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  1. £389 gets you a B stock Peavey valve amp! https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/b-stock-peavey-tour-vb-2-bass-amp
  2. Yes! Genuinely made in the NE by Martin Stoneham.
  3. Bought a set of Bart pups of Jamie; as described and prompt delivery.
  4. I'm not knocking the sentiment of the original idea but it certainly moves these basses away from being expensive instruments to cheap works of DH art!
  5. The one in the Bonham's auction has a surface mount output, cheap pup (not LanePoor) and 2 controls rather than 3... it looks like a mass produced jobbie to me.
  6. ...and that was at a couple of hundred pounds!
  7. Is it 'made in the same factory' as Peavey basses?
  8. Certainly looks like a humble Peavey to me but it is endorsed by Flea & Damien Hirst... https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/bonhams/catalogue-id-bonham10133/lot-cfc2a627-1d2a-4e97-913f-ac3e013f23e8
  9. Is that Sterling or Ray? I'd throw down the challenge/offer that I'd buy any Sterling (USA proper jobbie) at more than market value if it weighed 8lb (or as near as)... with the caveat that if it didn't weigh the stated amount the seller refunded £100 for every ounce over 8lb! 😂 That should sort the walkers from the talkers.
  10. I've also owned 4 Sterlings (and weighed 2 more belonging to friends) and NONE have been under 9lb 8oz and they have ranged from 2 basses from 1st year of manufacture through to a 2014. The mystical 8lb Sterling is out there with the Unicorns rooting about for Hen's teeth. If anyone has an 8lb Sterling I'd love to see it on a set of accurate digital scales.
  11. warwickhunt


    I'm probably not being proactive enough. Present cheap listing fees on ebay might mean it will probably head there.
  12. Now for sale housed in a hardcase for the £235
  13. ABM600 - 12.5kg Handbox WB100 - 16kg Hmmmm I'm thinking for 3 bags of sugar I'll take the FULL valve handbox!
  14. Warwick use a melted form of the wax when applying it to new timber. I'm sure there's a video of the factory applying wax and it is simply warmed up wax applied to bare timber.
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