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  1. warwickhunt

    Who did you see live last?

    Last night... ANGEL (70's early 80's USA pomp rock) or at least 2 of the main guys! Surreal to say the least; a band that in its heyday were playing USA stadiums as prodigies of KISS, with Frank Zappa writing (ridiculing) a song about the guitarist Punky Meadows... and there they were playing in my local rock bar (UK/Newcastle) to 100 fans.
  2. warwickhunt

    Feedback for Silverfoxnik

    Despite the couriers best attempts to ruin stuff, Nik and I got sorted (testament to Nik's perseverance). Great comms and highly recommended.
  3. Original Patrick Eggle case in generally good condition. Please note this does not fit a standard Strat sized guitar; PE guitars are smaller bodied and shorter headstock. Has the original key and all locks work. Collection from North East or can post at cost.
  4. warwickhunt

    Ken Smith BT4 ***2ND PRICE DROP***

    Did you get an accurate weight?
  5. warwickhunt

    Warwick basses - when did they up their game?

    Formerly Known (as) Altus - FNA. I was around (and sober enough) to remember this silly anecdote 1st hand.
  6. A few quick questions; what's the width of the present neck, do you have the previous neck, where are you and what does the bass weigh?
  7. warwickhunt

    Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    LOL Just found this! Yes Lee does tend to like it loud but you're lucky you didn't have our regular drummer in... he's harder/louder. Might be an opportunity coming up for you to dep for me again, ideal opportunity to see how your R400 handles it.
  8. warwickhunt

    Ken Smith BT4 ***2ND PRICE DROP***

    Has anyone asked for the weight... can I?
  9. warwickhunt

    I thought Schack weren't making basses anymore.

    I had a carbon neck B2 and yes the board was fairly flat but I recall the neck finish was obvs smooth but don't recall it being satin or slippy/silky; it had quite a glossy neck and I've had wooden necked/lacquered basses that were slicker.
  10. warwickhunt


    Have you ever seen the 90's Vester Clipper? Looks a bit like a Thumb but with less of a stretch (still full scale); fraction of the cost and not badly put together.
  11. warwickhunt

    Feedback for Embra

    Superb, easy transaction with James for his Sadowsky. Many thanks.
  12. warwickhunt

    Warwick basses - when did they up their game?

    God knows which current models have 3 band because they are all over the shop (as outlined in this thread) but mid 90's saw the introduction of the 3 band to the NT Streamer range but you couldn't get it on the Dolphin as the control layout was only ever 2 stacked pots. I've seen 3 band on the same period Thumb basses but for the life of me I can't recall if it was made standard or as an option; to further cloud my fuddled mind I 'think' the 5 string Thumb from mid 90's on did have 3 band EQ.
  13. Looks bloody awful... apologies if a BCer actually buys it! 😂
  14. The double cut just works better for the relationship between the top strap button and it's relativity to the 12th fret, the tele version is nowhere near as far up the neck hence the imbalance. I've not got both to A/B but weight won't be too dissimilar (i.e. LIGHT).