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  1. He played a P bass 'back in the day' and it can be really hard to 100% attribute certain tones to a Ric or P.
  2. ...because I already have one and GremlinAndy is maxxed out with 3 or 4 of them! Superb bits of kit.
  3. It isn't the same bass but tbh I'll be a monkey's uncle if the BD SSII sells 'at that price'.
  4. I agree that it looks pretty 'stock' to me and you're right that the socket will 90% certain to have been replaced... which is a good thing!
  5. The positioning on a Warwick is way further back than on say a Fender style bass. I'll measure from the front of bridge to the back of the pup when I can find a steel rule, rather than a tape measure... assuming you are fitting a W 2 piece bridge, otherwise you'll want measurements from bridge saddle centres!
  6. Not found better yet!
  7. Have you considered something like a Godin SA (Synth Access) bass linked to a Roland unit? I bought a Godin Ultra (piezo/mag/SA) bass as I wanted/needed to access loads of different sounds in a functions/party band but needed to continue bass duties. It was/is fantastic with no need to learn to play keys or issues with latency, software issues etc. Sadly that band is on the back burner and I don't get to use it, if you are in the NE area you're welcome to try.
  8. No. Received email from them saying my account was suspended for 3 days, with this message: We’re writing to let you know that activity on your account may not be following an important eBay policy that requires all transactions and payments to be completed on eBay. We understand that you might not have known about these policies. We're sending you this notification to ensure that you can follow the policy going forward. Below are the details of where the activity occurred. I'd simply messaged a seller saying could I take a look, they responded and sent me their address. I viewed but walked away as it wasn't quite right for me. Next thing the above message and suspension! eBay staff said that it contravened their policies. When I went through what my options were then, they said the only course a user has is to buy, then return the item if it isn't as described!
  9. You may be able to talk to them but eBay don't want you actually meeting them! I phoned ebay and spoke to two of their team and they explained that my account was suspended as the seller shared his address and it contravenes T&C to view before you buy... you can buy, pay for it THEN view (and return or ask for refund if not satisfied) but not viewing first.
  10. This was my argument, especially as an instrument is a very personal preference/choice. However, their response is; buy it, if you don't like it when you receive it... send it back! Interestingly I've played plenty basses that I've just not liked and I couldn't for the life of me say why BUT on the face of it you could argue that there is intrinsically nothing wrong with a particular instrument and a seller could argue that it is exactly as described (i.e, physical condition).
  11. They don't want direct (unsupervised) contact i.e. anything other than their messaging and defo no face/face. Their stock response to my questioning about buying unseen was that a buyer can return an item to the seller (I'm unclear who'd be out of pocket in the courier costs?) if it isn't 'as described'. I argued that a vintage instrument could very easily be misdescribed / misrepresented and only having the instrument in hand would reveal, despite a detailed description... which let's face it rarely happens!
  12. Just had a suspension on my ebay account as I'd breached eBay's policies; I phoned them to get details as the email was a bit vague! I sent a message asking a seller if I could check out the condition of a bass and he duly sent his address but it transpires that asking to view an item before actually buying it, isn't permitted. I argued that there were many instances (especially a bass) where a seller's description and/or pics might not be sufficient. However, they say that the only permitted course is for a buyer to purchase it, then if it doesn't match the description you can file for a refund... REALLY? This isn't so much a rant (their policies are part of T&Cs so you can't argue) but a heads up to be careful when communicating as your account can be suspended (3 days) with the potential for them to delete your account.
  13. I'm offended that you chose to use the male orientated chromosome! Just kidding... obviously... in case anyone took offense!
  14. OK... just made the connections and joined the dots.
  15. I thought that the one that you have now had the upgraded transformer?
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