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  1. What would have happened if you or someone else in the band had a prior commitment on 7th March? Would the person taking that booking in your band have to ring the venue/person back and find an alternative date? Other systems mean that whole bands can book out dates that they are unavailable which negates having to email each individual in the band to inform them or check on dates.
  2. 'Volume' is output gain and adds nothing to preamp, so in this instance doesn't change the tonal characteristics... it just makes whatever you have set the input gain at, louder.
  3. I'd be more concerned about security; assuming your car isn't garaged... which nobody's ever is. The number of times I read on social media about musicians having their gear stolen from their cars/vans is frankly worrying. I'd like to bet that within a 10 mile radius of me I hear of at least 2 or 3 thefts per year (from cars not property). Even if it is a minor risk, I'd not want the inconvenience and cost of replacing locks and windows. Here endeth the sermon.
  4. Google Calendar all day long. Not fussy nor complicated, easily accessed, read, edited by either one person in the band or all of the band (latter is preferable). We are each responsible for putting in any of our 'unavailable' dates, which means that if any one of us gets offered a gig, you simply look at the calendar, if it isn't booked out or someone unavailable then that person takes the gig and puts it in the calendar (along with time/fee/contact name and number for the venue)... simple as! You automatically get sent emails of updates that are put in the calendar, one person puts a booking in and everyone gets an email... up to the individual if they read it or not but it is there. You can set automatic reminders for weeks/days/hours before the gig, which is handy to remind you to send out posters.
  5. The logo is a non-issue... you can buy Fender ones off ebay!
  6. warwickhunt


    Bought Kev's Maruszczyk bass (what a beaut) and a more straightforward transaction you could not have. Bass delivered as stated and well packaged. All the best Kev.
  7. I may well be about to take delivery of this very bass! I believe it has had an owner since you tried it but I'm confident it's the same one.
  8. I was 'twitchy' when that came up as I've always fancied trying one and I couldn't decide if I wanted the bling variant! Glad it is back home!
  9. Ideally I'd love to find a Tom Petersson (any derivative).
  10. Think of it as an amp extension! I put mine on top of my amp and run a patch lead from pedal to amp. A used pedal will cost you less than new pups, with the added bonuses of a quality DI, drive feature if you want to add a bit of dirt and you can plug in any bass.
  11. I run mine through a Tech 21 EQ/DI pedal... boosts the level and you can dial in EQ.
  12. Still got mine, never been worn! Hmmmm future classic, wonder what it'll be worth in the future.
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