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  1. b it guys, you'll never see another... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-Bass-Guitar-Attitude-2/222918235590?hash=item33e6f655c6:g:MqgAAOSwjH5azKGs
  2. Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    As WoT says, I've had the pleasure of this amp for a couple of gigs and I'll throw my impressions into the mix... Gear - paired with x2 TC RS210 cabs (4 ohm combined). PRS EB IV / Warwick Streamer / Danelectro Longhorn basses. My regular amp is a Thunderfunk 750. Band - Power Trio covering rock stuff (Hendrix > ZZ Top etc.). Live set up - Mid sized pubs (lot of punters in which does impact on sound/projection). Guitarist: Boogie 22 mic'd through PA / Drummer: 4 piece Natal kit all mic'd / Bass NOT through PA. Initial impression (unplugged) - Looks tidy and not as wide as I'd expected (slight overhang on my tall/skinny vertically stacked TC cabs). Weight is chunky but manageable due to the fact that it is downsized hence more maneuverable; I've owned an Aggie DB750 and this is nothing like that. Nice case but front cover only. Has all the features you'd need of a gigging amp. In use - Usual power / standby with ONE Speak-on connection so I daisy chained and powered up. Advised to run output on full and to adjust the input gain; PRS and Warwick (active) had me hitting appropriate volume (for this gig, with this venue and band) with input gain on about 7 (rating from 0-10). Despite my initial doubts that 100-120 watts being sufficient I need not have worried, the amp easily gave sufficient that our critical guitarist (likes the bass to be heard/felt) gave a thumbs up. I could easily have DI'd the HB but as I generally don't when using the TF I ran it as FOH sound. Two different drummers on the 2 gigs, both are hard hitters and the 2 kits were quite different in tone. Tone is very subjective but I found the flat tone (Bass - mid 12 O'clock position, Treble mid 12 o'clock position, contour/mids turned off/anticlockwise... is that flat?) quite bright but full. I dialled in the contour and the 'scoop' got me to where I wanted to be. I did find that certain sustained notes (particularly C & G) had a 'bloom' to them and I needed to dial back the amp bass control a notch at a time to correct this. Please bear in mind this was only 2 gigs use and no opportunity to mess about at rehearsal or whatever, I'm sure with a bit more tweaking I'd have it dialled in. I absolutely loved getting some controlled feedback during the guitards widdle at the end of a couple of songs! WoT had indicated what he liked about the amp tone when I picked it up and whilst he liked it for his reasons, I was dialling in a slightly more aggressive tone and digging that. I have to say that I switched from finger style to plectrum as the tone I was hearing/leaning toward just begged it. The amp has an immediacy to the attack that I really liked and which is missing in a lot of amps. Sadly plugging in the Danelectro was a bit of a non starter unfortunately! The output is very low from that bass (passive single-coil lipstick pups) and I needed to wind the input gain on a fair way which was almost maxxed and it was 'just' shy of being enough to carry in the room; my Thunderfunk accommodates this easily but we are talking 6 times as much power. Considerations - No rear cover so watch if transporting in the rain. VERY low output basses may need some form of boost if you want big volumes. If you have a hollowbody bass would the 'bloom' I encountered be an issue... can't answer that one but posing the question! If it were my amp I'd put rubber feet on the side as the sprung handles protrude and it makes standing the amp down on it's side/edge impossible. I did notice a little bit of hum when I was playing in very close proximity during the 1st gig BUT (big BUT) it was only audible during gaps in songs and when I stood at a certain angle to the amp (with PRS at the time not Dano single coil). The 2nd gig I didn't notice it... enjoying myself too much. Conclusion - I'd have one!
  3. Musicman bass ( by Black&Decker )

    Probs worth 750 if mint. In this condition you'd need to subtract the cost of having the body refinished; couple hundred quid... and then I'd expect a bit off for the inconvenience.
  4. Thunderfunk amp - the fact it has 4 band parametric EQ yet it in 6 years of using it I've never once had to tweak it... ever!
  5. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    I want my van wrapped in a flame/quilt maple burst! ...except the wrap would be worth more than the van!
  6. DB Repair--Northumberland

    There's a guy in Tynemouth (Steve Martin) who does all sorts with DB, not strictly a 'luthier' but he's just built and fitted a neck to a DB body.
  7. SOLD - Black Yamaha Attitude LTD2

    The usual old folks question but... do you have an accurate weight?
  8. Yes you can 'daisy-chain' these two cabs together off a single amp output (so long as it goes to 4 ohm).
  9. WITHDRAWN - Warwick FNA Reduced £700

    Delano is a retrofit.

    Easy recognisable bass, I'll keep an eye out.
  11. EB Musicman 1987/1988 all original - one owner

    Certainly would help and very generous Chris. However I have a feeling it'll be gone before then!
  12. EB Musicman 1987/1988 all original - one owner

    Would loved to have checked this out but Northumberland is a bit of a hike!
  13. Slimline necks - whats available?

    Check out various basses in the Ibanez ranges; other manufacturers produce basses where necks vary over time or across the brand but Ibanez are renowned for skinnier necks.
  14. My bass life winding down?

    He is. Does work for the likes of Sobell guitars etc.
  15. My bass life winding down?

    I live 5 mile from Whitley Bay and Peter and I first met in Haltwhistle with Rita... then in Hexham (Yamaha iirc)... then in...