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  1. R Wood - If I'd seen/heard that down the Dog n Duck I'd have been disappointed,
  2. I quite liked the tone of those. ...shame I wasn't buying the bass with them!
  3. I've seen a few in that finish and every one has had a fault with the paint adhering, it invariably flakes off in slabs.
  4. It's original finish but I'll bet the paint is flaking off in chunks! Price is steep, I've got several better 'W' basses for sale... for less money!
  5. I've worn ear plugs for over 10 years; started with rubberised preformed ones (a step up from foam) but moved on about 6 years ago to proper moulded to my ear jobbies with attenuating filters. I've noticed recently that I'm perceiving that there seems to be a bit more volume getting through than I remember there being previously. I don't think the bands I'm playing with are getting louder and I'm not positioning myself any different, nor has any equipment changed significantly. I'm wondering if: 1) my brain is processing the sound differently as I've used them for so long. 2) my ear canal is changing in shape and letting sound pass. 3) the plug is deforming. 4) the attenuating part is deteriorating. Anyone else had this experience or could offer insight? I am considering getting fitted for new plugs btw.
  6. I haven't quite reached Big Al's crunch point and I very much follow L Sklar's philosophy (I'd happily play to a large, appreciative audience for free if someone was setting up/stripping down all of my gear... and I wasn't hanging about for hours twiddling thumbs). However, I believe our view on this matter does change over time. In my youth I'd play anything, anywhere for any/no remuneration. Now though, I will be paid appropriately for my efforts and I hope that audiences will be appreciative but I'm prepared to put up with some rubbish because I'm being paid. Do I sometimes wish I hadn't bothered? Yes but when that becomes the norm, I'm out of it!
  7. I've got one of these, I'd never sell it!
  8. Cracking price, can't see it being around long at that!
  9. Newcastle based, I play in 2 bands. Band A - a rock covers 3 piece @ £250/£300. Band B - 70's specific 6 piece @ £450+. However, the type of pub/club we play doesn't have any crossover; Band B couldn't/wouldn't play for less money (but they also lug a lot more lights/sound etc), Band A smaller set up. I have to say each band has the same level of professionalism but different markets.
  10. Up to 6 months ago (I used to check every week for new stock of used Warwick/Zon/esoteric basses) there were almost always 30 - 40 basses in the 4 string, £1000+ section inc 5-8 Warwick basses, I've been busy for the last 6 months and not had the inclination to check on their site. Hence I was a bit surprised when I checked back to see 14 basses in that section! The whole page of used basses on their site (of all values and string numbers) is less than there used to be for just the one section. If there FB page is taking over from the site and more easily and readily updated that might account for it.
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