 'proper' tuners, they aren't as good! Thinking of fitting some Spertzle type (I have them on my Bolin basses and they are great) but wondering if anyone has direct experience?
  10. LOL as soon as I saw the title I thought 'Ooooo let's have a look'! Not realising it was mine. GLWTS
  11. So you are basing choices/decisions on weight and or castors? Personally the cabs are so different tonally that I'm struggling to understand your short list.
  12. What would have happened if you or someone else in the band had a prior commitment on 7th March? Would the person taking that booking in your band have to ring the venue/person back and find an alternative date? Other systems mean that whole bands can book out dates that they are unavailable which negates having to email each individual in the band to inform them or check on dates.
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